Free online samples of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT)-themed ebooks from the authors and publishers at Smashwords.

Thaw by Elyse Springer Thaw by April 24, 2017 $4.99 56057 words Sample 15%
Abigail is content with her quiet life as a librarian. But when she’s invited to a high-profile charity auction, she finds herself dancing with one of the most beautiful women she’s ever met. Abby’s sure she’ll never see her again, but then Gabrielle calls and asks her on a date. And soon after, another.
Trilogia Passioni Lesbiche: Slabbrami - Titillami - Cunnilinguami by Jessica Taddei Trilogia Passioni Lesbiche: Slabbrami - Titillami - Cunnilinguami by April 23, 2017 $2.17 19800 words Sample 10%
Questo ebook raccoglie i tre capitoli delle avventure saffiche di Jessica in unico volume scontato: Slabbrami, Titillami, Cunnilinguami. A causa del linguaggio e delle scene esplicite si consiglia la lettura a un pubblico adulto.
HeartShip by Amy Jo Cousins HeartShip by April 22, 2017 $2.99 36358 words Sample 20%
Benji never meant to catfish a hot college football player when he met a fellow anime fan online. But when Josh comes to Miami for a surprise visit, Benji is pretty sure the left tackle expects to meet a cute girl in a bikini. Secrets and sex appeal smash together for forty-eight scorching hours and all bets are off for this friendship!
Growing Up Fae by Jay Mountney Growing Up Fae by April 22, 2017 $4.99 83163 words Sample 20%
A fairy journal narrating the saga of a fae group in Cheshire, UK. The diarist, Harlequin, shares his experiences, love affairs and family crises.
Choices and Changes by TM Smith Choices and Changes by April 22, 2017 $4.49 49086 words Sample 5%
There comes a time in every man’s life where he has to make a choice between what is right and what is easy. The men of All Cocks learn that death is just another part of life, a road everyone travels eventually. Choices are made, decisions that change their lives irrevocably.
Raven Maid: Out of the Darkness by Erik Schubach Raven Maid: Out of the Darkness by April 22, 2017 $4.99 54554 words Sample 20%
Adelaide Oliver, raised in the bayou in New Orleans, flees the Big Easy to Seattle when she believes she is seeing things and losing her mind. What she doesn't realize is that she is a Raven Maid, a secret of the Voodoo, Vodoun faith. She walks the path between this world and the next, guiding lost souls to their final destination, whether that be the wayward spirit's idea of heaven or hell.
Plus Ones by Hank Edwards Plus Ones by April 22, 2017 $4.99 66030 words Sample 10%
During a rush of gay weddings, Paul and Evan are never available to date one another, instead falling in and out of a variety of beds. As wedding season ends, can they admit their love for each other?
A Night in the Drunk Tank With Dad by John Valjean A Night in the Drunk Tank With Dad by April 22, 2017 $1.99 5868 words Sample 10%
Young stud Tommy Stone could never have expected that an evening clubbing with his sexy father would result in a night behind bars. Or that it would lead to an unbridled orgy with Dad and the sadistic officers who put them there!
My Camping Trip With Dad by John Valjean My Camping Trip With Dad by April 22, 2017 $1.99 9413 words Sample 10%
After a summer of sexual discovery, Henry Roberts is ready to seduce the man he craves above all others: his father.
Smitten by R.W. Clinger Smitten by April 22, 2017 $2.99 14480 words Sample 20%
Carr is coming home from the jungles of Ecuador. Excited about his best friend’s visit, Jesse realizes he’s always been smitten with Carr, though they’re only friends. It’s obvious he lacks any romance or desire for Jesse. Then Carr slips into bed with Jesse. Do they have a chance at becoming a romantic couple? Or will Carr take the next flight back to the jungle?
Sutter's Bay Box Set by Shawn Lane Sutter's Bay Box Set by April 22, 2017 $9.99 97462 words Sample 20%
In the Northern California seaside town of Sutter’s Bay, the path of love is sometimes mixed with tragedy, but these couples find their way to happiness together. This box set collects all five stories of Shawn Lane's best-selling series, Sutter's Bay into one box set: Sweet Reunion, Twice in a Lifetime, Galaxy's Heart, Finding Forever, and Tempted to Taste.
