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My Billionaire Captor

Shawn Pierce is a freelance photographer. He makes his living taking pictures of any and everything. Just when he hits the biggest contract of his career, a surprise visit from his estranged twin’s boss turns his life upside down. Billionaire Alejandro Rivera lives by the code, work hard and play harder, except, all he ever seems to do is play. With his money basically managing itself, no one ever expected him to keep a close watch on his finances until he noticed amidst his vast wealth, the huge chunk missing.

Tracking down the traitor Shane Pierce seemed the logical thing to do except his search turned up Shawn instead of Shane. With the gorgeous twink pushing all his buttons and Alejandro unwilling to forgo his leverage, he whisks Shawn away to his private island, keeping him prisoner until he gets what’s owed him.

Genre: Alternative (M/M, Gay), Contemporary Romance

Length: 21,582 words


Toby Aden



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Chapter One

Shawn opened the door to his apartment, sleepy-eyed and clad only in his boxers, leaning against the open door as he peered at the stranger. His sleep mussed blond bangs fell over his eyes, and with one hand, he swept it back away from his face. He peered at the smartly dressed man before him through slightly opened green eyes, confusion marring his expression.

“Who are you?”

“Your worst nightmare.” The man growled then pushed into the apartment, taking Shawn by surprise at the force with which the man swept him away from his path.

Shawn whirled around, wiping his face down with one hand as though it would wipe away the last few minutes of confusion. He watched the man take in his modest apartment, shut the door behind him then walked up to the man, frowning. “Should I know you from somewhere?”

“You owe me.” The man said, turning to regard him.

Icy-cold blue eyes took in his appearance from head to toe, examining him in a way which made him feel self-conscious. Shawn was not the type to care about nudity usually, but this man’s gaze did something to him. The man before him was drop-dead gorgeous with his dark looks and even more defined physique. The muscles bulging under the suit left him no doubt as to how strong the man was despite his deceptive appearance. He really wasn’t up for bullshit early this morning but he also couldn’t move the man himself unless the man walked out by himself. Eyeing his cellphone which lay haphazardly on the center table, he gauged the distance from where he stood to the phone and how fast he could grab it and dial 911.

He turned his attention back to the stranger in his home and took him in. The man’s dark hair was slick and artfully arranged and the obviously expensive suit hugged his form so well he had no doubt the man had people falling all over themselves to please him or obey his every command. Despite the man’s appearance though, Shawn really wasn’t in the mood to decide or even have an interaction with him except to get the man out of his house as fast as possible.

“I owe you? How? When and why?” Shawn asked, padding into the open floor kitchen separated from the living room by a granite counter which served as the breakfast bar. He pulled open the fridge, grabbed a jar of lime juice from the fridge and poured himself a glass.

“You stole ten million dollars from me and I’m here to collect.”

Juice spewed out of Shawn’s mouth, and sprayed all around as he choked from the shock of hearing what the man just said. The glass slipped from his hand, shattering and creating a mess on the floor. “Fuck!” Shawn turned around to glance at the man, his expression full of disbelief. “You’ve got to be kidding me. I don’t think I heard you correctly. Say that again. I did what?”

“No need to act all surprised and shocked. You must have thought it would be easy to pull one over me. Well, I’m here to give you the shock of your life. No one steals from me and gets away with it.” The man said, his expression giving nothing away except an icy demeanor as he regarded him.

“Now hold the fuck right there.” Shawn said, walking around the broken glass and juice mess on his floor to confront the man. “You come into my house, give no clue as to who you are and spew all this nonsense about theft and have the guts to implicate me in it? You better start talking pal, before I decide to call the cops on your scam.”

“You want to call the cops? Be my guest. We’ll see how long you can hold up this act of yours.” The man said, then pulled out a white envelop from his suit pocket and handed it over to Shawn. “I thought you’d see reason once the jig was up, but obviously, you’re intent on denying it. Well, you’ve got two options. Either return my money or get prepared to deal with the cops and a lawsuit that’ll make your head spin.”

