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Irish Runaway Series #2

By Brina Brady

M/M/M Gay Erotica

Copyright Text by Brina Brady © 2016 All rights reserved.

Edited by Ally Editorial Services


Cover Art by Kellie Dennis at Book Cover by Design


Disclaimer: Any person depicted on the cover is a model used for illustrative purposes only.


This is a Gay adult consensual story focused on themes of corporal discipline punishment and explicit sex between men.


Thank you to all my awesome Beta Readers.

Ella Wilson, Kristy Langbehn, Cj Lewis, Pam Kay, Shelia Vittitow

Jamie Culican, Michelle Simm, Debby Demedicis Elliott,

Diane Dannerfeldt, Torhild Borg, Tori Wall,

Ann Michan, and Nicole Colville






































Jack crouched under an old woolen blanket in the back corner of the closet in the guestroom. He needed to find a damn good reason for why he’d failed again. Sir had told him he would punish him if he didn’t bring home the money he had stolen from the caravans and prove that he had killed Abel Serban. Punishment meant getting his bare ass caned, meals served in a dog dish, and sleeping in a cage, hogtied and away from Sir and Kevin. Sir had promised Jack that he would make him wear a cock cage for six months straight, and that he would be forced to service all of Sir’s fellow bandits on a nightly basis if he failed again.

This test was too important to flunk, but Jack had failed anyway. He never had a chance of succeeding with killing the king of the gypsy camp, who chased him down through the woods with his knife. The wild man would have chopped him into tiny pieces if Jack hadn’t outrun him. Sir had commanded him to kill Abel Serban and steal his money. Those were his orders and Sir’s orders must be obeyed. Sir had turned them both into thieves, and now he wanted them to be murderers too. Kevin had been assigned to kill another gypsy leader in Dublin. It was no secret that Sir hated gypsies, all of them. He despised both the Irish traveling tinkers and the Romani gypsies. Of course, Sir used to be an Irish traveling tinker, the same as Kevin and Jack, but Sir had saved them from the gypsies. All three of them weren’t welcome in any gypsy camp since they were gay.

Last night, Sir had separated Kevin and Jack again, so he couldn’t ask Kevin what he should do. Jack knew he couldn’t kill anyone, let alone a man like Abel Serban. Yet, if nothing else, he had attempted to steal from the gypsies, but was caught red-handed. Jack was grateful that Abel was drunk and didn’t have all his faculties about him when he discovered him. Had Sir set him up to be killed by Abel?

The loud crash of the door banging against the wall interrupted the horrific images of Abel running after him with his humongous knife. The noise blasting into his ears triggered him into holding his breath under the blanket, not moving an inch. Sir must be home and looking for his sorry ass.

“Jack,” Kevin shouted, pacing loudly through the room.

Jack remained silent for fear that Sir might be standing beside Kevin, or that their Dom may have sent Kevin to find him while Sir got ready for his caning in front of his bandit friends. Either way, he wasn’t going to move and give away his location. Please don’t open the closet door.

“I’m alone. Come out. Where are you?” Kevin opened the closet door. “What the fuck are you doing, hiding in here?” Kevin pulled the blanket off of Jack.

“I failed again.”

“Get your ass up. We’re leaving, now. Don’t argue,” Kevin ordered.

“What about Sir?” Jack asked, standing up.

“Sir is coming back for you with the others and we have to get the fuck out of here before they get you. Sir is pissed. Very pissed.”

“What about?” Jack’s hand trembled right along with his voice. Somehow, Sir must have heard of his failure and he was doomed to be serving all of Sir’s bandit friends.

“No more questions,” Kevin said. “Get your backpack.”

“I need to pack it.”

“I already did. Let’s go.”

Jack picked up his backpack and followed Kevin outside to his motorcycle. Apparently, Kevin had been planning this for some time. Last night, Sir had his free night with the boys from the Sugar Boys club in Limerick. At first, it had been one night a week and Sir had begun fucking his own boys less and less, and then Sir had turned his one free night per week into four. Of course, he chained them up in separate rooms when he had his free nights, so they couldn’t fuck each other. He had to be present for them to fuck or suck while under his command, otherwise they weren’t allowed to touch each other, or themselves. Their asses belonged to Sir and he could do what he wanted with them.

