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Reaching Nerdvana

By Michael War

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To my husband Rocco, who continues to support my dreams.

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Reaching Nerdvana

By Michael War

“C’mon, babe, it’s Saturday.” My boyfriend Jimmy was pleading with me to go out with him, but I wasn’t too keen on the idea. He was doing his darnedest, though, rubbing my shoulders and making his voice all cute and whimsical. I was sitting at my desk, checking on files that I needed for work next week. Jimmy had come over earlier with the idea that we would stay in, but that idea quickly changed after an hour when a bored Jimmy declared he needed to be out and about.

“I promise I’ll make it worth it, Kel. You need to get out of the house and away from that computer screen.”

Jimmy was a real smooth talker and could charm my pants off anytime he wanted. Basically, his tongue knew how to work its magic in more ways than one. Maybe that’s why I always let him back into my life. To say that we had a roller coaster of a relationship was an understatement. If we weren’t arguing about something, then we were breaking up. Which naturally always led to some hot making up.

Although, if it wasn’t for Jimmy I would probably never leave the house. I loved being a homebody, which I guess is how I got the name “Grandpa” from all of my friends, though my own grandpa loved a night on the town. I didn’t mind it, though, despite the fact of being only twenty-three years old. My perfect night was simply hanging out at home, slipping into some PJs while firing up a streaming service and watching movies till I fell asleep. It was even better if I had someone here with me.

But that wasn’t Jimmy. He loved to go out and live. But by “live,” he meant “spend all night at the club drinking and dancing.” I didn’t have anything against it, and once in a while I would give in and go. But that part of me had been over and done in college. Now, I just wanted to focus on other things, which included getting my marketing career going and finding that someone with whom I truly connected. To be fair, I still wasn’t sure if Jimmy was that person.

My friends felt I was simply blinded by the good sex, and that I couldn’t see Jimmy for what he really was. They never actually defined what he was, though, yet they also said that the sex could be great with someone else, someone who didn’t take me for granted. Maybe they were right, but why should I have to look if it’s already there in front of me? Besides, Jimmy had some positive attributes, ones my friends didn’t always get to see. Despite his tall, good-looking, and chiseled physical features, he was also exciting, unpredictable, and unafraid of any new situation. In other words, the exact opposite of me.

Yet, it wasn’t my lack of spontaneity that Jimmy hated. I think what bothered him most was that instead of being out in the real world, I would rather sit in front of my laptop playing a MMORPG. He didn’t understand how I could possibly spend so much time and energy going on quests and fighting alongside people I knew only through their characters.

I’d tried to explain to him that sometimes real life got to be a bit much, and I’d needed an escape to keep my sanity. I found it exciting, and a great way to blow off steam. But I also loved the way you could simply bounce into a world full of magic and wonder, where a dragon could appear at any moment and you’d need to cast an ice or water spell to save you and your friends.

“It won’t hurt you to not nerd-out tonight and actually be with normal people.”

I shuddered, but didn’t say a word and took off my glasses to rub my eyes. It was my go-to signal for annoyance. I made no apologies for being a nerd, and if playing games like World of Warquest and wearing T-shirts with my favorite cartoon and sci-fi characters made me a nerd, then so be it. I was a nerd and proud of it.

Jimmy picked up on my signal and tried his best to smooth things over. “Not that being a nerd is a bad thing, but it isn’t something you’d normally be mistaken for. I mean, nerds don’t have a body like you do.”

“Oh, yes, they do. This is 2017,” I replied angrily. “We come in all shapes and sizes. Some have muscles, others are cuddly bears or twinks.”

Jimmy sprang into action by lifting my shirt, then rubbing my chest with a focus on my nipples. Damn, he knew all the spots that got me going. He softened his voice, speaking in a slow, melodic pace. “I’m sure most nerdy guys don’t have this amazing chest. Or this wonderful stomach.” His hand moved lower, with only his fingertips swiping against my skin. Goosebumps formed, and my breath grew heavy with each touch. He leaned in closer, making sure I felt his hot breath against my neck. “You know you can’t resist me. So why fight it?”

His hand went even lower, paying special attention on my crotch. Though I wore jeans, his hand managed to make my dick extremely hard, which caused Jimmy to rub it even more.

“Do you want me to stop?” he whispered in my ear.

“No,” I breathlessly replied.

“Stand up.”

