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Elf Struck

Matched by Magic Book 4

Jenna Castille

Elf Struck

By Jenna Castille

Copyright 2018 Jenna Castille

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About This Book

Kidnapped at the age of eleven and raised in the Kitsune Court, Takeshi was surrounded by violence and deceit. A romantic relationship wasn’t safe to even consider. Now he’s free to make a life for himself. But Takeshi doesn’t have the first clue about love or desire. Can Divine Intervention be able to find a soulmate for a man whose biggest fear is the possibility of being asexual?

Many things can be said about Aindreas. He’s flighty. He’s serious. He’s bi-sexual. He’s a submissive. He’s a dominant. He loves it all but he can’t seem to find the one person who can love him for all his contradictions. Is Divine Intervention his answer or is he just too much of a duality for any sane person to deal with?

When the BDSM club slut is matched with the warrior virgin, both tempers and desires flare.


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Chapter One

Music pounded like a heartbeat through the torch-lit room, making the club a living thing as it echoed in the panting anticipation of the audience. The scents of sweat and sex permeated the air, filling his lungs with each pained gasp. Long-ago pain and pleasure had merged for Aindreas. Pure sensation filled his body to the quivering brim. His back ached from the extreme backbend that the leather-padded barrel forced him into. He rocked back and forth as far as the wheel chocks on each side of the barrel would allow. His nails clawed at the stone floor as he tried to brace himself. Hands gripped his thighs, holding him still as a hot, wet mouth closed over his cock. He gasped but didn’t cry out no matter how much he wanted to.

The Master had told him not to.

Strong fingers tangled in his hair, gripping and supporting his head as a long cock slid into his mouth. Slowly the Master moved forward until Aindreas’s nose nestled against the Master’s balls. Blood rushed to his inverted head as his hair scraped the floor. Allowing the Master to control his depth and speed, Aindreas relaxed his throat as best he could. He lost himself in sensation. As a thing to be used and enjoyed, he didn’t have any responsibility. He had to obey. That was all.

That was everything.

He fell into that place, that empty perfect place in his head—a white, disconnected place free of mundane concerns. Nothing existed here. No past. No present. No future. No guilt.

The only solid fixtures in his new world were the hard meat sliding down his throat and the warm, wet mouth wrapped around his own aching cock.

With no warning, the Master grunted and jerked. Spurt after spurt of cum poured into Aindreas. He relaxed his muscles, shutting down his gag reflex completely to let the flow slip straight to his stomach.

No one could come like an incubus.

Aindreas continued nursing the softening cock, using the action to distract himself from his own building orgasm. He wanted to enjoy the pained edge of denial for a bit longer.

The Master had other plans. “Come,” his deep voice commanded.

And instantly Aindreas obeyed. His body arched more dramatically across the barrel. He heard the man whose mouth closed over his cock sputter as he took Aindreas’s cum.

The murmur of the approving audience slowly brought Aindreas back to the world. The Master’s hand slid under his hair to the top of his back, easing him up to a sitting position. He handed Aindreas a water bottle, helping him balance it in shaking hands as he took a deep drink.

The man kneeling at his feet rubbed Aindreas’s thighs, soothing the strained muscles.

Aindreas closed his eyes and took another swig of the cool water, letting the two men pet him to their satisfaction. The caring afterward was almost as enjoyable as the actual sex. Not as mind-blowing but as enjoyable.

“You did well,” the Master praised, his yellow eyes glittering. “It always surprises me what a good sub you make. I’ve seen you as a Dom so often I forget what a pleasure it is to have you serve.”

Aindreas gave him a bright smile, filled with poorly suppressed mischief. “I never forget, though. That’s what’s important.”

The man at his feet giggled, hopping up to wrap an arm around Aindreas’s shoulders and snuggle close to his side. “I don’t forget either. I love serving under you.”

The Master shook his head, crossing his arms and looking down on the two. He gave a mock sigh. “Looks like I’m going to have to work harder training my kitten. His manners still need work.” He gave the other man a stern look. “What do you need to say to our friend?”

Shaking sweat from his fair, curly hair first, the younger man peeked down at Aindreas and flashed a cocky grin. “Thank you for joining us this evening.” He leaned in, his head going to Aindreas’s shoulder.

Aindreas shuffled the water bottle into one hand and reached up to cup the young man’s cheek with the other. “The pleasure was all mine, believe me.”