They both knew Sir wanted them to take part in the bank robbery next week and neither wanted to do it, but Sir always made them do things they didn’t want to do. Keeping them separated for the last two weeks had prevented them from making a getaway, or so Sir had thought. Kevin was far more intelligent than Sir in some matters.

“We’re heading to Galway.” Kevin swiped his long brown hair away from his dark blue eyes.

“Why Galway?” Jack climbed on the back of the bike and locked on his helmet.

“We’re going to find another Dom at Cleary’s Pub. I heard Cleary’s is a good place to find a decent Dom, and we need a new one who won’t make us break the law.”

“What about Sir?”

“He’s planning for us to take the fall for him next week. That is, if we both made it through his test today.”

“He doesn’t love us, does he?” Jack asked, feeling a pain deep inside his stomach.

“Hell no, he never did. We’re his meal ticket and nothing more. Don’t worry. I’m in charge until we get a new Dom.” Kevin turned around and brushed Jack’s lips with a kiss.

Jack relaxed his head against the back of Kevin’s backpack and allowed the tears to trail down his sunburned face. He had wanted their threesome relationship to work out. He had been foolish enough to believe Sir loved them equally because he believed everything out of Sir’s mouth was the gospel truth. Although Sir favored Kevin over him time and time again, he wished Sir liked him more than he did and he’d been willing to wait to find that place with Sir. Jack had tried to get on Sir’s right side many times, but never could.

Jack’s fear of Sir finding them never left his thoughts. Many times during the long ride, he turned around to see if Sir was there, unable to shake the fear. On one hand, he wanted Sir to find them and tell them that he couldn’t live without them; but on the other hand, he knew if Sir found them, he’d torture and kill them because they knew too much about his illegal activities. Kevin had been right that it would only be a matter of time before Sir would force them to become professional thieves, big time. It was bad enough that they were forced to steal from the gypsy camps for Sir, but he had bigger plans for them next week. Jack would have done anything Sir told him to do, but Sir wanted to use them and throw them away like old clothes that didn’t fit anymore. They were nothing more than the means for Sir to make it big on the robbery front, and he would cast the blame on them. Kevin was always right about Sir’s true motives. Kevin pulled over to a sporting goods store and picked up a tent and two sleeping bags. Jack helped carry the items and they tied them to the back of the motorcycle. The man in the store had helped tighten everything up so their items would take up the least amount of space. The long ride ended at O’Halloran’s Caravan & Camping Park in Galway, as promised.

Kevin was good that way, always keeping his word. Jack worried about money, or the lack of it, for that matter. How would they live without Sir?

Jack helped Kevin set up the tent, and they threw their backpacks and sleeping bags inside. They sat down on the ground and looked at each other.

“So what’s the plan?” Jack asked.

“Well, first we have to shave our hair off so Sir can’t find us.”

“Fuck!” Jack wore his hair long, as did Kevin. They were sure their long hair would be a dead giveaway when Sir came looking for them. A shaved head among many other men would be hard to find, especially since Sir probably figured they weren’t smart enough to shave their heads. Of course, Kevin was smarter than Sir gave him credit for. Jack believed Kevin would find a way to keep them safe from Sir and anyone else who wanted to hurt them.

“Plus, we might find a Dom sooner if we look like subs instead of gypsy tinker thieves.”

“Was Sir really going to make us take the fall for him?”

“Yes. Afraid so. I overheard him talking on the phone two days ago.”

“We don’t have any money.”

“We do.” Kevin sat closer to Jack and placed his arm around him.

“Where did you get it?” Jack rested his head on Kevin’s chest.

“I broke into Sir’s safe right after I heard what his plans were. Took out enough for us to get by until we find a Dom or a job.”

“Thanks, you always take care of things.” Jack kissed Kevin, tasting the leftover beer he must have had before they left home.

“You would have been servicing tons of fat hairy men if I hadn’t planned ahead. I knew you couldn’t kill anyone, nor could I.”

“What scares me is that if I knew how, I would have killed for Sir. But why did Sir send me if he knew I couldn’t do it?”

“I only found out after you left where you were going and what Sir wanted you to do. I figured you’d fuck up and we would need to get the hell out of there.”

“Where did you go today?”

“I was supposed to kill Murphy and steal from the tinkers in Dublin. Sir gave me one knife to kill him. We were both set up to be killed. He wanted gypsy blood on our deaths. But I think Sir figured we would refuse to do it, and then he’d go to plan B, which would be for us to take the fall for him next week, during the bank robbery. Either way, he’d be rid of us.”

