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First Lover

By David O. Sullivan

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First Lover

By David O. Sullivan

Ian arrived for work way too early on the morning of his first business seminar. His excitement barely suppressed the nervous stress that bubbled in his gut. What would the seminar be like? At only twenty-three, did he have what it took to shine amongst more experienced delegates? He settled in his cubicle although he had no work. He placed his suitcase nearby. To kill time, he opened emails and lost himself in following the trail of a particular conversation.

The knock on his desk startled Ian. He glanced up to find Roger, his manager, accompanied by a tall and athletic black man.

Flustered, Ian closed his emails and stood. He felt a tide of warmth sweep across his face and prayed it didn’t show.

“Time to go, Ian.” Roger smiled. “This is Jordan David Williams. He runs our East Bay office. You’ll ride with him to the seminar.”

Ian swallowed hard to quell his nervousness. He offered his hand. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Williams, sir. Thank you for letting me go with you.” He gave what he hoped was a business-like smile.

Jordan responded with a bright and sexy grin that could lure anyone into his lair. His white straight teeth contrasted with medium dark skin. The smile spread into his eyes. “Nice to meet you, Ian. Roger’s told me good things about you. Please call me Jordan.” His firm handshake radiated energy.

Ian guessed Jordan’s age at thirty-something, but at twenty-three, everyone in the company had to be older. Jordan’s sexy build commanded attention along with his deep bass voice. His looks and tone sent a sizzle through Ian. Ian noticed that several of the female employees stole glances at Jordan as they passed through the building on the way to the parking lot.

* * * *

They hit Highway 101 south out of the San Francisco Bay Area before Jordan broke the silence. “I’m real glad you’re along, Ian. I dislike driving alone. So, tell me a bit about yourself.” Jordan’s voice flowed so gentle, one had to listen.

“Well, I was assigned to attend this seminar in Monterey. I’m excited and scared. It’s my first time.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” Jordan tipped his head back in laughter.

Ian flowed with the humor and chuckled. “I’ve lived in San Jose my whole life. I’m twenty-three, a pretty mellow guy, but I work hard and am glad to be with our company.”

“I hope that’s not to impress me.” Jordan winked.

Ian’s mind whirled. Hell, yes, it was. Who wouldn’t want to impress such a hottie? “Uh, well, not really. I am glad I work here, but, yes, maybe I was trying to impress you. My brother-in-law networked me into the job. He says it’s a great company.” Ian pretended to scan the landscape while stealing glances at Jordan. “I have my B.A. from San Jose State University and would like to get into upper management. I enjoy customer service and think it’s important to all companies.”

“You’re right, it is a good company. They stole me from my former employer to run the East Bay office,” Jordan confided. “I haven’t been in business that long. Don’t worry about impressing me. Just learn as much as you can at the seminar. Roger speaks well of you. I know he selected you for this seminar because he sees your potential. Quite frankly, one has to be with this company longer than you have been to go to seminars like this, but again, Roger sees your potential.” He smiled with an appeal that almost melted Ian. “If you want to be in upper management, I suggest you get your Master’s. And realize that your mouth, your cock, booze, and drugs will be the things to get you in trouble.” He grinned. “Sorry, I’m prone to unsolicited advice. Guess it’s fair to tell you about myself. I was born in New Jersey, moved to the San Fran Bay Area as a kid, and got my degree from Stanford University where I was a football player. I hated the stress.”

Ian cranked his head toward Jordan and then turned away. He figured Jordan to be about six-feet, three inches tall and about two hundred twenty-five pounds, but he had to have a low-fat ratio. Clearly, he was fit. His wonderfully proportioned body and medium chocolate skin, along with a clean shaved, smooth face, could make him a model.

“On a more personal level,” Jordan continued. “I’m divorced, no kids, and fortunately, no alimony. I’m out as gay and love to stay fit.”

Ian fought with himself to come out, but fear won. The silence lengthened.

“Did I shock you with the gay comment?” Jordan asked.

Ian shook his head. “No, it’s okay. I don’t mind.”

“I try to do it casually, like someone admits he or she is married. That’s all it is, an announcement of where we belong in life. If hetero people can say they are married, gays should be equally open if they want. Sorry if it shocked you.” He smiled that sexy smile again. “I stayed closeted until I was thirty. My wife caught me in bed with her brother. We had been having sex for over a year, and we got sloppy. She outed both of us. That’s when I decided to stay out.” He chuckled. “That was eight years ago, and I have no regrets. I don’t shove my gayness down people’s throats, but I don’t hide it either.” He chuckled again. “Sorry, was I preaching?”

