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Game of Emotions

Gay Football Romance Short Story

By: Amanda Anthony

Table of Contents

Game of Emotions


Lenny is an American football star, the leader of his college team. He is fresh from a breakup with his male lover and is now on a quest to find another lover. Little does he know that Tony, a player from a rival team has had his eyes on him for a long time and is ready to hook up with him. A chance clash meeting between their teams unites the two players and they agree to meet up after the game.

What had been a quest for love turns into a love full of passion as the two discover each other on the beach at a private club?

Chapter 1

Lenny had felt the man’s eyes throughout the game and he felt the need to impress him. The man was playing for a rival American football team and Lenny could not understand why he felt so attracted to him. It was as if there was something about the guy that just got his attention and he could not stop himself from looking at him whenever he got the chance. His name was Tony Stewart, a full back for the Tigers, and the most handsome man that Lenny had ever laid his eyes on. They had met a couple of times during friendly college football games, but Lenny was yet to get the chance to actually talk with Tony and get to know him better. He, however, hoped that now that the season was finally coming to an end and that they would all be attending an after party, that he would finally get to know him better. There was something about Tony that just got Lenny's blood racing through his veins in ways that he could not understand.

By the time that the game was at halftime, Lenny's Buffaloes were leading the game by thirty points and Lenny was the one with the most touchdowns. As soon as the whistle announced the break, he assembled all of his players where the coach was waiting for them to give them a little advice on how they would win the game.

“Hey, what’s with you and Tony, don’t think that I haven’t noticed the way that you two have been staring at each other throughout the game,” his teammate and best friend, Shawn, said to him quietly.

“Just what do you mean by that, Shawn, I think you are imagining things way too much nowadays,” Lenny said to Shawn, pretending that there was nothing between him and Tony going on.

“Listen, Lenny, you and I have been friends since junior high and I think that you should know by now that I know you just too well. It’s alright for you to like someone especially after your painful breakup with Roger, not very long ago,” Shawn said to him, reminding him of a past that he hoped would remain buried in hell.

Lenny and Roger had been going out for almost a year and they had been the perfect gay couple. Roger had even moved into Lenny's apartment, where they shared and did everything together. A couple of weeks ago, Roger began acting all weird, not being in class when he should, and even missing Lenny's games. Lenny had immediately felt his suspicion rising to the surface and he had set out to find out what was going on with his lover. One day he missed out on one of his lectures in college so that he could follow Roger around. And he was more than shocked at what he had discovered. Instead of going to class, Roger had taken a cab uptown to a posh hotel and when Lenny had followed him in, his eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he saw Roger hugging and kissing another man. They had sat down for a cup of coffee each, before taking the elevators to one of the rooms, where God knows what happened.

Lenny had sat down in the lobby waiting for Roger, and it had taken all his will-power not to go upstairs and knock on that door to find out what was going on in there. Almost an hour and a half later, Roger and the guy had come back down and once again, they had taken off, this time in a limo. Lenny had followed them from a distance and they ended up at an exclusive gay club, where they had walked in hand in hand. Lenny had been to the club before and he had an idea of what went on in there. People were allowed to walk around nude and there were even cubicles separated by curtains where people could fulfill their fantasies. In short it was more of a sex club and male strip club.

Lenny had sat in his car for almost half an hour before walking into the club, glad that the receptionist could still remember him from the last time that he had been there.

“There is a friend of mine that came here with his lover a few minutes ago,” he said, describing the way that roger looked. “Would you know where I can find them?”

“Sure, they are in one of the open beach cubicles overlooking the sea. Go right out the back door to the beach and then go down to room 110. I'm pretty sure that you three are going to have a really great time. Don’t hesitate to call reception in case you need anything. We can even have food and drinks delivered right to the room,” the receptionist said to him, Lenny leaving before the young man could even finish what he was saying.

