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Coming of age

Part One

The new complete and

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Alicia Bouchard

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About the Author

Alicia Bouchard was born into a small rural community in Dordogne France in 1989; she was part of a family of five, an older brother and a younger sister. From a very young age she grew to love animals, their simplicity and the fact that they lived in the moment.

She was blessed with unusual intelligence and waltzed through both lower and upper school. At the age of nineteen she achieved a place in the coveted Ecole Normale Suprieure University in Paris, France. She chose to study social science, but learnt as much if not more outside of the universities walls.

By chance she discovered that she had a way with words, which coupled with her open nature and intelligence led her to start writing.

The series of books she entitled Jessica are based upon a girl she met in Paris. A young lady of astonishing beauty and yet the attributes of the animals she loved so much. Jessica was non judgmental, lived in the moment and was unshackled by others opinions, she was in fact as free as a bird. It was a combination that few could resist; Jessica was in fact irresistible to all, irrespective of gender, as she glided through life.

To suit the language in which she wrote the book, Jessica is now English and born to successful parents in London, the rest is pure Jessica.

Alicia published her debut novel in the Jessica series in 2012; ‘Jessica’s, coming of age’ and now writes full time. I must acknowledge the positive influence or Terrence Aubrey here, not only did he encourage me to embark upon this series but remained a source of influence throughout. Equally his editorial input was priceless. Hugs and kisses Terrence. You might want to read Terrence Aubrey’s books, I would define them as environmental/climate change thrillers and ‘Cold’ is my favorite. and of course the series of books, the series of books he published under the heading of The Day the Lights Went Out, a truly inspired concept. You can also find Terrence Aubrey’s books on Amazon Kindle and all of the best EBook retailers.

Chapter One

Jessica Brandon, just another girl eighteen year old girl

with hopes fears and ambitions….

Jessica Brandon was in many respects born under a lucky star. She was born into a wealthy family in Hampstead, London and even from a young age it was clear that she would blossom into a beautiful young lady. Together with the physical attributes that she’d been blessed with, she also enjoyed a keen mind, something that became clear to her mother much sooner than her father. She would be an only child; her mother had been advised to content herself with the one daughter by the gynecologist and for medical reasons. While her mother was not over bothered, more than pleased to have been blessed with such a beautiful daughter; her father took the news badly.

George Brandon was a busy man and always had been and from a young age. His investment company was going from strength to strength and he’d hoped for a son to join him and eventually succeed him and take the company to even greater heights. He hid his disappointment as best he could, the string of lovers he’d accumulated over the years helping.

By the time Jessica reached the age of fourteen she was already quite tall at five feet ten, her height accentuated by her slim and almost waiflike build. Now seventeen she was simply a young girl trying to find her way in the World, a very big World. Jessica did however have some, no many advantages. She’d been blessed with both a perfectly proportioned body and a form of beauty that many men found irresistible. How did that good fortune affect her, barely at all, it was all she had ever known. While a few young men and some not so young, were lucky enough to enjoy her beauty on a personal level far more were not.

Her father’s sole partner was one of the lucky ones and despite the age gap; he was twenty seven years old at the time and the fact that it was an ultra secret, even taboo affair only added to Jessica’s sense of enjoyment and sense of outrageousness. No for reasons that Jessica never questioned she loved behaving daringly, both in her choice of clothes and lovers and in her own way enjoyed both and intensely so.

Jessica effectively lived her life through her senses and had done so from a young age. Was she aware of the exceptional beauty she had been blessed with? At that time not really though she was aware of the ease with which she attracted those that interested her. Ultimately and above all she was simply another young girl trying to find her way within a big and at times scary World.

Part one of this series reflects the early years of Jessica’s passage through life, both receiving giving and sharing sexual pleasure wherever she happened to be. Jessica was effectively a warm hearted, kind and generous young lady and as she glided through life she freely shared the beauty she’d been blessed with and sometimes in the most unexpected ways. It would also be fair to say that Jessica usually gave more than she took and part one of this series reflects Jessica’s coming of age, her increasing desire to enjoy to the full the strong sensuality and sexual desire that burned within her and of course, the fun she enjoyed along the way.

