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Sexy Hornets

A Lesbian Football Romance Short Story

By: Totsi Pratt

Table of Contents

Sexy Hornets


Tara is not sure about her sexual affliction because she has no sexual feelings for men. She, however, discovers that she loves watching women and is even turned on by them. She discovers that she is in love with a female NFL player who, to her, is just a dream. Her dream actually comes true when, one day, the female player, along with a friend, come over and offer Tara and her friends VIP tickets to the match.

After the match, her friends Tanya and Amanda convince her to go and congratulate Carina on a game well played and it is while in the changing rooms that Tara actually discovers that she is a lesbian. Carina takes her on a journey of pleasure that Tara had never imagined possible and which she is not sure she will ever come back from.

Chapter 1

“I'm not missing the game for anything,” Tara said at the top of her voice, over the roar of the engine as she pushed the lawn mower over the grass.

“As you please, girl, just make sure that you get the work here done before you go for the football match,” her mother shouted back at her. “I have left some money in the kitchen that you can use so that you don’t max out your credit card.”

“Thanks, Mom, I love you,” Tara Banks said to her mother, wondering what she would do without her.

She listened to her mother’s heels clicking away as her mother headed out to the front of the house and moments later she heard her vehicle firing to life before the car drove off. Tara continued mowing the grass, wondering how the football match would go. Her favorite team was playing and she was hoping that they were going to win. She had been a football fan from the time that she had been in college. She had played the game a little back then but had given up after it had become too strenuous for her. She had, however, remained a great fan and had even become a fan of the women that actually played the game. Nowadays, one of the main reasons that she went to the matches was to watch the women, more than to watch the actual game. Tara particularly liked one of the women on the team that she supported even though she could not understand how she liked her.

Being a twenty-year-old woman, Tara had never been in love. As a matter of fact, she had never shown any sexual interest in men but, instead, found herself more attracted to women. She at times wondered if maybe she was a lesbo although she really did not know. It was something that she was going to have to try to discover if she got the chance. It was already hard enough seeing the way that most of her friends went around bragging about their boyfriends and the explosive sex that they’d had.

The sound of booming music approaching told her that her friend, Amanda Stern, was coming to visit her. She quickly finished mowing the grass and was just in the process of removing her gloves when Amanda and yet another of her friends, Tanya, walked around the house to where she was.

“Don’t tell us that you are doing chores on this perfect Saturday afternoon,” Amanda said, walking over to Tara and hugging her warmly.

“I'm just trying to help my mother out with the lawn but I’ve just finished. What’s up, girls?” Tara said cheerfully to her friends after hugging Tanya.

“We just thought that we would drop by and see what you're doing. Maybe if you're free we could drive down to the beach and hang out there. I'm sure that there are plenty of guys down there right now and someone here could use a boyfriend right about now,” Tanya said, patting Tara on the back.

“Oh come on, Tanya, let’s not go there, please-“

“I think that Tanya is absolutely right, Tara, it is about time that you stopped acting like a nun and get yourself a boyfriend. I mean, what harm will it cause? And, besides, I think that it would be emotionally healthy,” Amanda cut her short, talking about the subject that Tara preferred to keep in the closet.

“And what if I told you that I don’t feel attracted to men in the way that you would want,” she challenged her friends.

“Well then, maybe it is time that you found out if you are attracted to women. If that is the case then you can think of getting yourself a female lover. I don’t see any harm with that,” Tanya said to her as they pushed the lawn mower towards the store.

“You guys are just impossible to deal with. About going to the beach, I really wouldn’t mind going there for a tan before heading out to watch today’s game.” The last part of the sentence made her excited. “I mean, that is the beauty of summer, isn't it?”

“Well then, get dressed already so that we can get going,” Amanda said as they made their way into the house, heading upstairs to her bedroom.

Tara peeled off her clothes and went into the bathroom for a quick shower, leaving her friends going through her CDs. She was out of the bathroom less than five minutes later, quickly changing into her bikini. Over the bikini she wore a pair of shorts and a loose fitting blouse. She then slipped on a pair of sandals and worked on her makeup.

