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Inadvisable Liaisons (Cult of the Butterfly 19)

By Paul Smith.



Inadvisable Liaisons (Cult of the Butterfly 19)

Paul Smith

Copyright 2017 Paul Smith

Smashwords Edition.

This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to people, places or events is purely coincidental, and bears no malicious intent.

ISBN: 9781370019113

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I am the cold centre of the world. I am the unfeeling prodigal.

Yeah, pull the other one.

But Seb forced herself to watch from behind the mask, panic and disgust nailed down behind her facade with a brutality learnt from years behind the bar, facing down society queens.

You don’t scare me darling, I used to summon daemons for fun.

The comeback held a certain amount of irony now, so much so that it actually tugged a smile into the corner of his mouth, despite the violations that were going on in front of him.

Wet grunting.

Dull impact of flesh on flesh, accompanied by a dull keening that grated against the nerves.

I grow bored lover, I think we’ve all had our fun?”

Seb resisted the urge to whoop in relief, raised a hand instead in acknowledgement as she continued to listen to Drew muttering on, offering small talk that was so out of place in the context as to be almost laughable. Seb had spent the last few minutes trying to decide if man was attempting some sort of subtle play, the disparity between circumstance and conversational gambit intended as a subtle criticism of Alex’s methods.

But somehow that didn’t strike him as the gardener’s style.

Across the circle Alex had risen from her throne. “Darling, if you would do the honours...”

Fistral nodded, stepping forwards. Stepping up to the candle that stood at the boundary’s northern point, he held cupped palms above the flame, flattening them together and wringing his hands. A fine red dust fell from between them, trailing line sand into the fire where it fizzed and sparked over Fistral’s low muttering. He must have had the banishment built into the circle, a fact that only served to reinforce Seb’s impression of him as a prudent man.

The effect on the infernals was immediate. Both locked up, eyes flaring wide as their mouths opened on screams like tortured metal. The daemon’s essences spilled forth from orifices in billowing clouds, collecting on the floor where it smouldered and burnt. The corpses they’d occupied collapsed lifeless from the poses they’d held moments before, leaving the two punks mewling in their chairs.

Somebody shut them up please. Another round of drinks I think, I’ve business to discuss with you all. Where’s Devan got to?”

Riding Ilian like a pony. But Seb kept her features schooled.

The gathering broke up. Fistral gave a couple of Ilian’s people a nod and they stepped forward into the circle, their confidence betraying an easy familiarity with this sort of circumstance that made Seb’s stomach turn.

Drew’s hand on her arm made her turn away from the spectacle as a third gang member turned up with a wheelbarrow.

You should come over for dinner one night. The weekend perhaps?”

Seb nodded thoughtfully, eyeing the gardener. “Yes, that would be cool.”

Excellent. Can’t imagine what ever her highness has on the job roster is going to be that urgent.”

Seems unlikely.” Seb’s gaze flickered to Carlton, who was leant against a column, lazy smile on his face as one of Ilian’s twinks swallowed his cock. He met Seb’s gaze, winked before looking down to murmur something to the kid blowing him.

See you then.”

Drew nodded, dipping his head as Seb stepped away to head for Alex, whose attention she could feel resting on her like the eyes of a raptor circling on high.

So, you enjoyed our little floor show?”

Seb dipped her head demurely. “It was certainly diverting.”

Alex’s smile was so feline it verged on the Cheshire. “Everyone’s tastes are different. There’s no shame in that.”

Seb pursed her lips, nodding thoughtfully. “Some certainly seemed to enjoy it more than others.”

Alex followed her gaze towards the nest of couches that had become an orgy and rolled her eyes. “Restraint is not in that one’s vocabulary, sadly.” She raised her voice, one hand cupped beside her mouth. “Merran darling, if you would finish up? I have work for you.”

Coming!” came the response, one pudgy hand raised in acknowledgement from the sea of limbs that occupied the cushions.