“I can’t believe Sir hates us that much.”

“Maybe he found a boy at the Sugar Boys club. He’s been going there four times a week and doesn’t fuck us that much anymore, not like he used to,” Kevin suggested.

“And he ordered us not to touch each other. Why would he do that to us?”

“Don’t know. We should have left when he made us steal the first time, but we stayed and did what we were told like good subs. We just had the wrong Dom. It’s going to be okay. We’ll find another Dom who will make us submit without breaking the law.”

“What will we do until we find a new Dom?”

“Get your ass in the tent and you’ll find out,” Kevin commanded.

“Really? But Sir said you can’t touch me.”

“I’m in charge, not Sir. Until we find a Dom, you obey me, and only me.”

“Yes, Sir,” Jack said, crawling into the tent. He loved when Kevin played Dom, but he knew Kevin was a bottom like he was, and that’s why they both needed the same Dom. They loved each other, but they needed a top that would make them submit.

Kevin crawled beside Jack. “I’m going to take care of you.”

“I missed being with you like this,” Jack said softly.

Kevin climbed on top of Jack, grinding their cocks against each other, causing them both to swell. They moaned, grunting noises in symphony. Loud footsteps pounded outside and then stopped in front of their tent.

“Someone is outside the tent,” Jack whispered into Kevin’s ear.

Kevin pressed two fingers against Jack’s lips, silencing him. He pulled off Jack, sat up, and peeked through the opening in the tent. He turned back and smiled at Jack, who was holding his breath.

“Two gardai are outside. Lie down and pretend to be sleeping,” Kevin whispered.

Kevin rested beside Jack, not touching him in anyway.

“Get out of the tent!” One of the gardai shouted, poking the outside of the tent with his stick.

“Shit,” Jack said.

“Don’t say a fucking word, Jack. I’ll do the talking. Got it?”

“Yes, Sir.”

They both crawled out of the tent and stood facing the two gardai. They looked them over from head to toe.

“Why are you two together in one small tent?”

“Sir, we’re cousins taking a vacation away from our large family. We didn’t do anything wrong,” Kevin said.

“Your tent was moving in a suspicious way with odd sounds coming from inside when we walked by. Why is that?”

“We were unpacking our things and got upset that we had forgotten something we needed, Sir.”

“Don’t make noises like that again. People will think other things are going on in there.” The two gardai left them standing there and continued down the path.

“Now what are we going to do?” Jack asked.

“Sit on that rock and don’t move.” Kevin entered the tent and returned with shaving cream, his razor, and scissors.

“NO! I don’t want my head shaved,” Jack protested.

“You obey me all the time.” Kevin walked behind Jack, who was shaking.

“Yes, Sir.” Jack didn’t want his hair chopped off any more than Kevin did, but he was right. Kevin was always right, and they did look like gypsy thieves. Jack would have to agree that they were gypsy thieves under Sir. He had made them that way, not because they had wanted to take anyone’s possessions or money. Everything they had taken was given to Sir, no questions asked. If he thought they were holding out on him, he would deny them sex and refuse to talk to them for days. On occasion, he would starve them for days at a time. Both of them always felt bad, but Sir didn’t want to hear about their childish feelings. He told them feelings were for women folk and to get over it or he would give them something to cry about.

Kevin grabbed hold of Jack’s hair and chopped it until it was short enough to shave. He smothered shaving lather on his head, then shaved the rest until Jack was bald, tears streaming down his face. When he looked up at Kevin, there were tears in his eyes, too.

“Now you do me,” Kevin said, handing Jack the scissors, razor, and shaving cream.

“Yes, Sir.” Jack’s hands shook as he chopped off Kevin’s beautiful brown hair. He cried as he cut and cut. When he had done as much as he could with the scissors, he lathered Kevin’s head with the cream and shaved off the rest.

Kevin stood up and turned to Jack. “Follow me to the water and we’ll rinse our heads. You don’t look so bad.”

“Thanks.” Jack rubbed his bald head, still tearing up, but couldn’t bring himself to say Kevin looked okay, because he didn’t. He’d miss looking at Kevin and his beautiful long hair. Sir had loved their hair and never wanted them to cut it off. If Sir ever found them with bald heads, he’d kill them. Of course, that was the point of shaving their heads, so Sir couldn’t find them. Somewhere inside Jack, he wanted Sir to find them. However, Kevin said Sir had never loved them and Kevin was always right on such matters of the heart.

