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  1. Lovely Novice

A Lovely Writing System Novel

Yan Su Su

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Lovely Novice

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    1. Glossary

Please note that the Chinese pronouns (he) and (she) are both pronounced as "ta" and thus can't be distinguished in dialog.

Baidu: search engine, similar to Google

Bl: boys’ love, genre depicting male/male romance

Fudanshi: male fan of bl stories

Fujoshi: female fan of bl stories

Rotten women: another term for fujoshis

Weibo: microblogging website, similar to Twitter

    1. Applying for a System

In the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation, more precisely in their department of system admission, a certain female official reached into the bag of chips on her desk and froze.

"Damn! Fucking Shit!"

She took her feet from the desk, lifted the bag and opened it a little wider to peek inside. Nothing. To make sure she hadn’t seen wrongly, she shook the bag but nothing came out. Indeed. There were no more chips!

"Damn this!" Shen Lu furiously threw the bag aside.

How was she supposed to live through the rest of this day without her chips?! Since the department head had been to that meeting with the big boss he was giving them a lot of pressure.

Just look at the 'working prompt' he had given her as 'motivation' for this week: Find one special person to grant a system to! (Note: No reincarnators!)

What the hell was that supposed to mean? No reincarnators? Every second person their department granted a system to was a reincarnator! No, wait, it was probably even more than that. There was maybe one person in ten thousand people that wasn’t a reincarnator.

Bugged out, she opened her personal terminal and browsed some websites instead. Mn … Speaking of that, she should have a look at the profile of her favorite author. Maybe he had finally started a new project.

Shen Lu navigated to the site but was disappointed: Nothing new. The last update — the last real update at least — had been three months ago. Four weeks ago, he had at least left a short message that he was busy with work due to the vacation period and would only get back to writing when things got less stressful.

Shen Lu shut her terminal down again and spun around on her chair. Ugh, life was hell at the moment. She had no idea how to complete that strange assignment from her boss and she couldn’t even look forward to her quitting time since she had nothing to do. Ah, if just her favorite author could become famous and quit his daytime job so that he could write more!

She rested her arms on her desk and put her head on top. Life was so unfair! Considering that he only wrote fan-fics he would probably never get famous. Well, he might get famous but he wouldn’t earn any money. Damn. Was there no way to help him? She wouldn’t mind paying a bit if that got her some more awesome novels from him. Other readers certainly also thought so.

Mn … Shen Lu tilted her head. That damned working prompt popped up in her field of vision again. She wanted to turn away again when she suddenly blinked and jerked up.

Wait a moment! Granting a system to a special person who was not a reincarnator?!

She opened her terminal again and searched a little. There! Her favorite author definitely wasn’t a reincarnator! So … What spoke against granting him a system? With a little bit of help, he might finally start a story all of his own and then become famous and rich and quit his daytime job to dedicate his life solely to writing! Yes! Mission accomplished!

Shen Lu hastily searched for the application form, madly grinning the whole time. This was like killing two birds with one stone!

She finally found the right file and looked through the blanks. The form required her to fill in some general data about the desired system and the possible host. But there were also some things that needed to be specialized like the system’s name or its more specific task.

She had to seriously ponder that. There could be no mistake!

[Information regarding possible host:

Name: Su Yan

Age: 21 years 3 months 7 days]

[Height: 1.75m / 5'7"

Weight: 66kg / 139lbs

Hair-color: black

Eye-color: caramel]

[Occupation: service staff at a railroad station

Targeted occupation: author]

[Information regarding the desired system:

Type: Special System K81-3FA5-69

Scope of application: work related

Tasks: Furthering the host’s experiences and skills, helping the host to achieve greatness

Matched skill set: writing]


Shen Lu hesitated. She really hated it when the other officials were lazy and just put in the system’s number. How were the hosts supposed to remember them?

No, she would help Su Yan as good as possible! He’d get a system with a nice-sounding name! Mn … How about … Writing System?

