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Lesbian Vampire and Interracial Romance

By: Totsi Pratt

Table of Contents



Delores McAdams is a working-class thirty-year-old African-American with next to no excitement in her life. Nothing seems to go right in her daily routine, and nothing goes wrong either.

She barely has anything to look forward to and keeps routines simple. Everything changes when she encounters Aurora, a strange, magnetic personality who saves her on a fateful day when she almost gets raped.

But fate has even more in store for Delores when she reports to work the next day and finds out she will be working with her vampire savior. Things then turn romantic.

Aurora comes into her life and brings much excitement. Although Delores knows she’s more than an ordinary being, she still finds herself falling helplessly.

After a while of being unable to resist her affection for Aurora, she decides to break her policy of not dating anyone at her work and never regrets her decision.

This is a heartfelt story filled with an incredible romance between an African-American woman and a white vampire.

Chapter 1

Tuesday 8:30 a.m.

Alarm Rings

I’m awake already. Had been turning lazily on my bed, fondling with my bedspread and waiting to be spurred to action by own Big Ben.

It’s another Tuesday morning. I like Tuesdays. Not because it is by any way different from the rest of the working week that’s occupied with my boring routine. Tuesday is just never as tense as Monday. I don't understand why bosses think they need to be assholes on Monday. It’s just another day with way too much fanfare. At least on Tuesday, everyone seems to be happy. And there are bagels. I can't wait to get to my bagels and vanilla coffee, with lots of cream, that my fancy company provides. That’s the only take away from work that makes me ever look forward to going into the office.

I swept the floor reluctantly with my feet to find my fuzzy sleepers. I felt them a little to the edge of my bed and slipped my tender feet into them. I panned my eye slowly through my spotless room. Everything was the same as I had seen it before I went to bed. Sometimes I wished my room wasn't so clean all the time. Sometimes I wished I was a little more carefree and crazy so that guys like Alex would stay with me longer.

Alex! I shrieked in my head and hissed. No, fuck that. Fuck all the guys I have dated and the rest of the pack I haven't. I was done with them.

I thought Alex was different while we were dating until I found out he was cheating on me. And then, instead of him apologizing—I mean I was ready to forgive and give him more than a second chance—he rather blamed me for his repugnant action. He complained I had become a scripted individual and I was a perfect being he couldn’t put up with. Obviously, his desires preferred crazy and unpredictable. Something I was not becoming until my natural feeling discovered its trueness.

All men were the same. No matter how much they pretended to be loyal, they always wanted to taste something different like I was just another chocolate flavor to be licked by their lustful tongues.

I hissed more before I peeled off my clothes like banana claddings and headed to the shower.

This wasn’t a good start to a Tuesday I reminded myself and pushed his memory aside. Moreover, my experience with Alex was over about four years ago. I had mourned enough and moved past him already to something more exciting.

I smiled smugly as flashes of my newfound escapades teased my memory.

I took a warm shower and dipped my face in the cold lemon water to help close up my pores. I have always loved my skin, and everyone else did too. I took it seriously and made it a ritual to ensure it remained toned as if with honey and unblemished.

Before I dressed up, I stared myself in the standing mirror for a while. I am thirty-years-old, but I always got the no-way expression when I told people that. Maybe those men who I enjoyed a quick banter with over a cup of coffee were over exaggerating when they said I looked twenty-five. Well, at least I know I looked younger. But that only made them see me as sexually attractive for a quick romp but not for a lasting relationship.

I sighed and turned. I edged up curvy butt toward the mirror. Any woman would do anything to have my sinuous shape. Most guys would die to touch them with their hungry hands. Even I found them breathtaking, but I had made up my mind to keep them away from the boys. They were permitted to stare and do whatever they wanted to do with them in their minds, or probably even go fucking jerkoff, but no more touching.

“All right, enough with the self-gloat,” I muttered and went about getting dressed.

I had already picked out my clothes the night before. I would be wearing my gray jacket today over my sky-blue tube dress, at least I was feeling up to it. On the days I didn’t feel so good, I opted for clothes I could breathe in.

After I was done dressing and having a light breakfast of cereal while watching Steve Harvey’s show, I headed out. I usually ate light every morning because I wanted to have enough appetite for bagels by the time I got to work.

