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International Narcotics

Enforcement & Tracking

Book 4

Brenda Cothern

I.N.E.T. 4

By Brenda Cothern © 2017

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To all my fans who love Knight & Slade, this one is for you.


A special thanks to my new “office”, JT’s Roadhouse, for letting me take up space in order to set the guys free!

Of course, I have to once again thank my beta team, both those who have been with me for several books and all of the new members who have joined me for this one.

Lora, Shirley, Danielle, Melissa, Lori, & Virginia. I would be lost without you guys! Thanks for all your hard work 


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Table of Contents













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Boom! … Boom!

Every head in the North American, Southeastern Division of the International Narcotics Enforcement and Tracking agency looked through the glass doors of their office. The five agents present were all on their feet, weapons in hand, and moving into position to cover the elevator and stairs by the time the fire sprinklers kicked on.

“Shit!” Hunt hollered the moment water started to fall from the ceiling. He lowered his weapon, but didn’t holster it before he was grabbing his coworkers’ suit jackets to cover their workstations.

At least this time it’s not red glittery shit raining down on us, Hunt briefly thought after he joined Payne behind one of their sections of hell.

The phones on every desk began to ring at the same time, but none of the agents moved to answer them. The annoying noise was not a priority at the moment. The explosives that shook their floor were, even if it was doubtful they were actually under attack. Abruptly, the screeching of the phones cut off. Seconds later, the director stormed out of his office.

“I am going to fucking kill him!”

All five agents groaned. Anytime Jonathan Chadwick Fisher, Jr. uttered those words there was only one agent he could be referring to and it wasn’t anyone present.

“Hunt, kill these fucking sprinklers,” Fish ordered. “The rest of you put those weapons away before I am tempted to order you to shoot Slade’s ass on sight.”

The whole mess was like déjà vu since Slade pulled the same shit six months ago, minus the explosion, because he was going bat shit crazy being stuck in the office. Zep shook his head and joined Hunt to kill the sprinklers. Payne stood with them and it really felt like the three agents were experiencing a do over. They had just killed the sprinklers when the elevator dinged.

The five INET agents didn’t even bother to look in the direction of the elevator. They looked at their boss instead. A vein was throbbing at Fish’s temple and his face was flushed in fury. The shit was about to hit the fan and when Fish drew his weapon, they all turned to see their two fellow agents who had just stepped through the glass door to the office.

Slade was grinning like a fool and it was obvious Knight wanted to kill him. He was pinching the bridge of his nose so hard that he would likely have finger bruises. Both agents smelled of smoke, but only Knight’s suit was a rumpled mess as was his hair.

The unexpected sound of gunfire had every person in the room except the shooter, hit the deck and scramble to get their weapons out again while scanning for the threat.

“Fuck Fish!” Slade cursed before the sounds of a fist hitting a body filled the silence of the office.

“I am going to fucking beat the ever living hell out of you!” Knight’s angry voice roared at the same time Slade grunted.

The grunts and groans of a punch up wrestling match grew louder and there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Slade’s partner was beating the hell out of him. No one moved to intervene. Hell, as far as every agent in the room was concerned, Slade deserved every bruise Knight gave him. They couldn’t see their fellow agents, but they could see their boss. So, they watched as Fish stormed toward where Knight was pummeling away on Slade by the sound of it, but he never reached his employees before another shot was fired.

They, Fish included, had all been so focused on the sounds of Knight and Slade fighting that not a single agent, trained to be situationally aware, noticed the new arrival before he fired.

Several things happen at once. The five agents hit the floor again. The sounds of Knight beating the shit out of his partner stopped. Fish ducked behind a cubicle wall and cursed. And, the shooter yelled.

“I am so fucking tempted to put the next bullet in your fucking ass Slade.”

“Don’t!” Lita and Spider yelled at the same time when they recognized the shooter’s voice.

“Let me get out of the way first,” Knight growled at the same time Fish roared “God dammit, Dietrich!” Fish stood and glared at his inventory and acquisitions agent.

“Nobody fires their weapon in my office!” Fish stormed toward Deat. “Hand it over.”

Deat matched Fish’s glare with one of his own. He held out his weapon, but didn’t release it when Fish went to take it from him.

“Who are you handing yours over to, boss?” Deat’s tone was totally serious and he raised a questioning brow at Fish.

Slade’s muffled chuckle opened the floodgates of amusement over Deat’s question. Lita laughed at Deat’s genuinely curious expression and the stupidity of yet another one of Slade’s stunts. The others joined in and they received a death glare from Fish. They all ignored him because they weren’t going to be the target of Fish’s wrath.

“Shut the fuck up,” Fish growled. “You,” Fish pointed to Deat, “Put that fucking thing away.” Fish indicated Deat’s gun before he turned toward where he was sure Knight and Slade were still lying behind the cubicle wall. “You two dipshits get in my office.” Fish turned back to Deat. “You, too.”

Fish was halfway to his office when roars of laughter exploded behind him. He wasn’t sure he wanted to look and see what the cause was. It had something to do with Slade, no doubt. Fish bowed his head, pinched the bridge of his nose, and turned. He was still pinching his nose when he looked back at his three agents who were following him to his office. If he wasn’t still royally pissed off, he would’ve laughed along with his agents. Even while still seeing red, Fish couldn’t prevent the corners of his mouth from twitching.

Slade looked like he had gone five rounds in the ring. He did with Knight, minus the ring. It was obvious that both men had been brawling judging from the various bruises that were starting to form and the state of their suits. However, that wasn’t the cause for the laughter that echoed off the office walls.

No, the cause was over how Knight restrained his partner. Slade was handcuffed in one of the most uncomfortable positions and was one suspects wouldn’t get out of without dislocating a shoulder. One arm was bent so that his hand was behind his head while the other was bent behind his back. The position was only obtainable if the suspect was very flexible or two sets of handcuffs were used.

