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Long Time Coming

By Gavin Atlas

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Long Time Coming

By Gavin Atlas

La Playita

The restaurant was nearly empty. March is one of the hottest months in Costa Rica, so maybe it was low season. This spring break was my last chance to travel before the real world started, so I was here despite the heat.

“You’re traveling alone?” asked the waiter.

“‘Fraid so,” I said, looking up from my book. The tall waiter seemed too close to blond to be fully Costa Rican. He was thin and his angular features were golden in the candlelight.

“You’re American,” he said. “I know from your accent. But I’m surprised you are by yourself. Americans don’t like to travel alone.”

“We don’t?”

“No, especially not as young as you.” The waiter had a beautiful smile.

I grinned. “My friend who was supposed to travel with me cancelled.”

“It’s too dark to read,” he said, patting my shoulder. “Let me bring you another candle.”

A breeze, sultry as a slow dance, blew through the glassless windows of the restaurant.

“That’s better,” he said. “Oh! You’re reading Edmund White. He’s my favorite.” He had a big “aha” grin on his face.

“Are you staying at La Mariposa?” he asked, referring to the hotel popular with gay men. “That’s a far walk in the dark.”

“No. La Arboleda. Just next door.”

“Their loss is our gain,” he said, putting his hand on my shoulder again.

Another waiter entered the dining room with my food. He looked remarkably like the one who’d been flirting with me, and they both wore their hair in neat pony tails.

“This is my cousin, Luis,” the first waiter said. “I’m Rudiger.”

“Rudiger?” I said, trying out the name.

“My mother’s family is from Germany,” he said with a shrug. “We will let you eat.”

I was not an epicure by any means, but I knew the heart of palm was an immense improvement over the vinegary canned offerings they had in the States, and the rum and coke was flavored with the sweetest lime I’d ever tasted.

“It’s a shame to spend time alone,” Rudiger said as he cleared my table. “Would you like to meet on the beach tomorrow? Around ten?”

My face flushed as I experienced an attack of shyness. Rudiger looked at me expectantly. I could see Luis watching me from the shadows of the bar. “Well…sure.”

He grinned. “You haven’t told us your name.”

“I’m sorry. I’m Jamie.”

The next morning I discovered La Arboleda didn’t have hot water in the showers. After the initial shock to my body, it was fine. Another warm breeze filtered through my cabana to the shower, and I found myself wishing I had someone to kiss under the gentle spray.

Later, I sat on the beach writing and waiting for Rudiger and Luis. They were late. The heat was nearly unbearable. The sun was so bright I could see it with my eyes closed. Occasionally, a flock of pelicans would fly by, and two small white planes buzzed the beach, chasing each other as if they were birds.

“There he is,” said Rudiger as he and Luis came up behind me. “We thought you would be at Playita.” I didn’t know Spanish, but I was pretty sure playita meant “little beach.” He pronounced it “ply-geeta.” Rudiger wore only sandals and a pair of cut-offs that accented his strong thighs.

“I don’t know anything about it,” I said, shielding my eyes.

Playita is the fun beach. No one wears anything,” he said. “It’s where we always go.” He moved to sit on my towel and practically crashed into me. He laughed.

“I’ve never done that before,” I said. “Is it okay to wear clothes or is that weird?”

“No, for you, it is not okay to wear clothes. Look at your muscles,” he said, grabbing my arm and squeezing. “It would be a crime. Too handsome. Why do you have your shirt on now?”

“I can’t reach my entire back with the sun block, and I don’t want to burn.”

“Ah, when we go to Playita, I do that for you,” Rudiger said.

Now that I could see him in light better than the restaurant’s, he looked to be about twenty-nine. Judging from the sun-streaks in his hair and his golden tan, he spent all his free time on the beach. Both of them wore their hair the same way—longish, falling just below the shoulder.

Luis stood a few feet away, staring at us but saying nothing. It crossed my mind he didn’t speak much English. I motioned for him to join us, but he shook his head politely. There was no room on the towel anyway.

“Look at these books!” Rudiger began digging into my satchel. “Are you going to spend the whole time reading? That’s no fun.” He pulled out the Edmund White and then my Spartacus guide for gay travelers.

“Aha!” he said, “so you were planning some fun.”

The third thing he pulled out was a copy of the Cliffs Notes to Go Down, Moses.

“That sounds like a dirty book,” Rudiger said.

“Uh, no. It’s Faulkner.”

“I know, silly,” he said. “Just because I’m a waiter doesn’t mean I’m stupid. So you’re in college?”

“Yes, I go to Slippery Rock in Pennsylvania. I’m a senior.”

“No Cancun for you? Like everybody else?”

“It’s not my kind of place,” I said.

