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Saving His Heart

Gay Military and Interracial Romance

By: Brittney Valentine

Table of Contents

Saving His Heart

(Gay Military and Interracial Romance)


This romance fiction is based on the past life and present life of a Navy Seal who has two other good friends at home. It is about the meeting of this respected CIA agent and an African-American in North-America. Life’s chain reaction later draws him close to the African-American guy, Armstrong. They enter into love tangle as they get to know each other better. The actions herein are linear as they clearly showcase the bitter-sweet experiences of the Non-straights in and outside the same society.

The main character is Ethan. This is so because the majority of the actions and the inactions, the romance, exchanges of ardor and affectation come into being due to his personality in the community he has found himself. He is the CIA agent with a long list of good records who has come home due to pastime the agency feels he has long merit for his meritorious services to his nation.

Chapter 1

The land was muddy and the day was pure but drenched in the darkly hour of the day. The sky was quite soaked in oddly silence as the elephant grasses, averagely tall were swerving right from their green roots to the top, from right to left, up to down. They dangled in response to the teeming air blowing around from the west point. They had come in one small battle ship and had packed in a distanced place almost close to the brink of the sea shore as they could already spot the target. Their mothership was further apart on the sea. Tactically, they came down one after the other with their legs in their water proof jackboots silently percolating the face of the water into the pebbled earth. They went down one after the other into it and each of their protective kneepads, SOG SEAL 2000 knife to their night vision goggles were soaked in the water. They swam a bit and began to proceed on feet as a team hitting into the bush pierced into three two’s.

Ethan led as he was the leader. He was at the fore signaling with his fingers for a perfect surprise attack on the pirates who have been proving way too elusive for weeks on the sea. His troop was the best. Ethan was best known for his efforts and relentless contributions when he and his team were deployed international waters for a long time. The amazing on the Indian oceans and from there, they were ordered to stretch to other big waters but items of information as per those were highly classified. As they got to know their hide-out, he and the rest of the team nudged as success was needed and necessary. Ethan held straight with his two hands on his submachine gun. The enemies were already rounded up and they did not know it. Ethan began to fire at their direction where their artillery was from a closed bolt position. He was laughing out loud as he was gunning around. As others approached closer to pin the enemies down further, he stooped and was busy trying to whip it over his shoulder like the last time he had a broken arm and it was bandaged with a whip to help him keep it stable. Those who proved recalcitrant were gunned down whilst the few who chose to concentrate and comply were taken in. “It was one hell of a success” in Ethan’s words to the rest of the team. It was celebrated in the warship.

“You have earned it son. You have earned first ever time-out in years at the seal” said the former platoon commander proudly.

“Oh… Thanks! But I have not been notified of anything like such nor did I apply for anything related” Ethan said confusedly happily.

“I understand. Um, I and the platoon commander had talked and they would see that you get that before long. Go home son, go catch some cool fun for some moments” the former platoon said excitedly.

Ethan thanked him earthly, they exchanged salutes and they hugged for some moments. The former platoon was fatherly to him. He was the one who stirred him up, he has got the heart to work effectively for the nation by joining the navy seal. For a moment, it was incredibly emotional. At the same moment, they broke loose the cuddling. A blonde new recruit walked past with a tray of wine on his right hand. The former platoon paced closer to him with his third leg and carried one of pride and joy mixed. Ethan’s attention was drawn, they got hooked looking right into each other’s eye balls and got attracted to each other as a result. He left resting his back on the side of the ship and went to pick a cup of beer as well. The recruit would not change his position as he was already subordinating himself and putting himself at his mercy.

“Hi!” said the smiling Ethan.

“Hi” he responded affectionately.

“You are new around here, yes?” asked the still smiling Ethan

“Yes, I came around immediately before your last mission” he explained.

“Whoa! Said it. I am E…”

Save it, who does not know the great Ethan here!” he said attractively.

They both laughed, still looking right at each other well. Booker placed the tray in the middle of the nearest table. As he paced to do that, they lost eyes contact, Ethan continued to appreciate each of his constructs sensually. Booker caught him doing that and he smiled sensually back at Ethan. Booker left the party for his restroom looking back sensually trying magnetizing him to come along.

“Oops, now I am at it again!” said lightly and elatedly, Ethan.

