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It Takes Three Box Set

By Casper Graham

An Unconventional Relationship

Fifth Valentine’s Day

Precious Moments

* * * *

An Unconventional Relationship

Dear cubby hubby,
Your faith in me means the world to me. Thank you for being there through thick and thin. I love you. I appreciate you. I adore you.

Chapter 1

Michael Lambert strode furiously through the empty hallway. He was still wearing his well-fitted three-piece suit, including a tie, and his gleaming, ten-thousand-dollar shoes thumped harshly on the polished floor. He was seriously pissed off. He had attended five meetings since eight in the morning and had signed a few contracts that guaranteed to increase his net worth well over his current thirty billion dollars, but now he was being summoned like a naughty school boy by a preschool teacher.

He had enrolled his three-year-old daughter, Megan, in a private school, which boasted tons of after-school activities, because he did not have time to worry about what she would be up to at home. He had a personal chef and a housekeeper, but they were both too busy today. He had separately hired several nannies to look after Megan, but she had somehow managed to terrify them all. Consequently, each had resigned in less than two weeks.

So lost in thoughts, he missed Megan’s classroom and had to retrace his steps before knocking on the door. He waited impatiently for the teacher to answer. When the door opened, his breath hitched at the sight of the gorgeous man, an inch or two shorter than his own six-foot-four-inch height. The man was wearing an ordinary shirt, but his bulging shoulders and chest filled it nicely. Michael admired the fitted slacks, which left little to the imagination. He wondered what those strong-looking thighs would feel like wrapped around his waist as he pounded into this man.

“Mr. Lambert?”

“Huh? What? Oh, yeah. Michael Lambert. I’m Megan’s dad. I—”

“You’re late.”

His eyes widened at the admonishment. He was gasping a little, like a goldfish inside an aquarium. His slight embarrassment turned into irritation and he scowled at the teacher. He was the CEO of one of the most successful financial companies in the world and he would be damned before he allowed anyone to reprimand him like he was a little boy.

“Now, you listen here, you son of—”

“Mr. Lambert, my name is Lance Johnson, which I’m sure you would know if you actually bother to care about your daughter’s well-being once in a while instead of gallivanting with a ton of desperate social climbers who…”

“I did not—”

“…are merely using you to further their personal agendas. Megan is a beautiful child and she’s very polite. She behaves really well and gets along with all of her classmates. She’s also an eager learner and participates constantly.”

“That…that doesn’t sound like Megan. At home, she’s—”

“I have a feeling she’s acting up at home because she wants you to pay attention to her.”

Damn! This gorgeous man had interrupted him time and time again, and he was getting more aggravated by the second. “Mr. Johnson, you are being very rude and unreasonable,” he gritted out, trying to keep his temper.

“Mr. Lambert, the preschoolers are always dismissed at half-past one unless they have to attend after-school activities, which Megan doesn’t have, because today is Friday. She has violin lessons for beginners every Monday and Tuesday for an hour and a half. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, she has ballet for two hours.”

“Shit! I mean, sorry. I’ve been caught up in meetings and—”

“Mr. Lambert, you are an irresponsible parent who obviously doesn’t care enough to know what Megan’s schedule is like.”

“Mr. Johnson, I suggest you tone down your anger when you’re talking to me.”

“Or what, Mr. Lambert? If you want to complain about me to the school management, be my guest. This is not the first time you have abandoned Megan in school for hours after she has been dismissed from class.”

He glared at the teacher and clenched his fist. He was sorely tempted to punch the man in the cheek.

It had been a while since he’d gotten into a fistfight. When he was younger, his ferocious temper had been well-suited for the boxing ring. In fact, he had participated in both boxing and wrestling for four years in high school to channel his aggression. He had wrestled in college but had given up boxing because he needed to focus more on his studies and he could not do that if he participated in two extra-curricular activities. His hard work had paid off because he’d managed to build a financial business empire after working his ass off for the last fifteen years since graduating. Admittedly, he’d had plenty of good luck on his side as well.

Regardless, Megan’s teacher had been downright condescending, and he had never met this man before. His best friend, Jessica Tanner, had helped enroll Megan into this school since he had been too busy at work back then.

“Mr. Johnson, I think we should call it a day. I don’t have time—”

“Then you had better make the time because Megan misses her mother.”

“Her mother? Megan was adopted as a baby,” Michael replied in confusion before it came to him. “Oh, you mean Jessica. Jessica Tanner is my friend, but she is now working abroad. She got a promotion at work.”

“Yet no one has informed me about this.”

“Mr. Johnson, I fail to see how that is any of your business.”

“As Megan’s preschool teacher, I need to know who is picking her up after school to ensure her safety. The last few women, her nannies, had all dressed as if they were about to attend singles’ mixers. Megan really disliked them all. She told me they were all ‘making weird eyes at Daddy.’ I’m presuming those women had all tried to seduce you.”

Michael shifted uncomfortably, but restrained from doing anything else to display his nervousness. Those attempts at seduction were indeed another reason he’d had to terminate the services of those nannies. “Mr. Johnson, I’m really busy. Where’s my daughter?”

The man sighed tiredly before pointing toward a corner of the classroom. Megan was on the mat next to two other children, a boy and a girl. They were all sleeping closely to one another.

“She fell asleep about thirty minutes ago, Mr. Lambert. They all did. They were probably exhausted after playing together for more than three hours.”

“And the other two children? Why haven’t their parents fetched them yet?”

“They are my two-year-old twins, Nathan and Holly.”

“Oh!” Michael felt flush. “I guess your wife is busy at work, then?”

“Mr. Lambert, I don’t have a wife, but I do have a boyfriend. He usually takes care of them, but he had an errand to run, so here they are.”

“I see.”

