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How Could I Refuse?

How Could I Refuse

God, how could it be this way? I was on hands and knees, my panties pulled down and my dress pushed up my back, my bare ass exposed, with a guy right behind me on the bed, shoving his thick, stiff cock in and out of my ass-hole.

And how could it feel this good? This shivering electricity racing up my spine, from my tailbone all the way up to my shoulder-blades, making the rest of me shiver in response. That feeling of having my rectum so completely packed full - not with the regular, bodily function it's made for - but by a hot and horny guy intent on...cumming in me.

I shivered again - all over - and felt goosebumps racing up my body until they finally covered my hanging, jouncing boobs and made my nipples stand on end. I gasped and shut my eyes again, focusing on simply remaining as stationary as possible while the guy ass-fucked me so hard, the bedsprings creaked.

Oh we'd kissed. We'd caressed. He'd groped me to pieces, felt me up, touched everything through my clothes, but then...then he lubed me and had me get on all fours. And there I still was, realizing that sodomy really did have its pleasures.

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