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Lesbian Basketball and Interracial Romance

By: Totsi Pratt

Table of Contents



Elsa Bruno and Christabel Thompson were in the same circumstance of losing their spouses which created a fate that brought them together at the cemetery. Christabel is a notable rich basketball player known as C-Babe. She was the one that made the first approach to pretty Elsa. Elsa tried all she could to avoid being involved with her fellow lady but she ended up being convinced by the sexy queen that she could discover the best sexual experience in the hands of a girl.

After making in some remarkable efforts, Christie ended up having sex with Elsa which was an eye-opener for the aforementioned, making her to see the sweetness that is involved when she’s touched by a lady. Elsa was determined to enjoy her sex life with Christie, and this quest made them end up having sex in Elsa’s office.

The two ladies later made their union known to the public. To consummate their union, they moved into the same apartment as roommates. They ended up marrying each other and living happily ever after.


It was very hard trying to accept my size which made me to always find it hard being myself. My mind was always locked on how to work on my diet, with a touch of exercises to help me go back to that slim nature that I’d always wished for. I suddenly became so mousy whenever I pass and people turn. Whenever people look at me intently, many things come to my mind especially thinking of what they’d be saying about my stature. My chubby stature and physique brought an unwelcomed inferiority complex in me and that wasn’t an endearing and palatable experience.

When I was in college, I’d always wanted to be the best in my class which made me remain so focused on achieving success other than size. My focus and attention of making good grades reduced my distraction and mental torture caused by my stature. Let’s say I was getting rid of those mental disturbances using my academic prowess.

As I strode into the art museum, which was my favorite spot and a place I allowed my nostalgia of the past flow without interruption, I met a friend, Richard, who made me change the way I felt about myself. Richard was the only white guy that I was so close to. As an African American girl, I’d always wished to have a white guy close to me but it seemed as if I was always ending up being close to fellow blacks.

For the first time in my life, I could discover the true meaning of being proud of my size and that was made possible by the numerous paintings that decorated the art museum. Richard Roy’s handiwork was used as a means of communication which speaks a lot amid silence. Seeing the picture of a blind soldier’s portrait and looking thoroughly into the eyes of the war-victimized soldier, I still found some smiles and sense of worth on his face. If a blind soldier could be happy amid his quandaries, why couldn’t I?

Richard took his time to make me understand that life and its true meaning exists only in the mind of the thinker. I decided to make life more meaningful, but that didn’t stop me from the quest for slimness.

I delved into action having discovered that it wasn’t easy finding the cloth of my match in the shops. I started from a local seamstress to a high-class designer of different kinds of wears, especially more focused at the chubby-sized wears for the people of my size. My company grew faster than I imagined and I made lots of sales.

From being friends, I became a closer acquaintance with Richard. A few months later, we found ourselves walking down the aisle and that was the greatest moment of exaltation and bliss.

Unfortunately, that happiness I found with Richard didn’t last and I lost him to that chronic leukemia which was as if a huge part of my life being drowned in the middle of the deep sea. Life could be so wicked and perfidious, especially when we think that we’ve found the happiness that we seek.

Chapter 1

**Meeting Christie**

One year in memory of Richard’s demise, I still couldn’t get over his death and that was a driving force that kept me mourning. I took a special flower and visited the cemetery to have some rhetorical questions asked as usual. Whenever I go to have a little chat with him at the graveyard, I always ask many questions while no answers return back to me.

Holding firm to the sweet-scented red rose flower that he’d always loved when he was alive, I kept staring at his grave and tears couldn’t stop flowing as I reminisced on the past short-lived relationship with Richard. The playfully mischievous breeze kept nudging my attention but my eyes remained affixed to the tomb with the inscriptions written on it.

After remaining thoughtful for a while, I forced some words from that broken heart: “Richie,” I fondly called as I used to address him when he was alive, “why have you chosen to allow me wallow in this melancholy and didn’t say goodbye properly and on the right time? I’ve always believed that you were a good fighter and able to fight over the illness; at least to stay a bit longer to enjoy the marriage that I led you into. When I saw you being wrapped in that body bag, I knew it was over. You made me appreciate my size, even though I’m getting slimmer currently. All thanks to you for the training, but I’d have wanted you to be around me to see the sweet slim girl I’m becoming, but all the same, farewell my precious comforter. Rest in peace.”

