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How a Biker-Pig Broke In his New Cub

Gary Bonds


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My Intro:


I’m Gary Bonds. Thanks for checking out this ebook of mine titled ‘How a Biker-Pig Broke In his New Cub’

I’m often asked how or why I chose a certain title, and with this one it’s simply because it’s all about a dominant older daddy breaking in and owning his younger sub: Rough trade and extreme hard sex with real men – No young teens, cissy boys or cross dressers here, this is real hardcore man-on-man sex.

And if you’ve never quite understood how a dom situation actually comes about; how a well built, macho kind of Joe gets owned and then breaks and submits then maybe you should read the following…!

But first of all, just in case you never heard of me before let me explain how all this all works. I get all my story lines from real life experiences; I spend most, if not all, of my free time in bars and clubs and the things I write about are all taken from what I over hear or from what guys tell me. The next day, when it all starts coming back to me, I start making notes before I forget and turn them into stories as soon as I can. But with the following story I got to hear about it in a Biker’s bar I used to hang around in for a while.

But before you start to read I just want to make one thing clear – If you do decide to buy this one, and I hope for my income’s sake that you do, but decide later that it’s not for you or you didn’t get on with it please just email me and let me know. We’ll sort something out – Okay?

My contact details are all listed below, right after the story – I respond to every email and, good or bad, I’m always happy to get feedback.

Take care, thanks again


How a Biker-Pig Broke in his New Cub

"Holy crap, what the hell am I going to do?" Jason Stevens, a 29-year old high school teacher, said as he balanced his bank account “Shit Creek here I come….And fast”.

The simple fact was that unless he found a new source of income soon he would be completely broke by the end of the month. Things had been tight on the wallet before, but now they were almost catastrophic. With the budget cuts at the school he’d found out that he was not going to get the pay increase he had been counting on and then he discovered that they were increasing the rent on the apartment at the first of next month by fifty dollars. Talk about kicking a man when he was down!

He had no choice; he was going to have to give in and do something that he had been trying to avoid. He was going to have to get a roommate. It was either that or find a rich sugar daddy very fast. Of course at this point Jason would be happy to have any kind of boyfriend, rich or poor, but rich would be a nice touch. It had been an uphill struggle on the dating scene recently and for the life of him, he could not figure out why.

He had everything going for him. He was not feminine acting; in fact, he had been referred to as a "bear" on many occasions. Even so, bear looking or not, he was far from the uncouth, beer swilling, sex maniac who most people thought of when they talked about bears. He was refined, cultured and educated and appreciated the finer things in life. And that’s the way he liked his bed-mates to be too.

In fact, he could not remember a single time in his life that he had ever gone out bowling, seriously, and would surely die if anyone asked him to watch 'NASCAR' or join them for a good time spending the afternoon at a tractor pull, or a beer bust, or whatever other mindless activities that most guys spent their weekends doing. No; he was a man’s man for sure, but masculine in a sophisticated and classy kind of way.

Up to recently he’d never gone more than a week without the company of a guy at his dinner table and more often than not, in his bed too, due to his good looks and his firm athletic build. But lately times had been hard and so was his dick through lack of use.

He was clever, well groomed and well mannered, and he was young and amusing and to top it all he was relatively well equipped downstairs, blessed with a solid seven inches of nicely circumcised man- meat. Not that his endowment really mattered much as he was a total bottom. The times that he’d attempted to be the top had been disastrous, leaving him totally unsatisfied and still lusting for hours afterwards to be roughly taken and ass-banged.

So with the prospects of a rich husband coming to his rescue in the next thirty days seeming to be very slim, it looked like getting a paying roommate was his only hope. But the thought of opening up his house to a total stranger was gut wrenching to him. The only thing that he hoped for was that he would be able to find someone who was clean and tidy about the place and not a total freak.

The next day he plucked up the courage out of sheer desperation and placed an ad online for a roommate. He tidied up the apartment as best he could and thought that the amount he was asking for was a reasonable priced rent. Keep it clean and cheap, he figured, and it would not take too long to find someone who would be a perfect fit.

