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Kiki Kay Lee

Cover art by: MaKayla Beineke

Mozek: The Forbidden Knowledge


Students were plentiful in the classroom. Trevor sat at the front of the room on the right edge. The man with charcoal-coloured hair hadn't done anything like this. So, he was beyond nervous. "Good....G-Good Morning. I'm...Mr. Hadi. Welcome to class." Carver's heart palpitated as he picked up white chalk and began to write the alphabet."Today we are going to uh, learn letters. The alphabet, that is."

Mr Hadi handed each person a piece of paper that illustrated lines to guide handwriting. All of the younger students whom had passed away when they were a child began to practice their writing. The brunette gawked into space. The 21-year-old placed a pencil in his friend's hand as he wrapped his palm around the other's. "Let's try to write A."The younger boy gazed upon the older male’s chest. This was going to be more difficult than he thought it would be.

In the evening, class was to be dismissed. As Trevor's false parents came to pick him up, Carver's hair stood on end. The two whom were chosen by Kanoa to be his false guardians was his enemy of a brother and his brother’s wife. The younger brother felt the intense burning of resentment and jealousy build up in the pit of his stomach. He clasped his hands in the form of a fist and gritted his teeth together.

"I was under the impression that someone with decency was to be his caretaker!" Daren whom was 32 when he passed away held his palms out, defending himself. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. We were randomly picked. Chill, dude." The curvy ginger frowned as she whispered. "Sorry..." It was true that Daren's wife was nothing like him.

The 21-year-old male shifted his finger to his brother, accusing him. "You're too chill. We both died because you lied that you weren't drunk and proceeded to drive us to our Aunt. All you do is lie. You don't know how to take care of him!" The older man snickered viciously. "Wow. You're such a tightwad. You don't know how to have fun. Don't worry, I'll treat your lover right. Come on, Ted!"

As both exited the school doors, the teacher grunted with agitation. "His name is not Ted. It's Trevor, dumb ass!" Carver would have never thought that Mozek would be such a nightmare. Whilst the man with charcoal-coloured hair had to complete his tasks as a Teren (Guardian angel) for his mother and father who was deathly ill, Daren and Sarah drove Trevor to an adequate brick house.

"Okay, Here's the dealio; don't make messes and be quiet." The ginger woman lightly slapped her husband on the shoulder. "Don't be like that. He's our child, remember? It's okay, darling. Are you hungry or thirsty?" Trevor only gave blank stare in return. "Here, let's get you situated on the couch. As the female sat him down, she went to make him a drink. Daren sat down beside the brunette with an arm sprawled out on each side of him.

Back on Earth, Carver had business to attend to. As a Teren, he watched over his elder mother and father who coughed and wheezed excessively. He was actually worried about them. As the Teren subtly floated towards the couple, he shimmered invisible crystals upon the two.

Carver's guardians were enlightened by this action as they began to abruptly cheer. "I just got a sudden sense of hope, honey. We'll get over this illness, but we need to live our life before it's too late." The male nodded with bewilderment. "I don't know what you just said- if you said anything at all, but okay!" The woman stomped her feet. "I said; let's go skydiving!"


"Days" had passed by rather slowly. Trevor didn't seem to be picking up any common knowledge. Carver's intensive anxiety clawed at his scalp while depression seemed to nip at his chest. He wonders if it is even a doable task. The man groaned, rubbing his temples. It was after class and the brunette's false parents were already 15 minutes late to pick him up.

It was disturbingly quiet in the classroom. It was deafening only to hear an absence of sound. The shorter man walked up to the teacher's desk, holding a piece of paper he had drawn on. The older male was startled by this as he jolted his attention to the other. "Oh. Hi, Trevor. What do you have there?" The 19-year-old laid out his drawing in front of his friend.

Mr. Hadi scanned the photo and felt his heart flutter with happiness. On the picture was scribbles with yellow marker. His hopefulness heightened that the spell had maybe started to wear off. "Is this for me? Thank you, dea-Trevor."

The younger male hadn't responded in any way, however, he made his way behind the desk. Trevor sat on the man's lap and leaned against the other's firm chest. Carver inhaled a sharp rigged breath patting the other on the shoulder. "Well, your parents should be here soo-"

The male with charcoal-coloured hair was cut off by his cellphone ringing an obnoxious tune. He answered it to find out it was his annoying brother. "What up, bro-yo? Just want to tell you we won't be able to make it tonight. We have a so-called urgent thingy for us on Earth. You're goin' to have to watch Tyrel at the house o. Kay?" The 21 year old felt somewhat guilty that he was excited about a tragedy happening on Earth. "Of course. Bye."

As Mr. Hadi walked the brunette to the brick house, they shared meaningful glances with one another. Once they were inside, he hadn't really known what to do next. "Uhm....So, do you want to play a game until bedtime or...I don't know." Carver felt his hands become increasingly clammy. Why was he so nervous?

The younger male fell to the ground, grunting desperately. The 21 year-old knew this was his attempt to communicate, he was just unsure how to decipher it. Trevor was groping in between his legs gnawing his teeth together. The older male began to sweat profusely. "You must have to use the restroom!"

The taller of the two lifted his friend up as the other wrapped his legs around him. Carver searched in so many doors of the house, however, when he finally found the bathroom, it was too late. The older male’s eyes widen with dread whilst he felt a warm liquid flowing upon his side. "Oh, god." The older male's face grew extensively hot as he stood the man up.

He scratched his head, anxiously. "U-uh, looks like we both need to be cleaned up, huh?" The taller male's jokes lain limp in the air before Trevor dashed away into a bedroom. As Carver ran after him, he noticed the other on a bed sobbing into a yellow pillow.