Fish had no doubt Knight used two sets. Slade was just too muscular to be that flexible. Each agent only carried one set of cuffs normally, so Fish knew Knight had to have used Slade’s own cuffs on him along with his issued set. Once more Fish felt his lips pull into a smile that he barely caught and turned into a smirk.

“Shut it,” Slade growled out at his coworkers when he walked by Fish.

Applause for Knight joined the laughter, but all he did was push Slade toward Fish’s office. Fish ignored Slade’s angry glare when he walked by. His employee had no idea what angry really was, but he was about to find out. Knight followed Slade and Deat brought up the rear.

The smell of smoke that wafted off of Knight and Deat was strong and only made its absence on Slade more pronounced. Fish groaned again and resisted pinching his nose. God only knew what Slade tried to blow up this time that made his coworkers reek while he still smelled shower fresh. God only knew, but Fish was about to find out.

“Okay, you fuckwits.”

Fish glared at all three agents. He once again fought a smile at seeing Slade in the uncomfortable position which was surely worse now that his ass was planted in a chair. Knight stood next to his pain in the ass partner as if expecting Slade to either break free of the cuffs or try to bolt in order to avoid the ass chewing that was incoming. Deat sat on the chair next to Slade and Fish had never before seen their usually easy going and mellow agent so furious.

“Who wants to start?”

“That mother fucker,” Deat jabbed a pointing finger at Slade. “Is a God damn menace and going to get all of us fucking killed.”

“I know that. What I don’t know is what the hell he did this time.” Fish continued to glare.

“Why do you always assume it’s my fault, Fish? I’m the only one who is still semi presentable.”

“What he did was almost get me fucking killed!” Deat yelled.

Slade smirked and Fish tensed for the reaction he knew Knight would have to his partner’s expression. However, it wasn’t Knight who reacted. It was Deat. The left hook came out of nowhere and connected solidly with Slade’s jaw. His head snapped to the side and the force behind Deat’s punch caused Slade’s body to lean into Knight.

“Jesus Christ,” Slade cursed.

“I’m sure you deserved that,” Fish commented calmly. “And it usually is you who causes any mayhem around here.”

“It’s not…” Slade started, but Fish held up a hand to shut him the hell up.

“Knight, tell me what the hell happened and you two,” Fish pointed at Slade and Deat. “Keep your traps shut.”

“We went down to see Deat about getting some more rounds so we could tutor a few recruits on the firing range.”

“And give Slade something to shoot,” Fish added knowingly.

“Deat was doing inventory and had just received a shipment of a new type of grenade,” Knight continued.

“The ones with the concussion, light, and sleeping smoke?” Fish asked because he knew Deat was waiting on the new grenade prototype.

Deat was about to confirm those were the ones, but Fish’s glare warning him to keep his mouth shut was enough to stop him. Fish looked at Knight to indicate he should continue.

“Those were the ones,” Knight confirmed. “Deat explained them to us and my idiot partner grabbed two and started juggling them.

Fish grimaced. “Tell me he didn’t blow up the requisition area.”

“No. We left and were just outside the door on our way to the range when Deat came barreling after us. He was yelling at Slade to give the grenades back. Neither of us had noticed Slade pocket two of them after he seemed to return them to the box before we left. I turned to demand Slade give them back and by then Deat had reached us.

“Deat was still yelling at Slade and of course the ass just thought it was amusing. So, I grabbed him and gave him a few shakes before he broke free of me. My shit head partner put about ten feet between us and the building before he pulled those damn grenades from his pocket and started juggling them again.”

Fish groaned because he had a pretty clear mental picture of what his insane agent did next. He pinched his nose again and casually waved at Knight for the man to finish explaining this fiasco.

“He accidentally.” Knight used air quotes around the word accidentally. “Pulled a pin. His “oh shit” was the only warning before he tossed it into the air. Deat went to knock me to the ground at the same time I went for him and this one,” Knight smacked Slade upside the head none too gently.

“Hey,” Slade tried to move away so his partner couldn’t smack his head again.

“Shut it,” Fish growled without lowering his fingers from the bridge of his nose.

“The damn thing went off twenty feet from us. We had just lifted our heads when he yelled “incoming” and the second grenade landed the same distance away on the other side of us.”

Fish didn’t need to hear the rest. He knew Slade was insane, but usually his addiction to blowing shit up was reserved for when he was out in the field on a case. He’d never tried to blow up anything up on campus and Fish already had a headache that was sure to only get worse once his boss demanded an explanation.

“Deat, go get a shower and get back to work.” The look Fish leveled on Deat dared him to argue the order. “Knight, go do the same and Slade, put your fucking arms down.”

Both Deat and Knight glared at Slade when he did as ordered. The smirk Slade leveled on them earned him another smack upside the head from his partner.

“What are you two waiting for?” Fish looked at Deat and Knight. “Get the hell out of my office.”

They did as told and as soon as Fish had Slade alone he sighed as if he were tired beyond measure. He hated what he was about to do because Slade was his best agent. However, he had no choice though, since Slade somehow thought he was untouchable at INET.

“You are suspended without pay until further notice.”

“Ah, come on, Fish.” Slade leaned forward and rested his forearms on his knees while he picked the locks on the two remaining cuffs around his wrists. “They needed to be tested and it’s not that bad.” Slade grinned. “It’s actually kind of funny.” The look Fish leveled on Slade made him think his last comment likely went too far.

“Out.” Fish pointed toward the door of his office. “Don’t come back until I call you.”

Slade knew his expression was one of shock. After all the stunts he’d pulled while he was trapped in the office, Fish had never suspended him without pay. Usually, Fish would send them out into the field even if it was only to do surveillance. He hated surveillance, but he hated being stuck in the office even more. Apparently, he underestimated Fish’s response this time. Then again he had never caused an explosion at HQ before.

