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A Girl For Her Series Volume 3

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, business establishments and events are the product of the authors' imagination or are used factiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

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Jana & Angel


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This book is dedicated to ALL of my fans on Wattpad, Inkitt, BookBub, Twitter, Facebook, and many more global that have followed my work throughout the past three years. I know I have claimed to have quit many times but people always tell me to get back up and doing it again because reviews don’t make an author, readers do. As long as someone out there is reading my work, I am happy. Toast off to those reading my books.

About The Book

Angel Knight is now Annabel Thomas, she has to make the right choice that could cost her everything including with Jana. Angel wasn't going to lose her fiancee in this battle with Scarlett, she will not be Mrs. Annabel Thomas for the rest of her life. Angel loves her fiance  and kids this time no one will stop her love for destiny in Kansas.

Jana is raising her kids on her very own but one thing she misses is her true love Angel Nicole Knight, they were going to plan a wedding and everything until Scarlett took Angel. Jana has plans to rescue Angel but it will take time away from the kids.

Can Angel survive Scarlett's wrath and go back to her love?

Would Jana move if she can't get her love back?  

Chapter 1

As time went on memories of Angel faded as Annabel came about more and more personally through the next year or two. Annabel had never felt so different but she loved her wife Scarlett that meant everything to her, even though she always had these weird dreams about Angel Knight and Jana Johnson.

Angel Knight is a beautiful blonde that is in love with a woman name Jana Johnson who she saved from men that were out to torment her and it took Jana a year to know who she was. Jana and Angel agreed to have kids then make deep passionate love soon after. Jana was a gorgeous brunette with the sincere of love. Angel felt like Jana was the whole world and they were meant to be with each other. Angel had the best years with Jana until she was gone from her.

Annabel woke up in sweat and breathing profusely as she shook her head from the mysterious memory of being Angel Knight and some woman named Jana Johnson was her partner for life. Though Scarlett has been with her for over three years now and they have the perfect love.

Scarlett used to beat Annabel for unknown reasons she couldn't recall but she knew she was Annabel Ann Thomas and her lovely wife is Scarlett Myra Thomas. Scarlett was very beautiful in every way with black short wavy hair, blue eyes, heavy set, and always had to wear corsets to look special even though they didn't work around her body to well and she always tried on tight jeans.

Annabel knew Scarlett was beautiful but her clothing style had always been distasteful. Annabel had tried to encourage her wife to wear something more suitable with her body but she disagreed with the choices for a big woman.

Annabel had such a wonderful job working with Shauna Meigs at the Midnight Cafe but she's had to keep update her applications because her and Scarlett kept moving though she hasn't figured out why they keep moving from one apartment to another.

Shauna pulled Annabel to the side one evening saying,

"Annabel you look familiar to me but I can't pinpoint as to who you are? Are you sure, you have lived in these parts before?"

Annabel smiled at her boss replying,

"Shauna, I have been here for many years, I haven't moved at all."

Shauna shrugged then guided Annabel back to where she was with customers as she spoke to other customers about her it seemed.

Annabel finished her job in no time flat as she saw Scarlett pull up though Scarlett never came inside to greet her, she placed her apron on the rack in the back as her cell phone went off as she read the text it said,

"Babe, you need to hurry up, I have a meeting in twenty-minutes and I need to get you home to rest before dinner."

Annabel rolled her eyes as it was the same routine daily but she never argued with her wife. Annabel always kept memories of her wedding day to Scarlett in the back of her mind it was always such a sweet one even though it was more of a Gothic,Wicca wedding that subtle them both.

Scarlett had taught Annabel the ways of Wicca since they got together and they do rituals every time the moon is out in full. They would special prayers for those that have gone for life to soon or something involving candle light, Annabel never kept vague memory of what goes on it always seems clueless to her.

On the drive home from the cafe shop Annabel had a feeling that Scarlett was going to bring up moving again if she even mentioned the fact that Shauna has a suspicion of who she is though she has no clue who she is and why everyone assumes she's someone else.

Scarlett cleared her throat making Annabel startled by saying,

"Annabel, are you even listening to me?"

Annabel shook her head that was when Scarlett hit her against the windshield leaving her in tears once again that was when she replied,

"I am now my beautiful wife, I am sorry for daydreaming again, what were you saying?"

Scarlett sighed responding,

"I was telling you that we are going to have to move again, I am tired of everyone assuming your Angel Knight when you are Annabel Thomas and you know you are Annabel Thomas but no one will believe you. So, we are heading to my birth town in Massachusetts so you better tell Shauna and all you're other co-worker's goodbye."

Annabel felt even more tears flow as her wife literally told her that they were packing up and leaving again this time to another state so she's assuming Scarlett must've heard rumors around town. So, Annabel replied with a heavy heart,

"Why do we got to move so far away?"

Scarlett raised her eyebrows responding,

"Due to the fact that someone in this town knows you as Angel Knight and it better not be Shauna, I swear she'll be dead to us."

Annabel shook her head replying,

"Shauna said I looked like someone familiar but she never said exactly whom I looked like."

Scarlett had assumed someone in this dead town was starting something but it could be nothing just to be safe though they are moving whether Annabel likes it or not.

Annabel had wondered why people thought she was some woman named Angel Knight like who the hell is she? And why is it so important for them to know if it's her? Annabel had no idea where people kept assuming she was this mysterious woman.

