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Rent Me Series #5

By Brina Brady

M/M/ Gay Erotica

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Find Me #5

Copyright Text by Brina Brady © 2016 All rights reserved.

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Cover Art by Kellie Dennis at Book Cover by Design


Disclaimer: Any person depicted on the cover is a model used for illustrative purposes only.


This is a Gay adult consensual story focused on themes of corporal discipline punishment and explicit sex between men.


Thank you to my awesome Beta Readers.

Ella Wilson, Kristy Langbehn, Cj Lewis,

Shelia Vittitow, Jamie Culican,

Michelle Simm, Debby Demedicis Elliott,

Tori Wall, and Diane Dannerfeldt







































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Brennen jumped onto his motorcycle and raced down the freeway so he wouldn’t disappoint Dmitri. In the morning, he had told Brennen to hurry straight home after the evening meeting with his law firm partner Mark because Dmitri had planned to play Master and slave games, something they hadn’t engaged in a long time. The meeting lasted much longer than expected, so he needed to rush home to avoid another argument about Mark. Dmitri was still quite jealous of Mark’s work relationship with Brennen, who used to be his rent boy. Brennen knew he felt that way and tried to alleviate his distrust and jealousy, but nothing seemed to work.

Their home was dark, which was odd because Dmitri always waited up for him in the front room regardless how late he was, if for no other reason than to reprimand him. He entered the home, turned on the hallway lights, and placed his helmet on the hook before removing his shoes. He stopped to look at himself in the mirror and finger combed his hair, then he walked down the hallway to the kitchen and turned on the lights. There was no sign of Dmitri or Dominika. He proceeded to their bedroom on the first floor and still saw no signs of Dmitri. He raced upstairs to see if five-year-old Dominika was in her canopy bed, but that too was empty. He ran downstairs to the kitchen, figuring maybe they were visiting Mischa, but why would Dimitri insist that he come straight home from his meeting to play if he wasn’t going to be home?

Brennen punched Mischa’s phone number.

“Dominika’s sleeping,” Mischa growled.

“And Dmitri? Is he sleeping too?” Brennen paced in circles, looking for any reasonable explanation for Dmitri’s apparent desertion. Sometimes, Mischa was beyond cantankerous when he didn’t want to be disturbed, or maybe he was hiding information for Dmitri. It wasn’t like he had never done that before, but lately, Dmitri didn’t seem to be hiding anything. Brennen believed his husband was on the up and up and not working with any gangsters.

“Didn’t he call you?” Mischa’s voice grew louder, betraying his annoyance.

“If he did, would I be calling you?” Brennen opened the refrigerator, pulling out a bottle of water. He twisted off the cap and took a swig. He stared at the crayoned version of their family Dominika had drawn and colored. Brennen had stamped a large gold star on her paper.

“Sorry, Bren. He told me to keep Dominika for the weekend. He had to go out of town and will be back Sunday night.”

“Where?” Brennen saw red. How dare Dmitri leave for a weekend without discussing it?

“He didn’t tell me and I didn’t ask.”

Yes, he did. Where the fuck did he go?” Brennen continued to pace.

“You’re welcome to come over and spend the weekend here.”

“I don’t understand why you have my daughter for the weekend when I’m home.”

“Talk to Dmitri. I’m not getting between the two of you.”

“I have to take her to ballet lessons tomorrow. Have her ready at ten.”

“You know Noelle goes to the same lessons. We’ll take her.”

“No, Mischa. I’m going to take her and Noelle if she wants to go with me, like I do every Saturday.”

“Fine. They’ll be ready for you.”

“Thanks.” Bren ended the call. Mischa was keeping Dmitri’s secrets again. Dmitri had no business other than the nightclub so it wasn’t a business trip, which meant that it was personal. Why would he leave without saying where he was going? There also wasn’t one damn reason for Dominika to spend the weekend at Mischa’s when he was home. Didn’t Dmitri trust him with her? Sometimes, Dmitri didn’t make any sense at all. He padded Dmitri’s number.

“Hello, Bren. Don’t be angry.”

“Where the fuck are you?” Brennen shouted.



“A friend of mine needed me. I didn’t call you because I knew you were in court and I didn’t want to upset you.”

“What friend? Antonio Cortez?” Brennen knew exactly why he was in Mexico. After he had promised never again to get involved with anything illegal, how could he break his word to him?

“I don’t want to go into it with you over the phone. I’ll be home Sunday night and we’ll talk about it.”

“You don’t get off that easily. You promised me you wouldn’t ever associate with Antonio. That’s where you are, isn’t it?”

“We’ll talk when I get back. How did your case go?”

“I lost the case. He was guilty but I didn’t want him to do any time, and now it looks like he might.”

“I’m sorry. Are you upset about the case?”

Brennen didn’t want to discuss his work with Dmitri. He should be here consoling him. “Why did you ship Dominika to Mischa’s? You don’t trust me with our daughter, or is she just yours?”

“Stop. This isn’t about you. Dominika wanted to spend time with her cousin.”

