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Sixth Form At St. Peters - Tales Of An All Girls Boarding School - Parts 1-3: Sticky Fingers, The Caning Room, Seducing Miss Bellars by Daniella Donati

All three parts in the erotic short-story series Sixth Form At St. Peters - Tales Of An All Girls Boarding School about the sexual experiences between lesbian students and older women at a boarding school.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or to other works of fiction, is purely coincidental. All sexual acts depicted are between consenting adults aged eighteen and over.

The author specifically disclaims any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, which is incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of any of the contents of this book. The author promotes sexual fantasy and self- pleasure as a healthy, harmless pursuit and does not condone or encourage promiscuity or debauchery in any form.

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Sixth Form At St. Peters - Tales Of An All Girls Boarding School - Part One: Sticky Fingers

Tallulah Bradbury had received the finest education money could buy. She'd been attending a prestigious private all girls boarding school since she was five, and now eighteen, found herself in sixth form. It was well known that St. Peters was the strictest boarding school still around, as it was the only school that had remained allowed to perform corporal punishment.

This was due to being closely connected to the aristocracy, many of whom had sent their girls there, and so a little bending of the laws were easy to come by with friends in high places. Tallulah had herself always been extremely well behaved and had never received either a hand spanking, a caning, or the strap, the last of which was reserved for severe misdemeanours. She did know girls who had been hand spanked and caned though.

As she'd been there from such a young age behaving herself had become second

nature, but the older she had become the more she had felt constrained by such a strict environment. Like every teenage girl, she'd developed a natural curiosity about boys and sex, but as she was at boarding school all year she'd been very held back in that direction.

Since her teenage years began she'd also had feelings of attraction to some of the girls in school, which she had felt guilty about, thinking it must be wrong to fantasize about girls in that way. She would get sexual thoughts running through her mind quite often and would blush involuntarily at how aroused she would become, as if someone might somehow know what she was imagining.

Of course, along the many years she had been there, once or twice she had heard rumours about girls getting caught doing something they shouldn't, and that they had been punished for it. Hearing these rumours had always excited and intrigued her, but she never knew what was really true. One thing she did know was that now she was over eighteen and in sixth form, she was getting frustrated being the perfectly behaved angel she had always been.

She had a group of friends that she was very close with, having known them for so long, the closest friends being Lucy, Fiona, Charlotte and Natalie. They were all in the same year and shared a dorm together with eight other girls. She was attracted to all of them but especially Lucy and Charlotte, who were both stunning brunettes, Lucy with a short black bob, and Charlotte with long, flowing ebony hair. Tallulah herself was strawberry blonde with cute freckles that made her look younger than she was.

It was such a strict school that even in sixth form the girls were expected to wear the same uniform, a navy blazer and pleated skirt with white knee socks, as it had always been. It seemed strange still wearing knee socks at eighteen but Tallulah found it sexy, she loved to look as feminine and girly as possible. She had her suspicions that one or two of the teachers, who were all female, also enjoyed seeing the girls dressed like this.

Sometimes in class she would catch Miss Bellars , her English teacher, glancing at her legs under her desk, and would enjoy the subtle, sensual teasing of crossing and increasing her legs whilst looking away. She could sense Miss Bellars' gaze and it excited her, she would get shivers up her spine and tingles between her legs. She herself would find her eyes drawn to Miss Bellars' full breasts which would strain against the fabric of the tight blouses she would wear.

She wanted to confess all these things to someone but couldn't risk it, and so had taken to keeping a diary which she kept under lock and key in her dorm locker. She would sneak it out at night and write in her bed in the hour before lights out, then sleep with it under her pillow. In the last couple of years she had even written down her innermost fantasies and desires, so guarded it more than ever in case it fell into the wrong hands.

However, Lucy and Charlotte had become intrigued by this mysterious diary they had seen her writing, and had been discussing ways that they could sneek a peek without Tallulah finding out. They decided that Lucy was the best candidate for getting hold of it as she slept near Tallulah in the dorm. She noticed how she slept with under her

pillow and only put it in her locker in the morning.

She lay awake one night wondering how on earth she would slip it from under her pillow without Tallulah realizing. She knew it could really freak her out if she caught her doing it, but there seemed no other way. As she lay there watching her, suddenly she saw Tallulah roll over then get up. She rubbed her eyes then strolled speedily to the toilet. Lucy saw her chance to pounce and took it, nimbly tiptoeing over to her bed and pulling out the diary from under the pillow.

She knew she didn't have much time to divulge the contents, so using the light on her phone she started reading it under her bed covers. She felt a bit guilty to be intruding into Tallulah's private thoughts but curiosity had gotten the better of her. After a few boring diary entries, her pulse quickened when she started reading how Tallulah was attracted to not just her but all their group of friends, and then her crush on Miss Bellars and even the headmistress, Miss Coombs.