He turned back to my bag. “Now here’s a dirty book.” He pulled out my copy of John Preston’s Mr. Benson.

I reddened as he showed the cover of the erotic novel to his cousin. Luis grinned.

“So are you the big bad Mr. Benson?” asked Rudiger, “or the slave, Jamie? Hey, your name is Jamie, too!” He gave me a hungry look that made my stomach jump. “I bet I know the answer,” he said.

Luis had had enough of standing around and said something to Rudiger that involved gestures of impatience. He was as handsome as Rudiger and just as sinewy, but the slant of his eyebrows gave him a serious look while Rudiger’s face seemed to be always bright and beaming.

“Okay, we go now,” said Rudiger. “You coming?”

I shook my head. “I’m not ready for that.”

“Then tomorrow?” Rudiger said, not the least bit discouraged.

“Maybe,” I said. The realization that these men wanted to see me nude made my dick stir more than a little.

They had another exchange in Spanish. Rudiger said, “Luis says if you don’t want to go to the beach, we can take you to Manuel Antonio Park. We go in the secret way so we don’t have to pay. You see all the birds, flowers, trees…”

I gave them a big smile. “That would be fantastic.”

Rudiger got up. “Luis thinks you’re really cute,” he said. Luis smacked him on the shoulder and Rudiger laughed. “He likes blonds like you. But I get to have you first because I’m Mr. Benson.”

Yeah, I thought, you’ve got the body and the height for it. But I don’t think a leather master would be caught dead in short shorts.

* * * *

I slept terribly that night. There was a scraping, clicking sound in my room, and I was paranoid enough to think it was a scorpion. In the morning, I found the noise was only a small white crab hiding behind my suitcase. I nudged it out the door with my notebook, and it rolled into the sand where it promptly buried itself.

We’d forgotten to arrange a meeting time or place, so I planned to head for the restaurant before it became too hot and see if they were around. I wanted to write on the porch for a while first. A half hour later, a pair of hands yanked my notebook away. I’d been so busy writing, I didn’t see Rudiger sneak up on me.

“Always reading. Always writing. Always so serious,” Rudiger said, shaking his head at me. “Let’s see what you have.”

I was beyond embarrassed as I watched him read. I’d been writing some of my most private fantasies. The newest ones involved him, Luis, and others.

“Wow,” he said after a minute. He licked his lips and looked me closely in the eye. “You know, this could happen,” he said. “We’ve been waiting for someone like you.” He squeezed my thigh. “A muscular young man who is sweet. And shy. And wild.”

“That could be nice,” I said, unable to look at him but feeling aroused at the same time. “Can I think about it?”

Rudiger flashed me a lascivious grin. “I don’t believe you want to think about it. I think you want us to decide what happens to you.” He ran his fingers up my leg until he practically grabbed my crotch.

I felt my face flush. “I…need some time,” I said, my breathing heavy as I stood.

I wore boots and long pants to walk through the jungle, but Luis and Rudiger were in shorts and sneakers. We trekked uphill, and I perspired so much that when a downpour came, it was a relief. Neither of them seemed to notice we were getting soaked. As the rain cleared up, the animals became noisier. Rudiger would get my attention by grabbing at my ass and then point out a bird or monkey.

We arrived at the top of what must have been a small mountain and stopped at a grassy clearing. We could see the ocean, sparkling in the sunlight, and tiny, rocky islands covered with trees. I walked away a few steps, looking for the best angle to take a picture.

“Hi! Hi! Stop!” shouted Luis. Rudiger grabbed me around the waist and pulled me back.

Luis pointed out a brown shape moving in the grass. “Terciopelo,” he said.

“A viper,” Rudiger said. “Very bad.”

I swallowed and began trembling. “Thanks,” I managed to say.

“Okay?” Luis gripped my arm.

“Yes.” But I couldn’t stop shaking. I hadn’t realized I was so afraid of snakes.

Luis said something to Rudiger in Spanish.

“He wants to know if you’d rather go home than continue to the park,” Rudiger said.

“Please,” I said.

Luis ruffled my hair, which made me feel like a little kid. The feeling was enhanced by the fact that they were both about half a foot taller than me.

“Good,” Rudiger said with a grin. “Now we have time to take you to Playita.”

I hesitated.

“Yes, yes,” said Rudiger. “Now we know what you like.”

They stopped at my room to let me get a towel and bathing suit. They were outside talking, but I could see them watching me change through the screen door.

“Bring your shoes,” said Rudiger. “There are sharp rocks that separate Playita from the main beach.”

The whole way back from the jungle I had been considering which swimsuit to put on. I decided to be brave and emerged from my room in a tight blue Speedo.

Rudiger wolf-whistled and ran his fingers down my abs. “Almost naked,” he said, laughing. “Getting closer.”

