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To Have and To Hold

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Warning: This book contains sexually explicit content, which may only be suitable for mature readers.

To Have and To Hold

Enchanting Encounters, Book Two

Tamryn Eradani

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About the Author

Chapter One

“I can drive myself tonight,” Kyle says as he rummages through his closet for the third time in the past five minutes. Jenny’s been here for fifteen, amused as he worked himself into a panic, but now her arms are crossed over her chest, and she’s moving into impatient territory as he can’t settle on what he wants to wear. “You and Charlotte should head out.”

Tonight, Kyle’s two best friends, Jenny and Charlotte, are meeting his Dom for the first time.

Kyle’s been crushing on Aidan since the first time he saw him at Enchanting Encounters, the kink club he’s been frequenting for years now. After he managed to catch Aidan’s attention, they had a two-week trial period to see if they were compatible beyond physical attraction.

Now that they’ve extended their play to a three-month commitment, Kyle figures it’s time Aidan met the most important people in his life.

Well, that, and Jenny was determined to meet Aidan, whether Kyle was there or not, and he doesn’t need Jenny scaring him off.

“We’re not leaving you behind,” Jenny says. She sprawls across Kyle’s bed, making herself comfortable.

“Absolutely not,” Charlotte agrees, wandering in. She lies down next to Jenny, resting her head on Jenny’s stomach. “I’m not sure you’d ever make it.”

“Besides, if you drive in with me and Charlotte and we have to leave early, then you’ll have no choice but to catch a ride home with your man.”

“Huh,” Kyle says. It’s a good point. It’s a Wednesday night which means Aidan has afternoon classes tomorrow. Maybe he could go home with Aidan. Or have Aidan come home with him. As long as there’s bed sharing involved, Kyle isn’t picky on whose bed they sleep in.

“Never say I don’t do anything for you,” Jenny tells him. Then, “Put down that shirt. It’s basically see-through.”

“It looks good on me,” Kyle points out, but he puts the shirt back because it’s not appropriate for where they’re going. He picks up one of his polos and glances at his small collection of dress shirts. “Is this a date?”

“Ugh,” Jenny groans.

“Would it be bad if it was?” Charlotte asks.

“You’ve already seen each other naked,” Jenny says. “This can’t be more intimidating than that.”

“We haven’t actually seen each other naked,” Kyle says. That is something he’s going to change as soon as possible. “And you’re trying to distract me. Scenes are scenes and dates are dates. They’re different.”

“Put a damn shirt on so we can go,” Jenny says.

Kyle grabs a long-sleeve thermal to throw on. Shirt and jeans on, he only has one thing left to do. “Overnight bag.”

“I take it back,” Jenny says. “You can drive yourself, and every minute you’re late is a minute I have to ask Aidan questions.”

“Nope, you said you were giving me a ride. No takebacks.”

Packing an overnight bag is quicker than dressing himself for this maybe-date. Socks, boxers, pajamas, a black V-neck, his favorite briefs, and a toothbrush. He already has condoms and lube stashed in his bag, and he can’t think of anything else he might need.

“All set,” Kyle says.

“Fucking finally.”

“On second thought.” Kyle runs a hand through his hair. “Maybe…”

“No,” Jenny says. She jumps out of bed so she can slam Kyle’s bathroom door shut, cutting him off from his comb and his hair gel, and Kyle dissolves into laughter.

“All right,” Charlotte says, but she smiles at both of them. “Let’s go. We don’t want to be late. I want to make a good impression on Aidan.”

“He’ll love you,” Kyle promises.

Charlotte pats his cheek. “Then there’s nothing for you to worry about.”

Except I want him to love me too.

Kyle links his arm through Charlotte’s. “Come on, I’m in the mood for a beer and pretzels dipped in cheese sauce.”

“Gross,” Jenny says and leads them out the door.

The bar they go to is the one Kyle visits when he wants to yell at his basketball team with other disgruntled fans or when he wants a drink without worrying about hooking up. It’s fairly crowded tonight, because Wednesday nights boast twenty-five cent wings. The only place for the four of them to sit without having to wait is at the bar.

Kyle drops his jacket on their fourth barstool so no one will take Aidan’s seat before he gets there.

He pulls the bowl of popcorn on the counter closer to him and sifts through it until he finds a particularly buttered piece. He’s chewing when a hand settles on his shoulder. He smiles even before he turns and confirms that it’s Aidan.

“Hey,” Kyle says.

Aidan squeezes Kyle’s shoulder and says, “Good evening,” because he always uses more words than he needs to say things. Kyle thinks it’s a byproduct of being a college professor. Or maybe that’s why he became a professor, so he’d have an excuse to talk all the time.

Hand still on Kyle’s shoulder, Aidan reaches his other hand out to Jenny. “I’m Aidan,” he says as if Jenny hasn’t done almost as much research on him as Kyle has.

“Jenny.” She shakes his hand.

Next to her, Charlotte waves. “I’m Charlotte. Nice to meet you.”


Likewise, Kyle mouths because who even says that? Charlotte covers her grin with her hand.

“I hope I didn’t keep you from ordering.” Aidan picks Kyle’s jacket up so he can pull his stool closer to Kyle before he sits down. Their knees touch now, Kyle’s jeans against Aidan’s khakis, and Kyle leans into his side.

“We just got here,” Charlotte assures him.

“I don’t care what you order as long as there are mozzarella sticks and I can have at least four,” Jenny says.

Kyle turns to Aidan and whispers, loudly enough for Jenny to hear, “She’s terrible at sharing.”

Aidan laughs and drops his hand to Kyle’s knee. “I have no feelings on mozzarella sticks, but I prefer my buffalo chicken to be boneless.”

“That takes all the fun out of it,” Kyle says. “Which, I suppose, is why you like them that way.” He laughs as Aidan pinches him and swats him with the menu. “We could just skip the bickering and eat popcorn with our drinks.”

“No,” Jenny says, pointing at him. “We swore after college we would never do that again.”