Pieces of Us by Kassandra Lea Pieces of Us by April 22, 2017 $2.99 12359 words Sample 20%
Leo Shelton survived a mass shooting, but his heart was broken that night in a terrible way. Coping with the aftermath has been grueling. Caleb Hart can see Leo's pain. He’s concerned about Leo, knowing he must reach this tortured man, and he has an idea that might just work. If Leo is willing to give it a try. Can Leo claw his way out of the sea of grief he's in?
Behemoth and the Wisp by Linn Edwards Behemoth and the Wisp by April 22, 2017 $2.99 13541 words Sample 20%
Mason and Jordie each has a special gift and are strongly attracted to each other. When they finally reach out and really connect, they must also be careful. Mason can become intangible like a mist, then completely whole and solid again -- even during sex. Jordie is a nine foot tall giant, able to leap great distances in a single bound. Together they face challenges in figuring out sex and love.
Unhinged by Rick Reed Unhinged by April 22, 2017 $5.99 65567 words Sample 20%
Horror. Romance. The two seem at odds, yet in provocative author Rick R. Reed’s hands, the pair merge like a match made in heaven ... or hell. Prepare for a dark journey into an unhinged world populated by ordinary and extraordinary monsters. This collection of six short gay erotic horror stories will make your heart race with passion ... in all its forms.
Gasping For Air by TS McKinney Gasping For Air by April 21, 2017 $4.99 154389 words Sample 20%
How far will Trystan go to win the heart of the man he loves? All the way. Trystan Matherly is conceited, arrogant, and rich. He has plenty of money, athletic ability, and gorgeous looks to keep the men forming a long line just to be with him. Choosing his next lover has been as simple as down-selecting to the hottest candidate. Until Dakota...
Ranger's Folly (Lost Shifters Book 12) by Stephani Hecht Ranger's Folly (Lost Shifters Book 12) by April 21, 2017 $3.99 25545 words Sample 10%
After being exiled by his pack, Ranger vowed to always protect others. Xavier was raised in extreme seclusion by not the usual Ravens and has always felt like a piece of himself was missing. While fighting their mutual distrust, Xavier and Ranger are drawn to each other. In a world that’s not always so black and white, can they get beyond prejudices and the taboo, or will their love be lost?
Riley's Regret (Lost Shifter Book 11) by Stephani Hecht Riley's Regret (Lost Shifter Book 11) by April 21, 2017 $3.99 23698 words Sample 10%
Eagle shifters are rare which makes Riley even more special. Since he needs a mentor into the shifter world, Colin (a Hawk) is assigned to help him. But there's something going on with Riley that Colin can't figure out. Will Colin be able to save Riley from himself, or will the Eagle be lost to his own internal demons?
Red Dirt Heart Imago by N.R. Walker Red Dirt Heart Imago by April 21, 2017 $0.99 18503 words Sample 10%
Lawson and Jack travel to Sutton Station to help Charlie and Travis identify a butterfly to stop the government running a pipeline through the Outback. Nothing goes to plan, and what they take back to Tasmania isn’t just butterflies, but a cocoon of possibilities. A Red Dirt Heart and Imago crossover ~ The story of when red dirt and butterflies collide.
Night Falls on the Piazza by Riley LaShea Night Falls on the Piazza by April 21, 2017 $4.99 65861 words Sample 20%
Sabine, the co-owner of a multimillion-dollar company, and Callista, a broke artist, meet on a street in Venice. Seduced by the magic and romance of the City of Canals, they fall into a whirlwind affair neither expects to last beyond her time in Italy. Will the passion they have for each other withstand the reality of their disparate lives, or was it all just an illusion from the start?
