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The Cub and His Alphas

Alpha and Omega series #7

By Lisa Oliver

Copyright 2018/2019 Lisa Oliver

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The Cub and His Alphas (Alpha and Omega series #7)

Copyright Lisa Oliver, 2018/2019


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There’s an awful lot of me and the issues I’ve been going through in this story, so a huge thank you to all the readers who indulge me by reading it.

And no, unfortunately, I am not coming out as a bear shifter… sigh.

Author’s Note

During the course of this story, my dear bear cub Daniel goes with his mates to a writer’s conference in Roswell of all places lol. To give some color to the story, and because my friends have been so helpful to me, I introduced Stormy Glenn and Pat Fischer, who writes as Dani Gray, as secondary characters in this story. These two wonderful women are amazing authors in their own right, and them giving me permission to use their names, in my book was the highlight of my day.

Their books are available at all major ebook retailers.

Thank you my friends.

Chapter One

Daniel chuffed as he rubbed his furry back in the long grass, his face turned up to the afternoon sun. Berry bushes, berry bushes as far as the eye could see. Well, they were all Daniel could see, given he was splat dang in the middle of them. Heaven, heaven, heaven, he sung in his mind, reaching out with his long claws to snag the nearest branch. How fucking lucky am I, he wondered as he smashed a paw-load of blueberries in his mouth.

The run was a spontaneous thing. Daniel was, as a rule, a quiet young man who spent most of his days on the computer writing his latest novel. But today the lure of the sunshine, and a nagging feeling his latest book wasn’t going the way it was meant to, saw him taking the four mile drive to his local forest for a bit of a stretch. He had planned on fishing in his furry form, but his nose caught the whiff of ripened fruit and suddenly fish didn’t seem as appetizing to his long bear nose.

La, la, la. Daniel swiped more blueberries with his other paw, well aware his golden fur was being stained blue. Two paw lots, yeah. One lot in my mouth, two lots in my mouth and so much more for me to munch. He could feel the juices smushed under his nose and dribbling down his chin, but with the sound of the babbling creek he’d planned to fish tickling his ear, Daniel didn’t care. He could wash up before he trundled home. The birds were singing, the sun was hot on his fur and the berries were sweet.

Hang on a minute. Daniel tensed and twitched his ears. The birds had been singing, but they were silent now. Seconds later he heard the snap of a breaking twig and the thump of footsteps from a being far heavier than him reverberated up his spine.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, I should have known it was too good to be true. Daniel rolled onto his feet, his fur quivering. Blueberries did grow wild in his part of the world, but what were the chances the perfectly spaced bushes occurred naturally? He was poaching in someone else’s patch and as the thuds got closer, Daniel panicked. He didn’t know of any other bear shifters in the tiny town of Edendale, but that didn’t mean there weren’t any. He barely went out.

The bushes to his right rustled and Daniel didn’t stick around to find out who he’d pissed off. In bear terms, he was still a cub, only twenty three, and whoever was coming was bigger than him – which took some doing but was possible. Never get between a bear and his food. Why his mother’s sage piece of wisdom chose to flow through his mind now, Daniel didn’t stop to find out. Pushing through the bushes to his left, Daniel put on a burst of speed, running blindly back to where he’d left his car.

Hearing a growl behind him, Daniel risked a quick look over his shoulder. Two of them, double fuck. Daniel didn’t fight – ever. He liked to joke he was a lover not a fighter, but he was lacking lover experience as well. And if those two lumbering brutes behind him caught up with him, he’d never get a chance to make his dreams a reality.

Got to get to the car, got to get too… shit. Bursting through the tree line, Daniel could have slapped himself for his stupidity, except his paws were too busy trying to put more distance between himself and the bears chasing him. His brand new bright red Prius sat mocking him on the side of the road. Running towards it, Daniel risked another look back. The massive black bears were just coming through the last of the trees. I don’t have time to fucking shift.