Ugh. That was certainly easy to remember but it had no style whatsoever! No, she should take something that could convey her honest, innermost feelings to her favorite author!

Shen Lu stared at the blank for a full five minutes before a smile slowly crept onto her lips.

[Name: Lovely Writing System]

See! You write lovely stories and this system will help you to write even more lovely stories! This is a name bestowed by one of your avid fans. With love!


Shen Lu clicked the submit button, prepared to be rewarded for her hard work.


Some big red words popped up on the screen of her personal terminal. Huh? What had happened?

She clicked the button for further information. Her expression soured upon seeing the explanation: ['Matched skill set: writing' is too broad. Please select a smaller category.]

Shen Lu gnashed her teeth. What was the problem with 'writing'? That was a great skill set to have! Well, at least the tech team had supplied her with some suggestions. Or should she say: They had given her a whole drop-down menu to choose from? Why didn’t they do so in the first place?

Shen Lu shook her head and went through the menu layer after layer.

Mn, fiction was a given. Web novels were good, too. Genre? Mn, he mostly wrote things with cultivation and stuff. That should be somewhere at the bo—

Shen Lu’s eyes went wide all of a sudden. She had seen something in the provided list that instantly caught her attention.

If you asked her if there was something, anything, she didn’t like about that favorite author of hers, she probably had to nod: Su Yan didn’t write her favorite genre. But … it seemed she could change that?

Shen Lu peeked around to make sure nobody was there. Then, a certain fujoshi clicked the button she had spotted.


Well, if Su Yan ever found out that his change in genres and everything it entailed was thanks to a certain official at the Heaven Corporation’s headquarters, he’d probably swing by and beat her up with all the books he had written until then.

A Dirty Joke

Some days later, Su Yan returned home from the railroad station and fell face-first onto his bed. He continued to lie there for a moment and mumbled into his pillow. Then, he sighed, turned around and stared up at the ceiling. He wanted nothing more than to sleep but he already had a massive bad conscience. How long had it been since he uploaded one of his stories? It was time he finally went online again to post.

"Ah …" He sat up and fetched his notebook from the desk. "At least one chapter. Even if it’s just five hundred words. You can do that!" he motivated himself.

His plan came to a premature stop, though. There was some unknown app on his screen.

Huh? Did he install that accidentally? He frowned at the name. 'Lovely Writing System'? He couldn’t remember having seen something like that but it did sound like something he’d like to try.

He opened the program and was greeted by a seductive voice. "Welcome, host~!"

Su Yan slammed the notebook shut. That … didn’t sound like a program meant for writing at all! What was with that kind of voice and that manner of addressing someone?! He felt like he had been on his way to a nice family restaurant but accidentally stepped into a strip club!

Ugh, he had probably been hacked and someone thought it funny to install something dirty on his notebook. Hmph. Don’t think I’ll panic just because of that! I’m an author. I have a cheat!

Su Yan took out his mobile-phone with a smug expression and clicked one of the numbers he had on speed dial.

The phone just rang once before an equally seductive voice came from the other side. But this time, Su Yan had expected nothing else. "Mn … How nice of you to call, Ah Yan! Did you already get off from work?"

"Yeah. Ah Chang …" Su Yan ruffled his hair and adopted the whiny voice that he always used when he wanted something from that friend of his. "There’s something wrong with my baby! Come over and help me!"

Low laughter came from the other side. "Alright, alright. I couldn’t take responsibility if something happened to your 'baby', huh? How serious is it?"

"Dunno! I didn’t dare to get curious. Just come over already, okay?"

"Mn." There was some fabric rustling on the other side. "Give me half an hour."

"Alright!" Su Yan hung up with a big smile and went into the kitchen. Mn, he should eat something and maybe draft his next story on paper. Half an hour was long. And who knew how long his friend would need to fix that thing? Maybe he’d be there for some hours.

Despite what Su Yan thought, the bell already rang twenty minutes later when he had just managed to cook a simple meal. Su Yan leaped to his feet, hurried over and pulled the door open. He grabbed the man outside by the collar and dragged him inside.