The lanky man sat down beside him and started to caress the man's hair like he use to. "It's okay. I'm not mad. It's my fault I didn't get you there in time." The brunette sat up revealing his bloodshot eyes and wet tears draining onto his chin. This is when Trevor spoke for the first time in forever. Though the phrase was very unexpected, it gave the older man intense hope. "I'm not taking a bath."

Kanoa had called all of the occupants of Mozek together for a meeting in her sanctuary. The elder female stood on a soft fabric of white fleece. The birds sang as a false sun shined. The area was made to look like an Earth's meadow. It was supposed to be peaceful, however, everyone felt rather leery due to the random meeting.

"I have called you all today because I'd like to discuss an important subject." The female held each palm in one another. The crowd seemed intensively confused by such a sudden announcement. "I want you to be all aware that we may have many break-ins soon by galens (demons). I'm sorry about the....uh, I'm just sorry." The ruler was rather distant and appeared unsettled.

As Kanoa vanished, every Teren began to communicate with one another. Carver wrapped his arm around Trevor's shoulder. "We have to hide out. The simulation isn't safe anymore. That's the first place Deast or his galen (demons) will look. The old man grabbed the other's hand and lifted him into a brilliant blue portal.

In the main area of Mozek is a place of a mirrored land. This is where everyone resides after their daily tasks as a Teren (guardian angel). The two men stood outside their zalee (home). The taller of two muttered incoherently as he paced back in forth. "I just...we're not safe. Kanoa acts like this when she doesn't want to alarm us. But, it's such a serious situation."

The older male peered at the other whom was sitting down, glaring at his reflection. "No matter what happens, I'll protect you. Don't worry, okay?" This was really going to screw Trevor's process up, but there is no escape. Weeks passed as the brunette and his friend hid out in one zalee together. It was rather boring, but they were not yet found. Not yet.

Evil Arises

Kanoa and Deast were together. This is not good news. She had let him into Mozek. He had promised and she decided to give him one last chance out of 12,709 times. "You look so gorgeous, sweetie. I know you still haven't regained my trust, but I really am a new person. It's just not the life for me, y'know?"

The couple sat atop of the grass within the meadow. "You do promise not to hurt anybody, right? How are you going to prove your innocence?" The old male sneered as he clapped his palms together. "Well, I could reverse the spell on your little boy. I could do a lot of good here on Mozek. You'll see soon enough, honey bunch.

The elder female bit her lip. She really couldn't believe she was doing this. Love really makes you do stupid things. All Deast's purpose was to take over her universe due to unresolved quarrels in the past. They made Mozek together, but through a lot of arguments the man decided to make his own to backlash the other. This was fueled by jealousy and Kanoa somehow adored that side of him.

"Okay. You know you are a well-known enemy here, don't you? I don't know how I'm going to spread the news." The female with white hair gazed into the other's orange eyes. She saw her old friend, Dylan. It was never supposed to be this way. They were supposed to live with one another's trust. It didn't seem so hard before marriage. It all went down hill from there.

"Yes. I'll change that. Don't you worry sugar cube. We'll run this place together. I'm sorry for all I've done." Deast rested his palm under his wife's chin and dove in for a dry kiss. As they soon broke apart, the ruler gleamed. "I love you." The older male nodded, bring his wife into a loose hug. "Love you too, honey bunch. Thanks for doing what should have done for so long."


When all was said and done, Kanoa laid the news out to all of Mozek. People were furious, however, they learnt to accept their ruler’s decision. Carver has been around for so long, that he has known the Deast's motive. He lies, he wins. This has happened far too many times before.

Carver requested his own personal meeting with Kanoa. "I'm just worried. He has done this before and it has caused chaos that people are still recovering from." When the blonde elder was like this, it was difficult to change her mind. The female stubbornly crossed her arms.

"I know, I know. I've heard this. I really think he has changed this time around. Let's give him one more chance." The male didn't want to offend her, but she was just not correct this time. "Shouldn't we have something to protect us just in case a war erupts?" The elder huffed sarcastically. "No! There is no need to worry about him. Please mind your own business. Leave." Mr. Hadi followed her finger that pointed to a newly developed white portal. He hung his head in defeat and exited the sanctuary.

Carver really didn't know how to protect anyone. Though, it seemed the odds were against him. A year had passed without unfortunate tragedies occurring in Mozek. The male with charocal-coloured hair went about his day teaching in an Earth simulation.

The cycle became dragging to him. His sense of being seemed to fade into a black hole. Trevor just hasn't been the same, he is constantly stressing about the Deast's presence and worst; he is lonely. It felt as if his companion has died for all eternity. Will he ever be back?

A sharp crash alerted all of the students. Within the musty haze appeared Deast. "Hello, I'm here to be a substitute teacher, possibly permanent," Mr. Hadi shot up. "There is no need for a new teacher. You don't belong here. Please exit!" As all of the children muffled in unison, the 7ft man clapped.

"I'm here to take Trevor. I was...chosen to be the boy's special ed teach." Carver knew it was all made up. Everything of the Deast is made up! Before he could deny this, Trevor was swooped away through a black Sani (portal). It was at this moment that the man new the end was about to begin.

Unfortunate Events

It was alerted to the queen that Trevor had been kidnapped and so far, she has no clue of where they could be. Everyone had traced all portals, but no one was to be found. It was thought, that the Inclur was not destroyed as promised and that they might be there.

All of Mozek, including Sarah and Daren, entered the Inclur. However, once they arrived, all of the occupants had been shackled as they watched the tall man and the young male. Carver and everyone's yells were muffled by gags. The horror had begun. There was no good luck.

