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Strapped Down and Beasted:

How A Muscle Daddy Robbed the Virgin Boy’s Ass-Cherry

Gary Bonds


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My Intro:


I’m Gary Bonds. Thank you for checking out this short story of mine, the latest in a series of my ‘Extreme & Gay’ series, this time about a young, fairly innocent guy who is bored with life, his friends and with almost everything.

Eventually he picks up enough courage to go to a pick-up bar to try and find some overdue excitement, something or someone to spice up his life; and finds it! This is all about hard sex and pig play at its most extreme, believe me.

If you have come across any of my work before, then I think you’ll know that I only write hardcore erotica; this story follows suit so if you are into extreme hardcore sex I’m pretty sure this will do it for you.

He’s twenty-five years old but still prides himself on the fact that he’s still anally intact, saving himself for that special person whenever he came into his life. He’s had boyfriends and plenty of dates and one-nighters, but never allowed himself to go all the way. But now it’s time for a change of direction; tired of his celibate lifestyle he wants action, the kind of pig play that he’s seen in his porno movies; nothing else will do.

If you are looking for something with bite then you just found it. This is hard kinky sex and pig play; extreme and violent.

I get all my story lines from real life experiences, from what I overhear in bars or from what guys tell me. All I do afterwards is to try and put what I got told into words without losing out on the feelings and depth. It’s as simple as that.

So that’s how my stories come into print.

Mostly I tend to write, or retell, the stuff I hear about brutal sex such as gang bangs and group sex, and incestuous relationships, that’s the kind of stuff that piques my interest. I also write a lot about Pig Sex and Prison Sex, Bears and Daddys, or older guys and their younger cum sluts; the hotter and stronger the better as far as I’m concerned.

I always value feedback and I’d love to hear your thoughts about the story you are about to read. Every email I get I respond to, and that includes the ones that tell me to quit and go get a proper day job…..!

So right at the end of this short ebook I’ve given you my email contacts. All my details are on my Smashwords author page too, so if you get two minutes go take a look at what makes me tick and what turns me on. All my work is listed there too.

Thanks again,

Gary Bonds

Strapped Down and Beasted:

How A Muscle Daddy Robbed the Virgin Boy’s Ass-Cherry

A part of me didn't really know how I'd got there or why I had stayed after I'd walked in through the doors. I should have turned right around and gone back home, curled up on my couch with a stiff brandy and a box of tissues and watching a porno movie. It was the perfect night for it, cold and threatening to snow; it had been threatening snow all week. I sort of wished it would just go ahead and snow and get it over with instead of hovering between this crazy weather of constantly being too cold and miserable all the time.

I knew it though; I could have, and should have turned around and left, just given up on this, but the inner part of me, the part that had wanted to come here in the first place, didn't want to give up just like that. I had come here for a reason and I shouldn't be nervous or scared just because it was new and different. That was why I had wanted to come, right?

In my daily life I have about as much excitement as a monk; I get up, go to work, come home and go to sleep. Okay, so I have a little more to do than a monk, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. Mostly it feels like I hang around inside my apartment as if it was a prison cell; I hardly ever see anyone or do anything. Bored out of my fucking brains.

It used to be like this: My friends, the ones closest to me, constantly tried to get me to go out with them, go to clubs or bars or places that I had absolutely no interest in going to. I wasn't twenty years old anymore. Hookups were different for me now, and I wasn't going to slum it like some washed-up old guy. Not that I was that old. I was twenty-five, okay, almost twenty-six, but that wasn't ancient. Maybe it was ancient in the gay scene, but there were plenty of guys out there who still got into relationships and still had sex well after my age so time was on my side. It wasn't as though I was going to turn sixty just yet and my prick was going to shrivel up and fall off.

My friends asked if I really wanted a relationship or carry on as I was, but I never really had a sensible reply or response for them. The obvious answer would have been to say ‘yes, I wanna proper relationship’ but it was more complicated than that. So far I’d been bored out of my head in steady relationships and I knew there had to be something else out there for me; excitement, even danger, I wasn’t sure what it was but I was hell-bent on finding that something, no matter what risk I had to take; fuck it. I wanted more than a Friday night 2-minute poke in a big comfortable bed. I wanted no-holds hardcore cursing, shouting, dirty and depraved ass-busting sex.

I'd been in plenty of relationships in the past; ranging from those that only lasted a few days to a couple that lasted a few weeks; looking back it was my fault. With each one, each guy, there was always something lacking, something that made me hang back as far as letting them go all the way and ass-fuck me. That always pissed them off; me not letting them bang my ass. But I was saving that as a special treat for the special one; like I say, it was my fault for not letting myself go and getting it on, and now I wanted to make up for lost time and lost opportunities.

It’s true. I realize now that all the time I'd been looking for something special rather than a boring, holding hands, routine with a guy. I didn't want just a normal relationship, a kiss on the cheek before work and someone making dinner at night when I got back. That would bore the shit out of me and I'd been in those kind of relationships before. That was not what I was interested in.

Instead, I wanted something else, something different, something that would blow me away.

In my younger days I hadn't exactly been the most outgoing person, and I really wasn't now either, but back then, when I should have been out boozing and rutting, I just went along with whatever everyone around me said was a good idea. I dated. I had what they call heavy petting sex, but like I say, for some weird reason I never went all the way. It even surprises me when I think about it that at my age I am still a virgin.

I’ve never had anyone pop my ass cherry simply because no one has been anywhere close to that ‘special man’; that is my opinion anyway.

So: I went to parties and sometimes went home with a guy that mostly I would never see again or even remember their name. Maybe that was why it always went the same way; I would give them a blow job and they would return the favor, but I never let them fuck me. I always thought that my virginity was something to save, not to be snatched by some fly-by-night ‘Johnny Big Balls’ who I would never see again. That was what I thought till recently. Now I know I was completely wrong; a real dickhead for wasting so much time.

But I'd always been the quiet type, doing what was expected of me. I'd gone to college, studied business and taken a job in a big office building rammed full of good looking guys, where I had to wear a suit and tie every day and be Mr Respectable; my parents were so proud of me. That was the kind of person I'd always been. But now, now that I was twenty-five years old and my life seemed so blank and boring, I figured it was about time I tried something new or go off my head, bang-crazy.

So here I was on a cold winter’s night, standing in the entrance to this cheap, sleazy bar. I'd always wondered about these places, these clubs that weren't really clubs. These places where all the customers seemed to be kitted out in mind-blowing stuff like leather gear or ex-military uniforms or dressed like biker cops; it seemed to me more like a live scene taken straight from a porno rather than a drinking bar. I'll admit that I didn't know much about this kind of gay bar scene but I did know that it was different to what I was used to and that I needed something different. There was an edge to this place. There was an even bigger fucking edge to the type of guys who were here too. Sort of pulled me in but at the same scared the shit out of me. I was totally unsure, but I was here now so I decided I might as well bite the bullet and see what lady luck had in store for me.

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