This was disappointing news. It had been a while since Michael had been instantly attracted to a man. He had even entertained the thought of asking Lance Johnson out on a date, in spite of how infuriating he found him. Now it seemed he would not be able to do that. He had never been the type to intentionally come between another couple.

“Mr. Lambert?”

“Oh, yeah. Let me grab my daughter. I’ll just…I…”

“Go ahead. She’s a sound sleeper. I’ll get her backpack and water bottle for you.”

“Thank you, Mr. Johnson.”

The other man only nodded before walking away.

Michael went to the mat and picked up Megan. She whined a little at the movement, but otherwise remained asleep. He cooed softly into her ears and resolved to spend more time with his daughter. He had to find a way to do that. As much as it annoyed him, he conceded that Lance was right. Megan needed him and he had been neglecting her more often than not.

“Here are her things, Mr. Lambert.”

“Thank you. I…I’m sorry you had to stay so late, waiting for me to fetch her. I’ll rearrange my schedule and work things out somehow. Thanks again.”

“You’re welcome.”

He walked out of the classroom and headed toward the black SUV in the parking lot. He fitted Megan into her rear booster seat before placing her things on the empty seat beside her, then drove away.

He inhaled and exhaled slowly, mentally going through the various things he still had to deal with both in the office and at home. Unfortunately, he could not complete them until Megan fell asleep again after dinner. He wanted to spend more time with his daughter and he would begin tonight. This would be a long evening.

* * * *

“Papa! You’re home!”

Lance looked up from the stove in the kitchen. Holly was running toward the front door to greet a tall, muscular man, who quickly stretched out both arms to pick her up and embrace her. It was Adam Williams, Lance’s boyfriend for the past eight years. They had dated right after college and had been inseparable ever since. Now they had two kids together.

“Papa! Me, too! Me, too!”

Lance shook his head and chuckled at the sight of Nathan demanding the same treatment from Adam, who gamely lifted the boy with one arm, while the other still balanced Holly. Lance was still amazed at Adam’s strength, even after all these years.

He washed his hands and stepped out of the kitchen to greet his lover properly with a kiss. “Hey, love.”

“Hey, babe.”

“How’s the store?”

“Busy as usual.”

Adam owned a rather successful toy store catered mostly for younger kids. Granted, its size was not humongous, but it was always crowded with plenty of children around. Adam’s muscles might be huge and intimidating, but Lance knew that Adam was a giant teddy bear. The man was a fair businessman and a kind employer. All of his employees had enjoyed working there for years, while most of the children who came in did not find him frightening at all.

“Dinner is almost ready, love. Why don’t you bring the twins into the bathroom to clean up. Everything will be ready in about fifteen minutes.”

“Sounds perfect, babe. Okay, kids. Your dad has commanded. Washing-up time!”

The twins giggled joyfully and chattered a mile a minute while Adam responded only with a word or two.

Lance returned to the kitchen to plate up the stir-fried vegetables from the skillet before transferring the baked chicken from the oven. He placed everything on the table and waited patiently for Adam and the twins. When they were all seated, they began to eat.

“Dad, Papa said that Holly and I can stay up late tonight, but we need to ask you first.”

“Can we, Dad? Please? Nathan and I will be really, really, really, really, really good.”

He glared at his lover, who was sheepishly grinning at him, before softening his gaze to look at the twins. “Nine o’clock,” he intoned firmly.

“But, Dad…”

“Papa said…”

Lance’s steely gaze quickly shut down any further protests from them. “Nine o’clock,” he repeated. “And you both have to eat one extra spoonful of vegetables each.”

“Dad, that’s not fair…”

“I hate vegetables…”

Two extra spoonfuls of vegetables each,” he remarked calmly, but the twins knew well enough not to say another word even though they pouted adorably. He scooped up exactly two tablespoons of vegetables onto each of their plates before asking Adam about his day.

“Long and tiring, but I’m not complaining. We’re able to live comfortably, partly thanks to these customers.”

“That’s true, love.”

“What about you, babe?”

“Remember Megan?”

“The one who often stays behind for hours after all of the other kids have been dismissed? That Megan?”

“Yeah, it happened again.”

“That’s…wow, this must be the sixth time this month alone.”


“Dad, Papa,” Holly interrupted. “Megan is nice. I like her a lot. I wish I had a sister.”

Lance noticed that his daughter was looking a little down, so he decided not to reprimand her for barging into a conversation that did not involve her. “Holly, you can play with Nathan, though.”

“Dad, it’s not the same. Nathan is a boy just like Papa and you.”

He could see this was really bothering her, so he took her hand in one of his and tilted up her chin with his other hand. Both Nathan and Adam had stopped eating as well.

“Look at me, sweetheart. I love you very much, and Papa loves you, too. You know that Nathan also loves you very much,” he assured her, noting that both Adam and Nathan were nodding vigorously in agreement, which in turn resulted in a small smile on Holly’s face. “Would you like to play with some of the girls from the preschool next week? I can call their parents and ask for their permissions.”

“Yeah, Dad.”

“Dad, can we ask the boys, too?”

“Yes, Nathan. No promises, though. I need to check with their parents first, alright?”

He sighed in relief when the twins nodded almost simultaneously, then made a mental note to arrange for the play date as soon as possible. A part of him felt guilty that he’d not realized Holly’s loneliness, with her being the only girl in their household.

When dinner was over, he gathered the twins and cuddled with them on the couch to watch one of their favorite animated movies, while Adam volunteered to wash the dishes before joining them. Lance smiled joyfully and relaxed further, enjoying a cozy and blissful Friday evening at home with his lover and their twins.

* * * *

Michael face-palmed himself. He was sleepy, yet he had been tossing and turning in bed for a while. His mind kept repeating what Megan had mentioned at dinner, that she had been happy earlier today because both Nathan and Holly were “really great.” She had friends to play with at preschool and she was not as lonely as she usually was at home.