Slade left Fish’s office and none of his coworkers spared him a glance. They must have heard Fish suspend him because they all seemed engrossed in the work they all hated when trapped in the office. Knight and Deat were nowhere to be seen since they were in the showers for sure.

Slade cringed at the thought as he stepped into the elevator. His cringe had nothing to do with Deat and everything to do with Knight. His partner and lover was beyond pissed over his latest stunt. He would be even more furious over his custom tailored suit being ruined. Slade wasn’t looking forward to seeing Knight when his lover returned home from work.


An hour after leaving Fish’s office, Knight returned to his workstation. He was still pissed off at Slade, but not nearly as furious as before his shower. Knight couldn’t say the same for Deat. The requisitions agent was still enraged over Slade’s stunt and beyond angry at the man if the repeated curses attached to Slade’s name while they showered were any indication of how he really felt.

“Lita, Knight, my office, now.”

Knight’s ass hadn’t even settled into his chair before Fish called him and Lita. Just the fact that Fish called Lita with him told Knight that whatever his boss wanted had nothing to do with Slade’s shit.

“I’m sending you to South Carolina,” Fish informed them once their asses planted in the chairs across from his desk. “The restaurant is called Midnight’s and you start work in two days, Knight.”

“Please tell me I’m not doing anything with cooking because there’s no way in hell I can become a chef in two days.”

“Sure you can,” Fish said seriously.

“Fish, I...” Fish’s grin stopped Knight from finishing. “Asshole,” Knight mumbled and ignored Lita’s chuckle.

“You’re joining the wait staff,” Fish informed. “That way you can track anyone coming and going.”

“And me?” Lita remained relaxed in his chair. “Wait, let me guess. Dishwasher.”

“And that,” Fish deadpanned and pointed sarcastically at Lita. “Is why you’re an INET agent.”

“So, who is the suspect? The owner, an employee, or both?” Knight inquired and accepted the folder Fish held out.

“All of the above.” Fish handed Knight the op folder and leaned back in his chair before folding his hands on his stomach. “Chris Harrison has been under since we busted the Blades. He is posing as an international businessman. Doug Maxim, his partner, is currently the host at the restaurant which is how he had influence to get you both hired.”

“Is he the guy you brought with you that Lita was flirting with?” Knight grinned at his fellow agent.

“I wasn’t flirting, you ass.” Lita shoved Knight’s shoulder. “I knew Chris in high school, but had no idea he’d joined the FBI.”

“What the hell are FBI agents doing undercover posing as buyers for drugs?” Knight looked at Fish curiously.

“The FBI is tracking Charles Harn, who is wanted for money laundering for the New York mob,” Fish explained. “They knew drugs were involved before they sent in Harrison.”

“So, why us and not the DEA?” Knight inquired.

Lita answered before Fish had the chance. “They wanted the bust for themselves more than likely and then found out the drugs were coming from outside the country.”

“Or he is just doing Fish a favor by giving us the bust on the drugs,” Knight stated and smirked at Lita before he continued. “Then again, maybe he just wants to see you again.”

Lita laughed. “Screw you, Knight. It’s not like that. Shit, I’m not even gay like the rest of you assholes’. We were just reconnecting.”

“Reconnecting. Right. Someone might want to tell Harrison that,” Knight quirked while he finished reading through the file Fish had handed him fifteen minutes ago.

“Okay you two shits.” Fish leaned forward. “Get your standard gear from Deat. I’ll send Hunt and Payne down to back you up. Hunt will give you the surveillance shit you need, but he and Payne won’t be staying with either of you. You won’t be staying together, either. Deat will send you the details about where you’ll be staying,” Fish informed them. “Now get the hell out.”

Both INET agents stood and walked toward the open door to Fish’s office. Lita had already stepped out when Fish called out to Knight who turned to look at his boss.

“Slade is suspended.”

“What? Are you fucking insane?” Knight walked back toward Fish and stood in front of his director’s desk. “He’s a terror during down time in the office. Do you know what kind of chaos he can stir up without some sort of work to do?”

“Yeah, I do, but he shouldn’t have tried to blow up two of my agents and part of my damn building!” Fish’s voice steadily gained volume.

“But, suspended?”

“He should’ve thought of that before he pulled this stunt.” Fish glared at Knight as if it was his fault Slade pulled this kind of shit or as if Knight could have stopped his partner and chose to let him set off the grenades instead.

“Can’t you at least send him with Hunt and Payne to do surveillance?”

“No. He needs to learn he can’t do shit like this, Knight.” Fish sighed. “I’m still catching hell over the last sprinkler stunt that left red shit everywhere.”

Knight ran a hand over his face just thinking about that particular prank Slade had pulled. His best suit was ruined and the fucker wasn’t cheap. Beating Slade's ass was almost as gratifying as sex with him was, but Knight was sure the ass kicking he'd given Slade earlier wasn't going to result in incredible sex later. Especially, once Slade heard Knight was heading to South Carolina without him.

“I get it, but don’t blame me for any of the shit he does while I’m undercover in South Carolina,” Knight growled out and turned to leave.


Jesus Christ. Am I ever going to get the hell out of this office? Knight thought before he turned back to his boss once more.

“Don’t tell Slade where you are going.” Fish stared bullets at Knight. “He is suspended and I don’t need him fucking up this op.”

Knight gave Fish a nod and mentally cursed the man again. There was no way in hell Slade would be okay with him going undercover somewhere without knowing exactly where, especially if Slade wouldn’t be permitted to back him up.

There was no sign of Lita, Hunt, or Payne when Knight stepped out of Fish’s office and headed to his desk. His ass had barely planted in his shitty rolling chair before Zep and Spider were leaning over the partition that separated his and Slade’s workspace from theirs.

“So, how much shit is Slade in this time?” Zep grinned and the amusement in his voice was clear as day.