“You should have called me before you left. I don’t like you doing shit like this to me. Sometimes, I hate you.”

“I love you,” Dmitri said.

“I don’t love you right now.” Bren ended the call.

Brennen’s phone rang and he knew it was Dmitri.

“What do you want?” Brennen answered.

“You. Look, my friend needed my advice about a serious situation. It couldn’t be avoided.”

“Your friend? You mean Antonio. He’s the only one you know in Mexico.”

“Before you came along, he was my friend. I owe him. I’ll make it up to you.”

“How? By buying me something? I want you with me in our bed. I don’t want you away with that drug lord. He’s going to try to get you back. You promised me.”

“All my business is legal, as I promised you. Don’t accuse me of lying or doing something underhanded.” Dmitri disconnected the phone call.

The doorbell interrupted his thoughts about Dmitri ending their call. He wondered how anyone had gotten through the locked front gate since only Dmitri and Mischa had remotes. Brennen sipped water, checked the peephole before he answered the door.

“What the fuck are those two doing here?” Brennen squinted to make sure he saw who he thought he was looking at in the peephole. He wondered why they were visiting him when Dmitri wasn’t here.

They stood outside on the porch, resembling a welcoming committee with a large pizza box and beer. Jasha’s well-tanned skin resembled caramel and his golden-brown hair was cut to a medium length. Burian had much shorter hair than Jasha and he looked like he belonged in the military. Of course, Dmitri had sent them to babysit him, but why? Was there a problem with his gangster friends again? He doubted they would just happen to visit him when he was home alone, or maybe they wanted to keep him company.

“Dmitri sent us to stay close to you for the weekend,” Burian said as he passed through the open door.

“Why?” Brennen asked.

“We can’t discuss why, but I can tell you this, don’t try to run from us.” Burian playfully tapped the gun inside his leather jacket, as he loved to freak Brennen out with it.

“Make yourselves at home because I know you will anyway.” Brennen pointed to the kitchen even though they already knew where it was from the last time they had stayed here. He enjoyed their company, but their sudden appearance concerned him. Dominika was safe with Mischa, but why hadn’t Dmitri, or Mischa for that matter, mentioned anything about these two Russian guards? He ought to be angry, and he was to some degree, but Dmitri was probably being overprotective or jealous.

“Sit with us, Bren,” Burian said, making it sound more like an order than a suggestion.

“Have some pizza,” Jasha offered.

Brennen sat down and grabbed a piece of cheese pizza. They must have remembered he liked extra cheese. Strange that they kept that bit of information, but maybe they had a file on him. In any event, none of this made any sense. He sent a text to Mischa to tell him he wouldn’t be taking Dominika and Noelle to dance class. He didn’t give Mischa a reason, nor did he ask, but Brennen wasn’t about to have these two guys frighten Dominika or Noelle. He was sure that Mischa wouldn’t appreciate subjecting his daughter to the two Russian guards, either. Dominika knew them, having seen them many times, but she would ask why they were staying overnight. He would protect her from that. This must be why Dmitri sent her to Mischa’s. Well, at least they were on the same page when it came to Dominika’s protection. She was safer with Mischa.

“So, how’s school going?” Jasha teased, knowing very well that Brennen wasn’t in school anymore.

“I’m done and you know that. I’m working now.” Bren wondered why he would ask such a stupid question since they both knew he was a lawyer. Did he honestly think that Brennen would still be in school? Of course not, Jasha was just trying to get under his skin in his crazy way.

“So you’re off of Dmitri’s payroll?” Jasha picked up his beer can.

“Payroll? I was never on his payroll.” Brennen shot him a death glare.

“Didn’t you work for his escort service as a rent boy?” Jasha winked at Burian.

“That’s ancient history. I’m a lawyer and co-owner of a law firm, but then you already know that.”

“You might need to take on Dmitri’s case.” Jasha swigged his beer.

“He doesn’t have a case. What the fuck are you talking about?” Brennen was quickly losing his patience with Jasha’s innuendos.

“Do you know where Dmitri is right now?” Jasha glared at Brennen.

“I know where he is. Why do you ask?” Bren returned the glare.

“Then you know why we’re here.” Jasha set his beer can down on the table and grabbed another piece of pizza.

“Jasha, you need to stop this shit,” Burian ordered in Russian. “Mr. Dubrovsky wouldn’t approve of your conversation.”

“Look, you two can talk all the shit you want. You don’t know the facts when it comes to Dmitri. He wouldn’t tell you his real plans. I know what he’s up to, so don’t worry about him.”

“Burian, did you forget he understands Russian?” Jasha teased.

“I did forget.”

Brennen worried about the real reason for Dmitri’s trip to visit Antonio in Mexico. The only person who knew the truth was Dmitri and maybe, Mischa. He wasn’t about to aggravate his relationship with Mischa or make him choose between his loyalty to his brother or to Brennen because in the end, Mischa usually sided with Dmitri. Yet on rare occasions, he sided with Brennen.