“Amen.” I heard few meters from me; coming from such a wonderful melodic voice.

Who could that be? I thought.

When I looked up straight ahead, I saw a voluptuous lady standing close to me and gazing at the grave of her loved one. It was then I realized that the 'amen' from her wasn’t for my prayers but she was talking to her loved one too.

Being that she wasn’t even looking at me, I secretly wiped my tears and started leaving.

But as I left, she turned and looked at me with a faint smile and a dimpled cheek.

“He must be beloved to you. I heard all you said,” she said, and this time, she was more audible as she forced herself to look closer at me through those blurry vision caused by the tears in her eyes.

“Dear friend,” I muttered nostalgically, “He left me when I needed him most.”

“What matters is that life goes on,” she said and came closer to me, “I’m Christabel Thompson but you can call me Christie.”

“I’m Elsa Bruno,” I responded quickly and thrust my hand for a handshake.

“I already know who you are. I was beside you on the day of his burial,” she surprisingly said pointing at Richard’s grave, “he was a good man and a perfect match for you just like my spouse, but unfortunately, the two women are brokenheartedly standing before the graves of their late spouses. Right now, I’ve come to terms with my condition and decided to move on.”

Wiping those tears from my eyes, I peered closer trying to remember where and how we’ve met but her face was more unfamiliar as I tried remembering anything about her. “I’ve not seen you before;” I said knitting my brows thoughtfully, “have I?”

“Nope, you haven’t, but I’ve always admired you and wanted to be your friend,” she said and chuckled, “well, we can check out the ‘KEEP-FIT’ gym if you wish to work on your size, even though you’re not looking bad at all,” she added.

“Oh, you were eavesdropping?” I asked shyly and pouted.

“No, I wasn’t,” she answered defensively as her smiles wafted with radiance, “the graveyard is always calm. Even a drop of a pin could make a deafening sound if the listener is attentive.”

“Don’t go there yet, I’m working on it,” I said and frowned, “I want to go now.”

“It’s okay, but you can let me know whenever you need me,” she said and chuckled. “I’m a sportswoman,” she said and looked intently at me.

“You’re beautiful, but I’m sorry,” I apologized, “I’m not free to talk right now and I wish to leave now if you’d excuse me,” I said and turned to leave, but she cleared her throat, making me expectant of a word or two from her before leaving.

“I’d want to be your friend and I promise to wipe away your sorrows as you’d wipe mine too,” she said and held me on the waist without a second thought of how I’d react to her action.

It was hard for me to figure out why she was so audacious to hold me without minding how I’d feel about it or if I’d approve of it.

At that moment, I was speechless and couldn’t even tell her to let go of me. I was just weak and unconsciously submissive.

“Please, can I go now?” I wearily uttered when I got my gumption back and was willing to talk more just to be freed from her amorous and audacious grip.

“One more request, sweetie,” Christie said which made me curious to hear her out, even though I was ready to decline whatever request that she’d come up with, “It’s lunchtime and I don’t know if you’d have the time to have lunch with me. We can talk few things over.”

“Please, I’m sorry to…”

“Thanks for accepting,” she said quickly which made my tongue got numb to resistance and unyieldingness that I couldn’t decline the offer at that moment. After all, it wasn't harmful having a lunch with a friend.

“Okay, I accept your offer,” I affirmed, “let’s use my ride then.” I offered to help since she wasn’t with her car or maybe she had none.”

As we moved towards my car, she tried to initiate some friendly talks but I shoved off that attempt and kept my eyes busy on my phone screen but I was actually busy doing nothing.

We entered the car and I zoomed off from the cemetery to the Chinese restaurant in the heart of Los Angeles.

Getting to the deli, I parked at the parking lot and handed the key over to the lot attendant. Being that I was already in love with my stature and gotten over being mousy or inferior, I wiggled my hip as we walked into the restaurant. Many eyes were on the robustness of my ass which gave me some sense of superiority. I noticed how lustful Christie was as she looked at me from behind. Even though I wasn’t into women, I just had to hang out with her until I was certain of her wants, and then I’d give her a reply befitting her question. I knew that I’d turn down her offer which was already written all over my face. I just wanted to give the strong disapproving answer to her when the time comes and I couldn’t wait to hear her make her requests.