He was practically running by the time that he got to the back door, the other guests looking at him as if he had lost his mind. He made his way in the direction that the receptionist had said and this time when he got there, he did not hesitate to storm into the room. He came to a stop in his tracks the moment that he spotted Roger and the other man. They were both naked and Roger was on his haunches before the man, giving him a blowjob. The man had a huge erection and Roger seemed to be enjoying sucking and licking it, taking it as deep as he could into his mouth. Lenny felt disgust and anger surging within him. He clenched his fists and had to stop himself from lurching at the two lovers. Instead he just turned around and began to walk away, just as Roger and the other guy realized that they had company.

“Can we help you with anything?” the other man asked.

“No, I think I made a wrong turn, I'm sorry,” Lenny said without turning back, taking the lane back to the main clubhouse.

“What has come over you, why are you acting like you just saw a ghost?” he heard the man asking Roger.

That had been the end of their relationship and Lenny had immediately kicked him out of the apartment, despite how much he had tried to explain himself. If there was something that Lenny could not stand, it was a cheating lover making it worse by trying to explain himself.

“Shawn, I think that this is something that we can talk about later, for now I don’t even want to remember about what went on in the past,” Lenny said to his friend as they shifted their attention to what the coach was telling them.

“Fine, but we’ll talk about this as soon as the game is over,” Shawn said to him.

The rest of the game went pretty much the same. Lenny and Tony could not seem to stop attracting each other’s attention throughout the second half, and this time Lenny was pretty sure that more people than just Shawn had noticed it. He, however, found himself not really caring at all, since as it was, Tony was a very handsome man, the sort of man that anyone would want to go out with. By the time that the game was finally coming to an end, Lenny was pretty excited because they were the winners and also because he was really looking forward to the after party that was to be held for both of the teams and their fans.

“Very well played, Lenny, I think that we should meet up for a drink so that you can tell me where you get all of the inspiration for these games,” Tony said, surprising Lenny, since it was the last thing that Lenny had expected.

“Tony, you also played very well, I must say, and the idea of a drink sounds swell. There is a party later in in the evening, maybe we could hook up then,” Lenny said to Tony, checking him out from head to toe and trying to imagine what he would look like without his clothes on, the thought evoking a sense of lust within him.

“That sounds like an idea, I guess I'll see you there, then, mate,” Tony said, patting Lenny on the shoulder before dashing off to join his teammates.

Lenny could barely hide the excitement that coursed through his body, his adrenaline pumping through his veins. He almost threw his fist into the air as a sign of celebration, only stopping himself when he saw that all of the attention of the other players was on him. As soon as they were done with the awards, Lenny did not even go to the changing rooms to freshen up. Instead he grabbed his bag and made for his car, deciding that he would freshen up at home. He wanted to be looking his best by the time that he came back for the party and he knew that all of this was because of Tony.

Chapter 2

Tony knew that today was going to be his only chance at making a hit on Lenny, and he felt a little nervous. He had been lusting after Lenny for quite some while now and when he had discovered that Lenny had broken up with his lover, Tony knew that it was now or never. Lenny had everything that Tony looked for in a lover. He was tall, dark haired, muscular and above all, very handsome. He was also intelligent and the sort of man that was a go-getter, just like he had shown on the field today. Everything to Tony felt like a dream as he made his way to the changing rooms to freshen up and get changed. He hoped that the dream would end the way that he had been hoping for ever since he had laid his eyes on Lenny.

“What is with the huge grin on your face?” Mike Sloan said to him as he entered the changing rooms humming a nameless tune.

“Why, shouldn’t I be happy?” he smiled at Mike as he proceeded to open his locker and begin undressing.

“Everyone deserves to be happy. It’s just that you seem a little more than happy, almost elated and yet we didn’t even win the game,” Mike replied, looking at him inquisitively.

“There should always be a reason to celebrate, even if we lose. The main reason is because for every loss that we get, we learn something new from our opponents,” he said heartily as he wrapped a towel around his waist and began making his way towards the showers with Mike close behind him.