Brennen’s phone rang and he answered it.

“Hey,” Deacon said.

“What’s up?”

“I was hoping you could take me to Black Thorns in Hollywood, tonight.” Deacon always had a way with Brennen that made it difficult to say no. He was like a kid brother and a good friend.

“Where’s Viktor?” Brennen knew Viktor usually took Deacon to dinner and a movie on Friday nights. Sometimes, Dmitri and Brennen went with them.

“He’s in Mexico and will be back Sunday.”

Brennen knew Dmitri wouldn’t do anything with Viktor, but why would he take Viktor with him to Mexico? The new information almost took his breath away. His stomach tightened with anger. “So he went with Dmitri?” Brennen watched Jasha and Burian eating.

“I thought you knew that. Didn’t Dmitri tell you?”

“We can go, but I have two guards I have to take along. Do you mind?” Brennen didn’t want Deacon to know he had no idea that Viktor went to Mexico with Dmitri. Now he was pissed. Dmitri could have mentioned it on the phone but he didn’t, and that in itself was a mystery.

“Why do you have two guards?”

“Dmitri is jealous. You know how he gets.” Brennen didn’t know how else to explain why the guards were here. He had thought it was because of Dmitri’s jealousy but now figured maybe there was another reason.

“Yeah, he is jealous. I’m at Adrik’s. Can you pick me up there?”

“Sure. I have to change then we’ll pick you up.” Brennen ended the call.

Brennen told Jasha and Burian his plans and they were only too excited to go. He figured they didn’t often get out to any gay or BDSM clubs. They never admitted to being a couple, but Brennen assumed they were. They piled into their dark SUV. Brennen sat in the back and when they reached Adrik’s house, he jumped out with the two of them right behind him.

Adrik answered the door in gray sweats, hugged Brennen, and kissed his cheeks.

“So glad you and Deacon are going out. Why do you have guards with you?” He led them into the living room.

“I thought maybe you could tell me.” Brennen dropped himself into a padded chair. Burian and Jasha sat beside each other on the couch. The furniture was all new and upholstered with pink flowered prints; the feminine touch was obvious. Maybe Adrik hired a designer to redo his living room, but he wasn’t a man who admired pink florals. If Brennen wasn’t mistaken, he could smell Russian cooking, reminding him of Nika’s cooking when she had been married to Dmitri. He supposed Adrik found another Russian girlfriend because he hung out at the Russian club where both Dmitri and Adrik had met Nika.

“Dmitri and Viktor are in Mexico, but there’s no reason for guards.”

“Are you sure? I mean, is he visiting Antonio because of something you messed up?” Brennen flat out asked.

“I’m not discussing anything with you. Dmitri told me to keep you away from my business and I think that’s wise, considering you’re a lawyer now.”

Nika slid into the room dressed in gold tight slacks and a matching top. What the fuck was she doing in Adrik’s house? Deacon hadn’t mentioned anything about Nika being here. Did Dmitri know she was here? He hoped she didn’t want to see Dominika or try to take her from them.

“Hi, Bren,” she said.

“Why are you here?” Brennen scanned her up and down; she still looked like a whore.

“Adrik and I are back together.” She sat on Adrik’s lap and kissed him.

“Don’t think you’re getting anywhere near Dominika.” Brennen stood.

“That’s between Dmitri and me.”

“I don’t think so.” Brennen left the room and climbed the stairs to Deacon’s room.

“Hey, why didn’t you tell me about Nika?” Brennen watched Deacon put on eyeliner.

“I just found out today when Viktor dropped me off. I figured you would see her when you picked me up.”

“Let’s go. I don’t want to be near her.”

“Hey, do you want some eyeliner first?”

“No,” Brennen said with a chuckle.


Once they entered the club, Deacon held Brennen’s hand and plowed through the leather men. The club smelled of leather, sweat, and alcohol. Many leather-clad guys danced in the center circle of the room. Brennen lost his desire to dance thinking about Dmitri and Viktor in Mexico, but he wouldn’t mind drinking since he wasn’t driving and Dominika was safe at Mischa’s.

The club had back rooms stocked with toys for those clients who wanted to have a scene with a partner or a group, but the main event featured the owner, Master Ethan, binding all available subs to the St. Andrew’s Cross at center stage and whipping them. All Brennen’s old fantasies with Master Ethan being his Dom surfaced. He had once dreamed Master Ethan owned him, but Brennen had his chance with him, but chose Dmitri instead. Look where that got him. Dmitri might be going back to his old ways, dealing in illegal activities. If Dmitri had lied about the purpose of his sudden trip to Mexico, Brennen would be angry. It wasn’t just his career now; they had Dominika to worry about. Her happiness and safety were the most important things, and no one would fuck with that, not if Brennen had any control. He’d have to have a serious talk with Dmitri. He didn’t want Dominika to suffer through the same fears he had when Dmitri had raised him. He was always bothered by the strange Russian men coming and going from their home. He wanted the best for her and would make sure Dmitri understood that.