“There goes, how do I look?” she said to her friends, as she finally walked out of her closet all done up.

“Oh my god, hun, you look stunning,” Amanda said to her, her eyes widening as she looked at Tara.

“With that sort of look, it would be difficult for someone not to notice you,” Tanya added.

“And not to mention that on the beach I'm going to be dressed in just my bikini. I feel sorry for you guys if you didn’t bring yours,” Tara said to her friends, turning around for them to admire the new clothes that she had purchased only that morning while at the mall with her mother.

“Hahaha, you wish. We came well-equipped knowing where we were going,” Amanda said, pulling her overcoat open for Tara to see that all that she was wearing inside was a sexy bikini.

“Okay, come on, I need to get some sun before the game later on today,” she said to her friends, grabbing her sun glasses, makeup bag and handbag and leading the way out of the room.

Chapter 2

Carina loved her workouts on the beach, especially on such an important day when they would be playing their biggest rivals, the Eaglets. She was on of one of the city’s biggest football teams, The Hornets, where she had moved up the ranks to end up as the captain. She loved her role as the captain and she was very dedicated to the success of the team.

“It looks like one of your biggest fans is also on the beach today and I must say, isn't she looking hot,” Denise, one of the other teammates, jogged to her side, nudging her head to the side.

Carina’s eyes followed her gaze, settling on the hot blonde that never missed any of their games. She was on the beach with two of her friends, and they were all dressed in sexy bikinis. The blonde was lying on a towel spreading sun block over her skin. She looked hotter than she had ever looked before and Carina found that she could not stop looking at her. Carina had noticed the blonde from the very first time that she had started coming to the arena to watch the games, mainly because she was madly attracted to the blonde. She usually sat in the front row cheering them on, dark glasses covering her eyes, and each time she seemed to be dressed sexier than the last time. This time she was dressed in practically nothing, the sight of the bare flesh getting Carina turned on.

“One hell of a sight, huh,” Denise continued, as Carina slowed down her jog to look at the women more closely.

“I swear to god I'm going to get that hottie for myself,” Carina said, although she was not sure if she would be able to make the first move, since she was not sure if the blonde was a lesbian like her.

She felt herself growing moist in between her thighs at the thought of her and the blonde, all alone and naked, doing things that only lovers did.

“You know what, I have an idea,” she said, suddenly brightening up as an idea lit up in her mind. “Why don’t we give them a VIP pass to the game today? At least that would let us get to know more about them, especially the blonde?”

“Hmm, I think that’s actually a very good idea and after the game we could probably go out so that you can have some fun with her. That is a really brilliant idea, captain,” Denise said to her as they automatically turned and began jogging towards the three women.

Carina found her heart beating faster and harder as they got closer to the three women, who did not seem to have noticed them. Feeling the shorts rubbing against her sex since she had not worn any underwear did not seem to make things any better, since she just found herself getting more and more turned on by the second. She found that goose bumps had formed on the back of her hands, despite the heat, as they got to the three women. The blonde sat up, looking a little surprised, her eyes widening when she finally recognized who Carina and Denise were.

“Wait a minute, aren’t you Carina Holmes, the hot Hornets player, and you must be Denise Sharpe?” the blonde said, taking off her sun glasses and looking at from Denise to Carina, her eyes travelling over every inch of Carina's body until Carina felt as if she was melting from within.

“Yes, you're right, and it seems that you know your players very well,” Carina said, noting the soft blush that covered the young woman’s cheeks as she held her gaze.

“And what brings you here? I thought that you would probably be training for today’s game?” the blonde said.

“Oh, please pardon my manners, these are my friends, Tanya and Amanda, and I'm Tara.”

“Well, it’s a pleasure to finally put a name to a face. I see you during each one of our matches and know that you are a big fan-“

“And that’s why we came over here so that we could offer you guys VIP passes to tonight’s game, that is, if you had plans to come,” Denise said, cutting Carina shut and going straight to the point.

“Are you guys serious? Well, of course we were planning to come over as soon as we came from the beach,” Tara was so excited, she had even stood up, her full figure coming into view and making Carina realize that the woman was even sexier than she had looked before. Carina could even make out her cameltoe in between her thighs and it made her wonder what it would be like to see her naked without the bikini.