“We got trashed,” Kyle explains for Aidan’s benefit, “and we decided we were too drunk to find food or even call out for pizza so we’d do something easy. I think we made ten bags of popcorn.”

“And ate all of them,” Jenny finishes. “Not one of our finer moments.”

“No,” Kyle agrees.

“How about the sampler?” Charlotte asks, menu open in front of her. “It comes with mozzarella sticks, buffalo chicken tenders, regular chicken tenders, and onion rings.”

“But only three mozzarella sticks,” Jenny pouts.

“And you love the spring rolls here,” Kyle says.

“I would split spring rolls with you,” Aidan tells Charlotte.

“It’s decided.” Kyle closes his menu. “The sampler and an order of spring rolls.” He rolls his eyes at Jenny. “You can have all the mozzarella sticks.”

“But there’s only three.”

They order their appetizers and their drinks when the bartender swings by, and it isn’t long before Kyle has a rum and Coke with an umbrella sticking out of it.

“You’re a child,” Jenny tells him.

“Umbrellas automatically make any drink cooler.” Kyle eyes Aidan’s beer like he wants to stick his umbrella in it, and Aidan pulls his bottle to safety. Kyle huffs. “Why do I hang out with boring people?”

“I knew I should’ve worn my Pete the Cat sweater tonight,” Charlotte says.

“She’s a children’s librarian,” Kyle tells Aidan, “and has outfits for basically every major series. Wait until you see her Charlotte’s Web getup.”

“It’s funny because my name is Charlotte,” she explains.

Aidan grins and takes a sip of his beer.

“If we’re talking poor fashion choices then I should break out the pictures from Kyle’s fishnet phase,” Jenny says.

“Are you saying you don’t like my work-appropriate sweaters?” Charlotte asks.

“Uh,” Jenny says.

“I was a teenager,” Kyle tells Aidan. “Lestat was a formative influence on me.”

“The fishnet and mesh shirts stuck around for a while,” Jenny says, her arm draped over Charlotte’s shoulder now. “Thankfully, your attempts at singing did not.”

“I have a beautiful voice,” Kyle says. “We should’ve gone somewhere with karaoke.”

“No,” Jenny and Charlotte say at the same time, forceful enough that Kyle’s feelings are a little hurt.

Aidan pats Kyle’s thigh, a reminder that Kyle has one person here who’s guaranteed to be on his side.

He still takes a sulky sip of his drink.

His real revenge, though, comes when he swipes a mozzarella stick from their sampler. He takes an obnoxious bite and grins at Jenny while he chews.

“You don’t even like mozzarella sticks.”

“Worth it,” he says before handing the half-eaten appetizer to Aidan. “Here, I don’t like these.”

Aidan bursts out laughing.

“No, don’t encourage him.”

“Too late,” Kyle says, smirking as he leans back against Aidan’s chest. “He likes me just the way I am.”

Later, once they’ve finished their food and are mostly done with their second drinks, Jenny and Charlotte go to the bathroom together.

“Lucky guys,” a man passing by them says. He nods toward the little hallway Jenny and Charlotte disappeared down.

Kyle looks at the man. His business suit is wrinkled at the elbows and behind the knees. He sounds completely sincere as if he doesn’t notice how Kyle’s pressed up against Aidan’s side or how Charlotte and Jenny held hands as they navigated the crowded bar.

“Yeah,” Kyle says. “We’re real lucky.”

The man in the suit nods as if he’s done something good and wanders away.

“Does this happen a lot?” Aidan asks.

“A fair amount. We usually have a couple laughs about it later. But if the assumptions bother you, then I can kiss you.”

Aidan’s eyes crinkle at the corners when he smiles. “Maybe I’ll take you up on that offer later.”

In private, because exhibitionism isn’t a thing for him the way it is for me.

“Speaking of, Jenny gave me a ride here, if you want to drive me home. To either of our homes.”

“More of your clever planning?” Aidan asks, teasing.

He never should’ve told Aidan about his plan to get his attention through a series of public scenes at Enchanting Encounters. It’s opened him up to being teased for the rest of his life. Though, since his plan worked, he doesn’t mind the teasing too much.

“Jenny’s idea, actually.” Because he knows he’s pushy sometimes, he adds, “I can catch a ride back with them. Or you can drop me off. I know we didn’t have anything planned.”

“Do you want to do something?”

“Sleep in a bed with you,” Kyle answers which isn’t the sexy or fun answer but is the honest one. “I wouldn’t say no to anything else, but I know you have work tomorrow.”

“Work in the afternoon.” Aidan pulls Kyle closer to him and Kyle rests his head on Aidan’s shoulder. “We could talk about something tonight and do it tomorrow morning. Or we could just sleep.”

Kyle hasn’t known Aidan long enough to read him and know what Aidan would rather do. Kyle would be happy with either, but he’d be happiest with what Aidan wants. He knows better than to say that, though. Aidan’s last sub, Simon, did a real number on his head. The kid had been new to the scene and wanted Aidan to like him so badly he agreed to things he didn’t want because he thought it would make Aidan keep him.

It means Kyle has to be careful he doesn’t dip too far into that territory. Most of the time, it isn’t a problem. Kyle usually has clear ideas of what he wants and when he wants it, but tonight, he doesn’t want to make the decision.

If he’s being honest with himself, he doesn’t want to push for too much.

He knows exactly what he wants; Aidan in his bed so tomorrow morning he can make him breakfast and maybe exchange some lazy kisses in the shower before he sends Aidan off to work, but that seems like it’s moving too fast.

But if Aidan offers it…


He won’t be a coward.

He turns so he and Aidan are facing each other. “Yes, on sleeping together. We can talk out the rest of it when we’re home. Your place or mine?” He summons his sleaziest grin in an effort to tempt a smile back onto Aidan’s face.

Aidan smiles and shakes his head, aiming for disapproving but landing closer to fond. “Yours? That way, I can leave for work without worrying about how to get you back to your place.”

“Plus, I have real food in my fridge.”

“You’re cooking for me?”

“One of the many services I have to offer.”

