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Brothers: Mikey & Connor

A Taboo Tale

by Taz Graham

Copyright 2017 Taz Graham

Legal Age Disclaimer: All characters in this story are over the age of 18.

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Chapter 1: Boys for Rent

‘So, who's up for it?’ I said.

Adam and Craig looked at each other uneasily.

‘Nah, man,’ Craig said. ‘I mean, $20 and some bud was cool, just to jack off... but I dunno...’

‘No disrespect to him or anything,’ Adam chimed in, ‘but I don't wanna get into something for some rich fag's amusement, y'know?’

Connor shrugged. He had just busted a pretty epic load while Chris sat in the armchair and watched. All of us had. It was a boring, rainy day here in paradise — nothing to do and no place to be. So when some rich gay guy offers you cash to do something you already do for free, well...

‘Fuck it,’ Connor said. ‘I'm in. You only live once, right, Mikey? And don't call him a fag, Adam — that shit's just not necessary.’

As Adam rolled his eyes, I looked over at my big brother with a grin. He was pretty much your textbook jock — not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he was a good brother. He was game for pretty much anything, and there wasn't a mean bone in his body. At least, off the pitch.

We'd all been surprised by how this trip had turned out. Between the relentless monsoon rains that had killed any plans to see the sights and the fact that we were just about the only people in our hotel aside from Chris, this holiday was certainly not meeting our expectations. Most surprising of all was this afternoon’s half-stoned naked group jerk-off session here in our hotel room. The rain had bounced off the big windows that overlooked the pool, the A/C struggled to keep up with the humidity, and all the while Chris had sat there quietly watching us work our hard teenage cocks. Our reward, the $100 in twenties and a half-ounce of very nice herb, had been laid out on the coffee table.

‘I'm here all week, and this rain has fucked all my plans, too,’ Chris had said to me once we'd sprayed the floor with copious amounts of our gooey spunk.

‘If you fellas want to make a little extra cash, well... you know where to find me.’

With that he'd headed towards the door, a pretty damn big tent in his shorts. He'd winked at me as he left, squeezing my bare shoulder.

Chris was a good-looking guy in his early 30s maybe and fit. We had met in the deserted hotel bar on our first night, Chris dishing out shots all round. That's what had led to this afternoon's impromptu jerk-off-for-money session. And then his offer of more — to do... what, exactly?

I didn't know for sure, but I was very curious, and I needed a new car when we got back home. I looked over at my big brother. We both shrugged.

‘Fuck it,’ I said, echoing Connor. ‘Let's go see what he's got in mind. What's the worst that can happen — he blows us and pays us?’

Adam and Craig didn't look too convinced, and hell, even I knew it was bullshit. There was plenty worse that could happen. But I'd considered the worst-case scenarios, and most of them sounded pretty damn good to me. None of these guys knew that, of course — although I had a hunch Chris did; that was why he'd singled me out to make the offer. Maybe he recognised like for like.

‘Well, put your fuckin' shorts back on, bro, and let's go see what's up,’ I said, hitting my vaporizer.

Connor grinned at me, taking a hit himself and sliding his board shorts up over his thick, powerful thighs.

‘The McMillan boys are off to get rich,’ he joked, slapping me on the back.

‘The McMillan boys are off to get raped,’ I heard Adam snicker.

We both flipped Adam and Craig the finger as we left, heading out the door and down to Chris's room.

‘Good to see you guys,’ Chris said, closing the door behind us. His room was nicer than ours for sure. Instead of the four beds crammed into one room, his just had a king bed and a lounge area. It didn't smell like four sweaty college dudes and their unwashed laundry, either.

‘Just the two of you, huh?’

‘Yeah, to be honest we're all starting to get on each other’s nerves being cooped up all day,’ I explained.

‘Well, their loss,’ Chris said with a wink, stepping over to the bar to freshen his drink and mix a couple for us.

Several drinks later, and with another $100 on the table, Connor and I were standing naked, slowly jacking our cocks for Chris. We were putting a little more slow flexing into it this time, making a show of it. With the four of us doing it before, there was less pressure to perform. But it was just the two of us now, and things felt a little more competitive. Connor and I had always been that way, friendly but competitive, and I felt like we really should earn the $50 apiece we were being paid.

Chris got up off the couch and stepped over to us, a drink in one hand and a fat joint in the other. He offered the joint to Connor first, who hit it with a big grin then passed it to me. As I inhaled, I kept working my cock. I'm proud to say that even though Connor's bigger than me everywhere else, I got the larger dick. Chris's eyes were fixed on my dick as I hit the blunt, and when I exhaled he opened his mouth to catch some of it, making my cock throb. He set his drink down on the glass-topped table and carefully stroked my wanking arm, running his hand up and down the flexing muscles.

