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Bearly Saving His Omega

Bearly Saving His Omega

Copyright © 2018 by Akita StarFire

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Everyone in this story is 18 or older and NOT blood related.

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Chapter 1

"All were-wolves should be eradicated from the valley." One were-bear stated to his clan with a raised, clenched fist.

The clan roared its approval as the speaker smiled.

"Yeah, they steal all our food that we've gathered. They're nothing more than beggars and thieves." A big, golden bear stood, his eyes blazing. "I've got a mate and five cubs to support."

"My great-grand alpha father settled here and these stupid beasts attempted to drive him from his land. It was he who gathered all the elk, buffalo, moose and deer up in pens to prevent their access to it." A deep, honey-hued bear shouted, shaking with anger, as the bonfire sent sparks up to the stars.

"Yeah!" The bear clan shouted in agreement. All but one.

Brandon, the alpha of the clan, stood with his arms folded across his broad chest, listening to the hate that spewed from his clan's mouths.

"They have declined over the years through our efforts to destroy every single were-wolf. In the old days, they were as numerous and as pesky as mosquitoes in summer." An old bear stood up as the others fell silent.

Of all the bears in the clan, he had lived the longest. It was said when he was a mere cub, he was raised in this valley from the first settlers. He'd seen first-hand how these savage were-wolves had made war with the peaceful settlers.

"I say we go hunting for every single were-wolf and make pelts out of their hides. They've killed too many were-bears and are nothing more than barbarians." The elder said, his words greeted with cheers of approval.

"All they do is cause mischief." Yelled a young teenager who wanted action.

Brandon sighed as he strode forward into the light of the bonfire. Everyone fell silent, waiting for him to speak.

"Instead of shouting, we need to guard our animals and food for the night." He said. "I'll take the first watch."

They separated as they talked amongst themselves. Each going to their cabin with their omegas waiting for them. Only alphas could speak at these meetings

The old bear limped up to him.

"When are we going on another hunt? Your father always loved hunting were-wolves in the fall. He was a mighty hunter and killed many of these mangy rogues." The old one said with a slight smile on his lips.

"Yes, he did." Brandon acknowledged, nodding his head.

"You've been the leader for two months now. You may be young, but you have done much for our clan in that time." He said. "However, the young-lings are getting restless. They want blood."

"I hope to do much more for the clan's benefit." Brandon said, looking up at the stars. The last thing he wanted was to have blood on his paws.

"Think about it."

Brandon watched the old bear toddle off to his cabin where he lived with his two omegas. He turned and strode toward the corrals where the animals were kept.

It was a peaceful night, full of beauty and wonder, but it eluded him. There were so many things screaming in his mind, demanding his attention. He just needed to be alone. To contemplate these thoughts.

Foremost were the were-wolves demanding his attention. He didn't feel the same way about these creatures as the others did. He said nothing, because he knew he'd be scorned and maybe even kicked from the pack. Or worse.

His mind wandered back to when he was a cub out exploring alone. He'd slipped away from the clan and was pretending to be on a great hunt like his forefathers as he stalked a rabbit through the forest.

He heard a sound and turned, fully expecting to see an adult coming to scold him from wandering away from the safety of the camp. To his surprise, though, it was a wolf cub.

The two cubs stared at each other for several, long minutes. Cautiously, they greeted each other and soon began talking about hunting and other things.

They spent the whole day talking and hunting what turned out to be grasshoppers and butterflies. The rabbit had slipped away, but they didn't care, they were just having fun.

The pup showed him some things and told him about his people and how they lived. Fascinated, Brandon listened intently, asking more questions than the pup had time to answer. Everything the were-wolf pup told him was completely different from what his elders had told him around the campfire.

The pup wanted to know about his culture, and he gladly explained it to him. They laughed, made jokes and told scary stories until they noticed the shadows creeping through the trees.

Knowing they both needed to go back to their respective packs, they made a pact to meet again the next day, if possible.

The days turned into weeks, which melded into months as the two friends from different cultures met at their secret hideaway. They wanted no one to know where they were.

It was the disapproving adults, they knew, that would try to stop their friendship. After all, they were supposed to be sworn enemies, ready to kill one another at a moment's notice.

One day, his friend didn't return to their meeting place. Brandon went there for months on end, without seeing his friend. He tried to find the camp of the wolves, but couldn't. His lack of experience in tracking prevented him from accomplishing his goal.

Brandon thought of his long-lost friend with sadness in his heart. He wished with all his might that he could meet him once again.

Could things have changed between them? Had his pack indoctrinated him? Brandon shook his head, not knowing the answers. Longing filled his heart.

Brandon told no one of his experience. He knew exactly what would've happened. His elders would've killed his friend right before his eyes. He would allow no one to hurt him, whom he considered his brother.

His experience made him wonder if bears and wolves couldn't get along. Could they really work together and share this land?

Brandon shook his head and sighed. As the Alpha of his clan, he needed to take an omega as a mate. He wanted to meet his fated mate and have a bunch of cute little bear cubs running around.

He'd enjoy teaching the young, who were the future of the clan, skills they would need as adults.

None of the omegas in his clan pleased him, though. He didn't feel a connection with any of them, though many vied for his attention.

The night may have been peaceful, however his heart wasn't. All he could think of was his wolf friend, Jared.

Where was he? Why didn't he show up at their meeting place, deep in the forest? He hadn't seen him for years.

Did he grow angry at him? Brandon couldn't think of a thing he'd done to offend him.

Had he been caught? If he had, he knew he'd have been punished.

He fiddled with a piece of deer antler as he thought of Jared.

One night when Brandon was a cub, he snuck out of his cabin and went to the hiding place. He waited for a few seconds before hearing something rustle behind him.

"Got ya!" Jared pounced out of the thicket, knocking him over as they wrestled on the ground, laughing.

After wrestling, they sat up, brushing themselves off.

"I've got something for you." Brandon said as he handed him a stuffed teddy bear.

"What's this?" Jared asked, taking the gift. He smelled it and realized that it was very precious and important to Brandon.

"It's been in my family for many generations - before we even came to this land. It's been handed down from alpha father to alpha son and so my father give it to me. Now I'm giving it to you.

"Wow!" Jared shook his head and felt the honor of his friend's gift. This was something that couldn't be replaced and he was giving it to him. "I'll never let it leave my side. I will value it like our friendship forever."

Brandon smiled. It was so precious to him that it was beyond value in monetary terms.

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