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Fur and Fangs

Book 6

By Rae D. Magdon

©2017 Rae D. Magdon

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Sixth in the Fur and Fang series. New York City vampire Isabeau LaCour is over the moon about her new were-friend, Riley Evans — but a chance encounter with her ex-girlfriend Natasha has her questioning her decisions. Can Izzy put aside the ghosts of the past and move on to a better future with Riley by her side?


MY ARMS ACHE AS I struggle against the cuffs around my wrists, burying my face in the sheets to muffle my screams. Riley is behind me, shoving my head into the mattress with one hand, plunging in and out of me with the other. Their rapid strokes rock my entire body forward, but I roll my hips back for more after each one. I want Riley to take me harder-faster-deeper, until I can’t stand it anymore.

The strain in my shoulders has become a scream. It didn’t hurt when Riley first wrenched my elbows behind my back to bind my forearms, but now my joints are burning. It would be all I could think about if Riley wasn’t driving into me at such a relentless pace. Their fingers hit my front wall every time they plunge inside, and I can’t swallow down my yelps. “Riley,” I slur into the covers. They’re pounding me so hard I’m drooling, and not only from my mouth.

Riley makes good use of my slickness. They slam all the way in and curl their fingers, applying enough pressure to make me sob. “That’s right,” they mutter, their voice a low, guttural growl. “You want it rough, huh?” Their hand leaves my hair, but I barely have time to recover before it cracks across my backside, leaving a stinging handprint behind. The sensation morphs into a tingle, then melts into throbbing heat that spreads throughout my core.

I turn my head sideways and try to speak, but all that comes out in a long, needy whine. Riley seems pleased with the sound, because they stop curling their fingers and pick up their rhythm again, using their thigh to add extra force. “You’re close. I can feel you clenching.”

It’s true. I’m not just clenching Riley’s fingers, but rippling greedily around them. They’ve got me riding the razor’s edge of release. It will barely take anything at all to push me over.

Riley leans over my back, pressing their breasts into my shoulders. Their hot breath skims the nape of my neck as they rumble possessive words into my prickling flesh. “Tell me who owns you, baby. Tell me who you belong to.”

I freeze.

My throat closes up. I can’t breathe—and for once, it feels like I need to. My slow-beating heart pumps frantically, and a chill runs through me, making me forget all about the warmth bleeding from Riley’s body into mine. Riley’s words echo in my head, growing higher and sharper, laced with a familiar edge of derision—Tell me who owns you, baby. I try to drown it out with my own voice, but nothing will come out of my stupid mouth. No make it stop, no make it stop, no no no make it st—


Riley stops. They keep their fingers in me, but lift their body off mine to give me more freedom. “What’s wrong? Do you need out of the cuffs? I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

I don’t know how to answer. Riley hasn’t hurt me hurt me, but I’m still shivering with sick, clammy fear. Cold sweat beads on my skin as I struggle against the cuffs, trying to get loose. Can’t stay like this. Need to move. All I want to do is free myself so I can dive under the covers.

I’m strong enough to rip through the Velcro padded cuffs, or even the steel links between them, but I don’t need to. Riley pulls out and unfastens them for me. I feel worry and hesitancy in their touch. Their fingers are light as bird feathers, and just as delicate and uncertain.

Once my arms are free, I calm down. I roll onto my side and draw my knees up to my chest, ignoring the sticky wetness clinging to my thighs. What was that? What happened to me? My thoughts sound small and distant in my own head. Did I just…have a panic attack or something?

“Izzy?” Riley sounds heartbroken as they lie down behind me, settling into a spooning position without actually touching me. “I’m gonna touch your back now, okay?” They wait, giving me a chance to say no. I don’t say anything at all. Riley’s warm palm presses between my shoulder blades, and it’s enough to loosen the knot in my chest.

“Sorry,” I croak, confused tears running down my cheeks. “I don’t know…I’m not sure what…”

Riley wraps their arm around my waist, pulling me closer. “Hey, sunshine. It’s okay. You don’t have a damn thing to be sorry for, you hear? I’ll just hold you ‘til you feel better.” Their sweet words make me cry harder. I shake in Riley’s arms, letting them hold me while I sob it out. My mind is a jumble of anxiety and confusion, but having their body pressed into mine helps. I clutch their hand, squeezing their fingers until I stop quaking.

When my breathing evens out, Riley kisses the back of my shoulder. “Hey.”

“Hey.” My throat still hurts, but otherwise, I feel utterly numb and exhausted. If I didn’t know better, I’d think I was about to float away into the air.

“Anything I can get you? Somethin’ to drink? Heating pad? A fluffy blanket?”

“Thank you.” It’s all I can think of to say. Riley’s kindness hurts, but almost in a good way. It’s not something I’m used to getting from people, except on really bad days when I can’t hide behind a smile.

“Nothing to thank me for.” Riley pauses, seeming uncertain, perhaps even guilty. “Do you wanna talk about it? You don’t have to.”

I flip onto my other side so Riley and I can look at each other. “It wasn’t your fault. It’s just…you remember my ex?”

I don’t have to explain further. Riley gets it—that Natasha used to say the same thing. I can tell from the look in their eyes—all guilt. “I’m sorry,” they say, and my heart breaks a little more.

“Don’t be. How could you know?”

Riley’s face scrunches up, but they can’t come up with an answer. They hold me for a while, calming me with their warm breath and the steady beat of their heart.

Eventually, I say, “Thanks.”

The word sounds loud in the silence. Riley’s brow furrows. “What for?”

“For being you.”

Riley cracks a small smile. “For showing my girl some basic human kindness?”

It’s supposed to be a joke, but I don’t laugh. I nod yes. A shadow crosses Riley’s face as it clicks for them. I wasn’t always shown that kindness. I didn’t always think I was good enough for it.


“We don’t have to talk about it,” I murmur, then correct it to, “I don’t want to talk about it right now.”

Riley seems okay with that. “What should I do?”

That simple question reassures me that I made the right choice in picking Riley. I can tell they’re worried and hurt, but they’re putting my needs first. Like a lover is supposed to.

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