So as they were packing to go to Bristol, Massachusetts Annabel spoke up,

"Baby, why do we constantly move? I mean it's not like people do actually call me Angel."

Scarlett dropped her clothes on the floor then walked over to Annabel placing her hands around Annabel's throat shoving her against the wall as hard as she could replying,

"Because if my sneaky suspicion is correct it is someone that assumes you are here and she is determined to get you."

Annabel tried to release herself from Scarlett's grip but it just kept getting tighter then Scarlett released her as Annabel coughed hard then cleared her throat responding,

"Babe if you are so concerned with this person than why don't you handle this miscellaneous person?"

Scarlett sighed with a reply,

"Knowing this person it wouldn't do it any good, so let's hurry up and get going on the road while we can."

Annabel nodded as she finished packing her luggage.

Annabel quit having nightmares of some previous life as soon as they moved to Bristol, Massachusetts. They took a flight from Flint to Bristol which only took four hours even with all the luggage they packed and started all over by reordering  furniture, bed, kitchen supplies, and more.

Annabel didn't like this constant moving with Scarlett but after she told Shauna and her co-workers that she had to leave they all sobbed also concerned for her safety, she gave them hugs back and told them nothing is going to happen. She left Midnight Cafe with a heavy weight on her shoulders like she knew something was a mixture.

Annabel finally cleared her throat saying,

"Baby, so since we are in the town you are born in, do you know anyone out here? I mean I never even heard of North Attleboro before until now."

Scarlett turned around from making a plate of salad replying,

"My mom Andrea is still out here, I called her last week to be exact, she can't wait to meet my beautiful wife Annabel and had discussed with the fact of us having kids since we have been together for almost four years now. Also is thinking about having us moved to a place near her and it is an actual house instead of a apartment, oh my gosh babe you will love to have heard my mom's thoughts."

Annabel wanted to just hide away in her own library or something because meeting parent's is none of her best qualities. So she responded,

"My love, I can't keep constantly moving this is causing havoc on my emotions please can we just stay here until we are ready for sure to have children and a bigger home. I am enjoying just us at the moment and the lovely view of this apartment, it's a little high priced for what I expected but it is a beauty."

Scarlett cringed at the denial of moving near her mother so she replied,

"Babe, please just a last move let's say in about six month's tops?"

Annabel sighed hating this constant moving decided to respond,

"Fine sweetheart whatever, I just want to be able to stay in one place and not constantly keep changing from place to place just like we did in Michigan."

Scarlett kissed Annabel sweetly then finished making her salad for lunch as Annabel went into their bedroom with the laptop that they had packed and sat on their new king size bed with black and pink flowers all over. Annabel looked up writing novels as a specialty she had one but couldn't remember what it was about with the constant moving she had trouble staying focus.

Annabel heard Scarlett turn on the television in the living room as Annabel let out a deep sigh every time she wanted to be focused Scarlett would distract her with noise, so she shut down the laptop and went out to watch television with her wife.

Annabel cleared her throat saying,

"I am going to go job hunting today sweetheart."

Scarlett shrugged replying,

"It better be than that Midnight Cafe you worked at for over three years because you never made enough to keep us fed or anything. If you don't find work by the end of the week, you will be working where my mother did as a young woman which is a engineer downtown North Attleboro. You are to be home after your shift just like before. My meetings are at night since I was able to transfer my business."

Annabel was so sick of being on a damn schedule with her wife every time she found a job it was enough to nerve her some days, it wasn't like Annabel was going to cheat on her wife.

Annabel responded with a dry throat,

"Yes my lovely wife, I will stay near home to you and come home to do house chores along with getting myself fed and to bed at a decent hour."

Scarlett smiled with a reply,

"Good to hear my lady, now go get ready for job hunting...once you find a job you better remember the bus route from here to there and same back."

Annabel nodded in agreement sighing as she got up from the couch as Scarlett grabbed her wrist saying,

"To add my wife, you need to keep a stalk of that auburn hair dye around or your natural color will show which I will highly disapprove."

Annabel nodded in agreement again then released her wrist as she went into their room to find proper clothing for interviews in case she gets any today. As she got dressed Scarlett came in the room then beat Annabel multiple times which caused her train of thought to go missing once more she begged Scarlett to quit hitting her but it was always the same daily before she went anywhere.

Scarlett had made sure Annabel would forget something about herself even though they have been together for so long, Scarlett still managed to hit her so hard to leave cuts,black eyes,bruises and damage jaw most the time, she's thankful that her body never broke against all the hits.

Once Scarlett was done she left the room leaving Annabel to scramble and get up as she rushed with trying to cover everything before she went to interviews let alone speaking one on one with people. The only thing Annabel has managed is not to argue with Scarlett because she learned it is never good too.

Scarlett felt proud of herself watching her wife begging for the abuse to stop but she never felt like a relief of marrying her was enough so she made sure to make her suffer subsequently since she kept giving many excuses for the love of Jana which was very sickening when she knew Annabel would take to long to do something Scarlett had to make sure that her memory would never return, so she would enjoy watching her wife shrivel up and cry.

After about thirty minutes of making sure Annabel was good to go for her interviews Scarlett walked out of the room listening to Annabel scramble for makeup and anything else to cover up the marks since she knew damn well Annabel wouldn't go outside without covering up the mess. Once Annabel was ready she grabbed her purse by the door kissed Scarlett goodbye then went to catch the buses for the day.

