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Evan goes to a neighboring pack to help strengthen ties since their alphas have mated. Despite his excitement about meeting new people—and potentially a mate—he doesn’t make many friends right away. Lots of old pack rules have changed recently, and after a suggestion from a fellow beta, Evan begins to wonder if he’s been looking in the wrong place for a mate. He was popular with the omegas in his other pack, but maybe another beta is just the change of pace he needs…

Evan’s Wolf

Changes, Book Three


Adam Charles


Twisted E-Publishing, LLC


Evan’s Wolf

Changes, Book Three

Copyright © 2018 by Adam Charles

Edited by Marie Medina

Second E-book Publication: January 2018, SMASHWORDS EDITION

Previously published in 2016

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This title was self-published in 2016 by the author.

It has been deeply edited for TEP.


To Eric, always

Chapter One

Evan leaned against one of the common buildings and watched Toby walking hand-in-hand with Luke. It made his chest ache a little, yet he still smiled. Toby wanted pups. He deserved them, along with a good, strong man to care for him. Evan had been surprised to see Toby arrive when Luke returned to check on his daughter after her tumble, which had happened a matter of days after Evan’s own arrival weeks ago, but he’d heard enough people praise Luke to know he was a good man, and exactly the kind of wolf someone as sweet as Toby needed. They’d made their mating official just a few days before, and Evan felt very happy about it.

Evan gazed around, hoping someone in this pack would finally stand out to him. He didn’t expect something dramatic—eyes meeting across a crowded room or anything—but part of him did want that immediate spark, the kind he’d never had with anyone before. His head knew it wouldn’t be that way, but something inside him wanted some kind of sign.

“Still pining for the little omega?” a voice beside him asked. “He is awful cute.”

Evan looked over at Gareth and smiled. Gareth was the brother of the guy Evan had switched cabins with for this little inter-pack exchange, and he lived right next door to Evan.

“No, not pining at all. I’m happy for Toby. He’s real sweet, and I’m glad he’s with someone who’ll be good to him. I felt kind of jealous at first, but it faded as I learned more about Luke.”

Gareth grinned. “Oh, Luke’s great. He’ll be good to him. It’s way past time Luke took a mate and fathered some more pups. He loves children.”

“Which is perfect for Toby.” Evan continued watching others move around the square. “I’m glad things are going well between our packs.”

“They seem to be. I was a little worried at first.”

“You were?”

“Yeah. But we haven’t had many conflicts so far. Which I’m very glad of.”

Evan nodded, still looking around at the other wolves.

“So, if you aren’t eating your heart out over Toby, can I assume you’re on the prowl?” Gareth said.

Evan laughed. “Of course.” Then he smiled. “We all know what this is about. Mating. I’m not ready for pups yet, but I’m open to the right opportunity.” He looked around a moment before adding, “I’ve been stalling and standing still too long.”

Gareth gave a little shrug and said, “Maybe you should find another beta then, if you don’t want pups right away. All the rules have changed now. Embrace it.” He started to turn away but then halted and turned back. “And try to get laid. Clear the pipes.”

“Clear the pipes?” Evan said, laughing.

“Yeah. You’re thinking too much. It’s too much pressure.”

“I won’t explode.”

“Hope not. I helped build that cabin. I’ll be pretty pissed it you wreck it.” He gave a little wave and moved off again.

Evan chuckled as Gareth walked away, but then he thought about it. If he mated with a beta, pups would only come if the beta was female. But if the beta were male, they could bring someone else into their bed. More than anything, Evan loved exhibitionism. His first time had been with a girl, but in general he preferred men. Omegas tended to be bisexual, but he was a beta and definitely felt he’d settled on the side of wanting a male mate. Betas usually experimented to find their way, eventually settling down to pursue one sex only, though that wasn’t always the case. He’d had dinner with Gareth and his sister, Rena, and she was very beautiful. But there hadn’t been any spark beyond friendship. They’d hung out a while after dinner, but when Gareth had headed home, Evan had helped Rena do some dishes real quick but hadn’t been tempted to stay any longer.

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