Chapter Two

Jessica’s coming of age

While her mother regarded her daughters eighteenth birthday as something of a landmark event, for Jessica Brandon her eighteenth birthday was just another day, just another birthday. For her mother, Samantha Brandon and her father to a lesser extent it marked her coming of age; her transition to adulthood. Her mother had now been planning the event, the party, for over a month and had pulled out all the stops. The entire ground floor of their palatial Highgate home had been set aside for the event. The guests were a mixture of family, friends and the friends of Jessica. Her friends tried to appear enthusiastic, but like Jessica it was not really their kind of party at all. No, loud music in a dark and hazy room and with a ton of hunky boys would have been far more to their liking.

At eighteen Jessica had blossomed into an exceptionally beautiful young lady. Now close to six feet tall she remained as slim and gazelle like as she’d been throughout her life, only her facial features had become more defined. Her green eyes, eyes that had always been an attractive feature had become even more so, her laughing eyes, as her secret lover Mike, often told her. Her lips too had developed and in such a way as to make it seem she was constantly pouting, she wasn’t, it was completely natural.

Jessica had always been unusually pretty and from a very young age and to further enhance the more than attractive features that she’d been blessed with she also enjoyed a natural grace and composure.

Jessica had to her mother’s disappointment only invited a handful of friends, all girls and most certainly not her current boyfriend, her father’s junior partner, nor any of her previous ones. In many respects Jessica now led a double life, the sweet daughter to her parents and a very highly sexed and unusually sensual young woman to the rest of the World.

Whilst her father lived in ignorant bliss of his sweet daughters carnal desires her mother had worried about her for years. She’d seen the way the boys looked at her daughter, even when young. That together with the fact that she never included boys within her circle of friends only added to her maternal concerns and not without justification. Jessica had in fact discovered the joys of sex and the pleasure that her body could give her at an unusually young age, much younger than most of her peers. As she’d grown up she’d been highly selective, she’d had her pick of the boys, even as a young girl and took full advantage of her popularity. She had lost her virginity at the age of thirteen and to one of the more desirable boys from the fifth grade, but then promptly dumped him. He had been fun for a while, but nothing more and he was way too young for her anyway.

Her mother had suspected and for years that Jessica was sexually active, but it was not a subject they ever openly discussed. They were not a particularly close family in that respect. She was also convinced that her husband also played around, but lived with it, accepted it, he provided more than generously for both herself and Jessica, it could have been worse!

George Brandon worked in the city of London and at forty two, was doing well for himself, very well. He had worked himself up through the tiers of management of a well known trust fund and eight years earlier had set him self up as an independent. ‘The Brandon Trust and Investment Partnership’ was the name of his company and his sole partner, junior partner, Michael Phelps, was unknown to him, one of Jessica’s lovers. Michael Phelps was thirty one years old when their relationship had begun, some thirteen years older than her and that had been one of his attractions to her.

No, George provided generously for his family, could afford to, his investment trust was booming and his wife, Samantha chose to ignore her doubts about his infidelity, strong doubts. Whilst Jessica’s mother had both a Range Rover and a Mercedes at her disposal, Jessica had been given a Mercedes Sport for her seventeenth birthday. Michael Phelps, his sole and junior also had a Range Rover, but preferred to travel to work in his Bentley, thinking that it more aptly represented his success and the fly away success of the Brandon Investment Trust. No, whilst superficially appearing to be a close and respectable family, as befitted their neighbourhood, Jessica’s family was in truth quite dysfunctional. No one would have guessed that fact and that was just how George Brandon wanted it.

Did any of this have any bearing on Jessica’s behavior or attitudes towards sex? Whilst her mother often pondered that possibility, Jessica never did. Jessica simply loved life, her sexuality and the pleasure that her beauty afforded her. Girls, as well as boys were attracted to her and that was just fine too, she was happy to take her pleasure with either.

Her mother often wondered where or how Jessica had developed a sexual awareness at such a young age. She tried to remember her own sexual awakening, she had also been blessed with beauty, not in her early teens she was sure. Had it been due to George’s younger brother Phillip, a family member that she had never liked or gelled with? While Phillip Brandon’s wife Angela was very sweet Phillip Brandon was the archetype wicked uncle. Jessica’s mother had seen him looking at Jessica on numerous occasions; his lustful feelings towards her daughter more than clear.