The noise level in the club grated on Brennen’s nerves. Burian led them to an oversized booth and asked them what they wanted to drink. The two guards left Brennen with Deacon while they ordered drinks at the bar. Brennen searched the room for Master Ethan. He remembered that he sat in the upper red booth. There he was, all alone and dressed completely in leather. That man turned him on; his cock swelled inside his jeans just looking at Master Ethan. Fuck! He often wondered what his life would have been like if he had picked him instead of Dmitri. Master Ethan probably would have kept him on a leash, on his knees right beside him. Brennen would have done anything for him back then. Now he didn’t know what he was doing here looking at him when he loved Dmitri, he just knew he needed to think. He feared his life, as he knew it, was over. The pain from Dmitri returning to his old relationship with drug lord Antonio had taken its toll. Brennen no longer trusted Dmitri or Mischa. He couldn’t think past the current minute and he had no idea if he could wait until Sunday to discuss the situation. He almost wanted to fly to Mexico to see for himself what Dmitri and Viktor were doing there.

Jasha set Brennen’s Jack Daniel’s in front of him. Deacon didn’t drink much, but he’d asked for a beer. Jasha and Burian both had water with lime.

After Deacon and Brennen had a few rounds of drinks, Brennen turned to Deacon. “You want to dance?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” Deacon took a photo of them before they left the booth.

“Hey, where did you send that photo?” Brennen slipped out of the booth to allow Deacon through.

“I sent one to Viktor and Adrik.”

“I bet he shows Dmitri.”

“So? I tell Viktor everything.”

“I get that, but you know Dmitri might go off if he sees that we’re out drinking. Maybe he’ll come home sooner.”

He walked Deacon to the dance floor. They danced close, grinding against each other. Deacon was a good dancer, sexy too. Brennen wondered what Dmitri was doing with Viktor and Antonio in Mexico.

Burian tapped Brennen on the shoulder. “Come on, we gotta leave,” Burian shouted in Brennen’s ear.

They followed Burian and Jasha out of the club. The angry expression on Burian’s face wasn’t one Brennen wanted to argue with, plus he was exhausted, but he enjoyed dancing and drinking. He supposed in the morning he’d have one damn headache.

Brennen wrapped his arm around Deacon as they walked to their SUV. Brennen’s phone pinged. He swiped his screen to read his message. He knew who it was before he read it.

Dimitri: “Where are you?”

Brennen: “Why do you care?”

Dmitri: “You’re in trouble.”

Brennen: “So are you.”

Dmitri: “You better be in bed alone, or else.”

Brennen: “And where will you sleep?”

Dmitri: “Alone, like you better be.”

Brennen stuffed his phone in his jeans pocket and stared out the window. His bed sounded good to him but he’d miss his husband, even though Dmitri had aggravated him by leaving him home alone with Jasha and Burian. He figured when Dmitri returned on Sunday that there would be a huge blowout between them.


Dmitri and Viktor drank the fresh margaritas Antonio’s wife Mia had made them. The three men smoked cigars on the back porch overlooking the colorful garden. Dmitri enjoyed smoking since he had quit smoking when Dominika was born. He knew Brennen occasionally smoked when he was out, but not on a regular basis.

Dmitri inhaled the smoke visualizing Brennen’s beautiful blond hair and hard cock. He couldn’t believe that Brennen and Deacon went to the Black Thorns with Burian and Jasha. He asked them to watch Brennen, not encourage him to go dancing in Hollywood. At least, when he had sent Jasha a text to leave the club immediately, they did so. He made it clear he was not pleased and didn’t want a repeat of the behavior Friday night.

“Welcome to Mexico and mi casa,” Antonio spoke with a heavy Spanish accent. “It gives me great pleasure to have you in my home. Mia is preparing a traditional home-cooked Mexican meal for us.”

Antonio led them down a long hallway and stopped at the huge kitchen where his wife was cooking in iron skillets. She ran up to Dmitri and kissed him like he was her long-lost brother. He kissed both her cheeks, customary to his culture. She shook Viktor’s hand when Dmitri introduced them. Dmitri noticed the colorful Mexican dress she wore. She seemed to have lost some weight since the last time he’d seen her. Antonio always seemed to stay the same weight.

“You’re such a handsome gentleman. How is your sexy, young esposo?” Mia asked as she returned to her cooking. She wore her shiny dark hair up in a bun with a hairnet. Antonio could afford a cook, but Mia wouldn’t allow another woman in her kitchen; she would cook for her own family.

“He’s busy with his law practice and our daughter.”

“Do you have any pictures?”

Dmitri showed her a picture of Dominika wearing her ballet costume.

“She’s beautiful and looks like you.” Mia looked confused.

“She’s such a blessing,” Antonio said.

“She came from my first marriage, but now she has two padres.”

“See that you bring your family to visit us soon,” Mia said cheerfully.