“I guess you have a point there, although I have this strong feeling that your joy is completely something else. You look like a man that has just fallen in love,” Mike said as they both stepped into neighboring showers.

“Well, there just might be someone that I'm interested in and that I think I am falling in love with, but that is a story for another day,” he said, turning on the water and resuming his humming.

He took his time in the shower, letting the warm water massage his body as his muscles relaxed. It had been a tense game for all of them and even though they had lost, they had put up a good spirited fight. As he showered, he thought of Lenny. Tony wondered what Lenny intended to do in life now that he was about to graduate from college. He himself intended to finish law school and then join one of the established law firms in the city. He, too, was just about to graduate to the bar, being that this was his last semester in college. He was sure that he would have a collage of memories from his college days, and especially all of the relationships that he had been through. Right now he was single and looking for a serious relationship that would last. He was done with the short flings that he’d been through all his life, and if he could get the right man, Tony was sure that they would probably stay together for the rest of their lives. He had the feeling that Lenny was the right lover for him having followed his history over a long time. Tony felt as if he knew everything about Lenny even though they had talked so little over the years.

“Do you intend to sleep in the shower today?” Mike asked, stopping outside the shower cubicle and looking at Tony. “Have you forgotten that we have a party to attend, and it will be held down by the beach?”

“Nope, I just love the way that the water is washing away the tension inside,” Tony said, his eyes flickering open as he reached for the tube of soap and began soaping himself.

“Well, I'll be waiting for you because I still want to know who this person that has gotten you feeling like this is,” Mike said, walking away as he dried off his body.

If Mike was gay, he would have made a good lover. He and Mike had grown into inseparable friends over the time that they had been together on the team. Tony respected the fact that his friend was not homosexual like him, and Mike also respected him for what he was. When he was done showering, he made his way out of the cubicle, wrapping the towel around him as he headed for the lockers, glad that he had packed some good clothes for the evening, knowing that there would be an after party. He got changed quickly before he combed his hair back neatly and wore his cologne.

“Someone sure is looking sharp today,” Mike said, breezing over to him and standing beside him.

“Well, you know what they say, you should always try and look your best. So, how about you, are you going to chase after the blonde that you were talking about, what was her name, Bella?” he said to Mike as they gathered their bags and began making their way out of the washrooms.

“Yeah, I'm hoping that she is going to show up at the party. She is just the dose of medicine that I need right now. I don’t even want to imagine what sex with her would be like, that nice tight butt and those fine looking hips,” Mike said, almost dreamily as Tony looked at him with amusement.

“I'm pretty sure that you are going to have your way with her because she is a pretty bright woman and she understands perfectly what she would be missing out on if she was to let you go,” Tony said to him, wondering how his own ordeal with Lenny was going to be like. He could already feel the butterflies in his belly and they were not making him feel very good at all.

“So, are you going to tell me about this mysterious lover of yours, or what? I'm just very curious as can be since you have been keeping it very secret,” Mike said as they headed out to the parking lot so that they could put their bags into the club’s bus that had brought them to the venue.

“You should try and have some patience, Mike, and besides, he is a guy that you probably know very well. One other thing, he is on the team that just won the game, if that is something to go by,” Tony said as Mike stopped to look at him with his eyes wide open, almost as if he could not believe what he was hearing and as if he had just been hit by the light.

“Ah, that explains it all, I noticed the way that you and that Lenny guy couldn’t seem to stop looking at each other. Now everything is as clear as day, and if I’m not wrong, I think that the guy also has this mad crush on you. He kept looking at you almost as if he was undressing you,” Mike said after a moment of thought, his words slow and defined.

“Well, there you have it. That wasn’t so hard to figure out, was it? And now getting him to be my lover is turning into my biggest ambition ever,” Tony said to him as they settled into their seats on the bus, ready to be transported to the venue where the party was to be held, since it was also there that they would be having their dinner.