That had felt like a slap on his cheek. He should have paid her more attention. Instead, he had allowed his own loneliness to consume him, unconsciously choosing to throw himself deeper into his work, earning even more money to provide everything for his daughter and to ensure a good future for her, but consequently abandoning her to fend for herself at home.

His guilt was eating at him. He made up his mind right then that he would come home on time for dinner every weekday and spend the rest of the evenings with her. He also vowed to do some father-daughter activities on the weekends with just the two of them.

Unconsciously, his thoughts also drifted toward Megan’s preschool teacher, Lance Johnson. Maybe Lance’s twins could come to the house once in a while. After all, Michael had an indoor swimming pool in the building behind the backyard. The plan had nothing to do with his desire to ogle his daughter’s gorgeous teacher. Nope, not at all.

* * * *

Chapter 2

“Thank you for coming, sweethearts,” Adam cooed to the twin girls standing next to their parents. They were about Holly’s age or slightly older. “I hope you enjoy the dolls. See you again.”

He smiled wider when they waved at him before leaving the toy store. He waited until they exited through the automatic sliding doors before turning and walking toward his private office. He had received several shipments earlier this morning and needed to make sure the items and quantities were accurate. Moreover, it was necessary to check for obvious damages, if any, so he could bring them to the attention of the suppliers.

He had a strong feeling he would be working overtime tonight, even though it was a Saturday and his normal hours were eight until seven. Sometimes he was ridden with guilt because he didn’t get to spend as much time as possible with Lance, Nathan, and Holly, especially on the weekends, but he was trying to save enough money to purchase a building large enough to house both the store and an upper floor that could be renovated into an apartment for the four of them.

“Excuse me.”

The little girl startled him out of his reverie and he squatted so they could converse more comfortably. He did not want her to strain her neck looking up at him; he was six-four and she would really have to bend her neck backward to see him properly.

“Hi, little lady. How may I help you?”

“I need to buy some toys, please.”

“Alright. You’ve come to the right place, but where are your mommy and daddy?”

“I don’t have a mommy, but Daddy is somewhere—”


Adam’s head swiveled in the direction of the voice. A well-dressed man was running frantically toward them from one of the aisles.

“Hi, Daddy.”

“Megan, don’t do that ever again! I thought I had lost you.”

Adam shifted rather uncomfortably when the man ignored his presence and pulled the girl into a tight embrace, but he was also touched at the scene in front of him.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I was just walking around to look at all of the toys. Then—”

“It’s okay, sweetheart. I…Oh, I’m sorry. I’m Michael Lambert. My daughter’s name is Megan, which I’m sure you know, seeing that I’ve just shouted her name loud enough for the entire store to overhear. Thanks for finding her.”

Adam smiled and shook his head at the man’s obvious embarrassment. “I’m Adam. Actually, she found me because she wanted to buy some toys. I own this store. Don’t worry about your loud voice, though. This store is filled with screaming children and adults almost all the time.”

“Uh, okay. Cool. Megan, sweetheart, do you know what toys you want?”

“I…I don’t know, Daddy.”

“Why don’t you tell me what you like, Megan?” Adam piped up.

“I…I don’t know, Mr. Adam. Daddy said I could have some new toys to play with my friends when they come over.”

“And what do your friends like?”

“I’m not sure. They are twins, Mr. Adam.”

“Boys or girls?”

“One boy and one girl, Mr. Adam. Their names are Nathan and Holly. I really like them. I don’t have any brothers or sisters to play with.”

“Nathan and Holly? Wait a minute. You’re Megan Lambert. Your teacher’s name is Lance Johnson?”

“Yes, he is. Do you know him, Mr. Adam?”

“Lance is my boyfriend, Megan. Nathan and Holly are our kids.”

“So you’re Mr. Johnson’s boyfriend?” the man queried.

Adam had been so enraptured by the adorable girl that he had momentarily forgotten her father. “Yes, I am.”

“This is such a coincidence. Megan and I are going to ask Mr. Johnson if Nathan and Holly could come to our house for a play date next weekend.”

“I think that will be fine, Mr. Lambert, but let me double-check with Lance first.”

“Great. Just call me Mike or Michael, please. Let me have your phone number then.”

“Cool, I’ll give you Lance’s number as well.”


The men exchanged phone numbers before heading toward the aisles one at a time so Megan could choose the toys she wanted. She ended up selecting plenty of toys, and she left the store holding her father’s hand, a huge smile on her face.

Adam bade the father and daughter duo farewell before proceeding to his office. He really needed to get started on the new shipments, otherwise he would be doing a minimum of two hours overtime. He didn’t think that would go down well with Lance or the twins. After all, he had already returned home late twice this week.

* * * *

Michael was watching an animated show on television with Megan when his smart phone started beeping, signaling an incoming text message. He picked it up absentmindedly and read the message. It was Lance, asking if Nathan and Holly could come by tomorrow morning at ten. He replied in the affirmative and was surprised when there was an immediate response.

“Sweetheart, Nathan and Holly will be coming tomorrow morning. Is that okay with you?”

“Yes, Daddy! Of course. We’re going to have so much fun. I think I…”

He tuned out his daughter, nodding once in a while to keep up the appearance of listening to her long rambling. He figured it would be nothing important. Besides, he was thinking about Lance and Adam—fantasizing about them, to be more accurate. He realized he was more than simply sexually attracted to both men. He could honestly see himself dating either of them. Or maybe both. He had thought Lance was very muscular, but Adam was even bigger, and he estimated that he and Adam had a similar body type and size.

He had been so lost in thoughts, it took him a while to feel Megan’s palm on his arm. He glanced at her and grinned apologetically. “What is it, sweetheart?”