Deast handed the brunette a golden antique key as he gave a snarly grin. "With this, my boy. I want you to put in this lock." A keyhole floated within the thin atmosphere, Trevor gazed up at the other, furrowing his brows. The tall man signaled for the other to do as told.

Trevor dropped the key and ran to all of the crowd, untying the leather gags. "What are you doing? You are the only person whom possesses the power to rid of any particular universe. You must do this or I'll demolish your existence." The shorter male slowly came to. No. "

Deast yanked the male and thrown him into a pit of smoking charcoal. His eyes flared as he whined from the scorching sensation. "I will! I will!" The mutter barely had sounded, though the 7ft elder picked up. Carver forcefully exhaled. "No, don’t. Trevor!" It was too late due to the male being tossed out of the pit.

What has not expected from the brunette was that he understood more than people thought he did. Whilst in a psychosis, he knew of consequences. Slowly but surely, he regained his power. He knew he was in a compromising predicament. Not all memories have restored, though he knew good from bad. He was to show everyone this fact.

Trevor twisted the key to invert the bottom. Something within him told him exactly what he needed to do. Deast began to fight the boy's hold on the key but was interrupted by the brunette turning it into the lock. Soon the 7ft man vanished whilst the scenery began to change into a peaceful meadow.

All of Mozek cheered as their cuffs disappeared. Kanoa, Daren, Sarah, and Carver ran up to the male. "You did it! How did you know to do such a thing?" The ruler squished the younger of all of them in a restrained hug. Carver grinned passionately. "I knew you wouldn’t use such a rare power for evil. I told you were to be alive for something great."

Distant Memory

All of Mozek was dressed in sparkling glitter. A celebration consisted of many auras flashing. High pitched music cascaded the floor.

Two men bit into a chocolate coated strawberry. Balloons of light colored the atmosphere. Arranged dances collided. The fantasy of happiness began to create a comforting storm.

As Carver, Trevor, Daren, Sarah, and Kanoa danced to the infatuating rhythm, they smiled with complete peace. The 21 year-old pat his friend on the back. "I'm glad your back, dear. I couldn't do this without you."

The brunette stared into denim eyes, sighing in anguish. "I can't remember. I don't know where I am. I can't remember. Time is going backward. I can't remember. "

It sounded as if the younger male was chanting a mantra with a monotone voice. Carver thought he had got his best friend back, but perhaps not. "What...What do you mean, dear? Time's not going backward. We’re in Mozek. What don't you remember?"

The scrawny man shrugged. "I want to go back home." This deeply confused the other as he knew that the brunette wanted to be anywhere but home. "Home is here now. You're okay."

This is when Carver brought the shorter of the two in a tight embrace. Tears threatened to fall. It would take quite some time for the spell to wear off. Until then, all he could do was stay by his side.


Trevor Dane Fredrick died at 19 years old. He was troubled since his birth. He felt threatened by everyday life. It was only instinctual that he commit suicide. Trevor felt he was a loser. Though, in the afterlife he has found out that he has a rare power linked to Kanoa of creating and destroying universes.

The boy was meant to create a universe for people of Earth to go when life gets too hectic. This was not the case when he decided to take a short cut. Even if unfortunate events take the place of your dreams, it is arranged to strengthen who you are so you become a better identity.

Every human being is designated to be a powerful voice of all universes. Anyone has different unique powers. It may not seem like this. The truth is always hazed away. Believe in the unbelievable.

Everyone possesses a power that that is provoked within the afterlife of Mozek. Some people are lucky enough to be able to unlock such a power whilst being alive. There are quite a few people whom acquire such an ability to create a new universe.

Kanoa is Trevor's x72 great-grandmother. It is only genetic to have such a power. Carver has the ability to read minds and feel someone's feelings. This makes him out to be a very compassionate human being. Even in the afterlife of Mozek, some people have not yet discovered their natural ability.

The story ends just as it begins. As a man whom finally realized the magic within himself is unleashed, he is united with a strong companionship. Many universes are birthed during this time. Many universes will die whilst other's will be born.

The Unknown

”It is unknown how to begin and how to stop. One thing is for sure, we can always begin by taking one step forward. Years go by, days go by, seconds go by. It may not seem like much is moving at all, however our mind races with thoughts.

These thoughts can be cataclysmic depending on the situation. Maybe some are not even your own. It is unknown. However, we already know so much about this subject.”

A young preteen of 13 years old writes in her worn out notebook. It is colored deep green and brings favorable memories to. She frowns with hatred. There has to be much more than this. What is life outside of...life?

It is just that. It is unknown. The only way to know is when the end begins. Nevertheless, it is so much more dramatic than that. Is there a way to know the unknown without starting at the end? Perhaps so.

Meditation day in and day out. This act brings clues. Closer and closer she goes towards the unknown. The only setback is, she cannot reach. It is so close, yet so far away.

She wonders what it will be like to reach nirvana, to reach true happiness. Will this ever happen or is she setting herself up for failure? Confidence is key.

The key she has is missing. All she needs is confidence, yet it is no where to be found. Where could the key be? Is it a metaphor? No.

A young preteen of 13 with a name of Kalani O’kusky lays under a roof above a store. The pouring rain just adds to her confusion. Why does life have to be so dreadful? Is there reasoning for such a thing?

Why is she here with no friends or family in sight? Where did she come from? Why do people not speak to her? It is unknown.

The lightning shrieks as the female stands up with gritted teeth. No matter how much meditation she practiced, she could never halt her anger. It is only fair that she gives the anger back to the sky.