“He’s suspended,” Knight informed them with a frown that let both of his coworkers know he wasn’t pleased with Fish’s decision.

Spider whistled at the same time Zep practically shouted, “Oh shit!”

Spider glanced at his partner and Knight wanted to grin at the former ATF agent’s surprised expression over his partner’s reaction to the news.

“It can’t be the first time that asshole has been suspended.” Spider looked between them. Neither Knight nor Zep replied. “Is it?” Spider inquired. “How the hell is that even possible with all the shit he blows up?”

Knight shrugged and Zep continued to look worried. “Lita said you guys are going under in South Carolina and that Hunt and Payne are backing you up.” Zep met Knight’s pale blue eyes and was sure the concern in Knight’s gaze was mirrored in his own. “You know he’s going to follow you up to South Carolina.”

“Fish ordered me not to tell him.”

Spider whistled again and Zep repeated, “Oh shit”, before just shaking his head and walking away.

“Are you going to follow that order, Knight?” Spider’s question was practically asked on a whisper.


“What the hell, man? Slade’s not my favorite person, but damn. Not telling your partner where you are going under? That’s fucked up.”

“I can’t risk him blowing our cover and if he knows where I’m going he will just insert himself. All that will accomplish is making shit worse for him with Fish and risk getting us and the Feds killed,” Knight explained his logic to Spider as if he were talking to a six-year-old.

“Still, that’s fucked up, man.”

Knight didn’t bother to reply before Spider walked away and Knight shut down his computer. He grabbed his keys off the desk and didn’t even bother to say goodbye to Zep and Spider before he stepped on the elevator.

Lita was still bullshitting with Hunt and Payne who were waiting for Deat to finish gathering the surveillance equipment they would require for the op. Knight was glad to have caught Lita before the man left so he could give his temporary partner the folder Fish had handed him in his office.

Knight’s speed reading allowed him to absorb everything in the file, little as it was, while he had sat in Fish’s office. His photographic memory allowed him to recall the entire file, so he no longer needed it. However, Lita did, so he held out the file to him.

“Thanks.” Lita nodded at Knight.

“We are going to head down tomorrow night and get your apartments set up,” Hunt informed Lita and Knight. “Deat gave us the addresses.”

“I sent them to your phones as well,” Deat chimed in just as two cell phones dinged.

Deat came out of a row of shelving with two hard cases in his hands. He handed them over to Payne. He slid a third box that sat on his work table to Hunt.

“Your laptop and two monitors,” Deat informed Hunt. “I’ll overnight the rest.”

“Sounds good,” Hunt agreed and didn’t make a fuss when Payne handed him the two smaller hard cases to carry before he picked up the heavier box.

Hunt and Payne turned to leave when Deat called out, “Keys.”

Payne shifted the box in his arms just in time to free up a hand to catch the keys Deat threw at his head.

“Ass.” Payne grinned and pushed the keys into his front pocket.

Lita and Knight were still chuckling while watching their coworkers leave when Deat spoke again, “Yours.”

“Jesus, Deat,” Lita cursed and fumbled to catch the keys that bounced off his chest.

“Knight.” Deat held out the keys to the apartment Knight would be using for the op.

“What the hell? He gets special ‘no key beaning’ treatment?” Lita waved at Knight who just smirked.

“We are war brothers now,” Deat grinned.

“Yup, we survived Slade’s mini war,” Knight agreed and continued to smirk.

“Hrump,” Lita grunted and headed toward the door. “Keep smirking Knight and let me know how the real war Slade’s going to start turns out when he finds out you’re going on an op without him.”

“Fuck.” Knight scrubbed his face with a hand which effectively wiped his smirk away. Lita’s laugh was still echoing in the hall and was only silenced by the elevator doors closing.

“It’s going to be bad,” Knight groaned.

“It was probably going to be bad because he’s never been suspended. What it’s going to be now?” Deat shrugged. “Not sure there’s even a word for it.”

Knight groaned again. “I’m half tempted to go home with you tonight and to South Carolina with Hunt and Payne tomorrow night instead of going home.” Knight was seriously contemplating that option.

Deat laughed. “Yeah and make him a hundred times worse when you get back from the op. It’s your life man, but if you want to crash at my place you’re more than welcome.”

“Yeah,” Knight agreed about how pissed Slade would be when he got back from the op if he didn’t go home before he left for South Carolina.

“Here.” Deat pushed the case toward him.

“I can’t use my issued weapon? Or is this another backup piece?”

Knight took what he thought was a gun case and opened it. What he saw in the case sure as shit wasn’t a gun. Unless someone somewhere figured out how to turn Mary Kay shit into firearms.

“What the hell is this?”

Deat roared with laughter. “The look on your face. Oh shit,” Deat gasped for air in order to continue. “It’s makeup.”

“No shit, Sherlock,” Knight growled out. “What the hell do I need fucking makeup for?” Knight shut the case and pushed it back toward Deat. The fucker was still laughing and pushed the case back.

After a moment, Deat caught his breath. “To cover up Slade’s handiwork that will be very obvious come tomorrow.” Deat waved at Knight’s face.

Just being reminded of his brawl with his lover made his face start to throb. The thought that he’d have to wear fucking makeup on the op until the bruises disappeared made him want to kick Slade’s ass all over again. At least the asshole only clipped his cheek and jaw instead of giving him a black eye and a busted lip.

“Son of a bitch.” Knight ran a hand over his face again.

“You know how to apply this stuff?” Deat smirked.

“If I don’t, I guess you’re going to show me.”

“If I need to.” Deat’s smirk turned into a grin.

“I’ll manage.”

Knight glared at Deat and grabbed the handle of the makeup case so hard that the contents would’ve decorated the room had it not been securely closed. He stormed out of Requisitions and cursed Slade the entire ride home.


