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Kiki Kay Lee

Cover art by: MaKayla Beineke

Mozek: The Forbidden Knowledge

Telephone Dreams

A universe was created by a lonely boy name Trevor at the age of 3. As he met many people, he transformed them into characters. The young boy’s depression and anxiety worsened each year due to his living conditions.

He was brought up by female whom was addicted to heroin. Trevor would hate to admit it, but he was glad that she went to jail for man slaughter. It was his chance of freedom.

When he officially became a teenager, he was grown with PTSD from a nerve-wrecking event that happened. His step-dad had done the most dangerous thing to him. No matter how much he wishes he could forget, it will never matter.

This was the year his stuttering got progressed for the worst. He could barely talk. The boy was afraid, so he chose not to. The events of him and Carver never happened. It was nothing but a dream he had. Though, the memories of these dreams still reside withing his mind and heart.

All he ever did was think about the man. It became obsession, a hobby that calmed him to do. As you can imagine, it was the most astounding day when the male had finally communicated with him. On the downside, he had fallen in love with a telepathic person.

This realization was the most embarrassing thing he has ever experienced in his life. Carver knew everything there is to know about him. It was as if those dreams were real. The blue angel had ventured off to visit Trevor’s dreams.

It was real. He had created life outside of life. Death is only an illusion, you never die. When your life does end, however, you will be brought into another dimension where time fails to exist.

Perhaps the brain or the heart of someone you knew in your past life. Someone else will take your place. Sure, it’s an annoying thing to be leery about, but at least you have a soul mate.

Trevor Dane Fredrick was a Mozek enthusiast. His dreams are the only memories that are real to him. The dream world is the Mozek world. Jantung relies in another person’s mind.

This world has a story of it’s own. A very interesting story at that. Though, before we go any further, we must clear some confusion up. Trevor, Carver, Kanoa, Kalani, and Deast did die.

Life on Earth exists in a parallel universe. When humans die, their life will continue to jump from one universe to the next. Think of a game of Telephone. Things will slightly change as the words are misheard.

Are these dreams? Yes. Dreams are a universe within their selves. Dreams are not make-believe. Very rarely does someone share the dream with you. This is the case for Carver and Trevor.

Chapter 57 Enlightened Smiles
Carver wrapped his right arm around Trevor as he greeted him with a soft smile. They both walked through the bright-lit park. The summer trees swaying with a cooling breeze gave the brunette relief from his fuming cheeks.

It felt nice. It felt scary. It felt familiar, yet foreign. “It’s going to be okay. Now, that we both know about each other-”

The 19 year-old rapidly shook his head. “I-I- k-know n-n-nothing about y-y...you.” The Indonesian glanced down at the other as he raised one thick eyebrow.

“You know plenty about me, dear. What is it you don’t know?” The shorter of the two snuggled his forehead against the other’s chest as he listened closely to the other male’s gentle heartbeat. “I-I-It’s not f-fair. I-…I-It only m-makes s-s-sense to.…to...s-s-s-see y-your d-d-dreams.”

The loud chuckle startled the the brunette. “You’re more than welcome to. Do you know how?” Trevor gaped into his companion’s cobalt blue irises. “N-No.”

The male with charcoal-colored hair paused his strolling and stood in front of his friend. As he brushed the boy’s oily bangs out of his face, revealing his overactive acne, he grinned widely. “Come over. We can dream together.”

Trevor’s heart fluttered unsteadily at the invite. What did that even mean? “O-o-o-ok-kay.” He was beyond nervous as his eyelids began to redden with tears.

Carver’s bedroom was nothing like the brunette had dreamt about. It was spacious and bright. He hadn’t even known that the older man had already owned his own house. Trevor glanced at his friend’s silk sheets and blushed bright red.

What did he mean, “dream together”? What is that implying? The 19 year-old had to constantly remind himself that this was real life. He really is not at all adventurous like he made himself out to be in Mozek.

The older man signaled for his friend to take a seat on his small bed. The boy did just that as he fumbled his fingers awkwardly. Trevor’s body jumped as the older male started petting his head. “Okay. The first step is to relax. So, lay down.” The brunette hesitated before slipping into a laying position on his back. He anxiously gulped as he looked up at his companion for further guidance.

“I need you to relax your muscles. Close you eyes and let go of all your thoughts.” The younger of the two crunched eyelids together as he knitted his brows. This in turn, had earned him a light giggle from the other.

“Just relax. There’s nothing to be afraid of right now. This is your time.” The younger male slowly but surely did as instructed.

“Now, ease out of your tense muscles. If it’s okay, I can help you do this.” The bashful male nodded in agreement. Carver steadily rested his hands on both of the shorter male’s biceps.

He had increasingly put delicate pressure and rubbed in circles. Though, if anything, this made Trevor tense up more. His crush was...touching him. These acts had made his heart patter violently against his chest bone.

“It’s okay, dear. Relax, that’s the only thing you have to do at the moment.” The deep and raspy voice of the other made the brunette lose it.

He couldn’t take it anymore. The touch, the scent, the sound, it was all too much. Though, he would push himself because Carver believed in him. He wouldn’t prove him wrong.

Trevor took a deep breath in as he tried his best to enjoy the massage. So badly, he wanted to open his eyes and see the man above him. As the male with charcoal hair got to his legs and then his thighs, the brunette’s heart rate skyrocketed.

Oh, how he hopes that the insanely hot man doesn’t notice. The 19 year-old’s eyes shot open when he heard his friend’s shaky voice. “Trevor?” He noticed! He noticed!


