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The Alpha Tiger's Forbidden Babies

The Alpha Tiger's Forbidden Babies

Copyright © 2018 by Akita StarFire

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Everyone in this story is 18 or older and NOT blood related.

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Chapter 1

"I will save him, alpha father, and there is nothing you can do about it! I'm a healer and it's my purpose in life." Heath washed the sweat, blood and grime from the unconscious, powerful body of the strange alpha.

An enemy to his clan, the Golden Claws.

"No! He's not of our family! This alpha is a were-tiger and we mustn't mingle with them."

As usual, the were-cat rolled his eyes, wondering about his alpha father, Mitch, as he bellowed like a water buffalo who'd been stung by a hornet. Until he came up with a smart reply.

"Oh? So I'm mingling with him now and having a great conversation with him? I never would have guessed!" The small, silver were-cat, in his human form, said as he bathed the alpha's face with his cloth, working down his neck and to his broad chest. His hands lingered on the alpha's washboard abs a little longer than needed.

He's so strong and handsome and his lips look so tempting. He felt a strong sense of tenderness and pride in caring for him. Something else he felt was his heat. The strange, handsome alpha's scent was intoxicating and he became slick.

If his father knew, he would be furious.

Why? He didn't want any alphas in his life. He wanted to raise his babies alone. Alpha's were just so domineering!

"When he wakes, out he goes! You are to be married to Jim, the great alpha lion, who is both famous and wealthy. You know that." The omega's alpha father pointed out, glaring at his wayward son.

"Alpha Father! I don't care if Jim's famous or wealthy, I still haven't decided to marry him! He already has two mates, how can he love me with the other omegas around?"

"You should. And you will. Your new alpha mate is rich and can support you and all the many grandchildren that I demand." He glared at his son.

Heath felt compelled to obey, but deep inside, he rebelled. Was it his life he was living or his father's?

He sat rigid in his chair, feeling the boiling heat rise in his blood. Why should I marry him? I don't even know him!

"If you admire and love him so much, why don't you marry him yourself?" Heath said, grinding his teeth together.

His alpha father snarled and pulled back his fist to strike him. The alpha's eyes glowed with the fury of hell.


The two fighting cats swiveled toward the deep, husky growl of the tiger who interrupted them. They gazed at the large, imposing man-tiger who studied them with proud, emerald eyes.

The hair on the back of Heath's neck stood up and his knees grew weak at the sound of the big cat's purring, rumbling voice. He completely forgot what he and his father were fighting about.

"Our tribes have fought for generations. This small gesture of peace will go a long way. Your son could heal both our tribes. My name is Trag." His voice was so deep and husky that a nearby plate rattled and nearly fell.

"Nice try, tiger." Mitch growled, once he regained his composure. "You are my prisoner and when you're able to walk, I'm taking you to the council and they will decide your fate."

Heath looked at his father with his mouth agape.

'How could you do that? He came here under the white flag of truce and you attacked him! How is that fair?"

His father gave him a cold, hard stare before turning his attention to the large, helpless alpha, who gazed back unafraid.

"He came here for peace! To end this silly war from the beginning of time! You had your men attack him! Why?" Heath sprang to his feet, his eyes blazing with fury.

"You're an omega and wouldn't understand such things." Mitch's deep, vibrating growl flowed through the room like a thunder storm.

"Why wouldn't I understand?" Heath folded his arms across his small chest.

"Because you're a lowly omega. You have inferior reasoning abilities. You're far too emotional and can't be trusted with anything but the most minor of decisions." Mitch spat, the veins in his forehead bulging.

Heath was struck dumb. Relief flooded through his body when his alpha father turned and marched from the room, his head high and his back straight.

A moment of silence passed before either man spoke.

"You're spunky. I've never seen an omega with such spirit." Trag's voice reeled him back from his thoughts.

"Really?" Heath turned and studied the sexy man. His eyes were so deep they threatened to suck him in. Heat rose from his body and he couldn't tear his gaze away. There was something about the tiger that called to him. Something deep and mysterious.

"You must leave. As soon as you're able." Heath urged, lightly touching his shoulder.

"No!" Trag growled, sending shivers through the omega's heat-laden body.

"Why not?" Heath allowed his hand to linger on the alpha's shoulder.

"I've come to talk peace. If I run, I fail." He explained.

"Then your life is in danger." Heath held the alpha's strong gaze for a moment longer, then turned and left.

