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The Night Before

Lexy Harper

Copyright 2005 by Lexy Harper

Smashwords Edition

Lexy Harper

The Night Before

Copyright © 2005 Lexy Harper

All Rights Reserved.

Published by Ebonique Publishing, London.

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All characters are 18 years or older, non-blood related and all sexual acts are consensual.

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Author’s Note

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Suzette James turned over and snuggled up to her sleeping partner, her eyes still closed. She flung her arm out, encountered warm flesh and let her hand wander over a flat stomach and upward to a mound of soft flesh. She moulded it in her hand and felt the distinct hardening of a nipple.

A nipple! For a crazy moment she thought that she was touching her own breast then she realized that she would have felt her touch. Her eyes snapped open. She closed and re-opened them quickly to see if the woman asleep on the pillow next to her would disappear.

She didn’t.

Then Suzette remembered the night before!


The company Suzette worked for Latham & Parson had lost their place as market leader in the London antiques business and was keen to win it back. The director had decided on a number of customer-focussed training courses to better equip staff to serve the needs of its one and a half million customers. It was just Suzette’s luck that her course was held on a Friday. The stupidly conscientious co-ordinator had been intent on giving a full day’s lectures with scant regard to the fact that it was Friday—and for Suzette the start of the weekend, which she usually celebrated at lunchtime with two glasses of wine.

At seven the previous evening Suzette had been the first person out the meeting room as the training day had finally drawn to a close. She’d walked to the nearest pub, sat on a stool at the beautifully lacquered bar and ordered a pint of lager. Thirstily, she’d gulped a quarter of the contents of the glass and her parched throat had felt instantly better. The two glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice she’d drunk while on the course hadn’t quenched her raging thirst and the only other liquid they had supplied was water—she never drank the stuff straight.

A man came over and sat on the stool next to hers. She glanced at him fleetingly before looking away. He wasn’t her type he was short and had a bit of a belly.

He obviously has a gym-phobia, she thought uncharitably.

“Can I buy you a drink?” he asked in a surprisingly feminine voice.

Was he blind? Couldn’t he see that she had an almost full glass in front of her?

“I’m fine thank you,” Suzette responded politely.

“I’m Denise, what’s your name?” The man held out a small hand.

Denise? What kind of name is that for a—?” Suzette didn’t finish the question as she turned and got a good look at him.

He was a woman! Slowly she looked around the bar and laughed softly in amusement. It could only happen to her! She had been so desperate for a drink—she had walked straight into a lesbian bar.

“I’m Suzette,” she responded. “And I’m only here for a quick drink—I’ve had a very rough day!”

Denise shrugged, got off the stool and walked away. Five minutes later another woman jumped up onto the stool. Suzette got a whiff of her light perfume but didn’t turn her head. Instead she downed the rest of her drink and made to get off her stool.

“Let me buy you another one.”

These lesbians were fucking persistent!

Suzette turned to politely refuse. Her eyes met a pair of dark, thick-lashed eyes set in an oval face the colour of walnut shells.

“Hi! I’m Mackenzie.” The woman held out a slim hand and Suzette took it in hers. “Please don’t go and leave me here all alone, they’ll ravish my helpless body.”

“I’m Suzette and though I am very pleased to meet you, I’m afraid I really must go.”

“Come on, stay for another drink. It’s Friday!”

Suzette had only been going to find another pub to throw back a few more pints alone anyway. Lloyd, her current man would be playing happy families with his wife and three point zero children tonight. And Mackenzie seemed like she was a whole lot of fun.

“Okay, I’ll stay for just one more.”

Six pints later she staggered back to Mackenzie’s flat with her. When they got indoors Mackenzie asked if she was hungry. Suzette replied she was starving. She’d avoided the platter of cold cuts served at the meeting like it was the plague. She’d had a mild case of food poisoning at another meeting when she had first joined the company, a very unpleasant experience.

Mackenzie served her a big plate of split-peas cook-up rice with a succulent piece of baked chicken and crisp green lettuce on the side. Suzette finished the tasty meal and even cracked one of the bones between her teeth before she remembered that she wasn’t in the privacy of her own home.

“What were you doing in a lesbian bar?” Mackenzie asked as they retired to her spacious living room, drinks in hand.

“I could ask you the same question!” Suzette shot back.

“I’m a lesbian and it’s my local. I hang out there most weekends,” Mackenzie responded candidly.

“Oh!” Mackenzie’s comment about being ‘ravished’ had made Suzette assumed that, like her, Mackenzie had just been there to get drunk.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to jump on you!” Mackenzie reassured her.

Suzette looked at Mackenzie and laughed out loud. If the petite woman jumped on her she could brush her off like a piece of lint.

“Do I look worried?” Suzette countered.

“I may be small but I’m strong!” The other woman pulled her sleeve back and flexed her right bicep and Suzette laughed again. It was the size of a lemon—Suzette’s was easily twice as big.

“You haven’t answered my question,” Mackenzie persisted.

“I desperately needed a drink after the day from hell and it was the first bar I came across.”

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