Reality is Fantasy

Trevor awoke to an orange sky with the most chilling atmosphere he has ever felt before. He knew where he was. He was in Carver’s dream. He was in Jantung.

It was true that he has been here before. It was true that this place was a complete nightmare. How could anyone want to be on this planet?

The 19 year-old walked along the shores of the glass ocean. As the smell in the air blistered his nostrils, he noticed that no one was to be seen any where.

“Hello?” The young man gasped sharply ass he felt a hand clasp onto his arm. “Hey, sorry I’m late. It took a while to fall asleep.”

It was Carver. “O-Oh. I had no idea that Jantung was your planet. Where did all those weird people go?” The Indonesian sighed in complete defeat.

“Daren killed them. There is no one here but Agnes and Sarah in the temple.” The shorter of the two started to whisper. “This makes no sense. Why would you act like you never been here before. You created it. Who is Agnes and why is she the queen of your brain?”

It was time for the man with charcoal hair to explain, no matter how much he didn’t want to. “This isn’t my brain, dear. This is my heart. Jantung means “heart” in Bahasa Indonesian. I don’t let anybody in here, because this place has secrets that I’d rather nobody know. So, all I could do is pretend that this wasn’t my heart. All the inhabitants were people I cared about. I know it’s a lot to take in, but I hope it clears somethings up.”

Carver was definitely not expecting the phrase that came out of his friend’s mouth in a damaged tone of voice. “You’re heart is broken.” The 21 year-old molded a unrecognizable frown and questionably nodded.

“I...know.” The bitterness of the chilled air scratched the brunette’s complexion. “Why...is it...why does it feel so...lonely here?” It was a simplistic question with a complicated answer.

The older man rubbed his frostbitten nose. “It was fine until Mozek invaded it. Jantung acted so violently according to my emotions at the time. This provoked Daren to destroy it. I don’t know what I’m going to do about it. I’m afraid there is nothing I can do.”

Trevor clasped onto the 5’7’’ male, embracing the other in a warming hug. “It’s okay. We’ll fix it. I don’t know how, but we will. I have faith.”

This was when Carver unsteadily rose his palms to caress the other boy’s chin. They both gazed into one another’s eyes. As the Indonesian brought his forehead to clink onto the brunette’s, he traced his thumb over his companion’s bottom lip.

The silence sounded correct, peaceful, and angelic. “I want to feel again.” The shorter of the two mocked his friend’s usual behavior. He stood on his toes to reach the other’s bangs to toss out of his face.

“We only connect with each other in dreams. Maybe we both need to feel something

Perfect Destruction

Trevor didn’t know how to respond to this information. It was overwhelming, yes, but it was exciting at the same time. The brunette had just gained interest in life once more.

The 19 year-old only saw reality in black and white and his dreams in bright colors. It was all so surreal right now. From Carver hovering over him with concern, to the words that were just spoken to him.

“W-W-What d-d-do y-you m-m-mean? H-H-H-How i-i-i-is tha-t-that e-e-even p-p-p-possible?” The Indonesian grinned as he brushed his companion’s bangs out of his face.

“You are our God. I’m telling you that you are the center of
this universe and we are all people from another world. It was decided by Kanoa that a new experiment was to be done. I though this was ill-minded. I took your feelings into account and I know all the pain this has caused you. Do all that you can to stay calm, it could disrupt the system and cause extinction of us all.”

The younger of the two slightly lifted up his body as he had let his tears go. He smiled sincerely as he gave Carver a warming hug and sniffled. “I-I-I-I-I-I l-l-l-l-love y-y-you, C-C-C-Carver.” The 21 year-old was not prepared or expected for his friend to say such a thing out of the blue.

The older male shuffled as he patted his companion on the right shoulder. “Uhm. I love you too, dear. But, you do understand what I’m saying, right?” Trevor grinned widely as his yellow-green eyes crossed obtrusively.

The 21 year-old let out a hitched gasp as he watched his friend’s head fall back. The brunette’s skull made a clashing sound as it collided with the floor. The teenager started seizing whilst his companion panicked helplessly.

“Oh my God! I done this! I- Oh no.” Carver had learnt first aid for this type of situation when Trevor was a child and started having seizures.

The taller male obtained a small pillow from a nearby couch and gently lifted his friend’s head up as he had lain him back down. After checking the time and noticing that a half minute had passed, the older male pried the brunette’s jaw open to check for anything that may choke him.

Carver did his best to clear the abundant amount of saliva out of the boy’s mouth. Frantically checking the time, he worried that this may be his companion’s longest seizure he had ever had. Almost three minutes had passed before Trevor’s jerking body slowed to a stop.

Once the younger of the two came to, the male with charcoal hair cheered with exasperation. “Thank God! Are you alright? I think you need to rest, dear.”

The brunette’s eyes fluttered as he mumbled conclusively. The taller of the two securely latched his palms under his friend’s arms as he lifted and carried him into his bedroom. When he sat the lethargic male on the bed, he lain him into a recovery position.

The older male sat down beside Trevor and sighed heavily. “I’m sorry, Trevor.”

Death of a Soul

Carver knew deep within his heart that he had inadvertently caused Trevor’s recent suffering. However, he would do anything other than admit this fact. He hurt the most important person in his life.

Now everyone hates him. He will soon have to accept that he failed at his only purpose in life. His existence would either be diminished or he’ll spend forever in the Inclur.