Annabel had sat down on a bench after filing many applications in each store she could find knowing none of them would be good enough for Scarlett. As she sighed a woman sat beside her saying,

"You look like hell."

Annabel looked up with a new resolution as she replied,

"I have had a bad day and my wife is going to be so upset with me once she finds out."

The woman had lovely short black hair, hazel and green eyes, luscious red lips, she is very lovely looking for sure. She had dressed in all black which made her stand out.

As the lady responded,

"My name Tonya Jones, I can't stand a person who beats someone else which I have noticed about your face and the way you lean it hurts. As for your wife being upset for certain jobs you find that is even more ridiculous."

Annabel sadly looked down again replying,

"I am Annabel Thomas, my wife is very abusive, I don't know who I was before, we have traveled seven times within the past three years and she has not picked my jobs since we've been together."

Tonya shook her head as she scooted closer to Annabel responding,

"Do you remember anything of your past at all? Like your name? Your parent's name? Anything that could trigger a memory?"

Annabel sighed heavily replying,

"No, because once I do have a memory of any sort including dreams my wife beats me for it and my mind loses of what the memory was."

Tonya hugged Annabel responding,

"You're wife is very cruel and you need to be in a women's shelter away from her."

Annabel shook her head no as she looked up at the sky and sighed once more replying,

"I have better get home my wife will be tracking me down if I'm not home by a certain time."

Tonya hugged Annabel once more then walked away with tears streaming from her face. Annabel felt so bad for making the woman cry and now she had to head back to her wife before another beating came about which wouldn't surprise Annabel at all including Scarlett's temper that has literally gone over the top.

Chapter 2

As Annabel walked into the apartment she heard Scarlett throwing things so Annabel closed the door silently then made her way to the bathroom and locking it in hopes of Scarlett not hearing it. That was when she rocked herself until she could hear Scarlett stomping around grabbing what she needed then slammed the apartment door so hard it shook everything.

Annabel unlocked the bathroom door then walked around the apartment to see everything destroyed from their kitchen, dining room, library and much more areas that needed cleaning soon she heard her phone go off as the text read:

"Since you couldn't care to come out of the bathroom and face me, you will be deeply punished tonight so don't you dare even think about going to sleep. You were supposed to be home before dark and you were late once again, so prepare for another enjoyable punishment and clean our apartment while you are at it since it is going to take you most the evening anyways."

Annabel read the messages as tears dripped down her face by morning she's going to be all battered and bruised again which was hard enough to cover today during filing applications. Annabel had wanted to run but she had nowhere to go, she didn't even get information off of Tonya because that would make Scarlett assume of cheating.

Soon as she started cleaning a surprise knock came at the door so she called across saying,


The voice spoke,

"Angel, it is Jana and your kids answer the door please..."

Annabel raised her eyebrows then walked to the door and answered it to see a woman she didn't recognize with two teenagers as she closed the apartment door then placed her arms over her chest saying,

"My name is Annabel not Angel and I believe you and your kids have the wrong place."

Jana looked rather surprised at that response as she replied,

"How can you forget who you are? You are the most amazing I have been with including our children that love you dearly. You are Angel with lovely blonde hair, blue eyes, and a gorgeous figure. You aren't Annabel, Scarlett has you brainwashed."

Annabel looked Jana dead serious in the eyes with evil in it responding,

"You have serious problems woman because Scarlett is my wife and I have never been with any other since then as far as I am concerned so pack you and your kids and never come back here again."

That was when Jana grabbed Angel into a bent over kiss and planted a passionate one on her as she felt tears stream down her face then let Angel go as her and the kids walked away.

Annabel didn't know who that Jana person was but she kissed way better than Scarlett and had meaning behind it. Annabel couldn't understand why the woman was calling her Angel though it made no sense what's so ever. Annabel sat down at the table lost in thought of what could it mean by that lady showing up mysteriously she even searched her memory of this woman and nothing appeared it's like her past life had disappeared with the abusing constantly because Scarlett always did damage her head in some way like against windows or walls so hard she'd lose conscious for hours on end.

Annabel decided that instead of pondering about the mysterious woman who had kissed her that she might as well go back to working on the house since it is going to be an all night chore for her just to get done before Scarlett got home. As she got off the table she felt like the most horrible person for pushing Jana away but she honestly couldn't remember living a life without Scarlett.

Annabel took a shower that evening deciding to relax her brain from all the chaos from that day it just amazed her all that had happened from meeting Tonya to seeing a mysterious woman name Jana at her front door. Annabel let the heat take her in as soon as that happened memories flooded again:

Jana and Angel had made deep passionate love the night that since Jana had accepted the proposal from Angel it was a memorable one too. Angel had made the backyard amazing with a candle lit dinner, streamers and lights around the backyard ,a soft flow of romantic music from the boombox for them to dance too. Angel loved the set up for her love it made a perfect moment. When Angel got down on one knee and proposed Jana's eyes lit up when she accepted they kissed in the moonlight. That night led into making love for the first time since they've been together and it has been a miracle that their relationship survived.

