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SAMUS’ WORLD CHARACTER LIST (in order of appearance)

  • Samus Ortiz - (Mid- Late 20’s). He is the protagonist. A writer for ‘L&G Daily’. He is openly Gay. He’s smart, sarcastic, cunning, headstrong and honest. He has a soft tenor speaking voice which he is very self-conscious about.

  • Dylan Bregar- (Late 20’s- Early 30’s). He is a Free Lance photographer who enjoys looking at the world through the lens of his camera. He is from New Jersey and that is evident by his accent. He is a mystery that not even Sherlock Holmes can solve.

  • Belky Allen- (Early 40’s- Late 50’s). He is the founder and Editor-in- Chief of ‘L&G Daily’. He is smart, headstrong and hates surprises. Although he is founded New York’s top selling LGBTQ Paper, he does not identify as LGBTQ but he is a strong ally.

  • Gustin Allen- (Late 20’s- Early 30’s). He is Belky’s only son and he is the calmer one in the family. He is the Editor of ‘L&G Daily’ and has many new ideas that could renovate L&G but his father shoots them down at every chance he gets.

  • Ursula Bextor- (Late 20’s-Early 30’s). A free spirit who wears her heart on her sleeve and doesn’t care who knows. She is fierce, sassy and doesn’t hold her tongue for anyone. She identifies as Pansexual but doesn’t like to label herself as anything. She is best friends with Samus and has known him since they were 3 years old. For some odd reason she speaks with an English accent and nobody knows why, since she is from Detroit.

  • Phillip Ellis- (Mid 20’s). Samus’ online date. He is tall and a bit of an emotional wreck.

  • Carlito Reyes- (Early 20’s). Samus’ foil. He was best friends with Samus until he slept with Samus’ ex Ethan, causing Samus and Ethan to break up. He is still dating Ethan. He is a contributing writer for L&G Daily’s competitor Hesh’e Magazine.

  • Parker Myers- (Mid 30’s-Early 40’s). A very handsome man who often gets called a ‘DILF’ by people and it’s a term that he hasn’t embraced because he’s shy. He is an online date for Samus.

  • Mary- (Late 50’s). An older woman who strongly believes romance is beautiful. She loves seeing two people, no matter their sexual orientation, in love.

  • Tara Angler- (Mid 20’s- Early 30’s). She is the owner of the LGBTQ club ‘Guilty Heart’ a club notorious for its ‘Speed Dating Extravaganza’, which has a proven track record of helping people finding love. She is a kid at heart and enjoys being everyone’s friend. She is in a serious relationship with Ursula. She identifies as a Lesbian and is not afraid to announce it to anyone who asks.

  • Thomas Redfield- (Late 20’s). An active gaymer with very bad manners and no self-awareness of his behavior. Another online date for Samus.

Speed Daters (In order of Appearance)

  • Greg- (Mid 20’s). A cocky Pervert who thinks his jokes are funny.

  • Matty- (20’s-30’s). Believes his best approach should be asking a Gay man their sexual position rather than introducing himself.

  • Will- (Late 20’s- Mid 30’s). Hates Effeminate Gay men.

  • Daniel- (Late 20’s). A clueless Gym Buff.

  • Doug- (Late 30’s). Just a man in need of drugs.

  • Hector- (Early 30’s) A man who wants a hookup with no strings attached.




We re-enter the Speed Dating event and look around at all the candidates laughing and speaking amongst each other as the VO plays.


Have you ever had a moment where your emotions suddenly split in half, like a chainsaw splitting through a log? Where one side of you feels anger and the other side feels forgiveness? Well, this was my moment. And it was pretty obvious Goddess was testing me.


We descend down the stairs of the nightclub to find SAMUS and DYLAN standing in front of the bathroom. SAMUS is still drunk but somehow he is able to stand up straight. DYLAN looked like he was trapped with no out.


W-what are you doing here?


(rubs the back of his neck trying hard to hide his nervous state) my friend invited me.



Oh? Are you gonna find someone to take out on a date to watch a horrible movie, then when everything is going great, you’ll lean in and give him an amazing kiss? But for reasons unknown you decide to go home and block him from every social media account? (hiccups) Are those your intentions on whatever poor sap you meet or was that just with me?