The dining room was relaxed in an old Mexico sort of way. The extremely bright colors reflected the Mexican flavor and the warmth of Antonio and Mia. Oil portraits of colorful Mexican dancers by Elisabeta Hermann covered the walls. The opposite wall held portraits of little girls painted by Gustavo Montoya. Dmitri preferred all white environments without too much on the walls, and the paintings of the little girls piqued his curiosity. All the varied colors made Dmitri anxious. Brennen probably would have loved being surrounded by all those bright colors, since he favored colors over white.

Antonio sat at the head of the table and motioned for Dmitri to take the high-backed chair opposite him. He remembered the last time when Adrik had examined the table’s construction as if he were a city inspector. Dmitri had wished he would stop scrutinizing it. The last thing he needed was for Adrik to insult Antonio’s father’s craftsmanship. Viktor knew better to show any disrespect to Antonio. He had filled him in with all the details on the plane.

“I called you here to see if you could negotiate at a meeting in Germany with some of my leaders. As you know, I can’t travel anymore. I trust you, Dmitri. I know you requested to be released, but I find myself in a bit of trouble.”

“You know my husband doesn’t want me to be involved with anything illegal. What would I need to do?”

“Basically, you need to hire two leaders in Germany. They speak Russian and German. I know you speak both languages. I have files for you to read over with all the information you need to make a decision. Do research on each applicant. You may know some of them.”

“I don’t know. I have to think about it since I have a husband and a daughter. I gave my word to my husband that I wouldn’t do any illegal business.” Dmitri felt his body was being torn apart. He owed Antonio so much and yet he knew this wouldn’t sit well with Brennen. Why would it?

“Think about it and talk to your husband. This is extremely important to me and a great concern.”

“I’ll think about it. I know you can’t leave Mexico without getting arrested. Is there a reason why these applicants can’t come to Mexico to be interviewed?”

“No, I can’t be associated with them or I will be arrested. I’m an old man and want to live my last days here with my family, not in jail.”

After dinner, Dmitri and Viktor sat on the porch again.

“What do you think?” Dmitri asked.

“I don’t think it will work for Brennen. You know how he is. He sees things as black and white unless of course, he has to do something that might not be legal.”

“Like what would he do illegal?”

“I know he smokes pot, races his motorcycle, and defends guilty people.”

“I didn’t know he smoked pot. His mother died of a drug overdose and he said he would never do drugs. How do you know this?”

“Deacon told me they smoked some pot together. I didn’t mean to rat him out. It’s just, he’s not perfect, and he shouldn’t expect you to be.”

“It’s hard for me to believe that. He barely drinks anymore.” Dmitri believed Viktor had gotten over his jealousy of Brennen. They seemed to talk without growling at each other, but now he wondered if Viktor had some left over feelings that caused him to discredit Bren, or if it had just been a slip of the tongue while making his point.

“Brennen knew exactly who he married and sometimes he needs to understand that you have obligations that you can’t ignore. I know you gave your word, but what if you didn’t tell him?”

“I can’t do that. If I expect him to be honest, then I must be honest. I feel pressured because I owe Antonio. Brennen can’t be associated with anything illegal. He could be disbarred. He worked so hard to get where he is.”

“Look, you raised him since he was twelve. You did what you did. It’s not like he can’t deal with it. Maybe he should change his career so his associations aren’t so open to fatal criticism.”

“I can’t ask him to change his career. And yet, I feel so strongly I need to help Antonio. I know some of these men who want the position in Germany.”

“Now that you’ve talked to Antonio, I want to discuss something with you. I waited until now because what I have to say might upset you.”

“Spit it out!” Dmitri was losing patience with Viktor. What was he going to reveal? When he waited to discuss something, it always seemed he was the bearer of bad news. Dmitri figured he had something on Brennen. Though he hadn’t said much about Brennen lately.

“When I dropped Deacon off at Adrik’s, I saw Nika there. She said she moved in with him and that they were back together.”

“What?” Dmitri’s stomach tightened.

“I guess Adrik didn’t mention it, then. I don’t know how long she’s been there.”

“That’s not good, at all. You know she’s going to ask to see Dominika.”

“What are you going to do?”

“She’s Dominika’s mother. I don’t know what I want to do, but if I let Nika see her, I’ll be right there with Dominika. She hasn’t seen her in five years and now, out of the blue she shows up. Brennen won’t like it.”

“Adrik looked happy again.”

“Good for him. He can keep her. I wish they would have their own baby and leave us with Dominika.” Dimitri was angry at Adrik for not mentioning this to him. The first thing that came to his mind was that Nika would want to see Dominika. What would he do? The thought of Nika having anything to do with his Dominika made him sick. She signed her over to him and Brennen but he knew that could change if she went to a good lawyer. Would it be wrong to keep her from her daughter? Maybe she changed and grew up. He just didn’t know what would be the right thing for Dominika. She did need a female role model, but could Nika be the right kind of role model?

“Do you think you could interview Antonio’s candidates and stay out of the fray?” Viktor’s green eyes appeared greener outside.

“Of course, I can. It’s Bren and Dominika that I’m worried about.”

