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Chapter One

Jake had never been the type to fear anything for too long. It was either that way or his way. It was how he had been taught to think from an early age. His brother was in charge now, and that meant more responsibilities for the 21-year-old who was supposed to find a way in life, away from his family. Well, Diaz was his only family, if he were to be honest.

But the gang was like a family. And they were not just punks. They were The Outsiders. A name many feared. A name Jake and his brother took pride in. But Jake knew he could not stay, no matter how much he wanted to. The last thing he needed was to let anyone know about his ... weirdness.

He snorted, mostly in self-deprecation. He was a strange one all right. He had never been like the others. This was a little something he only knew. When his brother and the others talked about some girl's boobs and ass, he could only think of strong arms pinning him down, sinewy legs forcing his own wide open and ...

He shook his head. Now wasn't a good time to play with the fantasies in his mind. He feared what the others would think. Hell, he could picture them yelling at him, "Fag!" and most probably many other names that he did not want to conjure in his mind at the moment. And the yelling would not be the worst thing. Probably he was going to get a real beating to the death on top of everything else.

So, since it could not be his way, it had to be that way, which meant he had to go away and find something to do on his own, outside his brother's protection. Away from the gang and everything that meant.

He had to think of a reason, though. He could not flee, just like that. Diaz would not understand. He was bound to say something, at least.

Kicking a rock with his foot, he watched it roll on the humid sidewalk, glowing faintly in the dim street lights.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? A mutt straying too far away from home?" he heard a mocking voice, and he froze for a moment.

"What? Ain’t no one allowed to take a piss in no man's land no more?" he shrugged, watching the owner of that voice coming out of the dark. If it was just one guy, it wasn't going to be a problem. Even two or three. After that, he didn't really know.

He felt his stomach clenching as five guys all dressed in white jumpsuits appeared in front of him. Maybe he could throw a punch and run away. He was known to be a good sprinter.

"No longer no man's land," one of them spoke, with an ugly smile on his face. "It's ours."

"All right," he raised his hands in defeat. There was no point in playing the hero. "Sorry, didn't get the memo," he joked.

"The what?" another asked, earning a slap upside the head from the one who seemed to be their leader.

"Nothing, stupid mutt here thinks he owns the place and he’s smart about it, too."

"I don't think that, really," Jake moved backward, his eyes darting in all directions for a fast exit. He was not one to play the hero. He liked himself with all his teeth.

The move almost took him by surprise. The first to talk swung a chain with the clear intention to wipe out his feet. He jumped just in time.

Damn, he was fucked. If he was going to get out of there with just a few broken bones, he was going to be lucky. Cold sweat was pooling on the small of his back. He took a defensive stance, scanning his opponents, searching for an opening. His eyes darted to the left. The man on the extreme right was short, and he was nervously clasping a baseball bat.

He swung fast in that direction, pushing the little man against the one next to him and making both stumble and fall to the ground like two crash test dummies. He started running, with the other three after him, while the two were scrambling to get back on their feet. When the chain connected with his shoulder, he groaned. Apparently, he was not that great a sprinter.

He continued to run, ignoring the pain in his shoulder or at least trying to. He was not going to make it far, running like this. This was not a neighborhood he knew too well.

He took a wrong turn and reached a dead end. The walls right and left were too tall to climb. Yeah, fucking hell. He was fucking doomed.

He turned with his hands above his head.

"All right, no need to get freaky about it. If my brother finds out you beat me up ..."

"He will kick your ass for not being able to fend for yourself," the man who seemed the leader got closer, swinging his chain.

Jake did not deny it. Yes, that could be a possibility. The new head of The Outsiders was not known to be kind to losers, even if one of those losers was his baby brother. Diaz could be mean when he wanted to.

He danced to the right when the man tried to hit him. He could not postpone the inevitable. But he wasn't going to let them win without breaking a sweat, at least.

He dodged every time the man tried to hit him. The others were growing anxious, and soon enough, he was pushed with his back against the wall. One man pulled him by the hoodie and threw him to the ground. He tensed and got up in one single graceful move. He could have been a gymnast; his PE teacher used to say that. At least, his agility was serving a purpose now. Not that it mattered. He was brought down again, and he fought against his assailants, but without yelling or begging. Diaz was not going to forgive him if he went down crying like a bitch.

"What is going on here?" a voice with a strange sharp accent made everyone stop.

Jake's assailants turned to look at the intruder. "None of your goddamn business, Fritz," the leader hissed.

From the ground, Jake could not see the newcomer too well, the street light throwing a strange aura on his silhouette. The man looked much better dressed than the punks on the streets at that hour, and his blond hair was impeccable. At least, Jake thought it was blond, seeing how the light glowed and danced on it. There was not enough light to see the man's face, but he had fair hair, that was sure.

The man tsked in displeasure at the comment. "I believe you scumbags should address me more respectfully," he said in a bored tone. "My name is Klaus Metzger, and you should better remember it."

"That so?" the man with the chain ignored Jake to face the blond man.

Jake felt almost like laughing, as he watched how his attacker's arm was easily twisted to his back, making him drop the chain that fell on the pavement with a loud thump.

"I strongly suggest all of you take a hike," the man who said his name was Klaus continued in the same bored tone. "Unless you want me to entertain myself all night long breaking your bones. All of them."

"Get him! Get him!" the man with his arm twisted at his back bellowed, and the others approached, although hesitantly.

The man twisted the other's arm tighter.

"Are you sure? Your friends don't seem that pleased to see me how I'm going to rip your arm off," he said calmly.