“Daddy, why don’t I have a brother or a sister?”

He gaped. He knew Megan would ask him about that sooner or later, but he had not expected her to question him now. He remained silent for a minute or so, trying to think of a good way to explain it. “Megan, sweetheart, sometimes there are people who are not ready to be parents and they feel it is best to give their children away to people who will love and care for them.”

“Is that how you got me, Daddy?”

“Yes, sweetheart.”

“Why can’t you just go and look for more people to give their children to you?”

He was torn between amusement and exasperation. “It doesn’t work like that, Meg.”


He waited patiently for her to process her thoughts.

“Daddy? Can Nathan and Holly stay with us forever and ever?”

“Meg, they can’t. Lance and Adam are their parents, just like I’m your dad. They have their own house or apartment. Nathan and Holly belong with them. You don’t want to live elsewhere without me, right?”

She shook her head before replying guilelessly, “Maybe Mr. Lance and Mr. Adam can live with us, too. We have two more bedrooms. I can also share my room with Holly.”

“Sweetheart, it’s difficult for you to understand this, but that can’t happen.”

“Why not?”

“Lance and Adam are boyfriends, and—”

“Can you be their boyfriend, too? Then Nathan and Holly can be my brother and sister, and we can all live together.”

“I…Megan, that’s not how relationships work.”

“Just try, Daddy. Please? Don’t you like Mr. Lance and Mr. Adam?”

“I do like them, sweetheart, but…”

“Then try!”

“I…” He trailed off helplessly. “Let me talk to them first, but no promises. Alright?”

“Okay, Daddy.”

They continued watching the movie, but Michael sighed softly and thought about Lance and Adam. He would talk to them tomorrow before his daughter could embarrass him by inappropriately asking about their relationship. He only wished that it was as easy as Megan thought it could be. He leaned back against the couch and heaved another defeated sigh. At least the animated movie did not require his full concentration.

* * * *

After dinner was over and everything had been cleared up, Lance moved even closer to his boyfriend on the couch. They were currently squeezed in between Nathan and Holly. He loved these after-dinner cuddling sessions with his boyfriend and their twins. The children had been yawning on and off, though. He checked the time and was surprised to note it was five minutes past their normal bedtime.

“Nathan, Holly.”

“Yes, Dad.”

He chuckled a little when the twins had responded almost at the same time, using the same words and tone of voice. He found that totally adorable, but he might be biased. After all, he was their dad. “Time to go to bed. Clean up now.”

“Okay, Dad.” Again, the twins had answered him in the same manner.

“Papa and I will be with you in ten minutes for your bedtime story.”

After the children had gone into the bathroom, he snuggled closer to Adam. They used to make love everywhere in the apartment, but they obviously could not do that anymore. Nonetheless, they had a very active sex life.



“You never told me that Michael Lambert is so attractive.”


“The man is hot.”

“Your point?”

“He kind of looks like me, except for our hair and eye colors.”

“I don’t really see the similarity. I mean, yeah, you’re both very, very muscular and you’re about the same height, but I love your face.”

“Oh, I see. That’s how it is. You love me only for my gorgeous face.”

“I’ve never claimed that you’re gorgeous,” Lance teased.

“Oh? Then, tell me, babe, what do you love about me?”

“I love,” he whispered seductively into his lover’s ear, “your huge cock. It’s really long and thick, and it curves just at the right angle to hit that sweet spot inside my ass.”

He snickered when Adam rumbled deeply and he moved his fingers down the other man’s body. He grasped Adam’s erection through the layers of clothes, rubbing and caressing it.

“La-Lance, th-the kids…”

“Well, you’re right!” he exclaimed cheekily before winking at his boyfriend and pulling away. “Let’s continue this later.”

“You tease.”

Lance guffawed. He stood and started walking with Adam following right behind, but stopped abruptly and shook his ass at his lover. They both cracked up as they headed toward the twins’ bedroom. It was storytelling time.

* * * *

“Come on, babe. Don’t hold back. Come inside my mouth,” Adam commanded in a husky tone.

They had put the kids to sleep about fifteen minutes ago. Afterward, he had hungrily kissed his lover, stripping them naked as fast as he could before pushing Lance onto their bed. He had taken a couple of admiring glances at Lance’s chiseled physique and hard, jutting tool before taking that huge erection deep down his throat. Now, he wanted to suck off his boyfriend to remove the edge, because he planned to make love to Lance for as long as they could.

“Adam, let me suck you off, too. Please.”

He eagerly complied, and they were soon bobbing their heads up and down as they lapped and licked at the cock in front of them. His mouth moved lower to suckle his boyfriend’s balls. He groaned lustfully when Lance did the same to him. He grew even more aroused when they both proceeded to lick even lower.

Finally, he teased his lover’s hole with his tongue, jabbing into it. Lance did the same to his hole, which pushed Adam to lick even more enthusiastically. Adam figured that neither of them could last much longer, though, since they had been licking and rutting against each other nearly the entire time, desperately trying to relieve some of the tension.

“Babe,” he said, “I’m close. So close.”

“Yeah, Adam. Give it to me.”

He moaned louder when Lance returned to his leaking tool, swallowing it all down that tight, warm throat. He could tell his boyfriend was also about to lose it, so he opened his mouth and sucked the tip of Lance’s erection. He swirled his tongue around it when Lance rewarded him with a copious amount of thick, warm liquid. He inhaled deeply and buried Lance’s cock down his throat in one smooth stroke, greedily swallowing his lover’s ejaculate. That pushed Lance to increase the suction on Adam’s hard tool. Adam could only keen and gasp as he released himself inside Lance’s mouth.