“When are you going to let Antonio know?” Viktor asked.

“Soon. If I go to Germany, I want you with me. I can’t ask Mischa.” He wasn’t sure about Mischa. Once Noelle was born, he’d told Dmitri he didn’t want to be involved with anything illegal. He couldn’t ask him because he had to honor that.

“Why doesn’t Adrik do it?” Viktor showed Dmitri a picture of Brennen and Deacon on his phone.

“Antonio doesn’t trust Adrik. He fucks everything up. Don’t you remember?”

Viktor nodded.

“Send me that picture of Bren and Deacon.”

“Don’t tell me you’re jealous of my Deacon?” Viktor sent the picture text to Dmitri.

Dmitri slid his screen to look at the picture of them again. He forwarded the attached photo to Brennen with a message and felt Viktor’s eyes on him. There was some truth to what Viktor had said. He often brooded about Brennen losing interest in him and shifting his attentions to a younger guy. Though there was no way Deacon could take Dmitri’s place. Poor Deacon was a permanent bottom. Brennen loved submitting and playing slave, but he also liked to top on occasion. He took advantage of his card, which allowed him to top Dmitri once a week and Dmitri hadn’t minded. He’d do almost anything to keep Brennen his. He just hoped it would be enough to keep his eyes from roaming.

Dmitri: “Mr. B., your ass is in big trouble when I come home.”

Brennen: “Mr. D., when you come home, you’re in big trouble. I’m all alone in bed.”

Dmitri: “You better be alone.”

Dmitri laughed to himself.

Brennen: “I miss you.”

Dmitri: “I miss you, too. I’m coming home tomorrow afternoon instead of Sunday. We have some things to talk about.”

Seeing that picture of Brennen and Deacon together prompted his earlier departure from Mexico. He didn’t want to be away from him.

Brennen: “Did you know Nika is living with Adrik again?”

Dmitri: “Yes. We’ll talk about Nika when I come home.”

Brennen: “I hope we do more than just talk about Nika. You owe me our Master and slave game, or did you forget?”

Dmitri: “I didn’t forget. We’ll keep Dominika at Mischa’s until Sunday night.”

Brennen: “I love you.”

Dmitri: “I love you, too. Sleep naked.”

Brennen: “Can’t. Your Russian guards are here babysitting me.”

Dmitri: “See you soon.”

Antonio joined them on the back porch. He passed them each a new cigar then he sat down.

“I printed out all the files you will need and stuffed them in a wrapped box. It looks like a present. I want you to read them if you do nothing else for me. I need your input on these Russians. I don’t know which one would be a problem.”

“We’re going home tomorrow morning so I can make my decision sooner. I’ll read the files for you, and I’ll get back to you this week. You must know I want to help you.”

“Good. I wish you would stay here with us until Sunday, but if you feel you need to go home earlier, that’s fine with me.”

“I want to get back to you as soon as possible.” Dmitri lit his cigar with the lighter on the side table.

“How about we take my horses for a ride?”

“Sounds good to me.” Dmitri looked over at Viktor who nodded.

“Finish your cigars first,” Antonio said.


Brennen woke up alone, his head throbbing. He reached for the aspirin bottle on the bedside table and swallowed two pills with water. He’d had too much to drink at the club then drank some more beers with Jasha and Burian at home. He wasn’t used to drinking a lot these days.

Damn, it was already eleven and he felt like he hadn’t slept at all. He stumbled out of bed, showered, and dressed in his blue jeans and T-shirt as quickly as he could. He made his way to the kitchen, poured himself some coffee then went into the front room. Jasha and Burian sat together on the couch with their coffee. They must have remembered that the two recliners were reserved for Dmitri and Brennen, or maybe they wanted to sit beside each other. They shot him a smile, saying nothing to him. He supposed they remembered he wasn’t the friendliest person in the morning and needed some quiet time. Since Dominika and his job, he had adjusted his attitude to meet his new responsibilities.

Brennen took his phone out of his pocket and called Mischa.

“Good morning,” Mischa said.

“Did Dmitri ask if Dominika can stay with you until Sunday?”

“Yes, I already told you that. Are you okay?”

“Can I talk to Dominika?”

“She’s still dancing. I’ll have her call later.”


Brennen sent a happy face to Dominika’s phone. Brennen had taught her how to use a phone at five years old. She and her cousin sent texts to each other, plus they FaceTimed together every day. They were very close. Sometimes, Brennen worried she wanted to move in with Mischa, Giselle, and Noelle. She constantly begged to stay over there. She often wanted to know why she didn’t have a mother like her cousin. It was always difficult on Mommy and Me days at her swim lessons, but Giselle told her that she was her adopted mom and filled in on those occasions, which made Dominika happy.

“Dmitri said he’d be home by noon,” Jasha said.

“That’s good.” Brennen sipped his coffee. Why is he calling Jasha and not me? He’s paying me back for going out. He’s so jealous of everything I do. And what about Viktor going?