Shawn stared skeptically at the envelope before accepting it and tearing it open. He pulled out the letter in it and began reading over it. First, the color drained from his face, leaving him ghostly white, then a rush of color climbed onto his face as he continued reading in fury. Once he was done, he squeezed the paper, balling it up in his fist as he collapsed onto the chair behind him.

“The fuck Shane. I can’t believe this.”

“Believe it Mr. Pierce. I never joke about money.”

Shawn shook his head. “You don’t understand…”

“No. You don’t understand. I hired you as my personal accountant to get my assets into order and ensure that it keeps multiplying. Under no circumstances did I say you’re allowed to skim money off of me. What? Did you think because my assets are vast I wouldn’t notice?”

Shawn shook his head again. “This is a mistake. A misunderstanding.”

“Fine. We’ll do this the hard way since that’s what you’re after.” The man said then strode over to the door, pulled it opened and allowed several buff men in black suits and dark sunglasses to walk in. “Seize him.”

The men rushed towards Shawn, attacking and pinning him in an unrelenting grip, unconcerned about the wiggling and struggling man they had in their grasp.

“You will not leave my sight until we’re at the station, and what’s more, until I’m certain that you’re locked away for good.”

“No… wait,” Shawn cried out as the men in black dragged him out of his apartment. When the man didn’t pay him any attention, he called out, “I’m not Shane.”

“Right. You’re his twin brother.” The man scoffed. “Do I look that gullible to you?”

Shawn shook his head vigorously. “But I am his twin. Please. I can prove it. I swear. I’m not Shane. I’m Shawn.”

That caused the man to pause and turn to face the distraught man being dragged behind him. He raised one arrogant dark brow and nodded for his bodyguards to stop. “Really?” he asked, sarcasm tinting his words.

Shawn nodded. “Yes. I’ve got several pictures of the both of us together and my driver’s license and passport. I swear, I’m not Shane and besides, if I was, don’t you think I’d know who you are and be smart enough not to wait around for you to find me?”

The man tilted his head to the side, regarding Shawn contemplatively. The silence dragged on and Shawn defiantly stared back at his accuser as he was thoroughly examined from head to toe. With a curt nod, the man signaled his people then barked out, “Fine. Show me this proof.”

A shudder ran through Shawn’s lithe body when he was released and he sighed in relief. He turned around and walked back to his apartment, acutely aware of the men trailing after him. Fuck, but his brother had royally screwed up this time and he couldn’t allow himself to be held accountable for the fucker’s actions. He definitely wasn’t that selfless.

He’d known that one day, Shane would end up this way, what with his blithe disregard for the law and his sense of entitlement to whatever he wanted. He had a photo shoot session he couldn’t miss later in the day and he wanted to ensure that his business didn’t lose its reputation and success because of his brother’s mess. As a freelance photographer, this was his biggest job ever, not to mention the fact that the job could make or break his career.

He couldn’t allow his brother’s action to destroy years of hard work and dedication he’d poured into his career. He hurried into his bedroom, trying his best to ignore the guards blocking the doorway. He opened his bedside drawer and pulled out the photo album then grabbed the passport underneath the thick book. He walked across the room to where he’d tossed his pants the night before and pulled out his wallet from the pocket. He then turned and walked out the room, towards the man he still knew nothing about.

He handed him his passport and the photo album. “There. That should prove what I told you. I’m not Shane. My name is Shawn and I haven’t seen my brother in almost five years.” He ignored the skeptical raised brow the man gave him, lifted his chin in defiance and said. “No offense but not all twins are close. I barely speak to my family much less my twin.”

The man said nothing and flipped through the album. Despite the fact that he’d been thrown out of his home at an early age, Shawn had still not been able to abandon everything about his family. He missed them sometimes, especially Shane but life moved on and he had to move along with it or be left behind. Everything he had, he’d worked hard for and the only link he still had to his family was the album the man held and flipped through.

The man closed the album and pulled the passport on top of it then flipped it open. He eyed the details on it before glancing at the man who resembled Shane to a tee. “You’re Shawn?”