Kyle smiles and leans in, hoping for a kiss, but they’re interrupted by Jenny’s, “Ugh,” as she drops into her seat. “We came back at the wrong time.”

Kyle rolls his eyes. “We’re talking about breakfast. Relax.”

“So you don’t need a ride home, then?” Charlotte asks.

Kyle has a joke about riding on the tip of his tongue, but Aidan says, “We’re all set but thank you,” before he can make it.

“We should do this again,” Charlotte says. “It was fun.”

“Game night?” Kyle asks. “Wine and Scrabble? We haven’t done that in a while.”

“Mr. Professor over there might have an advantage,” Jenny says.

Kyle rolls his eyes. “Charlotte’s a librarian. The game might actually be interesting for once.”

“Hey!” Jenny protests.

Kyle grins as he tells Aidan, “I like to make tiny words that block off the board.”

“Why am I not surprised?”

Kyle pulls his wallet out, pleased to see his friends get along. He tosses a couple of bills on the counter and waves Aidan off when he reaches for his wallet. “I covered our half.” He can’t keep the smile off his face, and Jenny groans.

“This might be worse than the pining.”

He cheerfully flips her off. “We’re going now. I’ll text you about lunch tomorrow.”

Kyle slides off his stool and kisses Charlotte’s cheek and hugs Jenny before he follows Aidan out of the bar. In the parking lot, he wraps Aidan’s arm around his waist.

“This okay?” Kyle asks.

Aidan tugs him closer and hooks his thumb through Kyle’s belt loop. “It is now.”

Kyle’s tempted to stop in the middle of the parking lot and kiss him, but he knows better than to start something he won’t be able to finish. It’ll be more fun to wait until they’re in Kyle’s apartment where Kyle can kiss Aidan for the first time against his door and against his island counter and on his couch and in his bed.

Kyle grins and quickens his step.

It’s a short drive to Kyle’s apartment, and Kyle directs Aidan to the empty spaces in front of Building 3, and maybe he directs Aidan to park next to his car. It makes something flutter in his chest to see their cars side by side, and he’s glad the dark hides the goofy smile on his face.

They don’t touch on their way to Kyle’s apartment, and Kyle’s not sure if it’s Aidan’s dislike of public displays of affection or something different, but he follows Aidan’s lead and keeps his distance until they’re inside the apartment.

Once the door closes, though, Kyle pushes into Aidan’s space, demanding to make up for lost time.

Aidan’s overnight bag thuds softly as it hits the ground, straps slipping out of Aidan’s fingers as soon as Kyle pushes him up against the door. First location checked off the list, Kyle thinks as he kisses Aidan with enough force to catch him off guard. It doesn’t take long for Aidan to catch up, wrapping an arm around Kyle’s waist to pull him closer.

It’s an encouragement, and it makes Kyle bold enough to push for more. He takes every inch he’s given and slides his thigh between Aidan’s to take more. He grinds his thigh against Aidan’s cock, half-hard and growing harder, and Kyle groans into the kiss. The only way they could be closer would be if they lost their clothes and…well, that’s not a bad idea.

Kyle keeps one hand tucked into the back pocket of Aidan’s pants. The other is at the hem of Aidan’s shirt, trying to shove it up and off. He doesn’t get far before Aidan spins them so it’s Kyle with his back against the door.

It isn’t a bad position, trapped between the solid wood of the door and the solid press of Aidan’s body but then Aidan pins Kyle’s hands against the door, and he can’t help his whine. He pulls against Aidan’s grip, half because he wants Aidan to hold him down harder and half because he wants to break free.

“I want to touch you,” Kyle says, turning his mouth away from Aidan’s. “Please, I’ll make it so good.” He flexes his fingers, straining for something he’s not allowed to have. He kisses Aidan’s neck, careful not to suck too hard or use his teeth because Aidan has to stand in front of a classroom of college students tomorrow. “Let me? Please?”

There are so many places he could touch if his hands were allowed to roam beneath Aidan’s shirt. And if Aidan took his shirt off, then Kyle could leave all the marks he wants. Red lines from Kyle’s nails down Aidan’s back and little bite marks above the cut of his hips.

Kyle wants Aidan splayed across his bed, hair sex-mussed, lips swollen from being kissed, and a myriad of marks left by Kyle’s nails and teeth covering his body. He wants Aidan exhausted and pleased and to hold his arms open for Kyle to join him.

He kisses the underside of Aidan’s jaw, and it’s a struggle to keep from digging his teeth into the skin there, from leaving a mark which says he’s mine, back off.

“Please,” Kyle says again and when he closes his eyes his lashes sweep against Aidan’s skin.

Aidan lifts Kyle’s hands off the door, and Kyle feels a surge of victory before Aidan places them on his torso instead.

Above his shirt.

At least Kyle can feel the tremble of Aidan’s body beneath his hands, the only sign that Aidan’s even as close to affected as Kyle is.

“You can have what I offer you,” Aidan says. “Nothing more.”

“Seriously?” Kyle asks, sliding his hands over the fabric of Aidan’s shirt. “Are you sure this isn’t a thing?”

In all the time they’ve been together—admittedly, it’s not very much—they’ve never been completely naked together. Kyle wants to see and touch and taste. He wants Aidan stripped for him so he can try to soak in his fill.

Kyle’s been fucked by Aidan, and he’s blown him, but he’s never seen Aidan’s dick. He’s never even seen the man shirtless, and at this rate, Kyle’s afraid these next three months will be more of the same.

“The clothes?” Aidan asks with a grin. “Or denying you things you want to watch you work yourself up over them?” He trails a finger down the slope of Kyle’s jaw. “Because that’s definitely a thing.”

Kyle groans and slumps against the door. So much for a quiet night at home.

Aidan laughs, his breath hot against Kyle’s cheek. “I thought you wanted to touch me.” There’s a challenge in his words.

“I do.” But he knows himself, knows he could easily get lost in touching and kissing and lose track of time. “But I was also promised a bed.” He nudges Aidan’s bag with his foot. “Pajamas and then we can pick things up where we left off?”