After they rinsed their heads, they walked back to the tent and sat on some stones.

“What are we going to do?” Jack asked.

“Tomorrow, we’re going to get some leather and head into Cleary’s to find a Dom.” Kevin continued to stroke his head, the same way Jack had been doing.

“Did the gardai scare you into not fucking me tonight?” Jack displayed his sad face.

“Scare me? You’ll regret that remark, boy.”

“Prove that I’ll regret it, Sir.” Jack hoped that Kevin wouldn’t tire of playing Dom before they found a real Dom for both of them.

“Follow me.” Kevin snapped his fingers.

Jack walked beside Kevin, anticipating what he might do in the wooded area.

“Walk behind me, boy,” Kevin said.

“Yes, Sir.” Jack immediately dropped back and walked behind Kevin.

“Sir, why did you tell the gardai we’re cousins?”

Kevin stopped in his tracks and turned around to face Jack.

“That’s the plan for how we’ll get one Dom for both of us. We’ll tell them we are two bottoms who are cousins and in need of a top. That way, we both can get fucked by the same Dom. We can’t be separated from each other. It’s not safe. One of us could end up with another Dom like Sir, who would make us do things against the law. I have to make sure you’re safe.”

“Yes, Sir. It makes sense to me. I like being kissing cousins.”

“Oh, I’m going to kiss your sweet ass until it turns bright red.” Kevin turned around and continued the fast pace toward an isolated area.

“Promise?” Jack cocked his head, knowing how Kevin hated when he did that.

“Promise what?” Kevin scrunched his face, magically turning into Dom mode.

“Promise, Sir?”

“Face the tree and pull your jeans down.”

Jack ran to the tree, pulled his jeans down, leaving his boxers on, and then wrapped his arms around the tree.

Kevin ripped a branch off the tree and picked the leaves off it. He walked around the tree to face Jack. He pulled his belt off and wrapped it around Jack’s mouth to keep him quiet. Jack inhaled the smell of the leather from Kevin’s belt. He licked it with his tongue and his cock grew in his boxers, wetting them with his pre-come.

“You are going to get twenty swats with this switch.” Kevin swung the switch in front of Jack.

Jack nodded his head.

“If you want me to stop, raise your hand.”

Jack nodded his head, but he wouldn’t stop Kevin, knowing how difficult it was for him to take the role of Dom, even though he was so good at it.

Kevin moved around to the other side of the tree and pulled Jack’s boxers down to his ankles. The first strike against his ass bit him. He pulled in closer to the tree with the hope of avoiding the strikes, but to no avail. The second, third, fourth, and fifth swats whipped him, feeling like millions of bees stinging him. He couldn’t imagine twenty of these painful whacks.

Kevin continued swatting him with the branch without any sign of lessening the blows.

By now, Jack had counted up to ten swats, wiggling and whimpering to avoid the whipping, but nothing stopped the branch from meeting his already sore backside. Kevin whipped with a definite pattern, beginning on the upper part of his rear and working the strikes down to his thighs.

Jack bit into the belt to prevent himself from screaming every time the stinging switch struck him. Tears poured down his cheeks. His cock remained erect for reasons Jack didn’t understand. It seemed the pain Kevin inflicted brought his cock pleasure. He felt himself leaving the woods, almost in a drunken state. He no longer felt any pain, just a floating, numb feeling.

When Kevin completed twenty swats, he removed the belt from his mouth, took him in his arms, and stroked his back.

“I love you, Jack. You know that, don’t you?”

“I love you, too.”

Kevin pressed a hard kiss on Jack’s lips, stroking his face, then slipped his tongue inside his warm mouth. If they could stay locked into each other like this forever, he knew Kevin would make it happen.

“Face the tree, bending with your ass out and spread your red cheeks for me. No lube. Only spit. Sorry.”

Jack didn’t much care if Kevin had lube or not, he wanted it to hurt so he could remember Kevin’s cock inside him. They hadn’t been allowed to touch each other, so this was the first time in months that he would feel Kevin instead of Sir. Kevin was big like Sir, but Sir made him hurt and cry tears of real pain. Kevin did it with love, always wanting him to come, too. Jack bent facing the tree, stuck his ass out for Kevin, and spread his cheeks as wide as he could.