“Yep, Denise is very right, we came here to invite you to the game. It would be a honor to have you in our company and after the game there will be a party where you could join us along with the other players for a night of fun,” Carina said, her night of fun probably nothing compared to what Tara was thinking.

As she looked at Tara, Carina found her eyes lingering all over her body, taking in each of her features. She had to have the sexiest body that Carina had ever seen, right from her blonde hair and complimentary blue green eyes. She had an hour glass figure and her breasts were just the right size, slightly fleshier than Carina's own. Carina did not even want to imagine what Tara's tits would feel like inside her mouth as she sucked on them, pleasuring her and taking her to another planet.

“Thanks, Carina, we really appreciate the invite and you can count on us being there for both the game and the party,” Amanda said, seeming to suddenly come out of her cocoon.

“Well, that is perfect, girls, I guess I'll see you when you come around then,” Carina said, feeling satisfied, with her eyes still on Tara the whole time.

“We had better join up with the rest, we usually prefer to train on the beach and they must be wondering what has happened to us. This whole thing was Carina's idea, of course. See you,” Denise said, patting Carina on the shoulders as the two women stepped away from the group of women and resumed their training. “That seemed to go pretty well for you and I have the feeling that Carina is really into you. I wish you all of the best, girlfriend.”

“Well, it’s still too early for me to jump to any conclusions but I sure as hell could use that luck. She was probably just excited because we invited them over to the VIP lounge,” Carina said skeptically.

“Girl, you have got to be blind, didn’t you see the way that she was drooling all over you? That chick is into you even though she probably doesn’t know whether she is into women or not,” Denise said, as they sped up to catch up with the rest of the NFL football players.

Chapter 3

“Holy smokes, I'm still not sure about what I'm going to wear to the game,” Tara said, pacing up and down in her bedroom as Amanda and Tanya sat on her bed looking at her with amusement in their eyes. “And for heaven’s sake, will you stop looking at me like that, you’re making me nervous.”

“I think that this time that NFL chick has really blown your mind,” Tanya said thoughtfully. “I have never seen you looking this nervous before.”

“I think that this is actually a good thing because Tara here can finally find out what it is like to actually fall in love. Did you notice the way that Carina could not stop looking at Tara, her eyes moving all over her body as if she was undressing her and actually making love to her? I think that this is going to be very interesting, indeed,” Amanda said, adding to the nervousness that Tara was already feeling.

“Will you guys please shut up and help me to decide exactly what I’m wearing to the game,” Tara said to her friends with frustration.

“Alright, let us see what sexy outfits you have in your closet,” Amanda said, getting up and walking into Tara's closet. “And let’s hope that you have some vibrators too, they might come in handy, or we could drop by a sex store on our way to the game.”

Tara could not believe just how nervous she had been feeling right from the time that she had set her eyes on Carina that morning. She had always thought of Carina as the sexiest woman that she had ever seen but having been so close to her and even actually shaken her hand, she had felt a certain stirring deep within her body, something that she had never experienced before. She had become wet in between her thighs and at one point she had even been afraid that Carina might notice just how moist she was, since her lips had clung to the crotch of her bikini. She was not really sure about what she was feeling, having never felt this way before. She knew that she was madly attracted to Carina and that she was going to take her friends’ advise and follow her heart. If everyone else could fall in love, then maybe she too deserved the same and she had a good feeling about all this and the direction that this was taking.

“Here, how about this one, I think that this is pretty sexy and how come I’ve never seen you wearing it?” Amanda said, pulling one of her new sexy outfits out of the closet and handing it to Tara.

“We went out shopping with my mother early this morning and this happens to be one of the new outfits that I bought,” Tara said, eyeing the tight-fitting mini dress. “Don’t you think that this one is a little too revealing or slutty?”

“Girl, you are not going on a date, you are simply going to watch a game and then attend a party thereafter and I don’t think that there is anything wrong with revealing a little leg,” Amanda said.