Meet Me in the Middle by Yvonne Heidt Meet Me in the Middle by April 21, 2017 $9.99 71438 words Sample 20%
Veterinarian Aislin O'Shea runs a busy clinic. She wasn't looking for a relationship. She’d already had the perfect one. She certainly wasn't attracted to fancy pants executive, Ms. Zane Whitman - she wasn't her type. Zane Whitman had it all. Stellar career, wealth, exclusive social circle, and models vying for her attention. Impulsive, emotionally charged Aislin was not her type.
Paradox Valley by Gerri Hill Paradox Valley by April 21, 2017 $9.99 96621 words Sample 20%
When a Black Hawk helicopter vanishes off of radar, Captain Corey Conaway is sent in to locate it and its crew—all while keeping the disappearance out of the media. When she meets Dana and her cousin, Butch, Corey solicits their help in the search. But as they travel on horseback through the rugged and remote Paradox Valley, what they stumble upon soon has them running for their lives.
Backstage Pass by Riley Scott Backstage Pass by April 21, 2017 $9.99 78389 words Sample 20%
Everyone’s favorite rock ‘n’ roll bad girl has gone too far this time. When scandal finally breaks, Raven is forced to hire a public relations guru to refine her image. As Raven’s behavior escalates dangerously, Christina realizes she’s not just fighting for Raven’s popularity, she's fighting for Raven’s heart—and her future.
When We Were Young by Jackie Calhoun When We Were Young by April 21, 2017 $9.99 62336 words Sample 20%
Emily Cortland and Brett Tarlington have been best friends since childhood. Brett wants more than friendship. Emily is not so sure. She has two children. However, the women’s bond is unbreakable. Emily and Brett’s friendship becomes a partnership, until the family they forge is threatened by lies and deception. Then the unthinkable happens, and everything that has gone before pales in comparison.
Lights of the Heart by Nat Burns Lights of the Heart by April 21, 2017 $9.99 58315 words Sample 20%
Physician Corinthia Madsen Salas—Dr. Maddie—has a flourishing practice in the tiny southern town of Maypearl, Alabama. Although she’s on call for her eclectic patients 24/7, she keeps her personal life private—most notably the fact that she is in love with her new receptionist, Ella Lewis. To reveal the truth could be an ethical disaster for her career.
Frosting on the Cake 2: Second Helpings by Karin Kallmaker Frosting on the Cake 2: Second Helpings by April 21, 2017 $9.99 65826 words Sample 20%
Second helpings—you know you want some. Feast on a literary dessert buffet of short stories featuring the beloved characters who took your breath away and stole your heart.
Razor's Edge by Isabella Razor's Edge by April 21, 2017 $8.99 54961 words Sample 20%
Luce Potter lives by a code of honor. Push her and she shoves back, harder. There’s only one problem: Luce has just found out that revenge is a knife that cuts both ways. Now that her lover Brooke has survived the attack on her life, Luce has only one thing on her mind, and his name is Frank. Unfortunately, someone walks into her life that she didn’t see coming.
Frosting on the Cake by Karin Kallmaker Frosting on the Cake by April 21, 2017 $9.99 70958 words Sample 20%
Kallmaker whips up in Frosting on the Cake. It's a baker's dozen of goodies featuring the characters that readers all over the world already know and love.
In Every Port by Karin Kallmaker In Every Port by April 21, 2017 $9.99 53541 words Sample 20%
Jessica has it all. An expensive condo in the city of dreams, San Francisco. A high-powered, prestigious career as a management consultant that takes her all over the country... to passionate Roberta in Chicago, to delicious Marilyn in San Antonio... To all those cities and all those willing women Jessica has recorded in her well-used little black book. Then she meets Cat.
Mark Antonious Richfield by GA Hauser Mark Antonious Richfield by April 21, 2017 $3.99 71224 words Sample 10%
What happens when Mark leaves for a Dangereux Cologne company’s convention tour? As Alexander, Mark’s son, begins a new feature film in Oregon, Billy, Steve, Jack, Adam, and now Tadzio, the newest planet to begin to orbit Mark, are left without father and son. Mark Antonious Richfield; much more than just a pretty face.