"Ah Chang, you’re finally here! Come on, come on, sit down. Please, diagnose my baby! I’m afraid it’s dying!" He pushed him over to the couch and fetched his notebook again, sitting down next to him.

At the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation, Official Shen Lu started hooting. Yes, with the approval of the Lovely Writing System she had gained permission to peep at … uh, no, to observe Su Yan’s progress! And seeing such a hot guy coming by on the first day of his life with a system she was sure that this would become excellent material!

Ah Chang, or rather Nie Chang, just looked at his friend before pulling the notebook over. He couldn’t see anything unusual at first glance. "So, what exactly happened?"

"I also don’t know. I just started it and then there was some strange app."

"Hm …" Nie Chang browsed through the list of programs and did some background checks Su Yan couldn’t understand but he turned up empty-handed. "I can’t find anything dangerous."

"Well, maybe dangerous is the wrong word."

"Oh?" Nie Chang looked over but Su Yan only pursed his lips. "Well, if you don’t wanna say it … I’m afraid your baby will have to die."

"You’re mean!" Su Yan boxed his arm and turned to the screen. Somehow, the app seemed to have vanished? "Hm, that’s really strange. It was still there when I closed it."

"Then someone was probably pranking you. Don’t think about it. Everything’s alright with your baby."

"Mn. Alright. If you say that." Nie Chang was his go-to person whenever something related to computers came up. He certainly wouldn’t doubt him, especially when he himself couldn’t see that app anymore. "Then you better go home now. It’s late already."

"Heh!" Nie Chang grabbed his arm when he wanted to hurry back to the kitchen. "What kind of friend are you? It’s late already and I came especially over because you called me. And now it was all for nothing. Do you really want me to go home now?"

Su Yan blinked innocently. "What else?"

"Ask me to stay over!"

"Okay. If you want to." Su Yan wriggled out of his grip, took the notebook and went back to the kitchen.

Nie Chang grinned. Of course, he wanted to! After all, who knew when he would get such a great opportunity again! He rubbed his hands and followed Su Yan over. He had high expectations for this evening!

And he wasn’t the only one: At the Heaven Corporation’s headquarters, a certain female official was practically glued to her personal terminal. She totally wouldn’t mind watching her favorite author’s private life instead of reading one of his stories as long as it included such a hot guy! Mn, of course, it was only because of research! A successful author would need inspiration, after all.

So, go for it, Nie Chang! Supply my favorite author with enough inspiration to write a great bl novel! I can’t wait to watch — er, to read how you two will be rolling around in the sheets!

An Enticing Offer

When Nie Chang came over Su Yan was already sitting at the table, spooning some soup up with one hand while taking notes with another.

Nie Chang just smiled, went to the cupboard and got himself a bowl and a spoon, too, before he sat down next to Su Yan. "What are you doing?"


"A crime? Tell me who you’re going to kill. I’ll help you dispose of the body."

Su Yan looked up, sighed and pushed his notepad to the side. "I haven’t written even one word in three months." He looked extremely pitiful.

"Ah, don’t worry. You’ll have more time, soon!"

"It’s easy saying that. Three of my co-workers are ill and one is pregnant and getting off work in some weeks. It’ll only get worse by then."

"Well, you could always come and work at the repair shop."

Su Yan laughed. "I don’t know the first thing about computers and such stuff. Aren’t you afraid I’d break more than I’d repair?"

Nie Chang leaned forward. "Of course, you would! I wouldn’t mind compensating for the damage, though. The question is … How would you compensate me?" He smiled teasingly.

Su Yan only stared blankly, though. "Why would I? I’d rather not work there and continue at the railroad station."

Nie Chang’s lips twitched. Was it so hard to respond to his flirting a little? In the end, he could only sigh. It wasn’t like he didn’t know how Su Yan was.

