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Be My Valentine

Love At Last


Coming out has never been easy for anyone, yet Cory Newman knows deep within himself the obstacles and the difficulties that lay ahead because of his sexuality. A freshman in college, he views this as his chance and opportunity to get away from his parents but with his shy personality, making new friends had never been something that came easy to him.

Josh Avery is the opposite of Cory in every way. An athlete, who uses sport to escape from his life and the knowledge that this chance at college was the only ticket to saving his family and bettering himself. With no desire for love in his near future, Valentine’s Day and fate stepped in to show him that love comes in unexpected ways and times.

The only option left is acceptance!

Genre: Avid Book, Contemporary (M/M, Gay), Romance

Length: 15,000 words

Love At Last

[Be My Valentine]


Toby Aden



Love At Last

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To all my fans out there and to my family. Much thanks to all those who pick up a Toby Aden book to read. You guys are my hero.

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Chapter One


I stood with my face upturned towards the clear blue sky, my eyes closed as I took in the taste and feel of freedom and the beginning of my new life. Up until this point, I’d been no more than a doormat and a tool to both my filthy rich parents, but no more. I was so done with trying to find scraps of affection from my parents who were completely homophobic up to their eyeballs.

I’d realized from a young age that I was very different from other guys. Yes, my family had more money than they knew what to do with it, but that wasn’t what made me different. I’d been shipped off to boarding school as soon as I was old enough to be left alone. My parents never bothered trying to get to know me. They just wanted me out from underfoot as fast as possible, only bringing me around when they had a big profiled event they needed me to show up for to preserve their standing in the eye of society.

The only person who had encouraged and loved me unconditionally was my nana. She was the very best even though she had guessed that I was gay. Yes, I said it gay. I’m gay and if my parents ever found out, they’d disown me faster than I could say ‘yes’.

I remember when I was fifteen, she’d called me to sit with her and told me simply. “Cory, love is love. It doesn’t matter who you love. Never be afraid to be who you are, and if people don’t like it, then fuck them.”

At first, when she’d started, I’d begun panicking but as I listened to her, I realized, she loved me no matter what and thus she had been the first person I came out to and finally said, “Nana, I’m gay.”

Her response then had been, “I know. Now quiet and let’s enjoy the night air.”

For a long time, I’d stared at nana, awed and secured in the knowledge that she’d always be there for me no matter what. She hadn’t batted a single eyelid and neither had she looked at me as though I was something unnatural. She was so completely different from her son, my father and his wife who made it vocal how unnatural and repulsive they found ‘gay people’.

In that moment, after years of listening to my mother berate me for how elfin my face was and how delicate I looked and how unnatural they found my lack of rebelliousness in sneaking out to sleep around with girls, I felt a little bit free and content.

It was also in that moment that it finally struck me that my parents would never understand or accept me for who I was. No matter what I did, they’d always found me lacking and I’d done a lot to get their attention on me. Keeping my grades at a four-point-oh, joining the debate team, winning several awards yet nothing pleased them.

Nana and I sat out there for a while, just enjoying the cool night’s air, neither speaking as she squeezed my arm in understanding. A year later, she died and it was as though my entire world had dropped right from under me. Grief and anguish had taken hold of me that I’d been unable to control my emotional outburst. When I’d heard the news, I’d stared in disbelief at my parents who sat calmly before me and shaken my head, refusing to believe their words.

Nana had been older than dirt but all I could think about was that she would never leave me. The seriousness on my parents face had been what had finally convinced me after I’d tried to reach nana’s phone and been redirected to voicemail. When my body had started to shake, I’d not felt it until it had turned into a full-on violent body shudder. A keen wailing sound had drifted to me as though from far away.

The screaming had continued loud and anguished until I finally realized that the sound was coming from me. My father had retorted to shaking me but nothing seemed to register with me until he’d knocked me unconscious and dark oblivion soothed the all-encompassing pain away into nothingness.

When I’d finally woken up, the rest of the weeks and months had passed me by in a blur. I’d sat through the will reading, the enormous fortune my grandmother had left solely to me not registering at all and even my father screaming and threatening to contest the will had not bothered me at all. The lawyer saying that the will was uncontestable and would only tie my father up in a long, pointless court battle that would still not change the verdict had also not registered. The only thing that registered, was packing my stuff and moving into my grandmother’s place by the beach which she’d left for me.

Months had flown by in quick succession, the only comfort I could take was knowing that being in her home made me feel a little bit closer to her. It hadn’t been until January had been on the horizon that I’d finally been able to pull myself out of the depression I was in and the knowledge that she’d not want me to wallow for this long or let my life pass me by. Which brought me to starting my first semester in the spring and finally deciding to attend college since I missed the fall deadline.

Shaking the melancholy feeling and thoughts away from my mind, I focused on the now and the present. I walked into my new school dorm, glancing down occasionally at the piece of paper which held my room number on it. When I got to the right room, I pushed open the door whilst dragging my luggage behind me. The moment I stepped through the door though, the sight which greeted me was far from what I’d been expecting.

Golden delicious rows and rows of long naked limbs froze me in my track, my eyes popping wide open as I took in the sexy, masculine behind standing just a few steps in front of me. The sexy hunk of a man was vigorously running a hand towel through damp dirt blond hair and my eyes hungrily took in every inch of the bared naked skin. Starting from the full stable hair hitting the guy’s shoulder to the muscle play on his broad back to the trim narrow hips then the sudden rise of the twin tight globes teasing my senses.

Unconsciously, a gasp tore from my lips and the guy immediately turned around to regard me. I bit my lips to prevent myself from moaning aloud as moss green eyes pierced me from between raised dark blond brows and I was given a view of the full frontal of my stunningly gorgeous roommate.

The stranger was rocking a delicious six pack with his rippling muscular build and his flexing arm as he kept rubbing the wetness out of his hair. It was almost a shame to see the guy toss the hand towel away but my attention was soon drawn down to the jutting cock waving hello in my direction.

It was my first time seeing another dude’s cock apart from my own and it was thoroughly impressive in its uncut, magnificent eight inches length and thick width. Licking suddenly patched lips, it took a lot of restraint not to move forward and suck the beautiful cock down my throat.

I was holding on to my control my a thin thread and the feeling of being compelled to move forward and take his dick in hand, slowly building up. We might be strangers who just met but for the life of me, it ceased to register in my mind that we didn’t know each other. I mean, for fuck’s sake, how could a single person be this beautiful? It was surreal and the entire package was entirely too perfect.

Chuckling drew my attention back to my roommate’s face and his voice washed over me like honey. “Like what you see?”

A flush spread through my body, crawling up my cheek and blooming into a full on blush. “I-I uh…” I stammered but my eyes had a will of their own for they dropped back down to the cock still teasing my senses.

“I’m up here mate.” An amused voice penetrated through the fog I had fallen into.

Yet, only the sight of the guy stepping into black boxer briefs drew my attention back to his face and I blushed harder for being caught staring rudely, again.