Annabel woke up in the shower feeling the water being cold as she sighed with the memory seeing as Jana the woman that Angel fell for the proposal looked amazing even though she had no recall of it. Annabel shut the water off and climbed out of the shower as she heard Scarlett come through the front door slamming it shut once again.

Scarlett yelled at the top of her lungs saying,

"Annabel, you better be awake because you are in for it. Our home is still a complete disaster, and all you have done today is be lazy."

Annabel came out of the room with her pink fluffy robe wrapped around her as she smiled at her wife replying sweetly,

"Baby, I did my best today, we had a visitor come by after you left for work her name was Jana didn't catch her last name and she had teenagers with her too."

Scarlett walked over to Annabel grabbing her by throat then smacked Annabel on the cheek so hard it echoed throughout the apartment. Scarlett snarled at Annabel with baring teeth as she responded,

"You spoke with her? You did everything I told you NOT to do. Are you asking to be killed? Jana Johnson is not allowed to be around you and neither are those nasty children. So, as punishment you are going to be in a place you'll hate my dear wife."

Annabel gulped afraid of what was to happen to her. That was when she felt herself being lifted then thrown across the room against the wall passed out.

Jana spoke to Angel,"Wake up this is not the time for you to die, you are my future wife not hers. Scarlett is pure evil...she will kill you and you know it, come on wake up for me if anything. I know you don't remember me but please come on snap out of this hell hole. You can't let Scarlett defeat who you are."

Annabel woke up to find herself trapped in some cage realizing Scarlett has lost her damn mind. She still doesn't get why this Jana chick keeps taunting her thoughts but the most she figured it was a self-conscious speaking to her if anything. Then she looked around her caged area that she's trapped in turns out it is a shed of some sort. Annabel knew Scarlett had hidden places just didn't know where at.

Scarlett couldn't believe Annabel had let Jana come near her. So she literally placed her wife in a shed and a cage big enough for a human. She was getting pretty sick of Annabel's selfish ways so she decided to make her wife's life a living hell in that shed for a while. Scarlett now had to find Jana and make sure her and them kids never come back for her wife EVER again.

Scarlett had ordered a bus ticket to Kansas to back track to Jana's place than she went and checked on Annabel in the shed that was a hour away from the apartment as she got on the bus and headed that direction she sighed heavily as a man tapped her on the shoulder speaking,

"I am surprised you're partner isn't with you? Is she okay?"

Scarlett smiled sweetly at the old man replying,

"She's fine just resting in the hospital she has taken some severe hard hits recently, and it has left her unconscious for several days."

The old man nodded then went back to reading his paper as Scarlett took a deep breath and released it as a sign that no one has officially take notice that Annabel is completely gone.

Annabel after two hours saw bright light from the shed seeing that someone had come from the outside as the person spoke,

"Well my lovely Annabel don't you look wonderful in that full human cage, I am disappearing for a few days so I have food, water and bathroom toiletries, oh yes and a couple outfits so better use everything wisely my dearest."

Annabel struggled to talk as she replied,

"Scarlett, baby, please let me out of here. I don't need to be stuck in here."

Scarlett laughed as she tossed Annabel the duffle bag responding,

"Well as to see you spoke to Jana while I wasn't home then I am going to handle her and the kids myself. So you don't go running to the law, I am leaving you here for a while until I come back."

Annabel didn't like this one bit because Jana never did anything to her so she spoke up,

"Jana didn't do anything that's what I've been trying to tell you all along. Jana just met me at the door and assumed I was Angel when I told her flat out I am Annabel and that you are my wife."

Scarlett winked at Annabel replying,

"Sorry sweetheart Jana has been asking for this punishment for years, and she's now going to get it. So, enjoy your cage for a while and I'll see you in a few days."

Annabel sunk down in the cage feeling so helpless against her own wife.


Jana had got back to the hotel with Jonathan and Avery knowing that they were all broken heart to see that Angel is now Annabel an in love with Scarlett totally forgetting her true love. Jana took a deep breath sighing saying,

"Jonathan and Avery I'm very sorry, I have no idea what has happened to your mom...she had the best memory out of any woman I have met through the years this has been the worst and I know she doesn't look like your mom either. I shouldn't have kissed her...the woman I love is gone, thanks to one lying bitch."

Avery eyes went wide knowing her mom had rarely cussed as she went and hugged her mom replying,

"Mom, we tried that is all we can do. I think our best option is to go back to Kansas because we have no chance getting Momma back."

Jonathan didn't like the words Avery spoke as he stood up from the bed responding,

"Sis, listen to me, we are going to get Momma back, we aren't going home until we get her from Scarlett. Momma may have willingly went three years ago but that doesn't mean we traveled all the way out here to not get her back. We are a team and we will do our very best to get Momma in our arms again."

Jana hugged Jonathan and Avery as tears streamed down her eyes replying to both her grown kids,

"Jonathan and Avery, we will get your Momma back but we must work together this is going to be a challenge in the meantime I am going to have to get a job to pay for staying here and keep food in our bellies. You kids should have plenty of homework coming from your principal and if you have ran out just call her with our location to send the work here."

They both nodded in agreement and that was the time everything settled that they were staying in Bristol, Massachusetts until they got Angel back.

Scarlett got on the bus all the way to Kansas to track down Jana for sure, she wasn't going to have that bitch get in between her and Annabel whatsoever. It was a very long ride to Kansas but she didn't have much of a choice and Annabel well she will either survive or die by the time she returned home.