Driving downtown in my white Lexus, I noticed there was no heavy traffic, and there seemed to be some calm about the atmosphere, unlike other days. I wondered what the day was up to as Adele's soothing voice filtered from the radio. I loved Adele's songs because of how the lyrics evoked emotions that seemed to reflect my heartbreak. However, I preferred to listen to her tracks when I am alone, curled up on my couch and sipping red wine. Listening to her now reminded me of the depth of loneliness. I had tried for several months to bury my head in work and preoccupy my thoughts in something worthwhile. Still, the feeling won’t go away. Repeatedly I felt a yearning and desire like a paroxysm that my one-night stands and raunchy escapades couldn’t quell.

As I turned onto the street of my office, my eyes caught a glimpse of the folders and files piled in the backseat and smirked. The last time I allowed a stranger sit there a week ago, it turned out to be a crazy and busy night. Before that night, I had never driven anyone into the wonderland in my car. So I pretty much surprised myself. I was finally changing and doing crazy things the way Alex would have probably wanted, but I did so because I wanted to. She was sweet. Too sweet like my favorite chocolate flavor. But hot as she was, I resisted the urge to save her contact information and stayed away from the bar where we had met. It was nothing personal, I would have loved to enjoy another night out with her, but I had seen the look in her eyes through the visibility of the moonlight as we came together. She was willing to commit and I wasn’t.

I chuckled to myself as I recalled the scene. Who would have thought I would one day have a thing for a fellow woman when men were always after me to have a taste of my honeycomb and ride through my jade gates like riders. My first few experiences turned out to be the breather I needed from overbearing men who always turned out to be assholes. However, after a few times, I realized I was happy and felt more alive than ever every time drowned in the warmth of another female and was aroused with the fury of passionate touches. I just wasn’t ready to commit because I wasn't sure I was done with experimenting.

Entering into my workplace lobby, I walked past Gretchen, the uninterested and obviously overpaid receptionist, who happened to be everyone's secretary. I would never understand how she knew everything that went on in the office. Who cares anyway?

I finally got to my cubical, and luckily, for me, there were no files splayed on my desk. That meant I had some time to organize myself and finish up on my assignments from the previous day before my boss came breathing down my neck.

After a while, I needed a drink. I reached out for my favorite mug and headed to the kitchen to prepare myself some vanilla coffee. It smelled so good, and its flavor caressed my nose as my lips tasted its savor. If only I could live life with just this one feeling, well maybe two—thinking back to my beautiful assorted sex toys. It reminded of my last stranger lady. I don’t even remember her name. No real men I had met smelled as good, compared to her soft skin and perfumed hair. Unconsciously I had begun to moan, and I felt in between my thighs tightening. I stopped myself before I got soaked. Shaking off the thoughts, I got back to reality.

Chapter 2

It seemed the shaking off of my fantasy thoughts was sufficient because I wandered from the kitchen without my full concentration and crashed into Maxwell.

Fuck! I cursed in my mind as I tried to ascertain the extent of damage the impact of the crash caused. Of all people, it shouldn’t have been him in the path of my wander.

Maxwell was the regional manager of the biggest company this side of the East Coast and I tried as much to avoid him if we're not working on something official. We both had our history several years ago before the company had employed me about a year back, and I didn’t want a repeat of it, contrary to his wish.

"Delores McAdams, what is the meaning of this, of all the nonchalance and incompetence you're capable of, this is—"

I cut him off with my apology before he completed his rain of insult on me. “I’m… I’m so, so sorry,” I pleaded giving him the most apologetic and sober expression I could summon to prevent him from going on to embarrass me.

He glared at me momentarily with a vexed expression. His mouth hung open in space like he was debating what next to say. However, to my surprise, his expression softened after his eye had eaten me up from my feet to the crown of my head.

He dabbed at his suit with a silky grey hanky. "Just... just get your shit together okay?" he said in a less irate than he would have and then he walked on.

I let out the breath I had held since his glare beamed its radar on me. The fact that Maxwell let me off easy after I had drenched his blue-gray suit with coffee that bears his name, was very unusual.