“Sounds good.” Aidan drops a light kiss on Kyle’s mouth before he takes a step back. “And we should talk about this more. We also promised a discussion when we arrived.”

“Oops.” Kyle runs a hand through his hair. “Do you want the bathroom first? Or do you want me to close my eyes until you tell me you’re dressed?”

“Hilarious,” Aidan says.

Kyle grins. “One of my many charms. Come on, I’ll give you the brief tour of the apartment and then we can get back to kissing. Question, though, the clothes thing. Can I sleep shirtless or does your Victorian kink go both ways?”

“Brat,” Aidan says, and Kyle laughs and grabs his hand to lead him into the kitchen.

Chapter Two

Kyle’s the first one awake in the morning, and he doesn’t know Aidan well enough yet to know if this is something he should expect. Maybe, in a few weeks, he’ll know if Aidan’s the kind of person who sleeps in whenever he has the chance or if he’s groggy when he wakes up to his alarm or if he’s the kind of person who likes to sleep with the curtains open so he wakes up with the sun.

There are dozens of little things they don’t know about each other, and Kyle wants to learn them all.

But for now he eases out of bed and tucks Aidan’s arm around a pillow. Aidan makes a low grumbling sound as he pulls the pillow closer. It’s as if even while asleep he knows he’s being tricked.

“I’ll be right back,” Kyle murmurs before going to the bathroom to take a piss and brush his teeth.

When he emerges from the bathroom, Aidan is still asleep, turned on his side and curled around the pillow. A quick glance at the clock tells Kyle he has ten minutes before he’s even allowed to think about waking Aidan up.

They talked about this last night, what they each wanted out of this morning, and it took some negotiating, but Kyle thinks they’ve come up with a scene they’ll both enjoy. Aidan doesn’t seem sold on why Kyle wants what he wants so badly, but Kyle hopes to show him.

He sits on the edge of the bed so he can put his cuffs on. They’re black leather and padded, and they’re easy enough to buckle himself, but he prefers to have his Dom do it for him.

This morning, he does it himself because it’s what he and Aidan agreed on last night. He can’t help but feel cheated, though, that their first scene with his cuffs is one where he puts them on himself. Maybe next time, Kyle can hold his wrists out to Aidan and watch as Aidan buckles them into place.

The leather looks good against his skin, not as good as brown would, but he likes the contrast of the black against the silver of the buckles and the rings. These are well-made, sturdy, and he rotates his wrists as he admires them.

When he and Aidan agreed to their three-month exclusive partnership, they decided on using Kyle’s cuffs as a sign they’re in a scene. For their two-week trial period, they stayed in the club, and there it was easy to know when they were in-scene and when they were out of it. Now that they’ll be using each other’s homes, it’s good to have a visual and verbal cue.

Some people use collars for that, but where Kyle’s concerned, a collar is for more than play. It has meaning behind it, and he rarely scenes with one, because to him they’re a sign of a committed partnership. He doesn’t want to wear one unless he’s with someone who deserves it.


Kyle shakes his head. He’s been with Aidan for two weeks, and if things go well, then they’ll have another three months together. It’s certainly a start, but it won’t do Kyle any good to get too far ahead of himself.

He checks the clock again.

It’s time.

He wants to brush his fingers against Aidan’s cheek, pink from all the blankets he has pulled over him, or maybe run his hands through Aidan’s hair, light brown and pressed flat against his pillow.

Instead, he eases his drawer open and pulls out a condom then tips Aidan onto his back. Tugging the blankets down without waking him up is more difficult, but once they’re at the foot of the bed, Aidan’s legs part, as if, even in his sleep, he knows what’s about to happen.

He only pulls Aidan’s pajama pants down far enough to lift his cock out, soft after a long night of sleep, and warm from where it’s been nestled in Aidan’s pants. Kyle’s been fucked by Aidan, and he’s even had his cock in his mouth, but he was fucked from behind, and the last time he blew Aidan he was blindfolded.

This is Kyle’s first time seeing it, the head a blushing pink, the same color as Aidan’s lips. Kyle wants to linger, to touch and stare his fill, but he knows he only has a small window before Aidan wakes up.

There’s something vulnerable about seeing him soft. He wants to press a featherlight kiss to the tip, but he settles for rubbing his cheek against the sleep-warm skin instead. Aidan’s cock firms up enough for Kyle to roll the condom on, gentle, so he doesn’t bring Aidan out of his sleep.

He props himself up on his elbows to stare then pushes Aidan’s shirt up enough to lay a kiss just below his belly button, and Aidan’s stomach tightens, and he breathes out a small sigh as his fingers lose their grip on his pillow. Kyle eases the pillow out of Aidan’s grasp and redirects Aidan’s hands to his hair instead.

They curl there, but don’t pull tight the way they might if he was awake.

Kyle bends his head again so he can take Aidan in his mouth. Early in the morning, with Aidan asleep and Kyle still not completely awake, there’s no rush here. Kyle can close his eyes and focus on the way Aidan grows hard in his mouth.

Aidan’s hard for him, from the wet heat of Kyle’s mouth and the way his tongue flutters against Aidan’s length. With his eyes closed and the room quiet, there’s nothing to distract Kyle from the heavy weight of Aidan’s cock.

Usually when Kyle blows someone, it’s with purpose. He wants to see them lose their control or maybe he wants to tempt them into fucking him. There’s something unhurried right now that makes him wish he could be patient like this more often.

He takes Aidan as deep as he can from this angle. Once he’s full of Aidan’s cock, just this side of too much, he lays his hands on Aidan’s stomach so when he opens his eyes the first thing he’ll see is his cuffs, the black leather standing out against the white of Aidan’s sleep shirt.

Like this, he’s surrounded by Aidan—the feel of him in his mouth, the musky scent of sex and lighter scent of sleep mingling and putting Kyle even more at ease. He doesn’t think he could fall asleep like this, but his body and his head are so settled he thinks he could drift for hours.

This is a headspace he usually struggles to reach, but Aidan’s managed to put him here without even being awake for it.