“And one other thing, I think that if you have sexy legs, it’s your right to show them off. There are women out there who would never dare to put on clothes that even show their thighs. Be proud of yourself and look sexy for the whole world to see,” Tanya finished, as Tara decided that it was the outfit that she was wearing.

By the time that Tara had finished dressing, and her friends were done applying her make up for her, she could hardly recognize herself in the mirror. Everything about her seemed different and, to some extent, she had to agree that she looked much sexier than she usually did. Being the sort of woman that usually wore little or no makeup, she felt overwhelmed.

“Okay, now that we have this settled, I guess that we had better get going. It is a good thing that we are not going to line up with the rest of the crowd since today we are going in through the VIP entrance,” Tara said, checking her handbag to make sure that the VIP passes that Carina and Denise had given them were still there.

“Yeah, time to kick some ass and shake some booty; come on folks,” Amanda said, leading the way out of the bedroom and the house, with Tara stopping in the kitchen just long enough to pick up the money that her mother had left her on the counter.

They arrived at the arena as soon as they had dropped by Tanya and Amanda's places so that they could shower and change into suitable clothes for the evening. To Tara, it looked as if they were off for some fashion event and not to watch an NFL game. It actually felt good to see that they would probably be the sexiest dressed women tonight, even though most of the fans would be men out there to admire the female players. The arena was bustling with people by the time that they arrived and it was almost impossible to even get a parking spot. The main reason for this was that this was the final game of the season and everyone wanted a piece of the action. The women finally found a free parking spot and then made their way to the VIP entrance, where celebrities and other important people usually went through. Tara was excited beyond words as they made their way to the front row, even though the game seemed to have already begun.

Chapter 4

Carina spotted them the moment that they made their way to their seats at the front row of the VIP arena. Tonight Tara looked sexier than Carina had ever seen her as she eyed her through the helmet that she was wearing. Just the sight of the sexy woman there to cheer her on inspired her even more and she found her performance becoming even better as the game progressed. By halftime, she had already broken the NFL women’s record by scoring the most number of touchdowns, and still she felt as if she had all the energy in the world. Carina knew that she was playing this game, not for herself or the team, but for Carina. She wanted Carina to know that Carina was someone that could be depended on to deliver and such a victory would go a long way in driving the point home.

“That is quite a game, Captain, I wish that everyone on the team would feel as inspired as you are right now. I have never seen the Hornets play like this before,” the coach said as he gathered them for the second half pep talk.

“Thank you, Coach,” she said, wondering what he would think if she was playing like this because she was trying to impress a woman that she had a mad crush on.

He went on ahead to brief them about the possible formations for the next half of the game. The whole time, Carina could feel Denise's eyes on her and she knew just what her best friend was thinking about. Denise was the best friend that one could get. They were so different and yet so similar in their own ways and at times it was almost impossible to make out why they had become best friends. They had met soon after they had each joined the NFL league and their friendship had solidified when they had both joined the same team, Denise one season after Carina. It was Carina that had shown the timid girl the ropes around the new team and, in the long run, they had become inseparable. At times, Carina wondered what it would have been like if Denise was not a bisexual but was actually a lesbian like her. Not that she was attracted to her sexually the way that she was to Tara but it was an interesting thought.

Carina had been a lesbian for as long as she could remember. She had been raised by a single mother and, seeing the way that the men that had come into her mother’s life had mistreated her mother, Carina had found herself drifting away from men. It was not like she hated them or anything of the sort but from an early age she felt safer in the company of women. By the time she was 26 and at the top of her career, Carina had already been through her fair share of relationships and was now looking for something that could last. She was not looking at just getting into a relationship for the fun of it but, rather, for the long term. She had the feeling that Tara was the right woman for her, even though she sensed that the younger woman was somewhat naïve. That was probably one of the things that attracted her to Tara so much, the fact that she was a woman that was still trying to discover herself, unlike Carina who had discovered her true self while she was still a teenager in school.