Much to his surprise there were no phone calls the first day or the second. He started to get calls on the third day but everyone who called didn’t seem to feel right. He started to think that maybe he was asking too much for the extra bedroom in his small apartment in the east village and was just about to give up when on the last day that the ad was set to run, he got a call from a man who sounded very interested in the room. The voice on the phone said that the rent was perfect and that the location was ideal. As he was so desperate to grab a roomy, Jason pledged the room to the voice on the phone right there and then and they agreed to meet the next day when he got back home from work.

So, Jason was waiting at the front door of the building at exactly four o'clock, as agreed on the phone. He was not sure exactly who he should be looking for as there were a lot of people walking up and down the street at that time, but waited patiently for over half an hour until he started to think that the guy had stood him up. He looked one more time at his watch and raised his eyes skywards.

"Great….. Two weeks of waiting, only one real lead and the guy is a no show. I might as well start practicing my best ‘buddy can you spare a dime' speech."

The cold was starting to get to him even through the heavy coat he was wearing; heavy snow was said to be moving in within the next few days and standing there outside for so long in the cold was freezing his balls off.

Just as he was about to give up and head back inside to the warmth of his apartment and pour a glass of sherry to help drown his sorrows, he heard the loud rumble of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle come around the corner and pull up to the curb almost directly in from of him.

A large hulking man, dressed in a black leather biker jacket swung a massive leg off of the bike, removed his helmet and sunglasses and hung the helmet on the handle bar of the bike. As Jason watched, the guy looked at the address sign of the building and then gave the whole place a good looking over. Surely this guy was not the ‘Mike’ that he had spoken to on the phone? He looked like a reject from a Hells Angel’s Biker gang.

Suddenly, the big man caught a glimpse of Jason standing by the entrance and smiled. The guy towered over Jason, who for the first time in his life actually felt intimidated by the sight and proximity of another human being. He strode over to where Jason was waiting and struck out his hand.

"Hi, you must be Jason. I'm Mike, Mike O'Malley!" he said loudly.

His voice was deep and booming, in fact, Jason had never heard a man speak with such a bass filled voice in his life; it was like listening to a P.A. system that had been routed through a subwoofer.

Mike grabbed Jason's hand in his big bear like paw and gave it a hearty squeeze, immediately sending stabs of pain through Jason's fingers and up his forearm. Jason's heart seemed to drop out the hole in his ass as his worst fears were confirmed. Was this mountain of a man with his greasy jeans and noisy motorcycle the same one whom he’d agreed to rent the apartment to over the phone? This guy was about as far from the kind of roommate that he’d wanted that could be possible.

He was huge. He had to be at least 6'4" and weigh about 260 pounds. And he was much older than Jason had thought, at least 40 years old. And the guy looked a rough and tumble kind of man, dirty and scruffy and with a cigarette hanging out the corner of his mouth. He smelled like a locker room and his face was grimy, at least the part that you could see of it under the heavy black beard that he wore. He looked like a tramp, no manners or style, and his giant dirty boots would play hell with Jason's clean floors.

"Sorry for how I look” He apologized “I forgot to tell you on the phone…. I work for the City, department of street and Sanitation. I'm the job foreman for a road work crew. In fact, that’s why I'm late, again sorry, had a hell of time getting off the job site this afternoon, there was a sewer line break in midtown and my crew had to pitch in and help get the street put back together after the sewer guys got the line fixed.

“Oh really?” Jason stuttered.

“Yeah….Don’t worry though, when it's this bad I usually shower at the city shop complex".

Jason thought to himself that at least there was that small drop of comfort. He certainly did not relish the thought of someone coming home every night smelling like a broken sewer, like this guy. He cringed at the thought and then looked at Mike again and just wanted the big brute to get back on his bike and ride off into the traffic and never be seen again.

Jason thought for a brief moment about calling off the whole thing even though he’d promised to let the guy have the spare room. Then he remembered the fact that he was well on his way to financial ruin and that he had no choice but to take this guy's rent money and try and stand the shit that would come with it.

“Well then Mike, it's nice to meet you. Let's get in out of the cold, and I'll show you round the apartment. I have some coffee up there so we can warm up and get to know each other better."

