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Pig Play Volume 1

Confessions of Extreme Man-Sex


Gary Bonds


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All characters contained in this work are aged 18 or over and all sexual activity was entered into of the participants own free will

My Intro:


I’m Gary Bonds. Thank You for checking out this short eBook of mine, the first in the new series of ‘Pig Play’ If you like the darker side of sex I’m sure you will like it.

To be blunt with you, this new series comes by request. I always leave my email address in the footer, in my auto biography, on all my books asking you guys to contact me and give me your thoughts on my work and the biggest feedback always seems to be that not enough ebooks cover the more extreme material.

There seems to be a shortage of quality work on topics that may be deemed as too extreme; incest, pig sex, pissing, fisting, gang sex, bondage….Need I go on? I can assure you that I cover every one of those in my other series.

So in this first part I have covered the fetish subjects of pissing, fisting and more delightful pastimes which I will leave to your own imagination. Maybe this book has even stronger content than the first series I did on Pig Sex. I will let you decide.

If you have come across any of my work before, then I think you’ll know that I only write extreme material; this is some of the strongest content I’ve covered, I’m sure of that.

I get all my story lines from real life experiences, from what I overhear in bars or from what guys tell me. All I do afterwards is to try and put what I got told into words without losing out on the feelings and depth. It’s as simple as that.

So that’s how my stories come into print.

I always value feedback and I’d love to hear your thoughts about the story you are about to read. Every email I get I respond to, and that includes the ones that tell me to quit and go get a proper day job…..!

So right at the end of this short ebook I’ve given you my email contacts. All my details are on my Smashwords author page too, so if you get two minutes go take a look at what makes me tick and what turns me on. All my work is listed there too.

Thanks again,

Gary Bonds


#1: Humiliated, Controlled and Fisted

#2: Real Dirty: His First Time for Pig Play

#1: Humiliated, Controlled and Fisted

"You know what I love most about my art classes?" I said as I walked down the leafy lane alongside Jenna my next door neighbor, my portfolio under my arm and my bag over my shoulder. It was Friday, the best day of the week, and I had my weekly class in about ten minutes.

"That we get to draw bowls of fruit?" she asked, pushing back her thick, blonde hair and trying to walk a straight line on the cracks in the sidewalk.

"No, not that" I replied "I like it because we get to draw naked people….The guys, they’re like super- models"

"Really?" she replied, adjusting her sketchbook under her arm. "Never seen a cock before?"

I laughed. Never seen a cock before? She didn’t know the half of it. I’ve had more prick than a pin cushion in my time, it’s just that these guys are the sweetest, cutest bits of ass on the planet, and they sit there with their knob and balls hanging out with me drooling over them whilst I pretend to be interested in drawing them.

"No. It's just nice to stare at a guy sitting with his legs open without fear of getting punched in the face”.

That really was the only reason why I joined up for this evening art class, I’d been told about the male models by a pal and wanted to see if it was true; and it was. As for the still life, all those plants and animals and country views, I wasn’t a bit interested. The female teacher woman could shove all that up her fat ass as far as I was concerned.

Tonight was the time to return to the male models, at last, having finally moved on from still-life bowls of fruit. I swore if I ever drew another apple I’d spew my guts up. I’m sick of drawing fucking bowls of fruit. Given a choice between apples and cocks I’d have cocks everytime.

I hadn't had a steady guy in a while and things were getting to be a little sticky in that department. At least this nude model would give me a flash of his family jewels and give me something to think about tonight as I jerked myself off in bed.

Our class was up in the art building, in the large room, the easels all set in a circle around a stool where, for the last two weeks, there had been a bowl of fruit. Now, though, as we walked in the door there was a guy standing by the stool, dressed in a robe that came up to his knees.

"Come on," Jenna said, jerking my arm and getting me to move around the circle of stools and picking one right to the far side.

My eyes were still on the guy, taking in the back of his head as we walked around, his thick head of brown hair, his square jaw, and from what I could see, a pair of very nice legs. I felt a small throb of excitement crawl up my groin as I dumped my bag on the floor and settled onto a stool right in the front, totally ignoring where Jenna was sitting. I wanted a bird’s eye view, not a side angle. Most of the rest of the class was already there, and the teacher for the night called our attention a few minutes later.

"Today, as promised, we are going to begin our human anatomy lessons. This is Luke. He's going to be our model. Please be respectful. You are not silly children."

She gave us a significant look and turned away, walking out of the circle and over to Luke, the latest male model; my latest piece of eye candy.

"Luke, if you would," she said, gesturing at the stool on the raised platform.

Luke stepped up to the stool and dropped the robe. I knew the rest of the class was thinking the same thing as I was, and I even saw Jenna's eyebrows go up as the robe came off and the body came into view as Luke took his seat on the stool.