He did not know how long they remained in the same position, but they eventually pulled away and lay breathlessly side by side. After a moment, Adam turned around on the bed and embraced Lance, then closed his eyes to bask in the afterglow. They were both sweaty and sticky, but he didn’t care. He simply wanted a breather before he proceeded to the next round. His cock twitched valiantly as he thought of being buried inside Lance’s tight hole. That would be one of the most amazing feelings in the world.

* * * *

Chapter 3

Michael blinked a few times as his eyesight gradually adjusted to the scant morning light filtering through the thick curtain. He groaned as he gripped his morning erection, moving his hand up and down as he alternated between fast, hard strokes and slow, gentle ones.

He wondered what it would feel like to have Lance’s sexy lips wrapped around his cock as he pushed in hard and spilled himself deep inside that delectable mouth. He wouldn’t mind Adam sucking him off either. Maybe he could take Lance and Adam’s cocks in his mouth one at a time and swallow their seed.

He also fantasized about the three of them fucking one another repeatedly. He moaned aloud as his orgasm approached. He used one hand to grab his balls tighter and harder as he pumped his leaking tool even faster. His eyes scrunched shut as his ejaculate burst out in multiple spurts, covering his torso in streaks of warm, white liquid. He grit his teeth to prevent himself from shouting as the intense climax threatened to overwhelm all of his senses. He breathed harshly as he came down from the high, then gulped and gasped at the pleasurable afterglow.

He wished he could lie in bed and do nothing, but he knew Megan would be waking up soon. Moreover, they both needed to get ready for the play date at ten o’clock. He looked at his chest and stomach, and groaned. He had to shower and eat breakfast with his daughter. It was time to get up and leave the comfort of his warm, welcoming bed.

* * * *

Lance stared uncertainly at the house in front of him. Maybe he had driven to the wrong address. He knew Michael Lambert was a self-made billionaire, and he had assumed the Lamberts would be living in a palace or someplace even more grandiose. Yet this house, though still somewhat sizable, was rather anticlimactic to say the least. He herded the twins toward the front door, still trying to make sure they had reached the right destination.

He knocked a couple of times, preparing himself to apologize just in case they were at the wrong address. His fear was unfounded, though, when Michael answered the door and Megan smiled broadly when she came to stand next to her father.

Lance was about to greet them when the children squealed and joyfully jumped up and down, hugging one another as if they had been separated for the last century. He skillfully ignored the loud noises and greeted Michael with a nod and a handshake.

“Come in, Mr. Johnson.”

“Call me Lance, please.”

“Okay, Lance. Call me Mike, then. Thanks for coming at such a short notice.”

“No problem. Thanks for having us. Sorry that Adam can’t make it. He’s busy at the store. Your house is…umm, nice.”

The other man laughed. “Too small for a billionaire, huh?”

Lance flushed in embarrassment.

“It’s alright, Lance. I hadn’t counted on adopting Megan a few years ago. I thought I would be a childless bachelor for the rest of my life.”

“Sorry, Mike.”

“Don’t be.”

They made their way into the living room, then Mike gave Megan permission to drag the twins into the adjoining room. Apparently, that was where she kept her toys.

Lance sat on the couch a little apart from Mike after the other man gestured to it. Objectively, he noticed Mike’s attractiveness, but he’d been with Adam for years, and he loved and respected his boyfriend far too much to lose even an ounce of self-control. Besides, it was not as if Mike felt the same way about him.

“No butler, housekeeper, or personal chef?”

He was completely mesmerized when Mike broke into laughter once again. “I have a housekeeper, Cynthia, and a personal chef, Andrew. They’re siblings, but they don’t live with Megan and me. They come by only on weekdays from six in the morning until six in the evening. But if I can’t make it home on time, they stay with Megan until I get here.”

“Adam and I are more fortunate in that regard because there are two of us. However, we’ve been saving up because we intend to buy a large enough building where Adam can open his toy store on the first floor and we can all live on the second floor. We’ve not worked out the details yet.”


The silence that followed seemed awkward. Lance alternated between staring at his fingers and gazing at his host. He felt flustered when Mike caught his eyes lingering too long on what he could see of the man’s hairy chest and arms, thanks to the unfastened top buttons of his short-sleeved shirt. He couldn’t help it, though. He was faithful, not blind. He might admire Mike’s muscular torso, broad shoulders, and thick biceps, but he would not cross the line.

“So, Mike…”


“May I have a tour of the house?”

“Oh, of course.”

Lance hummed and hawed as he looked at the various rooms. There was a master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom that obviously belonged to Mike. Megan’s bedroom was next to it. Both rooms, along with two bathrooms and two extra bedrooms, were on the second floor. The kitchen, living room, and the playroom were all on the first floor.

“What do you usually do on the weekends, Mike?” Lance inquired when they had seated down once again in the living room.

“I’m a workaholic, but I need to change that. I think I’ve been burying myself in my work to get away from my loneliness. I’ve hurt Megan’s feelings unconsciously. I need to be a better father.”

“Hey, don’t beat yourself up over it, Mike. We all learn how to be a better parent as we live through it day by day.”

“Uh, thanks. Sorry for dumping all this on you. You’re not here to listen to my rambling.”

“It’s fine, Mike. Don’t worry about it. I’m sorry, too, for snapping at you last Friday afternoon.”

“Oh, that’s okay.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Lance, you were right. In some ways, I’ve been neglecting my daughter’s well-being.”

“Okay, then.”



The silence resumed once again, but it was not as awkward anymore. They smiled hesitantly at each other. At least, they had come to a mutual understanding.

“By the way, Lance, Megan…she…”


“Oh, this is so stupid.”

“What is it, Mike?”

“Megan asked me about why she did not have a sibling.”

“What did you say to her?”

“I tried to explain, but she ended up asking if Nathan and Holly could live here with us.”

Lance snickered. “And?” he prodded curiously.