As we walked, Luis held my hand to help me navigate the rocks. Rudiger asked why my friend had cancelled.

“He was my boyfriend,” I said with a sad sigh. “He broke up with me.”

Rudiger translated for Luis and Luis responded. Rudiger said, “Luis can’t understand why anyone would break up with you.”

“After we graduate, we’ll be on opposite sides of the country. He says it’s for the best.” There was more to it than that. When we met, I had been as conservative as he, but after being out a couple years, I was no longer the blue-eyed blond College Republican poster boy. I now liked dancing at Pittsburgh clubs and looking at porn or the nude men in Mandate magazine. I even tried to write a story for them. He had always loved fucking me, but outside of that, there’d been a growing distance. He no longer liked my politics nor my fantasies, even if he read them eagerly. Maybe the breakup was for the best, but it had only been a month, and I already ached for affection and intimacy.

“Your boyfriend is a fool,” Rudiger said, smiling at me. I smiled back. To be honest, being in Costa Rica alone suited me. I was too embarrassed to ask for what I truly wanted at Slippery Rock. Now that I’d found the gay community the Spartacus guide said thrived on the beaches of Manuel Antonio, perhaps I had a chance.

When we arrived, several men were neck deep in the water, and they shouted greetings to Rudiger and Luis. The two of them removed their shoes and dropped their shorts without hesitation and headed for the water. I set my towel down in the shade of some low-growing trees and fussed with my sun block until I heard Rudiger yell, “Jamie! Come here right now!”

There were sighs of disappointment as I walked into the ocean with my Speedo still on.

“Look,” said Rudiger when I reached him, “they all have their suits around their necks. You do it, too.”

I thought for a moment. What the hell. I moved into shallower water, so I could strip. The sea pulled back, revealing my ass and dick for all to see, and I almost lost my nerve. It didn’t help that the guys were hooting at me, but I merely swam back toward them as the strong tide rushed in.

In less than a minute, Luis was behind my back, tickling me. While I was distracted, Rudiger pulled my swimsuit over my head and held it up in triumph. Luis laughed. His smile was so beautiful.

“Now you have to be our naked slave forever!” said Rudiger as he merrily tossed my Speedo to the other guys. Underneath the water, he groped my ass and fondled me while Luis more politely hugged me around my shoulders and stroked my wet hair. He even kissed my cheek once. I felt a flutter of pure happiness in my stomach and spine.

“Your ass is amazing,” Rudiger whispered into my ear. “I hope you let us have fun with it.”

“Maybe,” I said, wishing I had the guts to simply say “yes.”

We stayed in the water for perhaps half an hour, the men throwing my swimsuit from one to another and laughing while Luis held me in a gentle embrace. Eventually, someone lobbed my swimsuit back to Rudiger, and I lunged for it. At the same time, a strong undertow knocked me off my feet. I fell headfirst into the waves.

I struggled under the surface and spluttered, trying in vain not to breathe in water. Strong hands pulled me upright. It was Luis.

“Okay?” he asked me for the second time that day while I coughed out water.

“I’m fine,” I said, although I was unnerved. “Maybe I should get out for a little while.”

“Bad news,” said Rudiger. “We lost your swimsuit.” He had a twinkle in his eye.

“I’m so sure. Come on, give it to me.”

“It’s not here,” he insisted. “It’s halfway to China already.” He groped between my legs again.

“Right,” I said. I walked out of the water and hopped over the hot sand to Rudiger’s shorts.

“Hey!” he shouted as I started to put them on. He headed for shore as fast as he could.

“And you don’t have a towel either,” I said, “so you’ll be going back to the main beach naked I guess.”

As I reached for my towel and sneakers, Rudiger playfully tackled me. His shorts were too big, and he easily slipped them off me. He lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder, spanking me once. Then, with a bump, he placed me on my towel. He pinned my hands behind my head and grinned.

“May I take you now?” he said.

“We’re covered in wet sand,” I said. A breeze blew over us. Feeling the wind touch parts of me that had never been exposed to the elements before was slightly shocking.

He let go of my left hand so he could trace the contours of my chest with his fingers. “We could rinse off first,” he said.

I closed my eyes. Did I want it? I did. I wanted to surrender to him in the same way that I had written in my journal.

When I opened my eyes again, most of the men were coming out of the water to watch us. In my fantasies that Rudiger had read I’d wanted an audience, but now I wasn’t certain.

“I’m not ready,” I told my captor.

“Are you sure?” he asked, stroking my dick.

I nodded. He gently brushed the back of his hand against my cheek.

Luis called out to Rudiger and tapped an imaginary watch on his wrist in a gesture that said, “We’re going to be late.”