Jana couldn't believe that Annabel had no memory of her past when she admitted it to her that day. As it had happened predictably because of Scarlett couldn't stand the same repeat of hearing about Jana and the kids. Despite all the qualms of getting Annabel to be who she is today has taken a lot of work and daily beatings it has worked for the most part.

Scarlett had arrived in Kansas after the long two day trip from changing routes and everything, she had to start the trek from Boston, Massachusetts to Kansas City, Kansas and now she had to find her rental car to get all the way to Cherokee County to get to Jana's home.

Sure enough it took Scarlett another two hours just to get to her location and when she arrived the home was empty as if the dust build up have never left. A woman came up standing beside her saying,

"Looks like you are confused about something here."

Scarlett looked at the elder lady replying,

"I was hoping to see a good friend here turns out her and the kids haven't returned."

The woman just shook her head responding,

"Unfortunately, her fiance Angel went with a woman and never came back, I knew she loved my daughter Jana so much that they adopted two beautiful children and it has broken my daughter apart. When she told me that Angel had change to some woman name Annabel a few days ago it tore both of us apart, I knew Angel was a wonderful woman with the brightest future. You can't control whom you're kids fall in love with and I have had my husband walk out on me because of it, Jana has had it so hard...."

Scarlett stood there uncomfortable seeing the fragile lady explain everything and that Jana hadn't come back at all which means Scarlett had to find a way back to Massachusetts before Jana got Annabel. Scarlett cleared her throat replying,

"I am sorry Miss but I must go, I can't talk at the moment, thank you for the wonderful story."

The lady patted Scarlett on the shoulder then walked away towards her home. Scarlett had rushed to her car then bolted to the airport knowing she wouldn't need the bus ticket this time she had to hurry home so a two hour flight was the best option and she had to get Annabel out of that shed along with getting her back home in the apartment also cleaning her up and everything.

Scarlett arrived in Massachusetts then got in her rental car that she had borrowed for a few days which is enough time to get Annabel back home and settled then return the car back to the rental car place in downtown. Scarlett kept tapping on the steering wheel waiting on traffic just to get back in Bristol County she had to get back before Jana had taken her wife.

Scarlett got across town within several hours to check the shed sure enough Jana hadn't figured it out so she unlocked it to see Annabel still in there whimpering from eating everything,drinking every ounce of water and worn all the clothes. Scarlett opened the cage and sat down next to her wife saying,

"Annabel, I am so sorry! I need to get you home and cleaned up so we can get settled for the evening including ready for dinner."

Annabel looked at Scarlett with sunken eyes replying,

"You are sorry? YOU ARE SORRY! Look at me Scarlett, I'm a disaster because of you and I can't even imagine all the batters and bruises I have. I will not accept the apology and I am damn sure not going back home to you. All you do is hurt me over something I have no recall of like this Jana Johnson chick and her two kids that love me but I don't know who they are."

Scarlett sighed picking her wife off the ground along with the supplies and taking her home for comfort.

Scarlett got Annabel cleaned up, settled for everything that evening even fed her a marvelous steak dinner. Though Annabel still looked pissed as she said,

"You have no right to keep treating me like this every chance you get. I have been married to you for three almost four years and I am still getting treated like a damn dog. Scarlett, if you were that jealous of my past that I have no recall of then how come you still treat me like garbage? Why do I always get hit? What is so bad that I get this bullshit?"

Scarlett knew her wife had every right to be pissed she's abused Angel aka Annabel since they got together in ninth grade. So she took a deep breath with tears replying,

"Baby, I have no idea why I hurt you but I am going to get help to figure out what is wrong with me. Just promise me that you'll stay, I need you in my life."

Annabel raised her eyebrow then slid off her ring responding,

"I am sorry Scarlett even if you got help again I have no idea what would happen to me. I am surprised to even be alive now...I am now starting to wonder if Jana was the right one for me and being this Angel chick did better my life in the end. Since we are married though and haven't made love once since we have been together, I am going to see to it that you do get help and proper one for that matter. As for now I'm staying in the guest room that we set up for your mother until then you will not be anywhere near me and I am going to listen to the voicemails to see if their is any job that has accepted my offer."

Scarlett saw the ring on the table knowing she didn't deserve Annabel at all, she's pushed her memories of Angel so far that she has no recall. Scarlett hates herself completely but she is willing to do anything for Annabel to keep her as she replied,

"You do that sweetheart and I'll call for a therapist in the morning."

Annabel laughed at that one responding,

"Oh no babe, you are packing up and going to a mental ward for a while, I'll take you this evening to the Emergency Room and you will tell them everything that you have done to me."

Scarlett felt a lump in her throat she hated mental ward but she knew she had no choice. As the evening became later Annabel cleared her throat saying,

"Are you packed and ready to go time is ticking."

Scarlett nodded her head yes as Annabel dragged Scarlett out the door and they were on the road to the Emergency Room than Annabel spoke,

"By the way, I am returning this to the rental place since you are going to mental ward and I will buy us a proper vehicle when I get money developed so that way I am not using our little savings that we have left."

Scarlett knew Annabel had become a fierce woman and is now standing her ground on everything.