(Looks at Dylan’s chest noticing the Blue sticker)

Oh you’re Blue! I’m Red! Should you ‘Next’ me or maybe I should Next myself?



I’m not doing this here. (walks past Samus)


Of course you aren’t. Why would you? You’re a coward. A scared little boy who is afraid to be a man!


(quickly turns around to Samus in anger)

And you’re drunk!



Probably. (shrugs) Atleast I own up to who I am, unlike you! (Beat) So tell me. Did you block me because of the kiss? Or were you just too embarrassed to be seen with me?


(looks around)

I am not going to do this here.


Ooooh yeah you’re right. Should we go back to the theatre so you could take my heart out and throw it on the floor-

(looks down at the metaphorical heart he pretended to throw on the ground but gets distracted)

-Oh wow! These floors are super clean.


(shakes his head)

I knew it was a mistake coming here.


(straightens his posture)

Then why did you come? Huh? Why would you block me? Was I too Ugly? Fat? A bad kisser? Or did my breath smell? I mean yes, I ate a tuna sandwich with onions and garlic a few hours prior, but I brushed my teeth and gargled mouthwash…(ponders)I think…


Look, Samus...It’s none of those things. I promise you were amazing...It’s just, I wasn’t in the right mindset to be there with you.


Oooooh! So now you’re playing the ‘Crazy Card’? I play that card during Jury Duty and when my neighbor’s kid tries to sell me Candy for her school.


I’m not-…Look Samus, please I don’t want to talk about this here.


Okay, do you want to Facebook me? Or text it to me? (pauses) Oh wait! Ya can’t do that!


(angrily shouts)

You need to get coffee!


And you need to eat m-

(he pauses and holds his mouth feeling as if he was seconds away from throwing up)

Oh crap!

SAMUS turns around and runs into the bathroom leaving DYLAN to rub his forehead trying to piece together everything that happened. It was clear that DYLAN had something to hide.

We hear SAMUS in the bathroom, exaggerating comically as he “vomits” offscreen and DYLAN turns away from the bathroom door. He was debating whether he should leave the club while SAMUS was occupied and never look back, or maybe he could go in the bathroom to check on him.

After a few seconds of debating, DYLAN lets out a sigh to calm his nerves and he walks into the bathroom.



TARA and DYLAN lay SAMUS face down on his bed. DYLAN places the blanket over him and they both exit the room quietly.


Thank you so much for helping me get him here. I apologize; he isn’t much of a drinker. I guess I pushed him too hard to come to this event.


I assure you, this wasn’t your fault. I’m partially to blame.



You two know each other?



It’s a small world.


It really is. Which is-(she feels her phone vibrate and takes it out of her pocket where she reads the text she just received.) Crap! I have to get back to the club.


I can stay here and watch a non-creepy way. But I feel like that came across as creepy.



I trust you D-Dawg! You’re the brother I neva had.


(flinches at the nickname)

Please stop calling me that. I’ve always hated that nickname since Junior High.


(playfully punches his right arm)

Which is why I gave it to you. There’s extra blankets and pillows in the hallway closet. Oh and if you need to shower, there is an extra towel located in the bathroom under the sink.


So specific. Does he have OCD or something?



Or something. Call me if anything happens.

TARA waves at DYLAN and walks toward the door where she opens it and closes it behind her. DYLAN looks around the living room unsure of what to do with himself. He felt uncomfortable being in someone else’s apartment.


A few minutes later, DYLAN walks out of the bathroom wearing a shirt and his boxer briefs holding a pillow and two blankets. He places the pillow on the floor and shakes the blanket folding it, he accidentally hits a stack of papers knocking them off of the coffee table.


Son of a-!

He bends down and picks up the stack of papers where he reads the title of the first page.


(reads it)

‘A Magical Kiss’?

He looks over at SAMUS’ bedroom and sits down on the sofa reading the article to himself as the VO plays informing us what is on the paper.


Kisses are little drops of chocolate handcrafted by the hands of God, Goddess or whatever Deity you believe in. Now take all that pleasure you get from one piece of candy and apply it to the actual kiss. As in two strangers, placing their lips against each other, creating this beautiful spark of electricity.