Honestly, I expected the worse tongue lashing because he obviously had been looking out for an opportunity to humiliate me after I had turned down him down severely to his dismay. I had heard that no lady could turn down his charms. Well, the first time I was a victim of that but once bitten, twice shy. I wasn’t going to allow myself to be subjected to his heartlessness again. I was no masochist.

"What just happened? Tell me he had an epiphany or a what-would-Jesus-do-moment. Did he just not freak out?" Eric asked as he hobbled over to where I was standing in a pool of coffee.

"I'm just as surprised as you are, believe me. Uhm…help me clean this up," I pleaded.

"Sure thing, Dolly," Eric replied without hesitation as though he wanted the opportunity to show itself.

After the incident with Maxwell, my workplace became very uncomfortable. Most of my female colleagues who knew of the situation of things between the boss and me glanced at me disdainfully intermittently. Sometimes I wondered why I was the focus of their dislike. I was never in the way of stopping them from throwing themselves at him. Still, they looked at me otherwise.

The rest of the day at work went rather slowly, and I just wanted to get back home and salvage the rest of my miserable day watching True Blood until sleep carried me off with its long hands.

When the time clocked 4 .m., I let out a relieved heave and got up to leave. I was officially free from work, and I was not planning to spend any extra time exchanging pleasantries with anyone.

I turned off my cute Apple desktop I got as a reward for being the employee of the month two months ago—when I still gave a shit anyway—and headed toward the exit door of the tenth floor where my work desk was located.

“I’m so going home,” I muttered after a long exhale.

Walking toward the door, I noticed Gretchen had already left, and Eric happened to be stuck with files. I was so glad he was still busy. That meant I didn’t have to deal with his chatter before I left the office.

Eric was my tour guide when I had first arrived work, and I didn’t need any telling to know he had a crush on me but he was too shy to ask, and I loved it that way. I had made it clear that I wasn't interested in an office romance.

Stepping out of the twenty-story building, I breathed in the fresh air outside before I walked toward the parking lot. My head was feeling fuzzy, and I wondered if it was still from the incident from earlier or something else I couldn’t make out was wrong.

What’s wrong with you girl? I questioned myself.

I started my car, and my radio came on.

“Thank heavens," I muttered, relieved to hear Rihanna's voice. I was more than glad to hear something that would raise my spirit instead drive me deeper into my loneliness. This was one moment I wished I had someone I could pour out my heart to, but I there was no one to trust to that extent. That was my life at the moment, and I was bored of it. I was about to reverse when I noticed a Ford Mustang Boss 302 backing out of the parking lot.

Wow, I thought when I noticed a redhead was in the driver's seat, and she seemed to be a hurry. The manner in which she maneuvered the expensive car impressed me. I barely got a glimpse of her face, but I was almost certain she was not a regular face around here.

“…shut up and drive,” Rihanna bellowed on top of her voice and dragged back my attention back to her song.

I smiled. “All right Riri, I got your message," I said before driving out myself, but somehow, my mind went back to the redhead I had seen driving away some moments ago. I wondered if she was a new employee or a client. If she was a new a new employee, without a doubt, she was way up the company's ladder.

Maybe that’s why Maxwell was rather lenient with me. I thought and grunted.

“Fuck him,” I cursed.

The truth was, I loved redheads, and if I were to watch lesbian porn, I would enjoy it more if a redhead was involved. My thoughts on that drove my mind back to American Horror Story and the deathly sexy maid. Breckenridge something. Couldn’t remember her first name, but she was a redhead too, and she gave me chills.

“No, I’m not going to be tempted to touch myself tonight.” I reminded myself. I had to clear my head up first before complicating issues with my newfound fantasy.

“That’s why I’ve got Vivian anyway,” I mused.

Vivian is my happy go, lucky next-door neighbor, although she is no redhead, she was delightful to some degree. She was tiny everywhere—her small hands and feet, small butt and not to mention her beautiful dainty lips—and she was submissive in bed.

Vivian and I were more like friends with benefits, although we had just recently been after she moved into our block apartment less than two years.