He sighed. “Fuck. How did I miss this?” The man paced a few steps away, then turned to Shawn. “And where is your brother?”

“I don’t know. I just told you that I haven’t spoken to him in five years.” Shawn pointed out.

“Fuck! Well, no matter.” The man eyed Shawn from top to bottom, giving him a critical look before shrugging. “Well, you’ll do.”

“I’ll do? I’ll do for what?” Shawn asked, eyed narrowed in suspicion.

“Look. Your brother owes me a lot of money and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. Despite what you say about being out of touch with your family, I can’t take the chance of having him run out on me or you trying to help him get away nor can I take the chance that you aren’t somewhat involved in this so it’s quite simple really. You’re my hostage till your brother pays up.”

Shawn stared at the man before him, disbelief coloring his features. “You’ve got to be joking. I have no idea who you even are and what? You’re taking me hostage and I’m going to come willingly?”

“Alejandro Rivera at your service.” The man said with a mock bow.

“I know that name.” Shawn mumbled to himself, staring in disbelief at the man before him. “But you…”

Alejandro raised a hand, signaling Shawn to pause. “That said, you’re coming with me.” he said, his voice brooking no disagreement before glancing all around the room. “You can either pack by yourself or forfeit clothes altogether. Either way, you’ll be coming with me.” Alejandro said flippantly.

“You’re insane.” Shawn shook his head, stepping back. “You’ve really lost your mind.”

“You’ve got five minutes to make up your mind, Shawn Pierce.”

Shawn shook his head again. “I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming. I’ll wake up and realize this is all a nightmare.” He chanted to himself.

A devilish smirk crossed Alejandro’s lips. “Trust me, this is not a dream and no matter how many times you wake up, you’ll still be facing me.” He snapped his fingers, signaling his men. “Take him to the car.”

When Shawn saw the burly men moving towards him once more, he cried out and held his hands in front of him, waving them away from him. “Alright, alright, I’ll pack, I’ll pack. Just wait a goddamned minute.” He sighing when the men stopped moving towards him.

Alejandro cocked his head to one side, one perfectly shaped brow raised. “Good. I’m glad you can see reason. Now, don’t waste my time and be quick about it.”

“Devil.” Shawn snarled.

Whatever reaction he’d been bracing himself for, Alejandro took him by surprise when he simply smirked, settling down on a couch and relaxing back as though he owned the place. “Thank you. Now get on with it.”

Huffing, Shawn turned on his heels and marched into his bedroom, fuming mad but knowing he was defeated and had no other choice. This was so not how he’d envisioned his day going. Shawn threw a duffel bag onto his bed and sat down beside it, staring absentmindedly at the offending carrier. Although, to be honest, it wasn’t exactly his brother he was upset with right at this moment. No that privilege fell solely on the infuriating, overbearing Alejandro Rivera who’d disrupted his day. How dare that pompous ass walk into his house as though he owned the place and turn his entire world upside down?

This was a disaster. After so long of never hearing back from any of his family members, this was how they decided to get involved in his life? By throwing him under the bus and him taking the fall for Shane? No way, no how. He needed a way out and he needed it now. He was so not signing up to become hostage to some rich as sin man.

His photo shoot later in the day… fuck! He picked up the wrist watch on his bedside table and glanced at the time. Shit!!! He needed to be at the site in less than an hour. With everything that had been going on, he’d forgotten about his photo shoot. Fuuucckk!!! This was so not how he’d imagined this day going. He buried his face in his hands, trying but failing to regulate his breathing and avoid a fully blown panic attack.

He sat up straight, shoulders back, flipping his hair away from his face. He would not wallow. He would take charge of his life, and maybe, just maybe the man could be reasoned with. He couldn’t lose this account. If he did, he would go bankrupt and have to start all over again from scratch and that was a thought he was not willing to entertain.

He stood up from the bed and began stuffing his clothes and toiletries into the duffel bag, willing to compromise and work halfway with the billionaire. At least, it was a good thing he’d showered last night right before collapsing on the bed because, right now, he didn’t have the time for it. He soon began putting jeans and a shirt on, dressing for his appointment.