Carver drifted off and arrived into Mozek. Though, the world seemed a lot different than it was last night. The mirror structure of the main land was cracked with shreds of glass shattered on the ground. It felt chilling and depressing.

“What’s going on?” All of the inhabitants of Mozek were frantically hyperventilating all together. Kanoa ran up the male with charcoal hair and aggravatingly flicked the man’s forehead. “Are you happy now?
You destroyed Trevor and Mozek is ending.”

Mr. Hadi gulped and intently scowled as he crossed his arms. “He’s fine. It’s just going to take some getting use to. He’ll recover and you’ll all owe me an apology.”

The elder female scoffed as she drew her glaring gaze to the ruptured sky. “You took advantage of your title as Teren, so I am disqualifying you. You may have no interaction with Trevor and he will be assigned a new Teren. I am eliminating your existence.”

Carver really wished he hadn’t fallen asleep, because now he’ll never wake up. He couldn’t imagine Trevor waking up after a scarring seizure to find him dead. It would make the boy feel a hundred times worse!

“Kanoa, you built me. I think I am the one that knows what’s best for him. I’ve been with him forever, not to mention I have the abilities to read his feelings. I don’t usually disobey you, but I have no choice. Trevor needs me. You can’t do that to him.”

The queen grinned with an abundant amount of anger built up. She snapped her fingers, initiating Daren and Kalani to run to her. “Hold him down! He must go!” The 32 year-old nodded as he grasped his brother’s arm securely.

The brunette child began to shed unwelcomed tears. “No! I’m on Carver’s side. This is all wrong. He never meant to hurt Trevor. He was only looking out for him. Go ahead and kill me too! At least I got to speak the truth.”

Daren struggled excessively to hold his sibling down whom was refusing the lock. Then frail older woman held her head high as she entwined her fingers with one another. She thrusted a loud cloud of white vanilla smoke onto the 21 year-old.

The younger brother evaporated instantly with no goodbyes. His existence was demolished with no trace to be seen. He would never be back and Mozek held hope to mend the wounds that Carver had ultimately caused.

This was the first death to occur of a synthetically born guardian angel. His everlasting alliance with Trevor Fredrick is forever gone. But, is there a possibility that history will remain in the 19 year-old’s mind and heart?

Will their love last or is that broken too? Carver is not only physically dead, but his soul is gone. It’s as if he never existed in the first place.

The End

Trevor awoke abruptly as his heart threatened to leap out of his chest. He attempted to massage his headache away and wipe his teary eyes. The brunette glimpsed around the room, noticing he was in his friend’s bedroom.

It wasn’t adding up. How’d he get here? After noticing that his tongue was somewhat numb, he realized that he must have had another seizure.

The teen blinked excessively and groaned as he stretched his arms. How long had he been asleep for? Soon, Trevor glanced down to his left and furthered his confusion. Carver was asleep right next to him.

Now, the brunette questions if he even had a seizure. The teen shuffled his body towards his friend and grinned widely. His companion looked so peaceful as he slept. Come to think of it, he’s never seen the other’s hair so disheveled. It was…

The younger of the two’s subconscious mind warned him not to make the next action, but he refused to listen. Trevor mimicked what his best friend had always done to him. He gently brushed the older man’s bangs out of his face.

The younger male’s frightened gasp echoed the dark room when he revealed Carver’s opened, blood-shot eyes. “I-I-I-I-I-I-I’m s-s-s-sorry. I-I-I-I-I-e-er… d-d-didn’t k-k-know y-y-you w-w-w a-a-a-a-awake.”

The 19 year-old tipped his head in a bewildered manner. The man with jet black failed to respond or pay any attention to the person talking to him. The scrawny male’s heart dropped quickly as all the color drained from his face.

He frantically shook his friend and began to yell out when he still got no response. Trevor shakily checked the older man’s pulse, before noticing his ice-cold wrist emitted no pulse. This was when the hyperventilation made it’s appearance.

The brunette was delirious as he continued to violently shake the older man. “C-C-C-C-C-Car-C-C-Carver!! P-P-P-P-Please!” The frail man shrieked in aggravation while dialing 911 on his cellphone.

The recipient could barely understand his complaint due to the shrilling sound of sobbing. The conclusion came within the hospital as nurses had done their best to keep Trevor as calm as possible. A particular female nurse with sparkling eyes and pale blonde hair whispered to the 19 year-old.

“We can’t revive him, sweetie. Can you tell me his full name, so I can inform his parents?” The brunette lunged onto the heavy lady and shrieked obscurities into her chest.

“Y-Y-Y-You h-h-h-h-h-have t-t-t-t-t-t-t-to!”
The blonde female shook her head with a sad tone and patted the male lightly on his back. It seemed like no one understood the severity of it all. It meant nothing to them that the world has lost the greatest existence it has ever had.

Anguish of a Poet

It was dead in the night at 12:00 A.M. Trevor stormed through Mozek in search of the person responsible for his best friend’s death. His fists clutched tight into a compressed fist as he ransacked each portal.

No one was to be found. It’s as if they were all hiding from him. The last place the brunette checked was in Kanoa’s sanctuary. At last, he saw the disheveled queen sitting amongst many dying roses.

She hadn’t even noticed the boy was there until he dashed into her presence. “Kanoa! What happened to Carver? Why is he dead? I thought that it was impossible for him to die, considering he is already as spirit. Tell me

The watercolour skies began to shred in bits of torn paper mache. Trevor’s anger was always stabilized by Carver, but now that he’s not here, destruction foreseen. The elder female huffed as she stood up without saying a word.