Snow White and Her Queen by Anna Ferrara Snow White and Her Queen by April 21, 2017 $8.99 60130 words Sample 20%
Before there was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, there was another story some preferred not to tell. "You, my Queen, are fairest of all,” the Princess said, unravelling a nightmare of obsession and forbidden desire. This intimate retelling of the popular Grimms' fairy tale will change your understanding of the wicked Queen's infamous jealousy forever.
Reimburse by Belle D. Ware Reimburse by April 21, 2017 $4.99 73949 words Sample 5%
Festivities, frustrations, and forbidden-fruits. What would you like to find in your Christmas stocking?
Madhavi’s First Taste of Pleasure by Kayleigh Patel Madhavi’s First Taste of Pleasure by April 21, 2017 $2.99 6195 words Sample 10%
Madhavi entertains vivid fantasies about another female student at her college, whom she often sees waiting for the bus. When the two of them share a taxi one day, it’s the beginning of a new friendship. Will Madhavi finally get a taste of what she’s craved for so long?
Flowers for No. 29 by JoGeeHo Flowers for No. 29 by April 20, 2017 $3.99 20299 words Sample 10%
2 women. 2 worlds. 2 broken lives. Looking for love, comfort and sanity in the most unlikely of places.
Player by Shawn Bailey Player by April 20, 2017 $1.99 20334 words Sample 20%
Hayden Barnes was once teased by fellow classmates for being a geek. Now the joke is on them because Hayden took his interests straight to the bank when he opened Fantasy Productions.
A Cougar's Seduction by Cammie Cummins A Cougar's Seduction by April 20, 2017 $2.99 5143 words Sample 20%
Allison greeted the day ready to start a new chapter in her life. What she couldn’t’ve expected was the next door neighbor’s girl, Daisy, making a pass at her. Allison was old enough to be the girl’s mother. But recently divorced, two years celibate, and an accidentally watched sex tape gave Allison a fresh perspective and new willingness to try anything.
Lesbians in Charge by Barbra Taylor Lesbians in Charge by April 20, 2017 $0.99 2549 words Sample 40%
Lesbian domination short story. A lesbian couple and their male submissive.
Butt Stuff: Anal Erotica by Giselle Renarde Butt Stuff: Anal Erotica by April 20, 2017 $2.99 38574 words Sample 20%
Butt sex doesn’t have to be scary. It can be fun, romantic, public, private—anything you want! Anal eroticism can involve vibrations, toys, body parts, even complicated leverage systems (you’ll see). The characters in these ten erotic stories span generations, genders and sexual orientations, but they’ve all got one thing in common: they’re ready to take the plunge into the wild world of Butt Sex!
Preacher, Prophet, Beast by Harper Fox Preacher, Prophet, Beast by April 20, 2017 $4.99 59912 words Sample 20%
This is book seven in the Tyack & Frayne Mystery Series. Lee would gladly trade all his psychic gifts for a chance at ordinary life with Gideon and their little girl. But events in the wider world are reaching into their Cornish paradise, and as the summer rises towards the longest day, a new and unfathomable kind of Beast is afoot on the moors...
The Vampire and the M.D. by J.P. Bowie The Vampire and the M.D. by April 20, 2017 $6.99 57896 words Sample 20%
When Dr. Blake Farnon hits a shadowy figure with his car, he is astounded when the man almost instantaneously recovers from the accident. But Daniel Vale is no ordinary man, as Blake soon discovers. Daniel is Vampire, and not only that, works for the US government in a secret department of the FBI.
In Their Prime by Ryan Field In Their Prime by April 20, 2017 $2.99 91294 words Sample 10%
The moment Ethan noticed Travis sitting alone in a corner; he knew he had to get to know him better. Even though Ethan didn't realize it at the time, it was the beginning of the most intense relationship he would ever experience. Travis would not only define him as a man, but help mold his career as a writer. Travis would introduce Ethan to a brand of intimacy and emotion he never knew existed.
Hearts and Souls: Lesbian Encounters Anthology by Eden Hart Hearts and Souls: Lesbian Encounters Anthology by April 19, 2017 $5.99 57456 words Sample 5%
Every short story in this anthology of romance will touch your heart and at times leave you breathless with desire. Enter this world of fiction and fantasy and enjoy the different events as they unfold. Join me as I take you on a pleasurable ride of love, lust and sensuality.