“He’s pissed at all of us for taking you to that leather bar,” Burian said.

“It’s not your fault. It was my decision to go. He never wants to go there.” Brennen looked over at the clock again and felt guilty over them taking the heat for his decisions.

“He’s just getting old,” Jasha said.

“I like him that way.” Brennen sipped his coffee and stared at the clock over the mantel. Dmitri had only been gone one night and it seemed like a month. They had tons to discuss and Brennen was becoming impatient for his arrival.

“You want to go out for lunch, or breakfast in your case?” Burian asked.

“No. I’m not hungry.” Brennen had lost his appetite while thinking about all the possible reasons for Dmitri’s Mexican trip and why he had taken Viktor, of all people. He was making himself miserable because his husband was with his ex-lover. Brennen didn’t realize he would miss Dmitri this much after only one day. He was so damn jealous of Viktor on so many levels. He knew it was stupid on his part because Dmitri had made it quite clear that Brennen was his for life and he no longer had feelings for Viktor, yet it haunted him. He glanced at the clock behind the bar area again and only two minutes had ticked by.

“We need your laptop,” Burian said.

“Why?” Brennen thought back to the time Mischa had taken his laptop away because he had found out about the nude selfies on Twitter. He had seen the mean side of Mischa, a side he never wanted to reawaken.

“We’re going to check your firewall and add some software to prevent any hacking.”

“Did Dmitri hire you to do this?” Brennen didn’t like the idea of them sifting through his laptop. He had some files from work and many personal files of Dmitri and his friends.

“Of course. He wants to protect your laptop from being hacked,” Burian answered.

“He didn’t mention it to me. How about you wait until he comes home?” Brennen wondered what Dmitri was up to by hiring them to watch him and now his laptop. Did he need protection and if so, why?

“Sure, we’ll work on the main server.” Burian and Jasha left Brennen alone in the living room.

Brennen returned to the kitchen, retrieved a red box from the upper cabinet, pulled out a pack of cigarettes and ashtray that he had stashed there, and went outside to smoke. Dmitri didn’t know about his secret place for his cigarettes. For so many years, he had pleaded with Dmitri to stop smoking and he had refused until Dominika was born. Now, Brennen was the one smoking on the sly, but never in front of Dominika. Dmitri would kill him if he did.

As Brennen picked up his phone, he noticed Dmitri had sent him another message.

Dmitri: “Pack a suitcase for an overnight. We’re going away.”

Brennen: “Yes, Mr. D.”

He took a deep drag from his cigarette then put it out in the ashtray. He threw the butt in the outside trashcan so Dmitri or Dominika wouldn’t see he had been smoking.

Brennen popped up from his chair and went inside, rinsed the ashtray in the kitchen sink, and returned everything to his hiding place. He raced to the bedroom to collect all the items he would need, and then he packed a bag for Dmitri, too. He carried the suitcases to the front room and sat back down to wait for Dmitri. He knew they had a lot to discuss, but he sure hoped that wouldn’t take all day. He was so ready to play with Dmitri and forget about all the stress of him leaving for Mexico with Viktor.


When Dmitri entered the house, Brennen jumped out of his chair and raced to him. He looked tired and worn out, indicating things might not have gone well or worse, he was upset.

“I missed you,” Brennen said.

“I missed you, too.” Dmitri pulled Brennen into his arms and ran his fingers through his hair. Brennen rested his lips on Dmitri’s. He slipped his tongue into Brennen’s mouth while he stroked his husband’s cheek. Their hard cocks rubbed against each other. Brennen’s need for Dmitri never burned out. Their desire for each other only grew with the time they had spent together.

“You smell like smoke,” Dmitri’s nose wiggled.

“You smell like you were smoking a cigar,” Brennen wrinkled his nose.

“No more smoking or you’ll be punished.” Dmitri swatted his backside.

“And what about your smoking?”

“I smoked in a different country and you smoked at home.”

Brennen rolled his eyes to intentionally irritate Dmitri.

“You’re rolling your eyes, Mr. B. and I know how to cure that problem.” Dmitri shot him a wicked smile that landed right between Brennen’s legs.

Dmitri pulled apart from Brennen as Jasha and Burian came down the stairs and met them in the foyer. Brennen wanted to rush Dmitri to their bedroom and finish this.

“We took care of the main server, but Brennen’s laptop hasn’t been done, Sir,” Burian said.

“If you weren’t fucking around in Hollywood, you could’ve taken care of it.”

“I told them not to touch my laptop,” Brennen said.

“Why?” Dmitri raised his eyebrow.

“Because it’s mine and I don’t want anyone looking at my personal information.” Brennen eyed Dmitri.

“I see. We’ll talk about this later. The limo is outside waiting for us.” Dmitri faced Burian and Jasha. “Leave his laptop alone until I get back with you.”

“Yes, Sir,” Burian responded.

“Take care of the list I sent to you,” Dmitri ordered.