”Why!?” The brunette screams at the frostbitten clouds. The young girl walks around the park, confused. Confusion does not mean you haven’t touched the unknown. It means you wonder why there was such an unknown in the first place.

No one in this town can see her. It’s as if she is a ghost. Though, the girl cannot bear to open her memories she goes unsteadily into town. Pushed and shoved, she wonders why she is still here.

The birth of existence was not much to remember, depending on the fact that it had never existed. It was time of horror and a time of no tomorrow. There is no tomorrow. There is only today. Yesterday should never be spoken of.

In the back of her mind, she knew the truth. She was meant to die when before she was born. However as this may be as so, a soul continues to grow. Kalani is stuck in between the planes of hell and heaven.

Something isn’t forgiven. She is still trapped in a past of delusion. A fateful night carries out, it would change. The young girl cannot change anything, no matter how much she wants to.

Kalani is just that; a girl with no routine. A meaningless female with no body to hold her composition together. She wants to bleed, she wants to feel physical pain and everything that comes with it. What is it like to feel joy, sadness, or fear? The peace that once was broken in half a long time ago.

New Arrival

”Why is everyone so excited?” Trevor questions with a blunt tune. The meeting starts within the meadow of much history. Kanoa claps her palms together and begins to announce.

” I welcome you all here to promote Trevor Dane Fredrick as a new Teren(Guardian Angel). He will be guarding a young girl lost in confusion and no luck. This will be beneficial on both sides.” The crowd cheers with constant melody whilst, Carver spins his friend in an expressive hug.

I can’t believe you did it! You are going to become a Teren (Guardian Angel)! You’ve come so far!” The brunette glares suspiciously up at him. “What if I don’t want to be a Teren (guardian angel)?”

This created the stagnant atmosphere between the two as the older male gasps in disbelief. “ Why...wouldn’t you want to?” It is unheard of that someone would refuse such a responsibility.

The younger man shifted his eyes to the rigged grass. “I can’t do it. Did you see how much of a failure I am already? I wouldn’t want to ruin someone’s life because I’m so childish.”

Once the meeting had ended and Carver was put in charge of teaching Trevor how to be a perfect Teren(Guardian Angel), they both resided in a simulation of Earth once again.

The 21 year-old held the smaller male’s hands in each of his own. The scenery was somewhat simplistic; a black floor with white tiles and tan walls cascading the area. Carver bit his lip anxiously, “Now I never done this before. I am honored to teach you, but I want you to be accepting of the knowledge you will learn.”

The brunette’s eyes glazed over with disinterest. His sigh created a whirlpool of anxiety. “ You really think I could do such a thing? I am such a broken person. I can never do anything right.”

The simulation began to fade into nothingness. It was eerily quiet in the stuffy room and both men’s hands became clammy. “You’re lacking confidence. I can sense this, whether you tell me or not.” The shorter boy grunted with rage.

”How come you always know just what I am thinking and feeling? I don’t even feel secure within my own mind anymore!” Carver’s aura lit bright in accordance with this frustrated statement. “That is my key. My power. I can feel people’s emotions and read their mind. Enough of me: Let’s get started!”

Trevor pouted with defeat as he scratched his head. “First thing is: You need confidence. Why are you lacking in such a mandatory skill?” The 19 year-old rolled his eyes as he huffed. “I don’t want to do this!” Time seemed to forgo a change. The aggression lit a fiery mold.

The younger male began to sob, his tears splashing onto his cheeks. The face of his grew hot with embarrassment. Carver was unpleasantly concerned. He knew why and what was bothering him, his friend just doesn’t know so much about himself.

”I want you to know that you can tell me anything, dear. You may not want to and that’s okay. However, I still want you to get past this.” Carver’s friend shook with unsteady nervousness erupting a volcano in his brain and an earthquake in his chest.

”There is something missing.” The man with charcoal hair knitted his brows toward one another as he stared the younger boy down. “What do you mean? What are you missing that’s preventing you from being your old self;
happy Trevor?

The brunette shook his head angrily, his tongue burned with an odd sensation. “I don’t feel like I belong here. I feel there should be more to the afterlife than this. I know I’m dead..I wish I could go back, knowing all the things I know now.”

It was a lot to take in from the 19 year-old, but Carver knew exactly what his friend meant. It was sad. It was sad to see someone so dear to you feel so low.

The older of the two brushed his friend’s greasy bangs out of his face. “I know that and I know what you're missing.” Trevor scanned the other in sudden astonishment. “What is it? What do I need!?”

The 21 year old exhaled roughly. “It’s not what you need, it’s what you miss.” Carver knew that this was cheating. His companion was to learn for himself of what his setbacks were, however it became to much to hold in.

Trevor became frantic as he pulled his friend too close to his face. “Tell me! I need to know! It’s only fair if you do.” The older man’s heart thumped to the pit of stomach as he nodded in agreement. “You miss your parents.”


It was dull, yet sharp. The hit burned the skin of his cheek. His tears dared to fall, but didn't. The gravity of the situation pulled upon the 21 year-old. Trevor punched him.

It seem like the younger of two was angrier after such a brain trauma had happened to him. It was difficult for Carver to recognize his best friend anymore. The best friend he had met when they were children; the happy-go-lucky kid. What changed?

His life changed. Something happened in the past which is controlling the fate of the future. It is now or never that he must rescue him. It is now or never he'll fight back the voice in his friend's head.

The 21 year-old knew that Trevor did not intend to do such a thing. It wasn't him, it was something else controlling him, anger. The older man leaned backward, still in shock of the punch that was forcefully planted on his cheek.