The man purred as he rubbed his cheek against Aindreas’s palm. The Master chuckled. “It seems you’ve made a friend, elf.” He snapped his fingers. “Come along, kitten. Help the man to his feet. It’s only fair that we see him safely to the dressing room and make certain he’s properly cared for.”

The blond responded by pulling Aindreas to his feet, tucking him close as he led the elf past their audience. Without delay he guided Aindreas through a discreet door at the back of the room.

The man eased Aindreas down on a padded bench and then turned to get his clothes. Whistling, he set the carefully folded items beside Aindreas. He stepped away, hands behind his back. The Master came forward, running idle fingers through his curls. “Good work, kitten. Now, go on up to my office and wait for me there. Aindreas and I need to talk.”

The were-cat smirked, a cute little fang peeking out. His eyes sparkled with barely contained mischief. “Yes, sir. I’ll be waiting.”

Aindreas tried not to laugh at the extra wiggle the man put into his walk. “That one’s asking for it.”

The Master of the Keep gave a fond smile as he watched his personal sub disappearing through the door. “And when I get up there he’ll get everything he asked for and everything he didn’t.”

Aindreas leaned back and contemplated his clothes. Getting dressed was a priority if he wanted to go home any time soon, but his pleasantly achy body didn’t want to move just yet. “He’s good for you, Sorinu. I’m glad you found him.”

“I am too.” The incubus frowned for a moment. “I just wish—”

“That he was human, not a shifter. Then you could feed from him as well as love him. You’re lucky to have found one of your mates, your balancer. You’ll find your human too, someday.”

Sorinu reached up and pulled the black ribbon from his hair, shaking out the long, silky, lavender mass. “We can’t have everything.”

Aindreas grinned at his friend. “No, but we can have hope.”

“I hear that you’ve been doing more than hoping lately.” Sorinu raised a single brow as he slipped on a well-practiced and polished smirk. “Word has it that your faerie friend talked you into signing up with Divine Intervention.”

Aindreas blinked but didn’t pause as he struggled to pull his pants on without standing up. He doubted that his shaky legs would support him yet. Word traveled fast. “That has nothing to do with hope and everything to do with not going back on my word. I promised Faolan that if the service worked for him I’d sign up. I don’t expect it to work for me.”

“You aren’t tied to Las Vegas?”

That came out of nowhere. Mind you, Faolan has been pushing me to make the move, but that isn’t exactly common knowledge. “Why do you ask?”

“I heard another rumor from one of our shifter customers.”


Sorinu rolled his eyes. “Stop acting so cagey. I’m trying to make you an offer here, but I want to know if it’s even possible first.”

“Then stop beating around the bush.” Aindreas couldn’t help but tease, especially with his body throbbing in such interesting places. “I just finished sucking you off in front of half the club. I think you can be blunt with me.”

Sorinu smirked. “Right. Are you moving up north or not?”

“So that’s the issue, being afraid of losing one of your regulars?” Sorinu’s frown caused Aindreas to regret the words as soon as he said them, even as a joke. He didn’t have many true friends. Sorinu had even less. Aindreas knew he wasn’t just a customer to the incubus. “Sorry, I didn’t mean that the way it sounded. Unfortunately, it looks like I may have to go north. Faolan’s asked me to move closer to the little knot of paranormal powers up in Rylee. I can’t stand the thought of living in a town that small, but Reno isn’t far. I haven’t completely made up my mind yet, though. I’m too old to waste my time being bored.”

His friend leaned backward on the bench, using a patch of plain gray wall for support while cushioning the back of his head with his hands. “Maybe I can do something to relieve your boredom.”

“Believe me, you and your little kitten have done that already.” His body would be remembering the experience for the next few days. His back was already spasming as he pulled his shirt and shoes closer.

Sorinu chuckled but quickly pulled a severe frown. “Not what I meant. Could you please be serious for a moment?”

Aindreas slicked a length of black hair behind a sharply pointed ear. “All right. Seriously, what are you getting at?”

“I’m thinking of expanding.” Sorinu looked around the room as though he could see through the walls, pride glowing in his expression. “The Keep has been doing very well. My kind can feed freely here, as long as paras with mortal heritage continue to visit. Others whose sexual appetites aren’t easily accepted find welcome here. I have been getting requests to open Keeps in different cities.”

A giggle bubbled up in Aindreas’s chest. When he finally managed to catch his breath he tossed his head back and asked, “You’re going to franchise? Like some kind of fast-food joint?”