With a lingering whimper as he ran around his car, Daniel took off down the road. His chest was heaving, and the pavement was scorching his paw pads, but Daniel couldn’t afford to stop. He’d come back for his car, his phone, his keys, his wallet and everything else he’d left in his ‘too-small-for-his-bear-form’ vehicle later – a lot later when hopefully the bears chasing him would be gone. I knew I should have bought a truck. It was going to be a long run home.


Zeke raised himself up on his back legs and roared, thumping the roof of the sparkling car with his paw.

“We’re going to have to pay to get that repaired,” Ty said drily, shaking out his long hair that always seemed to get tangled during a shift. “I hardly think damaging his car is going to endear us to our mate.”

Eyeing the sizeable dent in the Prius roof, Zeke thought about tapping beside it to see if he could get it to pop out, but with the size of his paws, it would probably do more damage. Pulling his raging bear under control he managed a shift, still panting from the run the cub had forced on him. “Why the fuck did he run from us? Is his nose faulty?” Zeke rested his hands on his knees. Fuck that little cutie can run.

“It might have had something to do with the fact we were down wind from him, or maybe his nose was full of berry juice. I’m sure the blue on his paws and snout wasn’t natural.” Ty’s voice was calm and logical, just as it always was, although Zeke knew his mate was just as affected by the cub’s fear of them as he was. “Either way, we can’t hang around out here with our bits dangling. Someone could drive by any minute. I’ve got the plate number. We’ll see if we can hunt him down online when we get back to the motel.”

“We were leaving town tomorrow.” Zeke straightened, taking a last look down the road before following Ty back into the trees. “Bikes, Blues, and BBQs is on next weekend. You had your heart set on going again this year.”

So, did you,” Ty said fondly, taking Zeke’s arm as they picked their way across the pine needle strewn ground. The pine needles weren’t noticeable against the toughened pads on their paws, but Zeke was looking forward to getting back to where they’d stashed their clothes, so he could put his boots on. His human feet weren’t as tough as his bear paws. “I suppose we could still go – give our third a bit of breathing room. Come back after the festival….”

“Now, I know you’re teasing.” Reaching up, Zeke ruffled Ty’s hair before dropping his arm on his mate’s shoulders. “There’s no way we’re going to be happy until that cutie is snuggled up between us, saturated with our spunk.”

“You’re still as romantic as the day we met.” Ty grinned. “But what are the odds, Z? We weren’t even going to stop in this blink and you miss it town, although I’m freaking glad we did now.”

“The Fates are finally on our side,” Zeke agreed. Their decision to stop was based purely on the cute white picket fence the local B and B had as they’d ridden through town. They’d been on the road for days and Ty said he wanted someplace quiet to stay for three or four days before the event the following week.

When they’d mentioned to the sweet Mrs. Cunningham who owned the B&B that they were fond of hiking, she explained anyone could have the run of the forest land provided they didn’t light any fires. The opportunity to spend time in their furry form for more than an hour was too good to pass up and for the past three days he and Ty had taken the picnic lunch Mrs. Cunningham provided and headed for the trees.

Reaching the hollowed out tree trunk where they’d stashed their clothes, Zeke kept out a watchful eye for hikers as Ty poured himself into his jeans. After ten years together, Zeke could still feel a sensual rush through his body as the worn denim molded Ty’s thighs and ass perfectly. “You’ve got that look in your eye again,” Ty teased as he pulled his tight muscle shirt over his head and smoothed it over his lean torso. “The one that says you want to drop to your knees and swallow my cock.”

“You’d think after all these years you’d know my looks better than that,” Zeke grunted. Now Ty was dressed, he could pull on his own clothes. There’d been an incident with some homophobic hunters, in a forest much like the one they were in now, not long after they’d met. Now Zeke always kept his hands free until his mate was fully dressed. “The look I was giving you was I want to bend you over the nearest tree trunk and fuck your ass while you frighten the birds by screaming my name.”

“You did that this morning.” Ty smirked and then he sighed as he looked back into the forest. “Do you think our cute grizzly is keen on nature sports like the ones we enjoy?”

