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Fluffers, Inc. Book Two

Hank Edwards

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Copyright 2018 Hank Edwards

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Cock Watcher

Charlie Heggensford slowly swallowed the long length of fattening cock. He caressed he shaft with his tongue and paused for a moment with his nose buried in the dark, fragrant bush that surrounded the base. Drawing his head back — slowly, always slowly — Charlie allowed the glistening, pink dick to slide out of his mouth. He kept his lips pressed firmly against the flesh so that he could almost feel the pulse.

The man standing before him groaned and tipped his head back. He set his hips and pumped his dick into Charlie's throat. But Charlie backed off, dropping the penis from between his lips and wrapping a firm fist around it instead. He looked up along the man's well-developed body with a grin and gently stroked.

"Oh, fuck, Charlie," the actor moaned as he looked down at him. "You are one hot fucking fluffer."

"That's why I have a Hummer award on my entertainment center," Charlie replied. "You don't learn this stuff in school, you know."

"Where the hell did you learn to suck cock like that?"


The actor snorted a laugh and tipped his head back again, closing his eyes as Charlie's fist rode his dick. "You're a piece of work."

"Yeah, I know."

Charlie sensed his subject was ready for more oral stimulation, and he leaned forward to take the cock in his mouth once more. The actor's breath hissed between his teeth and he groaned again. As he sucked, Charlie popped one eye open and glanced at the clock on the wall. He would need to leave soon if he was going to make it to Ken's movie premiere on time, and he certainly didn't want to miss it.

It had been less than a year since he had moved to L.A. from his family's dairy farm in Idaho. He had tried his hand at several jobs when he had first arrived: waiter, valet driver, and bus boy. But Charlie was a clumsy person and always found himself out of a job. Until he walked into the offices of Fluffers, Inc., where the owner, Kinitia Jones, had hired him. She ran a dispatch service providing fluffers for the various adult film studios in L.A., and soon Charlie had been sucking cock all over the city. He was new to the job and eager — sometimes a little too eager — and had quickly gained a reputation for over-stimulating his clients, an act frowned on by the directors as they needed their actors hard and ready, not soft and spent. After several months as a fluffer, Charlie had won The Hummer, an award which recognized achievements in fluffing and was handed out along with the awards honoring actors, directors, and others involved in the gay adult film industry, the Golden Orifices.

Charlie sighed around his mouthful of cock and thought about the friends he had made at Fluffers, Inc. Sharp, beautiful, independent, and mothering in a tough love kind of way Kinitia Jones. Her slightly daffy, loving, joyous assistant from Minnesota, Bernice Tallipepper. And his two closest friends, Billy Ransom, a younger man from Cleveland who had started at the company just before Charlie had himself and could not seem to keep a thought in his head, and older, hot, Ken Carlton, senior member of the team at Fluffers, Inc., and a man who had just been offered a chance to get back into gay porn films as the lead in a rather large budget action porn film titled Cumuppance.

Ken had made a name for himself in gay porn films many years prior to working at Fluffers, Inc., but had lost his connections and, supposedly, his desire to be in front of the cameras. However, when a hot new gay porn director had come into the office one day and offered Ken a starring role in what could possibly turn into a film franchise, there was no way Ken could turn it down.

And tonight was the big premiere party for Cumuppance. The studio head, Gregory Gianelli, had rented out a large, ornate theater to show the film, and afterwards was hosting a party at his home in the hills. It was going to be a very exclusive affair, and Ken had made sure Charlie, Billy, Kinitia, Bernice, and the other fluffers received invitations. The premiere started at nine on the other side of town, and it was already going on five o'clock. If Charlie could finish up here in the next half an hour, he would have plenty of time to make it to the showing.

"Oh, yeah, get the head," the actor grunted. "Right on the head there."

Charlie slid back and paused with his lips clamped around the thick, mushroom head, slowly pulsing his fist along its length. As he worked the actor's cock, he thought briefly of Rock Harding, gay porn superstar and a man that had worked his way deep into Charlie's heart. He had not seen Rock for almost a month, and it seemed as if every thing Charlie saw or touched brought up memories of him. Each time he checked in on a set, he would survey the area for a glimpse of Rock. But it had been weeks now since he'd seen or heard from Rock, and he wondered what had made the actor lay low.