Sorinu rolled his eyes. “Oh please. Don’t be an idiot. I want to expand, test the market a bit. I’d want to try to keep things in state at first, less unknown state laws, ordinances, loopholes, and bureaucracy to deal with. Reno would be the logical choice. Just as the Las Vegas Keep pulls in from L.A., Reno is close enough to the Bay Area to bring clientele from there.”

Aindreas shrugged. He had to admit it sounded like Sorinu had put some thought into it. “Sounds like a decent enough plan, if that’s what you want. I still don’t see what that has to do with me, other than the fact you’ll have at least one loyal customer up there to start with.”

“I can’t be in two places at once. I want to have people there who know the scene, can protect my customers and on whom I can rely. There’s a Domme I’ve known for several years who is willing to help with the opening. She’s solid, and I can count on her. But I’d like someone who the subs would feel comfortable with as well. I could also use a male to balance the dynamic.” He eyed Aindreas with speculation—an expression Aindreas had never seen from Sorinu. At least not without a healthy dose of sexual innuendo added. “I know you switch, but the subs here get along well with you. People trust you easily. I want to hire you.”

Okay, this has to be too good an offer to be true. If Sorinu was any kind of Fae I’d be looking for the nasty loophole. “Excuse me. Are you offering me a job doing the one thing I love doing most?”

“I’m not hiring you to have sex with the patrons.” Sorinu chuckled, his gaze sliding over Aindreas’s well-used form. “If that happens, it’s up to you and them. I’d be paying you to look out for them, help guide the newbies and control or kick out the bad element. You’ve been here long enough to realize what goes into running the Keep. It’s all about building and keeping the trust.”

“It’s always about trust.” Aindreas couldn’t resist. He gave his lips an exaggerated lick and let his hand slide down and give his cock a quick rub through the black denim of his jeans. “You know, when it isn’t about lust.”


Aindreas waved him off. “Don’t worry. I’m actually thinking your offer over—and in an uncharacteristically serious manner.”

Crossing his ankles and leaning back, Aindreas propped his shoulders against the row of lockers. Responsibility, something he’d spent centuries avoiding like the plague. But ever since Faolan had mated with the leader of the Vegas pack Aindreas had found himself saddled with more and more of it.

And for some reason it didn’t really bother him as much as he thought it would. The world was changing again, another turn of the wheel of fate. If you didn’t change with it, you tended to get run over. The God and Goddess were asserting their will once more. And for some reason Aindreas felt himself drawn right into the middle of things.

Reno would be a key to keeping chaos at bay. He was no prophet, no seer, but Aindreas knew this to be true. Just as he knew that he needed to be there.

Still, nothing said he couldn’t enjoy himself while he waited for fate to play out.

“Tell you what, I should know for sure about whether I’m moving or not by the end of the week. If I am, I’ll take you up on the offer.”

“No questions about pay or benefits?” Sorinu smirked. He knew Andreas too well.

“I know all about the benefits, and money isn’t something I’ve had to worry about in a century or more.” He tossed his head and sat up. “Now leave me alone so I can go home and get a shower already. I smell like I’ve spent the last few hours fucking a couple of guys.”

Sorinu slid his fingers through Aindreas’s hair, tilting the elf’s face toward him. He placed a soft kiss on Aindreas’s forehead. “Be well, my friend. I have so few people I can call that. I wish you only the best. With luck, Divine Intervention will provide.”

Aindreas pulled his hair out of Sorinu’s grip and hopped to his feet. “Get out of here already. Your kitten is sure to be waiting, and I need to finish getting dressed.”

“I’ll be expecting to hear from you.”

“End of next week at the latest. I should have everything nailed down by then.”

Chapter Two

The cool night was silent save for the chirp of crickets and the occasional frog song. All the daylight creatures lay in perfect sleep. Even the water of the koi pond lay still, barely a ripple showing across the reflected moon.

No one saw the invaders approach.

Two shadows darted past the moonlit gardens. Not a single pebble moved beneath their feet. The air itself seemed to move aside for them with nary a whisper. Not the slightest disturbance warned the four guards stationed at the doors to the small building. One moment they stared out into the stillness of the Otherworld night. The next they fell to the ground, alive—but barely.

Hands glowed on one of the shadows, lighting his black-clad shape as a ball of fire flashed out to burn through locks and bolts. The other shadow darted forward into the building, two samurai swords already held at ready.

But no blood needed to be shed. Apart from the guards outside, no other males lived in the building, not counting the few male babes who slept by their mothers, boys whose fates hadn’t yet been determined.