"Forget what I said about the compensation. I was just joking about that. But I was serious about the job offer. I’m actually in need of someone who sits at the counter and deals with the customers. That would give me more time for the actual work. And you would be free to do your own thing as long as no one’s around."

"Eh? Really?" Su Yan couldn’t really believe what he just heard. "Wouldn’t that be … inappropriate? I mean, it’s your own shop. If your customers aren’t satisfied, you’d lose a lot of money."

Nie Chang laughed and patted his hand. "Don’t you worry about that. If they are satisfied or not, will depend mostly on how good I am. And haven’t you worked in service all these years since school? It shouldn’t be a problem for you to greet some people and see what they want."

Su Yan pursed his lips. It sounded too good to be true. There had to be some kind of catch somewhere. "I might not understand what they want."

"Most of the time they themselves don’t even know what they want. And in the worst case, you can just call me. I’m in the back room anyway."

"That’s true …" Su Yan propped his head up on his hands. He could imagine working at Nie Chang’s shop surprisingly well. Not just because he would have more time to write. He and Nie Chang knew each other since their childhood. Working together in the same place would be great!

Since they had both started working at different places they had had less and less time together. Now, if he really took him up on the offer they could spend nearly every day together. Working at the shop, going out to eat during their lunch break or calling delivery, then driving part of their way home together … That didn’t sound bad at all.

Of course, that was exactly what Nie Chang had in mind. Just wait until they spend more time together! He didn’t believe that Su Yan would always be able to resist him.

"Eh, just go do your things for now. We’ll talk about it after you had some time to think it through." Nie Chang waved at the notebook. He didn’t want to appear too eager or Su Yan would think even more that there was a catch with the offer. Ah, he just knew him too well.

"Mn, you’re right. What about you? You’ve got to do something?"

"Yeah, don’t worry about me."

The two of them both opened their respective notebooks. Su Yan took out his headphones, too, so as to not disturb Nie Chang. He just needed some music as inspiration. Just when he finished scrolling through his playlist and had chosen one of the songs from Jay Chou’s latest album a notification sound rang out.

"Welcome back, host!" This time, the voice was less seductive and sounded more like a bored office lady. After the initial mishap, Official Shen Lu had, of course, taken some countermeasures. She couldn’t risk that her favorite author rejected the Lovely Writing System just because of a badly chosen voice, right?

Su Yan had no problems recognizing this adjusted voice as the one from the strange app, though. He frowned, reached over and pulled at Nie Chang’s arm. "Heh, Ah Chang, it’s back again."

Nie Chang leaned over just in time to see some window flash and disappear. He frowned just like Su Yan but his thoughts were already churning. An app that came up when Su Yan was alone but couldn’t be found as soon as he got somebody to help? Something he didn’t find when he just casually looked over it but that turned up again as soon as he seemed to have left it alone? That didn’t seem like a small joke someone was playing!

Nie Chang examined Su Yan’s pouting face again. His friend couldn’t have attracted some stalker that was coincidentally an amazing hacker, could he?

"Hm … Were there some other strange things in the last few days?"

Su Yan shook his head. "None."

"Alright. I’ll look at it tonight again. Take the notepad for now." He took the notebook from him and narrowed his eyes at the screen. It seemed it was time to bring out his true skills.

At the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation, Official Shen Lu face-palmed. Damn! Having a male lead that was not only hot but had a godly skill, too, was always nice. But why did that Nie Chang guy have to be so distrustful? She had only sent over a system! Though, in fact, he wasn’t totally wrong with Su Yan having a stalker. After all, she was peeping at them since the system had been delivered. Ah, don’t fault her! It was all just to make sure the system worked properly!

What a Lovely Novice!

While Nie Chang worked away at the notebook Su Yan started thinking about his next story again.

He had never written any original story since he feared that he might not be good enough. Writing an original would require him to craft everything on his own: The world, the characters, the storyline … He didn’t feel up to this task even now, although he had written more than twenty fan-fics starting from his schooldays. After all, with a fan-fic, all those big questions had already been answered.