Phillip Brandon was also an important person in the City of London, even bigger than George and in much the same field of business.

Every time he and his wife visited, they had no children of their own; he would encourage Jessica to sit upon his lap. She’d had tried to discuss the matter with George on several occasions; but he had invariably told her that she was being silly, allowing her imagination to run away with her. Samantha had nevertheless remained vigilant, had seen from the bulge in his trousers and that Phillip Brandon was more often than not both hard and erect, as he bounced Jessica upon his lap, it bothered her, though she said nothing.

Jessica had suffered none of these misgivings, was not even aware of them. She had discovered two things at a young age the pleasure her body could give her and the power of attraction that her beauty afforded her. Unknown to her parents, she had been enjoying an affair with her father’s partner, Michael Phelps, since she was seventeen; enjoyed his company, his muscular body and the fact that he was so much older than her. Did she love him; she was still to fully know what love was, but probably not. From Jessica’s perspective their relationship was ideal; he was rich, fit, experienced and looked good too, no, it was an arrangement that suited her well.

Whenever she stayed over in his Mayfair apartment, which was quite often, she gave her mother the name of a girlfriend’s house. It was an arrangement that worked well, it was one of her less affluent friends and she paid her one hundred pounds on each occasion, even though her mother had yet to call, check on her well being.

Jessica had an entire wardrobe within Mike’s apartment, a wardrobe she wouldn’t dare admit to owning, or dare to take home. Mike had bought the entire collection bit by bit, obviously following his fantasies and she was quite happy to accommodate him by wearing it. The wardrobe included Micro skirts; a whole range of underwear from sexy to overtly so, chiffon, lace and much more. Jessica was more than happy to wear much of the stuff, even feeling sexy in some of it, no satisfying Mike’s fantasies was part of the unspoken arrangement that they shared. Equally Jessica had no problem in doing things with Mike that none of his previous girlfriends had ever done. From Jessica’s perspective her secretive relationship with Mike was an amicable mix of give and take. It was during her time with Michael that she was taken to the next level of sensual experience, and she repaid him by hanging on his arm lovingly, whenever they hit the town.

Mike loved his Bentley and the success it represented and by prior arrangement always ensured that he could ostentatiously pull up at the entrance of whatever club or restaurant he chose to take her too. Jessica, for her part, was more than happy to glide off of her seat in whatever outfit she was wearing revealing as little or as much all of herself as her chosen outfit allowed, though it was invariably a very revealing outfit.

Jessica was invariably the most desirable young woman in whatever establishment they visited, something that boosted Mike’s ego no end, though for Jessica the attention she invariably received was something she barely noticed, it was something she’d become accustomed to and from a young age.

Did the danger of their relationship affect either of them in any way? Quite possibly, but more for Mike than Jessica, he would undoubtedly lose his lose his junior partnership, should her father find out. That was something he would avoid at all cost, he was affectively becoming rich, very rich as her father’s junior partner. There was no doubt that it was her father, George Brandon that was the brains behind the investment fund, Mike only too aware of that fact, though he was quite happy to operate within the shadow of George Brandon’s ever increasing success.

Did Jessica ever worry about her seemingly increasing sexual appetite, her ever increasing sexual needs and desires? Never, she was only using and enjoying the body she’d been blessed with after all, how could that be wrong?

Upon the wishes of her father Jessica had applied for and gained a place at the LSE, London School of Economics. Whilst her father was disappointed that he would never have a son, Jessica more than made up for that fact, could he have had a smarter or more beautiful daughter? He thought not, had on occasion seen her in the shower and was perhaps even a little envious of those that were now enjoying her. That she was now sexually active was something he did not doubt, he’d noticed the change in her this past year, but did not worry. She’d inherited his acute intelligence and would take all necessary precautions during her sexual encounters, of that he was sure of.

Jessica did not celebrate the achievement of gaining a place at the LSE; she knew that she was more than smart enough to see it through, though not in an arrogant way. Much like the unusually good looks she’d been gifted, she’d also been gifted above average intelligence. No above all she regarded the LSE as the next step of the unfolding adventure that her life was and had always been. Actually Jessica regarded the LSE as the next stage of her unfolding adventure, something that would provide her with still more opportunities to take advantage of the fun and sexual exploits that she was now increasingly enjoying.