Chapter 3

As they arrived Annabel handed Scarlett her bag and kissed her as Scarlett left the car then watching it leave. Annabel knew it was for the best that her wife received help they would have no contact until she was at the mental ward but that was fine for her. Annabel sighed wishing she had a friend to talk with then she remembered Jana must consider her something so she tracked down every hotel in the area, sure enough they were still around so she went and knocked on the hotel door. The door opened with big eyes as the young girl said,

"Mom, mom, come to the door."

She heard rustling from the room as the door opened wide as the young boy and Jana stood there as Annabel spoke,

"I know I pushed you all away, children I'm sorry for being so mean to your mom. I hope you all can forgive me but my wife is getting help and I need someone to stay with me until she does. I will be sure to return you back here as soon as she is home but I need friends."

Jana guided Annabel inside replying,

"Your apartment don't look big enough for all of us, so how would it work out? Not trying to be mean but we are already struggling in this hotel room. Heck we can't even go home because we are broke and trying to survive."

Annabel shook her head in disbelief that they traveled without extra funds or however long they have been on the road as the little girl came up speaking,

"I am Avery and this is Jonathan and we are your kids too, you got us from the adoption Agency in Kansas City, Kansas. You promised to be in our lives for good and than you let Scarlett take you, we never saw you again. I am now nine going on ten very soon and Jonathan is twelve going on thirteen he's a pre-teen now I guess."

Annabel had no recall of the history but this little girl Avery did she seemed to remember every detail as Jana cleared her throat saying,

"Alright Avery enough sweetheart, I am sure Annabel has no recall of her past life gotta remember Scarlett has hurt this nice woman very badly."

Avery sighed hating the answer as she looked at Jana replying,

"Mom, I really wish she was Angel or Momma again, I miss her and the bond we shared she was my best friend before meanie Scarlett took her away."

Jana hugged Avery with tears then dried them up responding,

"Avery, I can't change someone of whom they are at the moment it just doesn't work that way, so we will respect Annabel and show her the same support she had before, Scarlett is getting help but only time can tell right now what happens."

Avery let go of Jana than ran to the bathroom closing the door silently as she heard the girl cry and Jonathan just sat their with a somber look on his face as he stared at Annabel like he saw a ghost across the room.

Jana never thought Angel would come back into her life especially now seeing her standing at the door gave her chills but she knew it wasn't Angel not now, not ever. Jana had face reality that Angel isn't returning to herself for a very long time. So, Jana let her into the apartment as she explained the situation then Avery had spoken that's when all the chills came back as her daughter had described the past but Annabel had no reflection of it. As Avery ran to the bathroom in tears, Jonathan looked like a ghost had haunted him. So now the question is...should they go with Annabel to her place or have her stay in the hotel for one night then have her go home in the morning?

Avery came out of the bathroom with red eyes and tears still wet down her face as she spoke,

"Annabel, I know you aren't Angel but please stay here tonight for just one night."

Annabel looked at Jana an Jana nodded yes and that was when Annabel replied,

"I will stay tonight as I have to return my wife's rental car tomorrow any how, I was going to tonight but I have no energy."

Jana clapped her hands bringing Jonathan and Avery to her attention speaking,

"Alright you two time for bed it is late as it is. So Jonathan you are on the floor of course, Avery you choose which bed you are on since you are a bed hog and Annabel you'll be sleeping next to me. Let's get settled in. Night kids."

Avery got the bed close to the bathroom, so that left her and Jana next to one another. Annabel just went to her side of the bed and covered up in the blanket as she heard Jana stripped out of her pink blouse,pink lace bra,tight blue jeans and pink lace panties then laid next to Annabel in the covers as she leaned over turning off the lights as Annabel whispered,

"Please tell me you aren't fully nude next to me?"

Jana giggled as she rolled over looking at Annabel replying in a whisper,

"Not that it is any of your business but I do enjoy sleeping in my panties to keep comfortable as my lover Angel once said "It is always nice to sleep half nude so the cool air keeps you comfy" so yeah this is my comfort, she used to sleep that way too."

Annabel rolled her eyes as she responded in a whisper,

"I think it is inappropriate with kids in the room, you should at least have a nightgown on."

Jana just shrugged and rolled back to her right side without another word. Annabel had sensed this is going to be a long night with a woman half nude next to her and she is so sick of hearing of this Angel chick...why is she so perfect on everything?

Jana sighed knowing her true love was next to her but didn't dare touch her since she belonged to Scarlett and it had disturbed her completely. Jana looked over to her left seeing the Annabel was still awake as she rolled back over saying,

"I know you don't like hearing about Angel but that is who you are, you were my partner, my fiance , my best friend for two and a half years than when you went off with Scarlett due to protecting us from the nightmare of the constant fight it had tore us apart now it is three years later and you have no idea who I am an it hurts badly. I have loved Angel because she fought to be with me when I had no idea who I was and here you are several years down the road as Annabel Thomas when you were Angel Knight."

Annabel sighed looking at Jana as she saw the tears stream down her face, Annabel reached over and wiped away the tears replying,

"I had no idea Angel was that great thing is I have no memory of my past life and no idea how to get back, I thought Scarlett had been my partner the whole time."

Jana grabbed Annabel's head to make her look at her responding,

"Scarlett abused you in high school when you were Angel and when you're mom found out that you were with her she abandoned you leaving you with your grandma whom I never met but Angel told me the story and so when you found me on a date with this guy Gunther you were there to my rescue and any other time a ex of mine came around. Annabel, Scarlett has abused you so much that you can't recall even the slightest memory of your past and it kills me."