As he thought about Rock, Charlie's grip on the man before him tightened. He thought back to the times he had fluffed Rock, how the man's dick had slowly expanded in his mouth, and the times he had gotten a little too into his work and made Rock come. That, he had quickly learned, was a major faux pas in the world of fluffing. He was supposed to get the men up and keep them hard, not bring them to orgasm. Since those days, Charlie had fluffed Rock several times without making him come, and they had developed a close friendship, much to the annoyance of Rock's lover.

Charlie pushed from his head thoughts of Rock's lover, Cedric Wilmington, evil gay porn director and part owner of the building where Kinitia Jones leased the offices of Fluffers, Inc. He forced himself to focus on his work, and began to suck the full length of the actor's dick. The man groaned and bent his knees, thrusting his hips forward as Charlie dragged his mouth along his prick. Charlie closed his eyes, and suddenly memories of Rock burst into his mind completely unbidden. He could practically taste the salt of his cock and balls, smell the fresh, citrus scent so unique to him, and see the smooth, pink pucker of his asshole as he had turned around and bent over for Charlie to dig in. So much time between them had been spent on work, and Rock had never sucked him, it had always been Charlie kneeling before the muscular, dark haired man, his mouth stuffed full of dick. They had spent time alone together a handful of times, one night falling asleep together atop a desert mesa, but had never really had sex, not in the common use of the word.

The images and sensations brought back on by memories of Rock got Charlie hard in seconds, as usual. His dick strained against his boxer briefs, pre-come soaking through the material of his underwear and into the denim crotch of his jeans. He began sucking the actor before him faster, his right hand tightly gripping the base of the man's dick as his left tugged on his balls.

"Oh, fuck, fluffer," the actor grunted. "I'm fuckin' your hot face and I'm going to shoot off right in your fuckin' mouth."

Consumed by thoughts of Rock, Charlie grunted around his mouthful of cock and sucked harder. Seconds later hot, spicy cum filled his mouth, spurting out over his lips and down along his chin. The sharp smell of the semen pushed into his nostrils and he let the cum dribble out from between his lips as he slowed his sucking. With a heavy sigh and a grunt of his own, Charlie came into the pouch of his boxer briefs which were already slick with pre-come. The smell and taste of semen was enough to send him over the edge every time without so much as a touch of his hand.

It wasn't until he sat back and gazed up at the man that Charlie realized what he had done. The actor grinned at him and reached down to wipe the cum off his chin.

"Oh, shit," Charlie said with a sinking feeling in his gut.

"Okay, I'm ready for…" The director of the movie walked up, his voice dying out as he caught sight of Charlie's cum=slicked face and his actor's wilting hard-on. "Oh for the love of…. Charlie, what the fuck is wrong with you? Huh? How many times do you have to be told not to make these guys come? I swear, Hummer award or not, you're becoming a real pain in the ass to have on a set, you know that?" The director shook his head and put his hands on his hips. He took a few breaths then turned to shout, "Take a break, everyone. We've had another fluffer issue over here and the next scene will have to wait."

"What? No!" Charlie said, standing up and flinching as his cock pulled away from where it was drying to his briefs. "I have to be out of here soon. Really soon. I'm sorry, I'll…. I'll get him hard again right away, and I promise I won't make him come. Here, I'll start now." Charlie dropped to his knees before the actor and began to suck desperately at the man's softened dick.

The director folded his arms over his chest and narrowed his eyes. "Oh, stop it, Charlie, you look like some kind of ravenous calf trying to feed from an old dried up cow."

The actor shot his director a dirty look. "Uh, Henry, you'd better watch how you say things like that."

"Oh, sorry Adam," Henry replied in a sarcastic voice. "Go get cleaned up, and use someone else to get hard. I'll need a big come shot from you for the end of the movie, so keep it up for an hour at least."

Adam shrugged and walked off, his dick pulling out from between Charlie's desperate lips and leaving him in mid-suck. Charlie almost fell forward but caught himself in time. Looking up at the director, he sheepishly wiped his mouth and slowly got to his feet.