He casts his gaze up, grateful and longing for Aidan to be awake to experience this with him, only to find Aidan staring back at him. Immediately, Kyle tightens up, afraid of everything he might be broadcasting in his eyes, but Aidan pets his hair, gentle and reassuring.

“This is a pleasant way to wake up.” Aidan pushes Kyle’s hair away from his forehead. “Thank you.”

Aidan brushes his thumb across Kyle’s heated cheek the same way Kyle wanted to do to him this morning. It makes him want to touch Aidan again, makes him greedy for more than he’s been given, and he curls his fingers against Aidan’s shirt.

The movement’s enough to draw Aidan’s gaze to Kyle’s cuffs, and he lifts Kyle’s right wrist in careful hands. His fingers touch and explore the cuff and the strap, the buckle and the rings. He even slips a finger beneath the leather to check the padding. It’s sweet and maybe unnecessary, but he does the same with Kyle’s left wrist, until Kyle’s trembling in his hold.

“They’re nice,” Aidan says.

They’re Kyle’s first real cuffs, and he’s used them at the club to hold his wrists together above his head and show off the long line of his body. He’s clipped them together behind his back to show his body off in other ways. He’s let Doms curl their fingers through the rings to tug him around. He’s worn them in his apartment while he jerked himself off, because he likes the look of leather against his wrists.

He wants new memories to add to these ones. He wants to see what memories Aidan will press into the leather for Kyle to conjure when he’s alone in his room.

Aidan cards his fingers through Kyle’s hair, his fingertips rubbing little circles against Kyle’s scalp. Kyle wants to tip his head into the touch like a cat demanding to be pet, but he doesn’t want to move so he hums instead, hoping to convey that he doesn’t want Aidan to stop touching him.

Aidan jerks his hips up as if he’d forgotten Kyle has his cock in his mouth, and Kyle has to pull off, coughing and wiping his mouth.

“Sorry,” Aidan says.

“It’s okay. If that’s what you want—” Kyle doesn’t get any further before Aidan shakes his head.

“Not right now. This is good. You, uh—” Aidan curls his fingers under Kyle’s chin. “You really like this.”

Kyle smiles, both at the wonder in Aidan’s voice and the surprise. “I asked for it last night.” He glances down at Aidan’s dick, hard now and curving up toward his stomach. “Can I?”

Aidan nods and Kyle dips his head back down. He smiles when Aidan’s hands pet his hair again. And Aidan rolls his hips, a slow, sinuous movement that Kyle’s prepared for, and he doesn’t choke this time.

He closes his eyes and gives himself over to the feel of Aidan’s hands in his hair and the drag of his cock, and the words Aidan murmurs, full of wonder and praise. When Kyle told Aidan he wanted to wake him up by blowing him, this honestly isn’t the direction Kyle thought it would go in.

He expected it to be a tease, something to wind them both up until Aidan flipped them and took the pleasure Kyle was offering. This is…not necessarily better, but Kyle enjoys it more than he thought he would.

He likes the way Aidan touches him, careful, not because Kyle’s fragile but because he’s precious. He likes the way Aidan watches him, reverent and openly appreciative. He really likes knowing he’s the one to put that look on Aidan’s face and that gentleness in his hands.

He feels good.

He casts his gaze up. Aidan smiles down at him and warmth and satisfaction fill Kyle’s chest. He could float like this for hours, he thinks, as long as Aidan continued to touch him and talk to him like this.

When Aidan finally comes, it’s with his thumbs sweeping across Kyle’s cheekbones. He keeps Aidan’s cock in his mouth until he slumps back against the bed. Then Kyle pulls off, careful because he knows Aidan’s sensitive.

Aidan removes the condom and ties it off as Kyle works his jaw. It’s a little sore, but mostly it feels empty, and Kyle wrinkles his nose at the feeling. He…he felt so good only seconds ago and now he’s not quite right, like a painting knocked crooked from where it hangs.

“Come here,” Aidan says, and Kyle moves up Aidan’s body until Aidan can pull him down for a kiss.

It helps settle him enough that he’s the first to break the kiss. “Shower?” Kyle asks. “Fifteen minutes good? Twenty maybe if I get dressed before I make us breakfast. There are spare towels in the closet. Eggs and French toast okay?”

“Are you trying to spoil me?”

Kyle grins and leans in for another kiss, which is both a not-answer and a complete answer all at once. He’s halfway out of bed when Aidan hooks his fingers through the ring on his left cuff. Kyle instantly stills and looks to Aidan, wondering if Aidan knows how many times Kyle’s imagined him doing that just this morning alone.

“What do you want?” Aidan asks.

“To make you breakfast.”

Aidan smiles as if he thinks Kyle didn’t understand him and dips his first two fingers into Kyle’s waistband.

Kyle smiles back. “Really, I want to make you breakfast.”

“But you—we—”

Aidan looks confused enough that Kyle takes pity on him. “It’s not an exchange. I mean, it is, that is literally what we do, but —” Kyle glances down at his wrist, at Aidan’s fingers still hooked through the ring there as he gathers his thoughts into something more coherent. “I wanted to blow you, you wanted me to blow you, we both got what we wanted. That really did it for me. Not in a sex way, in a different way. I’m not saying I never want to come again, but like —” Kyle makes a face. “Talking is fucking overrated.”

Aidan huffs out a laugh and reels Kyle back in to kiss the frown off his face. “If you’re happy, then I believe you. I don’t need to understand.”

“But you want to.”

Aidan curls his other hand around Kyle’s hip and brings him closer again. “The way you looked—completely at peace, happy, yes, I want to understand. I want to know how exactly to put that look on your face again and again.”

“Oh,” Kyle says. “Let’s start with breakfast. I want to do that for you. Will you let me?”

“Yes,” Aidan answers, but he pulls Kyle in for another lingering kiss before he finally lets him go.

Kyle keeps his ears trained for any noise as he moves into the kitchen, which is how he knows it takes Aidan almost five full minutes to turn the shower on after Kyle leaves him in the bedroom. Pride blooms in his chest, because he did that. He wanted to start Aidan’s morning out right, and so far, he has.