The man started to howl, as more pressure was applied to his shoulder.

"Maybe you could all be a match against me," the blond continued in the same even tone as if he was not making any effort to keep the man in his grip like that. "But he will lose his arm," he added matter-of-factly.

He pushed the man down, at his feet, and kicked him once in the ribs for good measure. The others made a move forward, but the guy moved so fast and punched one of the assailants so hard in the face that Jake had to wince as he heard the bones cracking. That was going to be one ugly nose, after months of painful healing.

The other three rushed to hit the man and Jake witnessed a rare demonstration of martial arts like he had never seen in his entire life. In less than three minutes, all the five guys were on the ground, whining like a bunch of dogs.

Apprehensively, Jake got to his feet, limping a little. He grimaced at the pain in his shoulder.

"Please, don't beat me up," he spoke, as he gingerly found his way through the men crushed on the ground and raised his hands in surrender.

The man seemed unmoved like a statue, in the faint light. "You are coming with me," he gestured towards Jake with two fingers.

"Hell no," Jake protested faintly. He had too little energy left to fight.

"Do you want me to beat you up?" the man inquired, mimicking Jake’s words from earlier.

Maybe he was having a hearing problem, or the pain in his arm was playing tricks on him. He could swear he could hear a tinge of amusement in the man’s voice.

Jake shook his head. He was in no position to fight. He followed the other, and only then he noticed the guy was wearing an impeccable suit. Jake thought it would be wise just to do what the man said for the time being. No point in angering a guy who moved like Bruce Lee, while wearing Armani or shit like that.

He saw a dark silhouette holding the door to a black limousine as he walked behind the man. Jake's eyes grew as big as saucers. What was a big shot like this Klaus guy doing in a seedy neighborhood?

"All is well, sir?" the man holding the car door inquired politely.

"Everything is perfect, Thompson. No need to worry. You, get inside," he half turned to gesture at Jake to climb in the back.

Jake did as told and tried to assume a relaxed posture. Whatever the guy wanted, it was not going to involve force, or he would be on the ground, screaming with the rest by now.

The man sat across from him, and the car door was closed carefully by the chauffeur. They scrutinized each other, as the car started moving.

Jake had to bite back a small curse. The man was fucking gorgeous. The light inside the limo was pleasant and bright enough for the two to inspect each other without a problem.

Jake understood why his attackers had called the man Fritz. He did look like a German guy. He could have been poster boy for Germany, actually. Perfectly shaved, his blond hair neatly combed over his head, almost white, like platinum, and deep blue eyes that were seemingly asking Jake to dive in. His face was a bit harsh but harmonious, and the dark blue suit was complementing his perfect features. Although Jake could swear, the guy would have looked fantastic in about anything he wanted to wear, even crocs or something stupid like that.

He was gawking, most probably, because a small all-knowing smile danced on the man's lips. Jake felt like he wanted to bite his fist all of a sudden. The man had such beautiful lips, soft and inviting, nothing like the rest of his face or figure. They were making him even more attractive. When he smiled, perfect rows of pearly white teeth showed. The man looked as if he had been made in a lab and not born from the coupling of two human beings.

"So ..." the man started, and Jake could swear he looked a bit amused.

"I'm Jake," Jake offered his hand quickly, and the man shook it shortly.

"So Jake, how do you plan on repaying me?"

"For what?"

The man chuckled softly, making Jake squirm a little in his place. "Saving you back there?"

Something in the way Klaus said the last word made Jake grow hot a little. What the hell? He thought. The man's eyes were measuring him up and down as if they could see through clothes. Jake felt self-conscious all of a sudden.

"What do you want? Info on those guys?" Jake nervously clasped his knees with his palms.

Klaus shook his head slowly.

"Want me to run some errands for you, then? I’m good around the city, and I know people," Jake offered.

Again, his offer was met with denial.

"What then? I don't have too much money on me, and you don't look like you need some change anyway," Jake said warily.

"You were on my territory tonight," Klaus said almost accusatory.

"Shit," Jake murmured. "When did that change? I don't know anything."

"It is mine now. Whoever trespasses at this hour has to pay what's due."

"Due? But those guys ...?"

"They got what was coming to them. You, on the other hand," the man looked at Jake, his eyes at half-mast, "you look like you are a different breed."

Somehow this man was making him feel like he was on display when he spoke like that.

"So, do you still plan on beating me up?" Jake looked the other in the eyes. He wasn’t going to cower if that was the case.

The man shook his head. Slowly, with studied gestures, he took out a cigarillo case and lit up one with a golden lighter that disappeared into his pocket as fast as it was produced from there.

"How old are you, Jake?" Klaus inquired.

"21," he said curtly.

"What experience do you have with men?"

Jake's mouth fell agape. Was the man saying what he thought he was saying?

"None," he said slowly.

Fuck, fuckity, fuck, he thought. Was the guy some homophobe who beat up people who he believed to be gay or something? Technically, Jake wasn't…well he wasn't an active gay guy because he had never done anything with another man. His fantasies could not count, could they?

"I want to see you naked," Klaus demanded.

"What?! No way!" Jake protested.

"There are worse things than getting naked in a car with only one person as an audience."

"Why do you want to see me naked? Are you a homo?"

The man's beautiful eyes narrowed. Talking about wrong things to say.

"Watch your mouth. What I am is none of your business. I interrupted my evening to save your sorry ass from the clutches of your enemies, while you were wandering through my territory. The least you could offer is to do as I asked," Klaus's voice sounded hard and cold as ice.

