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Jailhouse Trustee: The Cop Competition


Curtis Kingsmith

Copyright 2017

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Inmate Kevin Chambers had a spring in his step for the first time in years. It was his second night out of prison. He wasn't a free man by any means, he was simply in jail in lieu of prison. That meant he was in a local police station here in Lowell, Kentucky. He was responsible for cleaning and general maintenance for the whole building, and he was given a considerable degree of freedom. His cell door was unlocked, and there was no barrier to him simply walking out the door.

Except, of course, that he'd be caught and sent back.

He couldn't go back to prison. As a convicted rapist -- Kevin had roofied a girl in college -- he would be held in protective custody, which was hellish and wasn't even that safe. Kevin knew he had to accept being a trustee. It was a good position, even if there was a lot of scrubbing toilets and cleaning vomit out of police cars.

But the nights were Kevin's own, mostly, or at least it had seemed that way last night. On his first night, Kevin had been there with Officer Owen -- a straight-laced Mormon who bought Kevin pizza to celebrate coming to jail (but then made him participate in a long prayer before letting Kevin have any). Kevin had gotten some sleep in what was really a pretty comfortable bunk in a spacious cell.

It was luxurious compared to the accommodations in protective custody back in prison. Kevin was glad to be here.

On his second night, however, he could tell things weren't going to go as well. There was only one cop on duty in the station at night -- others were on patrol and might stop in, but only one was actually there most of the time.

Tonight it was Officer Spicelli, who had pointedly introduced himself as such (no first name, in contrast to Officer Owen). Kevin just wanted to go to sleep to avoid him because he looked mean. He was olive-skinned and dark-haired, his chin grizzled and his eyes deep-set. His jaw was rutting, wide, his nose flat and squarish. He didn't make conversation with Kevin beyond introducing himself. Then he set down to do paperwork.

He came to Kevin's cell around ten o'clock, when he was the only one in the building besides Kevin. "C'mon, I need you to do something. Grab your cleaning shit."

They had given Kevin a little shower caddy full of cleaning supplies, which he grabbed on his way out of the cell. He was dressed only in prison-issue boxers, so he shivered. He wanted to ask if he could put more clothes on, but Officer Spicelli made it clear from his tone and body language that he wanted Kevin to follow right away.

Kevin shivered and went with him. Officer Spicelli went to the men's room, which Kevin had cleaned this morning. He nervously followed him in, where Spicelli pointed to one of the urinals. "Clean that."

Kevin hesitated. "I did this morning, uh-"

Officer Spicelli let out a growl and slapped him. "What? I gave you an order, you little bitch. You wanna be a trustee? I gotta trust you to do what I say. So get on your knees and scrub that fucking urinal." He paused. "Now say yes, sir."

"Yes, sir."

It looked clean anyway, but Kevin put gloves on and scrubbed it with a toilet brush and some cleanser. He stepped back and Spicelli nodded.

"Stay right there. On your knees." Spicelli said, pointing to the spot where Kevin had been. Kevin obediently kneeled there, heart thumping. Spicelli frowned at him and undid his belt. He let a massive uncut cock flop out. "I ain't gonna make you drink no pee tonight, bitch," Spicelli said. His face was flat but a smile flickered over it every few seconds. "But I can. If you don't do what I say, I will. Things will get worse for you. You understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Now put your face right here. Hold perfectly still." He stood next to Kevin, his cock aimed at the urinal, but so close that the stream of piss was centimeters from Kevin's face. He let loose. Some of it did splash on Kevin's cheek, but he knew better than to complain. Officer Spicelli sighed. "I'm going to fuck your throat later."

"Uh... No-"

"Don't you dare tell me no, you little bitch. You wanna go back to prison? I don't gotta accept you as trustee. Any cop here can send you back anytime-"

"No, I'm sorry, I'll... I don't, uh... I don't wanna go back," Kevin said. He blushed.

"I know." He was done pissing now. He flopped his dick around and a few more drops of piss hit Kevin's face. He gagged. Officer Spicelli's stinky cock landed on his nose. It was soft and spongy and Kevin gagged again as Spicelli laughed.

"Hell yeah. Our last trustee was this old man. I ain't wanna make him take no dick."

"So you're..." Kevin blanched.

Officer Spicelli walked away, his dick still hanging between his legs. He motioned for Kevin to follow him. "So I ain't had a jailhouse bitch for a long time, I've been missing it. Don't worry, it'll be cool."

"What? No it won't."

"Shut the fuck up." He sat back down at his desk. Kevin kneeled next to him. "Here." He handed over a bottle of water. "Fill your mouth up with this. It's just salt water."

"Salt water?"

"It'll open your throat up. Like gargle with it and shit." He leered and bit his lip. "I read it on the Internet."

Kevin blushed and did so. He gagged and winced immediately on the saltwater, and then moreso when Officer Spicelli laughed. His dark eyes lit up as he watched Kevin struggle to gargle the saltwater.

"Alright, no more fun for now. I got work to do," he said. He resumed his paperwork, while Kevin gargled and gagged next to him.

At first, Kevin thought Spicelli was just pretending to do work while he listened to Kevin gargle. But soon enough, he realized he was definitely filling out some sort of online paperwork. Eventually Spicelli leaned back, sighed and glanced at Kevin. He chuckled. Kevin resumed gargling harder.

"Hang on a sec," Spicelli said. He stood and undid his belt, dropped his slacks and his boxers to reveal a big hairy ass, all plump and round and kind of red because he had been sitting for so long. He spread his cheeks and his brown hole twinkled.

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