“It’s hard to say.” Zeke winced as he stuffed his half-hard cock into his jeans and careful pulled up the zipper. “We haven’t noticed the recent scent of any bears since we’ve been here, and we’ve covered miles of forest.”

“Until today.” Ty nodded. “You don’t think,” he chewed his bottom lip, “you don’t think the guy was a tourist, do you? Just passing through?”

Pulling his shirt over his head, Zeke waited until his head was free of the material and then said, “I don’t think so. There were no bags or anything in the car that I could see, and besides he wouldn’t have left his car if he was traveling. I got the impression he knew where he was going when he took off down the road.”

Ty’s expression brightened. “Maybe Mrs. Cunningham knows who he is and then we don’t have to be racking up favors with your friends in law enforcement, trying to track him on our own. This is a small town and you know what they say about places like this.”

“That five minutes after you cough, someone at the other end of town is told you’re dying of pneumonia.” Zeke laughed. “I’m not sure that’ll work in our favor, but we can ask. Or,” he picked up their back pack and found their bike keys, “we could just stake out the car until he comes back.”

Ty ran his fingers through his hair and then scratched at the four day growth on his chin. “I think I want to freshen up first. We didn’t make the best first impression.”

“I love it when you’re all overgrown and hairy,” Zeke growled, dropping the back pack and pulling Ty against his chest. Running his nose along his mate’s scruffy jaw, he inhaled sharply. Originally from Alaska, Ty’s scent carried a hint of fresh falling snow and a strong undertone of pine. Clean and minty, Zeke always used to think and today was no different. “I don’t blame you for wanting to look your awesome best,” he whispered against his mate’s skin. “But don’t forget, he has to take us the way we are, or a mating between us will never work.”

“I’m not disputing that, but it won’t hurt you to trim up a bit either.” Zeke felt a tug on his beard. “That young cub already has to contend with two old Kodiaks as mates. We don’t have to give him the impression we’re hillbillies as well.”

“I prefer the term nomads,” Zeke said, rubbing his nose against his mate’s. A deep feeling of contentment welled up inside of him. “Maybe now, you’ll finally get your wish and we’ll have a home to call our own.”

“We’ve had a long run finding our third, Z. Tell me you won’t be sorry to give up lumpy mattresses and questionable shower spaces.” Ty’s hands were warm and familiar on his back and Zeke’s body reacted accordingly… and yet, there was something holding him back too and he knew instinctively Ty felt the same way.

“We have to get him to accept us first,” Zeke growled. “I’ll trim my freaking beard.”

Turn on the charm, big guy. I know you can do it. You snagged me, didn’t you?” The twinkle in Ty’s eyes were a promise Zeke would cash in on later – when they’d tracked down their runaway cub.

Chapter Two

Three hours later, Daniel was still shivering, in his human form this time. The run home didn’t take long, although he had to duck into the trees every time he heard a vehicle coming down the road and he was exhausted by the time he climbed his porch and shifted. One of the things he loved about his home was it was set back a long way from the road, but for the first time ever Daniel wished he lived in the suburbs, or in the middle of town. The sound of other people going about their daily business would be easier to cope with than the oppressive silence around his house.

His shower was a quick affair – the whole time he was washing himself, Daniel fretted he wouldn’t be able to hear footsteps approaching over the sound of running water. Dressed in his warmest pullover and thick sweat pants, he still couldn’t get warm. He’d tried to write to take his mind off his scare, and gave that up as soon as he started. Staring at the screen and seeing nothing but giant black bears with huge claws and gnashing teeth did nothing for his story line.

It was just a few blueberries. Daniel whimpered and took a sip of his honey tea. Okay, maybe it was three full paws worth of blueberries and he might not have been as considerate about the leaves and branches as he usually would be, but they’d grow back again. Daniel couldn’t understand it. He’d been on public land – those bushes were available to any number of hikers who wandered through the forests.