"All right, fine," Jake pulled at the sleeves of his hoodie. He was thankful for his dark complexion as he was pretty sure he was blushing like crazy by now. He was about to get naked for a guy. One who looked like he had descended on to Jake’s streets from the cover of a magazine.

He took off his t-shirt next, allowing the man to see his naked torso. At least he had nothing to be ashamed about. He waited, unsure if he should continue.

"What part of naked you do not understand?" Klaus inquired, no trace of emotion in his voice.

Cursing under his breath, Jake pushed down his tracksuit pants and his underwear along with his socks and snickers. He sat like that, his legs parted, waiting.

"Nice cock," the man smiled, and Jake felt the familiar stir in his loins. The kind he got when looking at skin magazines showing naked guys. "Obviously, it is standing up to attention," Klaus's voice grew a bit thick.

Overly conscious of his state of undress, Jake placed his hands over his manhood, to hide it from prying eyes. Klaus took a long drag from his cigarillo, blowing smoke through his mouth, and Jake thought stupidly how he wanted to be something the man would like to take into his mouth. He shook his head at the thought, making the man’s smile widen.

The window was lowered a couple of inches, and the man tossed out the half-smoked cigarillo. Then he turned his attention to Jake. Klaus was taking his time watching Jake’s naked body, and Jake could swear he could feel the man’s eyes following every edge, every nook and cranny visible. It felt invasive like he was touched from head to toes, as if the man wanted to get inside him from all sides and spill Jake’s secrets through all his pores.

“What?” he asked, and for some reason, his voice sounded hoarse.

Klaus said nothing and just continued to stare. Even more, he leaned in, as if he was curious about something. The last thing Jake wanted was to look into those deep blue eyes from up close. He noticed how the man’s eyes were fringed by long eyelashes, darker than his hair. He took in the aristocratic nose, the high cheekbones, and those frigging kissable lips. Unconsciously, he drew a deep breath.

“Do you like what you see?” Klaus asked, amusement sparkling in his eyes and dancing on his lips.

“I should be the one asking that,” Jake said, feeling a bit insulted for being caught staring.

A strong, determined hand batted his hands off his man meat, and his cock was suddenly grabbed in a strong grip. Klaus continued to look at him while starting to rub his cock up and down.

“Are you always this hard when a man touches you?” Klaus’s voice was deep and husky.

Fuck, he was hard. He hadn’t even registered he was getting a boner while being watched like that by eyes blue like the summer sky. He hissed and closed his eyes. He was sure he was sweating so badly, that the seat beneath him was going to get soaked through. Klaus didn’t seem to joke about it; his hand continued the steady pumping, and Jake wanted nothing but for the man to stop. Or increase his rhythm; he no longer knew what he wanted.

“Hey,” Klaus cooed gently. “Open your eyes.”

Like a petulant child, Jake shook his head and squeezed his eyes closed even more.

“If you don’t, I won’t finish,” the gorgeous man issued the casual blackmail with a small chuckle.

Surprised, Jake opened his eyes and blinked in confusion.

“Don’t, please,” he begged, although he no longer had the slightest idea what he was asking for. It was for the first time in his life that another man was touching his cock, and it felt too unbelievable to think straight anymore.

A hand smelling of expensive cologne and tobacco closed over his mouth, hushing him. The other started to pump him harder, and he could no longer protest, even if he wanted to. His hands grabbed helplessly at the seat fabric, as he tensed and came, his eyes locked with sapphire blues staring at him with a mix of mockery and interest he could not make any sense of. The hand over his mouth moved away, letting him express his pleasure by moaning loudly.

He closed his eyes again, his lips parted, breathing heavily. Deft fingers were pushed through his lips.

“Lick,” came the short command, and he did as told, too spent to fight such a simple order.

He tasted himself on the man’s hand, along with a scent he was certain he was forever to associate with having an orgasm facilitated by another guy. At least it was not the first time he had eaten his cum, so he was familiar with the taste. The fingers moved against his tongue, erotically, and it felt like sex. Too bad he could not get it up again so soon after the best climax in his young life.

“You can get dressed,” the man eventually withdrew, and Jake quickly grabbed his clothes.

Shame and humiliation washed over him, as he was back to reality. He was quickly done while keeping his eyes cast down. He heard the man knocking softly against the screen separating them from the chauffeur, and he could tell the car was slowing down. That was his cue.

“See you around, Jake,” Klaus spoke to him, as Jake hurriedly opened the door to get out.

He said nothing as he almost ran away. He had no idea what that meant. But he could feel fear, coiling deep in his gut. Someone, living in the same city as he and his brother, now knew his secret. The last thing he wanted was to meet the man again.

Chapter Two

“How did you get that?” Diaz examined his bruised shoulder.

“I got into a fight with some Wanderers,” Jake mumbled while trying hard not to wince as his brother poked his arm.

“No shit. I bet the others look worse,” his brother’s face lit up with a smile.

Jake fell silent. He wasn’t going to tell Diaz he got saved by a gorgeous man named Klaus who had jerked him off and made him see heaven for the first time in his 21 years of life.

“So,” Diaz insisted. “Did you beat them up?”

“No,” Jake said softly while pulling his t-shirt over his head. “I ran away.”

“You did what?” his brother’s voice sounded flat and dangerous. “An Outsider does not fucking run away!”

Diaz slammed his palm against the table, making even the old china in the single cabinet in the kitchen rattle.

“They were five; I was one. What the hell could I have done?” Jake yelled back, his hands curled into fists.