Jason’s head was spinning, he was stuck between a rock and a hard place; either go with this dirt bag or face financial problems at the new rent term and possibly get tipped out on his ass if he couldn’t pay. He mulled it over as he showed Mike the way up to the apartment, unlocked and showed him through the place.

"Wow, great view and the room is perfect," Mike said as he rejoined Jason in the kitchen, "I'm glad I got to take it. The price is right, the location is great and to be honest with you, anything is better than living where I am now. If I have to smell the cooking from that Korean bitch downstairs one more time I think I'm gonna throw my guts up."

He shoved his hand into his greasy jean’s pocket and took out his money and handed it to Jason, eight hundred dollars in cash, all large bills.

"Hope you don’t mind. I like to pay a couple of months at a time, that way it's easier to budget my paychecks out. When you have the numbers for my half of the utilities let me know. I will get that to you as well"

Jason laid the money on the counter. He was in a state of shock, not expecting to get this much money right up front, and now the guy was offering to pay half the utilities as well, something Jason had not even mentioned or asked for. This guy had just assumed that was the deal, and Jason was not about to contradict him.

"I'm sorry but I can't stay any longer to get to know each other, I have to run," Mike said putting his motorcycle gloves back on and zipping his jacket, "I need to meet up with a couple of guys I work with. We'll have plenty of time to talk later though. As far as my shit and stuff is concerned, I don’t really have that much; I travel light. I am off work tomorrow so I can get it moved over then."

"Oh that’s no problem at all," Jason said as he looked down at the pile of dollar bills again, "Here let me get your keys and give you my other parking permit so you can put your motorcycle in the garage".

He handed the things to Mike who stuffed them into his pocket. Jason walked him down to where he had left his bike parked in the street, and watched him drive off and wondered if he had made the right decision or not. Money talks all languages though, and Jason was listening.

The day after Mike moved into the apartment the city experienced one of the heaviest snow storms that it had seen in years. The whole city was at a standstill for days while people tried to dig out. Luckily, the power had not been affected and the heat in the apartment building was very good, so things were at least comfortable at home.

Jason was off work of course due to the school closings and was only consoled by the fact that the city contract stated that when the schools closed for inclement weather he still got paid. He decided that he could use the time to catch up on a few things that he needed to do such as revamping his lesson plan and getting some much-needed cleaning done around the apartment. He’d had to let the housekeeping service go the month before when things started to get tight and it was starting to show. The place looked like the Taliban had been through it.

He also decided that he would try to find a throw-over cover or something to hide that awful brown leather recliner that Mike had invaded his living room space with. It looked really out of place, the same as did the 72-inch plasma TV that had magically appeared the day after he rented the room to Mike. He had been trying to find some way of being at peace with them but he hated the very sight of them and was thinking that at some time or other he’d maybe have to have a quiet word in his roommate’s ear about his belongings crowding the apartment out.

But Mike was doing okay, raking up a lot of extra hours helping to clear the streets and get things back to normal for the hard working citizens of the Big Apple. In fact, Jason had only seen him in passing over the last few days. He would hear his monster-sized TV playing one thing or another late at night, but it did not last long before Mike switched it off and went to bed. The truth was that Jason almost forgot that he even had a roommate at times, only reminded of his presence when he would fall over empty beer bottles on the living room floor or find a half-eaten hamburger left on the kitchen counter. He even found a pair of dirty underpants on the living room floor one morning, white briefs, the kind of things that his father had worn and referred to as his 'skivvies' or his 'drawers'.

Jason had just about got used to Mike's bad habits and untidiness around the place when something happened that once again made him doubt that he had made the right decision to let him take the spare room.

It was on the fourth day that Jason walked into the bathroom to take his early morning piss and saw a pair of dirty, smelly work socks strewn on the floor in front of the shower. A wet jockstrap was hanging on the shower head arm dripping dry, and there were cigarette butts in the toilet and an empty beer bottle on the counter. To top it all, the toilet had not been flushed properly and there was a large brown floater sitting there in the bowl staring up at him. He felt absolutely sick to the stomach at the sight of all the mess.

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