“I forgot. We have to go to the market for vegetables before we go to the restaurant this afternoon,” Rudiger said. “How about a deal? If you come back to Playita tomorrow, then we know you’re ready. Then we all have fun.”

One of the men, short and muscular with jet black hair and a mustache, tossed my swimsuit onto my chest amidst gales of laughter. I put it around my neck.

“Deal,” I told Rudiger.

* * * *

That night, I slept like a rock. Luis had told Rudiger to invite me to a free dinner at the restaurant, and afterwards I went right to bed. I had planned to imagine that Rudiger hadn’t taken no for an answer and jerk off. That way I wouldn’t be too horny to think clearly in the morning. However, I conked out. Now I was headed for Playita in a red Speedo that was even smaller and tighter than the one I’d worn yesterday. Thinking about what might happen gave me a hard-on visible through my swimsuit, and I had to wrap my towel around my waist.

There were many fewer people there today. I put my towel down in the shade. I lathered on sunscreen for a while and wished I had brought a book.

After fifteen minutes, I heard Rudiger say “Hi, honey” behind me. He, Luis and a third man, the one who had my swimsuit yesterday, were making their way down a steep path through the dense underbrush that ended at the beach.

“Listen,” Rudiger said. “It’s going to be high tide soon, and you can’t get back to the main beach unless you go up this way. But it’s a long walk to La Arboleda. Do you want to stay?”

I thought about walking through the jungle in a Speedo and was about to say no until I saw Luis and the other man stripping.

“I’ll stay,” I said.

“Good!” Rudiger said with a grin. “Now hand me your swimsuit.”

“You’ll have to take it off me,” I said.

His eyes widened. He reached over and yanked my Speedo down. Luis and their friend “helped” him remove it but mostly played with my bare ass.

I gently broke free from their hands and charged towards the surf. They followed, but we’d barely soaked ourselves when Rudiger decided the water was too rough.

“It’s not safe today,” he said. “I don’t want you to fall again. Besides, we’ve cooled off.”

“Are you going to introduce me to the other guy?” I whispered as we waded towards shore.

He laughed and spoke in my ear. “I don’t remember his name! But he wants you.” I realized I wanted him, too.

I became nervous as the four of us approached our towels. “So how do we do this?” I said, sitting down on my towel. The wind had kicked up, and the other people were coming out of the water.

“Lie down,” Rudiger said, pushing on my chest until I was flat on my back. The three of them surrounded me. Rudiger stroked his tan, uncut dick with one hand and grasped mine in the other.

“Can we?” Rudiger asked, “Just like you wrote?”

“Yes,” I said, my head spinning. I couldn’t believe I was doing this.

We were already dripping wet, but Rudiger spit into his hand and slicked up his dick. Luis and the mystery man were jerking themselves. I spread my legs slightly. Rudiger grabbed my right hand and pressed it on my own cock, urging me to stroke myself. His hand traveled downward until it gently probed.

Impatiently, the stranger moved behind me, reached forward and grabbed my knees. He raised them, offering my ass to Rudiger, who continued to massage my hole, readying me for penetration.

As he aimed his penis at me, I swallowed hard. My breath caught, and I grunted as he began to stretch me. Rudiger entered slowly and patiently, looking into my eyes as if watching for cues. Even though dark clouds were forming, the strong sunlight made it hard for me to see much more than the outline of his face. And then I couldn’t see him at all as Luis ducked under the stranger’s arms and kissed me on the lips.

I cried out, surprised when Rudiger thrust in much deeper than I anticipated. He quickly pulled out.

“Baby, let’s try on your side,” he said.

I turned, facing the water and Rudiger lay behind me. Now the stranger only held my right leg aloft as Rudiger entered me again. The other men on the beach watched intently but from a respectful distance. Still I couldn’t believe I was letting people see me get fucked. Luis moved around to my front and ran his fingers through my hair. With his other hand he shielded my eyes from the blowing sand. I reached out and grasped his dick, which lengthened at my touch. He gave me another warm smile that helped me relax and let Rudiger slide in deeper.

I felt Rudiger increase his speed. “So nice. So nice,” he said. He gripped my side, his nails digging into my skin. I moaned in earnest with each thrust. I shook my head in amazement, still shocked at myself for letting this happen. All that kept me from thinking this was a dream were Luis’ caresses and Rudiger’s urgent strokes. I could feel his lust for me in my ass, in my spine, and my teeth.

The stranger let go of my leg and pushed Luis away from my face. Then he straddled my head, aiming his long cock at my mouth. I inhaled his scent, mixed with the salt of the sea.

Just as the man’s prick touched my tongue, Rudiger began to grunt and gasp. He pulled out and rapidly rolled me on my back. His head tilted heavenward and he climaxed noisily. His come spilled onto my stomach, mixed with the first drops of rain.

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