He swallowed the rest of the beer instantaneously without thinking twice he might get intoxicated and lose it even before reaching him as he led. He kept the mug cup in the artificial flower close to the seat at his side and proceeded with gay. He was already in his restroom somehow seeming coy and Ethan was still backing him. He was trying to knock the door to impede any form of distraction. When he was done doing that, he turned with much gay radiating his face. Gently… he moved close enough to Booker. He began to use his fore finger to caress his hair down with utter likeness. He enjoyed that and he removed his hand down to his cheek. Booker rested, his left cheek willingly right on his right hand palm as he had missed him for years. He moved his mouth forward to Booker’s and withdrew. He did it over again and over again and stopped to do that when Ethan noticed he was already hating it. Next, they began to kiss, they kissed on and on –to the wall, to the chair, and to the bed.

“I had dreamed being with someone like you for long” he said and smiled.

“Whoa! So you are a big fan? Well, you too could do just great serving well” Ethan said whimsically as he was leaving.

“Yeah…!” responded Ethan.

“Whoa…Whoa! What is the name?” asked Ethan at the exit.

“Whoa, it was too early to ask you know!”

“Sorry. It skipped my mind” he said smiling.

Booker,” said he.

“Nice meeting you… Booker. It is really nice” said Ethan.

They both smiled at each other romantically. Ethan left and went straight to take a shower.

Chapter 2

Exactly a week before, he was summoned by the platoon commander to his office. He knocked and was permitted to come in. On coming in, nothing ever changed as Ethan peeped around. He loved his things to forever be the ways they had always been. When other high-ranked staffs refurbish and renew some stuffs in their offices, he was always contented with where and how his steel shelves are and looked like. He liked his table reeked-stacked with record books of seals which he found fun reeling through overly. The picture of his family was on his right side, standing right close to the edge of the table. The big scars on his two hands have scary stories to tell. The burning furnace of his countenance was filled with high-class experiences. When he commanded when occasion called for that, he shrieked like a famished lion in the den. His figure alone and sarcastic remarks make weaklings, frosh fishes to want to pee in their white pants. They exchanged the usual of official phatic communion. He presented him with a piece of letter, one which he would not check until he rested his back in his bed. The contents allowed him to enjoy a bit long pastime.

He left on a chopper. His departure bears the feeling of a legend departing. He was missed as he was very vital energy around in the ship. His relentless and meaning vigor when occasion called for that usually helped. As the blades of the chopper razor apart the settling sky apart, he looked down at the ship as he was piercing the seas bodily constructs into two with his head. It was beginning to look a bit bad doing away with his troop. But real deep down the seal’s mind he felt and knew he needed the pastime. He removed his sight with contiguity.

“Home, here I come in a while,” he said and sighed.

He held very fixative to the belt in the chopper as it got loosed. He pulled it back and reached for his dark shade to complement his face. It looked well on him. It added a bit more to the perfection of the constructs of his face save for the little scars close to his left ear. The air coming through the sides of the chopper would lift up and searched through and into his black air pressed down under the cap he wore with NAVY tag at its obverse.

The areoplane touched down in the States a bit past the middle of the day. Ethan came down, with heroic postures and gestures. He was on his sun shade. He looked up into the sky and there was that reflection of a burning sun with shattered yellow tentacles on both sides of the shade. His friends whom he would always pep about each of his successes were already awaiting him before the time he said the plane would touch down. He would call them and brief them about his successes and the otherwise. He had no exact home to go to. He lost his parents, both at the same time at his heydays and before he was taken in by the chap of his father’s friend, the former platoon commander came in and took him in as if he were his. Denzel and Demarion were already outside longing as their eyes were fixed to the exit to see him approach. On seeing him, Denzel, an African-American ran at him and gave him one hell of a cuddle he had missed so much.

“Whoa……! Look at you man. You are damn muscular. Hey do you not think so Demarion?” said Denzel deep in awe.

He assisted him with his two big loads into their ride. Demarion hugged him as well, hands around each other’s necks as they went to join Denzel who was already waving at them to show up as he was already done putting the bags inside the boot. They laughed as they rode away hitting the road to Demarion’s for the time being for the seal friend.

“What do you think about the city, since you left?” Denzel asked.

“Oh, there is a very big difference bro. We are usually on the sea doing stuffs and when not, we are out on missions. Here is cool though, since friendly faces again is quite better seeing sea waters and thudding about in muds whilst on missions” he explained.

“And huh, we read of attacks and missions of which you lead. When I was reading them I was damn glad. You know. I was like that is my brother my best friend. How did you manage to accumulate so many successes that easy?” Denzel asked.

“O common, you are at it again… Stop questioning and concentrate uh!” said Demarion

“But I am doing that… Wei wei wait, can you not see we are close” Denzel said as he looked back.

There is a Mark gas tanker approaching. Ethan shouted that he should concentrate and not get them or killed or better still that he comes down so that someone else might continue.

“Oh… fuck, I have indeed missed you guys!” said in a relaxing way, Ethan.