"I'm sorry, Henry," Charlie said quietly. "I just got…"

"Carried away," Henry finished for him. "Yeah, I know. Just like on the set of my last movie." Henry stepped closer and lowered his voice. "I need to finish this movie tonight, okay? And I'm going to make you stay here with us until we get the very last shot."

"But, Henry," Charlie started to protest.

"No buts, Charlie," Henry said. "You stay here for the full shoot or I'll report you to Kinitia and start using fluffers from Tongue In Cheeks on my sets."

Charlie sighed as Henry turned his back and walked away. Why did this keep happening to him? He risked another glance at the clock and felt his stomach drop. It was a quarter past five. If it was going to be another hour until they started shooting the next scene, Charlie might be able to leave in time to make the premiere by nine. But it was across town, and he would not be able to stop by his apartment and change. He groaned and trudged off to the bathroom to clean up.

An hour later, Charlie knelt before a different actor, a man named Carl, and carefully worked the man's erection, all the while stealing glances at the clock on the wall. The man's cock was enormous, at least ten inches, and thick as a beer can at the base. As he tried to read the clock, the huge dick continually slipped free and bobbed in front of his eyes, blocking his vision. He tried not to think about the sexual possibilities with this man, and kept his mind on the task in hand. He could hear the previous actor, Adam, being serviced by one of the crew over on the set.

"Okay, we're ready!" Henry called out. "Adam and Carl, I need you both on the set. Jan and Dave you're up next. Get over to the fluffer."

Charlie leaned back and watched Carl walk off toward the set, his cock swinging before him like a fifth limb. The man stopped at the foot of a bed and grinned down at Adam as he rolled a condom along the length of his tree trunk of a dick. Adam looked over his partner's equipment with a mix of excitement and nerves as he prepared himself for receiving the deep impact of Carl's massive cock.

"Action!" Henry said and Carl lifted Adam's legs into the air. He adjusted his position then slid his immense cock into the tight asshole before him. Adam grimaced and lay back, groaning as Carl worked himself deep inside.

Carl began fucking his partner with abandon, and Charlie checked the clock again. He would definitely miss the opening credits. He turned back to find two more actors lined up in front of him, both completely soft and shriveled in the chilly evening air of the warehouse. Charlie took a breath, stretched his jaw muscles, and moved in to begin his work.

He left the warehouse at eight-fifteen and ran to the bus stop, pounding up the sidewalk just as the bus pulled away. He did not have enough cash for a cab, and had to wait ten agonizing minutes before another bus came by, bouncing impatiently on the balls of his feet and frightening even the homeless people who roosted in the covered bus stop. He tried not to think about how he looked: crotch stiff with semen and hair that had been mussed by half a dozen hands as he had knelt before the actors. None of that mattered. What did matter was that he had to make it to Ken's movie premiere on time and give his support. He did not want to miss an event this important to someone Charlie had come to consider a very good friend.

The next bus finally arrived and he jumped through the doors as soon as they opened, causing the driver to flinch. Charlie found an empty seat and sat down, fidgeting and keeping time with his hands on the seat back before him as he tried to mentally urge the bus to move faster. At his wit's end and unable to take the slow, groaning transmission and low, relaxed mutterings of the other passengers, he disembarked five stops before he had intended and sprinted along the sidewalk to the theater where he skidded to a stop in front of the glass doors.

With a few deep breaths to compose himself, Charlie pulled the door open and stepped inside. The murmur of the crowd in the lobby washed over him and then began to fade out as all faces turned to stare. Several hundred men and women in formal evening wear surrounded him, and every single one of them stared with expressions of distaste.

"Sir?" a low voice said from Charlie's side.

Charlie looked into the pinched face of an older, balding man with a thick mustache. "Yes?"

"May I help you in some way?"

"Is this the theater for the premiere?" Charlie asked, keeping his voice low. The people in the crowd had begun to speak quietly once again, probably about him.

"Well, yes, we are hosting a premiere tonight, but it is a formal affair." The man let his gaze travel along Charlie's outfit. "And you don't seem to be dressed all that, well, formally. Sir."