“She wanted to know if we could all live here together.”

“All of us?”

“All of us.”


“I’ve attempted to make her understand that relationships don’t work out that way. At least, not for the adults. She thinks I should be dating both Adam and you.”

Lance openly gaped at Michael. This was such a bizarre topic of conversation that he didn’t quite know how to respond. He had to wait for his heartbeat to calm a little before he replied. “Mike, are you…I mean…Wow! I don’t know what to say.”

“Yeah, it’s insane, I know. I just…Look, I’m going to be straightforward with you. I like both Adam and you. I’m attracted to both of you.”

Lance stared at him in shock. He had not expected that at all. “Okay…”

“I want to date both of you. Can we at least talk about it?”

“I…I don’t know, Mike,” he answered honestly. “Adam informed me this morning that we’re all going to have lunch together later. Why don’t we discuss it then? No promises, though.”

“Fair enough.”

“Mike, if—and that’s a very big if—the three of us decide that we might be interested in dating one another, Megan would have to be transferred into another classroom. Conflict of interest and all that. I can’t be handling a child when I’m dating the parent.”

“Let’s cross the bridge when we come to it.”

Lance nodded and they proceeded to talk about their children. He also divulged to Mike about his dream of opening his own daytime nursery. He was hoping that he and Adam would find a building spacious enough to accommodate the toy store, the daytime nursery, and an apartment on the uppermost floor. He was grateful that Mike listened attentively. If they did not end up in a three-way, poly-amorous relationship, he hoped they could at least remain friends.

* * * *

Mike waited in apprehension as Adam digested everything they had talked about. The other man had arrived promptly at noon. Lance had also surprised him with a homemade lasagna. Apparently, he had baked this morning and had brought it with him in a tightly covered container, concealed within a big cloth bag. Now he understood why Lance had told him earlier not to plan anything for lunch. He had thought they would be eating lunch outside.

After they had eaten, the children continued playing while the adults remained seated in the dining area. He had agreed that Lance should be the one to summarize everything they’d discussed earlier so that Adam could catch up to them. Now he wanted to hear Adam’s opinion.

“Hey, Mike. Can I ask you something?”

He refrained from making a smart-ass comment like, “You just did,” because that might annoy Adam. He had plenty of courage in a business setting, but he was not as brave when it came to matters of the heart. “Sure, go ahead.”


“Why what?”

“First of all, why do you want to date both Lance and me, and not some other couples? For that matter, why don’t you date a man who’s single? Won’t it be easier? Secondly, don’t you think you’re moving a little too fast? Finally, aren’t you worried about your reputation in the business world? After all, you’re one of the bigger names out there.”

“Fair enough,” Mike began with his explanation. “I’m rarely attracted to anyone at all. Even though our first meeting was less than smooth, Lance, I found myself immediately attracted to you. It was certainly a sexual desire more than anything else, but I could feel this strange feeling bubbling up back then. The same thing happened when I saw you at the toy store, Adam.”

“Alright, and…?”

“I really don’t see any problem with going after what I want. I won’t force myself on both of you, but I can tell by your lingering glances that you’re both also attracted to me. At least sexually, that is.”

He grinned when both men nodded in agreement.

“We’ve had sexual attractions toward a number of men over the years, but nothing came of them,” Lance pointed out.

“Perhaps,” Mike replied, “but I’ll bet none of them were willing to put themselves out there the way I do. We like each other and our kids all get along pretty well, which is an important factor for me. There aren’t many people out there who are willing to date a single parent. With regards to my reputation, I don’t think my personal life will affect my business much, if at all. Naturally, tongues will start wagging for a little while, but gossip always dies down once something more exciting comes along. Do not underestimate the boredom of the people in my business circle. They are like hungry sharks, going after every scrap of juicy gossip they can bite into.”

“We won’t know anything about that,” Adam said. “Lance and I are obviously not a part of that elite circle.”

“Elite or not is a matter of perception, Adam. Besides, I like you both very much. I haven’t experienced such an instant connection in a long time. As crazy as the idea may seem, can you both promise me you’ll at least think it over seriously? I don’t expect you to agree, but consider the possibility that the three of us can be good together.”

Mike knew his tone was somewhat pleading, but he would regret it even more if he did not attempt to convince them. He hadn’t been lying about the immediate attraction he’d felt for both of them. It might be weird to most people, but he’d been both angered and turned on when Lance had reprimanded him during their first meeting. Then, there was Adam, both physically intimidating and arousing, yet so gentle and sweet with Megan. He kept his eyes locked on both men, waiting impatiently for their responses. He smiled triumphantly when they finally conceded to consider his request.

He was still grinning from ear to ear as he lay in bed that evening. After their conversation, Lance and Adam had stayed for another hour before leaving with their twins. Mike had been overjoyed when they mentioned having another play date for the kids this following weekend. Naturally, he had agreed to it. His daughter would be less lonely and he would get to see both Lance and Adam. That would be killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. Now, he simply had to wait for Adam and Lance’s decision with regards to his proposal. He closed his eyes and fell into a dreamless sleep soon after.

* * * *

Chapter 4

Adam stared at the long queue of customers, all of them waiting to pay for their purchases. Yet this was a really horrible day. In fact, the last few days had been disastrous. Although business was even better than the previous week, five of his employees had called in sick two days in a row, so he was seriously understaffed. The new shipments had arrived the day before, but he was unable to unpack any of the boxes. He’d had to stay late for the last three days because the whole store looked like a war zone; the increase in customers meant more business, but it also led to untidy shelves.

He sighed when he recalled Lance’s annoyed tone. He knew Lance had been understanding throughout the various aspects of Adam’s life as a toy store owner, but he had missed out on the twins’ bedtime again last night. They had agreed that no matter how busy they were, they would always make time for the children. The guilt was eating him up inside because he’d been spending little time at home with both Nathan and Holly.