The menu of the lunch reflected the importance of lunch; with Kansas City-style barbeque and London broil which was my favorite. I began to come to terms with the fact that I had to give Christie a chance for friendship but not for sex. At that point, I wasn’t sure of what she wanted, so I didn’t have to be pushy or preemptive about it.

“Sorry, if I bothered you with my statement in the middle of your meditation with your loved one at the cemetery, but I could be your friend at least,” she added, parting her red lips.

I was beginning to admire her boldness which was a virtue I was willing to borrow from her. A look in that her sexy blue eyes flattered by her honey-colored hair showed that she could be so romantic if any slightest opportunity was given to her in bed.

“You didn’t bother me but made me realize that life should go on no matter how sordid or frustrating it might seem,”, I said to her which got her bewildered because she wasn’t expecting me to give her a direct reply, “I’ll think about the Keep-Fit gym and get back to you.”

“Oh, cool…I’m looking forward to that,” she said and placed her hand on the table and caressed my hand gently, “I love your opium perfume,” she added with radiating smiles.

“Hmm, thanks, dear,” I said and crossed my legs.

“Hmm …sweet thigh,” she said benignly and tried to caress my thigh but I held her hand and placed it back on the table, “let’s concentrate on the food.”

“Oh, that’s cool,” she said and smiled, “I love the sweet black hose you’re putting on.”

“Thanks for the compliment,” I said and allowed my lips to form a half moon as I smiled, “But, what kind of sports are you into?”

“You’ll soon find out, sweet,” she said and started eating.

“Your face looks like someone I knew in the past but couldn’t just remember vividly.”

“That’s how life is,” she said and stifled a yawn, “but you should know that people resemble each other sometimes.”

“That’s cool and you’re right too,” I said admittedly, “I guess I mistake you for another.”

“Do you have a kid?” she asked.

“I don’t have any,” I replied, “and you?”

“I don’t. Even if he is alive, we wouldn’t have kids because it was already an agreement that we wouldn’t make babies.”

“It’s still okay, even though I’d have loved a girl,” I added and chuckled lightly.


“But you’re a cool and pretty lady. Your late hubby must have been proud of you,” I complimented, just to make her feel good.

“Wow! I’m flattered, sweetie, and I love your thick black hair and brown eyes which make you stand out,” she flattered.

Crossing my legs, as I shifted my weight to one side, I smiled and said, “Thanks, Christie.”

If not that I was being bold and daring, her intent looks into my eyes would have made me shudder or jittery but I was equal to the task and still ready to reject her offer.

When we finished eating she tried to keep me seated with some chitchat but I had to rush to my office and complete some assignments and give instructions to my workers ahead of a huge supply awaiting my return.

“Can I tell you about myself?” she requested.

At that moment, I wasn’t in the mood to listen or entertain any further conversation.

“Not now, but I’d love to hear it later. I guess this is not our last meeting,” I muttered and held her warm hands. “I’m sorry, dear.”

“Let me write my phone number down for you, and please, try and be in contact. It means a lot,” she said and brought out a sheet of paper.

“Okay, let me have it,” I said and waited. I knew she wanted to make the discussions and stay longer but I wasn’t in the mood anymore. She wrote her number on the paper and pushed it into my palm. “Thanks for the meal,” I mouthed and dropped the money for the bills on the table as she was exploring her purse to bring out the money to pay for the food.

I left immediately without delay to avoid giving her the chance to say more.

When I left her presence, I felt like tearing the paper to forget that I had such an encounter with Christie but on a second thought, I put the paper inside my handbag and went straight to my office; having considered that she could be a good friend to me, at least to help me to forget about the sorrows that had engrossed my heart for twelve months.

Chapter 2

**The Check**

For a couple of days, I didn’t bother to check out the paper that Christie dropped her number with but a part of me was beginning to miss her, especially her daring attitude. It was even intriguing that I couldn’t tell why I was beginning to miss her company. Maybe I just missed her fun kind of person or her boldness but there was something about her that baffled me; people seem to know her a lot but she never told me the kind of work she was into which was entirely my fault because I didn’t give her the chance to tell me about herself when she wanted to do.