Kevin spat into his hand and rubbed Jack’s hole, sticking two fingers inside. He pumped his fingers until Jack couldn’t stop moaning and begging for more. As soon as Kevin pulled out his fingers, he unzipped his jeans and planted his hard cockhead on the crease of Jack’s ass. He traced his crease with his cock, then settled inside, moving slowly. He picked up his pace, holding tightly onto Jack’s hips. He reached around, stroking Jack’s swollen erection, oozing with pre-come. Jack felt his happy spot vibrating again, something Sir never cared about doing for him or for Kevin. Feels so good. He makes me see white stars.

Kevin moaned as he emptied his semen inside Jack, who grunted as he shot his own cum into Kevin’s hand.

“Oh, that felt so good. Do you want me to do you?” Jack asked, knowing the answer would always be no.

“No. I’ll wait for our new Dom to do me. I have to stay focused on domming you until then. That would fuck things up between us. Okay?” Kevin asked.

“Yes, Sir. I just didn’t want you to be sad.”

“I’m not sad. We’re together and free. Soon, we’ll find our Dom.”

“I know we will.”

“Let’s clean up and go back to the tent.”


Master Cleary scrutinized the two young strangers attired in leather entering his pub. The younger one looked like a whole lot of trouble, and the other one was hot as fuck. Just because they were dressed in leather didn’t mean shit, since anyone could go online to purchase chaps and leather vests. However, their wandering eyes indicated they probably weren’t a twosome and on the hunt for a quick fuck. Plus, he’d wager a bet that they were both bottoms who had shaved their heads this evening. The way they continued to stroke their scalps made him wonder how long their hair had been before they shaved it off.

Master Cleary prided himself on sizing a man up and knowing right off if he was a bottom or a top. These two boys had bottom written all over their faces. As they came closer to the bar, he wrinkled his nose, resenting the smell of strong, cheap cologne that was coming off them in waves and overpowering the scent of leather. They plopped themselves down on stools and both shot him big toothy grins. Same cologne. Maybe he was wrong about them. That damn cologne needs to be hosed off both of them.

“Two pints, Sir,” the older one said.

Master Cleary returned with the pints and set them down, eyeing the guy to the left, whom he supposed was the older one. He was interested in him because he seemed to know what he wanted and how to get it, judging by the way he carried himself.

“So, are you two together?” Master Cleary winked at the older one and then at the younger one.

“I’m Kevin Delaney and this is my cousin Jack Flanagan. We’re looking for a Dom, Sir.”

“The two of you want the same Dom?” Master Cleary lifted an eyebrow.

“Yes, Sir. We need the same Dom,” Kevin said.

“But you’re cousins?” Master Cleary rubbed his beard, not believing a word Kevin said.

“We don’t want to fuck each other. We just want the same Dom, Sir,” Kevin said.

“What do you have to say, Jack?” Master Cleary noted how beautiful Jack’s blue eyes were in contrast to his ruddy complexion. The boy’s nose was sprinkled with freckles, cute but trouble, for sure.

“We both want the same Dom, Sir,” Jack said.

“Why is that?”

“We don’t want to separate, Sir. Plus, we’ve shared the same Dom before,” Kevin replied.

“I see. Well, look around here, there are a couple of Doms who don’t have subs. See that Dom with red hair and a beard against the wall?”

“Yes, Sir,” Jack said.

“He’s available. I’m not sure he wants two subs, but you never know.” Master Cleary waved over Ronan O’Riley.

The way the boys chugged their beers, soon enough they’d be needing a quick refill. Of course, that type of behavior wouldn’t sit well with Ronan, not after he had lost his alcoholic sub, Finney. It was worth a try to get his friend to cheer up, or just to have a laugh at the idea of two subs. He had been in a bloody depression for almost a year.

Master Cleary pointed to Kevin and said, “This is Kevin Delaney, and that is his cousin Jack Flanagan. They are looking for a Dom. I thought you might be interested.”

“I’m Ronan O’Riley, but Sir to you two. Are you both looking for the same Dom?”

“Yes, Sir. We want the same Dom,” Kevin said.

“I don’t think so, boys. Cousins don’t have the same Dom, nor do I want or need two boys. But I’ll look around. Would you two consider having separate Doms?”

“No, Sir,” Kevin and Jack said in unison.

“Do you guys need some work?” Ronan asked.

“Yes, Sir,” Kevin said.