Aidan’s shower goes long, but Kyle eats the first batch of eggs and the first few slices of French toast which means the second batch is just finishing up when Aidan emerges from the bathroom with damp hair and his pajamas back on.

He pauses when he sees the stack of French toast and the plate of eggs on the table. Kyle set them up at the breakfast nook, because the island counter is too tall for what he wants.

“There’s only one plate,” Aidan says as he sits down.

“I ate while I was cooking. I wanted…” Kyle folds to his knees between Aidan’s legs and rests his head on Aidan’s thigh. “Is this okay?”

Aidan ruffles his hair. “It’s good.”

He leaves his hand in Kyle’s hair as he eats and tells him how good breakfast is in between his plans for his day, and by the time Aidan leaves for work, Kyle’s buzzing and feeling like he can take on the world.

Once Aidan’s gone, Kyle sits in front of his laptop, and he only rubs his bare wrists together once before he pulls up his list of current projects. He’s sent three to clients for review and is working through the fourth when Jenny shows up for lunch.

“Wow,” Jenny says when she sees him.

There aren’t any marks on him anywhere, no sign that Aidan was here, no hint of what they did last night or this morning so Kyle doesn’t know what she sees, but he can’t help his answering smile. “Yeah.”

“Good night?”

“Night was okay. This morning was better.”

Jenny laughs and plucks his laptop from him so she can look through his work while he makes lunch. “I’m glad things are working out for you two.”

The mention of working out reminds Kyle he should make it down to the gym at some point tonight. He takes pride in his body, both what it can do and what it looks like. Jenny calls him vain, but that’s not quite right. Or maybe it is, but he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with his eyes lingering on himself in the mirror or in wanting other people to stare at him.

And now that he’s Aidan’s for the next three months, he wants Aidan to take pride in his body too. He wants to be someone for Aidan to show off.

“What’d you think of him?” Kyle asks as he puts the chicken in the oven.

“These are pretty good,” Jenny says, ignoring Kyle’s question as she points to his laptop screen. “Whatever you did this morning, you should do it more often.”

“That’s the plan.” Kyle sets the timer on the oven and leans against the counter as he waits for his water to boil. “So? Meeting one was good? We can plan our Scrabble night?”

Jenny closes Kyle’s laptop screen. “Do you think you’re moving out of the club too fast?”

“Seriously?” Kyle asks. He doesn’t want Jenny’s worry, he wants her approval.

“You’ve known him for two weeks.”

“We didn’t do anything intense or potentially dangerous,” Kyle says. “We’re—I’m not stupid. And contrary to popular belief, I do know how to look after myself.”

“That’s not what I meant. You just—you really like him.”

“Yes, I like him. Yes, I pursued him. No, I’m not going to be stupid now that I have him.”

“I’m sorry,” Jenny says. “I didn’t mean to imply you don’t know how to watch out for yourself. I just don’t want you to get hurt. He seems nice. And like you’ll walk all over him.”

She offers Kyle a smile, and Kyle smiles back, because he can never stay angry at Jenny for long, especially when she’s trying to be a good friend.

“So far, that hasn’t been the case,” Kyle says. “I can give you details if you want.”

“I most certainly don’t want,” Jenny says with a laugh. “All I need to know is if you’re happy and if you’re safe.”

“I definitely am.” Kyle fishes the asparagus out of the fridge. “We should set up a time for the photoshoot I owe you.”

“Oh? I figured we weren’t on for that anymore.”

“I made you a promise.”

“Aidan’s okay with it? He seems territorial, and you two are pretty new. I’m a Dom he doesn’t know and—”

“You’re my friend,” Kyle says. “And if he can’t respect me having friends or talking to other Doms, then we won’t last. You’re not a threat to what he and I have. If he doesn’t know that yet, then I’ll make sure to show him.”

“Okay,” Jenny says. “What about demos at the club?”

“I thought you didn’t want details.”

Jenny holds her hands up. “All right, one last question. Does Aidan want to be at the shoot? He can be as long as he isn’t in my way, but I reserve the right to kick him out.”

“He doesn’t want to be there, but I’ll see him after. We haven’t quite worked out the details yet.” Kyle grins.

“I don’t want them,” Jenny reminds him. She holds her arms open. “Hug? And then I’m going to complain about work until you feed me.”

Kyle laughs and puts the asparagus in the pan.

After lunch, Kyle works for another hour before he heads down to the gym, which doubles as both a workout and a break, because he watches TV while he’s on the treadmill. A quick shower, a snack, and two more hours of work later, his phone rings.

“Hey,” Kyle says, smiling as he answers Aidan’s call. “How were your classes?”

“The first one was good. The second was missing several students, because they had a paper due and they seem to think that if they’re not in class, then I won’t penalize them for not turning it in.”

Kyle had taken mostly art classes, which meant projects had a midnight due date and most of the time class was used to work on their projects. On the rare occasions he did have to write papers, he’d spend hours in the library, hours knocking his head against his desk. So, yeah, he can sympathize with Aidan’s students.

“I have fifteen minutes before my third class,” Aidan continues, “but I wanted to talk to you.”

Kyle grins stupidly at his phone.

“How’s your afternoon been?”

“Productive. I did a bunch of work, went to the gym, made a kickass lunch.”

“I take it from your enthusiasm that this isn’t the normal course of a day for you.”

Kyle laughs. “Not quite. There are some days I have to turn the internet off if I want to get anything done, but today was good. I was focused, I was efficient. I must’ve started my day off right.”

“French toast and eggs is a good combination of carbohydrates and protein.”

Kyle laughs again, something warm and bubbly rising in his chest. “Yeah, that must’ve been it. You said you have fifteen minutes?”

“Closer to five now,” Aidan says. “I shouldn’t be on my phone when my students come in. They might begin to think of me as human.”

“I’d hate to ruin your image even if I think you’re lying. You’re probably one of the cool professors.”

“Definitely not,” Aidan says, and Kyle can hear the embarrassment in his voice. And maybe even a little pleasure? “I certainly don’t think so.”