I found myself gradually relaxing the muscles that had grown tense since we’d arrived. There was a reason he'd doubled the incentive on this round, after all. Chris was careful not to startle us, as if we were his prize stallions. Damn, this weed was good, and I got pretty comfortable with his fingers exploring the muscles on my arms, back, and shoulders. I'd worked hard to build those muscles, and I enjoyed having them admired properly, maybe for the first time. I flinched when his fingers trailed down my spine to the curve of my arse, but the flexing of my glutes earned a growl of approval from Chris. I smiled over at Connor, who to my surprise was watching us very intently. He had that faraway pot glaze over his eyes as his big hand massaged his cock.

When Chris stepped over to him, I could see Connor’s body tighten with nerves, his hand faltering for a moment on his cock. But like the trooper he was, he manned up and let things happen. Connor squared his big shoulders, flexed his thick pecs, and smiled at Chris as he resumed his stroking, pumping up his impressive muscles for Chris's appreciation.

‘Nice, mate,’ Chris said. ‘Both of you. You're very hot guys.’

‘Cheers, bud,’ Connor said, and then for good measure, he flexed his left bicep for Chris's up-close inspection.

I chuckled a little at that. Connor hardly needed an excuse to show off his meaty arms, but he was really getting into the groove now. Truth be told, I was enjoying watching my big brother get admired just as much as Chris was enjoying copping a feel.

Chris stepped over to the bar and poured another round of drinks — a little stiffer than before, I noted. But I was really getting into this gin and tonic thing. It was a change from the watered-down piss we got served back home in the student union bar. Handing us our drinks, he picked up his wallet and extracted a few more notes, tossing them on the table to join the twenties already there. Connor and I cut eyes at each other but kept stroking our cocks. Chris stepped up behind us, draping his tanned forearms over our shoulders and subtly drawing us in a little closer.

‘Just us guys here,’ he said easily. ‘It'd be awesome if the two of you got a little... closer.’

I looked at Connor again. We hadn't mentioned anything about being brothers yet. But then again, we were pretty comfortable with each other. That group jerk-off we'd done for Chris earlier, well, it hadn't been our first stroke session. Last summer, when we were both blazed as hell, Connor had put on a porno one rainy afternoon. He'd slung his big arm over my shoulder, and we'd stroked out pretty intense loads together as he watched the action on the screen and I tried not to watch him.

Now I studied his face for cues, and when I saw his lips slowly form a smile, I felt my heart thump a little harder.

‘Throw another twenty in, and you got a deal, bud,’ he said, slinging his arm around Chris's neck for good measure and giving his cock a long, slow stroke.

‘I do like entrepreneurial young men,’ Chris said with a chuckle and tossed a folded twenty onto the growing pile.

At that, Connor reached out and squeezed my stroking arm, running his big hand up and down the muscles and sending an electric bolt on a path straight down to my throbbing cock. He pulled me closer, took my free hand, and placed it on the big muscle of his pec. He resumed stroking as I explored the thickness of it, tentatively at first and then with growing confidence. I let my fingers graze experimentally over the nub of his nipple, feeling its firmness under my glancing touch and hearing the low moan of approval my bro made in response.

‘Nice, Mikey,’ he murmured.

I took my time exploring Connor’s upper body, gaining confidence as I progressed. Our eyes lingered on each other's torso then drifted up to meet. We shared a grin, and I let Connor take the lead, wanting him to show me what he was comfortable with. The more gin I swallowed, the more relaxed and open I felt. I could see it had the same effect on Connor — especially when he trailed his knuckles down the centre of my stomach and into the upper reaches of my bush.

I'd never been so fuckin' hard in my life. I needed to pace myself so I wouldn't cum too quickly.

Chris offered us each another hit on the joint, which we readily accepted. As we took turns inhaling, my eyes remained transfixed on Connor, and his stayed on me.

The effect was almost hypnotic. Chris ran his hands down our spines, cupping our arses and pushing us closer. Connor's cock came into contact with mine, and we both grunted in surprise. I was the one who flinched at the touch; Connor just grinned and kept stroking. It was just an instant of intimate flesh-to-flesh contact, but it felt like stepping out onto a frozen lake — with each step we took, the ice could shatter under our feet and send us crashing through into... something deep.

Shit, this was really good weed.

‘You guys look so good together,’ Chris said, his low, deep voice worming its way into my ear and my brain. ‘Comfortable with each other.’

We looked at him, sensing he was ready to raise the stakes again and realising we were just as ready.

‘Either of you ever kiss another guy before?’

‘Maybe,’ I said, a little coyly.

Connor looked at me with that smile of his and said, ‘Yeah.’ I was stunned. My big pussy-chasing jock brother? No way...