“I don’t care how fucking many they were! We stand our ground! How about we all run away, huh? How about we all leave the city and go live in the woods, like monkeys? How would you like that?” his brother pushed him back into the chair while looking him square in the eye.

Of course, his brother was right. And even if he wasn’t right, and Jake had been entitled to save his ass, there was no way he could tell Diaz otherwise.

“Sorry, Diaz,” he murmured while looking down.

He had never been tough like his brother. He could not take five guys and live to tell the story.

“I taught you how to fight, didn’t I? You finally put on some muscles, use them for fuck’s sake!”

Jake let his brother scold him, casting his eyes down like a kid. What was he to do? Diaz moved and fiddled with something outside his field of view. Jake didn’t dare to look up. A plate filled with food was soon slammed on the table in front of him. A smack upside the head followed. Ah, well, that was to be expected, but Jake felt relieved. It meant the scolding was over.

“Eat up, puss,” his brother spoke with something between affection and disappointment in his voice.

Jake knew that. He knew he wasn’t how Diaz wanted him to be. And his older brother didn’t even know the half of it.

“We’re going to meet someone later,” Diaz added, and Jake didn’t question the decision. His brother knew best when it came to business. Jake had to be present, just because he was family, and family was one of the values Diaz always said he held in high esteem.


The old building downtown had been renovated to accommodate new offices. Jake was pretty sure that he hadn’t seen that happening, but he hadn’t been downtown for a while. He feared he and his brother looked like total punks dressed in their regular t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. As they stopped on the third floor and walked inside a large entranceway, his feeling of inadequacy only deepened. He stole a glance in Diaz’s direction. His brother didn’t seem to care, although the tension in his shoulders told him that Diaz was apprehensive of the surroundings as well.

A woman in her late 20s with perfect hair, wearing thin-rimmed glasses looked at them as they stopped by her desk. Jake felt ready for the floor to open up, swallow him and his brother, although the woman did not seem to judge them, but just observe them. She rose gracefully from her desk and greeted them.

“I will let my boss know you are here,” she spoke and walked away after Diaz told her his name.

The woman was attired in a white blouse and a black pencil skirt, cut right above the knee. Her heels were just the right height to be both sexy and business-like, without going over the top in either direction.

Diaz stared after her.

“Do you see that, Jake?” he whispered. “That’s a golden pussy for you, right there. If you score with someone like her, you can just die and go to heaven,” he added. “Not that you would notice. I sometimes doubt you have a dick, although I saw it. You just don’t know how to use it, do you?”

Jake knew he was now expected to comment on the secretary’s charms. “I do know how to use it,” he said in his defense. “And yeah, she is very …”

As the woman walked back with a tall man in tow, Jake felt his breath hitching in his chest. “… beautiful,” he eventually finished his sentence, as his eyes met amused sapphire blues.

Again, he was fucked. What was with this guy appearing in all the places he happened to be?

“Hello, I am Klaus Metzger,” the man shook Diaz’s hand, then Jake’s. “Please, gentlemen, follow me to the meeting room. Martha, would you be so kind to bring some coffee and pastries? Just to sweeten our deal.”

“Yes, sir,” Jake heard the woman’s musical voice.

He threaded behind Klaus and his brother, feeling like he was walking the plank in a bad pirates’ movie. Klaus didn’t show any other sign that he recognized Jake, which was good. For now, at least.

They were invited to take a seat at a lacquered table.

“So, what’s this all about?” Diaz questioned.

“Mr. Lopez, I believe that you agree with me that gang wars are not a good thing for the town,” Klaus began, as Martha moved in and about gracefully while placing cups of coffee in front of them and a plate filled with something that looked delicious.

Jake took one cookie in his mouth and had to hold back a sound of pure delight. He was so nervous that he was sure he could eat the entire plate then puke at home.

“You want us out?” Diaz asked aggressively.

“Not at all. What I really want is for us to work as partners. Your town is located in an area favorable to trade and tourism, and it is quite a shame that street crime is taking such a toll on its inhabitants.”

Klaus stood up and went to take something from a drawer. He unfolded a map in front of Diaz and started to explain. Not that Jake could pay much attention to the conversation. He was too engrossed in looking at Klaus, taking in the man’s moves. Even Diaz seemed to be taken with the guy. Of course, not for the same reasons, Jake thought. Klaus was apparently offering Diaz an opportunity.

“This smells fishy to me,” Diaz laid back in his chair. “Are you willing to help us with money? Money you don’t want back with interest?”

“Exactly. It is in my best interest to have peace of the streets. Of course, some of my supervisors will be sent to see if you all follow up with the plan. What do you say?”

“What makes you think that we are not just going to take the money and throw a big party plus piss on your plans?” Diaz said with a sneer.

Don’t be an idiot, don’t anger him, Jake thought, staring at his brother, in pure fear. Diaz had no idea who the man was. He was wearing a suit, but he knew more about street wars than Diaz could imagine.

“Well, I am asking everyone for collateral,” Klaus explained with a small smile.

“Collateral?” Diaz frowned, not knowing what to make of the word.

“Guarantees,” Klaus added.

“All right, that’s more like it,” Diaz shifted in his chair. “What kind of collateral do you want?”

“Is he your only brother?” Klaus gestured in Jake’s direction.

Jake froze in place.

“Yeah, my only family,” Diaz glanced at Jake, fortunately not aware of how scared his brother was.

“I want him,” Klaus said like it was the most normal thing to say in a business conversation.

“What?! He’s not a dog!” Diaz showed his surprise at the man’s demand.

“He will come live at my house, and I will teach him how to help you run a real, legitimate business,” Klaus continued his explanation.