I do wish she wouldn’t sometimes,” Alex sighed. “Between you and me, it costs me double to get the cleaning staff to sort out the mess afterwards.”

Seb suppressed a shudder, made sympathetic noises instead.

So, to the meat of the evening,” Alex continued. “Come, I have something to show you. Ah, thank you Flo.”

Seb dipped her head as she too took a glass from the gym bunny who’d materialised with a full tray. Eyes sparkling he bobbed in turn before moving on.

Alex led them over to a table that had been set up at the far end of the bar. As the rounded the curve of the DJ box Seb was careful not to look into the shadows of the seating area beyond. Knowing what Ilian and Devan were up to and seeing it were two very different things.

A little birdy tells me you may have some connections within Summer Heights?”

Seb nodded cautiously. “Some, though I warn you it’s strictly at service level. People on the cleaning crews, someone who runs cyber security for one of the towers. That kind of thing.”

Exactly what I’m after.” Alex lifted a pad from the table. “We need access to this.”

Seb whistled softly. “Kanto Tower.”

Alex’s look was eager. “The fifty-first floor to be precise.”

Seb pursed her lips, weighing up options. She wasn’t just putting on a show either, what Alex was asking was several degrees of difficulty further up the scale from anything Seb had previously attempted.

Could just get the butterfly to take you…

Except she wasn’t sure she was quite ready to trust the chaos spirit that much. Not just yet. And, doing so would likely tip her hand to Alex. Seb wanted to keep the Queen guessing as long as possible regarding her true abilities.

It might be possible...” she conceded finally. It would be tough but the potential was there within her network of contacts. “When do you need to know by?”

The sooner the better.” Alex glanced across at Fistral. “Our benefactor is getting itchy feet, we need to come up with something concrete.”

It was the first overt reference to the involvement of any outside agency. Seb could only assume she had passed some sort of muster this evening.

One step closer…

We have a contact on one of the cleaning crews. Limited privileges but... I’m meeting them tomorrow evening, thought you could accompany...” Alex taped the handset holding one corner of the plans down. “You have my direct line?”

Actually no.”

How remiss of me!” Like the slip had been anything other than intentional. “Here.” Alex proffered the slim rose gold lozenge, Seb holding out her own. They pinged as details were exchanged. “Excellent. I’ll pass you the details.” Alex slid hers into a concealed pocket within her bodice. Her eyes drifted over Seb’s shoulder, resignation colouring her gaze. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe my next client is ready.”

Seb grinned despite herself, pursed her lips in sympathy before turning. Merran was approaching, still shifting clothing back into place as she mounted the step.


Sweetie.” They air kissed, Seb grateful for the lack of contact. Beyond, Devan appeared to have returned to the group, had been joined by Carlton and Kacey. Ilian was conspicuous in his absence, but then most of the Heiros gang had gone, barring Flo and another of the lads tending bar. Fistral too was absent, but then that seemed to be something of the norm rather than the exception. Possibly he was supervising the disposal of the bodies.

You’re looking ravishing this evening, I must say,” Kacey commented as she approached. “Nice to see someone made an effort.” He glanced pointedly at Devan.

What? Do you know how much this t-shirt cost bitch?”

Kacey raised an eyebrow archly. “Oh honey, whoever told you that was couture? You obviously need a chaperone next time you go shopping.”

Devan grinned. “Angling for an invite?”

The bearded queen went all coy. “...Might be...”

Devan rolled his eyes, glancing at Seb who found she couldn’t help but smile.

All’s fair in love and war.

Yes, that and you’ve never been able to resist a massive cock.

Shut up you.

So forth.

Seb left on her own, walking out with Kacey. For some reason she struggled to place the bearded diva amongst the other big characters who made up the Hieros Soleil, but she supposed every group needed its quiet ones. They exchanged a peck on the cheek outside the club before going their separate ways, Seb with a head full of what the following night held.

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