The first night we were together, she had caught me off guard. A get-to-know-my-neighbor-better chat stumbled into an erotic affair. And damn, she was good, but I hoped nothing got serious between us because for one, I wasn't ready to commit and two, she wasn't exactly my type. However, she had open her doors—and legs too—by letting me know I could call on her at any time she was around or we could sex chat via Skype if she wasn’t. She was crazy and met my needs whenever I needed to release. Today wasn’t one of those days.

The music switched, and I got the vibe.

“Nicky Minaj now?” I glanced at the radio curiously.
"What’s with the ladies theme today?” I asked because it was almost as though the producer was reading my mood from his production desk.

I stepped on the gas as Minaj entertained me with her starships.

Chapter 3

After I had gotten home and tried to get a nap that still didn’t help me clear my head, I decided to go for a little walk.

The evening's wind blew against my face and seemed to caress my face softly. I wished it had a mind of its own or it could use telepathy, so it connected with mines and carry my worries far away across the ocean toward stranger country.

I spent over an hour listening to my special pop playlist select while going over thoughts in my head. I shed a few tears and laughed at some memories on the stroll until my legs could go no further.

On my way back home, I decided to take the shortcut to my apartment through a poorly alleyway as my legs begged me for a respite. I knew I would have the blame if any harm came my way, but my neighborhood had the lowest crime rate in the entire borough. So I threw caution into the air under duress from the tiredness of legs and took the route.

I would have been rewarded for my risk I was taking as I was near the end of the alley. All I needed do was to walk past the dumpsters that were some feet ahead. But as I looked into my iPhone’s screen to check on a message notification I had just received, I was shoved violently against the brick wall to my right.

In a split second, my head hit the brick with a force that nearly made me black out. The impact was so hard that my phone and earpiece went separate ways as they clattered unto the ground.

Everything happened so fast afterward that I was almost unable to keep up with the rapidness of my assailant. One moment, strong arms locked my hands behind me and pressed my torso harder against the wall while I still battled with the gush of pain that flooded from my head. Another moment, a rough hand clamped over my mouth just in time to stop me from screaming out loud. Then the final moment revealed my assailant's true intentions as he began to grope me roughly and tried to force my pants down too forcefully.

I’m about to be raped! I shrieked in my head, and tears spontaneously began to drop. I had always heard of stories of rape victims and gory of violation they faced but never had I imagined I would be a victim one day.

I felt so helpless as my breasts repeatedly rubbed against the rough wall while he roughly handled me and my legs buckled under me. As he tried to force his way into me, I braced for his thrust tearfully, feeling very vulnerable and dejected. But in that same instant, a bright light sped up toward us, and next thing I heard was a loud crash against the dumpster. It felt like a burden was taken off my back and in that, I knew something had happened to my attacker. I turned around immediately, visibly shaken and watched to my shock as the rider got off the motorcycle and walked with steady giant toward him. The rider had a feminine physique, but the way she lifted him up with just one hand said otherwise. And just when I thought I had seen enough crazy commotion, she opened her mouth wide in a rather strange manner and bit into his neck.

Is she a Vampire?

I shuddered as my assailant screamed painfully and my heart skipped a beat. Fear seized my legs, and I couldn’t run as much as my spirit had taken to its heels. I watched on utterly stunned as she sucked him almost dry.

What the fuck is this?

When she had had enough of him, she let him fall unrestrainedly into the paved ground and licked her lips with her tongue in a way that gave me an eerie feeling. It was like watching a horror scene in real HD, and then she turned to look at me, and I immediately stopped breathing.

Am I next? I asked myself nervously.

As she walked toward me, there was a tender expression on her face like she was concerned about me. When she reached me, she brushed off some dirt from my hair, looked into my eyes and asked in the most affectionate tone I had ever heard, “Are you hurt? Are you okay, dear?”

Am I okay? Hell No! I retorted in my head.

I just stared back at her blank and speechless.

Is this even real?

Not until I noticed she felt concerned for me did I revive my breathing. She was a vampire no doubt and not a carnivore human as I noticed four of her teeth still extended from the rest.

When she noticed my hesitation and skepticism, she smiled with an admiration that touched me and made feel a little relaxed.