Annabel stared at Jana wild eye not sure how to respond except for the thought of making love to her for some odd reason even though she never did with Scarlett at least from what she recalls, Jana is very beautiful for sure with her short hair, beautiful grey eyes, Annabel licked her lips and feeling herself get moist down below which never happened when she was with Scarlett. Annabel couldn't contain herself much longer but she had to for her wife as she replied,

"Jana, I may never be Angel Knight again but for some odd reason I am more attractive to you than my own wife. Did Angel have that issue to when it came to being around you?"

Jana blushed profusely responding,

"Yes, Angel had a way of making herself known she was attracted to me not sure what triggered it but when we made love once it was something that I would never forget. I am not going to make love to you as Annabel since you are married to Scarlett that is wrong in my eyes."

Annabel nodded as she replied,

"I am going to take a cold shower then come back to bed, I am so sorry once again about Angel wish I knew how to bring her back to you."

Jana smiled with a response,

"It is okay, go enjoy your shower."

Annabel left the room to go into the shower as Jana knew the attraction would never fade but she just couldn't make love to her it wouldn't have felt right.

Annabel got into the shower that had led her to getting off in silence so she didn't wake the young ones  as she had a gut feeling Jana was doing the same. In the back of her mind she wished Jana would just have kissed,made love or something to her, yes she is married but Jana gave her a strong affection that can't be hidden. Annabel cleaned her hand off from getting herself off then went back to the main room seeing that Jana had turn on a light and was fidgeting with the sheets still half nude in just her panties as Annabel just only had on panties now too and Jana was right it was very comfortable as to how she slept in clothes for so long made her wonder.

Annabel sat down next to Jana on the bed saying,

"I am surprised you are still up Jana everything okay?"

Jana shook her head no as she responded,

"I miss Angel and the way we used to just hold each other at night without even making love or anything because she respect  my boundaries. You are exactly like that even now by just taking a cold shower for the sake of keeping your marriage together. Before Angel went with Scarlett, my boss had kissed me and I did return it thing was when I got home I caught Scarlett having sex with my fiancee and it tore me apart. I admit I did wrong just as much as Angel but we forgive  each other."

Annabel saw the struggle that Jana was having as she reached over and hugged her as she spoke softly,

"Jana, you're kids are lucky to have a strong woman like you even after everything. I am sure Angel misses you too and wish everything would be the same. I am not Angel as you know but Angel sure knows how to pick a good woman."

Jana nodded then looked at Annabel replying,

"You just don't realize that you are speaking just the way she would and everything. Annabel, I have no idea how to make you see that you are Angel."

Annabel looked at Jana with deep eyes responding in a soothing voice,

"Make love to me...please...just take me like you would Angel."

Jana shook her head no with replying,

"I can't, I won't...."

Annabel finally couldn't take it and kissed Jana with passion that she didn't know she had it took all of her to keep it together this long and as they kissed deeper and twined together Annabel could feel Jana's hand slip into her panties as she moaned in the kisses as two fingers pressed deeper and more passion came between the two. Annabel had never felt sparks this good in so long that she wanted to just keep going but knowing they couldn't so she slipped her fingers also in Jana's panties as they both panted against each other rocking so hard that they both cummed at the same time and just breathed into one another skin.

Annabel laid down beside Jana whispering,

"That was fucking hot, who taught you to make that feel so good?"

Jana let out a deep breath whispering back,

"You, I mean Angel did, she had a way of making it feel relaxing."

Annabel smiled then rolled over to cuddle with Jana and covered each other with blankets so the kids didn't see them nude when they woke up.


Jana woke up that next morning next to Annabel they made love off and on through the night but Annabel still had no recall of Angel so she knew well that her lover had lost all thought of her previous life. Jana kissed Annabel on the forehead as she slipped on her clothes then headed to the sink to get her coffee brewed like she does every day. Soon as she was putting the scoops in she felt hands around her and a kiss on the cheek as Annabel whispered,

"I had a feeling you'd be up early that coffee is going to smell good but I must leave before the kids get up and get this car back to the rental if I make it back in time I will see you again tonight or you come by my place I'll make room for the children plus I would like better privacy maybe you could get Angel back before my wife returns from the crazy mental ward."

Jana giggled kissing Annabel goodbye as she watched her get dressed then leave in silence as Avery stirred speaking,

"Mommy, I know this sounds ridiculous but is she coming back as Angel?"

Jana sat down beside Avery replying,

"Unfortunately not but we can make the best with Annabel."

Avery nodded then rolled over back to sleep.

Annabel hated leaving Jana and the kids something in her gut after making love off and on all night that she belonged no matter what. Annabel had to get her life back on track even if it meant that she goes back and forth between Jana and Scarlett. Annabel got back to the apartment an hour later after dropping off the car as she opened the apartment door she saw Jana and the kids with smiles.

“You beat me back to the apartment.” Annabel said with a smile in return.

“Well you're in luck, we are taking you back home, and seems Scarlett is long gone.” Jana replied as she met Annabel at the door.

“I can't leave my wife, Scarlett, still belongs to my life.” Annabel responded with a sad face.

Jana backed up a step or two as the kids dropped their jaws.