As I was searching through my purse, I saw the paper where she wrote her number and opened it up. I was surprised to see that it wasn’t just a note but a check of $10,000 that she used to write her number on the rear side of it. I couldn’t fathom if it was an error or a wittingly done but she never cared to ask for the check which got me thinking.

In the quest to know why she made such mistake, I was forced to dial her number which I didn’t want to do earlier, at least not so soon. Immediately the phone beeped, she took the call as if she’d been close to her phone and waiting for my call. But I never gave her my number, so, she wouldn’t know the caller.

“Hello, this is Christie,” I heard from the other side of the telephone.

At first, I silenced my voice and listened closely to the background and I heard some noise as if there was something like a rally or sports as if there was a live football match going on but couldn’t figure out if she was at a football pitch or a political convention. “Hello,” she repeated again, interrupting my observations.

“This is Elsa Bruno,” I said in a muttering tone, “I called to…”

“Wow, my Elsa,” she voiced in excitement without allowing me to say why I called, “I’ve been eager and waiting for your call. I almost regretted not insisting on taking your number from you.”

Such extroverted temperament, hmm, she talks too much but constructively and friendlily, though.

“You left a $10,000 check with me and I was trying to understand why you made such mistake even without asking about it,” I said sounding more serious and unsmiling.

“Wow! How did I do that dear?” she curiously asked, suggestive of her oblivion of the mistake.

“You wrote your number on the back of the check paper and I wish to return it back to you forthwith.”

“Can we meet right away, please?” she solicited with such eagerness in her tone in a bid to meet me without delay.

I couldn’t understand such love, infatuation or simply put; lust.

“Where should I meet you?” I asked as I began to dress up.

“Same location we met last time,” she said.

I knew she meant the Chinese restaurant but to add some sense of humor I asked: “In the graveyard or morgue?”

“Ha-ha,” she laughed out loud, “definitely not there, except you want our late spouses to make us undergo some scary episodes in the cemetery.”

I just smiled and hung up.

In a jiffy, I was at the restaurant. I discovered that she’d already ordered for my favorite meal as she waited for my arrival at the deli.

“You’re welcome, Elsa”, she said as I walked with sedate steps towards her with a cheerful look.

“You really look great today just like the other day,” I complimented which made her feel so proud and happy. I guess I was beginning to loosen up a bit from that unfriendly attitude and hard-to-get drama I exhibited earlier.

“Much thanks to you, dear,” she said and shook her boobs which looked attractive under that sexy mini dress bodycon that exposed her hot and straight legs. “Your favorite meal is here already,” she added as the waiter presented the sumptuous meal.

“Thanks,” I replied and sat down.

Her eyes were fixed on my thigh and I could tell from the look on her face that she was totally lost in lewdness. It was obvious that she was imagining fucking me on her bed but that wouldn’t happen because I wasn’t ready to allow a fellow girl touch me.

I brought out the check and handed it over to her, “here is your check and don’t make such mistakes again,” I cautioned.

“You’re such a darling,” she appreciated, “but all thanks to the mistake I made. If not the sweet mistake, you wouldn’t have called me on the phone, I know.”

She really caught me there but I still had to defend myself than accept being busted. I smiled and said, “I could have called, even without the check stuff, just that I got really busy in my office. Sorry for the delay before I called you on the phone.”

She was so thrilled and happy for my apology which made her do the unimaginable; she quickly kissed my lips in excitement, but it was too quick for me to resist. I enjoyed it but disguised my glee as if I didn’t. Her lip tasted so sweet and soft and I loved the pink lipstick which made her lips inviting.

“Sorry for that,” she apologized as usual, “but I was so happy that you brought my check back and I’m bewildered with your honesty and friendliness. Thanks again.”

“Hmmm, you’re welcome but don’t kiss me again,” I said hesitantly even though she knew I enjoyed the kiss, judging by her smiles and looks in my eyes.

We ate together as friends and enjoyed each other’s company. When we were about to part, she held my hand and said, “Can we go over to my house; for you to know where I reside?”