Slade heard Knight’s truck pull into the driveway. He didn’t bother to get up from where he sat on the sofa in nothing but a pair of INET training sweatpants. He’d only been home for three hours now and hadn’t moved from the couch except to get another beer. He was nursing them and still on his fourth when Knight stepped through the front door.

Shock. He was still in shock over Fish suspending him. That was the only explanation he could come up with for how he was currently feeling. Of all the shit he had ever pulled in the past, Fish had never suspended him.

Knight wasn’t sure what to expect when he walked into his house that he now shared with Slade. It sure as hell wasn’t to see his lover looking like a vegetable on their couch wearing next to nothing.

Hell, if he were honest, he expected Slade to be seething mad to the point of trashing the place. But no, Slade was practically zoning out at the TV while holding a bottle of beer. The TV wasn’t even on.

Knight set the damn makeup case down on the kitchen counter and removed his suit jacket. He gave no thought to draping his expensive jacket on top of the counter before he pulled a box of Ziploc bags from the cabinet.

Ice. I need ice and if I am lucky these bruises won’t need the fucking makeup.

Knight knew he was lying to himself but didn’t care as he filled three bags with crushed ice. He put the first bag against his ribs and used his arm to keep it there. A hiss escaped through his lips at the sudden cold and his entire body felt like it was covered in goosebumps. The second bag, he held to his face. It was just big enough to cover where Slade clipped him on the cheek and jaw. The last bag he made to replace one of Slade’s because whatever cold compress his lover made three hours ago would be nothing but water by now.

Slade tracked Knight when his lover walked into the kitchen. He watched Knight make ice bags and it dawned on him that he should have made himself some when he first came home. Knight would give him shit about not doing so in three, two…

“What the fuck, Slade?”

Knight stared down at his lover incredulously. At first, he thought Slade’s ice bags had melted to the point where he just set them aside. A quick glance at the couch and tables revealed that wasn’t the case. Knight knew he hadn’t hit Slade hard enough in the head for his lover not to take care of himself after they’d gone a few rounds.

It has to be the suspension.

“Take these though they’ll probably do you as good as they will me.” Knight thrust out all three ice bags.

“Not worth it, now.”

“Use the fucking ice,” Knight growled and dropped the three bags in his lover’s lap.

He didn’t wait to see if Slade moved them where they needed to be applied before he returned to the kitchen to make two more for himself. Knight wanted to rant at Slade for the shit with the grenades and for getting himself suspended because of his stunt. The thought to bitch about their punch up never even entered his mind. They beat each other up over stupid shit all the time, to the point anyone outside of their team thought they hated one another.

Slade continued to watch Knight. He knew his lover would be pissed when Knight came home, but Knight didn’t seem mad until he realized Slade hadn’t taken care of himself. Slade did so now by placing the ice bags where he could feel aches and pains turning into swollen bruises although he doubted they would do any good. However, Knight not fuming when he walked through the door made Slade’s gut twinge and not in a good way. No, it twinged in warning as if he were about to be shot unseen at any moment.

“What aren’t you telling me?” Slade dropped his bare feet from the coffee table and stared at his lover when Knight finally sat across from him.

Knight wasn’t sure why he was surprised that Slade figured out that Knight wasn’t telling him something. He just didn’t expect Slade to pinpoint it so soon. I should know better by now.

Still, Knight evaded his lover’s question with one of his own. “What the hell were you thinking when you pulled those fucking pins? And don’t even try to tell me it was an accident. You don’t do a damn thing by accident.”

“I sure as shit wasn’t thinking Fish would suspend me and don’t evade the question.”

“How could he not suspend you, Slade?” Knight’s voice raised and he leaned forward in the chair. “You could’ve put a fucking hole in HQ for fuck’s sake!”

“They didn’t land anywhere near the building.” Slade smirked. “And you still haven’t answered my question.” When Knight remained quiet, Slade frowned. “Fish didn’t suspend you too, did he?”

“No, but…”

Slade didn’t seem to hear him before his lover stood and started shouting. “He can’t fucking suspend you. You didn’t fucking do anything!” The ice bags fell to the floor and were long forgotten as Slade started to pace. “I’ll kick his ass. No, I’ll just tell him he can’t suspend you if he expects me to come back. Yes, that’s what I’ll tell him. This is on me. Hell, you were just near where they went off, he knows that. I’ll remind him.”

Knight watched Slade pace and run his hands through his dark hair. After his lover’s initial outburst, Slade was talking more to himself than to Knight. He would’ve found his lover’s behavior amusing especially since Slade’s native southern accent was making an appearance the longer he talked to himself, but he couldn’t. Slade was too genuinely upset that he’d been the reason Knight was being reprimanded at work for something he’d done.

Slade’s assumption wasn’t far-fetched, either, and Knight couldn’t fault his lover for making the assumption. Knight was always unreasonably held responsible for Slade’s shit and expected to keep a tight rein on Slade so that his antics didn’t get out of control. Who the hell Fish tasked with the job before Knight came along, he had no clue. Their boss had probably reprimanded whoever was closest to Slade when shit happened.

“Slade.” Knight stood. “Slade.” His lover was still talking to himself and pacing. “Aaron.”

Knight stepped in front of Slade and if Slade’s reflexes weren’t so honed, he would’ve plowed right over his partner and lover. He didn’t fight Knight when the man grabbed his biceps to halt him.

“I’m not suspended.”

Slade blinked and let the words sink in. Thank God, he thought, but instead deflated and said, “Oh, good.”

“I wish that were the case, though.”

“What? Why? You really don’t think I’ll burn down the house do you?” Slade grinned, his mood shifting back so fast it almost gave Knight whiplash, he and wrapped his arms around his lover’s waist.

Of course, now that Slade knew he wasn’t responsible for Knight being suspended, his mind had already turned to thoughts of making a homemade version of Deat’s new grenades. He wouldn’t mention that to Knight though, or his lover would come unglued. Then again an unglued Knight was a hot Knight that always led to even hotter sex.

