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Holiday Tales From Fairyland by Joe Cosentino Holiday Tales From Fairyland by Oct. 01, 2018 $3.99 34,010 words Sample 15%
It’s holiday time in Fairyland. On Halloween, Ichabod Crane, a young schoolteacher, has a boner over sexy and muscular farmer Brom Bones. On Christmas, hunky Cavalier P.I. receives a visit from handsome young Fritz to find out who killed his sister Clara. At Winter Solstice, young Vasily falls in love with a mysterious, handsome man who rides by his orphanage each morning, noon, and night.
What Not to Wear by Clare London What Not to Wear by Sep. 30, 2018 $1.99 11,730 words Sample 20%
Lovers who are also work colleagues -- can that really work? Mixing Doug’s unruly libido, Beckett’s masochistic tendency to surrender to it, and their shared fascination for sex in risky places -- the two men’s career prospects are soon completely out of control. But measured up against the love they have for each other, the question is ... are they really bothered?
Throwing Shadows at Fire by Emery C. Walters Throwing Shadows at Fire by Sep. 30, 2018 $2.99 16,160 words Sample 20%
When the island volcano erupts and buries neighborhoods, life gets very exciting for helicopter tour pilot Keoni. His home is threatened by rapidly spreading lava, so he’s staying with his friend Steve. Keoni has never felt anything between them, but his feelings change. Then he screws things up between them as he leaves for what might be his last flight. Can things get any worse?
Safe Harbor by David O. Sullivan Safe Harbor by Sep. 30, 2018 $2.99 14,370 words Sample 20%
Best friends since they were young, Mikhail and Solomon took their friendship to the next level. But they have a falling out after a horrible mistake. Seven years later, the men reunite on a cruise ship where they both work. The animosity between them runs deep, but the close quarters at sea bring them back together, with a little help from a fellow shipmate. Can they rekindle what they once had?
His Pagan Love by Wayne Mansfield His Pagan Love by Sep. 30, 2018 $3.99 20,620 words Sample 20%
Brennus is a Briton living in dangerous times. His country is slowly being invaded by the Romans. So it’s ironic the man he meets and falls in love with is a soldier. They find a way to meet regularly, but it’s risky. Will they be able to overcome the vast obstacles life throws at them and live long enough to explore their deep love for each other? Or does fate have something else in store?
A Not So Hollow Heart by Sharon Maria Bidwell A Not So Hollow Heart by Sep. 30, 2018 $3.99 30,610 words Sample 20%
Mason’s more scared to love than he is of the walking dead, until he rescues Kyle. Now Mason fears something more than the walking dead. He’s afraid giving in to lust may lead to love, if homophobic hatred doesn’t murder them first.
The Book Addict by Annette Mori The Book Addict by Sep. 30, 2018 $7.99 69,000 words Sample 10%
When Lonely Tanya meets Elle the Enchanted bookstore owner, her life changes forever. Elle has issues not the least of which is trusting someone enough to love them. Soon the two women are catapulted into a perilous quest. Join them as they try to right the wrongs created by Elle's fiercest foe. And just maybe, the books won’t be the only thing enchanted.
Bound by Blood by Lisa Oliver Bound by Blood by Sep. 30, 2018 $4.50 59,400 words Sample 15%
Max was a busy man - running the Atlanta coven wasn't a job for wimps. Countless appointments, everyone seemed to want a piece of him, and all he wanted was to find some peace. Lyle was tired of being tired. When a strange man with flashing red eyes saves him he was sure he'd disappeared into the Twilight Zone. But the more he learned about mates, the more he saw Max still had some growing to do.
My Best Friend's Daughter by Quantina Gill My Best Friend's Daughter by Sep. 29, 2018 $1.99 11,690 words Sample 10%
When you've been broken one to many times there is only one person you trust with your heart, but is the risk worth it? I'm Abigail Foster and this is my story
My Best Friend's Daughter by Quantina Gill My Best Friend's Daughter by Sep. 29, 2018 $1.99 11,690 words Sample 10%
When you've been broken one to many times there is only one person you trust with your heart, but is the risk worth it? I'm Abigail Foster and this is my story
Ancestral by Alyce Black Ancestral by Sep. 29, 2018 $4.99 72,940 words Sample 20%
When Roland discovers the monstrous secret at the root of his family tree, he must make a choice: embrace his fate, and lose the man he loves. Or fight back, and lose himself.