Trevor. I had to. It’s only to protect you. It will take some time for you to move on. I am assigning you a new Teren.” The brunette compulsively gnawed his teeth down before shoving the elder.

“You can’t do that! He was no harm to me, he was
helping me. Bring him back! You have to!”

The demands made Kanoa scoff as she easily shook her head. “
I know what’s best for you. You do not lay your hands on me. Do you understand?”

Trevor saw an alarming deep crimson red in his vision. All his anger dwelled inside him far too long. “You don’t even care about me. You just want me alive so
you can be alive. Don’t think I don’t know what this all about. Now, use your weird magic and bring back the only sane guy here.It’s not funny.”

The 72 year-old grimaced as she raised raised her left brow with a slight sense of agitation. “You are going through your roughest years. You’ll get over him. I think that it’d be an appropriate time that I introduce you to your new Teren.”

Trevor shrieked, making the scenery demolish into burnt paper. “Fuck you! Fuck
all of you! I want you out of Mozek. This is my place anyway. We all know you didn’t create it, I did. Now that I know I am in control of this place, I am taking the crown. I demand you to revive the only person that matters, Carver.

Slowly, the “queen” brought down her thin arms. She was absolutely astonished by this defiant behavior. Yet, it was expected if The God was to learn that he was a god.

Anxiety provoked the female as she snapped her fingers which made the male inadvertently drop to his knees. It was as if an invisible force was holding down. “You are not leaving this dream until you comply to the rules.”

Utter Humiliation

Trevor Dane Fredrick knew the truth. He was in control. The question still stood still in the air. Could he reverse a a demolished existence?

The lights dim down as he stayed as quiet as he could at the moment. All he had to do was trick Kanoa into telling him how to revive a soul. It sounds a whole easier said than done.

The queen created a hot pink portal. As the colours died down, a familiar human appeared. The brunette perked up before screeching. “Sarah!? You’ve been in on this too? Why? How?”

All the people he trusted suddenly turned on him without warning. It was surreal, yet frightening. Carver wasn’t here to protect him anymore. He had to protect himself for once. He could not let his emotions get in the way.

The ginger shrugged and frowned with appliance to the leader. “Yes. I’m sorry for your loss. The most painful events can have a great outcome. Just stay patient.” Yadda, yadda, yadda.

All these words seemed as if the girl was reading off a script she had written. Trevor knew that he had to pretend that he has accepted his defeat in order to learn more of The Forbidden Knowledge. “Okay, guys. I get it. But, why can’t Carver live?”

As the dreaded question came, the queen instantly vanished. Sarah took place and sat down next to the enraged male. “Listen, honey. You are destined for great things and we can’t let someone be in the way of that. Do you understand?”

No, Trevor understood nothing of the vague statement. “I will destroy Mozek if Carver is not back. You all think you have power over me when I am the one that has power of you guys.” This is exactly why he was forbidden to know such knowledge, because he would ultimately overrule the queen.

The female giggle nervously. “Oh, no. You can’t do that. You’re not the god, Kanoa is.” The brunette viciously shook his head. “Carver told me so. I know the truth and it can’t hide from me. I am in control of my mind. No one else is to control it.”

Sarah’s palm was violently swatted away when she attempted to caress the boy’s hair. She shook of the compulsive bad manners and smiled softly. “He lied.”

The 19 year-old glared at the lady as if she was the dumbest in the world. “Carver wouldn’t lie to the person he loves.” The ginger huffed as she shuffled to sit on her knees.

“That’s where you’re wrong, honey. He was not capable of loving anyone. I’m not sure if it escaped your mind, but Carver was synthetically grown. There is no possible way he could have such a complex emotion of love.”

That’s it, she’s gone and done it now. There is no pretending anymore. Carver Hadi taught him most spiritual tricks. It was time to take them to the test.

Trevor tuned into his Ajna (third-eye chakra). An indigo light perfumed atop his forehead. Soon the elaborate smoking mist of this colour lifted the invisible hold of the boy. The female beside him gasped sharply as she saw what the boy had already known what to do.

“That’s right,
bitch. I know the works. You either tell me how to revive a soul or I will destroy Mozek!”

The older adult couldn’t believe what she was faced with. If she was to give in, she would surely be demolished as well. But, Carver had a point. This boy had every right to know The Forbidden Knowledge.

Why couldn’t they all just live in peace with one another? It doesn’t have to be like this, but it is. Either way, she would die. It would only make sense to die for the greater good.

The Purpose

”Okay, Trevor! I can’t do this to you anymore. I feel horrible. I agree that you are entitled. I’m just in fear of being demolished as well. I’d rather die knowing that I helped you, because all that matters in this world is you.”

The 19 year-old was not expecting to hear such surreal words leave the ginger. It was the best news in the multiverse! The younger of two’s eyes grew teary as his heart fluttered heavily against his chest bone.

“R-Really? You’ll tell me how to bring Carver back?” The other gave a reluctant nod without cutting the intent stare.

Trevor leaped 2 feet in the air. His happiness made all of the surrounding roses to bloom, the skies began to mend, and the light’s brightened substantially. “Yes. But, it has to be kept a secret. Kanoa is your godmother. Like it or not, she does have a little more power than you.”

The brunette tipped his head to the side. “Please show me how.” Sarah stood, wiping her skirt clean. “We have to be awake to do so. When the sun rises on Earth, we will revive his soul, but you have to be patient. It’s not instant. It’s a complex process.”