"I didn't know it was going to be this formal," Charlie replied, turning to look around the lobby. "I don't see Ken or Kinitia."

"I'm sorry, sir, but I'm going to have to ask to see your invitation."

Charlie's heart leaped. Invitation? Shit! He had left it at his apartment! "Um, I, uh, don't have it on me. But if you would just get Ken Carlton or Kinitia Jones, they can vouch for me."

"I'm sorry, sir, but there is no one here by that name. I'm going to have to insist that you leave." The man took Charlie by the arm and escorted him through the door and to the sidewalk. "Please go before I call the police."

Charlie stepped out from beneath the marquee of the theater and looked up. The word PREMIERE hung above him and below that was listed "ARTHOUSE DEBACLE" A NEW FILM BY EDWARD MARGOLIS.

"Huh?" Charlie said to himself. "Who the fuck is that?" He turned around and looked along the street. Two blocks farther down he could see another theater marquee and rolled his eyes. He had gone into the wrong theater. Tamping down his embarrassment, Charlie jogged down the street and read the marquee twice before entering the building: PREMIERING TONIGHT! A NEW STYLE OF ADULT ENTERTAINMENT! "CUMUPPANCE."

The lobby was deserted except for some well-built models gossiping at the concession stand. They wore tuxedoes and fanned themselves with movie programs. As Charlie walked in, their heads turned as a group, surveyed his condition, and dismissed him in the space of a minute.

Charlie crossed the lobby and slipped through the door into the dark theater. Projected on the screen before him, so much bigger than life, was Ken's amazing cock. Charlie had become very familiar with Ken's cock over the months, and he would have recognized it anywhere. Eight inches long in person, Ken's dick stretched several feet long on screen and was ready for action as he began working over another actor.

Moving slowly, Charlie eased down the aisle, squinting as he scanned the crowd in the darkness, searching for Kinitia, Billy, Bernice, or Ken. He made it halfway down the aisle between the center and left sections of seats before he heard his name hissed from across the theater. "Charlie! Psst!"

He turned and squinted over the people in the center section who had turned to stare at him. From the right section of seats across the theater, a pale arm waved. "Over here!"

Charlie grinned as the light from the screen reflected off a pair of large, plastic framed glasses. It was Bernice Tallipepper, Kinitia's assistant. She possessed a quick smile and optimistic, down home personality that either won people over or pissed them off. Haling from Minnesota, she had moved out west after her husband of twenty-seven years divorced her for another woman one third his age. Her four children were grown up and married, living scattered throughout the United States, so she had followed a life-long dream and moved west to California. And much like Charlie had himself, she had found her way to Kinitia's door as a receptionist with a temp agency until just a few months ago when Kinitia had hired her full time.

Charlie excused himself through a row of people, apologizing as he squashed toes and scuffed leather, then plopped down between Bernice and Billy Ransom, another of Kinitia's fluffers.

"Where have you been?" Billy asked. He sniffed a few times then reached down into Charlie's crotch to feel the stiff, sticky stain on his jeans. "Jesus, Charlie, not again!"

"Oh shut up," Charlie mumbled. "I'll tell you about it later." He settled into his seat, accepted some popcorn from Bernice, and watched the movie unfold.

Up on the screen, Ken had apparently been taken prisoner, and was enduring a thorough cavity search by a pair of stocky henchmen. The pair stripped him down then inserted a metal speculum into his anus and cranked it open, spreading his sphincter wide. Using their fingers and a lubed up billy club, the two men poked and prodded Ken's gaping hole. Soon one of the henchmen shook his head and said in a horribly over the top Russian accent, "Nah. Ve must geet in deeper dan dees."

The henchman unzipped his coverall and dropped it to the floor, exposing a long, very thick, pumped and ready to go cock. A leather cock ring was fastened around the base, keeping the man stiff as he slid a condom onto his massive pole and then moved around behind Ken. While the other henchman held Ken's head pressed into his crotch, the nude henchman rammed himself full tilt into Ken's hole.

"Ouch," Charlie whispered as on the screen Ken grimaced and let out a shout muffled by the cock in his throat. "That had to hurt."

