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In the Eyes of Gods and Men

By Feral Sephrian

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In the Eyes of Gods and Men

By Feral Sephrian

“Groom’thulu.” That was Ryan’s nickname for me leading up to the wedding. “It’s like the male version of Bridezilla,” he explained. “Except you’re both grooms, so you’re Groom’thulu.”

I would have taken offense at that, but the truth is he was right. I had been obsessing about this ever since Caleb and I had made it official. What my brother failed to realize that the difference between a “traditional” Christian wedding and a Pagan wedding was the latter would incorporate five different pantheons that all needed their own preparations. Due to Caleb’s and my involvement with Celtic deities, it would be a primarily Celtic affair, but we had friends attending who were Ásatrú, Hellenic, Kemetic, and Native American. That didn’t include the shrines we were setting up for assorted other religions, the ancestors, and a little generic Christian altar for our families.

My family was causing the biggest headache. Not my parents or siblings, who were supportive albeit highly opinionated, but my bigoted aunts that my mom had insisted I invite. I only agreed in hopes they would come trying to start a ruckus then see for themselves how awesome Pagans were. That would shut them up, I thought. Otherwise, they wouldn’t show up at all and I wouldn’t have to deal with them.

The particular “Groom’thulu” episode that earned me that nickname occurred after I got a positive R.S.V.P. from both Aunt Marie and Aunt Dorothy when Ryan jokingly said I should sit between them at the reception so I could get used to being nagged for the rest of my life.

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