“With you? There is no telling,” Knight pulled Slade closer so when he dropped the real reason he wished he was suspended, Slade would have less room and less force by extension when his anger exploded

“I wouldn’t, really.” Slade batted his lashes in an attempt to look innocent, but even he knew he looked more ridiculous than anything else.

“Humph.” Knight leaned in and kissed Slade with the hope to distract his lover and avoid telling him about his new assignment.

Slade willingly accepted Knight’s kiss even though he saw it for the distraction tactic that it was. But that was okay. Slade would willingly be distracted by Knight any time. He closed the small distance between them and moaned into their kiss when his sweatpants-covered erection made contact with Knight’s suit covered hardness.

Knight wrapped his arms under Slade’s and flattened his hands against the naked expanse of his lover’s lower back. He deepened their kiss when he felt Slade’s arousal, but didn’t stay at his lover’s lips for long. Slowly, he walked Slade backwards toward their leather couch while his mouth started to suck and nip along Slade’s jaw.

Slade tilted his head back and to the side to give Knight more access to his neck. He allowed himself to be moved and when he felt the back of his knees hit the edge of the couch, he didn’t stop gravity and Knight’s persistence in pushing him. Slade didn’t release Knight’s hips and his lover’s mouth never left his skin when they went down.

The taste, touch, and feel of Slade would never be enough or get old for Knight. The moment he felt Slade lowering to the couch, Knight buried his fingers under the waistband of his lover’s sweatpants. Slade’s downward movement and the placement of Knight’s hands ensured Slade’s ass was bare when it finally made contact with the leather couch. Knight ignored Slade’s hands that were unbuckling his belt and opening his suit slacks. He was more focused on the hot skin beneath his lips as his mouth traveled down Slade’s neck to his chest.

Slade hissed an exhale the moment Knight’s wicked mouth encased his nipple. His whole body arched upwards to feel more of Knight’s tongue and teeth on his nipple and in desperation to find friction for his aching cock. Still, his movement to feel more and seek relief didn’t distract him from stroking his lover in his tightened fist.

“Fuck,” Knight panted against Slade’s pec and lowered his forehead to rest on Slade’s chest.

Another stroke had Knight cursing again while he fumbled blindly in the end table drawer to find lube. Once in hand, he dropped it on Slade’s stomach and sat back on his knees between his lover’s legs. Right now, he didn’t give a shit about the damage he was doing to his custom tailored suit pants. No, all Knight cared about was getting the damn sweatpants off Slade and he did just that.

“Get ready,” Knight ordered before he stood. “I don’t have the patience.”

Slade smirked up at his lover. He couldn’t get enough of seeing Knight aroused to the point of losing control. The man was in control way too often as far as Slade was concerned. He lifted one foot and rested it on the edge of the sofa while he let his other leg fall to the side. The look in Knight’s eyes consumed him while he applied a generous amount of lube on his fingers.

“Fuck,” Knight repeated after Slade snaked his arm through his bent leg and started fingering himself.

Slade prepping his ass for Knight to tear up was one of the sexiest sights Knight had ever witnessed. Knight could watch Slade do this all day long and cum with barely a touch. Slade knew it, too. The smirk on his lover’s face told Knight that Slade was enjoying revving him up even if his eyes were closed. Knight picked up the lube with one hand and squeezed the base of his throbbing cock with the other.

Knight’s dress shirt did nothing to hide his hard-on when Slade opened his eyes. There was something hot as fuck about Knight’s disheveled appearance. His suit slacks rested low on his hips with only his cock peeking out from under his dress shirt. Knight still wore his tie and that only turned Slade on more. This wouldn’t be the first time they had sex where one of them was fully dressed and the other totally naked. It turned them on more than fucking in the men’s room at work.

Knight didn’t bother to do more than barely lift his dress shirt out of the way before dribbling a long line of lube down his hard cock. One stroke to spread the lube was all he allowed himself before he smacked Slade’s hand away from his ass. Impatience was riding him hard when he leaned forward and pressed into Slade. He had to force himself not to thrust roughly, but didn’t pause to allow Slade time to adjust, either.

Slade couldn’t help the deep groan that rumbled up his chest before it escaped his lips. Knight’s steady entry caused a burn that he knew he’d still be feeling tomorrow. Slade didn’t care and welcomed every inch Knight gave him. His lover’s arms were braced on the back of the couch above Slade’s shoulders and when Slade canted his hips, Knight moaned.

He’d bottomed out and Knight leaned down to bite Slade’s shoulder in a bid not to cum. His effort was almost for naught when Slade tilted his hips again which allowed Knight to sink just a bit more into the hot tight heat that was his lover. Slade’s return bite through his dress shirt sent a shiver down his back straight to his balls.

Knight moved; moved fast. One second Slade was biting Knight’s shoulder in return and the next Knight was upright holding Slade’s bent leg while pulling back. Knight’s grip on the back of his thigh pushed Slade’s knee toward his neck and was harsh, but not nearly as rough as the thrust deep into his ass. Slade shouted. He had no choice. He couldn’t stop the sound even if he had wanted to because Knight nailed his prostate. Hard.

Knight thrust harshly again twice before he looped his other arm under Slade’s leg that was now pressed against his hip. He had his lover practically bent in half when he tugged on Slade just enough to make his lover’s muscular ass hang over the edge of the couch. With every thrust, Knight fought the urge to explode and fill Slade’s ass.

Slade couldn’t have done a damn thing to avoid his orgasm. Not that he wanted to for any other reason than to extend how fucking incredible Knight was currently making him feel. The first two thick white ropes of his cum shot high enough up his body to avoid Knight’s dress shirt. The rest didn’t.