“Uh-huh. Well, I won’t hold you too long. Can I call you later tonight?”

“Of course. You can call me anytime. If it’s an emergency send me a text, and I’ll dismiss my class early and pick up.”

“No, not—” Kyle smiles helplessly at his phone again. “That’s not what I meant, but good to know. Thank you.”

“You don’t need to thank me for doing the right thing.”

“Noted. But back to my original question. Can I call you tonight and maybe you don’t answer?”

There’s a beat of silence before Aidan says, “Ah. Yeah, you can do that. Send me a text first, so I know I shouldn’t pick up.”

“Maybe after your phone call, I can call you again and you pick up and we can talk about this weekend.”

“Definitely.” He’s tempted to tease, but Aidan has to be in class in five minutes and Kyle isn’t cruel. He’ll have plenty of time later to have fun. “I’m headed into the club tomorrow to talk to Wanda, so I’ll book us a room while I’m there.”

“Sounds good. I’ll talk to you tonight.”

Kyle makes a kissing sound at his phone and hangs up.

Chapter Three

After such a productive day, Kyle rewards himself with a complicated dinner. He pulls HGTV up on his computer for background noise as he moves around his kitchen, losing himself in the comfort of chopping and slicing and cooking. After dinner, he settles in front of the couch with a glass of wine and he props his feet up on his ottoman and takes an hour to relax.

Once he’s loose, he rinses his glass and retreats to his bedroom. He promised Aidan a phone call tonight and, honestly, he’s not sure who’s been looking forward to it more, him or Aidan.

He texts Aidan, I’m gonna call soon, don’t pick up ;) and gathers all the stuff he needs.

He grabs a towel from the bathroom, lube from his bedside drawer, and sifts through his toy collection until he finds one of his favorite dildos. It’s thick and ridged, and he runs two fingers down its length before he leaves his room to grab a few things from his kitchen.

He gets himself a water bottle and a snack, because he knows he’ll be too lazy to do it after he comes. He prefers to bask in the afterglow rather than haul himself out of bed to clean up let alone track down something to eat.

He lines everything up on his nightstand then calls Aidan and puts the phone on speaker. His heart thuds with each ring of the phone, expectation growing as Aidan doesn’t pick up.

Finally, the phone clicks over to the answering machine, and Aidan’s voice filters through. “This is Aidan. I’m unavailable to speak with you right now. Please leave your name, your message, and the number to reach you, and I’ll call back as soon as I’m able.”

Kyle makes a mental note to give Aidan shit for his message before the phone beeps, and he switches into sex mode.

“Hey,” Kyle says, stretching out on his stomach, leaning over his phone. He needs a picture to go with Aidan’s contact to give him something to look at when he does this again. “I thought about calling you mid-jerk-off-session, but you deserve the full experience. It means you’ll be able to laugh at me for how quickly I come, but I think we both know I’m stupidly easy for you, whether you’re in the room with me or not.”

Kyle rolls off his bed but stays close enough for the speaker to pick up his voice. “I still have all my clothes on. If you were here then I’d make a show of stripping for you, but you’re not, so this’ll be quick. Theme of the night, I guess.” He laughs as he pulls his T-shirt over his head.

“I’ve been thinking about this since our phone call this afternoon.” He tugs his jeans off next then his boxers. “I didn’t get much work done after that. I hope you weren’t too distracted giving your lecture.”

Kyle’s socks are the last piece of clothing to go and those he tosses into his laundry basket. The jeans he can definitely wear again. Maybe the shirt too. Naked now, he runs his hands over his thighs then skims them up his stomach.

He drops back onto his bed, hands and knees this time, and he moves his phone so he won’t sweat on it.

“Did your cock jump when you got my text?” Kyle asks. “Did you keep it closed, knowing what it was, but letting the anticipation grow?” He pauses so when he opens the lube, Aidan can hear the click of the cap. “Are you sitting next to your phone waiting for my message to end so you can listen to it? Or are you listening right now? I’m not sure which I like better.”

Kyle squeezes some lube onto his hand and wraps that hand around his dick, bracing himself with one arm on the bed and his knees spread wide. He gasps loudly at the first touch of his fingers, loud enough for Aidan to hear through the phone.

He wants Aidan to hear every sound he makes, wants Aidan to feel like he’s here with him. He wants Aidan to share in Kyle’s pleasure because then it’s almost like Kyle’s a part of his orgasm. He’s vain enough that the thought makes him push his hips into the tight grip of his hand. The lube isn’t spread around yet so it’s a rough drag that makes him suck in a breath between his teeth.

He strokes himself a few times to make sure he’s slick before he fucks his hand again. It’s not as good as Aidan’s mouth or even his ass would feel around Kyle’s dick. That’s something they’ll have to talk about, whether Aidan’s into being fucked.

He groans at the thought of Aidan spread out on his bed, completely naked, on his back with his arms under his head, waiting. Waiting to see if Kyle would make it good for him. He would. Kyle would take his time, kissing Aidan’s stomach, sucking a bruise on one hip then the other, kissing Aidan’s thighs as he opened him up. He’d use one finger until Aidan grew restless and gave Kyle an impatient, demanding look.

When Kyle gave him two fingers, he’d suck his cock, as well, because he isn’t good at denying himself the things he wants. And to have his fingers in Aidan and his mouth around him? Definitely something he wants.

He’d have to pull off when he slid three fingers into Aidan, because he’d want to see Aidan’s face. To see him flushed and sweating and wanting. Kyle would keep his pace maddeningly slow until Aidan grabbed Kyle’s wrist and ordered, “Now.”

They’d definitely fuck face to face so Aidan could wrap a hand around the back of Kyle’s neck and drag him down for a kiss whenever he wanted one, so he could wrap his legs around Kyle’s back and dig his heels into Kyle when he wasn’t giving enough.

One of Kyle’s favorite things in the world is to feel someone pressed close against him, to have someone inside him, and he wants everyone to love it as much as he does. He wants to make Aidan as happy as Aidan makes him.