Billy leaned over and said quietly, "Nah, I was the fluffer on this set. They had the guy fuck him a little bit first and then had him drive it home. It just looks bad."

Charlie nodded and turned back to the screen. The henchman in front shrugged out of his own coveralls and managed to keep his dick in Ken's mouth the entire time. Ken took both men like a pro, grunting and grinding his hips in a circular motion as the big-dicked henchman pummeled his asshole. Before too long the henchman at the rear pulled his huge cock out of Ken's hole and ripped the condom off. He stroked himself to a splattering climax that covered Ken's middle and lower back, then reached down to slide his fingers into Ken's loose and lubricated asshole. The henchman in front pulled back and shot his load onto Ken's face, spraying him with cum as Ken closed his eyes and mouth and rode the fingers in his asshole. A moment later, he straightened up and launched his own wad onto the belly and crotch of the man in front of him as the man behind continued to finger fuck him.

The henchmen smiled at each other then Ken turned and delivered a couple of high kicks and punches to the men, knocking them out. Charlie and Billy looked at each other with wide eyes.

"That looked really impressive," Charlie said. "I knew Ken was flexible, but not that flexible!"

Billy blinked and said, "I never saw that move while I was on the set."

They turned back to the film and watched as Ken ran through gray corridors, nude and sporting a full erection that bobbed before him. He was searching for stolen microfilm, and to get it he was going to fuck everyone he met. Charlie settled deeper into his chair and stretched out to give his crotch more room to expand as he watched the rest of the film.

After the movie, the crowd gathered in the lobby. The mood was light and everyone was talking about how much they had liked the film. Ken mingled with the well wishers and accepted congratulations on his acting abilities and physical endowments. Charlie, Billy, Kinitia and Bernice stood off to one side of the concession stand and talked about the movie. They had all enjoyed it, Bernice especially since it had been her first time seeing a gay porn movie.

"I'd always wondered how it all worked between, you know, two men," Bernice said. "And now I've seen just about all of it, huh?"

"I'd say you were just getting started, honey," Kinitia replied with a raised eyebrow. "What would your family say if they knew where you worked?"

Bernice giggled and waved Kinitia off. "Oh, I just tell them I'm an assistant at a delivery service. They don't care enough to ask anything more than that. Oh, look, here comes Ken. Ken! Yoo hoo! Kenny!"

Ken sauntered up, his shirt unbuttoned down the middle of his hairy chest and his pants tight enough to reveal that he dressed to the left. He was porn-star-cool as he flashed them a smile and hugged each one tight. Grabbing Charlie last of all, Ken placed a hand over his stiff crotch and asked quietly, "More problems on the set?"

"All right," Charlie replied and backed away. "Hey, nice fight scenes."

Ken grinned. "Thanks. Pretty good for an old timer, huh?"

"So, Ken, great come shots," Bernice said and gave him a thumbs up. "Nice distance."

Ken blushed and looked down at his shoes. "Uh, thanks Bernice. I appreciate you all coming out tonight to see it."

"What, are you crazy?" Billy said. "Of course we would."

"Well, it's just really nice that you all support me in this second attempt at becoming an actor. It means a lot."

"Well, I'd say it's more than just an attempt, but you're welcome," Charlie said and hugged Ken again. "After all, you taught me everything I know."

Cupping his hand over Charlie's crotch again, Ken replied, "And it looks like you need some more training."

"May I have your attention please?" a man standing on a chair called out over the noise of the crowd. The people quieted down and turned to face him. "Thank you all for coming tonight to our premiere. I am Gregory Gianelli, the head of Bruised Knees studios, and I would like to personally invite all of you back to my house for a gathering to celebrate this new era of gay adult film. On your invitations you will find a map to the house, but if you do not have one, any of my trusty assistants in tuxedoes can supply one for you. I hope to see each of you there. Thank you again for supporting Cumuppance."

The crowd applauded and then began to file out of the theater.

"I've got the Beetle if anyone wants to ride along with me," Ken offered.

"That's good because I didn't drive tonight," Kinitia said. "Looks like we're all going to be riding with you."