Grumpy bears shouldn’t have grown them there in the first place. Daniel decided being scared wasn’t fun at all. His parents had been academics and he had a quiet and uneventful childhood. The first time he realized the world was a shitty place came when he was fifteen and his parents were killed in a car accident. When the state failed to find any of his relatives, the next three years in state care hadn’t been fun, but he learned quickly if he kept his head down and his nose buried in a book most people ignored him. At eighteen Daniel claimed his inheritance and bought his house. Writing, something he’d dabbled with in care, became his full time occupation and as he kept to himself, the opportunities for being scared, or having a life, were limited.

“Yeah, well if being scared out of my fur is a definition of living, I’ll pass, thank you very much,” Daniel said out loud. He glanced at the large railway clock on his wall. It was just after seven. He was going to have to walk back to his car, which on two feet was going to take almost an hour.

It was tempting to leave his brightly colored Prius where it was until morning. The crime rate in Edendale was virtually nonexistent, but if out of town hikers were in the area, then he might find his car a shell of its former self, leaving it out overnight. Besides, his phone was in the car and while it was unlikely anyone was trying to contact him, some of his readers might have tried to message him.

The sum total of my social life, Daniel thought glumly as he washed out his cup and left it to drain before going through to his mudroom and finding his jacket. The days were warm in the autumn, but the nights could get chilly. Shrugging his jacket over his shoulders, Daniel was just about to open his back door, when he heard a rumble that had no business being near his house. “Motorbikes?” They were heading in his direction. “What the fuck?”

Running back through the kitchen, Daniel sprinted upstairs, trying to move as quietly as possible. The upstairs part of his house was split into two huge bedrooms with a bathroom between them. Edging past his huge bed, Daniel flattened himself with his back against the wall, peering around the window frame. The sound of the bikes got louder, ripping apart the silence that usually surrounded Daniel’s home, yet when he looked out, he was relieved to see there were only two of them.

Two bears chase me, two bikes come up my driveway, what are the odds this is a coincidence? Zero chance. Daniel weighed up his options. Hiding was his first thought, but his nearest neighbor was five miles towards town and wouldn’t hear a thing if his visitors decided to trash his house.

It would be helpful if I had a gun, he thought as the bike engine noise suddenly stopped. But Daniel didn’t believe in hunting and never had a need to defend himself or his property. He was larger in his furry form than any of the predators that happened across his back door as a rule. I’d probably shoot my foot off with the damn thing, anyway.

No. There was nothing for it. Daniel was going to have to go downstairs and face the intruders. If they weren’t related to the bear incident then they’d be human, and Daniel would shift to get rid of them if he had to. Who knows, maybe they were just two lost travelers looking for directions, although Daniel knew that was unlikely. His house couldn’t be seen from the road and his driveway could only be found if you knew what to look for.

And if they be bears? Stepping away from the window, Daniel headed back to the stairs, zipping up his fleecy jacket. Maybe the thick layers would prevent him from being slashed too badly. Who am I kidding. Two big bears could make mincemeat out of me. Daniel had just got to the bottom of the stairs, when he heard a sharp knocking on his front door. It was just a few berries, damn it. I do hope these guys will be reasonable.

His hand trembled as he reached for the door handle.


“Wow, this is amazing. Are you sure we’ve got the right place?” Ty asked as he turned off his bike and sat for a moment appreciating the scenery and serenity that scenery offered. The house was more of a log cabin, although Ty noted the second story extension and the new aluminum joinery that housed huge picture windows right around the house. All he could see for miles around was lush grasslands and pockets of bush. The house sat at the base of a tall gently sloping hill topped with huge slabs of rock. Ty could imagine how they’d look in winter, all covered in snow. A chimney perched on the roof suggested warm fires and somewhere to snuggle on a cold night.

“Mrs. Cunningham said twelve miles from town, look for the big willow and turn left there. This is it.” Zeke gave a low whistle as he looked around. “I know the land is cheap around here, but this had to have cost some money. Do you think our cub comes from a rich family?”