By the time that they got to the private beach club, there was a lot of activity going on there. The other players from the other team had already arrived and Tony felt his heart beating wildly in his chest, anxiety checking in as he thought of the task that he had ahead of him. There was loud music streaming in the club house as they entered it, but as Tony looked around, he could not seem to spot Lenny anywhere. He saw Lenny's best friend, but Lenny himself was nowhere to be found. Tony found himself starting to get disgusted by the whole thing. What if Lenny had tricked him about this whole party thing and then bailed out on him? Tony was not sure of what he felt. He felt as if a huge rock had just been placed on his heart, almost as if his whole world had been shattered into smithereens.

“The fucker is not here,” he said to Mike, feeling as if there was a potato stuck in his throat.

“Relax, the dude probably dropped by his house to get something and should be here pretty soon,” Mike said, patting his friend on the back as he spotted what he was looking for, Bella. “Give it some time, the guy will be here soon enough, believe me. Now, in the meantime, I have to go, there is my queen looking as stunning as ever.”

Before Tony could respond, Mike headed away from him, leaving him standing in the middle of the room like someone who was lost. He walked over to one of the cocktail tables and picked up a glass of champagne, draining it instantly. He had already decided that he was going to wait for a couple more minutes before he called a cab and took his leave. He would grab dinner somewhere along the way. Grabbing another glass of champagne, he made his way out to the back of the club house, where there was a terrace complete with a bonfire.

“Hi Tony, want to join us here, the weather here is pretty great and we are really loving the drinks,” a couple of skimpily dressed blondes said to him, but he just smiled at them.

“Maybe later, sweethearts,” he said to them as they looked at him with disappointment.

He slipped off his loafers and began walking down the beach, sinking his toes into the cool sand. The moon was out in the distance, and the stars winked, lighting up the sky romantically. This was the perfect night for romance, where he could sit with Lenny and count the stars as they watched the moon coming to the center of the sky. It was too bad that it would all just remain a dream if Lenny didn’t come to the party. Tony did not even want to think about it, since he felt as if his heart was going to break.

Chapter 3

“Goddamn this traffic,” Lenny said hooting impatiently as the lights turned green.

He was running late for the party and wished that he had left home sooner. He had dropped by the barber shop to have his hair groomed, on his way home, and that is what had brought about all this delay. He had the feeling that Tony was probably wondering what had happened to him, but Lenny was sure that everything was going to be worth it. It had been such a long time since he had felt this good about himself and he had the feeling that everything was going to go as planned. Probably today he was going to finally tell Tony exactly what he felt about him, and if all went well, Tony would probably feel the same way too. Just the thought made his blood rush through his veins, his dick shifting around in his pants with excitement. His cell phone suddenly went off, startling him and he picked up the call without even bothering to check the caller ID.

“Dude, where the hell are you, the party here is really rocking, and I even saw your guy a while ago?” Shawn said quickly into the phone, loud music banging in the background.

“The traffic here is a bitch, but I'm on my way and should be there in a couple of minutes,” he said into the Bluetooth mouthpiece, his hands gripping the wheel tightly until his knuckles turned white.

“Well, it just might be your loss if you don’t make it here. Dinner is just about to begin,” Shawn said, and from the mellowness of his voice and the tempo of the music playing in the background, Lenny could imagine just what he was missing.

“I'll see you in a bit,” he said, hanging up and branching off into a side street, hoping that it would get him past the traffic faster.

It was a deserted street that passed by some warehouses on one of those streets that he would never have dared to drive on at night due to gangsters, but tonight he felt the need to do so. If he had to risk his life so that he could be with the man that he had fallen in love with, then so be it. He was almost at the end of the lane when a group of men suddenly stepped onto the road, one of them wielding a pistol in his hand. His first instinct for him was to hit the reverse gear and speed the hell out of here with his head low, but instead Lenny defiantly drove up to the group and then lowered his window, the move even seeming to surprise the heavily tattooed men.