They followed the crowd outside and squeezed into Ken's red Beetle. Bernice got in the front seat and Kinitia and Charlie sat in back with Billy stretched out over their laps like a Vegas showgirl during rehearsal. The drive was mercifully short, and soon Ken was making his way up the drive to Gregory Gianelli's brightly lit, sprawling house overlooking the lights of the city.

"Wow," Charlie said as he stepped out of the car and took in the house and grounds.

"Yeah, no kidding," Ken replied. "Makes Cedric Wilmington's house look like a fuckin' log cabin, doesn't it?"

Charlie rolled his eyes at the mention of Cedric. "God, did you have to bring up that old bitch?"

"Sorry. But I thought you saw him already."

"What do you mean?"

"You don't know? I was sitting with the cast and crew behind the row you cut through to get to those guys." Ken nodded to where Bernice and Billy were helping Kinitia from the backseat of the car. "You stepped on him and Rock as you went past them."

"Oh fuck," Charlie moaned. "You're kidding."

"Sorry bud. I heard Cedric say something about his new Gucci's right after you stomped by like Godzilla." Ken saw the stricken look on Charlie's face and could not help laughing as he slapped him on the back. "Hey, relax. What can he do to you that he hasn't already tried to do before, right?"

Charlie took a deep breath and followed his friends up to the house. "I'm afraid to find out."


Old Time's Sake

It took almost a full hour without seeing Cedric or Rock before Charlie could finally relax. He had a couple of mimosas and wandered around the large house, peering into rooms and admiring the artwork. There were over three hundred people at the party and Charlie breezed through with a grin, stopping to talk to those he knew and smiling at those he did not but wouldn't mind getting to know.

In one of the upstairs bathrooms, Charlie stood before the toilet relishing the peace and solitude of having a room to himself, even if it was only for a few minutes, when the door popped open. He jumped and quickly tucked himself back into his soiled pants. Fluffer though he was, Charlie was intensely pee shy. After zipping up, he turned to find Brent Harrington, his one time neighbor and sometime lover, standing with his back against the door. His goateed face was creased with a rakish grin that lent a sparkle to his brown eyes.

"Brent?" Charlie gave him a hug and grunted as Brent wrapped his big, hairy arms around him and squeezed back. "Where have you been for the last few weeks?"

Brent grinned at him. "Working. Got a job on a movie up in Vancouver."

"As in Canada?"

"One and the same. I worked on the movie for a week, fell in love with the place and decided to stay for a while." Brent leaned against the sink and folded his arms. "How about you? What's new in the world of Farm Boy Charlie?"

Charlie shrugged. "Not much, really. Ken's movie was premiered tonight. Did you see it?"

Brent shook his head. "No. I just heard about the party and wandered in on my own. I was hoping to find you here."

"I'm glad you did." Charlie grinned at him. "So what's next for you? Are you back to stay?"

Brent made a face and darted his gaze away, and Charlie felt his throat constrict. He wasn't in love with Brent, not by a long shot, but the man had proved to be a good friend when Charlie had needed someone several months before. Plus he was really hot in bed.

"You're leaving, aren't you?" Charlie asked.

"Just to Vancouver," Brent replied. "It's not that far. You could come visit."

"A whole other country." Charlie forced a smile. "But I'd like to come visit. Are you going to do movies up there or something?"

Brent blushed around his goatee. "Something else, actually. And it's a lot different than what I've been doing."

"Oh? What is it?"

"I bought a pet store."

Charlie laughed. "A pet store? Are you serious?"

Brent laughed along with him. "Very serious. I love animals, and I don't have the attention span or background to be a veterinarian, so I'm doing the next best thing."

Charlie smiled. "I think it's great. I can't wait to see the shop."

"I would love for you to come up and visit."

"I will. I promise."

A frantic pounding on the door interrupted them and a shrill voice asked, "Are you done blowing him yet? For God's sake, there are about forty bedrooms in this place and only six bathrooms! Come on already!"