"T-Trevor...I didn't mean to make you upset...I was just t-trying to help." It was a sad attempt to defend himself, but he knew of nothing else to say. The younger male knew the other was completely shocked due to his real name escaping the other’s lips."Why would you bring that up? You know good and well that I don't want to remember that!"

The shorter of the two shrieked between his gritted teeth. Trevor could feel hand and his heart ache deeply within. He let his feelings control him and now there is no going back.

The realization had dawned on him that he just abused his best friend, just like he had been abused before. The man felt that his soul was merely a boy: risking relationships and not thinking of the consequences. The brunette's lower lip quivered involuntarily whilst his tears began to flow.

Carver brought the other to his chest as he consoled him. Why was this man always so nice to him? He really didn't deserve such compassion. "I-I-I'm sorry. I just don't...want to talk about. It brings too many bad memories. Please don't hate me."

Trevor was terrified of losing his only companion, best friend, and lover. It was aggravating to think that he wasn't worth such love, yet he yearned for it. His obsessions lead the role in which he only depends on other people for his happiness.

The man with charcoal-like hair lifted the his friend’s chin up and planted a wet kiss upon the broken boy. "It's okay. I don't hate you. I know you're in pain. I want to make you feel better. I just...I just...don't know how anymore." The younger man sniffled, echoing the halls of despair.

As the time went on the lesson went on. The older man began to test the other. "Now, what do you do if someone is confused?" The brunette drifted into a shady memory. "Uh...you be confused with them?"

It was true that Trevor was stubborn and had
ADHD knocking at his door, but he must know such mandatory lessons! The 21 year-old huffed heavily as he felt his head pulsate. "Come on, dear. You know this one..You connect with them to learn where their confusion is rooted. Okay. Question two:-"

The quiz seemed to take forever. The lessons were not even the hard part. It was time to finally go to Earth and guard Kalani.

Arranged Situations

A distraught female lay whilst rubbing her chin. Today she felt melancholy. A hint of nostalgia graced her chest. Oddly, she felt somewhat peaceful.

The sun flashed beautiful rays, the sun sang a whistle of a pleasant tune, and the heart in Kalani's chest seemed full. But why? Why did she feel...good? There really was no reason for it.

The child is stuck as a spirit with no one to talk to. What made her feel this comfort? It is so foreign, yet familiar. The brunette pulls herself up on the warm bench. The only one to talk to is the animals, even though they don't know she is there.

How could she not feel lonely right now? Loneliness use to dig so deep within her skull, she could barely breathe. It wasn't a complaint, however. The child took advantage and done something that hasn't been done for ages.

Kalani smiled. She smiled a bright smile, one that sparkled her eyes, made her heart flutter, and allowed her to breathe freely. She was happy. This new sensation is foreign, yet so familiar.

The female wanted to know what her purpose was if anything at all. She began to realize that she doesn't need to know yet. The unknown will be known in time. What even is the unknown if it is finally known? Would anybody ever be satisfied if they had known the unknown?

The brunette glanced down at her grey, translucent hand and gleamed bright. A day like this should be celebrated. How does a ghost celebrate? Haunting, of course!

As the child began to search for a house, she was interrupted with a unique looking man in front of her. He seemed to glow. Humans did not glow, especially yellow.

Kalani knitted her brows together and started to walk pass the male, before being blocked by him. This was sudden and intense. Did he know she was there?
The young girl gulped loudly and examined the other fully. He was somewhat translucent as well. Although, instead of grey he glowed gold. It was odd and

The man seemed to leap as he grinned sincerely. "Hi, uh..." What was this guy's deal? He was
definitely not human! She couldn't see other ghosts, though she knew they existed. Could this be...God?

If so, why is God so nervous? "Hey, dude. I'm guessing your God. Takin' me to heaven, huh? Thanks, I appreciate it." Trevor was taken aback by this sassy behavior. He would of never thought that such a big attitude would come from such a small girl.

"No, I'm not God. I'm your...personal
assistant. You're guardian angel, that is. Sorry to bother you, I just wanted to meet you front and center." The child's eyes lit up as if she saw a bucket of candy.

"Wow! You are!? I knew something good was going to happen today! I have so many questions! There must be more of a ghost's life, because this really sucks! I'm so glad I have someone who can see me! What's it like...in heaven? How can I get there?"

The 19 year-old chuckled at the girl's ethusiasm, shaking his head. "I'm not from Heaven. That's a place on an another planet. I come from Mozek. I use to live on Earth too. I know it sucks and it's hard. You're situation is different from mine, because you already passed away. I came here to help you unlock your unfinished business, so you can enjoy Mozek with me. It'd be an honor to be your guide, may I?"

The shorter of two rose her eyebrows. Yes, please! You Sir, get to me my bff! So, what's my unfinished business? Can we skip and go to the Mozek? I'm dying to know what it's like!" The female's voice wailed desperately as she begged the Teren to take her away.

"No, I'm sorry. You cannot go just yet, let's talk." Trevor lay a gentle palm on the girl's shoulder and lead her back to the red bench. "I don't have any unfinished business! Unless, we are talking about the business that needs to be done. A.K.A. Taking this fine girl to Mozek!" The male chuckled lightly once more.

"You have memories that you don't want to remember. We can start there." The child's eyes began to glaze over as she crossed her lifeless arms. "What are you talking about? I remember everything. I don't need to know anything else. This really is a drag, you know."

The personality of the female reminded Trevor of someone. Someone he knew. A person that was stubborn and childish. Himself. They had a lot in common. "Do you remember your mom? I know this may be hard to talk about, but..it's...it's hard for me too. I'm very knew at this."