“We made love last night like you were ready to come home to me, I am you're fiance , and we were planning to get married. You can't do this to me, and our children.” Jana said with tears flowing down her face.

“Jana, it was amazing making love to you way better than with Scarlett but I can't leave this life, it isn't that simple.” Annabel replied.

“It is simple to get you away from the bitch that stole you from me. You saved me from men being harsh to me, and now I have to live without you. This isn't what I came here for, our kids need you.” Jana responded as she sobbed.

“Jana, if you love me like you say you do, you will let me be with Scarlett, and quit this foolish game. Scarlett told me time and time again that you were just desperate, now it is leading that way, and got the kids to believe I am their Momma when I am not. I am not Angel, I don't even know who that is.” Annabel replied biting her lip.

Jana pulled her hair with more tears running down her face as Avery and Jonathan looked at both of them with sad faces. The argument went into wee afternoon around lunch time, and still didn't end because Jana wouldn't stop or let it go at all, she wanted Annabel to see she is Angel but seemed to piss her off anymore.

End of the day, rolled around as Jana and Annabel finally made the argument end. Annabel agreed to go to Kansas to be with Jana and the kids once and  for all because it was getting nowhere  to be with Scarlett, no matter the love and faith they had in each other though she loved being around Jana stubborn as she is, that woman will fight for her love of Angel.

Annabel packed her things that were essential then they would hit the road in the morning as long as Scarlett stays in the mental ward, and not being able to track her every movement. Scarlett is her wife but times are changing, and their life isn't perfect by any means especially abuse, hate, and ignorance. She was supposed to work in the system with Scarlett's mom but that isn't happening, she wants to leave before life gets worse.

Sleeping next to Jana still felt so right though with Avery and Jonathan in the living room they were content. Annabel couldn't wait to be in Kansas with Jana and their babies though she isn't sure whether they were her kids to begin with. They love her with everything, so she can handle that much.

“Annabel,  get some sleep. Everything will be fine back in Kansas.” Jana said in a sleepy voice.

“Jana, how do you believe I am Angel Knight?” Annabel replied.

“You were my girl long before Scarlett appeared. I know you don't believe it but once we get back home, I will show you photos , and you're memories should come back.” Jana responded yawning.

“As long as you believe in this than I will too. I just can't help imagine. What Kansas is like? What your home is like? Why do these kids love me?” Annabel replied.

Jana laughed with a yawn responding,

“Trust me, it will all come clear tomorrow, get some sleep. We have a long day of traveling back to Kansas, and sleep will help our mind function on it.”

Annabel sighed rolling over to close her eyes though her mind just couldn't stop winding up with scenarios about what is going to change back in Kansas because even Shauna Meigs gave a look like she knew her though it is a long shot to go see Shauna tomorrow to be sure that she is Angel Knight, and with a long ride back to Kansas would put them behind.

Chapter 4

Heading back to Kansas with Annabel became a total different outcome, she flinched every time I went to shift the vehicle it is like my Angel totally disappeared from what Scarlett did. Avery would try and soothe her but would end up screaming for some reason, she knew Scarlett abused her just not sure how bad, and putting her into a mental ward would make her freak out even more. Jana desperately wanted her sweet loving Angel back with the beauty of blonde hair, blue eyes, and her soul that took Jana a lot to fall in love with in the beginning.

Jana could sense that Annabel is feeling bad as she struggles to say a word to anyone. Jana wanted to hold her hand but knew it would be up to Annabel not her. Jana wished she never packed away Angel's things though she still had her grandma's stuff in the attic plus picture's all over the walls. She wanted to make sure Annabel came back to being Angel eventually even if it meant struggling to get her back.

“Annabel...” Jana said in a struggle.

“No, I am not Annabel, you said so yourself I am Angel Knight. I just need a light to show me the way to Angel, I need to be Angel.” Annabel replied with a sadness in her voice.

“Alright, Angel, listen to me. First off, I am not going to change you back to yourself right then and there it will cause problems later. We will do this one day at a time.” Jana responded with tightness in her throat.

“Okay, so I get to be a person I am not until I see where I need to be but that doesn't help me. I need to do what Scarlett did just in reverse. Retrain my brain to be Angel again the way she was, it will work. My natural hair color will come back once this dye wears off, my eye color is just contacts, and these clothes can be changed to the way I was. My personality of Angel is in me, I just have to go above and beyond to find it.” Angel replied with enthusiasm.

“She is right, mom.” Jonathan said with a smile.

“Now what then? Do you want to take out those contacts because green really doesn't suit you, we can get you clothes just for you before heading home? Any type of food, drinks that you used to like.” Jana responded to Angel.

“You know me better than anyone, Jana, tell me what was my favorites, what was my life like before Scarlett ruined it all?” Angel replied with a smile.

“Angel, you were everything in life though you missed you're grandma you carried on you're dream of having a coffee shop in which Shauna has now taken over since we moved to Kansas, and adopted two wonderful children within that same year. We have a big beautiful home, you love coffee, Mexican food but will eat almost anything from the store, definitely love the outdoors we didn't get dogs quite yet but that is fine, and we both worked I have worked in a Bakery as you worked for the Paper by phone since we needed someone home for the kids. You were life within itself and lived it day by day. I am not sure what memories you have of us but obviously there is still some of us in your mind.” Jana explained best to her ability.

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