“He is gonna get himself killed someday if you would continue that way,” said jovially, Denzel.

“Fuck you very much for saying that” expressed Demarion.

There was some second pause. They all laughed out loud indeed. They used to be good friends and are still so. When he was leaving to join Navy they both indeed followed him to want to partake. But a lot of factors made that implausible. Lack of Physical fitness pre-screening test. The worst moment for Denzel according to him was the “Hell Week” –they were made to swim long distances and made to run miles with less night rests. He loved to sleep and snored well loud nearly seeing the bed. Demarion did well at the test for physical strength but couldn’t make it in the test which comes after –grit as physical fitness would not be sufficient alone to qualify one for SEALs face. Out of the over 200 students who started the training program way back then, only 20 made it. Ethan was the best of them all. They had to return home depressed but on side glad at least one of them, trio made it, the best for that set.

Chapter 3

It was late June of the year, traditionally the day was very hot due to inclination of the mother Earth and thermal lag. The sun was all out looking vexed as it scorches the ground and pounces at the flowers decorating the entrance to Demarion’s that morning. They had booked a summerhouse downtown, one of the best and accommodating close by. They were all busy parking all the necessaries to take along on their way down there.

“Actually bro… It is nice having you around you know. But exactly, when are you gonna return or wai-wai-wait, are you on AWOL? No-no-no-no you have gotta be kidding me real good” said Denzel.

Ethan giggled and chose not to give a response yet… He looked at Denzel and felt like he would never change. As he was right from their day so he is still. Well, that consistency and purity of the mind are what made him like him. He actually took that from him. It helped him to win charismatic respect somehow from his troop back on the sea.

“What….! You are sick in the head. Hope you know that! That would be the stupidest thing you have said today” expressed Damarion.

“No-no-no man… You do not blame the game; blame the player…” said Denzel.

“Uh… It is alright, I would return in few months. Trust me, you guys would know when I am to return. It pained you could not race through the training” said earnestly, Ethan.

He increased the speed a bit further. Denzel searched for his favorite 90’s rap album. He got one

“Yeah… This is what I am talking about”.

He cleaned the CD well and inserted into the CD player. The front cover of the CD case had an Africa-American with a black kerchief folded around his head with its knotted point done at his forehead. He flipped the disc to the back and scanned through.

“Yeah… This is it”.

He selected NO 8 on the CD player in the car. He aptly increased the volume of the CD player even before the disc roll and load. It sounded out loud and it was:

“…who let the dogs out…”

Demarion quickly from back, stood and reduced the volume drastically. Denzel increased it back. They repeated the same thing. Ethan was just laughing out loud as he was driving down to the summerhouse. He removed the disc and put it all off. He had a rethinking and he pressed the player on and tuned it to radio station.

“Better…” said quietly, Denzel. He hissed…

“Yeah… Better…” Demarion said. He sighed.

“Yeah, there is what we secured…!” exclaimed Denzel.

“Which one of them all?” inquired, Ethan

“Which would you expect? I secured the best one around here. That one painted, all white. What do you think?” said Denzel.

“Cool!” they both said.

They offloaded the props gathered and packed into the boot. They assisted one another in packing them out. They lifted few which need to be lifted. They lifted Ethan’s new………………………………. Denzel suggested they go to the beach for recreation sake and to catch some bikini babes there.

“Let us go fetch some in. This house is way too big for just the three of us. Guys, don’t you think?” said Denzel.

“Alright, alright! Was about saying something related to that and no worries buddy, you would see your kind there as well” said Demarion

They all smiled at one another….

“Oh…oh… It is alright” said Ethan, inattentively.

For a moment he recollected Booker and the few moment they had together. He was beginning to be jealous a bit as someone else might have been into him already as he was away.

“I would drive or would you?” asked Demarion.

Ethan looked absent. He was yet in the course of thinking about Booker and the rest back on the sea. He was rounding up, coming back around was not bad neither as Demarion gave him a pat on his arm which drew around his consciousness.

“What?” asked, Ethan.

“Wait, what were you thinking bro? Don’t tell me you are still doing your old shits. Your parents are gone. We are your family now. Can’t you see?” expressed Demarion.

“No, not that. I am past that long ago...” said Ethan.

Ooooooh… Ah…! I understand now, you are missing your girlfriend, isn’t it? Wow… Demarion, come over here, our seal bloke is missing babe” said jokingly, Denzel.

“Fuck you!” said whimsically, Ethan.

They left together after waiting an hour for Ethan to come back from jogging and two more hours to do exercise on the inside with a new squat rack. Ethan has tall, muscular, thick eye brow, tiny round mouth and got two little dimples when he smiles.