With this information said, the teenager awoke to his alarm clock beeping obnoxiously. “7:00 A.M. It’s time” This was the most excited Trevor’s ever been. He thought that his lover was gone forever.

He would be saving Carver instead of vice versa. It was exhilarating to feel that he had the rare power to do so. Trevor skipped into the kitchen as he subtly slipped from his socks.

Luckily, Sarah was already there to greet him. “Hey, hon. Why are you so happy? I thought you would still be grieving. Not that I’m complaining.”

The younger of the two’s walls came crashing down. “Y-Y-Y-You d-d-d-don’t r-r-r-remember? W-We were g-g-g-going to b-b-b-bring h-him b-back. D-D-Don’t y-you r-r-remember l-l-last n-n-night?” The ginger’s eyelids popped open.

Oh dear. I never remember my dreams. I didn’t even know- you know that I’m- I’m so glad we can have this spiritual bond.” The male appeared to be an 8 year-old on Christmas morning.

“SS-S-S-So, l-l-l-et’s b-bring C-C-C-Carver b-b-back!” The female nervously bit her lip as she turned her gaze the opposite way. “Uhm…How about you eat some breakfast and then we’ll talk about it.”

Trevor angrily stomped his right foot. “I-I-I-I-I-’m n-n-not h-h-h-hungry!” This statement earned the him an irritated huff from the other. “Okay, okay! You need to be patient. This is a long process. First thing we must do is go to his grave.”

Natural Grievance

The two agreed to go at night, so they wouldn’t be seen. It was all very risky, but it could all be worth it in the end. The two made their arrival in the pitch black as Sarah shined a flashlight upon the gravestone that read, “R.I.P. Carver Hadi 1996-2018”

Trevor could barely contain his pulsing adrenaline. His palms became increasingly clammy as he gripped the shovel. Both people started to obsessively dig upon the grave.

It took an hour and thirty minutes to complete their task, but they succeeded. The ginger squatted to lift open the heavy, golden casket with the other struggling to help. The brunette gasped and slapped his hand over his mouth when Carver’s lifeless body came into his view.

“Be quiet! Now, you get his legs and I’ll get his arms.” The younger of the two did as told and shuffled to corpse’s feet. They both lifted on the count of three before gently setting him down on the ground.

Soon, they re-buried the closed casket and proceeded to set the dead weight of the body into the backseat of Sarah’s car. The drive back home was silent until Trevor suddenly shredded fast tears. The woman gripped securely onto the steering wheel as she glanced in the passenger seat.

Don’t do this, honey. We won’t get caught, I promise.” The brunette shook his head dramatically. “I-I-I-I’m n-n-n-not w-w-worried a-a-about t-t-t-that. I-I-I-I j-j-j-just c-c-c-c-can’t s-s-stand t-t-to s-s-s-s-see m-m-my f-f-friend’s d-d-dead b-b-b-b-b-body.” The female abruptly braked at a yellow light. “He’ll be alive soon. We have to do this quick. The mottling has already occurred, so he’ll have an oxygen issue when he is awake. If more decomposing occurs in his body, it will cause life-threatening issues. He cannot go to a hospital or any public place.”

The 19 year-old scowled. “W-W-W-Why n-n-not?” Sarah pinched in between her eyebrows. “The public would grow suspicious. It’s way too risky. So, he must stay at the house at all times. We have to keep him hidden.”

Trevor took all the facts in. That would be a limiting life, but it’s better than no life at all, right? Once the two made it home, they carried Carver’s resting body and sat him on Trevor’s bed. The brunette refused to lay his gaze on the corpse’s face.

“S-S-S-S-So h-h-how d-d-do w-w-we b-b-bring h-him b-b-back?” The younger one muttered as he dropped his eyes to the floor. The female sighed restlessly. “Sure, Kanoa can destroy his spirit, but you are the only one that has the ability to revive him.”

Destined Crimson

”First we must increase his body heat. Second, we have to increase his hydration, Third, we must inject a serum into him. This serum comes from you. You are the only person in existence to possess this chemical in your body that can give life. The catch is, he has to be given this everyday for rest of his life. But, you are to run out of this at at one point. You will both be dead. Though, your souls will not.”

That was…so much information to take in. He was the only possess this power. How could that be? It’s the greatest power he’s ever heard of. This beats Kanoa any day. It would all be worth it to spend the rest of his waking life with his best friend in presence.

O-O-O-Okay. S-So, h-h-how d-d-do we i-i-increase h-his b-b-body h-heat?” The ginger fiddled her fingers as her face resembled a rose. “U-Uhm. T-The best way to do this is for you t-to share some of your body heat with him. I-If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, we can try a heater, but it will take a month longer and I don’t want the decomposing to further.”

The brunette jolted into reality once again. “S-S-S-So I-I-I-I-I just h-h-hug h-h-h-him u-u-u-u-until h-he’s w-w-w-warm?” Sarah nodded as she gave the full length introductions. “Yes. At least every night, all night. The longer you do this, the quicker the process will go. It would also be quicker if y-you know, uh, you would not wear your clothes.”

Trevor flushed a bright pink as he stumbled in a drunken manner. It was getting so late and his thinking process became rather slow. “O-O- O-Okay. C-C-Carver t-t-t-too?” The brunette bit his lip as the other nodded. How was he going to do this? He would of never thought he would sleep naked next to his dead best friend in his whole life.

Once the young man’s caretaker existed the room, Trevor was increasingly lethargic as he swiftly undressed himself. He paused at his undergarments, wondering if that was to be removed too. He desperately wanted this to go as fast possible, so he decided on slipping his boxers off.