Not only was he currently stressing out at work, but stewing with sexual frustrations. An angry and disappointed Lance meant no sex at all. They had cuddled in bed every evening and had fallen asleep in more or less the same position, but Adam yearned for their natural intimacy. Unfortunately, they had done nothing more than trade passionate kisses, which inflamed his desire even more. Moreover, Lance had to wake up early every day and get the twins ready for preschool before they would leave together. Adam was about ready to explode.

Also, he and Lance had been talking about Mike’s unconventional proposal. Admittedly, Adam was feeling uncertain about it. He wasn’t an insanely jealous or possessive type, but he didn’t know how his relationship with Lance would turn out if they agreed to add Mike into the mix. Adam wasn’t blind, though. If he were single, he would have no qualm at all about having sex with Mike. That man was good-looking and had a great build, but Adam loved Lance and didn’t want to jeopardize what they had. In all honesty, he was also rather frightened at the possibility that Lance might end up loving Mike more than him.

An abrupt beeping from inside his pocket startled him out of his musings. He hurriedly took care of another customer before pulling out his smart phone to check the incoming text message. It was Lance informing him that he would be bringing the twins to the toy store at dinnertime. Adam heaved a sigh of relief; Lance was the best boyfriend ever. Now Adam didn’t have to worry about staying late and missing out on time with his twins. It might not be a long-term solution, but it was better than nothing.

He strengthened his resolve to quickly find the perfect building to house the toy store, Lance’s dream of a daytime nursery, and an apartment. That might not be a permanent response to their problems, but at least he was working on it. His heart felt lighter all of a sudden, and he dealt with another customer much more cheerfully than he had been the entire morning. Everything seemed better now.

* * * *

Mike was really excited. He had just received a wonderful piece of news from the owner of the bookstore behind his office. The building housed the large shop on the first floor, and the owner and his wife lived on the second. Mike knew the couple had been thinking about moving to a warmer city and spending their golden age together, so he’d put in a bid to purchase the building and it had just been approved.

After hearing about Lance’s plan for a daytime nursery, he had been mulling things over. He believed he had the right solution for everyone involved, especially if the three of them ended up dating. He grabbed his smart phone off his desk and sent a text message to both Adam and Lance, confirming Megan’s play date with their twins. They both replied in the affirmative. He then refocused his attention on the presentation slides he was creating for an afternoon meeting.

As the hours passed, he grew more nervous, and not due to any work-related events. He’d been dealing with those things for years now. No, his anxiousness stemmed from the fact that he’d be meeting with both Adam and Lance the next day. They’d not told him their decision regarding his poly-amorous relationship proposal, and the anticipation had been killing him slowly. Seeing the two men together on the previous Saturday had also fueled his lust-filled fantasies. His cock had been rubbed raw from the multiple times he’d masturbated as a consequence of all the pornographic images he’d conjured of the three of them together in bed.

When it was time to leave for the day, it took everything in him to concentrate on driving safely home. He’d also been missing Megan. Their father-daughter relationship had improved slightly and he planned to keep that up. Cynthia, his loyal housekeeper, had also informed him that Megan had been much happier the last few days.

He was grateful and relieved that both she and the chef, Andrew, had been assisting him to look after Megan’s well-being. Cynthia was in charge of fetching Megan home from the preschool and accompanying her for the rest of the afternoon, while Andrew took care of Megan’s favorite foods in a way that would be both healthy and delicious. Their presence in the house had helped Megan feel less lonely. Now, thinking about Megan made Mike miss her even more. He absolutely could not wait to reach home and see his daughter.

* * * *

“Hey, love. Can we talk for a minute?” Lance inquired.

“Sure, babe. What’s up?”

“Mike just sent me another text message. Did he contact you, too?”

“Nope. What did he say this time? By the way, I’m really sorry the twins and you have to stay at this late hour in the store with my employees and me. Where are the twins anyway?”

“They’re asleep on the couch in your office, love, and before you start feeling guilty, don’t! They were really excited you got to read them bedtime stories. Anyway, Mike has a business proposition for us, but he wouldn’t tell me what it is. He wants to discuss it with both of us face-to-face. Will you be home for lunch tomorrow?”

“Absolutely, babe. Shit! I miss you so fucking much. I miss the twins, too.”

Lance pulled Adam into a tight embrace. “Don’t beat yourself up over that. I’m sorry I’ve been rather hard on you. I really miss you, too, love.”

He continued to hug Adam, breathing in the heady scent of cologne and sweat. He had to bite his lip to prevent a moan from escaping his mouth. Being near his lover and smelling that familiar musky scent had never failed to turn him on because it reminded him of sex and the subsequent afterglow.

“Babe, fuck! Please don’t! I need to concentrate on unpacking everything so we can all go home as soon as possible.”

“I’m not doing anything!”

“Your hard cock is pressing against mine. You know I can’t deny you when you’re rubbing yourself against me. I’m not an exhibitionist, though. My employees are putting all the new toys on the shelves and I don’t want them to catch us doing anything sexual. I hate anyone else leering at you fully clothed, much less when you’re naked.”

“Possessive,” Lance teased.

“Only when it comes to you, babe.”

He pulled back a little and gazed into Adam’s eyes, feeling the overwhelming sense of love surging up and filling his entire being. He shuddered a little from the sensation. “So, are we going to decline?”


“Mike’s proposal?”

“Oh! I…I don’t know, babe. To be honest, he’s drop-dead gorgeous and his body is hot as hell, but lust is not a good basis for a relationship.”

“I agree, but what are we going to do about his ‘marriage’ proposal?”

“Which one? He’ll be adding another one into the mix tomorrow, I’m sure.”