My first kiss ever was with my ex, but I just had a kiss with an amazing guy...a Free-lance photographer named Dylan. The kiss we shared wasn’t electrifying. It was Magical!

DYLAN stops reading and he smiles to himself at the thought of the kiss. He looks at the next sheet of paper, and we see that it’s titled: “Retraction/Failed Draft”. DYLAN read it to himself as the VO once again plays.


So I went to text Dylan a few minutes ago and found out that he blocked me. He blocked my calls, texts, he even blocked me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Four weeks chatting and he just manages to block me in less than an hour of meeting me in person. Did I do something wrong? Was I too embarrassing?...It’s just my luck. I find a great guy and he manages to run for the hills… I hate myself so much.

DYLAN places the papers back on the desk and he continues to make the sofa into his own personal bed by putting the sheet on it. Something weighed heavy on his mind, which was made obvious as he made the sofa into his bed for the night. We watch as he places the pillow on the sofa and turns the light off calling it a night.



We are in SAMUS’ bedroom as he is sleeping soundly. The sound of pots falling on the ground off screen causes him to open his eyes. Completely hung over from the previous night, he holds his forehead as another pot falls. He slowly gets out of bed and walks toward the door of his bedroom.


(groggy from the night before)

If you’re here to rob me, take what you want…just do it quietly.

SAMUS walks out of the bedroom and freezes as he sees DYLAN standing in his kitchen holding a few pots in his hands.



What are you doing here? Did we- (whispers)-Hook up?


(Shakes his head smiling)

Not at all. You were completely wasted last night and Tara had to go back to the club, so I decided to stay with you to make sure; you know, you weren’t going to fall out of bed and bang your head against anything. Or drown in your own vomit.

Instead you just jumped out of bed at 3am and started reenacting the entire first act of the Terminator.


(completely embarrassed)

Oh Gosh! I am so sorry. Most people get drunk and just act a fool. When I get drunk I just…act.


Oh yeah definitely Academy Award worthy. (He places the pots gently on the stove and points to a drink on the counter) I made you my world famous ‘Anti Hangover Potion’. Drink it slowly.


(approaches the cup on the counter and looks at it. He exhales deeply and looks at Dylan.) Dylan...we need to talk about what I said yesterday-



No please...let me explain.

(He places the pots back in the cupboard and leans his back against the counter facing Samus)

Look, I didn’t block you because you did anything wrong. The date was amazing, the movie...not so much. And while that movie was dreadful, I had a great time because I was with you. I really, really, really like you Samus.


Then why did you get all Joe Jonas on me?


(He inhales and deeply exhales again; clearly he had something important to say)

When we first started speaking online, I knew you were different. You weren’t interested in exchanging nude pictures; you always and somehow, found a Mean Girls meme to respond back to whatever I said.

(smiles)I...really enjoyed our conversations and knew I had to come and meet you.


(rubs his head)

You’re losing me very quickly and I could feel a year’s worth of food about to come up.


(Walks to the counter and hands Samus the cup of ‘Anti Hangover’)

If you drink this you wouldn’t be feeling those symptoms.


(takes the cup from him and looks at the liquid)

I am not going to drink this until you tell me what is going on!


If you drink it I will-


-Stop changing the damn subject!-



I’m HIV Positive!

SAMUS’ eyes widen and for a few seconds there is a silence between them. He takes the drink and downs it with one quick gulp.

DYLAN nods to himself and he walks over to the living room.


(grabs his pants off of a chair and starts to put them on one leg at a time)

I know what that silence means and I’ll leave. But this is why I blocked you...I didn’t want you to stop liking me.


(places the empty cup on the counter)




Come again?


(walks out of the kitchen and into the living room) You honestly believed if you had told me from the start I would’ve called a Priest to exorcise you or something? (chuckles) Or maybe I would’ve packed up all my things and move to Canada to get away from you?


This isn’t funny!


It actually is! You had all these fears in the back of your mind about how you thought I would’ve reacted, yet you never had the balls to just tell me. To rip the band aid right off.


You would’ve reacted differently!


You never gave me a chance to!

Once again silence falls between both men. DYLAN puts his pants on and sits on the sofa burying his face in his hands.

SAMUS looks at him in concern.


