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The Alpha Wolf's Baby Kittens

The Alpha Wolf's Baby Kittens

Copyright © 2018 by Akita StarFire

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Everyone in this story is 18 or older and NOT blood related.

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The Alpha Wolf's Baby Kittens

"When will I find my Fated Mate?" Lupine DarkShadow sighed as he rushed to the scene. A cat was stuck in an oak tree and he, of course, had to get the damn thing down.

It was a typical day of a fireman. Saving people's lives, getting cats down from trees and putting out fires with his alpha brothers.

This was the one task he loathed more than any others. Cats were insufferable!

To him, cats were furballs to be chased and teased. They were stupid for climbing trees and getting stuck and then yowling. Once you'd saved their necks, they strutted off, flicking their tails in the air.


He rolled his eyes as he stopped his fire truck in front of the tree where the cat was.

Lupine looked upward and saw a small, white cat with deep blue eyes. At first he thought it was going to be just an ordinary cat, but when he locked eyes with the feline, he felt as if he was struck in the solar plexus.

Fire coursed through his blood and his heart pounded so fast that he grew dizzy. He wondered what was wrong with him?

His knees knocked together as if they were made of wax and couldn't support his weight. The were-wolf unsteadily climbed the oak toward the cat.

"Help me!" The cat's mournful yowl pierced his heart.

Pity made him climb faster. Poor kitty.

"This is strange. I've never liked cats. The only good cat is a chased cat." He muttered under his breath as he reached the poor little mew mew.

The small feline looked at him with his large, piercing blue eyes. Lupine sniffed the air and read the poor cat's scent.

"No! It can't be! You're my Fated Mate!" The words fell from his lips as the little feline jumped into his arms.

A cat? This had to joke, right? Some cosmic mix-up.

The kitty purred in his arms, calming his fast-beating heart. He loved the cat's warm body snuggled against his chest. The feeling of protecting this cat overcame him.

"What's your name?" He gave a soft growl as he scratched him behind his ears.


"I don't know cat-ese." He looked around to see if anyone was watching them. Of course they were.

The cat caressed his long muzzle with his small paw, purring.

When he climbed down, he was wondering what to do with this feline. How was he going to explain this to his friends? He was a wolf that chased cats - now his Fated Mate was one?

Oh, they'd have a blast with that one.

Reaching the ground, he decided that - as long as the cat was willing - he would keep him. Was he a stray?

He knew he had to win the cat's trust.

"Hey!" He gave a surprised yelp as the cat nimbly jumped from his arms and flicked his tail up as he vanished down the alley.


"Come back here! Stupid cat!"

Lupine turned into a large, dark brown wolf with emerald eyes as he followed the cat. Why did fate make his Fated Mate a cat of all creatures?

He rushed into the alley with his nose to the ground. The cat's smell was burned into his mind. He was so focused on the scent of the feline, that he ran straight into a brick wall.

What? He looked around. There were three brick walls and no cat to be seen. Where was he?

"How did you vanish so quickly?" He growled, more mystified than anything else. That's not how the chase is supposed to be!

"Where are you? Here kitty kitty." Lupine felt stupid.

After searching for hours with no trace of the cat, he finally gave up. But he vowed he'd find him.

He couldn't let anything stop him from searching for that white cat! In fact, all he could think about was that darn cat.

He couldn't even do his work. Every time he saw a white cat, he had to pull over and investigate it.

Of course, it was always the wrong cat.

Lupine tossed and turned under the sheets as he dreamed of his white cat. When he awoke, drenched with sweat, an intense feeling of longing coursed through his soul. He howled out his frustration.

All for a damned cat!

But this cat was different. He sat up and went into the small kitchen. Grabbing a piece of paper and a pen, Lupine scribbled a picture of a white cat.

"It's not the best, but it will do." Lupine muttered to himself, admiring his work.

Now he’d be able to find him, because people will have seen him. He thought of how good it would be to find his fated mate again. This time, he wasn't going to let that stupid cat slip through his paws.

With a yawn, he headed back to bed. It would be a big day tomorrow as he vowed to find his cat.

Just before jumping in bed, he saw the forecast for rain.


Lupine jumped awake at the roar of thunder that vibrated through the pewter-hued cotton-ball clouds. It would be a gray, rainy day but that didn't dampen his hope.

Swift as the wind, he dressed and then headed out. He came back in and grabbed his umbrella, then slammed the door behind him.

Lupine stopped at one house and knocked on the door as he thought about his cat. He was full of hope at finding this omega. Surely someone would know who or where the white cat was.

"Yeah. What do you want?" A were-badger snapped as he glared at the were-wolf.

The wolf stood in the slashing rain with his umbrella, holding out a picture. Of what, the badger didn't have a clue.

"Let me see that!" He snatched the drawing from his hand.

He turned it one way, then another, peering at it through skeptical eyes. Then he glared at the wolf.

"What is this? A horse?" He growled, suspicious of some type of trick.

"No. It's a white cat." Lupine flattened his ears.

"Did your five-year-old son draw this?"

"I don't have a son! Not yet, anyway. And if I don't find this cat, I never will. Have you seen a white cat around lately?" Lupine inquired, needing to find his omega.

"You can't be serious! Nobody can draw this bad!"

"Sir, have you seen a white cat?" He said getting very annoyed at the badger.

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