“I don’t see how that is supposed to squeeze my balls,” Diaz said gruffly.

“Let me put it this way, then,” Klaus spoke. “If it ever crosses your mind not to follow up with the plan, be aware that I have your brother.”

The man didn’t have to spell the threat for Diaz to understand.

“Like a hostage?” he seemed to ponder.

“Not a term I would like to use. I can assure you Jake will receive the best education and his well-being will be cared for.”

Jake felt breathless. His eyes were darting quickly from Klaus to Diaz and back to Klaus again.

“But he will be a hostage,” Diaz insisted, tapping his fingers against the table. “I don’t know, man. He’s my little brother. My only family.”

“That’s why he’s so precious,” Klaus smiled, but there was no warmth in that smile.

Jake had seen the man smile before, and it had not been like that. Cold, heartless. Unconsciously, he touched his chest.

“You have to admit my offer is rather generous. If you don’t agree …”

“No, no. I see no problem here,” Diaz cut him short. “Jake will be in good hands, right?”

No, Diaz, you have no idea … Jake wanted to yell at his brother.

“What do you say, Jake?” Diaz looked at him, with a look in his eyes that told Jake not to mess this one up. “How about going to live with Mister Metzger here and learn chemistry or something?”

“Not chemistry,” Klaus chuckled. “I doubt that discipline would ever convince anyone to go back to school.”

“I don’t fucking want to,” Jake eventually articulated the words he wanted to say.

He was well aware he sounded like a petulant child, but he could not help it.

“Jake, you’re fucking 21. You cannot live with me forever. Now you can do something for us. Don’t fuck it up,” Diaz warned, and Jake crossed his arms over his chest.

“I can let you two sort this out,” Klaus offered. “I can wait,” he consulted his expensive watch with a small frown, “for a little while.”

“No, he’ll do it,” Diaz concluded and stood up.

Jake could not believe it. He got up, too, ready to leave.

“Stop by Martha, and she’ll give you everything you need,” Klaus told Diaz.

Diaz nodded, turned to look at Jake, then back at Klaus.

“Do you want him to come to your house from like right now?”

“Yes, that would be great. I don’t want to run all over town chasing after him since he doesn’t seem so happy with your choice,” Klaus admitted.

“Diaz,” Jake called after his brother.

Diaz grabbed his nape and shook him gently while looking him in the eyes. “You heard the man. Stay here. I’ll stop by later to bring you everything you need from home. I’ll make sure nothing bad happens to you. I’ll keep my word, and Mr. Metzger is going to keep his.”

Jake didn’t dare to beg. He wasn’t going to make a fool of himself, more than he was doing it already.

“See you, kiddo,” Diaz ruffled his hair a bit too harsh, and Jake took the hint.

As the door closed after his brother, he felt strong arms embracing him from behind.

“Don’t fucking touch me, you freak,” he squirmed against the man. “If I tell my brother what you are up to …”

“You had your chance. You said nothing,” Klaus squeezed him harder while dragging Jake closer and breathing in his scent. “No harm will come your way.”

“Like hell, no harm will come my way, you fag,” Jake tried to break free to no avail.

“Do you not want to be a man? Stand on your own feet? Not live in your brother’s shadow all the time?”

Jake was miffed for not being able to break free from Klaus’s tight embrace. “What are you going to do with me?”

“First, I should wash that potty mouth of yours with soap,” Klaus spoke, rather amused with Jake’s attempts to free himself.

“I am not a child,” Jake warned.

“No, you are all grown up,” Klaus kept him close with one hand, letting the other travel on Jake’s taut abdomen and rest atop his crotch. “I think I remember that very well.”

“Are you going to do something dirty?” Jake asked, his breath becoming faster for some reason.

Gently his head was turned enough to stare into Klaus’s blue eyes. “Dirty? Like this?” the man asked and brought their lips together.

Jake felt dizzy, as minty smell and taste invaded his nostrils and tongue. He was being kissed, and it felt more amazing than anything he had ever felt. He had kissed girls, but they had been soft and yielding, while Klaus was hard and demanding and his tongue moved in Jake’s mouth, making him feel like he was being fucked. He moaned into the kiss, without realizing it.

“I think we’ll have to redefine what ‘dirty’ means in your vocabulary,” Klaus chuckled while interrupting the kiss. “For instance, last night, I would have very much liked to lick all that remaining cum spread all over your chest.”

Jake felt his knees turning to melted butter. He had come quite a lot the night before, and he could remember his t-shirt getting all sticky from it. The idea of having that gorgeous man do the cleaning for him was making him impossibly hard.

Klaus’s hand moved again to squeeze him through his jeans. “Are you really a virgin, Jake?”

“I’m not a fucking virgin,” he breathed out. “I’ve fucked plenty of girls,” he tried to fake bravado.

“You know exactly what I mean,” Klaus squeezed him harder. “Have you ever had a cock up your ass?”

“No, I’m not a fucking fag, you asshole,” he tried to fight against the man’s embrace.

“What are you afraid of? That your brother is going to find out?”

“There’s nothing to find out,” Jake said stubbornly.

“Really? You are seconds away from coming in your jeans, and I’m merely stimulating you,” Klaus pointed out the obvious.

“Let me go,” Jake squirmed against the touch.

“As you wish,” Klaus suddenly released him and took a step back. “I have a lot of work to do today, and it is usually against my principles to mix business with pleasure. I suppose you can get through the day with a small … unresolved issue,” he added, laughing softly.

Jake swallowed with difficulty. Stopping his racing heart was not easy either.