Chapter 2

Heath retired for the night, but couldn't sleep a wink. Tossing and turning in his soft, comfortable bed, he sighed as he tried counting mice. Even that didn't work.

There was something about this stranger that tugged at him. What happened in that room? For the first time in his life, his heat had bloomed. It had only grown stronger since they had been separated.

Why was this alpha affecting him so? Was it because this was a forbidden love? He was certain the large tiger thought nothing of him. He had probably already forgotten about him.

That only served to drive his heat higher.

Sleep eluded him. Perhaps a bowl of warm milk would lull him to sleep. Fat chance, but he could try. He had to try something. Or his heat would drive him mad.

"Who am I kidding? All alphas are control freaks and they wouldn't allow omegas to be themselves." He rolled his eyes as he stumbled into the kitchen to boil some milk.

He dreamed of one day finding a strong, powerful alpha who would be his friend as well as lover. Shaking his head, he knew he had to give up such fantasies. Omegas were considered chattel to be bartered off from alpha father to alpha mate.

Not that he didn't want to mate, but he wanted to know the alpha that he was getting married to and have feelings for him first.

Peeking into the guest room, he noticed the large, hunky alpha sitting in his bed. Watching him silently, his heat grew. Finally, his curiosity urged him to enter.

Trag glanced up and smiled when he saw him. A warm feeling rushed through Heath that he couldn't understand as he saw the tiger's smile touch his eyes.

"What's wrong? You can't sleep, either?" Heath spoke as he gazed at the strong man.

"Woke up because of a dream. I'm trying to figure out the dream's meaning." Trag said in a low voice.

Sitting beside him, he rubbed his hand over the tiger's broad, muscular shoulders and felt a stirring within him. He loved the feel of the man's iron hard muscles under his skin.

"How are your wounds?" He asked, not thinking one bit about his wounds.

They talked throughout the night and parted in the morning. Heath was so tired that he dropped right into a sound sleep.

The days passed, turning into a week as they talked and shared secrets. Heath learned more about the Raging Bull clan.

They became closer and he grew more comfortable about sharing his goals and dreams; the precious pearls he had kept from his father as he would have squished them like everything else he touched.

It felt good to have a friend to talk to.

Heath awoke again to a familiar, restless stirring within his loins. His ass was slick with his heat. Instead of taking care of his own pleasure, he slipped down the hall to the mending alpha's room.

Shivering in front of the were-tiger, he boldly dropped his robe to the floor.

Trag gazed at him with obvious lust in his eyes. Heath smiled at the tiger's reaction. No man had gazed upon his naked body.

"You know what you're doing, right? You understand the consequences?" Trag crossed the room and locked the door.

Heath watched emotions flit across the were-tiger's face. What was he thinking? He shivered again as his heat filled the still air of the room.

"Yes." He finally replied, his voice husky and full of need. "Do you?" He took a hesitant step toward to the powerful alpha, a slight smile spread across his lips.

As if in answer to his question, Trag reached out and grasped the omega's small hands and pulled him to his masculine chest.

Heath's heart hammered in his chest. Trag's fingers traced over his face, sending tingles through him as feverish need caused him to kissed Trag's lips softly, exploring them.

The two men embraced as Heath lightly kissed the alpha's strong lips. He lightly traced his fingers over them and Trag opened his mouth and sucked on it.

Heath trembled as Trag ran his hands all over his small, omega body. The alpha leaned forward and kissed his neck, running his lips all down his chest, past his belly and to his manhood. All the while, leaving hot, wet kiss trails all over Heath's exposed flesh.

Heath shuddered he felt the older man's breath near his aching cock. He grew slicker thinking about how forbidden their union was. If his alpha father found out that he had mated with a were-tiger, there was no telling what he would do.

It would be even worse if he had his babies.

At the moment, that thought was as intoxicating as the alpha's scent. He needed him. His inner heat throbbed in his loins and the second Trag's tongue touched the underside of his cock-head, he moaned out loud.

His heat exploded as the alpha tiger engulfed his flaming manhood, nearly causing him to crumple to the ground.

Trag caught the inexperienced omega and held him close as he worked his lips all over and around his lover's cock. Heath could scarcely breathe as fiery, wicked feelings coursed through him. He was now certain that there was a heaven. And it contained powerful, hunky, were-beasts such as Trag who knew exactly how to please virgin omegas.

By the time Trag had finished pleasuring the omega, Heath was so ready that his ass was completely slick.

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