The 19 year-old made his way to the side of the bed as he glimpsed at Carver’s resting facial expression. He seemed calm and undisturbed. The teen began to unfasten the male’s buttons on his shirt. This was the most awkwardest moments he has ever been through.

The male gulped roughly as he grasped onto the body’s ice cold arm to remove it from the sleeve. Once he had taken the shirt off, he moved down toward the black trousers and unfastened the yellow belt, pulling his pants off.

The younger man acquired goosebumps as he did in fact see that Carver had both sex’s genitalia, it wasn’t just a dream. After taking off the older man’s shoes and socks, he climbed into the small bed.

Trevor hesitated before latching onto his friend’s lifeless, naked, and cold body. It was true. Carver would do anything for Trevor and Trevor would do anything for Carver.

Slow Steps

Eight days had sluggishly passed until it was time for the next step. Trevor lunged into the kitchen in the early morning to greet his caretaker. “H-H-H-Hey, S-S-Sarah?”

The ginger sat down her coffee mug and took a seat on the round kitchen table. “Yes, hon?” The male took a seat as well and nervously bit his bottom lip. “W-W-W-What w-w-was t-the next s-step?”

Sarah rubbed her eyes, desperately trying to wake her self up. “Hydration.” The brunette tilted his head in concern. “H-H-H-How d-do w-w-we d-do that?”

The female giggled slightly and brought her attention to the other. “This part you only have to do once, right before the serum is injected. We can gently dab hot water on the body.” This statement made the younger of the two smile great big.

After a week of waiting, it was finally going to be the day that Carver comes back! “C-C-C-Can w-we do it t-t-today?” Instantly after the woman nodded, Trevor leaped up. “O-O-O-Okay, l-l-l-let’s d-d-do it!”

The caretaker took a slow sip of her brew and hesitantly stood up as well. When they moth arrived in Trevor’s bedroom, they both held their palm over their nose. It was an awful smell lingering in the room. They both knew where it was coming from, but neither person decided to declare so.

Sarah sat her bag of needles and syringes down that she got from the hospital. She was well educated on giving shots and taking blood, because she has been a registered nurse for 5 years.

The brunette anxiously sat on the bed, he was never one to like needles. “H-H-H-How m-m-m-m-much a-are y-y-you t-t-t-taking?” The female let out a snicker. “Only two vials for today. Once Carver is awake, he’ll need more each day to survive. “

The younger of two almost fainted at this statement. He squinted when his caretaker sat beside him on the bed and prepared his arm with a rubber band and alcohol prepping.

The male gulped dramatically and swiftly turned his head the other way as the ginger slowly put the needle in his vein on the bend of his arm. Tears flew excessively as the brunette had grind his teeth together. When Sarah finally obtained two vials of dark blood from the other she slowly removed the needle and plastered a bandage with a red heart printing.

“It’s okay, honey. The hard part’s over.” The female lightly patted Trevor on the shoulder whilst the boy nodded when wiping his tears away.

Soon the ginger had put the blood into a syringe and walked to Carver’s side. The younger male watched with intent suspense as she injected the serum into the Indonesian’s left arm. About two minutes had passed until the boy became antsy. “I-I-I-I-Is it g-going t-t-to w-w-work?”


Trevor felt the most spontaneous happiness that he has ever felt in all of his lives when he saw his best friend’s chest raise with inhalation of oxygen. The brunette jumped beside Carver on the small bed, bouncing up and down. “H-H-He’s a-a-alive!”

The ginger snapped her fingers as she scolded her friend. “Shh! Don’t disturb his breathing. It’s really delicate if you move him too much. Just be patient and he’ll come to.” As the 19 year-old halted his physical display of excitement, he rested his yellow-green eyes on his companion’s eyelids, waiting for them to open.

The female burst into a fit of quiet giggles as she watched Trevor hover his head over the older male’s sleeping body. Carver’s eye balls rolled rapidly before his eyelids fluttered until they opened to reveal cobalt blue irises. The brunette’s breath suddenly hitched since he was afraid to speak.

The older male parted his dry, broken lips and exhaled strongly. The last thing Sarah wanted to do was interrupt the scene, however she forgot to tell the younger boy something rather important. “Uh, Trevor, honey. I forgot to tell you that he might not be exactly like he was before. W-What I’m getting at is he may not remember us, but d-don’t worry! We can make new memories.”

Trevor’s joy suddenly evaporated as he broke the glare from his caretaker and eased an expression of worry towards his beloved. “C-C-C-C-Carver, y-y-y-you d-d-do k-k-k-now w-w-who I-I am, r-r-right?”

The male with charcoal hair inhaled sharply as he parted his lips once more. “Master.” The blood drained from the brunette as he heard the single word come from the wheezing voice of his companion.

He held his palm of his mouth in pure shock as he scowled at Sarah. “It’s okay, honey. This will wear off. It’s just because of the new blood he was given. Don’t take it personal. He’ll remember you soon, I promise.” The caretaker begged the other to not throw a fit to no avail.

“N-N-N-No C-C-Carver! I-I-I-I-I-I’m n-n-not y-y-you’re u-u-uh-er m-m-m-master. I-I-I-I’m your f-friend!” The older male compulsively shook as he brought his ice-cold palm to Trevor’s right cheek and rubbed the loose tear off of the freckles.

”He’ll be pretty weak for a while. Let’s not get him out of bed until we have to. He won’t be able to walk, but he really needs to bathe as soon as he can.” The ginger plugged her nose as she shook her head and stood up.

