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Naked Club

A Gay Coming-of-Age Love Story

By Maxwell Carlsen

Published by Maxwell Carlsen at Smashwords

Copyright 2018 Maxwell Carlsen

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Chapter 1

May 1989

Carlos showed off to Eddie, "I think I’m gonna get all As except for one B in Advanced English," as he wiped sweat from his forehead. The school bus didn’t have air conditioning, and it was a scorching Arizona day, the last day of school for the summer. The bus was overfilled, with all seats having three students and some even having four students. Eddie was sitting against the window, Carlos in the middle, and Brett, a tall kid at the end.

"You’re smart. I’m not good at English or math. I flunked Algebra first semester—and have to take it again next year. Math sucks, big time," Eddie explained, "But I’m going to get an A in Auto Mechanics and in Woodshop."

He is beautiful, Carlos thought, He is an angel. My body is so close to his muscular arms and I'm gonna feel his teenage mustache against my lips. Oh, look at his cute dimples when he smiles. He had fallen in love. He had known he was bisexual since junior high, when he’d turned thirteen. In the fall, Carlos and Eddie would be sophomores.

Carlos said, "I’m not any smarter than you; it’s just that my parents, especially my mother, push my sister and me to get all As and to take the hardest classes. She’s from Mexico and crossed the border as an illegal alien when she was twenty-one, because life was very rough for her there. She had nothing in Mexico. That’s why she’s an attorney today: she took advantage of a better situation in America."

"Your mom is an illegal?" Eddie asked, raising his eyebrows surprised and revealing his cute dimples again. "Really? Why doesn’t she become a citizen?" Eddie asked, "Aren’t you worried about her being thrown out of the country?"

"I’m only joshing, dude. My mom emigrated legally," Carlos explained, "Hey, my dad's out of town for the next few days at a conference in Los Angeles," Carlos said. Carlos knew that his mom would be at work and his sister was going to a friend’s house tomorrow. They’d be all alone and left to their own devices. Carlos planned to find out if Eddie was gay.

"We're sophomores. Officially, now," Eddie said making Carlos feel his chest whirl with love.

We're young men, Carlos reminded himself, And will drive soon.

"I'm gonna get my license in six months," Carlos explained, "I can't wait to drive to school instead of taking the stupid school bus."

"Yeah, I can't wait. Then you can drive us, until February, when I get mine."

I'm bisexual, Carlos thought, I won't have sex with Mindy, he knew hoping she'd forgive him, She's gotten over me. Carlos felt a little sad knowing he had hurt her by breaking up a month ago.

I can't do it, with Mindy likes she wants, Carlos knew, Eddie's must be gay, Carlos wondered, he never checks out hot girls, Carlos remembered when he started to hang out with him after he broke up with Mindy. Eddie's an angel, Carlos knew as his heart fluttered for Eddie's love in return. I hope he falls in love, and we make out, Carlos felt horny wondering about, I hope we go for it, and do everything gay lovers do, he felt his penis harden even more, almost hurting him and making him want to relieve his sexual tension by going for it all the way with Eddie or by masturbating to Eddie.

"Next year, I’m taking Debate," Carlos said, "so I can learn how to argue and win."

"I’m gonna be in Home Economics, so I can be around all of the girls, I hope. I’ve heard that babes like that class. A lot of girls take it," Eddie said. His comment reminded Carlos about Mindy and how she phoned every weekend because she was still interested in him. She had taken Home Economics in junior high and their freshman year.

"Yeah. You'll lose your virginity anally," Carlos joked.

Carlos wanted to lose his virginity to a young handsome man. He wanted a gay lover who, among many things, had a nice ass. I’m gonna go for it with Eddie’s virgin ass, Carlos thought. Eddie had a small ass because he was so fit.

That’s when it was Carlos’s stop which there was a short walk down the street to his house. He and Eddie moved into the aisle.

Before he took a step forward, Lisa jumped into the aisle in front of him, bent over with her legs spread, and said, "Come and get it, Carlos, cutie."

Everyone broke out laughing, except for the bus driver, who was watching the commotion in the rearview mirror. "Sit back down," he shouted in his raspy voice.

Carlos’s stomach fell to the floor, and he felt his face turn red. It was no secret that Lisa had had the hots for him since elementary school.

Laughing, he said, "Not in a million years. Not in a million years, bitch. Get out of my way." Carlos wanted to give Eddie hints that he wasn't going to have a straight relationship, and now Lisa was ruining it. She is acting like a total slut, Carlos thought, Now Eddie's gonna think I want to bang her! Carlos regret her actions toward him and wanted her to shut her big mouth. Shut your mother-fucking donkey mouth, Carlos thought wanting to use ESP to communicate with her somehow, he imagined joking with himself.

She sat back in her seat and winked at Carlos as he walked past. All he could think about was how repulsive she was. He still remembered her having bad breath the few times they had talked. That bitch had embarrassed him on purpose. He was glad he’d been mean to her.

Carlos and Eddie stepped off the bus. Lisa squeezed past two girls in the seat and stuck her face sideways out the window. "F-off," Eddie shouted up at the window as he gave Lisa the middle finger.

"She’s in love, Carlos! Go for it, dude. Go for it," Eddie joked.

Carlos laughed, slapping his leg twice.

"She’s in heat," Eddie added, making Carlos feel less embarrassed as he watched the bus drive away.

Eddie whistled as they walked. "You live in a nice neighborhood. The homes are so nice and huge. What do your parents do, again?"

"My mom’s an attorney and my dad, an architect," Carlos reminded him.

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