“Christie,” I called and held her on shoulders, “It’s already late and we’ve spent much time talking with each other. There is always next time.”

Her eyelids dropped in sadness but she had to accept it just to please me, if not, she might lose the little attention she already got from me.

“It’s okay, but you should promise that next time, I’d either come to your house or you visit mine.”

“That’s a promise and I mean it,” I said solemnly to put a smile on her face.

Christie’s height was really cool, and her beauty could melt the strongest heart.

To her greatest surprise, I kissed her cheek and said, “Christie, you look beautiful and I admire your physique.”

She remained speechless and gleeful as she watched me walk away. I left in a grand style. It was obvious that the voluptuousness of my ass must have made her wet but that was exactly what I wanted, even though I wasn’t ready to offer her my pussy.

Chapter 3

**My sweet first experience**

I was beginning to miss Christie’s presence but those feelings vanished in the wink of an eye when I was seeing the news on the television. I was surprised to see her being interviewed by the press concerning the recent victory by the Queens Team of the WNBA, the Los Angeles chapter. It was then that I realized why her face was so familiar to me. I didn’t even know that the person I met was C-Babe, the popular captain of the Queens Team. Being that she introduced herself as Christie, I found it hard to recognize her easily. I was bathed by Goosebumps when I discovered the truth. I never knew that she was a socialite and in the celebrity class. I blamed myself for not allowing her to tell me more about herself when tried to.

One of the things I detested was being in front of the camera. I was always uncomfortable around the celebrities; not because I never wanted to be associated with success but I was that introverted girl that hates being surrounded by a crowd. From that day, I cut off all communications with Christie and never took her numerous calls. I was miffed by the fact that I was beginning to like her and she was a socialite. I wish she was just an ordinary girl like me.

For a couple of days, I focused on my fashion and designing business and never gave my mind the chance to think about the hurt that Christie would be experiencing because of my standoffishness.

As I was sitting on the couch in my office and studying some cloth designs, I got a call from a strange number and I thought it was probably coming from one of my clients. I quickly took the call since I was expecting Jerry to place his order for the forthcoming supermodel’s contest. “Hello, is that Mr. Jerry?” I asked expectantly.

“It’s Christie,” she mumbled in a low and cold voice.

For the first time, I didn’t feel the excitement in her voice but a reserved and gloomy voice filled with sadness and a quest to discover why I’d been avoiding her.

“Oh, Christie,” I responded feeling disappointed that it wasn’t Mr. Jerry. “How have you been?” I asked with the guilt I felt within me.

“I wish to see and talk things over with you,” she said tearfully. “I’d been asking myself if I’d done anything that could trigger off your anger because I know you’ve been avoiding me but I couldn’t decipher the reason, hence my numerous calls to you.”

“I’m so sorry for that but I never knew that you’re the C-Babe that I’ve always heard of. Unfortunately, I am not the kind of lady that belongs to that world of yours,” I said without mincing words.

“Can you come to my house? There are things we need to talk about but not over the phone,” she said and heaved a sigh of unpreparedness to take my ‘No’ for an answer.

At that moment, I started feeling withdrawn and unhappy for putting her through such emotional state just because she had an interest in me. It was becoming excessive and I wouldn’t like to just throw away that affection she feels for me just because I didn’t want to have anything to do with a fellow lady. For a couple of minutes, I was battling with my conscience on my decision towards obliging her or declining as usual, but at the end, she won.

“I’ll come but just to see you briefly. Can you give me your street address?” I finally asked which gladdened her heart. She didn’t show how joyful she was when I made that promise but I felt it.

“Come over to the restaurant, and please, don’t come with your car,” she demanded, “We’ll use mine this time.”

“I accept your offer and I’ll be there shortly. Trust me,” I said and hung up.

Opium was the perfume I loved most and I made sure that I wore it to an offensive quantity as if I was just coming from the perfumery. I wore a sexy pink evening dress with a long slit in front which exposes my lap, almost few inches away from my panty. I was simply hot and classily dressed. My sexy bra really pushed up my boobs to the extent that any real man could hardly look at me and pass without feeling some rapid movements in his trousers. I was dressed to slay emotionally but not that I was trying to lure Christie’s interest. That was the least of my motives. I wanted to show her how sexy I could be.