Ronan pulled out his business card and handed it to Kevin. “I have some work for you two on Wednesday. Be there by eight in the morning.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Kevin placed the card in his wallet.

Ronan walked out of the pub and the two boys were ready for a second round.

“Where are you two staying?” Master Cleary asked.


“In a tent?”

“Yes, Sir,” Kevin said, breaking eye contact with him.

“It’s going to rain tomorrow night. Why don’t you guys stay in my backroom in exchange for helping me around here?”

Master Cleary felt sorry for them. Something was off about these two boys, maybe it was the fear and desperation he read in their eyes or the lame story that they were cousins. It sounded like Kevin thought being cousins would guarantee them the same Dom. However, that story would reap the opposite result. Poor boys. They needed to be together for some reason, and it wasn’t because they were so called cousins. He wondered what they had been through before they arrived here. He planned to find out why they needed to be together. For some reason, he trusted them, but he couldn’t pinpoint why. Certainly, he was attracted to them both in more than a casual way, and that might have something to do with it. The idea of two subs had never entered his mind. It piqued his interest more than he thought it would. Plus, they weren’t only a sexual turn on; something inside him melted for them and the urge to help them was strong. He wasn’t sure he would be the right Dom for them, since he didn’t know enough about them. However, if they worked with him, he would have the opportunity to get to know them and see if they were worthy to be his subs. He’d had it with wannabe subs. He wanted the real thing, one who would obey him and meet his expectations.

Ronan would probably chastise him for allowing the boys to sleep in his pub since they were strangers without any recommendations from any other Dom. They could very well rob him blind, but they didn’t look like thieves. None of that mattered, since he was enormously interested in knowing more about them, but didn’t want to push too soon and scare them away. He decided to keep them close, thinking that maybe something good might come out of it for all of them. He was lonely enough without a sub, that’s for sure. Having two subs, he wasn’t so sure of, but they seemed firm about remaining together.

Kevin turned to Jack and said, “Sounds good to me. Are you okay with it?”

“Yes. I would love to help here in the bar and get out of that tent.”

“Then, tomorrow get your things and bring them here. I sure could use the help around here. By the way, I’m Master Cleary, the owner of this pub.”

“You’re a Dom?” Jack eyed Master Cleary with hungry eyes.

“That I am.”

“Do you have any subs, Sir?” Kevin asked.

“No. My last sub left me.” Master Cleary’s stomach ached for his loss, still not understanding why he couldn’t make it work.

“Why would he do that, Sir?” Kevin asked.

“He didn’t want to obey my rules.”

“Was he a real sub?” Kevin asked.

“His actions say no.” Master Cleary placed both large hands on the bar and leaned in closer, his gaze steadily moving between the two men sitting opposite him. “I’m a very strict Dom. I don’t put up with disrespect in any form.”

Clearing his throat, Kevin swallowed before speaking up again. “Sometimes, subs get a phony Dom, too.”

“What happened to your last Dom?”

“He was never a real Dom. When he took us on, he said he was going to train us. We don’t even know his real name,” Kevin said.

“Sir was a real Dom,” Jack insisted, gulping his beer.

“Jack, don’t be stupid. No real Dom forces subs to do things they don’t want to do, especially when it’s breaking the law.”

“That doesn’t sound like the behavior of a true Dom, at all. I understand that he wanted you to call him Sir, but he should have told you his real name.” Master Cleary was now worried for their safety and knew he would need to keep a very careful eye on them.

“Sir used to live in the same camp as we did. I knew his name, but Sir said if we spoke it, he’d kill us. I don’t know why you don’t know his real name.”

“I didn’t know everyone at the campsite. You know Sir’s real name? ” Jack frowned at Kevin.

With a slight sigh, Kevin turned to him. “Yes. I never told you because I was afraid you might call him that. I didn’t want you to get hurt.”

“Tomorrow morning, you two meet me here for breakfast at eight so we can talk more about the roles of a Dom and sub. Don’t hook up with anyone without my approval. I don’t want you two falling for anymore bad Doms.” Master Cleary stroked his brow.

“Yes, Sir,” Kevin and Jack spoke in unison.

“Go on your way, so you can pack up in the morning, and we’ll talk.”

“Yes, Sir. We’ll be here right on time, not a minute later,” Kevin assured him.

Jack nodded in agreement. “We sure will be, Sir.”