He has to squeeze the base of his dick to keep from coming, and he’s sure his frustrated groan, deep and low, comes through loud and clear over the phone.

He spots his dildo resting precariously on his pillow, and he looks down his body at the hand wrapped around his cock and the flex of his abs every time they contract. He curses quietly to himself.

“I didn’t think this through,” he confesses. “I’m on my hands and knees, because I know I look good like this and because I can imagine you standing behind me. But it means all I have is my hand on my dick. I can’t finger myself until I want to give up touching myself or I move, and I don’t want to do either.”

He’s used his forehead to balance before, knees spread wide, head pressing into his pillow, but it always leaves him with a sore neck.

“Probably for the best,” Kyle says. “I didn’t ask if I could do more than jerk off, so I’ll have to settle for longing looks at my dildo. I’ll fuel my fantasies with thoughts of how it would feel in my ass or my mouth.”

Kyle arches his back even though there’s no one here to see him. “There are ridges on my dildo. I’d push it in slowly so I could feel every one. Spread my legs to give you a view. I’d go as slow as I could stand until I had to fuck myself fast and hard, until all you could hear was me panting for it. Would you be jealous? You wouldn’t need to be. If you were here, I’d beg for you.”

He twists his wrist at the end of his next stroke and that, combined with his thoughts, is almost enough to make him come. He drops his hand from his cock and breathes heavily, head hanging between his shoulders until he pulls back from the edge. He isn’t ready to be done, not yet.

“I have a suction dildo I might use next time,” Kyle says. “It’s one of my favorites. I can stick it to the headboard then call you and choke myself on it as soon as your answering machine picks up.”

Kyle would moan around the fake cock so Aidan could hear. Knowing Aidan was on the other side of the line, he’d choke himself until there were tears in his eyes and he’d have to take his hand off his cock so he could wipe them away. He’d break himself apart piece by piece for Aidan to hear and once he was done he’d hang up and wait for Aidan to call and put him back together again.

“Obviously, I wish you were here,” Kyle says, and he slides his hand up his stomach to run over his abs, so his fingers can brush over his nipples. He squirms and wishes he could use both his hands, wishes Aidan was here to touch him.

Maybe they can plan a scene where Kyle’s on his hands and knees, and it’s Aidan’s hands touching him. Aidan’s hand around his cock and his other hand roaming across Kyle’s skin. Kyle tips his head back as though Aidan’s there for him to touch. He’s disappointed when he looks over his shoulder and sees that he’s alone.

“But there’s something I like about this too,” Kyle continues before he can lose his buzz. “I like that we don’t have to be in the same place for me to do something for you.”

Kyle stops talking after that, lets Aidan hear his grunts and groans as he careens toward tonight’s inevitable end. There’s sweat pooling on his back and a flush in his cheeks, and he comes into his fist, breathing hard.

It takes him a few long seconds before he has the energy to sit back on his heels. He wipes his hand on his towel and picks up his phone.

“This is Kyle,” he says, voice shaky. “I just left you my message, and you don’t need my number, because you can hit callback.”

He hangs up and tosses his phone on his bed. He contemplates sprawling across his sheets and calling it a night, but if he cleans up now then he can be in bed for when Aidan calls and he won’t have to leave again.

He takes a quick, chilly, shower, wiping off sweat and come, and he’s shivering when he comes out of his bathroom. He pulls on his flannel pajama pants and a white cotton T-shirt and settles on his bed again.

His phone is quiet, and he frowns at it, willing it to ring as he takes a sip of water. He breaks off a piece of his granola bar and is still chewing when his phone lights up with a call.

“Hey,” Kyle says, picking up before the first ring is through.

He’s answered by laughter. “Message critique aside, I enjoyed it.”

“Yeah?” Kyle asks. He leans against his pillows and spreads his legs. He slips a hand under the waistband of his pants, palm pressed flat against the inside of his thigh. He thinks idly about wrapping his hand around his cock again but it might be too soon for that. “How much did you like it?”

“I thought about stroking myself in time to what you were doing, but then I thought you’d be disappointed if I didn’t let you hear me.”

“I would’ve been. Does that mean you’ll touch yourself now?”

“I guess that depends on whether you ask me nicely or not.”

Kyle digs his fingers into his thigh as his dick gives a sad, painful twitch. Definitely too soon for him to grow hard again, but he wouldn’t mind trying.

And if he can’t come, then at least he can listen to Aidan. “Will you come while I’m listening? Please? I want to hear it. All I did was think about you while I touched myself. I thought about your hands on me, thought about your mouth. I thought about you watching me, and if you’d like it. Did you like it? Is that why you’re hard right now?”

“You know you’re gorgeous, you don’t need me to tell you.”

“But I want you to. Please?”

“Another time,” Aidan promises. “Tonight, I want to hear you.”

Kyle can get behind this too. “Yeah? What do you want to hear? You want me to tell you things I didn’t say in my message? Or do you want to know what I’d do if I was there with you? I’d put my mouth on you like I did this morning. We’re both awake now so you wouldn’t let me play. Plus, you’ve been waiting a while, huh. How patient are you feeling?”

“Are you asking if I’d fuck your mouth?”

“You would but not right away.” Kyle grins as he hears Aidan’s sharp intake of breath. “You’d slide both your hands through my hair and tug while I swallowed you down because you know how much I like it. But then you’d pull me off your cock because that’s something you like.”

“Is it?” Aidan’s voice, normally so smooth and controlled, has a faint tremor in it.

Kyle wants him desperate before their phone call is over. “Me on my knees, straining against the grip in my hair so I can at least get my tongue on your cock? I’d pull against your grip until there were tears in my eyes, but you wouldn’t let me closer.”

Aidan gasps, a quiet sound barely picked up by the phone, but Kyle hears it. It’s proof he does know Aidan, and it makes him smile as he takes the fantasy to the next level.

“You’d make me beg,” Kyle says, and he slides his hand out of his pants to shove his shirt up. He needs to touch himself, needs to feel skin under his hand even if he wishes he was touching Aidan instead of himself.

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