‘If I was going to offer you both a little incentive...’ Chris continued.

I could hear the sound of more bills crinkling between his fingers. He held out what looked like another $100. Where the fuck was all this cash coming from? Connor slid his arm around my neck, making my heart beat double-time, and turned us to face Chris.

‘What if we told you that we're brothers?’ he said.

‘No way,’ Chris replied, sceptically at first. Then he looked back and forth between us, and I guess he saw the truth. His eyes opened wide, and so did his smile.

‘Would that incentivise you a little more?’ Connor asked, still pulling on his unflagging hard-on.

He turned the full force of his charming smile on Chris then back to me.

‘I mean... only if Mikey's down, of course. What do you say, little bro?’

I looked from Chris to my brother, swallowing hard and feeling my tightly held cock throbbing in my fist. Finally, I answered, ‘I say if you double down, Chris, we might be up for it.’ My voice sounded rusty.

I matched Connor's grin with one of my own, and before we could blink, Chris was reaching into his pocket. Connor's arm tightened around my neck, and he leaned in, nuzzling his lips and nose against the side of my head, just behind my ear. This unexpected tenderness almost brought me to orgasm.

‘Be cool, little bro,’ he whispered against my ear.

I couldn't help but shiver a little at the intensity of the moment and the depth of his voice. The slightly musky, manly smell of him, my big brother, filled my nostrils.

Coming into this whole deal, I’d imagined I would be the one in the driver's seat. I was kind of hot for the kinky idea of it all, and yeah, there was the cash. But it was the thrill of it, too — doing something fun and sexy with my buds and my bro. Seeing where the road took us. It had never occurred to me that it might go this far. But here we were, me and my big brother in a Florida hotel suite, a rich gay dude offering us big bucks to kiss each other.

I'd always figured my weird fantasies about Connor would stay locked up in a box, buried deep in my subconscious. I’d thought the teenage fantasies I'd jerked my raging-hard cock to — hell, I still did — would always stay just that. Fantasies. But now Chris had stepped things up several notches, and it looked like Connor was game to go there. I wasn't in the driver's seat anymore. Right now I was definitely in the back seat.

‘Damn, guys,’ Chris said as another five crisp twenties dropped onto the table. He sank into the couch, drink in hand, looking up at us with a mix of lust and awe. ‘No pressure. This all stays between us, of course. But I'd be honoured...’

Connor grinned at him then looked at me. I opened my mouth, getting ready to say something to cool our jets so we could look at this with clear heads. But already my big brother's lips were parting as he leaned toward me.

Oh, my God. Fuck clear thinking!

I let my animal instincts take over, parting my own lips, ready to receive. We each let out a low murmur when we connected, our lips moist and spiky with the taste of gin and weed. Chris matched our murmur, watching us avidly from the couch. At first it was almost a chaste kiss, but then how could it be, really? Connor's mouth was warm and tender on mine, moving slowly and with purpose. I felt the first moist graze of his tongue against my lips. In answer, I slipped mine out, gently touching it to his. Connor grunted from low in his chest, and with his hands on my hips, he tugged me closer. His cock was as hard as steel. He pressed his thick tongue slowly into my mouth, and I opened wide to accept it.

Our dicks throbbed together, and instinctively I slipped my hands down to cup his thick arse. Connor's deep moan of approval sent a chill of excitement through my body, and we clutched each other tightly in our incestuous, lustful kiss.

I love to kiss. Really love it. For me, it's not worth it if there's no kissing. Tangling with another eager, experienced kisser never fails to get my cock leaking. Connor was an even better kisser than I could have imagined — one of the best I'd ever experienced. It wasn’t just that he was my own brother. Sure, that was a part of it, but more delicious was the way he teased my tongue with his, danced with it, intertwined it with mine. The slow, wet swirl of tongues had me harder than I'd ever been.

Connor flexed the muscles of his footballer's arse under my hands, encouraging me to squeeze and explore. His manly paws slid down to cup mine in return, squeezing me even tighter into his hunky body. I let him make love to my mouth with his agile tongue, feeding him mine in return with that friendly competitive spirit stirring inside me. He made another approving sound as I kissed him back, plunging deep into his steamy mouth. I gave my big brother all I had as he took my tongue and hungrily sucked on it. Both of us let out a constant stream of low grunts backed by the soundtrack of our smacking lips and tongues.

‘Fuck yeah, little bro,’ he said, grinning and cuffing the back of my head affectionately when we came up for air. Connor grabbed his drink, and I looked towards Chris, who was squeezing the bulge in his shorts and staring intently at us. All this play, this man-to-man intensity, and we still hadn't seen him even partly undressed. Somehow, it made all this even hotter.

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