“Ha! Ha! Funny! Anyway, do you want to attempt a poly-amorous relationship with him?” Lance persisted.

“What about you, babe? Do you want to?”

“I’ve never thought about a monogamous relationship with more than two people at the same time.”

“And now?”

“Ever since our conversation with Mike, I can’t stop thinking about it.”

“I can sense a ‘but’ somewhere.”

“I don’t want to go through life wondering ‘what if.’ You know what I mean?”


He sighed deeply and kissed Adam for a minute or two before breaking away.

“Hey, Adam. Look at me, please. Having Nathan, Holly, and you is more than enough for me. I want the two of us to make the decision together. It’s not rocket science. If you feel uncomfortable with the idea, we can tell Mike a three-way relationship might not be suitable for us.”


“Love, no pressure at all.”


“What do you mean by ‘okay’?”

“I think we should give it a go.”

“Love, I…”

“Lance, let’s just go out on a date with Mike.”

“Are you positive about this?”

“Yeah. Besides…can I tell you something, babe?”


“This…this is crazy, but…do you remember him telling us of his instant attraction to both of us?”


“When I first met you, I had that same feeling. I never thought I would ever feel that way again.”

“Until Mike?”

“Until Mike.”

“Okay, then.”

“What about you, babe?”

“Mike is definitely attractive. If I didn’t have the twins and you, I would bang him for sure,” he responded honestly, even though he could feel his cheeks heating up.

“Don’t be embarrassed.”

“Thanks for being so understanding.”

“You’ve stolen the words right out of my mouth, babe.”

Lance leaned in for another passionate kiss before walking away from the storage area. He had to check on the twins and make sure they were still sound asleep in the office. Also, he could not wait for lunchtime the next day. He and Adam would be agreeing to Mike’s unexpected proposal, and they might embark on a brand new phase of their relationship. He only hoped it would be the beginning of a wonderful partnership.

* * * *

Mike felt a sense of déjà vu as he sat across from Adam and Lance. They all stared at one another, waiting for someone to make the first move or utter the first word. This scene reminded him of the one that had occurred last Saturday, exactly one week ago, when he had been waiting for them to react to his proposal. Currently, they claimed they were ready to talk about it, but neither had said anything for minutes. The only sound he heard was the raucous noise of the children playing somewhere in the apartment. He squashed down his impatience and calmly leaned back against the couch.

“Hey, Mike.”

His attention immediately focused on Lance. “Yeah?”

“You know that Adam and I find you attractive, but any potential relationship is not just about the three of us. We have to take into account the feelings of our twins.”

“And Megan,” he interjected.

“Yeah, of course.”

“Look, guys. I know it’s unconventional, but we like one another and our kids get along as well. I’m not taking things lightly and I’m certain both of you are doing the same thing, but we can always try it. It’s not a marriage, after all. Nonetheless, I promise I’ll work hard to make things work out among us.”

He eyed the other men one at a time, willing them to believe him and to jump into this with him. He knew Adam and Lance were already a traditionally complete couple and he was essentially inserting himself into their relationship, but he couldn’t help it. Something about each of them had captivated him and he truly wanted to be a part of them, selfish as it might be.

“Okay, Mike,” Adam said. “We can try this, but we’ve never done a three-way relationship before. How do we…I mean, do we go out on dates?”

“I’ve also never done this before, but I like what we’re doing at the moment.”

“I don’t get it,” Lance said.

“Our kids have play dates and the three of us end up having conversations in private. It’s kind of like a date for the adults, isn’t it?”

“When you put it that way, yeah. Sure.”

“Anyway, I have something to discuss with you both.”

“Another ‘marriage’ proposal?” Adam asked.

“Ha! Not yet.”

“So, what is it?”

“Do you know that I own one of the largest office buildings in this state?”

“Yeah, and…?”

“Well, there are several companies renting spaces in it. Many of their employees are parents who need a daytime nursery for their kids.”

“I don’t know what you’re trying to say, Mike,” Lance said.

“Patience, babe,” Adam said. “Let the man speak.”


“It’s fine, Lance,” Mike said. “Anyway, I’m purchasing a bookstore behind my office building. The owners, an old married couple, will be moving to a warmer city for their retirement. I’ve checked out the place several times. The second floor is actually an apartment.”

“What are you proposing exactly?” Adam asked.

“I’m thinking that Lance can have his dream of a daytime nursery in my building. Coincidentally, one of the companies has decided to move elsewhere. Although I’ve been looking for another company to move in, I figure Lance can use the space instead.”

“How much does it cost?” Lance asked.

“You can have the space for free as long as you share a percentage of the profits with me. You’ll have tons of customers because there’s no daytime nursery anywhere in the area, unless you want to drive seven or eight blocks away.”

“That is fantastic,” Adam said. “Babe, what do you think?”

“I think we should check out the office space as soon as possible,” Lance replied. “Mike, what about the bookstore, though?”

“The bookstore had been passed down from one generation to the next, but the children of the current owners had no interest in it, so I’m buying it. The size of the land itself is eight thousand square feet. Adam can convert the bookstore into his toy store, and the four of you can live on the second floor after everything has been suitably renovated.”

“How do you figure into this?”

“You’ll be getting approximately the same deal as Lance. The rent is free, but naturally, I want a share of the profits. I mean, if you’re both agreeable.”

“Fair enough. What about the apartment?”

Mike flushed. He had known this question would come up, but Adam still caught him a little off guard. “Honestly, I…well, if our relationship works out, maybe we could all live together.”

“What about your current house?”

“I’ll sell it. Easy as that. Think about it, guys. Lance can have his dream turned into a reality and Adam will be able to stay close to the twins even though the toy store is open seven days a week.”

“Mike, your offer is very generous,” Lance said. “Can Adam and I check out the locations before we decide?”

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