When she started reading about how Tallulah wanted to spread her legs wide in class and show Miss Bellars her bare pussy, Lucy found herself getting so aroused that she had to slip her hand between her thighs and rub herself, it was the most erotic thing she had ever read. She got truly wet when Tallulah described how turned on she would get during showers after games lessons, especially as she wrote about how delicious Lucy's body was. Lucy had been harbouring her own lesbian fantasies for some time, and so this excited her beyond belief.

As her clit throbbed, her soft pussy lips grew wetter and wetter and she had to stifle her moans of pleasure as an orgasm shuddered through her. She would often rub herself at night as it was the only time she could, so she was used to cumming without making a sound. She was so turned on by what she'd read though that she had soaked her sheets with pussy juice, but she soon fell asleep and had deliciously erotic dreams about Tallulah.

In the morning, she waited for her to visit the bathroom again before sneaking the diary under her pillow. Charlotte, who was on the opposite side of the dorm, saw Lucy putting it back and smiled as Lucy saw that Charlotte had seen her and brought her finger to her mouth in a 'keep quiet' gesture. Charlotte couldn't wait to hear about what was in the diary as she had her own suspicions about Tallulah, knowing how she would let her gaze linger a little too long on her in the shower.

After first break, Tallulah headed for the restroom and Lucy saw her chance to talk to Tallulah without others being around. She said that she needed the restroom too, so followed right behind her. As soon as they were inside Lucy seized upon the opportunity to say something. "Lula...there's been something I've been meaning to talk to you about...but it's so hard to get any time alone with you....I think we are alone now...." she said, looking at the row of empty cubicles.

"Yes, looks like we are....what's on your mind, Lucy?" said Tallulah, understandably intrigued. "I feel a little bad about it...but your diary fell out of bed the other night and I picked it up...and read a bit of it....are you mad at me?" replied Lucy, realizing she was risking their long friendship by confessing. "You did? Why didn't you just put it back where it was? How much did you read of it?" countered Tallulah, her heart

suddenly racing.

"I was curious...I'm sorry, I did put it back in the morning...I feel terrible Lula...honestly I do...but you need not feel embarrassed....I've had similar thoughts about you that you've had about me, I just haven't been able to tell you in case you freaked out..." explained Lucy, Tallulah's emotions turning from shock and anger to curiosity and excitement in an instant. "Really? You've had sexual feelings for me?" she said, Lucy looking down and blushing.

"Yes....and it was so amazing for me to know you feel the same...that's why I couldn't resist reading it...I had to know whether you did...can you forgive me?" pleaded Lucy, hoping this risk was going to come off. "Well...I'm mad that you invaded my privacy...but as long as you haven't told anyone...." said Tallulah, Lucy immediately cutting her off, saying "No way Lula....I'd never do that...this is between is, our secret....".

Tallulah felt a little turned on when Lucy said those words and there was suddenly an awkward silence, a sense of sexual tension between them. They'd both been repressing these feelings for years and their mutual attraction was finally coming to the surface. "You know....we could go into a cubicle...if you wanted..." said Lucy tentatively, and Tallulah smiled impishly. "Yes we could....let's..." she said, and led the way inside, Lucy following her in, now feeling incredibly excited.

As soon as they were both inside and Tallulah slid the door lock they faced each other and moved their hands onto each other arms. They shared a moment looking at each other then Tallulah leant towards Lucy and their mouths met in a soft, tender kiss full of feeling. Lucy felt shivers run up her spine, her nipples and pussy tingling as they tentatively developed the kiss, both completely inexperienced and going on pure instinct.

Their mouths gradually opened and Lucy felt Tallulah's warm tongue slip into her mouth. It was a sensation like nothing she'd known, her nipples throbbing under her school uniform and sports bra. She let Tallulah explore her mouth with her tongue, then slipped her tongue in Tallulah's mouth, so that they swirled slowly around each other.

Tallulah couldn't believe what was happening, she'd known Lucy for so long without anything like this happening, and never thought it actually would. She felt Lucy's hands slip down to her waist then onto her bottom, which she gently caressed through the fabric of her dress as they kissed. Tallulah then did the same to Lucy, their French kissing becoming more and more intense, increasing in passion by the second.

Lucy then turned up the heat a little more, letting her hands stray down to the tops of Tallulah's shapely thighs, then slipped under her dress and began to peel down her cotton white panties, making Tallulah gasp. Her pussy was tingling and burning with desire by now, and she knew this was going to go a lot further than a kiss. Her nipples throbbed under her dress as her panties dropped to her ankles and Lucy interrupted their kiss to slide onto her knees.

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