The sun began to set behind them as the flowers folded into sleep. "My mom is great. Everything's fine. I'm all good." The long lie tore a shred in the wind. "You have an ability. I can see that in you. It's something you never expected and it's most certainly not lying." The male snickered as the child frowned with annoyance.

"And I thought that Angels weren't suppose to mock you...I guess we're both wrong." It was apparent that the female was loosely avoiding such a subject. It could take all of the time in the world. Trevor would not stop. He couldn't fail at his first job of being a Teren (Guardian Angel)

The man wanted to teach what he has learnt from his life. He could never go back to living the beauty that is life. Trevor has a deep yearning to unleash this girl's troubles and he will never give up on this task.

Evil Love

On Mozek, a ruler searches for her sanity. A sanity lost long ago. It is right now that she questions if she even exists in the first place. This stout and thin woman is 72 years old. Still awake and still alive, she goes about her life knowing the unknown. However, she still is not fulfilled.

What is this fulfillment she yearns for
? Is it a doable task? There is nothing else to understand. Why does she feel as if there is more to know of the unknown?

One thing is for sure, something is missing. Something that is very important to a life. Love. Kanoa lost her husband to evil. The root of all evil turned out to be him all along.

It was difficult to comprehend and accept this fact. The elder smiles as she remembers the life with Dylan, not Deast. When he met, he was sincere. However, jealousy turned him into something he is not.

The man was trapped in his body with another spirit:
Deast. An evil spirit that took her best friend away. The female lightly sobs as she realizes just what she misses.

Love. It is like glue, it keeps us sane. It keeps us insane. This artwork of feelings latch onto our heartstrings, bringing about confusion and peacefulness. Love brings discomfort and comfort at the same time. Nothing can replace this.

Kanoa knows that her grandchild ended her husband’s existence. She did feel anger, not towards Trevor, but towards something else she couldn’t place. Evil. Evil has destroyed such a life.

How she wishes, she could bring the man back. Not Deast, Dylan. The man whose always so gentle and kind. The man whose smile makes her heart dance. The man whom knew her most.

Brain Power

“I want to know what Mozek is like, please tell me?” The long brunette hair of the child danced in the wind. Her translucent skin flashing according to the stars.

Trevor snorted clumsily. “It’s pretty nice. You’d like it.” He was not allowed to give out too much information in fear that she may have an rebellious side like someone evil once did. “Wow. You don’t say much, do you?”

The man was nervous, to say the least. He worries that he’ll make a mistake and fail at his one job. This anxiety pushes his limits of achievement. “So, you’re mother-”

The girl growled before the other could finished. “No! We were not talking about that!” The female became increasingly infuriated by every second of the conference.

How was he suppose to get any information out of this girl? “Fine, you win. Let’s talk about something else. You’re Dad. What was he like?” The child jumped 3 feet into the air.

”I don’t remember him! You do realize, I died in the womb, right? My mom was addicted to crack. Okay, you know. Let’s go!” Trevor’s eyes suddenly glossed over. He soon developed a knot in his throat, feeling his breath hitch.

I-Im sorry that happened. I’m glad you remember, and I’m sorry I had to bring back such scary memories. I really do appreciate you confiding in me, however.” The 19 year-old gave a slight smile.

It was depressing. This girl hadn’t known a life. She was instantly set up for failure. She was never born, never got to feel the beauty that is life.

Kalani received an abrupt and tight hug from the other. It irritated her that someone was so close to her. It made her feel violated and vulnerable. She soon shoved him far away.

The male looked ashamed and bewildered by the brutal rejection. “I-Im sorry. I just thought - Well, hugs usually help me...I guess they’re not for everyone.”

It took quite sometime, but the child learnt to let go of her past and accept her future. She was gladly united with her new friends/family in Mozek. Kalani was pleased to find out the secrets of the unknown.

It was pronounced that this young child would be labeled under Mozek’s princess due to the her ancestors being of O’Kuksy decedent. The stubborn and rebellious child was honored as she grinned snobbishly.

It was all a great party of celebration. Cheers intensified the serenity of the meadow as Trevor smiled up at his friend, Carver. They both shared a strong lock of an intimate gaze upon one another.

This was not the ending, it was the beginning. Kalani had some say over some rules and regulations, she took advantage. It was announced that the next movement should escalate toward finding more planets of the afterlife.

There is still more to know about the unknown. It seems as if outer space is infinite. It knows how to keep things moving. It’s an intelligent vessel. Mozek and many other planets are just like a brain.


The sky is orange, the grass is red. The sounds are nonexistent. The heat is frozen. That atmosphere is deadly. Prickled with acid, this planet stay’s statically safe. For the inhabitants, that is.

The people whom do live here, do look a lot like humans. However, they have long fuzzy ears, much like a rabbit. This is so, due to such quiet sounds that must be heard.

It is arctic on Jantung to anyone that is an alien to such a place. If you are a common resident here, you would feel much scorching fire. This is good because of two reasons: keeps intruders out, and warms the cold souls of all that live here.

On Jantung, the people that live here had died. They are time-travelers. A very intelligent crowd, known for many discoveries in the future. These people are quiet and refrain from much speaking.

The people of Jantung let their feelings tell all that needs to be known. The motto from such a planet is,” Nothing will change, if you never change.” It has stuck since before the big bang.

A beauty to see and feel, though this place has it’s ups and downs. The people that arrive here have died from only natural causes on Earth. While it is not known if Earth is the center of all living things, it is known that many of us will end up on a planet such as Jantung and Mozek.