The women, all twenty of them, sat up on their pallets, eyes wide and mouths shut. The ones with children dragged them close, holding them tightly as if to protect them with their own bodies.

All counted, thirty-five kitsune half-breeds lived in the single room.

Takeshi fought back the rage and bile that ate at the back of his throat at the sight. Any one of these terrified women could’ve been his sister, beaten down and starved, had his uncle succeeded in his plans.

But Takeshi had to calm the women. Shou would make certain they were alone, that no other guards were near. The women needed him now.

They cringed as he stepped farther into the room. Only the pure-blooded favorites of the leader were to be expected here, people sent to make use of the women. It was no wonder they were frightened. He didn’t like to think of what his uncle Yoichi and his chosen had done to these women. But as this was the last of over fourteen such buildings he and Shou had found, Takeshi knew the quickest way to ease their fears.

He sat in the center of the room, leaving a single ball of foxfire to light his actions. Carefully, he pulled off his hood and ran his fingers through his hair, separating the long streak of red from the rest of his white locks. He pulled the streak forward, over his shoulder. He glanced at the nearest woman, sitting alone on her thin pallet with defiance still flashing in her gaze. “Do you know what this means?”

The woman’s eyes narrowed, and she clenched her jaw. He watched as she carefully weighed her response. After licking her lips, she gave a short nod. “Perhaps.”

Takeshi smiled. “It’s all right. I mean you no harm. You can say whatever you wish to me, without reprisal. You have my vow to that.”

She still braced herself for a blow as she said, “You’re not pure-blood.”

“I’m a half-breed, like you all. My father was kitsune. My mother was not.”

“So why are you here? They don’t keep the males here.” A look of grief passed over the woman’s face. “That is, if they keep them at all, instead of killing them.”

“Some they did, most they didn’t.” It wasn’t something he liked saying, and he hated the way her face fell even more at the news. But it was truth. Takeshi knew how close he’d come to losing his life. From the moment he’d been found and brought to Otherworld, he’d walked a thin line between life and death. “My father was strong. They respect strength. That’s why I’m still here.”

The woman snorted. “That depends on what kind of strength you're talking about.” She eyed him closely. “You weren’t sent here.”

Best to give the news quickly and see how it sinks in. “Lord Yoichi is dead. The kitsune have no leader, not until the Celestial Fox makes her will known. My friend and I have come to free you now, while the hierarchy is still in chaos. We can take you to the mortal world if you wish or find you haven in the Tengu Court.”

Her eyes slid to where Shou stood guard. “The Tengu would take us?”

Without a glance away from the door, Shou answered, “If that is your wish. The choice is yours.”

The woman considered that for a moment. “And in the mortal world?”

“We have several places where you can find sanctuary.” Thanks to my sister and her two husbands’ connections.

The woman tossed her head back, sitting up straight for the first time. “Then I’ll take my chances with the mortals. I’ve had enough of this place. I can’t speak for the others.”

Takeshi nodded, rising to his feet to offer her a hand up. “Then let us leave here. We will go to the Tengu Court for now, until we know who wishes to go and who will stay.” He glanced at the other women, many holding thin sheets over bare bodies. “We will step outside and let you dress and gather what you would take. But be quick. We don’t want to chance discovery.”

The woman gave a dark laugh. “With what little we have here it shouldn’t take long.”

It never does.

The women wasted no time deciding which world they would retreat to. Only three opted to stay with Shou and the Tengu. Once the women and children who wished to follow him to the mortal world were safely situated in their temporary home in Rylee, Nevada, Takeshi walked back to the main building to visit his sister. Her husbands had already turned in for the night, having used most of their strength to set up the massive wards necessary to protect the women until more permanent charms could be given to them individually. Once that was done the women would be moved, most likely to join the Greater Las Vegas pack. So far Garrick and Faolan’s domain had proven the safest refuge for the kitsune women.

Nora sat at her kitchen table, a pot of tea at the ready.

Takeshi gave his sister a grateful smile, easing down into one of the chairs. Without a word he reached forward and poured two cups of hot jasmine tea.

Scooting her chair in, Nora took one of the cups. They drank in silence for a few minutes before she spoke. “It’s over?”

“Yes, that was the last one.” Takeshi allowed himself a moment to smile in pride of his accomplishment. “No more kitsune breeding camps anywhere in Otherworld.”

“Are you sure?” Having almost been a victim of their uncle, Nora had a vested interest in his success.