When Kevin pulled out his wallet to pay for the beers, Master Cleary pushed the money away from him.

“Keep it. The drinks were on the house tonight. Welcome to Galway.”

“Thank you, Sir,” they both said together.

After they left, Master MacBain, a mean Scot, sat down at the bar.

“Hey, why did you send those two new guys away?” Master MacBain asked.

“Why do you ask?” Master Cleary didn’t much care for the Scot, but he tolerated him. He would be the last Dom he would recommend to his boys. He had already begun to think of them as his, which surprised him. He’d better watch himself so he didn’t move too fast for them, but he’d never let this asshole near his boys.

“I’m interested in them. I heard them say they wanted one Dom. Why didn’t you tell them I was available?”

“Because I’m interested in them. They will be under my protection until I learn more about them, which means they are off limits to you and everyone else.”

“I never took you for a Dom with two subs under you. Are you sure you could handle them?”

“Look, I just told you that I’m interested in them, which means the two of them. As far as handling both of them, not a problem.” Master MacBain always got on his last nerve. He wanted to throw him out for good, but figured it wouldn’t be good for business.

Ronan returned to the pub, marched over to them, and took a seat at the bar beside MacBain. Master Cleary set a beer in front of Ronan.

“So, what’s going on with those two cousins?” Ronan asked, ignoring Master MacBain, as usual.

“I’m going to take them under my wing. They will be staying here in the backroom until things settle down for them.”

“You don’t know a damn thing about them,” Ronan said.

“Don’t tell me, Master O’Riley is interested in two subs. You couldn’t take care of the one you had,” MacBain taunted.

Ronan’s face reddened as he turned toward Master MacBain and threw his beer on him.

“You’re an asshole,” MacBain shouted, clenching his fists.

Master Cleary pushed MacBain off his stool and shouted, “Get out of here. You’re barred for two weeks.”

Master MacBain picked himself up and left the pub without saying another word. Cleary poured Ronan another beer and one for himself.

“Why do you let that bastard in here?” Ronan asked.

“I know a lot of Doms are friendly with him, so I don’t want to ruffle anyone’s feathers. I pride myself on being a fair man.”

“That, you are. Tell me about the cousins.”

“Are you interested in them?” Master Cleary tried his best to contain himself and not show any jealousy.

“I’m only asking because I’ve never known you to take in strays off the street before. I asked them to come to my place to help me out because they looked like they needed work. As far as being interested in them as my subs, that’s never going to happen. For one thing, I don’t want two, and the other thing is that I don’t feel any chemistry with them.”

“I’m interested in them. I asked them to stay here because they’re sleeping in a tent. I want to get to know them better.”

“I see. I don’t remember you ever taking on two subs before.”

“I haven’t. Do you have a problem with that?”

“No, but I’m not comfortable with you domming cousins. There’s something not right about cousins.”

“I don’t think they’re cousins. I know they want the same Dom because they both served under a bad one before and they’re running from him. They probably thought if they said they were cousins, it would be a selling point to guarantee them one Dom.”

“That’s pretty stupid on their part to think any Dom would take on a pair of cousins. So, they served another Dom together before. How bad was the last Dom?”

“Let’s say he wasn’t really a Dom. They thought he was until some things went down. I want them to feel safe here.”

“You want to protect them?”

“Yes, I do.”

“That’s a good start, but you better make sure what their relationship to each other is first.”

“Planning on doing that.”


Kevin stopped for marshmallows on the way back to the campsite. Jack had loved roasting marshmallows ever since they were young boys at the gypsy camp. Kevin insisted they remove their leather clothing and change back into their jeans. Kevin’s mission was to make Jack happy again. Thanks to Sir, Jack had returned to his old thinking, believing that he was ugly and useless. That bastard had broken Jack, taken the light out of his beautiful blue eyes.

The way Jack sat watching him make the fire in the pit made him feel guilty. Jack looked up to Kevin in so many ways. As much as Kevin wanted to be everything for Jack, he couldn’t. In his heart, he knew they were two bottoms needing a top to play with them. He could act like a Dom when he needed to for Jack, but that wasn’t what he wanted, no matter how much he loved him. Jack knew that as much as he did. Kevin couldn’t play this game for any long period of time. Being a Dom and a permanent top weren’t in his nature. However, he’d do it until they found a Dom to share.

“What do you think of Master Cleary?” Kevin handed Jack a stick for his marshmallow.