Though, he had been getting bolder with time. At first, he had only written some short fics, some new adventure for the heroes of his favorite novels. Now, he sometimes made some favorite side character of his into the new protagonist and let him have his own novel or he tried to imagine the future of the protagonist or something that had happened far in the past but was never mentioned in the original novel whatsoever.

This time, he actually didn’t know what to write. He somehow wanted to try his hands on that reincarnation thing that had been getting popular recently. Wasn’t it great? Somebody got a new chance at life, maybe reliving his own life and changing it for the better or waking up in a completely new world where he could cultivate and become immortal when he had been a normal human being before. There were so many possibilities to explore!

He had already read quite a few of such novels but at the moment he just didn’t know for which of them to write a fan-fic.

Hm. Maybe I should pick a few of them and then let my readers choose? But what if they chose something he couldn’t find inspiration for? Mn, no, it was still better to find something himself. He should just have a look at the synopsis’ of his favorite reincarnation novels again.

He turned around and wanted to get his notebook when he remembered that Nie Chang was still working on it.

Ah, damn. So that’s impossible. He drummed on the table with his fingers, thinking about what to do. Then, his gaze fell on Nie Chang’s notebook.

"Heh, Ah Chang, you’ve found anything yet?"

"Mh-mh. Nothing yet."

"Then … can I use your notebook for a while? I want to look something up."

"Sure, go ahead. You know the password?"

"No. Tell me!" Su Yan pulled the notebook over and inserted the numbers Nie Chang told him.

Oh? That sequence seemed familiar somehow? He pondered but couldn’t quite catch on. Might be something famous from a movie or something like that. Who knew Nie Chang would be this careless with a password? Isn’t he supposed to be some sort of expert with computers? Even I know you shouldn’t take something like that as a password!

While Su Yan scolded his friend in his heart Nie Chang suddenly looked up, his expression a little taut. He observed Su Yan’s face and finally sighed.

Ah, not even recognizing your own date of birth? Damn, that would have been a good opportunity to confess had Su Yan asked.

He could only sigh. Staying over the night … on one hand, it was great since he had many opportunities to finally get into Su Yan’s head that he didn’t only want to be friends with him but, on the other hand, it was utterly frustrating because Su Yan managed to misunderstand every single hint he gave.

How could one be so naive in this day and age? Then again, that was what he loved about him. Nie Chang gazed at him a while longer and finally shook his head before he concentrated on the notebook again. Until now, he still hadn’t been able to find anything.

Meanwhile, Su Yan got the shock of his life. Just when he had opened up the browser, another window popped up. This time, no voice greeted him but instead a line of text appeared: [Welcome back, host! I am the Lovely Writing System, type Special System K81-3FA5-69, and I was allocated to you to help you gain experiences, further your skills and achieve greatness related to your targeted occupation 'author'.]

Uh … what?

As if the system had analyzed his expression, another line of text appeared: [You were granted a system that will issue tasks related to your chosen career path. Through accomplishing the tasks occupation-related skills will be trained and special missions will be unlocked that will help you achieve the next rank on your path to your targeted goal.]

Su Yan blinked. Eh? This sounded pretty good! Was this really the same strange program that had shocked him this much just an hour ago?

Wait, wait! How did he use this program? Was there some sort of FAQ? He had questions!

Su Yan looked around but he couldn’t find anything. In fact, the whole program seemed to consist solely of the big textbox. Should he just start writing there and then those tasks would be issued?

The program once again answered his question: The explanation disappeared and the window was divided into different parts. In one of them, a gray '1' appeared and the word 'Novice' was displayed next to it.

Su Yan lifted his brows. This was …? It looked like some kind of leveling system from a game?

Indeed. An explanation popped up: [The host is currently assessed to be at rank '1 Novice'. Further information can be displayed by clicking on the current rank.]

