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To my readers, I hope you enjoy Vance and Owen’s story as much as I loved writing it.


Angelique Voisen

Copyright © 2019

Chapter One

Owen Pace couldn’t sit still, not today of all days. He’d been waiting for this exact moment his entire life. Screwing up wasn’t an option. Everything had to be perfect. Owen needed to be perfect so he could finally get the hell out of this Omega training and breeding facility.

“Stop fidgeting,” snapped Marcus, his trainer. “The Alpha and his entourage will be here any moment.”

They were in the nicest receiving room of the breeding compound. That meant the Alpha who’d posted that request on their website was someone important. Owen had never seen Marcus look this nervous or sweaty. Marcus and the other dominant shifters who called themselves trainers always saw themselves as superior to the Omegas they were paid to train.

It didn’t used to be like this in the past, according to the internet. Omegas used to belong with their respective packs, but they were so rare, that the more aggressive males in the pack or clan frequently fought over them. In the end, the paranormal government encouraged all shifter parents who birthed Omega shifters to place them in this special facility designed for them.

A home for Omegas, the breeding facility claimed on their website. Yeah right. Owen would have sniggered if he could, but that would break up the act he’d perfected over the past few weeks. This shithole felt like a prison, and Owen was ready to get out there, into the real world. Be finally free.

What if Owen was way out of his head thinking he could fool this Alpha? Breathe, Owen told himself. Panicking wouldn’t get him anywhere. Hell, he might even screw up his one and only chance. Owen memorized the Alpha’s requirements in his head.

Ideal mate wanted.

Must have gold hair and blue eyes.

Demure and obedient Omega.

Able to fulfill his duties perfectly.

Well. Owen certainly fit the physical description well enough, but the rest of him? Demure and obedient weren’t the two adjectives he’d use to describe himself. Marcus and the other trainers would have grouped Owen with the “bad Omegas” not long ago. Untrainable and defective. Those were the labels placed on Omegas the facility couldn’t find a use for.

Owen never saw any of those Omegas again, and a couple of them were his friends. Since the loss gutted him, Owen never attempted to make any more friends.

“I’m surprised you turned over a new leaf,” Marcus remarked to him. “The higher-ups seriously thought you were unsalvageable.”

Owen didn’t bite. In the past, he always let Marcus’ comments and insults get under his skin, but not today. Only a few more minutes. If the Alpha liked what he saw, then he’d spirit Owen away from this miserable place. Once Owen accomplished that, then he could formulate another plan that involved untangling himself from that Alpha.

“Finally realized your place, huh?” Marcus asked.

Owen’s patience reached its limits. He had a witty remark ready, but fortunately, the door opened, revealing the Alpha and his group. Owen stared, unable to help himself. Every terrifying step the massive Alpha took, the room temperature spiked. It felt hard to breathe. Owen had never felt this kind of aggressive energy before, and all of it originated from the hard-eyed Alpha.

Handsome wouldn’t be a word he’d use to describe this man. He must be six foot plus tall in Owen’s estimation and was built like a tank. Every inch of this Alpha was covered in hard muscle. Owen bet it would be like punching a wall. The Alpha had jet-black hair cropped close to the skull. A large scar bisected the Alpha’s left eye, which went all the way down to his cheek. More scars, rake marks, threaded the lower part of the Alpha’s neck, making him appear like some kind of savage warlord.

Owen swallowed. The Omega wolf who shared his skin whined inside of him, acknowledging the sheer dominance of this Alpha.

“Mr. Darke,” Marcus said in a nervous voice. “Welcome.”

“Vance is fine,” Vance said with a dismissive wave of his hand.

“Before we get down to business, would you like—” Marcus began.

Vance quickly cut the trainer off. “I’m a busy man, trainer. I want what I came for. Is this the Omega?”

Shit. Owen quickly dropped his gaze and stared at his shoes. His heart hammered hard, and sweat dripped down his back. Owen was truly way out of his league. What was worse? Owen should have felt nothing but fear—fear so thick it was hard to breathe. But he also felt another alarming emotion. Excitement.

He couldn’t seem to tear his gaze away from this giant of an Alpha. Owen lifted his head again, completely frozen in place. Marcus started to babble, but all Vance needed to do was raise one big and inked hand to command everyone’s attention.

“Silence,” Vance said with a snarl, which completely shut Marcus up. The big Alpha strode right up to Owen and lifted his chin with his fingers. His heart beat so fast now, Owen was certain it could sprout wings and spring free from his chest.

“What’s your name, Omega?” Vance asked.

“Owen Pace, sir.” He didn’t know why he added the “sir” at the end.

Vance let out a booming roar, which made Owen tighten his jaw. The other two muscled werewolves Vance had with him, also laughed, as if they shared some kind of private joke Owen didn’t get. Some sense returned to him. Owen forced himself to think past his fear. Who did this Alpha think he was?

Owen bet Vance was like every asshole Alpha out there who believed they were the kings of their own packs. In a way, they were. Alphas adhered to pack laws put in place by the paranormal government, but they could also make their own laws themselves. They decided the fate of their packmates, whether someone lived or die.

Pissing Vance off was not in his best interests right now. Owen still needed Vance as his ticket out of here.

“No one calls me sir unless you’re kinky. Are you?” Vance thumbed his jaw, which nearly made him jump.

Vance’s fingers were callused, but also warm. He’d expected Vance to grip his chin painfully, but the Alpha’s touch was firm, but careful. Owen had no clue why he thought that was nice. All Omegas in the facility were kept pure. Their virginity raised their prices, according to their trainers. Owen had practiced with other Omegas during lessons, but he’d never been touched like this. Owen was a werewolf, but he wanted to purr, to make encouraging noises for the Alpha to continue touching him.

Wait. Vance asked him a question, he remembered.

“No, sir. Shit.” Owen did it again. What was it about this Alpha that he had the power to scramble Owen’s brains so easily?

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