“Mrs. C said this Daniel barely has any visitors, and is always quiet and politely spoken when he goes to town. She never mentioned him being flashy with money.” Ty shrugged. “I guess we’ll find out in due course. Are you ready for this?” Ty definitely was. Even now, sitting outside the house, his bear was alert, urging him closer to the huge double front doors.

“What if he has got something wrong with his sense of smell and doesn’t realize who we are to him? Or maybe he was raised with humans and doesn’t know about the concept of mates. What do we do then?” Zeke swung his leg over his bike and straightened the button down shirt Ty encouraged him to wear.

Then we talk to him.” Ty chuckled as he got off his bike. “I know it’s not your strongest skill, big guy, but you can do it.” Stepping closer to his mate, he whispered quietly, “I’ve waited eighty odd years for this day to come; I know for you it’s been over a hundred. We gave up our lives, our homes and everything else, to follow the path the fates set for us, just so we could find our third. In the ten years we’ve been together, I’ve never doubted that decision or my feelings for you. Whatever or whoever is behind that door, we’ll handle it, just like we always have – together.”

“Are you going to get all mushy on me?” Zeke scowled, and Ty’s grin got wider. He could tell by his mate’s eyes Zeke was just as excited as he was.

“It wouldn’t hurt for you to dust off a few mushy skills of your own. Not everyone is as blown away with your rustic charm as I am. Now come on.” Ty flicked his head towards the door. “The cub must have heard us coming. It’s time for us to introduce ourselves, and for goodness sake, break out that smile of yours.” He showed his teeth.

“Shave my head, trim my beard, wear a shirt and now he wants me to smile,” Zeke muttered, but he did relax his face from its customary snarl.

Bounding up the few steps to the porch, Ty strode across the planks and rapped smartly at the door. For the first time since that heady night when he met Zeke, his stomach was a flutter of excitement. The trace of jasmine and bear lingered around the door, causing his cock to firm up. His keen ears picked up the sound of footsteps and after a long moment, the door opened.

Ty’s mouth dropped open.


Please don’t let there be drool in my whiskers. A log cabin in a remote area housing a bear shifter, Zeke imagined their third as someone with a black bushy beard, red flannelette shirts, maybe a bit of softness around his middle, carrying an ax over his shoulder. The vision framed by the door couldn’t be further from that image. Fucking hell, what on earth did we do to deserve such perfection?

Their cub, and the scent coming from the young man definitely confirmed that aspect, was about a foot shorter than Zeke’s six foot six. His pale face was highlighted by two patches of pink on his high cheeks and framed by untidy shoulder length blond hair. But it was their third’s lips that captured Zeke’s attention. Full, wide and pink. Zeke swallowed a groan as he imagined what those lips could do with a spot of encouragement.

“Can I help you?” Daniel stepped closer and Zeke was hit with the full force of his third’s scent. The delicious smell made him want to rip that ridiculously bulky jacket from his mate’s body and strip him bare, maybe slathering him with honey so he and Ty could have a feast. Ty. Why wasn’t Ty saying anything? He was the smooth talker in their partnership. A quick glance to his side showed Ty was as dumbstruck as he was.

“Er, hello.” Zeke decided to take the initiative and stuck out his hand. “I’m Zeke McIntyre and this is my partner Ty Hollifield. We’ve come to apologize. We think we might have frightened you in the forest this afternoon.”

“Daniel Borden.” Daniel’s hand slipped into his and electricity sparked its way up Zeke’s arm, causing all his body hair to stand up on end. He couldn’t let go. There wasn’t a force on earth that would make him let go of Daniel’s hand. Instead, Zeke pulled his mate close and buried his nose against the wee strip of skin poking above Daniel’s coat collar. A rumbling groan forced its way out of his chest and throat.


There was a hint of worry in Ty’s tone. Enough for Zeke to raise his head long enough to say, “Fuck, you’ve got to smell him. You’ve got to scent our Daniel.”