I did as he commanded. I didn’t even think about it. I just rose to my feet and let him take off my shirt. I really wanted to stay in control, but with Jimmy, I couldn’t fight it. His big blue eyes, Cheshire-cat grin, and inviting mouth made it nearly impossible to fight off any sense of self-dominance. I was under his spell; he knew he could do anything he wanted to me.

Jimmy let his hands explore my chest and stomach, then took them to my waist. He slid them into my jeans and made his way past my underwear. I let out a deep moan and closed my eyes.

“No, keep them open,” he ordered. “I like it when you look directly at me.”

I did as instructed and focused my gaze on him. His hand finally made contact with my cock, now almost completely hard. Jimmy stroked it a bit, making sure to keep his eyes locked on mine. I placed one of my hands behind his head, gently pulling on his hair. Jimmy’s smile grew wider.

“I can see someone wants to play a little rough.”

I didn’t say anything. I just returned the smile. Jimmy took off his shirt and revealed his gorgeous body. He wasn’t as bulky as me, but still defined, with abs that could cut glass if given the chance. Just seeing him bare-chested got me even harder. Jimmy didn’t hesitate to take advantage of my raging cock. He unzipped my pants and pushed them to my ankles, then lowered my underwear enough to free my cock.

Jimmy stroked it a bit more, then turned me around and bent me over my desk. I had to admit, that surprised me, since it seemed the moment was going in a different direction. Yet, I wasn’t entirely unhappy about this turn of events.

“There, much better, don’t you think?” Jimmy asked, once again letting his hot breath whisper into my ear. He pulled my underwear down completely, then slapped my rear with gentle force, but still hard enough to send a ripple of pleasure throughout my body. So much that I couldn’t help but moan.

Jimmy slapped me again, but left his hand on me and squeezed, his fingers digging into me. That was something completely new, but certainly not unwelcome. After he released me from his grip, he licked his finger, then rubbed it around my hole to lube me. He did that a few more times, then slid in the tip. My eyes closed in delight for a second, and another moan escaped me. Jimmy slid it in further and further, increasing his speed as each of my moans intensified.

“More,” I begged.

Jimmy slapped my ass with his other hand, then added a second finger to his arsenal. The intense pressure built, but I didn’t want this moment to end. Not before I had Jimmy fully inside me.

“Take me, take all of me.”

I heard Jimmy remove his pants, then open my desk drawer to pull out the lube I had stored in there. I could envision him rubbing some on his cock, hopefully getting it nice and hard. Jimmy’s cock was another one of his “gifts,” a long, thick, eight-inch member that went in nice and deep. Just the thought of it had my muscles tensing in anticipation.

But I didn’t have to wait long. Jimmy pressed the tip against my hole, teasing me before going in with just the head. My eyes widened with excitement and my breath became heavy with desire as he entered me even more until firmly deep inside.

Jimmy placed his hands on my shoulders and began to thrust, pulling me closer as his cock planted itself within me. With every few thrusts, he spanked me, adding to the building pleasure. His thrusts increased, faster and faster, deeper and deeper, until one final thrust sent his milk straight into my welcoming hole. Once I felt him explode, I couldn’t take it anymore and stroked my hard, wet cock until I released myself onto the desk.

Jimmy kissed the back of my neck, then once again whispered in my ear. “Looks like you did come with me after all.” He laughed.

His stupid joke made me smile. I was too out of breath to do much else.

Jimmy turned me around and gave me a strong and forceful kiss, the kind that let me know exactly who was in charge.

After he pulled away, he stayed there looking at me, smiling, eyes focused on mine.

I knew what he wanted to hear. “Fine. I’ll go with you.”

“Perfect. Now, let’s take a shower and I’ll pick out what you’ll wear afterward.”

“What’s wrong with what I had on?”

Jimmy tousled my brown hair, which I think he meant to be endearing, but I found condescending. “Kel, you know I think it’s adorable that you wear shirts with ninja turtles and other weird little creatures, but I can’t show you off in something like that.”

I flexed my arm, exposing my bicep. “What? That shirt is tight enough to hug my chest and arms. I think it makes me look pretty good.”

Jimmy sighed. “I knew you couldn’t do this one thing for me. You can wear whatever you want in front of that damn computer, but sooner or later you’ll have to grow up and stop with all this fantasy shit.”

He gathered his clothes, then went to take a shower. While I waited for him to finish, I used tissues to clean up the desk and myself, then pulled on my underwear and went back to what I’d been doing on my computer. Though I was upset that Jimmy was angry with me, to be honest, the real reason I didn’t want to go out was because I’d been dying to try out my new VR headset.

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