Chapter Three

The day went by with Klaus seeing about his work, and Jake just observing from the corner he had been placed. Well, it was not exactly a corner, but it definitely felt like it. On the other hand, he was free to stare at the man, and that made up for everything.

He had to admit he was pretty impressed. He heard Klaus talking on the phone in a language that he was almost sure it was French. The man seemed capable of switching between foreign languages without a problem, as he was talking to his business partners. Still, he wasn’t letting go of his accent, and he did not seem to make an effort to hide it. What Jake could tell was that every word was pronounced as correctly as possible. The man had no intention to come across as a phony.

Long conversations had taken most of the day, but Jake didn’t feel particularly bored. His mind had a way of running away on its own; Diaz used to say he was daydreaming too much. Only his brother had noticed such weaknesses in him. To the outside world, he had always tried to look tougher than he was, something much encouraged by Diaz.

His daydreams were hovering, however, on forbidden territory, as he could distinctly remember the kiss from earlier, as well as the late-night encounter that had him growing instantly hot. The moment he was starting to picture the entire scene and replay it in his mind over and over again, it felt like he was sliding down a toboggan, not one for kids, but for grown-ups, at the end of which lay a dark hot pool of secrets.

However, there was nothing else to do, and his mind was simply taking over any determination he might have had to resist. The man moving and talking in front of him was the root of his delight and misery. He was the same man who had kissed him, jerked him off, and rocked his world in the short span of less than 24 hours.

“Are you ready to go home?” Klaus eventually asked him with a smile.

“Am I free to go?” Jake woke up from his stupor. He had to admit he felt a bit disappointed. Maybe Klaus had just changed his mind.

“I deeply apologize. What I meant was: are you ready to go home with me?”

Klaus’s home. The place where he was going to stay so he could help Diaz and the rest of the guys if what Klaus had said was true. The place where he was supposed to learn about how to run a business, although he had a distinct impression that he was going to learn something totally different. And that was making his stomach flutter with dread and excitement.

“What if I just say ‘no’?” he felt the need to at least show some opposition to the idea of being dragged around like a mindless doll.

“And risk disappointing your brother?” the man quirked an eyebrow.

“He’ll get over it,” Jake shrugged, although he knew that wasn’t true. His brother was going to go ballistic if he dared even mentioning he had no intention to help the gang.

“Stop being a kid. What do you think? That I’m going to drag you to my cave and devour you?” Klaus came closer and crouched so he could be on the same level with Jake who was sitting on a chair.

That was exactly how adults addressed children as if they were making a big, but endearing effort to be on the same level with a kid. He stood up, a bit briskly, almost knocking Klaus over in the process.

“No, I stopped believing in fairy tales when I was nine,” he said with a sullen look on his face.

“What happened when you were nine?” Klaus questioned.

A brief sensation of deep hurt punctured his heart. He pushed it away.

“None of your fucking business. Let’s go. I hope you have food,” he added.

“Do not worry about that. Since I have every intention to devour you, maybe you could use some fattening up,” Klaus joked, making him stop and stare at the other.

“I thought that was just sarcasm.”

“Maybe just half … sarcasm,” Klaus grabbed his arm firmly and guided him out of the room.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Jake mumbled, trying the shake away the man’s hand. Klaus didn’t seem to be bothered by his lame attempts, though.

“It means that the word ‘devour’ can be used as a euphemism for something else. And do not ask something stupid like ‘what else’ because I am not in the mood to hear you insulting your own intelligence.”

“Intelligence?” Jake snorted. “If you really plan on teaching me stuff, you’re going to have a bad day. I’m dumb as a brick.”

He had no idea why he was saying things like that. It just seemed important to him to contradict the man in everything he was saying.

“I rarely misjudge people. But I have to admit that since I have known you for so little time, you are like a book to me.”

“An open book, you mean to say,” Jake entered the elevator with the man in tow.

“A book I am planning to open and read very, very thoroughly,” Klaus whispered in his ear, making his hair stand on end.

The elevator doors opened too soon, for Jake to linger too long thinking how terribly annoying was to have the man invading his personal space like that.

He knew Klaus’s limo and the chauffeur who was waiting like a statue, with the door opened.

“We are going straight to home, Thompson,” Klaus said after greeting the man. “After that, you are free for the rest of the evening.”

“Thank you, sir,” the man said laconically, and Jake wondered if Thompson was happy to go home and not have to stick around and put up with his boss and his whims. The chauffeur showed no emotion, so that was hard to say.

Was Thompson even guessing what had happened the other night? Jake felt sick to his stomach. Inside the car, he huddled himself in a corner to look out the window, as the limo began to move.

Klaus seemed keen on leaving him alone for the time being. When Jake turned to stare a little at the man, he was surprised to see him with his eyes closed, his head on the comfortable headrest, with an expression of unexpected vulnerability on his face. Jake thought he had to be angry at the man.

But, at that very moment, he only wondered how it would feel to press his mouth against the man’s soft lips and see if there was any magic there, something in the simple connection of skin on skin that could not be explained by laws of men or gods. It had definitely felt like that, a thing beyond any comprehension at the time it happened. Jake could still feel the man’s taste in his mouth, and he began to wonder how it would be to explore and taste Klaus everywhere.

“If you are just going to stare, how about coming closer?” Klaus spoke huskily, without opening his eyes and Jake turned back to his window with a huff, making the other laugh softly. “Do not feel neglected, Jake. I need just a bit of time off to cleanse my head of all the problems at work.”

“I didn’t feel neglected,” Jake mumbled. “And what problems? You handled everything today with no sign of worry or anything.”