Slade’s ass constricted so tightly around his cock that Knight had to practically fight to bury into Slade one last time before he followed Slade into orgasmic bliss. His hips faltered erratically and his arm shook with effort to hold Slade in the position he’d placed him. The effort was too much for Knight and he allowed Slade’s legs to drop before he collapsed forward onto his lover.

It wasn’t until they both caught their breath and were breathing in sync that the wetness on his stomach and chest registered with Knight. He felt his sweat soaking into the back of his dress shirt, but it wasn’t just sweat that soaked the front of his shirt now. He groaned at the realization that they’d ruined another one of his dress shirts for work. He was now down to five, but at least he wouldn’t have to go shopping anytime soon. That thought made him groan again.

Slade chuckled when he heard Knight. He didn’t stop running his hands through his lover’s hair or along the soaked material clinging to Knight’s spine. Slade knew exactly what was going through Knight’s mind now that the orgasmic high had waned.

“You can wear mine and I’ll go buy you some more,” Slade offered before adding, “It’s not like I won’t have the time.”

Knight lifted his chest away from Slade and gave him a kiss while he pulled his hips back. A hiss escaped Slade’s lips when Knight slipped free before he stood. He didn’t bother to redo his slacks and only tugged them up so they would rest more firmly on his hips.

Slade sat up and ignored the wetness he felt between his ass cheeks that was now getting on their leather couch. They bought leather for a reason. Knight didn’t reply to him about the stupid dress shirts and didn’t even seem pissed off about it while he pulled his tie off. Well, Slade’s tie, but by this point in their relationship they shared shit like that. Just the fact that his lover wasn’t griping about his dress shirt told Slade that something else was wrong. It had nothing to do with Knight thinking he’d burn down the house, either.

“What’s your punishment from Fish this time for what I did?”

Knight had just turned to walk toward their bedroom to get out of his now ruined, but totally worth it, work clothes when he stopped in his tracks. He cringed and was grateful Slade couldn’t see his face.

“I’m not in trouble with Fish.”

Knight continued on to their bedroom without looking back at him and Slade’s warning bells started to ring. There was no way in hell that Fish didn’t hold Knight accountable to some extent. Their boss always did even though it wasn’t fair to his lover. Slade only waited until Knight disappeared down the hall before he was up and moving. He paid no mind to Knight’s cum that was starting to run steadily down his legs while he followed his lover. Whatever the hell was going on with Knight, he would find out whether the man wanted to talk or not.

Slade came storming into the bedroom. Knight wasn’t looking forward to the argument that would be incoming the moment he told his lover that he was going undercover without him. However, that argument was going to go nuclear when he refused to tell Slade where he was going undercover.

“What the fuck is going on?”

“Can we at least get a shower first?” Knight requested. If shit came to blows again, the last thing Knight wanted was to reenact Roman wrestlers in their bedroom.

“No,” Slade growled. “Tell me what the hell Fish’s punishment is because he always holds you responsible for my shit. You’re not suspended with me, so what is he doing?”

“I’m getting a shower before we do this.”

“Do this?” Slade grabbed Knight’s bicep and stopped him from going into the bathroom. Something was seriously wrong with his lover if he was dodging questions without even getting pissed off.

“Let go, Slade.” Knight glared at his INET partner and lover.

Now, that’s more like it. Slade practically sighed in relief when Knight’s light blue eyes glared back at him and his tone turned hard.

“No, not until you fucking tell me, Mike.” Slade tightened his grip and watched Knight’s core so he would anticipate a punch if it was coming.

Fuck, I hate it when he uses my first name. Any time Slade did, Knight knew his lover was dead serious. Of course, it worked the other way, too.

“Aaron, let’s take a shower and I’ll tell you everything that happened after you left HQ.”

“Ugh!” Slade released Knight in frustration.

The moment Knight first uttered his name after his lover walked through the front door should have told him whatever happened after he left HQ was some serious shit. The sex distracted him, but Knight’s behavior snapped him back to where he was when Knight first came home. Just the fact that they were both using first names made him nervous.

Oh shit. What if Fish was re-partnering Knight? Lita didn’t have a steady partner. Slade’s gut tightened and he felt physically ill when he stepped into the shower with his lover. He wouldn’t survive not being partnered with Knight even if they would still be working out of the same office.

Knight sensed the building tension in Slade. It wasn’t angry tension, either. It was worry. It was an emotion Knight had never seen Slade portray before and Knight knew what his lover was thinking while they each washed the other.

“He’s not re-partnering us.” Knight finished rinsing Slade’s body and they stepped out of the shower.

The relief Slade felt was indescribable. He was still concerned over what punishment or reprimand Fish leveled on his lover, but as long as Fish wasn’t re-partnering them he could deal with it. Or so he thought.

Knight pulled up a clean pair of INET workout shorts before he spoke, “Fish is sending me under.”

“What?” Slade practically shouted and stopped mid movement. He didn’t give a shit that the matching shorts Knight wore stopped mid-thigh. “What do you mean he is sending you under?”

“Just what I said.” Knight braced himself for the explosion he knew was about to happen in three, two…

“I’m fucking suspended. How the fuck is he sending you under?” Slade yanked up his shorts and glared at Knight as if his new assignment was Knight’s fault. “For how long? You haven’t even been with INET long enough to go under solo!”

“Fuck you, Slade.”

Knight’s tone was so quiet and calm that Slade knew he’d fucked up with his last words. He also knew his lover was a capable agent even if he hadn’t been with the agency long. Still, his worry caused the words to fly from his mouth without thought.

“Knight,” Slade started, but his lover stormed out of the bedroom before Slade could stop him.

Of all the reactions Knight expected Slade to have when he told him he was going undercover, Slade questioning his competence, fucking questioning it outright, wasn’t what he expected. He had proved himself to both Slade and INET and just because he had only been part of the surveillance team the last time they were on an op, didn’t mean he wasn’t capable of undercover work.