The caretaker left the room hastily as the two boy’s re-united. Trevor grabbed his friend’s hand off his cheek and clasped it in an attempt to warm him. “Y-Y-Y-You’re C-Carver H-H-Hadi a-a-and you l-l-like the c-c-color b-b-b-blue, y-y-you’re f-f-favourite f-food i-i-is pizza, a-a-and y-y-y-you’re m-m-my w-well y-y-you l-like t-to go h-h-hiking.”

The younger male was not quite ready to tell his friend what relationship he has had with him. Maybe it’s best he doesn’t know right now. It will be a long journey to get his friend back, but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Differences Arise

It was around 7:00 P.M and the two men laid in bed with one another. Trevor was reading a book while Carver struggled to keep his eyes open. The brunette gaze down longingly at the other. “A-Are y-y-you tired?”

The older male looked up to other with teary eyes and shook his head in disagreement. “No. I want to get up.” The 19 year-old bit his lip and darted his eyes to the door to check if it was shut. “U-U-Uh…a-a-are you s-sure y-y-you’re not t-t-tired?”

The taller man shifted his weight onto his arms and swiftly fell back down. The younger male guarded his right hand over the other man’s chest. “Y-Y-You’re t-t-too w-weak, C-C-Carver. H-H-How a-about w-w-we w-watch T-T.V.”

Trevor felt a lot different when he was with this Carver. He felt…more in control. The male with charcoal-like hair shook his head as he tried to sit up once more. Instantly he fell atop of the brunette’s lap face first. This Carver acted a lot more stubborn.

The 19 year-old blushed as he helped his friend to sit up. “O-O-O-Okay. I-I-I-I’ll help y-y-you w-walk, b-b-but you c-can’t tell S-Sarah. I-I-Is t-that a d-deal?” The male with charcoal hair gladly nodded. The younger male shifted to exit the bed. When Trevor got to his companion’s side, he lifted underneath the shoulders as he gasped for more strength. He never new that Carver was this heavy.

It was as if he was maneuvering a rag doll. He could hear his friend’s inhales become sharper and deeper.. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea at the moment. When the brunette finally got the tall man on his feet, they both tragically fell with a an echoing thump.

Carver’s rapid breathing increased dramatically as he lain helpless atop his younger friend. “I-I-I-I’m s-s-s-so s-sorry, Carver! I-I-I- thought I c-c-could h-h-h-hold you.” The male with charcoal hair tried urgently to lift himself back up to no avail. Sarah came barging into the bedroom to find the predicament the two boys were in.

“Trevor! What did you do? He wasn’t to be out of bed today!” The ginger quickly stood Carver back up and lead him to the bed. The younger male muffled a ringing sob. “I-I-I-I-I’m s-s-sorry. H-H-He b-b-begged me t-to-”

The woman snapped a intimidating glare towards the other. “He had his first dose of the serum today. Once he has a couple in his system, he’ll get stronger. You’ll surely run out sooner if he uses it too quickly!” The ginger covered the Indonesian man up and felt his forehead with the back of her hand.

“His body temperature is already decreasing. I don’t think he’ll last throughout the night.” The brunette jumped up off the floor and screeched. “W-W-What d-d-do y-you mean he w-w-w-won’t l-last?” The caretaker scratched her head as she watched the male on the bed battle to breathe.

“Hon, don’t you understand? You’re blood is the only thing keeping him alive. His body is quickly using that for all his internal and external energy. He’s going to at least need one more vial before he falls asleep.”

Trevor complied before the woman got her supplies and started to draw more blood from the anxious male. When it was time to inject the serum into Carver’s arm, he jolted away unexpectedly.

“You need this. It will help you find you’re strength again.” Silence were stagnant in the atmosphere. “No. Master needs that.” The blood drained from both Sarah and Trevor at the foreign title. “No, hon. This is what’s keeping you alive. Trevor brought you back to life because of this.” Carver’s astonished stare hung on the boy in question.

Unrecognizable Deja Vu

Trevor was running a little late to his class. He shuffled all his notebooks together, but was abruptly stopped by a deep and stern voice. “Where are you going, master?”

The brunette huffed out a hesitant breath as he turned around to see his friend on the bed. “I-I-I-I g-g-got to g-go t-t-to g-go t-to c-c-class, C-Carver. M-M-My n-n-name’s T-Trevor. Okay?” The Indonesian started to progressively get out of bed before the younger male ran to halt him.

“I want to come with you, Trevor.” The shorter of the two was satisfied to not be called master anymore. It was getting a little weird. “N-N-No, you c-c-can’t. S-Sorry. I-I-I’ll be b-back s-s-soon. “

The 21 year-old gripped tightly on the hovering teen’s shoulder for support to stand up. “What do you need me to do here? How will I assist you if you are not here?”

What was Carver talking about? Why did he keep wanting to do things for him? When will the old Carver be back? It was getting to be too much to handle.

”C-C-Carver, listen. Y-Y-You a-are n-not a s-service p-pet. Y-You c-c-can d-do what y-you want t-t-to d-do.” The male with charcoal hair tossed the covers off of him as he tried to desperately to get off the bed. “I want to be you’re service pet. You have gave me life, master.”

The brunette whimpered as he lightly pushed his friend back down. “D-Don’t c-c-call m-me t-that. D-D-Don’t y-y-you r-r-r-remember w-w-what y-y-you were t-t-to m-me!?” The older male began to obstreperously sob into the crook of the neck of his companion.