“There is no such thing as work without trouble. You will learn, Jake. I will teach you,” Klaus offered and placed a warm hand on the younger man’s shoulder.

“Is that … your house?” Jake felt his jaw-dropping with the speed of light, as the limo took a turn to enter the driveway to what looked pretty much like a mansion.

“My home is my castle,” Klaus said, and Jake snorted.

“In your case, the right order of words is ‘This castle is my home’ or something like that.”

“You are overreacting. This is not by far a castle. I will show you real castles.”

“When?” Jake asked, feeling, for some reason, like a little kid promised a trip to Disneyland.

“When we will travel to France, of course,” Klaus said casually.

“France? Like in Europe?” Jake asked in disbelief.

“That is where France is, last time I checked,” Klaus, answered with a smile.

“Why would you take a piece of street trash like me there?”

“On vacation,” Klaus explained, as the car was slowly stopping. “And I really have to wash that dirty mouth of yours. I think I will have you swallow an entire bar of soap.”

“Make me,” Jake challenged, earning a meaningful look from the blond.

“Do not think I will hesitate to do so. Although I have a mind to make you … swallow other things,” Klaus winked at him.

Damn the man! He always had to have the last word, Jake thought with growing annoyance, as the door opened and Klaus got out, moving with the same grace as always.

Behind him, Jake hurried to get out quickly, too. He looked at the man holding the door, trying to gauge some reaction. Thompson looked calmly straight ahead, without even gracing Jake with a glance. It hit Jake like a ton of bricks how out of place he had to look, walking side by side with Klaus. The chauffeur obviously knew it, and he was probably thinking that it was just one of his boss’s whims to take a poor guy like Jake from the street, and flaunt his palace in his face, just to make him feel pathetic and useless.

He wanted to hate the man. He truly did. But, as Klaus moved in front of him, the only thing he found himself capable of doing was to stare at the man’s back and admire his perfect figure.

An old lady who seemed to be head of the staff greeted them. Jake didn’t dare to look around too much and ended up just staring at his sneakers.

Cool fingers tilted his chin up. “No need to look down all the time. The house will not break if you take a look around.” After that, Klaus just turned towards the old woman. “Agnes, this is Jake, our new guest. Make sure to prepare the room on the second floor next to mine.”

The woman nodded and disappeared without a word.

“I’ll try to break free, you know,” Jake murmured.

“What?” Klaus pretended to have a sudden loss of hearing.

“I will try to escape,” Jake said more energetically this time.

“Oh,” was the man’s only reply, as he started to climb the majestic stairs leading to the upper floor.

Jake stood stubbornly exactly where he was.

“Are you not coming?” Klaus threw over his shoulders. “Or do you plan to escape this very moment?”

Somehow, the idea seemed ludicrous, so Jake decided to move his legs and climb the stairs to follow Klaus.

They reached the second floor in silence, and Jake began to feel more and more apprehensive. The man stopped in front of a door and pushed it open. He then gestured for Jake to go inside.

Despite his better judgment and all his senses screaming at him that it was not a good idea to step into the guy’s lair on his own accord, he entered the room.

He stopped dead in his tracks upon seeing the master bed in the middle of the room. He expected something more clinical from a bedroom belonging to a man like Klaus. Everything was sparkling clean, but the tones of golden, beige and brown, made the room feel warm and comfortable.

“Do you want to try the bed?” Klaus joked, and Jake shifted from one foot to another.

Suddenly an idea hit him. “This is what you do with everybody?”

“What do you mean by everybody?”

“You know, the other people you are asking for as collateral, how you asked me from my brother.”

“Collateral does not have to be a person. There are many other things people hold dear, besides relatives. In your case, it only seemed appropriate.”

“Appropriate? How can it be appropriate to ask for another human being to become your slave or something?”

A rough hand grabbed his chin and made him turn his head a bit too harshly.

“Where do you get such ideas? How are you a slave here?”

“I have no freedom. I will have to do what you ask. How would you name that?”

Klaus let him be and walked towards the bed, plopping himself on the comfortable pillows with a sigh.

“First of all, if you are unhappy with our arrangement, you are free to go. Of course, that will make things difficult between you and your brother, but that is none of my business. Secondly, you will do whatever you want to do. I will do my part to try convincing you, but I can assure you, there will be nothing forced upon you.”

“You …” Jake felt the need to revolt, to protest. “You … forced me last night.”

“Is that so? Please do entertain me with an explanation.”

“You made me undress for you. You touched my dick,” Jake said miffed.

“Yes, all right, and …? Let me guess. You hated it,” Klaus stared at him, with mockery in his beautiful blue eyes.

“Yes, I did,” Jake lied, and began biting his bottom lip.

“And, with all the hatred and disgust you felt,” Klaus straightened up a little and angled his head, “you came all over your chest and my hand. Should I remind you that you are pretty strong yourself? You were not chained and anything remotely similar. I only had my hand on your cock.”

Jake began to feel restless.

“Did it not feel good?” Klaus pressed, and his voice began to coil around Jake’s mind like a graceful snake.

“N-no,” Jake mustered the courage to deny.

“All right,” Klaus shrugged. “I will go take a shower,” he said all of a sudden. “You can relax here, while Agnes prepares your room.”

With that, Klaus began to undress with efficient moves, placing his suit on a hanger and putting it back into a large closet. He let the shirt on the back of a chair, and then the white t-shirt he wore underneath. Jake stared at the man’s naked back, watching the smooth muscles dancing under the skin. A sudden urge to just go there and embrace Klaus from behind, placing his lips between the man’s shoulder blades, invaded his mind. This time, the man seemed oblivious to the inquisitive looks he was getting from his guest. He took off his underwear and left it on the chair, after folding it with the same care.