“How can I help you, folks?” he said to them boldly, barely unable to believe his own balls.

“We are the ones that ask the questions around here. Now, why don’t you step out of your truck and hand us everything that you got, including the keys to the truck?” a potbellied guy with the gun said to him.

“I am sorry but I can't do that right now, I'm running late for an engagement, and that is the reason why I took this route,” he said to the man, trying to weigh them out just in case things got bad.

He could see that the group had only one gun and that they were not as strong as he was. Lenny just hoped that he could remember the little kung fu that he had learned in school.

“Listen here, we are the ones that set the rules on this road, this is our territory and not even the cops pass by here to dare us. I'm going to tell you this one more time, step out of the truck and hand us everything that you got,” the man said, lifting the gun to point it at Lenny.

“Alright, no need for us to get all worked up. Point that thing away from me,” he said, acting scared as he pulled open his safety belt and then opened the door of the truck.

As soon as he stepped onto the ground, he lurched at the potbellied guy so fast, grabbing the hand with the gun before knocking the guy and sending him sprawling onto the ground with a fractured wrist. The other guys backed away from Lenny when they saw how huge he was, and also because he now held the firearm.

“Now, like I said, I have an engagement to attend to and neither you nor anyone is going to make me postpone it for whatever reason,” he said, kicking the guy on the ground hard in the balls as the man grunted in pain. “Is there anyone else that has an issue with that?”

The five or so guys on the sidelines shook their heads, each one of them backing away from him slowly as they fearfully looked at their leader on the ground.

“Perfect, I'm glad that we could reach an understanding,” Lenny said, stepping back into his truck, his adrenaline pumping furiously through his veins. He almost couldn’t believe what he had just done, being that it was risky and you could never know if the other guys also had hidden firearms.

Lenny fired up his engine and drove off, stopping on a bridge a half mile away to toss the gun into the sea, before branching off onto the road. The ten-minute ride had just saved him almost three quarters of an hour in the jam and so the standoff was worth it. Within a few minutes, Lenny had brought the truck to a stop in the parking lot of the club. He checked himself in the rearview mirror, running his fingers through his dark spiked hair before stepping out of the truck. His adrenaline was still in full throttle as he made his way around the back of the club house so that he could enter through the beach door, where he wouldn’t cause so much attention as to his lateness.

He was just about to go up the stairs onto the terrace when he spotted a familiar figure down by the water on the beach. Tony was seated all alone down by the beach with a bottle of liquor in one hand, and he looked like he was in a world of his own. Without wasting another moment, Lenny immediately turned around and began walking down the beach towards the lonely man. He approached him slowly from behind, hoping to surprise him. As he tiptoed behind him, he crouched down and then covered Tony's eyes with his hands, so that Tony could try and make a wild guess who he was.

“Mike, will you stop this silly game and go back to the broad that you’re dicing,” Tony slurred, and Lenny realized that he was probably drunk. “I'm going home. I don’t think that Lenny is coming here tonight. He was probably just fooling me to get me out of his hair.”

Lenny felt his heart skipping a beat as he wondered what to do next. “Are you really sure about that, Tony, because I don’t think that Lenny would do such a thing to you?”

As Lenny released his hands from Tony's eyes, Tony slowly turned around, almost as if he could not believe what was actually happening. His eyes glittered from the alcohol but there was still that fire within them that Lenny liked so much. As Tony turned around to face Lenny completely, their faces barely inches from each other and Tony's male scent immediately going straight to Lenny's head, Tony set the bottle of whiskey onto the ground.

“Lenny, I didn’t think that you were going to make it here. It has been almost an hour since we got here and you were nowhere to be seen,” he said, almost as if he was dreaming.

“Yeah, the thing is that I had some stuff to take care of at home before coming here. What are you doing on the beach all alone, the rest of the people should be just about to eat, how about we go and join them?” Lenny almost couldn’t stop himself from reaching his lips down to Tony's and kissing those sexy full lips.