Su Yan didn’t really care about that. He wanted to see the first task! After all, that was probably what would help him gain a rank and — more importantly — further his skills. He just clicked the explanation away and waited for the other parts of the window to reveal themselves. Unfortunately, he thus missed the true name of his current rank: Lovely Novice. Otherwise a lot of trouble in the future might have been prevented.

Soon, the thing Su Yan had waited for appeared: A task list occupied the middle part of the window and there was even a task called 'Getting Started' displayed but before Su Yan could click it, another explanation popped up.

He gritted his teeth and just clicked it away. He didn’t really care for these explanations. Wasn’t this just like a simple game? He would totally be able to figure out everything on his own! Thus, Su Yan did the same with the other explanations and finally clicked on the first task:

[Getting Started: To master a technique, basics are needed. To devise the best learning path for the host a test will be personally tailored for him. Please enter some basic information regarding your skills and experiences to set it up.]

Oh! This program actually looked really good. Su Yan’s eyes gleamed. Maybe this would really help him become a great author? He clicked on the [Accept]-button and was instantly dumbfounded.

This … What did this have to do with writing?!

Issuing the First Task

The first questions were still pretty normal:

[How many hours do you dedicate to writing daily / weekly / monthly?]

[What have you written so far?]

[What is the average rating of your stories?]

[What were the readers’ reactions?]

[Which part of your stories got the best / most / worst / fewest reactions/ratings?]

[Which part of your stories took you the shortest / longest amount of time to write?]

There were several more questions and they got a little more detailed the further he got but after twenty or so questions the content suddenly got … strange.

[Have you had a crush on someone? If yes, what was that person like? If no, what kind of person would you fall in love with?]

[Have you ever kissed someone? If yes, what kind of kiss did you share?]

[Have you been in a relationship? If yes, for how long? And how far have you gone?]

[Have you ever had sex? Were you on top or —]

Su Yan instantly stopped reading. By now, his whole face was red. Who would ask such questions when trying to set up a test for writing?!

One might suspect that this was the doing of a certain fujoshi in the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation and, in fact, that wasn’t totally wrong. It was just that Official Shen Lu hadn’t set this up consciously. The problem was rather that she had written into the application form that the system was meant to help Su Yan further his skills and experiences. For a system related to an occupation, furthering skills would have been enough.

Now, with the addition of furthering experiences, the system had to somehow interpret this. And what were experiences related to being an author of bl stories? With the suggested prerequisite of only writing what you knew as long as you weren’t an old-stager in the business, the Lovely Writing System had set [experiencing everything related to bl] as one of the requirements for Su Yan’s journey to success.

Ah, what one thoughtless entry of an official could cause …

Thankfully, Su Yan knew nothing of the inner workings of either the Heaven Corporation or the Lovely Writing System. He could only see the rather strange questions in front of him.

He seriously began to wonder if this thing was really something dirty and was just disguised as a tool to help writers. He looked over to Nie Chang and wanted to ask what he thought but finally decided against it. Nie Chang loved to tease people. If he showed him, he’d probably have to answer all these questions. Where would his face be then?

Nah, let’s just answer it in case it's really something related to writing. And it’s Nie Chang’s notebook anyway. If something happens, he can just repair it again. Yes, Su Yan had complete trust in Nie Chang’s skills and didn’t mind giving him a bit more to do.

He started answering the questions with a serious attitude. Who knew? It might have something to do with writing romance subplots or something like that. Unfortunately, Su Yan had to admit that he might really need some help with that. He actually had to answer most of the questions with a decisive no.

Finally, he answered the last question. He sighed in relief. Any more and he wouldn’t be able to take it anymore. What was it with women nowadays? He had a stable job and, if he might say so himself, he wasn’t bad-looking. Why did none of them take him into consideration?

The Lovely Writing System didn’t pay any attention to Su Yan’s inner turmoil and just started to work:

[Processing data.]

[Setting up test.]

[Issuing task.]

The [Getting started] task was checked and a new line appeared below: [Read the following web novel and write one new scene of no more than 2000 words that features a romantic encounter.]