"You are safe now," she assured me and tried to help me straighten my messy clothes. "And you don't have to be scared of me. I only bite the bad guys."

I noticed she her eyes were yellow-flecked green and she was a redhead.

No, not a redhead, please.

"You live around here?" she asked, and I nodded slowly.

She brushed my arms gently, "Good. Now get home safe and be careful next time. These alleys aren't safe in the day, let alone at night."

I stared at the body lying in a pool of blood some feet away. She followed my eyes and got the question I was about to ask.

“Nah, don’t worry about him,” she assured me. “He’s not dead. Just has some lessons to learn about accosting beautiful ladies like,” she said and smiled. There was still some bloodstain on her enamel.

"Get along now," she urged me, and without another hesitation, I walked home without glancing back.

As soon as got home, I showered still unable to comprehend what I had experienced and fell into a deep exhausted sleep.

The next morning I was almost late to work after I had woken up late. The hangover of my last night’s experience was yet to wear off.

Walking through the lobby, I noticed Gretchen wasn’t at the reception and I could see from the edge of the door everyone was gathered in the boardroom.

Something was wrong.

A lot went through my mind all at once.

I thought it took a week to downsize. What could have happened?

I approached carefully and joined the rest of my colleagues.

Maxwell was addressing them.

"I know we said we're downsizing due to the recent changes in management of the company, but in the meantime, we'd also like to make some key acquisitions, Ms. Aurora.”

"Just call me Aurora," she said with a voice so soft and smooth that it sounded like jazz, and I froze. There, beside Maxwell, in the middle of the company's staff gathered around was a fair redhead beauty. There was no mistake, it was my vampire savior from last night. I would recognize her voice anywhere as though my memory had it prerecorded from last night. And as though she perceived my perfume distinctly from the rest, she turned toward where I stood and our eyes locked.

No fucking way.

"Yes, Aurora here is going to be working with us, and she will be representing the company at an ambassadorial level," Maxwell continued, unable to keep his eyes away from her ample cleavage barely covered by her lace camisole.

She was enchanting, no doubt but I wondered if Maxwell knew who she was.

She flashed me a kind smile as soon as I had thought that and looked away.

My heart skipped two beats.

"She comes highly recommended. It's important for the image of this company—"

"Yes, I've come highly recommended," she cut him off, "and I want to work with all of you, as closely as possible to hasten my adjustment into the company. I know it's a pity that some of you won't make it through the week, but let's make the time we have worthwhile." She glanced at the faces of the staff who had gathered with an emotionless expression on her face.

How does she manage that?

Then, her gaze settled back on me. I felt my stomach tighten. She was unreal. Something more than anyone could imagine. I felt like I was keeping a secret to unlocking the gate of hell.

In reality, all I could do was stare at her rectangular face with cutting sharp eyes, and red lips—so red they looked like they were bleeding. Well, they had tasted blood last night. Her presence was magnetic. Everyone was focused on her, even when she wasn't the only one talking. “Let's work closely Aurora… in any capacity,” I whispered without even thinking a forehand to my surprise.

The meeting was soon over, and Maxwell quietly walked back to his office. This was strange even for him, no yelling or irritating self-righteous. He just retired quietly into his large office.

I wondered maybe Maxwell did know about her true nature and that was why he was rather calm.

Being scared of being bitten huh? I mocked him in my head and found myself smiling weakly at the thought of that.

This person, this Aurora, was all I could think of after the meeting. I hadn’t even turned on my computer twenty minutes later. Memories of the previous night kept pouring out, and I felt strangely excited imagining what it would be like to work with a vampire.

"Hello, I didn't get to know your name from last night," a gentle voice asked in a low tone, and I froze, again. It was Aurora.

I could have sworn I didn't see her walk toward me, but there she was, right in front of me, and not even trying to pretend we hadn’t met last night.

She smiled charmingly. "I suppose we started off a wrong foot from last night. I wonder what you make of me now," she said and feigned a sad face.

“Of course not,” I disagreed. “You were a savior,” I managed to say drinking in her aromatic perfume. It smelled so sweet.

“But the strangest way you could have imagined right?” she asked rhetorically. “What’s your name?”

"Delores, Delores McAdams," I barely managed to reply breathlessly.