Hell, he had done undercover work for years with the Tampa Police Department. That undercover work with TPD may have been on a local level instead of an international one, but it didn’t diminish the experience he gained from his time with them.

“I didn’t mean that you don’t have the skill for undercover work.” Slade stepped into the kitchen to see Knight grabbing a beer. I just,” Slade stuttered. “Shit, I’m just pissed you’re going under alone and I can’t be there to back you up.”

Knight took several drinks from his beer while glaring at his lover. “If you’re pissed, it’s the same damn thing.”

“What? No, it’s not.”

Knight finished his beer and set the bottle on the counter before walking up to Slade. It took all of his restraint not to poke Slade’s chest to punctuate his next words.

“Yes. It. Is.”

Knight tried to step by Slade and Slade should’ve known better than to grab his lover’s bicep to stop him. Knight’s left hook clipped his chin and Slade let go before he staggered into the kitchen counter.

“I’m not doing this with you tonight, Slade.” Knight started back down the hall to their bedroom and Slade stayed put in the kitchen.

“Guess you won’t be doing me again tonight, either,” Slade mumbled.

He stood there for a while and a plan started to form. Slade may be suspended, but that didn’t mean he was on house arrest. If his phone wasn’t in the bedroom where his pissed off lover was now likely reading, he’d call Hunt. If any of their teammates were going to be assigned surveillance, it would be Hunt. Slade would find out where Knight was going because Hunt owed him.

Once Slade knew where Knight was going, he could just take a little vacation while he was suspended. Knight would kill him if he found out, but Slade didn’t care. Slade wouldn’t jeopardize Knight’s op, but he’d be close enough to provide backup if his lover needed him. Having a plan prompted a slow smile to spread Slade’s lips.

Now, however, he needed to make up with his lover so Knight wouldn’t be distracted by their fight while he was undercover. With a sigh, Slade headed to their bedroom.


Knight stepped into the office and headed straight for Hunt and Payne’s slice of cubicle hell. Slade had given in way too fucking easily the night before for Knight to believe the man had a change of heart. No, his lover had formed a plan while letting Knight cool his heels a bit in their bedroom. It didn’t take more than a thought to figure out what Slade would do, but Knight was going to make sure his lover’s plan crashed and burned before it could even get started.

“Didn’t go well, huh?” Payne grinned when Knight leaned on the partition.

Hunt glanced over his shoulder. His fingers never stopped typing and Knight fought a smile when Payne’s attention returned to his partner. It was no secret in the office that Hunt’s tech abilities totally turned Payne on. It was kind of funny to watch how distracted Payne could become from just observing Hunt work. That thought made Knight’s mind momentarily shift gears.

“Are you going to be able to actually get any work done while we’re in the field, Payne?”

“What?” Payne’s head snapped back to Knight. “Of course, why wouldn’t I, Knight?” Knight just raised a brow. “Fuck you. The field is different and you know it.” Payne didn’t seem upset that Knight was so blatantly calling him out on his distraction.

“Yeah,” Hunt agreed. “If those two,” Hunt nodded to Zep and Spider. “Can work in the field while fucking and not blow the op, I’m sure we can manage surveillance for you and Lita.”

“Fuck you, Hunt,” Spider called out and Zep’s cheeks flushed.

“Careful.” Payne snickered. “He can totally screw your ability to work in the office or make those changes to reports just go poof!”

“Nah ah,” Spider disagreed.

“Ah, yeah he can,” Zep informed his partner.

“Shit,” Spider mumbled and returned to the file on his desk.

“Giving me shit over watching Hunt work wasn’t why you came over here, so what’s up, Knight?”

“Watching him work.” Knight laughed. “But you’re right.” Knight leaned his arms on the partition and clasped his hands together. “Slade is going to call you to ask where we are going.”

“He told you this?” Hunt asked incredulously.

“No, but it’s what Knight would do,” Payne answered his partner.

“No, actually, it’s not.” Knight grinned. “I would just follow his ass without dragging any one of my teammates into my shit.” By the time Knight finished, he was serious again.

“So, you don’t want me to tell him we’re heading to South Carolina,” Hunt deduced.

“I want you to send him somewhere else, like Atlanta or Miami.”

Laughter came from the other side of the room, but Knight didn’t bother to look at Spider.

“He will kill you if you send him on a wild goose chase,” Zep commented.

“He can try, but he’s not going to fuck up this op if I can do anything about it,” Knight declared without turning to look at his teammates.

“Fuck, Knight,” Hunt grumbled quietly. “He’ll kill me right after he’s done with you.”

“Why didn’t you just tell him?” Payne inquired.

“Because I was too distracted to think of it last night,” Knight admitted with a growl.

“Of course you were.” Spider snickered.

“Beating the hell out of each other more than likely,” Zep added.

They all laughed because they knew how Knight and Slade were when they disagreed. They would beat the shit out of each other before getting all hot and heavy. They had seen it happen too many times in the office for there to be any doubt that things didn’t happen the same way when they were at home.

“So, are you going to save our op from Slade following us up to South Carolina or not, Hunt?”

“Dammit,” Hunt mumbled. “If he calls, I’ll tell him we are going somewhere else.”

“Thanks, Hunt.”

“Yeah.” Hunt turned back to his computer and started shutting everything down. “We will have your places set up by the time you get there tomorrow.”

Knight nodded and walked toward his desk. It was only after he sat down that he thought to wonder where Lita was, so he asked his coworkers.

“He took the day off,” Zep informed Knight.

“Why?” Knight raised a brow in Zep’s direction.

“Fish…,” Zep started, but was interrupted by their boss.

“Knight, go home. Take the day off since you don’t know how long you’ll be gone.”

“I don’t need to and I think I’d rather stay here,” Knight replied with a grunt and booted up his computer.

“Pussy,” Spider coughed only loud enough for Knight and Zep to hear.

Knight glared at Spider and his coworker just smirked. “I want to do some research before I go.”

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