The second half of the game went even better than the first and, once again, Carina found herself beating any prior performance. She could not help it; it was as if Tara's presence on the field had given her this endless jolt of power that just drove her on, to everyone’s amazement. By the time that the game was coming to an end, the Hornets were in the lead by well over 80 points, taking the shield home. There were loud cheers from the home stadium and it looked like Carina had become the new superstar that everyone was looking out for. She was carried shoulder high by her teammates off the field after the awards, even though she would have preferred to dash to the changing rooms as quickly as possible so that she could change and go off to look for Tara. Tara was the reason that she had played this well and she was the one that Carina wanted to ran to and thank for being there during the game, cheering her on.

“You look tense, that was quite a game that you played; one could think that you were on drugs,” Denise said to her, as she was finally set down.

“To tell you the truth, I really don’t know what came over me tonight. I just felt like I had so much energy in me and so much drive. I felt like I had a reason to actually play well and I guess that is exactly what I ended up doing,” she said to her friend as they made their way towards the changing rooms to get freshened up.

“Oh no, don’t tell me that you don’t know the reason why you played like that; I saw you glancing at the VIP rows to make sure that someone special was cheering you on. This woman really seems to have gotten this really strong hold over you and I hope that she’s not going to steal you away from me because you are the only best friend that I have,” Denise joked as she laughed.

“Oh Denise, will you stop being silly, nobody would ever come in between the sort of friendship that you and I share. What I feel about Tara is completely something else and nothing like the feelings I have for you. Relax hun, you will always be my best friend, no matter who my lover is,” she said, putting her hand on her best friend’s shoulder.

By the time that they got to the changing rooms, most of the shower cubicles were already packed so they decided to sit and wait for the other players to finish up before they too freshened up and prepared themselves for the party.

Chapter 5

“Will you stop being such a fool and go down to the changing rooms to congratulate Carina? That must have been her most brilliant performance ever, judging from the mood of the audience,” Amanda said to her friend, urging her to follow her heart.

“But Amanda, why can't I just wait for her here-“

“Stop being such a stubborn goat and just go. Take advantage of the fact that we are VIPs today, and we have access to the changing rooms. What harm would it do to just go there and tell her congratulations on a game well played? That’s the least that you could do for yourself, seeing the way that you are so smitten over her,” Tanya added.

Tara felt her heart beating wildly. She liked Carina and probably a little more than she was willing to agree which was the reason why she was feeling so nervous about just going to the changing rooms to congratulate her. There was also the fact that Tara had never felt this way about another woman before. She had never had a person that made her heart beat faster, just thinking about her, or someone that made her wet in between the thighs just thinking of the things that they could do together when they were alone. Just the sight of Carina had the ability to make the goose bumps on her forearms come alive, her blood rushing through her veins. And yet her friends were now pressuring her to go and tell her face-to-face just how well she had played. Carina was scared of going, scared of what she might find herself doing.

“Well, are you just going to stand there like a zombie or are you going to go after the woman that you are in love with and tell her what a fantastic game she played?” Amanda asked impatiently.

“Alright, I'm going, just don’t eat me alive,” she said, finally grabbing her handbag and strapping it over her shoulder.

She could swear that she could hear her heart thudding as she pulled away from her friends, heading to the entrance that led to the corridor leading to the changing rooms. Along the way, in the corridor, she passed many players already coming from the changing rooms, all fresh and dressed up and, more than once, she almost turned back, trying to convince herself that Carina had already left. Her hands had turned pale by the time that she had gotten to the door of the changing rooms and she forced herself to open it so that the people around her would not realize just how tense she was.

There were rows of benches and lockers on the room, which smelled of soap and sweat. She stepped into the room, the door closing behind her. There seemed to be nobody in the room and she was just about to turn back and walk out when she heard a voice from within.

“Tara, how nice of you to come and check on me in here,” the now-familiar voice said, and she turned slowly to see Carina just in the process of coming out of one of the shower cubicles, her naked body looking all sexy with her wet hair plastered over her flesh.

“Carina,” she said breathlessly, taking in the beauty of the slightly older woman.