In recognition of his pride in her; her father had gifted her, the use of his stylishly furnished two bed mews house in Chelsea. While thanking him when he took her to see the place and show her around, she was already imagining it’s potential. For the first time in her life she would not be living under the watchful eye of her mother and that was a change of circumstance that she’d make full use of and in every respect. Whilst Mike had been disappointed to hear of the two year course at the LSE that Jessica would soon be embarking upon he had not been overly so. He knew that her feelings for him did not run deep, but did not care too much. He had enjoyed her charms and would, he was sure, continue to do so. He made sure that Jessica knew that she was welcome to stay at his apartment whenever she chose and it was not an arrangement that Jessica was in any hurry to break, quite the opposite. When she was with him she was his exclusively and it would be fair to say that he took her to the next level of her now fast evolving sexual evolution. It was a process that she’d enjoyed immensely and something she was looking forward to expanding upon over time. Did Jessica ever suffer from doubts or concerns as her sexual appetite continued to grow together with the manner in which she enjoyed it? Never, it was not even a thought that even crossed her mind, no life was good for Jessica Brandon and seemed to be getting even better, why question it?

Chapter Three

Time for some fun in the Sun

Whilst Jessica was looking forward to enjoying the independence that her new Chelsea home would afford her she’d maintain her arrangement with Mike, such was her growing and intensifying state of sexual arousal. Whenever she felt the need, she’d simply call him, drive over and let him do whatever he liked with her. Mike had been the first man to make love to her bottom and whilst it had hurt a little at first, she’d loved the outrageousness of the act, and wasted no time in stocking up on suitable lotions, potions and lubricants. Suddenly she had yet another avenue through which to enjoy her growing and intensifying sexual hunger!

Out of the blue Mike had invited her to the south of France during their most recent reunion and during the month of August; he’d bought an apartment in Bordeaux in the south of France a few years back, an apartment he’d rarely used.

Jessica wasted no time in concocting a plausible alibi to cover her two week absence; she told her parents that she was spending two weeks in Cornwall with her dependable friend Sue. It cost her one hundred and fifty pounds, though for Jessica it was a small price to pay; her current allowance was a thousand pounds a month and that would rise to two thousand, once she started at University.

The build up to the vacation was hot sweaty and orgasmic, though whatever time she spent at Mike’s place was always so. He was, at least at the moment, her only steady boyfriend, though perhaps fuck buddy would have been a more accurate description of their relationship. Whatever, Jessica was looking forward to the trip; the skies above London predictably and depressingly grey, even in summer!

While she and Mike enjoyed a more than amicable relationship, sex the foundation they were as chalk and cheese in many respects. While she had grown up within a home and family where money, vast sums of money had always been available, Mike was affectively a self made man. All credit to him as far as Jessica was concerned, but as a side affect he was quite the show off and seemed to need to demonstrate and show off his success both publically and frequently. From Jessica’s perspective it was a minor defect, he was a virile, good looking guy and far more experienced between the sheets than her, no she could live with his inflated ego, his need to show off his success, it was not a problem as far as she was concerned.

Mike chose to take his Bentley for the trip; he always enjoyed the prestige it represented when driving it and booked a reservation for the Portsmouth, Santander ferry for the following day. Santander was easily the closest port to Bordeaux it was but a short drive to the north.

Jessica enjoyed feelings of exited anticipation as she packed her small suitcase that night, just about everything she packed revealing in one way or another. Mike was so turned on as he watched her pack that he asked her to change into something similar, they’d enjoy a drink or two in one of the local pubs, he wanted to show her off, always did. Jessica was more than up to the challenge, the weather pleasantly warm and chose an outfit that was affectively a voyeurs dream. She chose the shortest tartan skirt she could find, this one blue and while it just about covered her panties when standing, when sitting barely at all. To that she added a tight fitting white cotton shirt, loving the way her pert breasts and nipples thrust into the thin and vaguely transparent material. Jessica loved the school girl look and knew that many guys did too and she was still technically a schoolgirl after all, albeit a student very soon! Mike almost had second thoughts about taking her to his local bar once Jessica had readied herself, so daringly had she dressed, but only briefly, he was basically an inherent show off and being with Jessica more than helped him to live up to his reputation as a lothario.

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