“I can, I did, I do,” Ty said, and Zeke noticed he was standing behind their third. “But don’t you think he should be conscious before we do anything else?”

Conscious? Zeke looked down. Daniel’s head was lolling to one side, his neck arched, his lips slack. The reason he was upright was because of Ty’s arms holding him up. “Oops. What do you think happened?”

“From the way his heart started racing and the scent of his arousal increased, I’d like to think our mate came to the same conclusion we did. However, it’s a little hard to tell now. He could have just been overcome by a huge bald man who wanted to rub his beard on his neck.”

Well, shit.” Zeke patted the hand he was still holding. Then the side of his lip quirked up. “As his mates its only right and proper we should get young Daniel inside – make sure he’s warm and comfortable. It’s not as though we can leave him alone, defenseless at night, when he’s unconscious.”

“And once we’re in, we can work on the charm aspect.” Ty winked. “Grab his feet, big guy. I could carry him myself, but I figure you don’t want to let go of him either.”

You’ve got that right. Resting Daniel’s hand on his chest, Zeke bent and scooped his arm behind Daniel’s knees. The young man would be lucky if he weighed a buck twenty and most of that was probably jacket. Zeke was determined to shred that at the first possible opportunity. His mate would need leathers to ride on the back of the bikes, and when he wasn’t riding, Zeke and Ty would keep him warm. I must have been a very, very good boy in a past life, he thought as he and Ty carried Daniel inside.

Chapter Three

Daniel stirred, immediately aware he was lying on his couch, still dressed although his jacket was missing. I don’t remember lighting a fire, he thought as he heard the crackle of wood, and picked up the faint scent of smoke. And then the events of the evening came flooding back to him and he slapped a hand over his mouth to hold back his gasp. There were two men, his freaking mates and they actually knocked on his fucking door – something all romance novels claimed never happened, but it did. It happened to him.

But where were the two hunks now? Daniel was stunned he’d been so blessed in the mate department. So, blessed he’d actually swooned when the one called Zeke sniffed at him. He couldn’t help himself – the overwhelming scent, the fact there was two of them… not a good way to make a solid first impression.

Daniel’s father mentioned, when they had “that talk” when he was twelve, that it was possible, if he found a fated mate, that he’d end up with two of them. Apparently, it was important among bears to mention that to a significant other, if the person was single when they met. A distant relative of his father’s had found one mate, and then been accused of cheating when he bumped into the second one in the grocery store. It wasn’t until the first mate scented the second that all was forgiven. So, having two mates wasn’t a shock. The fact they ticked every single one of his fantasy boxes was. Daniel couldn’t even dream up men as sexy as the ones he’d met.

The one who introduced himself as Zeke walking biker bad boy fantasy fascinated Daniel because he shaved his head. Most shifters liked to keep their hair long. And he had hair on his arms – almost unheard of for a shifter. Daniel wondered if he had hair anywhere else. And Ty; oh, my gods, Ty was just as tall and slightly more streamlined, but he looked like he’d walked off the page of a magazine. Daniel’s whole body trembled with the idea of getting to know them both.

Keeping his eyes closed, Daniel used his other senses to see where the men had gone. Their scent was fresh, so they hadn’t left. Not that Daniel expected them to. He’d been hunted down, and Daniel sent a small prayer of thanks to whoever told them where he lived. It wasn’t as though his house was on the main road. Ah, they were in the kitchen. Daniel’s lips twitched as he listened to the two men banter. He guessed they’d been together for a while.

“How many boxes of tea does one person need?” That gravelly voice had to be Zeke. “He’s got at least eight different types, plus three brands of coffee, and chocolate.”

“We need to find the one he uses the most.” Ty’s sultry tones made Daniel’s toes curl. “It’s important we show him we can take care of all his needs from the start.”

“It would help if he didn’t have such a huge collection of beverages.” Zeke grumbled. “Look at this. Jasmine, blackberry, Earl Gray, lemon, lemon and honey, lemon and ginger, chamomile. None of that sounds comforting to me.”