“Shou is. And I trust Shou to do his job.” Takeshi locked eyes with his sister. “The women and children have all been freed.”

Nora nodded, taking another sip of tea. “What now?”

Takeshi stared down into his cup, idly wishing he had the talent to read his future in the leaves. My future. I’ve never really given it much thought before. I’ve always assumed I’d be killed long before my future became an issue. Now with my uncle dead and the Kitsune Court in disarray, what do I do with myself?

Nora, on the other hand, seemed to have given the issue some serious thought. “You’re not going back.”

He raised a single brow at his sister’s words. “That doesn’t sound like a question.”

“It isn’t.” She pursed her lips and glared at him over the rim of her cup. “You’ve been gone long enough. Now you’re staying here. No returning to Otherworld for you.”

“And what if I wanted to take my place at the head of the kitsune people?” He’d thought of it often, though his heart wasn’t in it. “It would be a logical move, politically savvy. With Father’s rank it might be possible.”

“Maybe. But it’s not for you.” Nora reached over the table and ruffled his hair. “Staying there would only be a form of punishment for you, Brother—a punishment of your own making, one fueled by a false sense of responsibility. You’ve done nothing wrong, ever. You survived under difficult circumstances. You risked your own life to guarantee my safety. And you’ve spent the better part of two years freeing the other half-breeds held captive. If you go back nothing will have changed, other than Yoichi not being there. It’s time for you to live your own life. It’s time for me to have my big brother back.”

He smiled softly at his sister’s fierce tone. This protective side of her was…nice. It was comforting even. “That’s quite the speech.”

“I’ve had those two years to save it up.”

It sounds so easy. But it can’t be. “And how am I to live here? I don’t have an identity, not anymore. Takeshi Renault has been dead for decades. I have no home and no job. And before you say it, I refuse to mooch off you.”

Nora grinned, mischief glowing in her chocolate-colored eyes. “Again, I’ve had two years of time to plot and scheme, remember. You’re not the only one who can plan a campaign. Shou brought some of your things from Otherworld—clothing, furniture, weapons, even a few jewels I suspect belonged to our uncle. I had Lex take them and sell them, leaving you with more than enough to live off while you decide what to do with yourself. Xander contacted some of the people in the paranormal community with similar identity issues and got you all the paperwork you need to be Takeshi Renault again. I mean, you don’t think the rest of the paras living in the mortal world don’t have to change their identity periodically? I think a three-hundred-year-old vampire, witch, or shifter might need those kinds of services themselves from time to time. And as for where you live, I want you close. But I’d understand if you didn’t want to stay here in Rylee. The job market alone would keep you away. But Reno isn’t far. We can help you find a place there.”

Takeshi sat silent for a moment, absorbing everything his sister said with a warm glow of pride. He’d heard that her life hadn’t been easy either. But she was clever and strong. He hadn’t been there for her as she grew up, but she’d grown up well. “You’ve got it all worked out for me?”

“I knew you wouldn’t be thinking about the after, not when you were so focused on helping those poor women.” She put her hand over his, giving it a quick, soothing squeeze. “I don’t blame you for that, not at all. But someone needed to keep you in mind. Luckily you’ve got a family with some paranormal clout and one hell of a loyal friend.”

After so many years of focusing on survival alone it seemed like a dream, this plan she had for his life. But could he really abandon his people this way? Would he be abandoning them?

Nora poked him in the chest with a single finger. “Don’t even start with that. I know what you’re thinking. But you can still help here. I never paid much attention to the politics, not until I married Lex and Xander. But things aren’t going to be status quo for long. Eventually a new treaty will have to be created. And I’d like to think of you being here, on the mortal side, to help.”

Now that was something he hadn’t considered, working the Court politics from this side. He could still help his people but live his own life, not be controlled by anyone.

It was tempting, so very tempting. And he’d missed his sister, missed having a real family. “I’ve never been to Reno.”

A huge grin slid across Nora’s face, so pure it made his heart ache to see it. “You’ll love it. It’s big enough to qualify as a city but small enough that you can feel alone if you want. And it’s close to San Francisco, only about a three-hour drive. They have a huge Asian community in Reno, too. And Reno is only about forty-five minutes from here. We could even go there for a visit in the morning, let you get a feel for it.”

“You sound more excited than I am.”

“Are you kidding?” She gave a little bounce in her seat. “I’ll finally have my brother here with me, with my family. The whole idea is fantastic. The only thing that could make it better is if we could find someone like Lex and Xander for you.”

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