Brennen lifted two suitcases and followed Dmitri to the limousine parked in front of the house. Dmitri pulled his suitcase from Brennen and winked at him. The driver opened the side door and took their suitcases. Brennen climbed inside with Dmitri right behind him.

The limo had padded leather seats and it was stocked with drinks. Brennen knew the driver well, as he had been appointed to drive Brennen around before he decided he wanted to ride his new motorcycle. He still had a black SUV, but a newer version. Dmitri always preferred Brennen to be driven but he had lost that argument when Brennen began working with Mark. They sat side by side and held hands. Brennen felt the heat from Dmitri’s hand.

“Where are we going?” Brennen stroked Dmitri’s beard.

“Not too far.”

“So, did Viktor substitute for me?”

“Stop! Don’t start your jealous rantings. I can’t take it anymore.”

“Jealous rantings? Why were you tracking me with Jasha and Burian?”

“I had my reasons.”

“I don’t like you going places with Viktor. You know that.”

“What about last night? You were fucking around with Deacon at the Black Thorns.”

“I can’t believe you don’t trust me to be home alone.”

“I protect what is mine when I’m away. Next time, message me before you go out to dance and fuck around.”

“Don’t change the subject. Why did you go to Mexico?” Brennen asked.

“You’re not going to like it.”

“Tell me. Can’t we work it out? Maybe compromise, or are you incapable of that?”

“I have to go to Germany for Antonio.” Dmitri squeezed Brennen’s hand.

“You can’t do anything for that drug smuggler. You promised me you wouldn’t.”

“There are things you don’t understand.”

“I understand that you made a promise to me and now you want to break it. We discussed this a long time ago. I can’t do my job if you mess around with Antonio.”

“Remember I told you that during the transition everything may not get settled and that at some point in the future I might need to do certain things that you can’t be involved in?”

“That was five years ago. Why can’t Adrik do it? He’s supposed to be in charge.”

“Antonio doesn’t trust Adrik. This is too important.”

“What about Mischa, did you tell him?”

“No. He doesn’t know and I’m not bringing him into this. He told me he wants out, so I took Viktor.”

“Associating yourself with Antonio is dangerous for Dominika, and you fucking know that.”

“I will be in Germany. Nowhere near you or her.”

“Are you going to kill someone?”

Dmitri laughed. “No. Nothing violent. That’s all I can say.”

“What if it isn’t a one-time thing?” Brennen pulled away from Dmitri.

“Do you trust me to do this without getting you or Dominika hurt?”

“I trust you with our lives and you know that, but this is about a broken promise.” Dmitri might have been working with Antonio without him knowing. How long had this been going on? Had he been lying for five years? Brennen was busy with work and hadn’t paid attention to making sure Dmitri wasn’t practicing anything illegal.

“I need to do this. Once this is done, no more.”

“I want to go with you.” Brennen traced the shape of Dmitri’s mouth with the tip of his tongue before stealing another kiss.

“No. That would not be wise at all.”

“And what if I say I don’t want you to do this?” Brennen was torn between wanting Dmitri to take control of his body and his need to change Dmitri’s decision on the Antonio matter. Sometimes he had the power within their relationship, but other times Dmitri would impose decisions as law. He always had a strong affinity for loyalty. This was going to be one of the times Brennen had to accept Dmitri’s choice because he could see it in his eyes he wouldn’t budge.

“Are you telling me what to do?” Dmitri moved closer to Brennen and placed his hand on Brennen’s thigh. He had a way of asking a question that sounded more like an order.

Brennen didn’t know how to respond. He didn’t want Dmitri involved with Antonio. If he was going to risk his life for Antonio, Brennen had to stop him. He didn’t know how, but he would have to figure out a plan.

“I would never tell you what to do because I know you’ll do whatever you decide is right for all of us. But I want you to know I’m upset that you would risk losing us to return a favor to a friend. I can promise you that if you do one more favor for Antonio, I’m not going to go along with you. I don’t know what I’ll do, but I won’t accept it.” Brennen swallowed hard and bit back the tears filling his eyes. He ignored the loud growling in his gut from not eating today. He didn’t understand why Dmitri would place a strain on their family. It wasn’t fair to their daughter or him, for that matter. He also knew that when Dmitri had made up his mind to do something, no one could stop him, not even Mischa.

“I know you’re not happy with my decision, but trust me to know what’s right for us. I need to do this for Antonio.” Dmitri inhaled deeply as if he was at war within himself.

“I don’t understand why you’re breaking your promise.”

“Remember when those Russians were after us and you were attacked on your campus? Antonio was the one who sent his people to handle the situation so we didn’t have to live with guards.”

“I remember. So you have to return the favor. What would happen if you didn’t?”

“I know that no one is irreplaceable. So put two and two together.”

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore.” Brennen’s stomach flipped over. He understood why Dmitri would believe he had to do this for Antonio. What was Dmitri really saying? Would his good friend Antonio put a hit on him if he didn’t follow orders? Brennen didn’t know Antonio, but he figured Dmitri had to make a tough call and only hoped that it would end after Germany.

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