It’s hard for me to let people in, Samus. I get scared that I start liking someone and just as we get close...I tell him the truth and he gets so scared that he leaves and never comes back. I’ve dealt with that ever since I got infected eight years ago.


(sits down next to Dylan)

You can’t spend your life on the worst case scenarios. If you do, you end up thinking you’re protecting your heart when in reality, you’re the one hurting it. (pauses) I understand how you feel about getting hurt...I was with a guy named Ethan for five years. He was my first everything. Kiss, cuddle name it. On September of 2010, my mother committed suicide and I was completely...helpless. I needed him there, instead of him coming to give me emotional support like a boyfriend would...He ends up cheating on me with my former bestfriend. Then he ends up blaming me for his infidelity. Saying I was too much of a ‘Faggot’ to love.

Ever since then, I hated everything about me. My body...everything.

(takes Dylan’s hand in his)

You were the first guy that saw past my flaws…then after we had that amazing just...vanished.


(turns to Samus) That was never my intention Samus. I felt…I felt something in that kiss and I thought if I told you the truth you would have rejected me. I would rather live with you hating me...than with you fearing me.


That’s the thing. I don’t hate or fear you. I still like you. I mean, yeah after I saw you blocked me, I wished your penis would have fallen off while you walked down the street and a crowd of tourists would come and stomp on it, turning it into nothing more than a flat pancake. (pauses) But I got over it.


(grabs his crotch imagining it)

That was painfully specific.


The point is. I like you Dylan and I like you even more now that you were honest with me. And yeah, if we start dating it’s going to be something different for me but it’d be something new.


(nods slowly)

Because I’m Positive.


(smiles shaking head)

No, because you’re honest.


(softly spoken)

I don’t want you to worry about us and me and…and this disease.


(same tone as Dylan)

And I won’t worry because I want you to educate me.

DYLAN smiles and he leans in, he grabs the back of SAMUS’ neck softly and kisses him passionately. After twenty seconds DYLAN pulls away slowly and smiles.


Now, was that amazing or magical like the first?

SAMUS blushes realizing what DYLAN meant and he looks over at the coffee table where he spots the copies of his older articles.



Oh my Gosh did you read everything?


(shakes his head smirking)

Nope just the first two. Then I was going to go to sleep, until the ‘Terminator Samus’ started to perform for me.


(sits back on the sofa fake crying)

This is soooo embarrassing!


No it was cute...(laughs) Unexpected as well. You nailed down the accent that’s for sure.

SAMUS grabs the pillow off the sofa and puts it on his face still embarrassed. DYLAN laughs and stands up to his feet.


(claps his hands together)

Alrighty. Because I was an idiot the last time we went out, I have decided to just forget all about that and to take you out again, this time it will be our real first date.


(pulls the pillow slowly down and looks at Dylan)

A redo? Now how many of those do we get?



This is the last one Sammi.


(smirks at the nickname)

Sammi? I like that.


I’m glad you do. Now I gotta take a quick shower before we get going.


There are extra towels-


(walking towards the bathroom)

-Under the sink I know. Tara told me.



Tara is soooo gonna get it.

We watch as SAMUS lays his head back on the sofa rubbing his temples.





We follow as someone slowly walks up the stairs leading toward SAMUS’ door. The person is holding a manila envelope in their right hand. They approach SAMUS’ door and knocks on it twice. Footsteps are heard from the other side and after a few seconds SAMUS opens the door and smiles at the person.


Hey you.

We discover that the person standing in his doorway is GUSTIN ALLEN and he smiles back. He shows SAMUS the envelope he is holding.


Hey kid! May I come in? We have something to discuss.


Sure! I was just cutting up some celery for a Tuna sandwich. (jokingly) So you better stay hungry because I’m not sharing. (He turns around and walks toward the kitchen)

GUSTIN enters the apartment still smiling to himself.


Oh no that’s okay, I won’t be here for long.

GUSTIN turns around and grabs the doorknob. We watch as his smile changes into a stern look and he closes the door.

We stand in the hallway and stare at SAMUS’ apartment door once again, knowing what is about to happen.



Stay tuned for the next and last episode of this season!

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Episode 6 will be uploaded Thursday 5/17! So stay tuned!

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