She had the finest body that Tara had ever seen, nice firm breasts with huge brown nipples. She had a shapely body and as Tara's eyes moved down her body they came to rest on a clean shaved crotch with swollen pussy lips in between her thighs. Tara felt herself creaming up with arousal, just looking at Carina's beauty, her eyes moving back up to meet with Carina's brown eyes. Her dark curly hair was wet, giving it an exotic look and making Tara feel like running her fingers through it. Tara found herself looking at Carina's lips hungrily as Carina licked them, trying to imagine the sort of things that those lips could do to her body.

“Well, come on in, the other players have already left. The showers were all packed and so I decided to wait for everyone to leave,” Carina said, bringing Tara's mind back to life as Tara found herself walking towards the sex goddess.

“That was a very good game, Carina, I've never seen you play like that before.” Their eyes never left each other even for a second as Tara moved closer and closer to Carina, who stood rooted to where she was, holding a towel in her hand and making no move to cover herself.

“With a little inspiration, Tara, all things are possible, and I would like to tell you that you were my inspiration today. If you hadn’t come to the arena tonight, I don’t think that I would have played that well,” Carina said, as Tara realized that she was now standing right in front of Carina, their bodies barely inches away from each other and Carina's soapy scent going straight to her head.

“Me, how is that possible?” she said in a barely audible voice, her lips parting.

Before Tara knew what was happening, Carina's lips came crushing onto her own, sealing them into a deep, passionate kiss. At first, Tara was a little overwhelmed but she soon relaxed, actually enjoying what was happening and even putting her hands around Carina's neck and pulling her in for a deeper kiss. Tara had never felt anything like this before and she felt as if her whole body was on fire. Carina kissed her as if she was born to kiss, both of the women getting a taste of each other. Tara felt giddy with desire and she could even feel her cunt creaming up even more as her clit began to throb in between her pussy lips. Out of instinct, Tara's hands reached for Carina's breasts, beginning to massage the mounds. She took Carina's nipples in between her fingers and pinched them softly, making Carina to moan into her mouth.

As they kissed, Tara knew that this was what she had been waiting for her whole life and she was not sure if she would ever be able to stop herself. Tara's hands found themselves exploring every inch of Carina's body, moving over her breasts, over her hips, and even sliding in between her thighs. Carina parted her thighs a little wider to give Tara better access to her most sensitive spot and as Tara's hand slipped in between her pussy lips, it hit Tara just how horny Carina was feeling. Her pussy was soaked with her slimy juices and feeling them against her finger as she drove it deep into the folds made Tara feel as if she was going to go crazy with desire. She could feel the reflection of her own pussy in Carina's cunt, and that was more then she could take.

“What are you doing to me, Carina?” she asked hoarsely as she tore her lips away from Carina's and looked into Carina's brown eyes.

“I guess that this is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time and, from the way that your fingers are pleasuring me, I can tell that it is something that has always been running through your mind,” Carina replied as Tara tried to think a little more rationally.

“But what if someone finds us here, I don’t want to imagine what that would be like?” Tara said to Carina, her fingers still working in and out of Carina's vagina as Carina creamed up even more.

“There is something that I would like to ask you, Tara, and I would like you to be very honest with me. Have you ever done this before?” Carina asked, as Tara looked at her with confusion in her eyes. “Okay, what I meant is, have you ever made out with a woman before?”

“Carina, I'm still a virgin; I have never been touched, nor touched anyone. I guess that you might think that I'm the silliest woman in the world, like my friends do, but I just hadn’t found the right person to do it with, and I'm not really into men,” Tara said, with all sincerity.

“Well, you don’t have to worry about a thing, girl, because I'm going to take care of you from now on. I'm going to teach you every aspect about love from this moment onwards,” Carina said, looking into Tara's eyes, as their lips connected into a passionate kiss once again.

Carina did not have to tell her but Tara could feel the love between them. It was strong and it made her heart race with emotion. She found herself believing every word that Carina was saying, even though as a little child she had been taught not to believe everything that strangers said. There was something about Carina that made her seem genuine, something that told Tara that she would never lie to her or hurt her. Tara began circling her finger around Carina's swollen clit, making it become even more puffed with desire. Right now, the only thing that occupied her mind was getting a taste of the pussy. She, therefore, pushed Tara backwards towards one of the benches, without their lips ever leaving each other.

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