“I like Ronan O’Riley. Do you think he’ll change his mind about taking on two subs?” Jack stuck several marshmallows on his stick and rested it over the flames.

“I don’t think he liked us that way. I’m not sure if Master Cleary likes us, either. I know why you like Ronan.” After Kevin wedged his marshmallows on his stick, he held his stick over the blaze. Poor Jack was already attaching himself to Ronan.


“Because he’s a ginger bear, like Sir.” Kevin wiped his sticky fingers on Jack’s jeans.

“That’s not why.” Jack pushed Kevin’s hand away.

Kevin again wiped his fingers on Jack’s jeans, this time on his zipper. “Then, why?”

“Don’t you think he’s hot?”

“Yes, he is, but I also heard him say he doesn’t want us and that we should look around. We might have a better chance with Master Cleary. I got hard just looking at him.”

“Do you get hard looking at me?” Jack bit off a large piece of marshmallow.

“You know the answer to that. This is about getting a Dom for us.” Kevin knew Jack was hurting, and he needed to get his mind off Sir.

“How come Sir wasn’t going to punish you if you didn’t kill Murphy?” Jack glared at him.

“Who said he wasn’t?” Kevin knew the only reason Sir kept Jack around was for him. He’d told him that he didn’t much care for Jack. That should have been a signal to leave, but Kevin had high hopes that Sir would come to feel something for Jack, but he never did. As a matter of fact, Sir hated him. Jack knew it, and instead of being discouraged, he’d tried harder to please him.

“You said we had to leave so Sir wouldn’t make me service those fucking bandits.”

“Sir decided he would never share me. I don’t know why, but he was going to punish me a different way.”

“Because he loved you and not me?”

“Sir loves Sir. Get that straight. The sooner you forget him, the better.”

“Easy for you to say.”

“Remember I told you I was going to be in charge? If you don’t listen, I’ll punish you.”

“I’m listening to you. Let’s talk about Ronan and Master Cleary some more.” Jack’s face barely veiled his hurt and anger.

“Tomorrow, we’ll see what Master Cleary is all about. Then on Wednesday, we’ll work for Ronan. The thing is we need a Dom. We don’t have to be in love with him. As you can see, love gets you nowhere. This is about sex and power exchange. Grow up, and get real.”

“Yes, Sir. You’re right. I’m never going to love anyone else but you.”

“I think you need a good fuck to make you feel better.”

“Really?” Jack’s eyes brightened.

“Finish up your marshmallows, then we’ll go for a walk away from here.”

Jack devoured his marshmallows, just like Kevin knew he would. Poor Jack just wanted to be loved. This was another reason why Ronan wouldn’t be the right Dom. Jack would fall for him the way he had with Sir, and if Kevin had anything to say about it, he wouldn’t allow that to happen. He blamed himself for the mess they were in and was glad Jack didn’t bring it to his attention and fault him.

If he ever lost Jack, he would never recover.

Jack meant everything to him.

Ronan was hot on wheels for sure, but he liked Master Cleary for them. That way, Jack wouldn’t become lovesick again.

“Get up, boy.” Kevin covered the fire pit with dirt and flung the bag of marshmallows into the tent.

Jack popped up, waiting for his next order. The only redeeming characteristic that Sir had taught them both had been how to respond quickly to an order, which would serve them well in the future with their new Dom. Jack could be so obedient if he thought he’d receive some payoff, sex was a big deal to him. Kevin would take his mind off both Ronan and Sir. That little ass was his tonight. A good fuck always helped Jack sleep through the night. He’d had too many nightmares last night. Hopefully, Jack could find some peace and closure after the nightmare they’d lived through for two years.

“Sir, I love it when you Dom me. Sometimes, I wish it could just be us and nobody else.”

“We’ve had this conversation several times. Stop thinking about your needs only. I have needs that you can’t meet. You know that, and I know that, but it doesn’t change how much I love you. It is what it is. Live with it.”

“Yes, Sir. I wish you’d let me fuck you sometime and see if we could switch around.”

“We switched at the gypsy campsite and it didn’t work. That’s why we went with Sir. If he had been a good Dom, things would have been okay.”

“What if Ronan and Master Cleary turn out like Sir?”

“I don’t think that will happen. Trust me.”

“Yes, Sir. You’re always right.”

“Strip your jeans and boxers down to your ankles and get on all fours. We’re safe here.”

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