“They probably all are in their own way, big guy. Coffee would be stimulating, but after a shock, Daniel won’t need that. What about hot chocolate?”

“Do you know how to work his machine? I sure as hell don’t.” Zeke sounded peeved as though Daniel’s state of the art coffee machine insulted him.

“I could make it the old fashioned way. Heat the milk on the stove.” Daniel heard the sound of cupboard doors opening. “See if you can find marshmallows.”

More opening and closing cupboard doors and the sound of a pan going on the hot plate. Then there was a hushed whisper from Zeke. “Do you think he has a favorite mug?”

“We don’t want to come off as stalkers,” Ty admonished. “Just get three mugs from the mug tree. I’m sure he won’t mind.”

“Oh my god, he’s got peanut snicker bars.” Daniel stifled a groan. Zeke had found his stash. “Do you know how yummy these are? He has a whole box full of them.” Daniel could hear the rustle of paper and some heavy duty chomping going on.

“Zeke!” Ty hissed. “Don’t stuff half a dozen of them in your mouth at once. We’re trying to make a good impression.”

“So am I.” Zeke’s words were muffled. “I’m showing my mouth is big enough to suck you both off at the same time. He’ll appreciate that.”

The mental imagery was too much for Daniel. He shoved his hand down his pants to pull the material away from his growing dick. Ty’s answering laugh didn’t help. Every time he opened his mouth, Daniel wanted to melt. How the hell am I going to get anything done with two of them around all the time? But would they be around? That was a sobering thought. Daniel’s bear let him know his mates were considerably older than him. They probably already had a home, and businesses or something somewhere else. Hell, they could have ex-wives and a dozen kids for all Daniel knew. And it would just be his luck those kids would probably be older than him.

“Hi there, having fun?” Ty’s teasing tone had Daniel’s eyes flying open. Ty and Zeke were both standing by the edge of the couch. Following Ty’s gaze, Daniel glanced down, and his cheeks flamed as he hastily pulled his hand out of his pants.

“Er… things were getting a bit constricted.” Daniel didn’t know where to look.

“I know exactly what you mean, cutie.” Zeke blatantly adjusted his bulge with one hand, holding out a mug of hot chocolate with the other. “Can we sit down?”

“Of course.” Taking the mug Ty offered him, Daniel stared at the swirl of chocolate peppered with three large marshmallows. It smelled amazing. “Thank you.”

Of course, the bears would have to sit on either side of him, reminding Daniel of how puny he was in comparison to them. “It was kinda Zeke’s fault you fainted anyway,” Ty said, winking at the man mentioned. “He can come on a bit strong, but he has a heart of gold underneath all those muscles.”

“You’re both… er…” Daniel tried to think how he would describe them in a story, “well-blessed in the muscle department. Unlike me,” he added.

“You’re a beautifully sexy cub.” Zeke took a large slurp of his drink and sighed. “What did you need to know about us before we get to the fun part of the evening?”

“Zeke,” Ty’s shocked tone made Daniel chuckle. “We want to get to know our mate. He’s young. Show some patience. I’m sorry, Daniel. You’ll get used to Zeke’s blunt manner.”

“It’s fine.” Daniel was suddenly shy and took a quick sip of his drink. The marshmallows were melting and one stuck to his top lip and he quickly licked it off, conscious of Zeke’s heated gaze burning his cheeks. “So, you, you chased me in the forest because I was your mate? Not because I was eating your blueberries?”

“They weren’t ours.” Zeke finished off his drink in two large swallows and put the mug on Daniel’s coffee table. “They were a good find though, cub. If I hadn’t been so hell bent on chasing your ass, I’d have stopped for a feed myself. The only thing smelling sweeter than those berries was you.”

“Oh. Thank you.” Daniel risked a quick look at Ty who was beaming at his mate. “Are you guys locals? I’ve got to admit, I don’t know many people in town.”

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