“I guess I just got bored in there, but now that you're here, maybe we should go in for that dinner after all,” Tony said as Lenny stood up quickly, scared of what he might do if he continued being so close to Tony.

As Tony tried to stand up, he staggered, almost falling onto the ground, but Lenny reached for him, grabbing him just in time to stop him as he pulled him upright. Once again their bodies came within inches of each other, touching lightly as Lenny's eyes shot to Tony's lips, trying to imagine what it would be like to kiss this hell of a sexy man.

“I'm terribly sorry about that. I don’t really do alcohol a lot, but today it seems like I have had a little too much to drink,” he slurred as he struggled to straighten himself.

“That’s fine, it happens all the time to me,” Lenny said, noting the way that Tony looked even sexier now that he was drunk. “Come on, I'll help you into the clubhouse, we don’t want to miss out on the delicious pepper steaks that they serve here. I'm sure that once you’ve eaten you will feel much better.”

Lenny put his hands under Tony's arms and helped him walk toward the clubhouse. Just feeling Tony so close to him, his heat absorbing his own, was enough to set him on fire. It was hard for Lenny to stop the surge of emotions that coursed through his body, lighting his desire in ways that he had not thought possible. He felt his balls burning with fire, his dick starting to harden in his pants. He was just glad that he had worn some tight fitting briefs that stopped the erection from becoming too obvious.

“I think that the terrace will do for now, we don’t want to go into the building and cause a stir,” Lenny said, helping Tony onto a seat by a table and then pulling one out for himself opposite Tony.

“I don’t really give a fuck what anyone thinks of me, I mean, isn't this supposed to be a party?” Tony slurred as Lenny signaled for a waiter to come with the menu.

“I think I prefer it here because we can also get to talk in private. Inside I think that there would be too many unnecessary interruptions,” Lenny wanted Tony all to himself even if it felt a little mean.

There were things that he had been planning to tell Tony tonight, and he was just praying that he would have the guts to do so. Guts had the habit of disappearing just when you needed them the most. He went ahead and placed their order along with black coffee for Tony and a whiskey for himself. The coffee would make Tony a little soberer, and it also had the effect of turning on people. That would make Tony ripe for him if they were going to make love tonight, because that was the thing that Lenny was hoping for. The coffee and the whiskey arrived before the food, and as soon as the waiter had served them, he departed, leaving Lenny alone with Tony.

“You should not drink such hard liquor when you have not stuffed your belly with steaks,” Lenny said, trying to steer a conversation.

“I know, I just don’t know what came over me, one minute I was drowning champagne and the next I had a whole bottle of scotch,” Tony said, sipping on his coffee.

“Yeah, I know that shit happens sometimes,” Lenny said, noting the way that Tony was eyeing him, almost as if he were trying to imagine how Lenny looked like without his clothes on.

He took a sip of the whiskey, feeling the heat burning down his throat and into his belly. Something about the feeling and about all that he was feeling made his dick suddenly begin straining against his pants. He reached his hand under the table and adjusted his crotch so that he was a little more comfortable, the tip of the head poking through the waist of his pants. He could not remember the last time that he had felt so much lust within him, almost as if his whole body was on fire.

Their meal soon arrived, and as usual, the pepper steak was delicious, stirring up the appetite within him. “How do you like the steak? This is the reason that I never tire of coming to this place, their food is simply delicious.”

“I'm guessing that is why you choose to hold all your parties here, huh?” Tony said, feasting into his steak.

“Something like that, and for American football players like us, the calories are very important,” Lenny said to Tony, still unable to believe that he actually had the hunk of a man seated right opposite him at the table.

“Talking of football, maybe you could show me a couple of moves down on the beach as soon as the food settles in,” Tony said, eyeing Lenny with interest.

“Sure thing, just as long as I won't be too smashed from the whiskey,” Lenny laughed, not sure if the glint he was seeing in Tony's eyes was actually a flame for him.

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