The guy was hung, very well-hung, bigger than any guy I'd ever been with, and I had to cross my legs quickly to stop any of the others from seeing my immediate hard-on sporting out the front of my pants. This was art class, not a sleazy bar where I could pay a stripper to get his gear off. Even so, it was as good if not better because I was right in the front, a couple of feet away from the biggest donkey-dick I’d ever seen.

Around me, my classmates had already begun to work and I hurried to catch up, tearing my eyes away from Luke's dick meat and trying to focus on the rest of him. He had a great body which didn't help me concentrate on my work at all; all I could think of was his big meat slab sticking up my hole, plunging in and out, taking me all the way to heaven and back.

I tried to keep my thoughts solely on the drawing but my eyes kept sneaking down, lingering on his weapon, lost in thought of what it would feel like to touch and fondle, make it hard and then suck it off for him and feast on his ball milk.

I shook myself again, taking a deep breath and moving my eyes back up, focusing on the way his shoulders were hunched slightly and the way he was sitting. I needed to look at the shape of his body, not on the size of his prick, but it was that size that kept coming back to me all the time, drawing my eyes back like a magnet.

I watched Luke. He looked content, glancing around occasionally but otherwise not moving a muscle. I wondered where the professor had found him, and why he was willing to pose nude for a bunch of wannabe art students; maybe it was for the money or maybe it was because he liked to flash himself off. My outline sketch was only half done and I sped up as the professor neared.

"How is it going, Evan?" she asked, taking a quick glance at my rough sketch, the way I’d started with the lines crisscrossing on the paper.

"Fine," I replied, looking back at Luke for a second, retracing the line of his shoulder that I'd somehow messed up, probably when I'd been off in the clouds dreaming of him fucking me.

"Watch your shadows," she said. "Just concentrate on the basics for now."

I nodded, relieved when she moved on to someone else. I wasn’t really bothered if I passed the grade at the end of these sessions or not. I was a mature student, as they say, and just coming here for a cock show, but even so, if I didn’t want to be kicked off the course for being an obvious pervert I really needed to pretend that I was interested in the arty side of all this, not just with the meat show.

The class went on and I kept my eyes above his waist for the most part, trying not to give the game away. This was important and I had to try to look serious. I could do it, I told myself as my eyes scanned down his abs and past his hips again, losing my concentration once more. He was just so big, so big and so beautiful and I wanted to see how much bigger he could get with a little help from my mouth

It was in that moment of distraction as I watched him, not even really aware of what I was doing, that I realized he was looking at me. My eyes flashed upward, away from his cock for a second, and straight into his eyes. I had been caught staring. Artists weren't supposed to stare. They were supposed to sketch. I knew that he knew what I'd been looking at and I looked away quickly, pretending to be frowning at my drawing.

Instead of looking at him again to see if he was still looking back at me, I took my eraser to the paper, trying to make out that I had to fix something. When I finally chanced another glance up at him, he had looked away, staring blankly over at the door, and I sighed inwardly, glad he wasn't going to say anything or hopefully do anything. I didn't think I could take the embarrassment if he made a complaint about me in front of the class.

For the rest of the class I didn't look at his cock again for fear that I would get hypnotized again. Instead, I focused on the rest of his body, tracing the lines of his legs and the muscles on his stomach.

"Alright," the professor said finally, glancing at her watch. "Almost time to go. Luke, thank you. We will see you next time. Everyone, over the next week, I want you to work on cleaning up your lines."

There was a general rustling of papers as everyone started packing up, putting away sketchbooks and talking to each other. I moved slower than the rest, watching Luke hop off the stool and grab the robe from the floor, giving me a very good view of his ass as he bent over. It wasn't his ass I was thinking about, though, as he slid on the robe and talked to the professor, it was that massive fuck-rod of his.

"Are you coming?" Jenna asked a minute later as I slid my sketchpad into my bag. "Or are you just going to stare at that guy’s ass all night long?"

"Come on," I said, sliding off my stool, but I couldn't help glancing back at him once more. The professor had gone and some of the other students were talking to him but soon left.

"Yes, he's beautiful," she said, noting my look "But this is class, not a strip club somewhere. Stop ogling the goodies."

"Okay I said, hoping she’d just go and let me go back and try and pick him up.

I was thinking hard as we walked. The rest of the students had gone, and the model had moved off too, probably to change. Jenna and I headed for the door.

"Oh, I left my special pencil," I lied, falsely grimacing as I searched my bag. "I can't leave it. Someone will take it."

"Fine. I'm going home," she said, not bothering to wait for me and she left. Great!

Rolling my eyes, I went back and pretended to look for my pencil and poked around underneath my stool as if searching for a pencil that right now was tucked away safely inside my bag.

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