Everything about the man screamed efficiency and Jake felt his breath hitching in his chest as he drank in the sight. The man was perfect in every way, his ass an absolute marvel, inviting Jake to touch and feel and part the round mounds, to sneak a peek at the secret hiding they were guarding. He had never had the chance to stare so openly at another naked male in flesh and blood, and it didn’t help at all that Klaus was perfection in every way.

The man turned, allowing him to see the front, too. Jake licked his lips unconsciously. The man was well endowed, his pubic hair the same color as the one on his head. Otherwise, the guy seemed perfectly shaved; Jake’s eyes traveled on the man’s chest. He wondered how it would be to place his palms over those perfect pecs. He could only imagine how it would feel to map all the ridges of that ripped abdomen, only to sink his hands into the guy’s pubic hair and pull at it.

Even flaccid, the man’s cock looked quite impressive. At least, by Jake’s standards, as he was confident he was average, and even that was a bit of a stretch. The sleepy organ rested on a nice pair of balls. Klaus grabbed his own cock and flaunted it a bit.

“What do you say, Jake? Are you not willing to try? Since you are looking so intently, why not act on your desire and come closer?”

There was no mockery in the man’s voice as he spoke.

“I wasn’t looking … like you said,” he averted his eyes.

Klaus moved gracefully and stopped by the bed. He leaned a little to hover over Jake. He took one of Jake’s hands and placed it quickly on his own sex. Jake’s fingers curled around the meaty shaft for a split second. Then he withdrew as if he had been burned.

“It is not like you are thinking,” Jake pleaded.

The offensive hand sank between his legs, grabbing him roughly. Jake yelped. He was so hard he was confident he could explode from a simple touch, let alone a bit of squeezing.

“You are so hard you could drive a nail through a wall with this,” Klaus joked. “It is amazing how much denial you have in you. However, I am an understanding man. Within limits, of course.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Jake mumbled, his eyes half closed, enjoying the hand moving against his cock through his jeans.

“That I will make you mine, regardless of what you are saying. That I will not deny you the pleasure, you are so badly seeking, just because you are too stubborn to admit it.”

“If you’re gay, don’t you have like a lover or something to get your rocks off?” Jake inquired, unconsciously parting his legs, to allow the man’s touch.

“A lover?” Klaus chuckled.

The offensive hand stopped.

“Are you fishing for info, Jake? Do you want to know if I am taken?”

“No! I am just asking so you could leave me alone!” Jake protested.

“As you wish,” Klaus straightened up and walked away. “As for your question, since you are dishonest about the motivation behind it, I will not deem it worthy of an answer. Now, I will enjoy my shower. In case you change your mind, the door is not locked. Join me if you please. I promise I will wash your back,” he added with a wink, as he disappeared through the bathroom door.

Jake remained alone. Damn, he felt frustrated. After all, what was the harm if he played along? He shook his head. What was he thinking? With his secret out in the open, his brother would have his balls. Or his head. Or both. No, if he was going to give in to his urges, he had to be somewhere else. Somewhere very far away, where Diaz and the others would not be known by anyone.

On the other hand, he was too damn horny. Klaus’s touch was enough to drive him crazy. He wished for the man to finish what he had started. But, that was not possible. Jake could not give in to that invitation, even if it meant the end of his torment. He could not trust a stranger on such a delicate subject.

He took out his cock. He could hear the water running. There was no harm in taking care of things when there was no one watching. He closed his eyes and imagined Klaus’s beautiful eyes staring into his, while rough, skilled hands were pumping his cock.

An idea came to him, as desire took over. He rose from the bed and grabbed the t-shirt Klaus had been wearing until earlier. He hoped for a more overpowering smell, but apparently, the man didn’t even sweat like a normal human being. Only a fading whiff could be felt that he could identify as the man’s smell, besides the hint of expensive perfume. He inhaled deeply and came with a small grunt.

When he opened his eyes, he saw Klaus standing there, a bathroom robe hiding his naked body this time. He looked amused. Jake realized in shock that he could no longer hear the water running. What the hell had he been thinking?

“I will not have you masturbate at my expense,” Klaus warned. “This time, I will let it slide, but soon, I will have a little small device brought over. Something you will probably find … interesting.”

Jake could only wonder what that would be.

“That being said, you can go to your room. Agnes must have finished. It is the next door on the left. By tonight, I will see to restraining you against such offending acts,” Klaus added with a playful smirk.

Totally defeated, Jake turned on his heels and left the room. He really had to catch some sleep; the day had proved much too eventful for his nerves.

Chapter Four

It was almost dinnertime when he finally woke up. He had to remember to say an honest ‘thank you’ to that Agnes lady. His room was comfortable, and sleep had taken him fast, once he had hit the pillows. The bedroom was a tad smaller than Klaus’s, but it was warm and cozy. As opposed to the golden tones in the other’s bedroom, different hues of blue seemed to be dominant in this one.

It was strange how he had always thought of blue to be a cold color, and now he was thinking exactly the opposite. It had to do with how a particular pair of baby blues could burn with inner fire when looking at him. He shook his head. It was not healthy for him to fantasize about Klaus. He had no intention to lose his brother’s trust, and his reputation along with it, just for a fleeting moment of passion. Although he was sure it was not going to be just a moment, and it was not going to be fleeting if it was going to happen.

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