Brent pulled open the door and waved for Charlie to precede him. As Charlie stepped over the threshold he stopped and gasped. Cedric Wilmington, evil director and man of sour mind and flabby body, stood before him. Cedric wore khaki clam diggers, a leopard print silk shirt, and open toed leather Gucci construction boots, slightly scuffed, with white silk stockings bunched down around his pale, hairless ankles. A bright pink pith helmet completed the safari ensemble.

"Well, well, well," Cedric said through thin, pursed lips. "If it isn't the most notorious fluffer in all the land."

Charlie took a breath and drew strength from the reassuring hand Brent placed on his shoulder. "Cedric. How are you?"

"Practically floating in my own urine, thanks to you and your fat old trick," Cedric snapped.

"Uh, I'm sorry, 'old'?" Brent said with a grin.

"Oh, just get out of my way." Cedric brushed past them into the bathroom before turning back. "Oh, and thanks for ruining my pedicure tonight. Are you wearing clown shoes?" Cedric dropped his eyes to the stain on Charlie's crotch and smirked. "Well, I see you're still having trouble keeping control of yourself on the job. Better watch that, Farm Boy, or you might find yourself out on the street. Remember that I own a portion of Kinitia's office building and I could raise the rent in a heartbeat."

Before Charlie could reply, Cedric slammed the door in his face and engaged the lock. Charlie considered waiting for the old crow in the hall and having it out with him once and for all, but Brent convinced him to take a walk in the garden instead. Outside, the night air was scented with eucalyptus and jasmine. A meandering brick path made its way through lush, dimly lit landscaping. A few other couples had had the same idea and they passed more than one blowjob in progress as they walked slowly along the path.

After passing a third couple in the midst of oral sex, Brent looked over at Charlie and asked, "What do think? Once more for old time's sake?"

Charlie nodded eagerly, then took Brent's hand and led him off the path and over to a large, decorative boulder. Smaller rocks situated around the boulder turned out to be speakers that piped classical music into the garden.

"Jeez," Charlie said. "Be careful where you step. You might be crushing a speaker disguised as a rock."

"I think Mr. Gianelli can afford more speakers in case I misstep."

Charlie tried to get Brent to sit on the boulder, but the big bear of a man moved Charlie to the rock instead.

"You've been fluffing me for a while now," Brent said with a grin as he knelt before Charlie. "Now let me fluff you."

Charlie smiled and ran his fingers through Brent's dark, wavy hair. Brent carefully unzipped Charlie's jeans and pulled the elastic of his boxer briefs down beneath his balls. Taking Charlie's cock in his hand, Brent stroked the hardening member, then leaned down to swallow the length of him in one gulp as "Ride of the Valkyeries" began to play softly from the speakers around them. Charlie moaned and closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of Brent's mouth moving slowly along his cock. The gentle scratch of the goatee on the sensitive tip each time Brent pursed his lips and focused all his suction on the head of his dick sent a zap through him. The rhythm and feel of Brent's mouth brought back memories of their nights — and days! — together, and Charlie recalled so many times waking up in Brent's arms. He had missed his bear protector the last few weeks, and he would miss him in the days to come. But right now, Brent was performing a fuck of a good blowjob on him and Charlie meant to enjoy every single suck.

"Oh," Charlie breathed quietly. "That feels really good."

Quiet voices as guests strolled by along the path, but neither of them paid any attention. Brent was concentrating on giving Charlie a blowjob to remember, and Charlie was too involved being blown like never before to care about anyone else in the vicinity. Around them, Wagner faded out to be replaced by the "1812 Overture."

Brent gulped down Charlie's throbbing pole, lodging the head against the back of his throat and struggling against his gag reflex. His left hand wrapped tight around the base of Charlie's cock, and he stroked himself with his right. He moved his head back and sucked harder and faster, moving his left hand higher up Charlie's cock to stroke in time with the movements of his mouth.

"Oh, fuck, Brent," Charlie gasped. "That feels so damn good. Oh, yeah. Just like that, right on the tip. Oh, suck that cock, baby. Yeah."

Brent increased his speed even more and soon Charlie's balls pulled up as he prepared to shoot his load. He braced his hands on the boulder and his legs stiffened as he started to breathe harder.

"Oh, Brent, I'm coming," Charlie groaned. "Oh, God, I'm going to come."

