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More Than Friends

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More Than Friends

Maura and Scarlett had been skirting around their feelings for a while. They met at a coffee shop six months ago. They ordered the same coffee which turned into a playful back and forth.

Ordering the same coffee led to accidentally bumping into each other. The sweet-natured banter resulted in the two exchanging phone numbers. A few casual hangouts turned into dinner dates discussing their favorite books and movies. Dinner dates morphed into cautious flirting. Dinners morphed into movie nights of sitting across the couch because they were both too nervous to take the next step.

Finally, the tension that had been filling their exchanges snapped during one of their movie nights. When Scarlett opened the front door, Maura greeted her with a smile and a small wave. She held a bottle of wine in one hand. This was all part of their standard night. Maura brought a bottle of wine. Scarlett made popcorn. They would catch each other up over one glass before moving to the living room and arguing over what movie to watch.

However, Maura had done two things that threw a wrench into their routine. One, Scarlett noticed that Maura had curled her ordinarily straight blonde hair. It framed her face beautifully and utterly captivated Scarlett.  

She already knew she was mesmerized by the other woman, but the simple act of curling her hair had Scarlett suddenly started questioning the entire routine that generally kept her in check. It was easier to ignore the nagging feeling in her heart when everything went according to their routine. Second, Maura wore a crop top with her usual skinny-jeans. Realistically, Scarlett knew this was probably to keep her cool on the hot summer night. Yet from the moment she saw her, all Scarlett could only stare at Mauras abs.

When she finally tore her eyes away from the toned muscles, she knew she was caught. Maura was looking at her with eagerness, but she seemed unsure of what to do.

Maura bit her lip, trying to figure out whether or not Scarlett was going to turn her away at the door. She hadnt said a word more than hellosince the door opened. It felt as if time slowed down. She wasnt sure if five second or five minutes had passed.

Scarlett couldnt tear her gaze away from Mauras lips. On several occasions, she felt the avid need to lean in and kiss them. Whenever Maura made a silly joke or opened a door for her, she barely could stop herself from acting on her feelings. Over the months, that need transformed into a consuming force.  

She knew that she should invite her guest in, but the words wouldnt come out of her mouth. It was proper to invite her in, offer to pour them both a glass of the wine Maura had brought, make popcorn, and tease her about not seeing any blockbuster movies since graduating college. Scarlett honestly tried to force the words out, but she could only stare at the beautiful woman before her.

I brought wine.Maura finally broke the silence, holding the bottle forward as an offering.

Scarlett snapped out of her trance long enough to take the bottle of wine and set it inside on the entry table. Maura attempted to follow her inside, but Scarlett didnt move from the entryway. They stood closer now, just on the cusp of the threshold. Scarlett knew that she should just step aside to let her in.

Are you,Mauras eyes dropped to Scarlett’s lips, “going to invite me in or is the entryway the new cool place all the kids are hanging?

The stupid joke was all it took for Scarlett to break. She couldnt hold back anymore. Scarlett pulled Maura in and kissed her.

Maura felt bliss when their lips touched. She had been hoping tonight would be the time one of them could finally make a move. She just didnt think it would happen before she could get through the door. Scarletts kiss was demanding and made all the hairs on her body stand up. She melted into the taller woman. She grabbed the collar of Scarletts shirt to pull her closer, needing to memorize her taste. She tasted like mint. Mint in the way that Maura wondered if she had brushed her teeth a half hour before she had rung the doorbell.

Maura felt herself being pulled forward, crossing the threshold of the house just to be pinned against the back of the door once it was shut.

Scarlett had barely let her lips leave Mauras before they reconnected. Maura let out a happy little sigh. Scarlett wove a hand into Mauras curls crashing them together as tight as possible, desperately needing to feel every inch of her.

“I’ve wanted to do this since I met you.Scarlett gasped, leaning their foreheads together.

Maura wrapped her arms around Scarletts waist. She was too out of breath to find the words of agreement, so she crashed their lips back together again. On her drive over, Maura wound herself up in nervous knots trying to anticipate what the night would bring. Each weekend was a gamble of emotions. Each second that Scarlett kissed her, those nerves slowly drifted away and were replaced with arousal building inside of her.

The kiss opened up a floodgate of six months of pent-up tension. From the moment Scarlett had looked at her, Maura had been a goner. The mere presence of the other woman had sucked her in. Maura knew Scarlett worked in nursing, but Maura thought she could be a performer with how she could command a room. She had stood in that coffee shop and had Maura utterly fascinated.

Scarlett had a quick wit, and Maura had a salty sense of humor hidden behind her shyness. They both loved talking art and books and politics. They both knew it could be a beautiful friendship, but they were both desperate for more.

When the kiss ended, they both looked at each other nervously.

We should probably start the movie,Scarlett began, attempting to be a good host. She tried to hide the impulse to keep going, I was going to make popcorn.

Maura nodded slowly, but when Scarlett moved to turn towards the kitchen, she grabbed hold of her once more, “Or…”

“Or?” Scarlett turned back around, leaning back into her. There was relief and satisfaction in being able to be as close as she wanted.

Maura gulped, trying to appear smooth, Or we could go upstairs.

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