The population of the confident world only see in green. Though it is only limited to one color, they can see much more than people on other planets can. For example; they can see through people and understand how they’re ill, the can see all spirits, and most importantly they can see chemical reactions in the atmosphere.


”So, this is the plan. I know that there are other planets. I can see them when I focus in on them, it’s just not so easy to figure out how to get there.” Kalani spoke with an intense focal point. She had an ability.

A unique ability that no other has ever had. An ability of seeing outside of her vision. She could see so far away, there was no limit to this power.

One planet that she could see clearly, sparked sudden interest. She had to investigate! Could they survive on such a place? The humans that reside there were evolved to take such extreme climate conditions, they were not.

It wasn’t safe to move all inhabitants of Mozek to another planet that may disturb their body chemistry. What would happen to them? They couldn’t die in the afterlife, could they?

Maybe, they would feel pain. Is it really that bad to feel pain? If they could use their brain to ignore such pain, it’d be beneficial in discovering more of the unknown.

It was set that only of few amount of people would venture out to space. Kalani, Kanoa, Sarah, Daren, Carver, and Trevor. So it began. The start of new knowledge.

How would they go about it? Could they sustain such limitations? The planet was only one universe away. Only. It wouldn’t be so hard.

That’s it! They would meditate themselves away to space. It would be mandatory that they not split up. How could they prevent this? Of course! Molding each other’s auras into one another. It was as simple as that.


A place of grey and black housed all six spirits. The colors aligned according to correspondence with a rainbow. Daren- red, Sarah-maroon, Trevor-gold, Kanoa-green, Kalani-green, Carver-blue.

These former humans, clashed into merely balls of colorful lights. It was now or never that they go about this adventure to a planet called Jantung. Smoothly, the auras blended into one another.

It was artistic for such a thing that had never been done happen. To these spirits, it felt only natural to do such a thing. It was a classic instinctual trait of the spirits of Mozek.

It began to rain pleasant shards of glass as all inhaled slowly and steadily. A release of plutonium sent a jet-like sound into one another. The single light swam as it slowly faded into nothingness.

Through the distance, a mist of hydrochloric acid began subtly apparent, due to the strong reflecting scent. It was alarming to know that this could damage such fragile existences. It was well worth the risk. Without knowledge of the unknown, what would be the point of existing in the first place?

Once they would succeed in arrival of an alien planet, it would change all future events. This would disrupt the chain that held all that is known together. The unknown would not be unknown much longer.

Absent Conversations

Radiating deadly heat, all extremities became frostbitten. A tornado of ammonia harshly dripped through the orange-kissed atmosphere. The world echoed of nothing at all.

It was so quiet, that it was damaging to any form of hearing. The skin of these aliens burnt as it smoked and drifted off into the skies. It was prominent that all auras could not transform to the colorful spirits they were internally to protect themselves.

It was horrifying to know that this may be the true end for them all. With all agonizing pain aside, it was realized the Jantung was such a simple planet. They new that they were intruders, but to whom?

As all became relatively use to the scorching heat and blistering razor-sharp atmosphere, they began to see. No one was in existence here, not that they could see.

”I don’t think that there are people here.” Trevor gnawed his lower teeth and began to shake with fear as Carver tried his best to console him. “It’s okay. If no one’s here-” Kalani became agitated by every second that passed.

”We are not leaving! Not without more. There has to be people here! I saw them!” Daren cringed at the young girl’s exclamations. “Maybe you saw it wrong?”

This soon resulted in the 32 year-old being violently kicked in the stomach by a small child. “Ow! What was that for!?” The ruler suddenly hushed all five and began to quiver unsteadily.

What approached was a catastrophe. There were too many humans to count. It became unbearable to accept that these people were angry, very angry. It was absolutely unsettling that all began to ignite a war.

It seemed that these people were much more intellectually developed than them their-selves were. It was noted that they were the ones who shot excruciating pains through all six aliens.

This group was infuriated with such intruders. It was well known that the group would not make it out alive or dead. As they began to accept their fate, they pleaded to let the others listen.

”We won’t hurt you! We just wanted to understand your world!” Though, these explanation were not recognized by the others, for they spoke another language. A language not spoken. Absent conversations is what united all of the people in Jantung.

Shaken Grievances

The area in which was hit with a blast of lightining shook the skulls of all aligned. It seemed as if the skulls of the Mozek people would be crushed under a convulsive force. Their eardrums popped with one last shrill of a high-pitched squeal.

It was tormenting to say the least. All known hope vanished instantly. These people had no plan of defense. It was time that they withstand the weight of pain. Corrupted minds fused into all colors as they began to fly within the atmosphere.

One particular person stood out from the tribe, a female with bright white skin and pink eyes. She growled with intention to kill. The purple locks of her hair spinning in illusion.

According to Mozek citizens, all vision swirled. This created a debilitating bomb of unrecognizable death. It was true that this may be the one and final end. Though, Mozek would not leave without a fight.

As all detached into all of their personal human vessels, they proceeded with a not so peaceful interaction. Mozek did not destine to be harmful. All that they wanted to do was to halt the actions of the tribe in order to explain such a urgent element as to why they arrived in Jantung.

Mozek was known to have such limited powers, though they used them wisely and truthfully. The spotlight arose on Daren himself. He was the only one of Mozek to possess such such a destructive power. That is, to erupt “natural” disasters.

As the 32 year old’s ego blossomed larger the universe itself, he wrestled his way towards Jantung’s tribe. His hands ignited with fumes that lie heavy in his hold. Red, yellow, orange, blue; and the hottest of them all, green. When all force was thrust towards the opposing side, the planet rattled with in-compliance.

