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First Times: Bi Swinging With My Japanese Wife

By Allison Lindell

©2018 Allison Lindell all rights reserved

This story is a work of fiction. All characters in it who engage in explicit sexual activity are 18 years of age or older and all sexual activity is of a consensual nature.

My beautiful Japanese wife is a lady everywhere but in the bedroom.

When we first met online, she was very shy but open minded. I found out she had always wanted to be a stripper back home and also she loved looking at FF

parts of her brother’s porn tapes.

I encouraged her, and she went from being bi curious in the swinging lifestyle to bisexual.

Actually we are active swingers, though with horrible, conflicting schedules. So we only get to play maybe once a month or so. We went through the phase of

endless emails and phone calls for a meet and greet.

Due to our schedules we said the heck with that, if the couple is fine, let's just go for it on the first date.

For the better part of a year we have been corresponding with May and Randy. They live near us. He is a Caucasian Straight, she an Asian Bi. A perfect

match. Just like what our profile at an adult swinger site says.

But life and illness and work kept getting in the way. Three times we made dates and at the last minute it seemed they would get cancelled. All done very politely and correctly we realized that we are just too darn busy.

Then after a few months out of the lifestyle (being stalked and pestered by another couple) we had to lay low so to speak.

We reopened our account and magically there they were.Mary and Randy.

We all four agreed to meet for a drink and we all agreed to play on the first date if the chemistry was there.

We had a cocktail at a lovely bar overlooking the yacht club and Estuary. So relaxing, good company, boats and two men who are sailors. Mary and Keiko got along quite well. She is from the very Southern Edge of Thailand. Very pretty, prettier still after she finished her Long Island Ice Tea.

We all had a secret handshake or something. As we all knew we wanted to play.

We went to a nice Chinese restaurant. Crowded with Chinese families having a great time. The hostess was a Chinese Lesbian, very butch and she was all over Mary. They conversed in Chinese and we had a great meal and conversation.

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