Like Magic, Miracle Book 6 by Shea Balik Like Magic, Miracle Book 6 by Sep. 28, 2018 $3.99 30,190 words Sample 10%
Can Draco learn to control his temper instead of scaring off his mate? Will Ryland be able to find a way past his hatred of shifters to see what was between them? Love has a funny way of giving the hopeless a chance, but they need to reach out and grab it, or Like Magic, it will slip away.
The Chosen One Eternal Flames 13 by Cree Storm The Chosen One Eternal Flames 13 by Sep. 28, 2018 $4.99 49,140 words Sample 10%
Benji is scared, alone and on the run from his own people. Being a chosen one, Benji knows that he is intended to have three mates. However, meeting all three at the same time wasn’t something he ever thought could happen. One mate isn’t sure he can accept another of the chosen ones and Benji refuses to claim any of them unless he can claim them all… even if it means his own death.
El Paso Panocha! by Lady Devreux El Paso Panocha! by Sep. 28, 2018 $2.99 10,260 words Sample 20%
Camila needs to go down to Mexico and get her cousin from the hospital . When she gets there, the confusion and bribery in the country quickly make her run out of money. There is only one way to bribe the police chief's wife- with some hot El Paso Panocha!
The Woman Who Tried To Be Normal by Anna Ferrara The Woman Who Tried To Be Normal by Sep. 28, 2018 $3.99 82,240 words
In 1975, 375 miles away from Area 51, Helen, a synaesthete who sees sounds and hears images, marries an aircraft engineer, hides her dreadful past and tries to live a normal life for a change. That all crumbles when her new neighbour, Ethel, wife of her husband’s colleague, regards her with extreme hostility then, later on… love.
Spark by Posy Roberts Spark by Sep. 27, 2018 $3.99 93,360 words
Second chances at perfect love are rare. Years after they drifted apart, Hugo and Kevin’s passion easily reignites, but finding where Hugo fits in Kevin’s complex life is a challenge. A love story with a seventeen-year intermission.
Office Party by Felicia James Office Party by Sep. 27, 2018 $0.99 5,490 words Sample 20%
Jeleane Whittington was always taught that, “you shouldn’t $h!t where you sleep”, but meeting the girl of her dreams, forced her to throw caution to the winds.
Strange Sensation Omega Island 2 by Maggie Walsh Strange Sensation Omega Island 2 by Sep. 27, 2018 $4.99 58,270 words Sample 10%
When Alpha Freedom Meyers and his two betas Larz and Lake are called back to their home pack for a family emergency, none of them ever expected to learn that their brothers were dead. But there is something about the whole thing that makes the three question everything they have heard. The trio heads out on an adventure to find their brothers but on the journey many secrets come to light.
Omega Challenge by Quinn Michaels Omega Challenge by Sep. 26, 2018 $3.99 35,920 words Sample 20%
Noah and Luther are in love. The problem, Luther is a beta, Noah is an omega, and their mating is forbidden. Worse, if Noah can't find an acceptable alpha in the next three days, he will have no choice but to mate with Raymond, an alpha he despises. Then Arthur arrives, & everything falls apart. If you love shifters, mmm menage, omegaverse, adventure, magic, & a touch of mpreg, start reading now!
Painting Mercy by Mary Sharnick Painting Mercy by Sep. 26, 2018 $5.50 69,800 words Sample 20%
In Painting Mercy, the sequel to prize-winning Orla’s Canvas, Orla, now twenty-four, has been studying and painting in New York City. It is 1975. Saigon has fallen to the Communists, and Vietnamese refugees have been invited to settle in New Orleans by Archbishop Hannan, a former paratrooper and military chaplain in WW II.