They got there towards the twilight of the day –the sun was already leaving back to rest its scorching eye somewhere under the clouds. Lights had been lit around for people to see and chairs had been arranged for night guests to have the fun they have come to enjoy. The sea tides and bellows could be learned even from there. They sat and Denzel went to go and order what they would like to take.

Adjacent to them was one stunning African-American guy who sat alone, sipping his drinks looking quite conspicuous to Ethan and organized.

“Who is that over there? You know him, yes?” he said as he used his eye brow the movement of his head to the left to point to the right direction.

“Yeah, yeah Ethan I do. You like that one” said Demarion.

“We would get to know about that soon…”

He left his seat courageously and went to enjoin him where he was seated. From his reactions, he was able to read meanings that he is another one. He said to himself right in his mind this one is tough.

Hi there!” greeted Ethan, politely.

“Hi” he replied calmly.

“Do you mind a cup of wine?” asked Ethan.

“I don’t, thanks!” responded the guy

After watching each other as they sip their cups of beer. Ethan thought it would not be proper of course to meet someone and not ask of the person’s name, at least not from this circumstance.

“What do you think about the wine?” asked Ethan.

“Not bad. It is my favorite” he responded.

“Good. I am Ethan” said Ethan

“May I know your name please?” asked Ethan.

“So… now that you have got me a cup of wine here what is next having my name uh? Christ!” expressed the guy.

“O dear. No offence!” said Ethan.

“None taken” responded the guy, retortedly.

“Alright!” said Ethan.

The guy stood up and began to leave and he looked and smiled at Ethan sensuously.

“Would see you around…” said the guy.

Chapter 4

Little ones, families, couples, peers, friends, fiancées filled up the beach with different activities as they saw fit. Those who are good at surfing the sea tides as the billows of the sea rushes backwards and forwards were busy doing theirs. The water looked so Caribbean blue and quite picturesque right from the top. There were many tourists around from very far distances like Ethan. He would not want to come alone, he came alongside his two chums. Denzel was busy telling belles tales trying drawing their attentions around. Demarion was showing off the little experience he knew about ‘magic’ and he had audience thronged him up on all sides. Ethan was seated in his seat. The pretty pictures of the belles in the bikini wears could not draw around some little amount of interest. He was alone seated right in the harmless chair with his back rested somehow depressively on it. There was another unoccupied chair, a white one there with him where he was seated, under the leafy canopy. For a moment, tried and look around where his friends are, his head was away from the empty chair, on returning forward, he was already seated there. Amazement roused him, his mood changed with immediate effect as he was giggling.

“What!” exclaimed surprisingly, Ethan.

“I am Armstrong and thanks a bunch for the other day,” said Armstrong.

“But why wouldn’t you give it out the other night?” asked Ethan.

“I have my reasons… You would not understand” responded Armstrong.

Their gazes at each other had romantic epic tales to tell. As he giggled coyly on and on as they began to converse. He would smile at a point but Armstrong would not as it was jokingly mockery and vi-a-vis. The context of the converse was not past the last night in which he got to buy him a glass of wine. Denzel saw the gay mood of Ethan and rushed down to Demarion to draw his attention to what was transpiring under their leafy canopy ardor had hovered over them.

“Well, that is it, how navy seal is disgracing us said, Denzel.

“What…! You must be kidding, expressed angrily, Demarion

“There is no big deal about that bro. Wai-wai-wait what do you mean bro? Why are you always on the opposite side of everything I… suggest? That ain’t fair and I bet you know it” said meanly, Denzel

“Cut the crap. Shut the fuck up. If you must go then we must go together” responded Demarion

“Well, well, well that ain’t bad. I… I… I… am cool with that now we are good bro” said natively Denzel

“Yeah, we’re good” affirmed Demarion.

The two of them left together at once but Denzel found his way to put Demarion at the rear. He was the first to initiate the greeting in a very jovial way and he introduced Demarion after he had introduced himself his usual jocular way. They departed the recreational center in Demarion’s car. Both the Demarion and Denzel sat at the back whilst they made Armstrong be with Ethan at the front.

After several hours of journeying, they reached back in the States. Demarion and Denzel alighted while Ethan had planned to take him down to his residence as he already looked he would not mind. On getting there, it was already night. Ethan packed, they looked at each other with smiles but there were yet signs of reluctance as undertone effect. He came down and approached his door cutting lose his hands as he wanted to do that. He came down as well and paced to catch up with his pace. He held his hands and asked him to look him in the eyes. He had the intention of at least hugging him or try and kiss his hand goodnight or if he would be lucky, kiss him. None later was realized as he moved to try and kiss him.