To the looks of it, Trevor was probably going to miss class. The older man patted the other on his back, utterly confused. “Sorry I upset you, mas-Trevor. You are good to me. I don’t know why you gave me life if it was not to serve you.”

The brunette locked eyes with his disoriented friend and counted each of his eyelashes. “C-C-C-Carver, I-I-I g-gave y-y-you l-life, b-b-because, I-I-I…u-uh..I-I-I l-l-l-love y-y-you. Y-You a-a-are my a-angel a-a-and y-y-you w-were w-w-wrongfully k-k-killed b-by m-my spiritual g-g-godmother. I-I-I am g-god of M-M-Mozek a-a-and all t-t-that exists i-i-is M-Mozek. I-I a-am n-now u-u-understanding h-h-how y-you felt w-when I-I went into a-a d-d-delirium. H-Hopefuly, y-y-you will m-mentally b-be back, n-n-not just p-physically.”

With all this information given,, Carver only gave a blank stare in recognition of the words spoken to him. Soon, something must of clicked within his brain. The older male steadily lifted his right hand and brushed Trevor’s bangs out of his face.

The brunette stared his eyes into the other’s in an attempt to read the his friend’s thoughts before he dived in for a starved kiss. The older man’s eyelids snapped wide open as he held as still as a statue. Once the lock broke, the brunette’s cheeks mimicked his friend’s red face.

“Don’t leave me.” This phrase stopped the younger male right in his tracks when he saw the facial expression that went with it. Carver never looked so innocent and naive before. He really did have his best friend all to himself.

The brunette bit his lip, anxiously as he broke eye contact and glared at the floor. He was deep in thought, and for good reason too. His thoughts had never been so devilish, until now. The idea that popped in his head was of a mischievous nature. He couldn’t believe that he was actually going to go through with this.

“U-U-Uh a-a-actually, C-C-Carver, t-t-there i-i-is s-s-something t-t-t-that y-y-you c-could d-d-d-do f-for m-me. T-T-That’s if y-y-you w-w-want to, a-anyway.” The older man tilted his head up and nodded with intense enthusiasm. “Yes, anything.”

Inverted Regret

Trevor got up on the bed beside his friend and smiled, nervously before gulping. The younger of the two’s eyes darted to his friend’s open palm. He made a bold decision to grab it and swiftly place it in between his own legs.

Carver looked up at his friend with a strange and discombobulated expression. Slowly, but surely the 19 year-old began to guide his friend’s hand in up and down motion. “T-Trevor? What do you need me to do?”

The younger man intentionally ignored the other as he began to unbutton his jeans. The 21 year-old watched with intent interest as his friend pulled his jeans off to reveal tight, yellow boxers. The brunette grabbed his baffled companion’s hand and slipped it under the elastic of his underwear.

He molded the lanky hand around his phallus and worked it up and down in a steady and fluent rhythm. The 19 year-old’s head feel back in deep arousal. Carver jerked his hand back once he heard his friend cry in desperation.

The brunette’s stimulated actions paused as he looked to the other for answers. “Didn’t I hurt you?”
Fuck, this Carver was dinky as hell. Trevor brought his palm to his forehead in order to calm his headache. “N-N-No. I-I-It f-felt r-r-really g-good. I-I-I w-w-was h-hoping t-that y-you could u-uh.”

How could he possible put what he wanted into words without looking like a fool? All he really knew how to do so, is show the guy.

Once the teen pulled off his undergarment, he positioned himself in front of Carver. “W-W-Will y-y-you uh..f-f-fuck! I-I c-c-can’t d-d-do t-this!” The older male tilted his head and glowered. “I’ll do anything for you.”

The brunette whimpered pathetically as he pushed his friend’s head down toward his upright length. “Suck, please.” The younger of the two clutched his eyelids shut before being roughly awakened by a pair of warm lips right where he wanted them.

The younger male’s enticed panting increased as the his friend’s wet lips tightened and moved in a fluid pattern. He would of never been this brave to initiate such a situation if he weren’t dreaming or if Carver was still mentally together.

The brunette’s thrilling moan’s blocked out the shout that came from other room. As he clenched his finger’s onto his companion’s scalp, he hadn’t even heard the sound of his bedroom door being opened.

“O-Oh, m-my God! Trevor!” Trevor’s attention snapped onto Sarah’s shocked expression. The Indonesian was lightly shoved back in order for him to stop doing the provocative action.

“W-W-W-W-What a-a-are d-doing h-h-h-here!?” The female became frantically angered. “I should be asking
you that! You should be in class!” The youngest of the three struggled to pull his jeans back on before standing up with fright.

“I-I-I-I d-didn’t w-ww-want t-t-to l-leave h-h-him a-a-alone.” The caretaker latched onto the brunette;s arm and violently pulled him out of the room. Carver was left to sit in a puddle of disarray.

“What-why w-were you m-making him do that!? You know he’s not in the right state of mind yet, not to mention that requires a lot of physical energy that he does not have. You can’t be skipping class to have sex. You’re way to young for that. So, you’re grounded and you’ll have a separate room from him. Do you understand?”

Trevor gritted his teeth together as his tears let free. “N-N-No! I-I a-a-am o-old enough to m-ma-make m-my o-o-own d-d-d-decisions. C-Carver w-w-w-wanted to. I-I a-a-am not f-f-forcing h-him to d-do a-a-anything!” The frustration of the two multiplied the disheveled 21 year-old walked through out the door to greet them.

To be continued….

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