Before I got to the deli, Christie was already waiting inside her Bugatti Chiron. It was just mind-blowing seeing her in such expensive car because I never knew that she was swimming in affluence. At that point, I began to admire her humility because of how she concealed her social status without using it to entice me at our first meeting. Her friendliness was another good quality that made me admire her.

I walked majestically towards her and I could feel the lashes of her eyes jam together with great expectation and awe as I drew nearer. Her mouth fell apart in awe. Unwittingly, she quickly rushed towards me as if she’d been starved of my presence for long. On the second thought, I was ready to resist another kiss from her if she ever attempted. I opened my arms for an embrace as I remained smiling and waiting.”

“You’re the most charming girl I’ve ever met,” she said looking wowed. “Come here,” She quickly embraced me and couldn’t let go. I extended my hands and held her sweet slender body, with my hands encircling her totally. She whispered into my ears saying: “I now know why people say that the chubby ones cuddle better.”

That statement alone made me elated and so proud of myself because it reminded me of how Richard used to make me feel whenever I was pale or melancholic.

C-Babe quickly held my waist and implanted a kiss on my cheek. It was obvious that she left some prints of her lipstick on my cheek but I was still happy that she did that. I couldn’t just complain but smiled as my heart sunk in the abyss of joy and ecstasy.

She opened the door of the classy car for me and I was welcomed into the four-wheeled machine by that chilly Air Conditioner. For a moment, I took a breath of wealth. I’ve always seen rich people in such exotic cars but was never privileged to find myself in one.

When I sat in the car, she closed the door while I placed my well-fixed nails on my lap and secretly smiled because I was just happy.

Christie entered and drove away to her apartment. As she drove along the streets, I slumped into deep thoughts of what awaits me at her house. I wasn’t sure of what I was going to meet but suffice it to say that I was uneasy and unsure.

When she entered the white mansion, I was thinking that we were going for a visit but it was actually her house. I just discovered that I was becoming closer to one of the well-known personalities in Los Angeles.

When I entered the apartment, I was just numb and surprised at the fixtures and features of the apartment. She knew I wasn’t expecting such surprises but she kept surprising me. She presented expensive dinner for us and made me feel so comfortable. She already had some extra clothes with sexy lingerie that she bought for me to use for the night. I guess she already got everything planned out. I was actually not ready to stay over for the night but the kind of big treat that I got from her made me change my mind.

“Now, can I break this long silence,” she said and came over to my couch and sat down beside me.

For the first time around her, I felt so shy like a child being forced out from her limbo of mousiness to meet a super-ordinate personality. I felt intimidated but I still worked on myself with those smiles at intervals and heavy breath that helped me to wipe away my fears and regain my usual comportment around her.

Surprising to me, she went into her room and came back wearing just her sexy red thong and bra. I never knew that my body could be moved by such but I suddenly began experiencing such a strange feeling which wasn’t something that I could explain. I was just totally wet and needed her tongue to suck my pussy without delay but I was still fighting inside me to say nope if she’d finally come with a bold step to have me.

As I tried to cross my legs but her eyes caught my red panty, which made her lustful more and more. She was just restive as she tossed up and down and I observed her restiveness furtively. When she couldn’t help it anymore, she rushed towards me and held my breast.

I tried to fight off the feelings and push her away but when her fingers touched my nipples through that lace bra, I felt so weary and seduced.

“Sorry, I’m being too pushy but I’ve been so obsessed with you and this had lingered for long. Even when your husband was still alive, I kept trying to reach you but never wanted to offend you which made me remain in the dark for long,” she confessed in a moaning tone.

I couldn’t utter a word but remained mute and helpless. She looked into my eyes and said, “I want to make love to you and I want it immediately without delay.”

Hearing those words made me feel like resisting her commands but her seduction was at its peak as her hands dug into my skin as it went between my thighs. She gradually grabbed my thong without my permission and I couldn’t stop her.

“Why are you doing this to me?” I forced myself to say sonorously but she shut my mouth with that soft kiss and allowed her tongue probe deep in my mouth.

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