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A member of the Smashwords Satellite network is owned and operated by Smashwords, a publisher, distributor and online retailer of ebooks. is a dynamic directory of free and low-cost ebooks from independent Smashwords authors and publishers. Most of the books carry themes of interest to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons, although the books are not restricted to only GLBT fans. Many of these books were born digital, and are not available in print. Online samples are available here at Once readers discover books of interest, the books can be sampled or purchased in multiple formats at Smashwords.

How to Navigate offers readers flexible book discovery options so you can search for books via whichever method suits your preference. Just click the links to expose or hide the information that matters most to you. When you find a book that looks interesting, click on the sampling link to read an instant online sample of the the author's work. If you want to purchase the book, or download sample files for reading on any e-reading device, click on the links that lead you to Smashwords, where you can sample or purchase the books in multiple DRM-free formats.

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Launched in 2008, Smashwords is a leading publisher, distributor and online retailer of ebooks from independent authors and publishers. All the books presented here at are original works published and distributed by Smashwords.

Smashwords operates a digital publishing platform and online book store for independent ebook authors, publishers and their readers. The free service puts authors and publishers in full control over the publishing, pricing and marketing of their works. In addition to receiving exposure to hundreds of thousands of potential readers on the Smashwords web site and via distribution on Stanza, authors and publishers receive up to 85% of the net proceeds from sales of their works. For readers, Smashwords offers the opportunity to discover exciting new voices in fiction and non-fiction. Smashwords, Inc. is based in Los Gatos, California, and can be reached on the web at Visit the official Smashwords blog at

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Customer Support: The most frequently asked questions are answered in the Smashwords Help Center and on the About Us page. If you can't find your answer, click "Comments/questions..." at the top of every Smashwords page. We try to answer all questions within 24 hours.

Problems with Site: Please visit to report error messages or other problems and click on "Comments/questions..." at the top of every Smashwords page. Please reference in your email that your inquiry regards this Smashwords Satellite.

Submissions/How to publish on Smashords: Smashwords is a self-serve service. We do not accept submissions via postal mail, and we do not accept books on disk. Authors and publishers click here to learn how to publish with Smashwords.

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Smashwords is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. Readers can browse this Smashwords Satellite directory will full anonynimity. If you click through to Smashwords, you can browse and download free samples and free books without registration. To purchase a Smashwords book, you must register for a free Smashwords account. Smashwords honors a strict privacy policy to protect its members. No personal information is shared, rented or sold to third party partners or marketers. Members are in complete control over their communications preferences. Learn more about how Smashwords protects the privacy of our members by reading the Smashwords Privacy Policy.

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