Diplomacy Squared by Sydney Blackburn Diplomacy Squared by Sep. 26, 2018 $3.99 36,180 words Sample 20%
When Fold pilot Diego is assigned to space station Mikesi, he expects his biggest problem will be boredom, even if it is circling a recent First Contact alien home world. Much of the Human speculation aboard the place revolves around the mystery of Antho females, as all those encountered so far seem to be male. Being gay, it's not a question Diego gives a lot of consideration.
Sharp Shooter Seoul by Charlie Godwyne Sharp Shooter Seoul by Sep. 26, 2018 $1.99 13,880 words Sample 20%
Arriving in Seoul for their first international mission, Taka and Kei are hoping to finally catch an illegal filmmaker with a preference for children. Unable to speak Korean, almost entirely reliant on his lover, Taka isn't enjoying being the fish out of water—but he'll do whatever is necessary to catch the scum they're hunting. And maybe get a chance to ask Kei to marry him...
An Extended Family by Austin Daniels An Extended Family by Sep. 26, 2018 $6.99 65,890 words Sample 20%
Kyle and Preston are far too busy for romance. Having recently signed with his first agent, Kyle spends all his time writing. Preston is attending medical school, and barely has time to sleep, let alone anything else. To ensure they have no distractions, they agree to a daily meeting. But Preston is also distracted by his new friend Dexter...
Lazy Sundays by K-lee Klein Lazy Sundays by Sep. 25, 2018 $4.99 124,460 words Sample 20%
Mundane routine helps keep Scott Weston’s anxiety and OCD under control until a one-night stand goes unusually right and everything changes. Devon Ducane’s long-hair, tattooed, free-wheeling spirit is Scott’s opposite, and he has a gentle, compassionate heart that Scott doesn't think he deserves or can trust. But Devon won’t give up on Scott and their happily ever after together.
Forsaken Genesis by M. Marinescu Forsaken Genesis by Sep. 25, 2018 $8.99 98,290 words Sample 20%
The world has changed in more ways than one. Most humans live in the safety of the hive cities, massive industrial complexes walled off to the outside world. Yet, the dangers of the wilds are no longer limited to the outskirts. Rumours abound of strange things in the night. Sightings of subhumans and citizens being abducted, whisked off by men in vans or worse...
Running Blind by SE Jakes Running Blind by Sep. 25, 2018 $4.99 61,170 words Sample 15%
It’s impossible for a one-percenter motorcycle club member to simply walk away—and no one knows that better than undercover agent Bram, who’s almost killed for trying. His cover isn’t blown—yet—but it’s only a matter of time. The Heathens won’t be satisfied until he’s dead, so he decides to lay low and heal.
A Prairie Love: The Ashland Witches, Book 4 by Jea Hawkins A Prairie Love: The Ashland Witches, Book 4 by Sep. 25, 2018 $4.99 50,430 words Sample 20%
Some say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but this might be a bit too much for Avery Ryan to handle. Especially when Isabelle, the girl who taught her how to love ’em and leave ’em, shows up in Ashland! This is the conclusion to the Ashland Witches series, a lightly paranormal contemporary romance series, with leading ladies who just happen to be witches.
Portrait of a Ghost by Parker Avrile Portrait of a Ghost by Sep. 25, 2018 $3.99 45,620 words Sample 20%
A contemporary male/male gay romance novel with a light haunted house theme. Mark gets a second chance twenty years after a terrible tragedy. But the ghost who tries to come between him and his new flame, the exciting young artist Leo Blythe, is more than just a metaphor...
The Messenger by TM Smith The Messenger by Sep. 24, 2018 $1.99 36,810 words
The Messenger is the first book in the Archangel trilogy. Even divine intervention cannot save the soul of an angel that doesn't want to be saved.
Ryker by RJ Scott & V.L. Locey Ryker by
& Sep. 24, 2018
$3.99 51,840 words
This New Adult book is the first in the Owatonna U Series, a spin-off from the best selling Harrisburg Railers Hockey Series. Ryker is hockey royalty, Jacob is a poor country boy. Can two vastly different people find common ground and become the men they want to be?