Su Yan’s face lit up. So that strange test had really been to find out where his problems lay! Maybe romance was something a lot of people had problems with so it was one of the possible first tests? And if he had answered yes everywhere then he probably would have gotten some additional questions to figure out if he had other areas he was bad at.

Su Yan had managed to explain to himself what all this was about. It seemed perfectly normal to him but he was in for a surprise.

He opened the web novel the Lovely Writing System had provided and started with chapter 1. He didn’t even read the synopsis. After all, a story chosen by this awesome program that was supposed to help him become a better author should be a great work of fiction, no?

Thus, he started reading right off the bat and tried to take note of every possible pairing. After some chapters, he began to frown. This was somehow … strange? This was obviously a romance web novel but … Why did it seem like the main pairing were two men?

The poor Su Yan who had never even heard of bl novels before was suddenly confronted with a new reality. He really couldn’t understand. Thus, he just read further. Maybe there would be some great revelation that that supposed 'crown prince' was, in fact, a crown princess. Hadn’t he heard of that somewhere? What did they call it? Gender bender or something like that? It seemed one of his co-workers had mentioned that once. He hadn’t really paid attention, though. It just wasn’t the kind of story he thought he would like.

But the web novel suggested by the system seemed to lean toward the funny side anyway so maybe the author had thought that that would get a few good laughs from the readers? Su Yan read chapter after chapter until he hit the end of volume 1 but the big revelation never came.

Frowning, he went back to the front page and had a look at the tags. There were quite a few and most of them weren’t anything he had ever heard of. What was that 'yaoi' and what did the acronym 'bl' mean?

Su Yan opened Baidu and typed that strange acronym in. Then, he got the second shock that night. He had clicked on the images and videos since he thought he might get it faster that way. Indeed he did. There were actually quite a few search results and all of them had one thing in common: They showed two men. And they were doing it with each other.

Su Yan forcefully closed the notebook. Somehow, he felt corrupted now.

Strange Thoughts

Nie Chang winced and looked up with bleary eyes. Without either of them noticing, half the night had already passed. Nie Chang still hadn’t found anything and had just admitted to himself that whoever the other person was he could do nothing against him.

Well, it was to be expected. Even though Nie Chang was a good hacker in his world — even one of the best if one only counted his home country — he was light-years away from the skills the people in the Heaven Corporation had. Yes, the Heaven Corporation wasn’t part of the same world as Su Yan but that is another story so let’s get back to those two mortal friends.

"What happened?" Nie Chang frowned, rubbed his eyes and sidled over.

Su Yan hugged the notebook to his chest. "It’s nothing. Continue."

"Su Yan …" Nie Chang leaned over, his eyes half closed. "If I remember correctly, that’s my notebook you’re hugging there. And aren’t I here just because you called me?"

"Yes to both. I’m still not telling you!"

Nie Chang looked at the notebook and finally sighed. "Fine, then you don’t." He then took a look at his watch and rubbed his eyes again. "We should go to bed. It’s really late already."

Su Yan looked at his own watch and his eyes went wide. "Fuck! I’ve got work tomorrow, too!"

Nie Chang put the notebook down and stood up. "Well, think about my offer. I certainly wouldn’t blame you if you were late to work because you spent the night with me." He chuckled lowly. Well, I do hope we’ll spend our future nights with activities that are a little more enjoyable than the things we’ve done tonight.

He followed Su Yan into his bedroom and eyed the bed. Mn, it was as small as he remembered. Just perfect for his purpose! Su Yan was already searching for some spare bedding, though. He had to hurry!

"Eh, Ah Yan, don’t put yourself out on my account. It’s so late already. How about I just squeeze in with you for tonight?"

Su Yan froze. "Uh … No, that …"

Nie Chang lifted his brows. This wasn’t the expected reaction somehow? "What’s the problem?" He went over and looked at his friend. It seemed like Su Yan was avoiding him? He didn’t even look at him.

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