Once done, he zipped the duffel close then lifted it and walked towards the door. With one last look around his room, he opened the door, slipped through it and shut it behind him, sighing. It was going to be a long summer and unless he could somehow convince Alejandro to let him go, he was going to be totally fucked. He moved briskly and sat on the sofa opposite the man, willing to negotiate something to ensure all his hard work wasn’t all for naught.

“Fine. I’ll come with you.”

Alejandro raised on brow arrogantly, getting to his feet. “I didn’t know you had a choice in the matter.”

Shawn frowned, pursing his lips as he peered up at the infuriating man. “But, it’ll have to be after my photo shoot session today. There’s no way I’m cancelling the shoot or missing it.”

“No.” Alejandro said, short, succinct.

Surging to his feet, Shawn fisted his hands by his side, “Listen asshole. I’ll put up with going away with you as insurance or whatever until Shane’s caught but I will not endanger my business in the process. I don’t care what you do but after all this…” he waved his hand between the two of them and his duffle. “I’ve got to come back here and I’d prefer it if I still have a way of survival when I return. That’s the best I can do. Take it or leave it.”

“How long will this take?”

“Today’s the last day of shooting but, it’s a full day’s session.” When he saw Alejandro frown, he rushed on, “Look, this is a new contract and my biggest so far. I depend on these kind of jobs as a freelance photographer and I’m at the point where this contract could either make or break my career. I can’t not go or my reputation as a reliable photographer would be shot not to mention the money and opportunities I’ll lose and I need to be there like, now.” Shawn said.

“Fine but just so you know, I’m not taking any chances and letting you out of my sight.” Alejandro said.

“You’re kidding. You’re totally shitting me.”

“Trust me Shawn, if I am joking, you will know it. Now are you ready to leave?”

“Fuck. Listen you can’t come. You can’t be there if you’re not part of the crew…”

“I’m sure an exception will be made in this case. Now are you ready or not?” Alejandro asked, exasperated.

Shawn took a look around the apartment, quickly noticing the mess on his kitchen floor. “Just a minute. I need to clean this up.: He murmured then walked over and made quick work of tentatively picking up the shattered glass on his floor. He cleaned up the mess, sweeping the floor to make sure he didn’t miss any of the glass that had shattered when his life had turned upside down with a single information.

Once done, he approached his sitting area, eyed Alejandro and with a sigh of defeat, Shawn nodded his head. “I’m all set. I take it I’m riding with you?”

“Not letting you out of my sight Shawn, so yes.”

“Fine. Just get one of your watchdogs to drive my van to the studio. Got to pack up all the equipment once we’re done and hurl it back to my studio.”

“Not a problem. Come. Let’s go.” Alejandro ordered and began walking towards the door.

“Bossy shit.” Shawn muttered under his breath. Grabbing his camera from the table, he swung the case onto his shoulder, grabbed his keys and phone and followed Alejandro out of the apartment.

Together with the four bodyguards, they rode the elevator in silence. Once they exited the building, Shawn held his key out to one of the guards. “My van’s the blue one in the resident lot. Got my name on it and everything. Hard to miss.”

The guards all looked to Alejandro and with a nod from him, one of the big buff men collected the key from him and broke away from the group.

“Well, come on then. Let’s get a move on.” Alejandro said, moving toward the two black cars parked on the street.

Alejandro climbed into the back seat of the car, followed by Shawn then one of the guards in the front seat. The other two guards took the second car.

“Where to sir?” the driver asked them.

“What’s the address?” Alejandro asked with a raised brow and listened as Shawn rattled it off to the driver.

The car ride was done in silence, neither speaking to each other even though Shawn kept sneaking glances at the billionaire he’d never in a million years though he’d meet this way. Working in his field, Shawn had met his fair share of famous people, but none as wealthy as Billionaire Alejandro Rivera. The man was constantly in the news every other week, with either his latest male or female flavor of the week. Not to mention his obscene wealth and charisma that were splashed over every facet of the newspapers, including the financial section, gossip magazines and whatnots.

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