I Love You, Johnny Darling by Jere' M Fishback I Love You, Johnny Darling by Sep. 24, 2018 $5.99 73,360 words Sample 20%
On his first day at state university, freshman Johnny Darling rues his decision to enroll. He’s 150 miles from his family and friends and terribly homesick. But when he’s assigned Ben Stonecipher as a roommate, Johnny’s life brightens.
Priest and Pariahs by J. Alan Veerkamp Priest and Pariahs by Sep. 24, 2018 $6.49 77,010 words Sample 20%
It appears Priest needs to make a choice before it’s too late as each of their lives intertwine with potentially dangerous and deadly consequences.
Siege Weapons by Harry F. Rey Siege Weapons by Sep. 24, 2018 $3.99 41,460 words Sample 20%
Captain Ales is a lonely smuggler at the galaxy’s Outer Verge, and the last of his people. He’s been trying to move on from a life of drugs and meaningless sex, but finding love in this forgotten corner of the galaxy is difficult.
Calling the Ball by CL Mustafic Calling the Ball by Sep. 24, 2018 $5.99 75,050 words Sample 20%
A vacation to the sunny, seaside, resort city of Durres, Albania puts some space between Henrick Kohler and his closeted ex, Klaus, giving him time to get his life back together.
Pride18 - Belong by Whitney Cannon & L.B. La Vigne Pride18 - Belong by
& Sep. 23, 2018
$2.99 19,440 words Sample 20%
In the spirit of Pride 2018, we all wish to belong somehow, somewhere. The ultimate satisfaction one could enjoy is belonging and fitting it, knowing one's place in the big scheme of things. Check out these stories from Whitney Cannon and L.B La Vigne that would blow your mind away.
Mermaid Tails by Sasha L. Miller Mermaid Tails by Sep. 23, 2018 $2.99 30,210 words Sample 20%
Giato is a simple dragon. All he wants is to run his shop selling spell components and dote on his hoard of fish. Then someone starts messing with his fish, sending them into a frenzy every day, and it's only a matter of time before they get hurt. But when he finally catches the jerk, he doesn't expect Mihail: beautiful, cursed, and utterly compelling. 
Wilde Stories 2018: The Year's Best Gay Speculative Fiction by Steve Berman Wilde Stories 2018: The Year's Best Gay Speculative Fiction by Sep. 22, 2018 $7.50 103,420 words Sample 20%
This book offers the best gay-themed stories of the strange, uncanny, and fantastical is out! Turn a page and walk the halls of a library shelved with every book never completed by authors before they passed away, a fish grants a young man wishes without ever explaining their true cost, ghosts relive their erotic past, Captain Hook and the Greek god Pan finally meet, and even Oscar Wilde himself.
The Assassin by Suilan Lee The Assassin by Sep. 22, 2018 Free! 72,100 words Read a sample
Kian spills his strawberry milkshake on Daven at a Mall Food Court. Daven is caught between irritation and fear when Kian follows him to the men's bathroom. In mere minutes, Dr. Daven Noland meets Kian Raja, an Assassin with a warped sense of humor, and a valid contract with Daven's name.
Sea of Stars by Nicole Kimberling Sea of Stars by Sep. 22, 2018 $6.99 133,020 words
In a rising storm of magic with the power to strip away men’s souls, the thread of desire connecting three men could be the kingdom’s last lifeline… (Series previously published as Ghost Star Night and Heir of Starlight now combined in one volume.)
Galaxies and Oceans by N.R. Walker Galaxies and Oceans by Sep. 21, 2018 $3.99 86,880 words Sample 20%
Between Aubrey’s love of the stars and Patrick’s love of the ocean, these two fragile hearts must navigate new waters. If they can weather the storm of their pasts, they could very well have a love that eclipses everything.
A Belly Full of Baby Tigers by Akita StarFire A Belly Full of Baby Tigers by Sep. 21, 2018 $2.99 15,040 words Sample 5%
Dravin, the were-mouse king, never wanted to rule. That was what alphas were for. But the fate of the kingdom was thrust upon him. Now, he must secure his position before his banished brother seizes the throne from right beneath his nose. But fate had other plans. (cont)
Three Cakes by Kim Davis Three Cakes by Sep. 21, 2018 $1.99 7,040 words Sample 20%
When Chicago ophthalmologist Patrick Holt meets transplanted southerner Clayton Teal at a dinner party, the attraction between them is immediate and mutual. Two men bond over Patrick’s love of food and Clay’s love of cooking. But Patrick and Clay soon realize tasty dinners and delicious desserts aren’t enough to make a relationship work. Can Clay and Patrick keep their romance from falling flat?