It was as if Jantung knew exactly what he had done. The atmosphere disagreed with such foreign power. Lights began to spark as water began to spew onto. Fire and water rang in perfect alliance with one another.

Fire and water was once considered enemies, though not today. The crowed wailed a unsettling sound of deranged agony. It would not hurt such people whom they imposed upon, rather scare them.

Brain Depth

Mozek people did not think- at least not as much as Jantung did. It was never considered that these alien’s decrepit bodies could not take such dangerous conditions. It was in fact, not planned to harm them.

The razor sharp knife began to pulse within everyone’s chest, especially Daren. Jantung’s tribe lit on fire and began to melt into clear liquid. Daren had done such a thing unintentionally, so why did he feel so unbearably guilty?

Carver had wept, feeling their pain. It was disturbingly excruciating. His tears strongly bled out of his eyelids as he clawed his arm. It was not melting like the Jantung’s tribe, though, the Indonesian’s ability was to be able to physically feel other’s feelings.

“We have to save them. We had no right to do this! What are we going to do!? They’re dying! They’re dying!” Both Kalani and Trevor shouted in unison.

“I don’t have the ability to-Daren, make it stop!” Kanoa grimaced as she had shield her eyes from the perturbing reality. The 32 year-old’s heart began to race as hot tears cut his cheek.

“I can’t! I can only create disasters. There is no way. We- I just k-k-k-k-killed.…” Sarah forcefully rammed her husband into the ground shaking inconsistently. Her eyes blistered with complete dissatisfaction of the event molding into her everlasting memories.

Trevor was visibly shaken as he held Carver whilst sobbing in his friend’s chest. All was nightmare. Things had not gone as planned. Kalani scoffed lightly. “They’ll be fine! What is everyone crying about!? It should end soon. I can see in the future. Eveything’s fine and we just have to wait it out.”

Sarah’s eyes glazed with the size of flying saucers. “Everything
is fine. I can create peace.” Without further ado, the ginger held each palm in another and breathed sharply. With a stern voice, she shouted instantly. “Be Gone!”

As the terrifying hell came to a rough end, all of Jantung’s tribe began to chant in a unheard language. The tone of language gave the impression that they were not angry, however Sarah was thanked for such a sacrifice she had given. Many inhabitants of Jantung ran to the female and began to praise her by way of clapping and chanting.

Liar Liar, Jantung on Fire

It was agreed by Jantung and Mozek to live within an alliance. It was also learnt that the Jantung people did in fact speak English along with a series of other languages. It was settled that they would “visit for a short time and then leave.”

All sat at a clear glass rock made with a peculiar time of marble. Aligning on the stumps of glass were bricks of soft concrete, creating an illusion that it held the planet. The scent smelled...gaseous.

The woman with a dark shade of purple hair made has appearance, as the rest of tribe seemed to vanish withing the heavy atmosphere. “I’d like to introduce myself. I am the ruler here. One thing is for sure; that most certainly was not pleasant. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. As for punishment, you are not to leave. You will be guarded and instructed of what you can and cannot do.”

Each of Mozek shared silent and intense glances with one another. Trevor could feel that he initiated blood to drip from his lip from biting in disbelief. As Sarah rubbed her temples with an incredible amount of irritation, Daren let his anger grow larger.

Kanoa gripped onto her chest in order to prevent such things from entering her heart. Kalani’s eyes rolled in an attempt to pursue the ruler that she in fact didn’t care. Nothing could keep her locked up here. She believed she was a human rocket and could go anywhere, anytime.

“Why!? We didn’t
mean to. We came here to understand better. To know if other’s were living like we do. We had no intention to hurt you. We’re really sorry and I know it will take a lot to recover from, but we cannot stay here. We simple do not collide with this type of climate.”

The penguasa (ruler) ignored all that was said as she drummed her slender fingers lightly on the glass rock. It was deafening to hear know sound at all. A alarm went through Mozek’s body. “Then, this will be a fitting punishment. This nice woman here, however will be my queen. I will marry here and will stand by one another, ruling all universes until they are combined. These are my orders.”

Distant Disturbance

Sarah was forced into a divorce of her husband, Daren and into a marriage of a female named “Penguasa”. Daren was held in captivity within burning sage. This 32 year-old had to endure the most out of all due to his link of the incident.

With no other residents to be seen for miles upon the scarce, burnt desert, Carver and Trevor had lain clipped to one another. The two men were engulfed in a hurricane. Soon they were to be severely drowned in a lake made of sharp glass. It was planned to have them molded into glass and forever be held with no ability of mobility.

Kanoa and Kalani were being submerged deep under the clear ground. They were soon to be released into a deadly planet unknown to them. The chemicals would drain their auras, so much so as to end their existence in the afterlife. Never would they be heard from again.

Penguasa snorted inwardly as she rested her palm under Sarah’s jawline. Both in a dim-lit mansion of an abundant amount of soft, violet fabric. Feathers whistled through the wind as hallucinations began to swirl in on the 24 year-old.

This female was very soft-spoken, yet intimidating at the same time. Her gentle light blue irises simplified such a complex matter. It was appealing and comforting. The ginger would do anything other than admit such feelings she had.Anxiousness tripped the girl’s power to see in true light.

Sarah slowly became intoxicated by the woman’s pacifying voice. Though deep within her heart and brain, she knew that this was all wrong. These words were laced with something rather appealing.

Intuitively the 24 year-old slowly slid her tongue, tasting her own cherry lip gloss. Her body was tinged with a very intense numb sensation. Goosebumps tickled her skin. It soon became apparent that the innocent girl was hypnotized.

To be continued…

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