"That's a funny name for an African-American. Also quite… what's the word."

"Drab? Dull? Completely tasteless, huh?" I suddenly chimed into my surprise.

"Well not entirely, it just doesn't suit you. I get the feeling you're much more thrilling than you let on. You should have a befitting name like—"

Someone cut her off to my irritation. It’s Eric.

"Hey, Miss Aurora."

"Call me Aurora, Eric.”

"Sorry, uh, Aurora, here's the file you wanted. Top secret, huh?” he whispered.

"Wow, so fast. I love your team spirit,” she said before collecting the file from his hand while he glanced at him. “Thank you,” she added.

"Anything for you Mi…I mean, Aurora. Anything for you, Aurora," Eric chirped before walking away slowly.

All I could do was stare. Her lips looked like they had crushed cherries rubbed all over them.

Could be true blood, I thought and smiled weakly to the sarcasm in my thought. True blood huh.

I was drawn to this woman. More so than I've ever been drawn to anyone before and she was a vampire for crying out loud.

What’s wrong with you girl? You don’t do office romance remember!

Aurora stared at me for a while at me before removing her hand from my shoulder. I didn’t even notice when she put it there. "I suppose you have some work to do." She stood up and said, "Let me leave you to them."

“Yes, ma’am.” Was all I managed to say.

Aurora rolled her eyes at me in a sexy way. “Oh come on, I’m no ma’am. Just call me Aurora. Okay?”

“Okay,” I replied before she tapped my shoulders lightly and walked away.

“I look forward getting to know you better,” she added as she walked on.

Somehow, I wished she had stayed longer, but I had work to do truly. And to avoid getting butted out, I had to get it done in time.

Chapter 4

Thunder clapped

It was a cold and dark morning. My favorite kind of morning.

It was raining, and the clouds had cast a soft shadow all over my room and outside. It was a pity I couldn’t sit at home and relish the moment.

Duty called. I had to go to work. The company was through with downsizing, and I made it through. Unfortunately, Gretchen and some of the ladies who disliked me didn’t make it through. I wasn’t exactly excited they were butted, but it was good riddance to bad.

I was trying to think of work and all I needed to do during, but all I could think of was Aurora. My curiosity about her drove me so far to google about vampires and see if there any suddenly in our city. Nothing was stated, but it was reported on several occasions that individuals thought to be hoodlums ended up in the hospital mysteriously with vampire-like bites on their necks and hands. Well, she was right about attacking just the bad guys, but I wondered if she was alone or she had other of her kind around.

The past few days had been the most riveting moments of my life. Now I wanted just to lie here and take it all in.

Aurora's office was in the third room down the hallway just before you got to the kitchen and lounge. Due to my frequent trips to both, I always got to catch a glimpse of her. And she always seemed busy over paperwork. Vampires had to work after all.

On one of those occasions, she had looked up and caught my stare. She smiled the kind of smile that reflected through the eyes and winked. I smiled back helplessly and moved on.

Slowly, day after day, my attraction toward her deepened and I started building my fantasies around her.

I imagined how my skin would feel under the torture of her tender fingers. I knew they were tender all right after she touched my face lightly the night of my attack. I imagined how it would feel to fuse as one with her. I imagined what her scent would be like down there and most crazy of all, I imagined how aroused I would become if she bit me out of pleasure when we fucked.

As I enjoyed my morning daydream my phone buzzed and snapped me back into reality

It was a message, from Eric, no less.

"Bona-fide company staff remains punctual, even after a privileged selection. They strive to maintain yadda yadda yadda, want to guess whose words those are? Hurry it up!"


I hadn’t even noticed the rain had stopped, and it's almost 11 a.m. I was screwed just after I had survived getting laid off!

I hurried into the shower and tried as much as not to finger myself to climax with my head to wrap around her thought. But the certainty of seeing her again soon was consolation enough.

I wore a red bandage dress. Red had never been my color, but I felt like it as though was trying to force Aurora to notice me even more.

We had not had any further conversations after that day we first spoke at work. It all stopped at greetings and official calls. I had hung onto her words I look forward to knowing you better, but she hadn’t matched it with any action.

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