“What……! What are you trying to do?” asked Armstrong

“Um…. Um… I… I … am really tired so was sleeping, standing…” babbled Ethan.

Armstrong went in and having bidden him farewell with smiles. He knew right even before that moment that he plausibly meant business. But he knew there would always be much more to everyone. He had learnt some real deal lessons with his Ex who jilted him for another. He would love to know more and then give in, probably. Ethan went back into the car, turned after he had driven forwards for like two polls and headed to his. Right in the car he felt stupid. He slapped himself real hard. Hit his head against the steering…

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck, me… why did I do that. I suck…”

Chapter 5

Armstrong’s recalcitrance was already boring life for Ethan. He had not been that well as his trials were coming out with poor outcomes. He felt to give up and seek the attention of someone else around as he had been seeing others around. None of them though could measure up to him in his heart. So he would not want to give that a second thought. He also felt he might be doing that on purpose to test how serious he was. He might be doing that even just because that was how he was good at showing his affection for the other partner at first. These few encouraging reasons he had cooked up in his head gave him some ray hope that it might just work. He left to find out even more about Armstrong every other necessary information pertained to him. After fortnight of doing that, he was able to get to know he manages some tea shop down the street. He took a day to strategize how well to come in back and win his heart that time. It took him a day to be able to construct ways his affective plights with Armstrong whom he believed to be his long, long dreamed type. He decided to pay him a visit there the following Monday and went indeed.

She was on his serving apron looking extremely tired. It was in the afternoon and customers were stacked in trying to quench their demands. He went to claim a seat. He sat with his back facing him, he stands just for surprise. He came around to ask him how he would prefer it served. On turning around, he got to know and see it was Ethan. Disappointed and coy at the same time.

“What!” Armstrong exclaimed. People’s attentions were drawn as they were busy attending to their teas hitting up their converses.

“What… What… What… What… What… are you doing… doing… here um, Ethan?” Armstrong asked, babbling.

“So sorry to thwart you up. There was no how I could get you informed I was gonna come” explained Ethan.

“Let’s not create a scene. How do you prefer it?” asked Armstrong.

“Exactly how you… would prefer it” Ethan responded, anon.

Armstrong chuckled and smiled at Ethan. Ethan would not want to delay the trend, he gave the same back better as he was leaving. He waited till the night fall so that he might be able to confab with him a lot better. He stayed right in the seat outside his glassy shop. From within the shop, customers were left with no choice than then also be able to see through the translucence of the glass.

“Well done since morning. Why wouldn’t you tell me yourself you have a tea shop down here?” he enquired politely.

“O, you think it is easy to say? Thanks anyways for showing up and paying beyond the bill” he smiled quietly and quickly cut it.

“Why?” asked Ethan.

“Why what?” asked Armstrong

“Why making me suffer this further?”

He pretended not to hear the last word. He knew sudden reply to vital question without proper deliberation might make things go bad for one of them or either in their course of being together.

“What do you think about the shop?” asked Armstrong.

Ethan expressed positive feelings towards the shop that it was a good thing and initiative. But he reflected on the fact he saw that though, the location was fine but the shop was not spacious enough. He promised and did as he had promised to assist in expanding the shop to accommodate much more customers for more sales to come in. In another night after a week, he had fulfilled that cut of the promised made. He came down and Ethan too they kissed and kissed at the exit of Armstrong. It was late in the night already, Armstrong then made him stay overnight and it was all sensuous all through. It was a whole great joy for Ethan as they were then quite good together. They had exchanged number. Ethan would have nudged his two friends he would come around at times and he would come. Then there would always be exchange of fervor with themselves in bed. At times it would be the other way round, whereby he would be the one to go his place and sleep over. They would exchange mean ardor all night. At times they would go out first and rough it around into the same bed and they both loved it. But Armstrong had forgotten the construct he had designed in his mind before he would allow all that. And he had not remembered yet, that, plausibly, he was losing it real quickly. Their relationship was so usual that it was beginning to become unusual as it was already digging twixt with Ethan and his friends. It took a serious intervention of the same Armstrong for being the course of that and they would look into it. Denzel was the one who made the loudest noise about it but Demarion was not really that jealous but he felt it was getting way too strong. He was only concerned that he would not forget he was to return soon back to the waters at the tail end of summer. Ethan found a way round to calm them afterwards. He had to bribe Denzel with some dollars to quite him off his noises. That move Demarion showed utter aversion for. He would not want such as he got dignity he would always care to preserve. So, Ethan would not mind trying to do that with him.

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