Ian turned his head back toward Jordan. “You’re thirty-eight? You look thirty. I mean, you’re so handsome and young looking—” He turned away, and his neck and face warmed.

“Oops, surprised you again. Thanks for saying I look younger. Since you mentioned I’m handsome, might I ask your sexual identity?”

Admit it. Tell him you’re bi-curious. Say he’s hot. “I’m not gay if that’s what you’re asking.”

Jordan didn’t respond. Miles sped by in silence.

Ian mulled to himself. He’d spent ages wishing he could find some hot guys who were gay or bi, and now that he had, he was too chicken to come out. His cock grew in his loose slacks. The silence bothered him. “Jordan, I’m nervous about the seminar. I don’t know what to expect.”

Jordan flashed that sexy smile again. “I suppose it’s easy for me to say relax and enjoy it. Vendors will be there trying to sell things to you and our company. Take the literature and commit to nothing. There’s a line-up of speeches or classes on how to be a better customer rep. We’ll get the schedule and can pick which ones to attend. You can’t go to all of them. It’s not physically possible. My job is mostly to meet people from other places to see if our company can market to them. They’ll be a welcome dinner tonight with a keynote speaker.”

Ian took a deep breath. “Thanks, I feel better.” His boner throbbed as he got a whiff of a masculine, attractive cologne from Jordan.

They made it to the hotel, which stood tall next to the beach, parked, and checked in.

“Ian, let’s take our bags to our room and walk around before dinner.”

He nodded and went along, wondering about the set up and if he would have total privacy in the bathroom so he could jack off. He’d never been to a real hotel. His speed was low-priced motels.

The high-end facility impressed Ian, making him feel like a kid as he jacked his head back and forth, taking it all in. He wondered what kind of underwear Jordan wore since it was a fetish Ian held for just about forever. Their expansive room had a fresh fragrance. The bathroom alcove flowed from the room with no separate door. Maybe he could jack off in the shower. Then fear jumped into his head: what about his morning wood? How would he hide it? Would Jordan be boned when he woke up?

“Nice place.” Jordan tossed his bag on one of the two beds and took his jacket off, showing muscled arms that strained the light pink dress shirt.

They headed down and checked out the large hall where vendors were setting up for tomorrow’s seminar. Jordan rested a hand on Ian’s back, the warmth radiating through Ian’s clothes.

“Ian, I’m going to walk on the beach. Want to go with me? Do as you wish. I’m not your baby-sitter, in case you’re thinking that.”

Ian sucked a breath in. “Thanks. I was kinda feeling I had to stay with you and you were my chaperone.” He grinned. “On the other hand, I love the beach.”

They walked in the sand, carrying shoes and socks with the wind slapping them in the face. Jordan swung his arms and twirled around. “I love the open air, especially by the ocean. I wish I could run naked here.” He glanced down at Ian. “Am I embarrassing you?”

“Oh, hell, yes, but it’s a common occurrence. That’s happened my whole life. My parents tease that I was born and raised in a convent.”

They walked in silence as the waves engulfed their feet, and later they rinsed at the faucet the hotel provided and went in for dinner. The large number of people surprised Ian. He confessed to Jordan, “I’m not used to big crowds. Is it okay if we sit together?” He brought a nervous smile to his face.

Jordan returned it with his sexy grin. “Of course.”

Ian joined the line for the buffet while Jordan lagged behind, chatting with people he clearly knew.

“Ian, go ahead. I’ll find wherever you sit.”

Ian filled his plate and picked a table off to the side that had eight chairs. He’d just set his napkin in his lap when an older, big-bellied man with furry eyebrows approached.

“Hi, okay if I sit here?” He sat, slid his chair closer, and stared into Ian’s eyes.

Nervousness stirred within Ian’s gut.

The man reeked of excessive cologne. “I’m George Prestin, from Los Angeles.” He shot his hand forward.

Ian dropped his fork to shake hands. “Hello, sir. I’m Ian Roberts from San Jose.”

“You’re young to be at one of these conventions. How old are you?” He leaned closer, enhancing Ian’s concern.

“I’m twenty-three. I was selected to come here.”

“Great. Are you alone?”

Jordan set his plate on Ian’s other side. “No, George, he’s here with me, thanks for asking.” He dropped a hand on Ian’s shoulder but remained standing. “Ian, it looks like you’ve met George. Never take anything to eat or drink from him. He’s a predator of young men and he’s known to put drugs in drinks and food.” He stared at George, who rose and took his plate with him, a scowl plastered on his face.

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