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Pharaoh’s Kiss

By Michael War

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To my husband, the one who always gives me inspiration. Also to my family and friends who continue to support this crazy dream of mine.

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Pharaoh’s Kiss

By Michael War

“Damn him.” That was the only thought that could fill Daniel’s mind as he pulled on one of his chains. “If only I had told him to stop, I wouldn’t be in this mess.”

For weeks he heard the exact same story from his ex-boyfriend Marcus, and even though his tale was undeniably sexy, it was becoming a bit of overkill. If he never heard the one about Marcus getting lost in prehistoric times, and how being saved by a gentle wild man led to the best, most energetic sex he had ever had again, it would still be way too soon.

Yet, that all might have been okay if it were just a story; a figment of Marcus’ wild imagination due to getting lost in the cave while suffering from dehydration. But it was true. How else could anyone explain this mysterious man that appeared with Marcus. The one whose eyes were the same as Daniel’s. The one who recognized Daniel’s mother as his own.

At first Jade, as he was called, wouldn’t say much. He would just stare at the newspaper clipping and occasionally grunt a few words. As the weeks went on, he began to reveal a bit more. The more he shared, the more Daniel realized that they were, in fact, brothers.

Somehow this man knew the special song Daniel’s mom would sing to him. “You are my sunshine,” she would begin, and before he knew it, Daniel would drift off into sleep. He also knew about the look she would have when taking care of a cut or scrape. It was all too detailed, too similar for Daniel to deny the situation as anything but the truth.

While Daniel was entertained by the idea of having a brother, certain issues made his blood boil every time he stopped to think about them. For starters, how in the world could his mom just abandon him like that for this other family. He understood the caring and falling in love part, but he was still her son. Why didn’t she try and come back for him?

Daniel mostly kept those thoughts to himself. He was too stunned that some mysterious portal to a mysterious land tucked away in a cave held the key to his mom’s disappearance. He was also afraid to face facts. His mother was gone, and he never had a chance to say good-bye. The way she died was the one story Daniel was not willing to hear. Another was the time that Marcus and Jade spent together. Not that Marcus took the hint.

Of course, Daniel bit his tongue through every retelling; he convinced himself that he wasn’t in love with Marcus anymore, but it still hurt him to hear the same story over and over again with such enthusiasm. After all, their sex life wasn’t half bad. Well, at least it wasn’t according to Daniel.

In fact, he thought things were going really well until Marcus dumped him. But dumped might be too harsh to describe what happened. Marcus simply felt they weren’t right for each other. He wanted passion, which is something he felt Daniel didn’t provide enough of. This bothered Daniel immensely, especially since it was the first time he had heard a complaint like that.

Ever since he came out in college, men had always been attracted to him. He was quite handsome, and extremely smart. In fact, one could say that Daniel played the sexy nerd to perfection. The bedroom was always someplace he felt the most comfortable in. Every man he had been with (though his numbers weren’t as high as others) seemed to be satisfied with his big dick alone and never once complained that he needed to do more.

But that all changed when he met Marcus. After that, nothing that normally worked in his past relationships seemed right. Marcus wanted a spark (as he put it) and became increasingly frustrated when that spark wasn’t ignited. Like any good science teacher, Daniel decided to formulate an experiment in order to give Marcus what he wanted.

Unfortunately, his careful planning backfired on him after Marcus discovered their most romantic night together was a finely built copy of research Daniel had accumulated. Though he appreciated the effort, Marcus felt that Daniel had totally missed the point. He wanted him to go with his heart, not his brain; for him to not worry about getting it wrong and just give in to the passion. It was then that Marcus decided they were better off as friends and colleagues.

Though heartbroken, Daniel decided to agree, as he always did. No matter how many times he told himself he had moved on, Daniel still could not help feeling a bit green with envy every time Marcus brought up his wild man. It had gotten so bad that Daniel could practically recite the encounter word for word. Then one day, he simply had enough, and felt he needed to get away.

To give himself a break, Daniel decided to go check out the cave for himself. He didn’t necessarily want to go to the prehistoric past and wasn’t entirely looking for the same type of experience as Marcus. Although, he wouldn’t pass it up if it the situation presented itself. He just wanted to see this thing with his own eyes.

What Marcus failed to mention was the fork that existed in the middle of the cave. Perhaps Marcus was too distracted with the man he thought he saw to notice, which was entirely plausible. Daniel stopped at the fork and didn’t think about going further. However, a voice from one of the paths called out to him. It was too faint to make out what was being said, yet there was a certain distress in the tone. Daniel’s instinct told him to leave it alone, but he couldn’t. If someone was in trouble, he had to help. But what happened was too much and was certainly unexpected. “Damn him,” Daniel thought once more.

There he was, chained between two columns, stripped of almost all clothing, and unsure of what was going to happen next. The thought of landing in ancient Egypt is something that would normally provide some thrills if this were a movie, but this was a little over the top. His scientific mind wanted to try and reason with the scantily clad (and extremely well built) guard, but he figured he wasn’t in any position to argue. His only hope was to convince the pharaoh to let him go, but even that was a long shot. He had already interrupted what looked like quite an elaborate ceremony after emerging from the cave, and was declared some sort of sorcerer before he even had a chance to explain.

With sweat streaming down from his head, Daniel began to build a thirst that he had never before felt in his life. The funny thing is Daniel had always wondered what bondage would be like. Heck, even in the right conditions, he probably would have gone through with it.

A small smile grew across Daniel’s face at the thought of him all dressed up in leather, bound in some basement, but it quickly faded as the guard approached with some water. Slowly, this hulking mass of muscle with sensational dark skin looked Daniel over with quiet awe as he drank. Yes, this beautiful wonder was a threat to the pharaoh, he thought, especially with the way he just appeared out of thin air. But somehow that very power held a different kind of attraction.

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