Steven's Heart by Ashavan Doyon Steven's Heart by April 19, 2017 $5.99 88986 words Sample 10%
Bonding over the loss of your first love with his ex? It shouldn't be soothing. It certainly shouldn't make the heart flutter. But it makes Steven's heart race.
Keeping Dallas by Amber Kell Keeping Dallas by April 19, 2017 $1.99 26550 words Sample 20%
Sometimes secrets have to be exposed in order to capture something worth keeping. Torn between two alphas, Dallas has to decide if he is willing to give up his position in the pack to keep his human master happy. Born a submissive wolf shifter, Dallas has dreamt of finding the perfect mate. Unfortunately, none of the other shifters attract him as much as his sexy Laurence. Laurence is riddled with
A Shared Darkness (Book One of a Stratham Town Father Andrew Trilogy) by Gerald Lopez A Shared Darkness (Book One of a Stratham Town Father Andrew Trilogy) by April 19, 2017 $5.99 178725 words Sample 20%
The quiet town of Stratham, Florida has been shaken. Explosive and deadly events have people scared. Father Andrew Madera is on the scene to help investigate. But he soon discovers the town has yet to come to grips with some dark secrets that have yet to see the light of day. With the help of his fellow priests and handsome, lusty-eyed Vincent Farragate, Father Andrew hopes to save the day.
My Mate's Mark (Second Chance Mates 2) by Rosa Swann My Mate's Mark (Second Chance Mates 2) by April 19, 2017 $2.99 17972 words Sample 10%
Wilder: Sterling going into heat was not part of the plan, me marking and mating him even less so. I'm supposed to make his life easier, not harder. Sterling: Being stuck in bed most of the day doesn't help the thoughts running through my head. Especially not after seeing a mating mark on Wilder's shoulder. But the clock is ticking... Wilder's only here for one week...
Windsong by Caitlin Ricci Windsong by April 19, 2017 $1.99 13798 words Sample 20%
At seventeen, Jamie was cursed to have his inner thoughts exposed as a tattoo across his neck for the world to see. He lost his home, his family, and his relationship when the tattoo outed him. More than a decade later, he's a successful porn star who loves his life and never thought to the horse farm he grew up on. But his boss wants to do a shoot where he grew up and Jamie can't say no...
Puss in Prada by Marie Jacquelyn Puss in Prada by April 19, 2017 $1.99 16240 words Sample 20%
Still struggling with his recent breakup, Alexander runs headlong—literally—into a witch who leaves him far less than human. Now a wise-cracking cat with a taste for expensive clothes, he is forced to live with the ex he can't get over and help the man find someone who will finally make him happy. by Eve Francis by April 19, 2017 $2.99 19693 words Sample 20%
Krystal has always felt like an outsider. When Gita moves next door, Krystal is immediately smitten. Over ten years later, when Krystal finds out that Gita is about to be married in an arranged ceremony with a man, Krystal knows she has to stop the wedding. Gita never wanted to be married like this and Krystal never got to apologize for the fight that tore them apart.
Wytch & Prinze by Kassandra Lea Wytch & Prinze by April 19, 2017 $1.99 10412 words Sample 20%
Medium Jacob Wytch lives in the forest with his fluffy dog Gruff and his ghostly fairy godmother Amelie. When he gets a call from his friend Renwick Prinze, he panics. Jacob has been pining for Renwick longer than he cares to admit. Instead of admitting, however, he listens to Amelie and begins to sabotage Renwick's beds in hopes of inviting his dashing friend to sleep with him.
The Locked Room by RayeAnn Carter The Locked Room by April 19, 2017 $2.99 20748 words Sample 20%
When Klin meets West, it almost seems to be too good to be true. West is handsome, intriguing, excellent in bed, and Klin especially loves his beautiful black beard. Though their jobs mean they spend a lot of time apart, their affection stays strong and West soon asks Klin to move in with him. The only caveat is that Klin never venture into the locked room on the top floor...