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Toby had always been passed over by the betas in his own pack, but more than anything he wants a pup, and someone to belong to. When he meets Luke, a beta from a neighboring pack, he can’t believe the man’s interested in him. Luke is there to find a mate, and Toby fears hoping that it’ll be him, even as their relationship grows. And when trouble calls Luke back to his home pack, Toby finds himself with a decision to make. Will he trust Luke enough to go after what he’s always wanted, or will he let his fears get the better of him?

Toby’s Beta

Changes, Book Two


Adam Charles


Twisted E-Publishing, LLC


Toby’s Beta

Changes, Book Two

Copyright © 2017 by Adam Charles

Edited by Marie Medina

Second E-book Publication: December 2017, SMASHWORDS EDITION

Previously published in 2016

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This title was self-published in 2016 by the author.

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To Eric, who brings me coffee and tells me to keep typing

Chapter One

Toby sat at a picnic table off to the side of the clearing and watched all the couples racing by him. His alpha, Gideon, had taken a mate, the alpha from a neighboring pack. Gideon and Thomas led the other shifted couples into the woods for a “celebration.” Toby didn’t find it offensive, but he simply didn’t understand the thrill behind going off and rutting in the woods in large groups. Toby sipped beer from his plastic cup and looked around. Most of the wolves who had lingered behind ignored him. They were either drinking or grazing over the leftovers from the party. A few couples had slipped back to their own cabins for more private celebrations. Lots of changes had come to their pack lately, as they were coming to all packs, and most wolves seemed pleased about it.

As an omega, Toby knew he should be happy. He would never be forced to be a breeder, never have to submit to anyone he didn’t want to have sex with. That made him look to the future with less anxiety, but the thing was, he definitely wanted pups. Now that omegas could enter permanent matings just like all other wolves, Toby wouldn’t simply be waiting for a beta to choose to knot him. There would be more competition now, in lots of ways. Lots of betas would be mating their favorite omegas as well, he suspected, but he wasn’t anyone’s favorite, not by a long shot. He stared down into his empty cup. The coming changes complicated things for someone as shy as he was, though he was happy for omegas to be free of the old ways. None of the betas he’d had sex with had ever seeded him, and he knew exactly why.

Even though he was twenty-three, Toby was shorter than most of the teenagers. He only stood a couple of inches over five foot, and for a male, that was short, even by omega standards. He wasn’t scrawny, but he was still pretty thin. He’d built some muscle the past few years, but he still felt like a runt, although using that word was considered derogatory. He scanned the males standing a few feet away. He’d been with two of them. Both of the handsome men had loved how tight Toby was and told him how well he sucked cock, but both men had pulled out without knotting him. Neither had sought him out again.

They might not even remember my name.

Someone came up beside him and slid onto the bench next to him. “Hi, cutie,” Evan said.

“Hey, Evan,” Toby said, trying to pull himself out of his thoughts.

Evan sipped his own beer and leaned back on the picnic table. “You feel like hanging out?”

Hanging out with Evan meant fooling around, so Toby hesitated. He’d just come out of heat, so he wasn’t even remotely horny. Plus, the celebration tonight had only made him feel even more lonely. A quick fuck with Evan probably wouldn’t help that feeling any. “I think I’m just gonna go home.”

Evan nodded and sipped his beer some more, but before Toby could make his exit, Evan asked, “You mind watching?”

“Watching?” He asked the question even though he already knew what Evan wanted.

Evan smiled. “Me. You know. It’ll help.”

They’d fooled around a few times, and the couple of times they’d had sex, Evan had climaxed faster with Toby watching his every move and then commenting or encouraging him. “Sure.” He did like Evan, especially as he was the only male who had ever been with him more than once.

Evan drained his beer and set his cup aside. “Let’s head to the cave. Everyone went the other way.”

Toby smiled, knowing Evan had picked the cave so they’d have some degree of privacy. Evan said he liked Toby’s shyness, thought it was cute, and the beta did always make the effort to be sure Toby was comfortable. Toby followed Evan out to the cave and went inside. He leaned back against the wall and eyed Evan. “You gonna give me a show?” Toby asked, knowing just what would get the other man going. He did enjoy it, that little bit of power he felt when Evan responded to his words.

Evan smiled. “You bet, cutie.” He unzipped his jeans and freed his cock, which was nice and thick. And already hard.

Toby and Evan were pretty good together, but they had nothing in common. If they were better friends, Toby would’ve been willing to do more in hopes of Evan knotting him. He was a pretty good guy, and Toby knew he’d treat his future mate right. Toby tilted his head and licked his lips. Despite his gloomy mood, he wanted to make Evan happy. “It’s a nice cock. Thick.”

Evan began to stroke himself. “You know you like it. Sure you don’t want it?”

“Just came out of heat.”

“Mmmm, you feel good no matter what. That sweet little ass.” Evan leaned back against the wall and pushed his jeans down more, reaching in to cup his balls. “Watch me jerk myself. My balls are so full.”

Toby kept his eyes trained on Evan’s cock. Evan had always felt good inside of him, and he’d always made sure Toby got off first. The beta tightened his fist and pumped faster. His head glistened and dripped with pre-cum.

“You’re horny tonight,” Toby said, enjoying the look of pleasure on Evan’s face. “You need to come, don’t you?”

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