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Incest: Father and Son Confessions Vol.6.

He Gave Me His ‘Daddy-juice’ in the Sauna

Gary Bonds


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My Intro:


I’m Gary Bonds. Let me say ‘Thank You’ for taking a look at this story of mine, volume 6 in the ‘Father and Son Confessions’ series. Hope you like it.

I was told about this incident by a young guy who actually worked same shifts as the main character, Ben (named changed for obvious reasons) He told me how Ben, a real good looking massage hand, first of all ‘had’ his uncle and then his dad in the Health Spa where he worked. The way he told me about this had me tenting out like a flag pole, I just couldn’t believe it.

The story about his uncle I covered before in ‘Gay Incest Vol.1: I seduced my Uncle Jimmy’. this story is about what happened the day his dad turned up at the Spa for a massage. Let me say, it’s raw and brutal and not for the ‘lovey-dovey’ fans of softcore romance.

You may already know of my work and how I function, but just in case you never heard of me before, let me briefly fill you in on a thing or two about me and my writing.

I get all my story lines from real life experiences, from what I overhear in bars or from what guys tell me. All I do afterwards is to try and put what I got told into words without losing out on the feelings and depth. It’s as simple as that.

So that’s how my stories come into print.

Mostly I tend to write, or retell, the stuff I hear about brutal sex such rapes, group sex, and incestuous relationships, that’s the kind of stuff that piques my interest. I also write a lot about Pig Sex and Prison Sex, Bears and Daddys, or older guys and their younger cum sluts; the hotter the better as far as I’m concerned.

I always value feedback and I’d love to hear your thoughts about the story you are about to read. Every email I get I respond to, and that includes the ones that tell me to quit and go get a proper day job…..!

So right at the end of this short ebook I’ve given you my email contacts. All my details are on my Smashwords author page too, so if you get two minutes go take a look at what makes me tick and what turns me on. All my work is listed there too.

Thanks again,

Gary Bonds

My Dad Butt-Raped Me in the Sauna

For some strange reason, Hank the receptionist, decided it was alright for him to start booking clients for me despite me constantly telling him not to until I’d checked my own bookings sheet and given him the okay.

Hank was getting to be a handful; this was the best massage and sauna salon that I’d ever worked in, but he was spoiling it with his sloppy booking system. In all other ways he was good, very good, but he needed to tighten up on all the double bookings and arranging appointments for me when I’d already told him I was taking time out. Like this weekend for example.

I’d repeatedly told him that this weekend was going to be my time, no work, just my time. I wanted time out to meet up with a few of the guys, sink a few beers, chase some fresh ass and behave like a complete dickhead. The perfect weekend.

Then, on Saturday morning Hank called me at home. My Dad’s friend, Alex, was in town on some important deal and wanted a relaxing de-stress before his big pow-wow mid week. Could I come in later and give him the works?

Well my answer to that was an emphatic ‘No’.

No: I couldn’t fucking come in and give Alex a massage no matter if he was my Dad’s oldest friend or not and even if he was stressed out of his head. I couldn’t care less about Alex. I’d only met him a couple of times in the past and he was a complete tosser, I couldn’t stand the guy. But the damage was done. Hank had fucked up my weekend again. In the end we arranged it for Monday. First thing Monday morning.

I spent the rest of the weekend dreading Monday. I really hated it when something like this happened, having an appointment with a client I didn’t care for. I actually enjoyed my work when there were no problems to straighten out, in fact my work was one of the few things that kept me going, that and a few beers at nights. But when I had to work on a client I hated it was like my worst nightmare.

I tried to convince myself that Alex would cancel at the last minute and that his appointment would be taken over by that ex-Marine guy with the cropped hair, bulging muscles and snake-sized dick of his that I loved to get my hands on, but my intuition told me that I was wrong and that when I got to the Health Spa, there sitting in reception with that goddamned cheesy smile would be that jerk-off Alex.

So, no cancellation calls from Hank on Sunday so that meant I had to get ready and be at the Spa Monday morning for 9am; Alex! What a lousy start to the week.

I’d been at this massage and sauna spa now for over two years and most of the time I really enjoyed working there. I’d worked at a couple of others before here and literally hated them; all they had been were cheesy hand job joints. But this place was the shits! All the latest equipment and top of the range facilities and a well-to-do list of clients who appreciated good service and knew how to tip too. Like I say, a big step up from those cheapo jerk johnnies I used to work on before I came here.

Now let me be frank; the clients we have here maybe the cream of the local society; athletes, business people and small town celebs, both male and female, but no matter how the public saw them in their day jobs, most still enjoyed the little ‘extras’ that we discreetly cater for. Sometimes the women are the worst, but I rarely accept female clients, saving myself for the guys. And if a guy needs a certain kind of stress relief after a hard day at the office then who am I to object?

I think that’s why I was so pissed about Alex; I’m sure he’d be one of those who demanded his perks, all the while trying to make a grab for my goodies as I stroked him off. Normally I quite enjoy being fondled, even jerked off by an amorous client, but not with Alex, not with my Dad’s pal. No way.

It took ages to force myself out of my apartment on Monday, walking down the hallway and getting into the elevator. In the lobby, I passed William, who nodded and gave me an acknowledging smile before disappearing up the stairs. I couldn't even think of him right now though, as I walked the few blocks to the metro and down the steps to the platform.

I got on the train, people bumping into me as they tried to read their newspapers or checked their phones, ignoring everyone else. That was one thing I liked about living in the city. I didn't know people in the crowds and I hardly ever bumped into any of my clients outside of work. They didn't even exist for me outside of that dimly lit massage room.

There were exceptions of course - William for one; we might have lived in the same block but we never talked outside of the Spa. What I did for him inside the private room stayed inside that private room; we didn't need to discuss it outside and we both preferred discretion so that was fine with me.

My heart was in my shoes as I pushed open the door to the Spa and was greeted by Hank in his usual place behind the reception desk. Would Alex be already there?

"Hi," Hank greeted me “Good Morning, Ben, how are you?”

"Hey," I said, taking a deep breath. "What's on the agenda today? That friend of my Dad’s still booked in?"

My heart pounded with apprehension as he checked down the booking sheet. He looked up, nodding his head.

"John, Liam and Jesse before noon," he said “And then that Alex guy later this afternoon; couldn’t make it first thing, so he rescheduled”.

This morning was going to be fine. All regulars, all people I could handle. All people I'd seen before and knew what they wanted from me. But Alex in the afternoon was a downer. I just hoped and prayed that he’d be knocked down by a truck or something and not come.

"Call me when John gets here," I said, heading for the changing rooms that we used as our private staff quarters “Going to change and get ready”.

.Maybe I was just getting this all out of proportion, I told myself as I sat down on the sofa. Maybe Alex was okay now, maybe he’d changed, or maybe he wasn't even going to show up. I had to get a grip on myself if I wanted to get through the day. If I didn't stop stressing I would need a massage myself. I could let Hank do it, he was a trainee, but that might be too much to take for one day.

Never mind, just keep praying Benny Boy, I said to myself, hoping for the best and rubbing the tension from my forehead; I sighed. I was just getting worked up over nothing. I should just take things as they come and try and relax more

When Hank buzzed me for my first appointment I got up from the sofa, shaking out my hands and rolling back my shoulders. It would just be a normal day. That was all.

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