Hearts at Sea by Cristina Bruni Hearts at Sea by Sep. 21, 2018 $2.99 14,270 words Sample 20%
Benjamin Scott is a fearless sea captain with a broken heart. During a fierce battle he witnessed the death of his best man Jack, who died before Ben could confess his love. In Gibraltar, he happens to run into John, who bears an uncanny resemblance to his lost love. Friendship grows into love. Will Benjamin find the courage to confess his love this time before losing John, as well?
Carnival Cowboy by Temple Madison Carnival Cowboy by Sep. 21, 2018 $3.99 21,380 words Sample 20%
At the end of a bloody trail, Johnny Redd finds an incredible secret. When he’s shot, he falls under the care of a man -- er, woman --named Frenchy Starr. She’s a mystery, a dangerously beautiful mystery, and Johnny slowly becomes ensnared in her trap. But a jealous fan shoots Frenchy, leaving Johnny heartbroken. He leaves in search of something to fill the hole she left ... and meets Kit Dalton.
At Long Last: Scott and Preston by Shawn Lane At Long Last: Scott and Preston by Sep. 21, 2018 $3.99 33,530 words Sample 20%
Preston Reynolds feels the same attraction for Scott Trask that he felt years earlier. Scott is as interested in Preston and they begin a passionate affair. Scott is sure he can handle Preston wanting to keep their life a secret but he’s wrong. Yet when Preston promises to change, there is hope. Preston must learn to accept their love at long last or risk losing Scott forever.
A Secret to Die For by Edward Kendrick A Secret to Die For by Sep. 21, 2018 $4.99 40,540 words Sample 20%
Brian was an average guy until he became the heir to his grandfather Alistair's fortune. There was a proviso, however. He had to live in Alistair's house for a year first. Alistair's confidant, Conley, had a deep secret and part of it required Brian in his life -- as a friend. However, Conley and Brian fell in love. That small problem would impact their lives in ways neither of them could imagine.
The Pugilist at Rest by Gordon Phillips The Pugilist at Rest by Sep. 21, 2018 $3.99 20,410 words Sample 20%
Ian is intrigued by the idea of “servicing” straight guys and contacts Shawn. The two connect, and Ian hopes something might develop. Then Shawn dies unexpectedly. Now Ian faces the suspicions of the investigator Glen. Things heat up between them, but the cop is keeping secrets from him. Will Ian still be interested when he discovers why Glen initiated things between them in the first place?
Rekindled Love by Jodi Hutchins Rekindled Love by Sep. 21, 2018 $2.99 14,680 words Sample 20%
Kelly feels she's finally found her spot in life ... until the familiar face of her high school crush and estranged friend Reese ignites an old blaze of feelings within her. The two haven’t spoken in years and she still holds tight to the guilt surrounding the situation that ended their friendship. Will Kelly let this guilt muddle the potential rekindling of their old romance?
Just Say the Word by Elizabeth L. Brooks & Lynn Townsend Just Say the Word by
& Sep. 21, 2018
$4.99 45,260 words Sample 20%
New to the BDSM scene, Gabe is a switch who flips between stern Dom and sweetheart sub, which makes him perfect for his more experienced boyfriend, Tom. But not everything goes smoothly as they explore their new dynamic. Will Gabe embrace the lifestyle, or ask for it all to stop?
Horseplay by Kassandra Lea Horseplay by Sep. 21, 2018 $1.99 10,310 words Sample 20%
Derrick has a strong attraction to his riding instructor Seth. But is pursuing the May/December romance worth risking his riding career? Seth is winding down for the day when there’s a knock at his door. It’s Derrick, soaked, shivering, and in need of assistance. Maybe there really is something to the whole teacher/student fantasy?