Perfectly timed with the firing of the cannons in the overture, Brent backed his mouth off Charlie's cock and stroked for all he was worth, his grip tightening as the first jet of cum spurted onto his face. It drizzled into his goatee and he moaned. Each blast of semen struck him in the face, spattering across his cheeks, forehead, nose and goatee. Charlie grunted his way through his orgasm until he'd finished, and he took deep breaths to slow his heart rate. Brent rubbed the sensitive head of Charlie's softening cock through the cum that covered his face as he jerked himself off.

"Oh, fuck, I'm coming," Brent moaned moments later. He stood up and Charlie knelt to allow Brent to shoot his load onto his upturned face. Brent's stout cock launched ropy strands of cum across Charlie's cheeks, nose and lips. A puddle of it even landed in Charlie's hair just over his left ear. When he was finished, Brent rubbed the tip of his own cock through the cum then leaned down and kissed him. Their tongues swapped salty licks of semen before Brent straightened up and helped Charlie to his feet.

"So, how'd I do?" Brent asked with a cum-sticky grin.

Charlie nodded and said with a smirk, "You did okay."

"Okay?" Brent asked indignantly. "Just okay?"

"Hey, if I have to hear it, so do you: as a fluffer, you can't make them come. You just have to get them hard and keep them hard." Charlie shrugged. "It's a tough job."

Brent laughed and put his arm around Charlie's shoulders to lead him back to the path. They continued along in companionable silence until they came upon a cupid fountain. They cleaned up in the cold, clear water and dried their faces on each other's shirts. A few yards farther the path opened out on the pool deck in back of the house. Groups of people stood talking around the brightly lit water with drinks in their hands. Charlie could see Kinitia and Bernice speaking with Gregory Gianelli off in a corner near some patio furniture.

"Hey, look there," Brent said and pointed across the pool deck where Cedric stood on the fringes of a group of men, his slitted eyes locked on Kinitia, Bernice, and Gregory Gianelli.

"He looks like the wicked witch in every Disney cartoon," Charlie grumbled.

"Ah, don't break a sweat over Cedric. His bark is worse than his bite." Brent gave Charlie a one armed hug. "You going to be okay now?"

Charlie turned to look at him. "You're leaving? So soon?"

"I accomplished what I came here for. I wanted to see you one last time and say good bye." Brent kissed him tenderly, almost longingly, his tongue sweeping slowly through Charlie's mouth, and then smiled into his eyes. "I'll miss you, Farm Boy. Is it okay if I call you now and then?"

"I'll be angry if you don't." Charlie squeezed Brent's hand and watched with a lump in his throat as he turned and ambled around the pool.

After Brent had disappeared into the house, Charlie made his way over to Kinitia and Bernice. As he rounded a corner of the pool, he was distracted by a group of incredibly handsome men talking together to his left and ran head-on into a tall, muscular chest. As he bounced off the man, Charlie tried to apologize and step to his right but suddenly found himself falling into the sparkling clear water of Gregory Gianelli's pool. He sank slowly to the bottom of and contemplated staying submerged for several minutes just to avoid the humiliation of having everyone stare at him when he resurfaced. What a day!

A pair of strong hands took the decision away from him, however, as fingers snagged his billowing shirt and pulled him back up to the surface. He gasped for breath, swallowed a mouthful of water, and began to cough. His eyes teared up as he was pulled to the side and the strong hands reached lower to grab the back of his jeans and haul him out of the water. Charlie sprawled on the cement deck and coughed the last bits of water out of his lungs.

A small crowd had gathered and he stared blearily up at the faces surrounding him. He could make out Kinitia and Bernice and, after rubbing the chlorine from his eyes, saw Gregory Gianelli looking at him with a mixture of concern and annoyance.

And then the fresh smell of citrus came to him and he turned his head to smile stupidly up at Rock Harding.

"Hi Rock," Charlie said as nonchalantly as possible. "I didn't know you were at the party."

The guests surrounding him straightened up and chuckled. Kinitia frowned down at him and shook her head as she dismissed him with a wave.

"Do you think he's all right?" Bernice asked as Kinitia led her away.

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